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EUParliament vPresident Wieland to ERFRA on Past Error slamed by KOHL on Greece(+Russia):For Turkey?

Written by ACM
Saturday, 01 November 2014

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Reacting earlier to Denunciations, as those revealed Today by the German Press in former Chancellor Kohl's new 2014 Book, on 1999-2002 Past Errors, mainly by some former Socialist Politicians, on €uroZone's too Early enlargement to Greece, etc. (See Infra), the experienced EU Parliament's vice-President, long-time mainstream ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP from Germany's currently Governing Party, Reiner Wieland, stressed to "EuroFora" that the real Reason or Motivation for which such Blunders had been committed then, was, in fact, that those Politicians "wanted to bring Turkey to the EU", rightfully pointing at the astonishingly Simultaneous, then, Push towards Ankara's controversial, Unpopular and Costly EU bid, whose manifold Negative Consequences affect Europe still Today (See Infra).

Could something similar, at least partially explain even the 2nd big Topical Criticism that Kohl's New Book, due to be published Next Week at nearby Frankfurt, during a visit of New EU Commission's President Junker, reportedly makes also against some more recent, US-led attempts to push Russia away from the G8 and other EU/Global cooperation ?



Historic German f. Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who is famous for the ReUnification of "Deutschland", Prelude of a Wider ReUnification of Europe which culminated with the 2004 EU Enlargment, as well as for the creation of €uroZone, in addition to his stance on certain BioEthical issues, etc., reportedly denounces, in his New Book, mainly the Decisions taken back on 1999-2002 for a Too Early Entry of Greece in €uroZone, while the Country was still Unprepared yet, added also to an even Wider "Softening" then of EU's Economic and Monetary Union's basic Principles. (Something which doesn't exclude at all to call, Today, for the EU to show "Solidarity" to nowadays Greece, as long as it makes now the necessary Hard, and sometimes even Tragic Efforts to try to realize adequate Reforms, as he adds).

But he also criticizes some other, subsequent, more recent, Foreign Policy Decisions of 2014, which turned Back the International Communiity from G8 to only G7, followed by US-led controversial EU Sanctions against Moscow, in what can be taken as attempts to "isolate Russia", but has started to impact even EU's own Economy, etc...


 - It was a "Fundamental Blunder", by those who let Greece enter Too Early in €uroZone and Softened EU Stability Pact's conditions more widely, despite the fact that "Warnings didn't lack" even then, and "anyone who would have looked closely, couldn't miss to become aware" of the fact that necessary Reforms should have been done before that, Kohl's reportedly denounces now, apparently leaving, however, open the crucial Question WHY those 1999-2002 former Socialist EU Leaders, might have done that...

+ Moreover, concerning now Russia, after denouncing as "abrupt and oppressive" a June 2014 decision to push it out if the "G8", Kohl calls all involved to be "Careful", and warns that both EU and Ukraine, together with Russia, risk "to lose all that which we had achieved" previously, by putting an End to the former "Cold War" and Europe's Division, (symbolized by the Fall of Berlin's Wall, whose 25th Anniversary will be celebrated in Berlin on November 9, around Chancellor Angie Merkel, herself a former "RDA" Scientist who had personaly witnessed the Dividing Wall's End, before starting to work together with Helmut Kohl for a ReUnited Germany),



On the 1st point, Kohl had already denounced before, what he calls now the "Fundamental Error" of a "Too Precocious" Entry of Greece to €uroZone, decided back on 2000-2002 by his Socialist successors at the Government in Berlin, and particularly since former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was obliged to accept a Coalition, for the 1st time, with controversial former "Green" Politician Joshka Fischer, (a former Leftist worker of American "General Motors" OPEL Car Compagny, turned later to an USA "Liberals" favorite, hired by several American Universities and Private Foundations, f.ex. of former "Dem. Party"'s F.Minister Allbright, including by mainly Turkish "Nabbuco" Pipeline old project for a "6 digit Salary", after being married, for a 5th time, now with an Iranian, while pushing for a Top Career in his Party the recently declining, initially "Socialist" turned afterwards "Green" politician of Turkish origin, Cem Ozdemir).

The previous such Denunciation by Kohl was made back on September 2011, during the official State Visit to Germany by then Pope Benedict, with whom he met at nearby Freiburg, (comp. "EuroFora"s NewsReports from that Papal at Freiburg, etc), while the present one, by a Coincidence, also takes place at the beginning of the Month during which, New Pope Francis is due to visit EU Parliament and CoE in Strasbourg, on November 2014, just before visiting, only a few Days later, Turkey, while Topical issues related to the Historic Christian Roots of Europe, as well as its Identity and Future are expected to be at least evoked, (a matter more and more stronger felt by many European People, as recent Polls, various Popular Protests, "Hot" Discussions at the Internet, and even various Electoral Votes reveal).

But Kohl apparently hasn't, at least until now, (at least not in a way reported by mainstream Media), ever explained clearly WHY such a Gross Blunder, even despite several Warnings (as he denounces Now), was committed back on 1999-2002, when EU accepted a Too Early Entry of Greece in €urozone, even Before the Country had ever accomplished the Necessary Reforms, and while even a Growing Debt was unfolding already since then, (even if artificially Hidden in some controversial Statistics then, behind USA's "Goldman Sachs" Financial Compagny's "Swaps", which costed a lot of Money to be paid by the Greek People later-on, as also an EU Parliament's Hearing, in recent years, clearly revealed : See f.ex. : ....).

In fact, (as "EuroFora" has already described, f.ex. as early as already since our 2009 NewsReport from the 2009 EPP Summit at Bonn, Germany : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/merkelbonn.html), that controversial EU Decision served immediately, from the beginning of April 2000, into ensuring an unexpected survival, in the National Elections, of the then declining PASOK Government of former Prime Minsiter Simites, (in power since 1996, and former long-time Minister), despite an almost 50 - 50% final score vis a vis former Opposition Leader Costas Caramanlis, (a ChristianDemocrat/EPP politician who had to Wait until 2004 in order to clearly Win the Elections and succeed to Simites), alowing PASOK to stay in Government for 4 more Years (2000-2004).

 That move became also linked with the Unprecedented, sudden Dismissal of the former ChristianDemocrat/EPP Santer's EU Commission by a Majority in EU Parliament, back on 1999, immediately succeeded by Liberal-"Socialist" Prodi, which brough also a Change of the competent EU Commissioners from France's De Silguy (a ChristianDemocrat/EPP), to Portugal's Solbes (a Socialist), the former being Positive but Careful on Greece's €uroZone entry prospects, while the latter appeared to praise a lot the then Greek Government's reported "Growth" exploits, judging by what both succesively said then to "EuroFora"s co-founder for Publications particularly to Greek "MPA" Press Agency.

The main reason for which Big EU Countries' Governments, most Socialists then, (with UK's Blair, France's Jospin, Germany's Schroeder/Fischer, Italy's Amato, Spain's Gonzales, etc., while USA's late Cinton/Gore's Presidency was still there until 1999-2000), had accepted to do such a Big Favor to PASOK's Semites in small Greece, despite the Dangers that such a Hasty Move might provoke to the Detriment both of Greek People and of all Europe, (as it was revealed later-on, particularly since late 2009), is, indeed, particularly a simultaneous Geo-Political Deal :

>>> - Greece closed its mouth on many Obstacles to Turkey's controversial, unpopular and costly EU bid, (exceptionaly Gross Violations of Human Rights, Democracy, International Law, War-threats at Aegean Sea, illegal Military Invasion/Occupation of part of Cyprus, etc). In exchange, Socialist EU Leaders of that period wouldn't say anything about PASOK Government's mostly Hidden Debts, which normaly should have Delayed Greece's entry to €uroZone for some Years, until Athens made the Necessary Reforms, particularly on the notoriously Excessive Number of many Counter-Productive Cushy Job holders and/or Political Lackeys, several of whom were even Abusive, Corrupted and/or Criminal, that successive, mainly PASOK, Clientelist/Nepotist former Governments had scandalously appointed to the Public Sector or even at State Agents' Jobs, for now more than 30 Years : 1981-2011+, overburdening the Productive Private Business sector, as well as Poor People, with too Heavy payments and/or deprivations to suffer for those Overnumerary, mostly useless Public Servants' salaries, primes, holidays, healthcare, pensions, and other regular benefits for many Decades, (which resulted, finaly, to the well-known, Huge Problems inside €uroZone, unveiled since 2009-2011.

Thus, the above mentioned Double Deal of 1999-2004 :  "Turkey in exchange of €uroZone" (Comp. Supra), provoked, in fact, so many Negative and Dangerous Problems to the detriment of the EU, that, as it's well known, it led even to 3 "No" to EuroReferenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, between 2005-2007, (particularly since many EU Citizens didn't want even to think about a Risk for Turkey's notoriously UnDemocratic, Oppressive and Retrograde Regime to enter inside the EU...), Blocking the scheduled adoption of EU's Constitutional Reforms.

So that Europe had, then, to Wait until many Years later in order to become, later-on, anew able to make the necessary Institutional Reforms thanks to the "Simplified" Lisbon Treaty's changes, (after 2010, i.e. more than 5 Years later, and at a lower level of integration than what the initially scheduled EU Constitution had proposed earlier, on 2005). One among a series of Negative Results, is also the fact that both the EU and €uroZone have still to Struggle, until recently and even Today, on 2014, in order to Build and complete, at last, that level of Institutional Integration that Needs the European Economy's obligation to efficiently face and get out of the Global Crisis.

=> In Consequence, even Nowadays, the May 2014 EU Parliament Elections' notoriously exceptional Boost to many "Euro-Sceptic" MEPs, various Leftists or Rightists, etc, is naturally part of the inevitable Popular Frustration, in large parts of the European People, which results mainly from that long Series of Problems, (in EU Economy, Identity, real Values, Mass Immigration without real Cultural and Social Integration, etc), which were Provoked, in fact, since those "Fundamental Blunders" that Helmut Kohl apparently decided to strongly Denounce Today, even more clearly than ever, with his New Book, titled "Because we are Concerned for Europe", which is due to be fully revealed in Public, between Next Monday and Wednesday, November 3 to 5, in Germany.



Significantly, Kohl is due to present his New Book on Monday, November 3, 2014, at nearby Frankfurt, together with the incoming, New EU Commission's President, experienced former long-time Prime Minister of Luxembourg, as well as former Chairman of €uroGroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, who is the 1st ChristianDemocrat/EPP to Head EU Commission, after the notoriously favorable to Turkey's controversial, unpopular and costly EU bid, out-going EU Commission's President, former Portuguese Prime Minister, Jose Barroso, (who chaired EUCom. during all EU - Turkey Negotiations' period : 2004 - 2014).

He had been preceded, (during the December 1999 Helsinki EU Summit, which recognized a controversial "Candidate" status to Turkey, unexpectedly, even at the Surprise of then France's EU affairs Minister, current mainstream MEP Alain Lamassoure) by the Center-Left, Social-Liberal former EUCom. President Romano Prodi. To whom had been suddenly given the Brussels' Top Job immediately after an unprecedented ousting of the previous EUCommission's President, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jacques Santer, by a brutal U -Turn of a tight Majority of MEPs in EU Parliament, back in Strasbourg on 1999, for quite unclear real reasons, (since the main scandal unveiled then - a controversial Deal with a Private "Security" Business concluded in Brussels - dated, in fact, from the times of his predecessor, Jacques Delors, i.e. another Socialist)...



On Russia - EU GeoPolitical links, Kohl has notoriously co-founded a series of "Trilateral" Summits between France, Germany and Russia, together with former long-time French President Jacques Chirac, and former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, on the sidelibes of the PanEuropean 2nd Summit of CoE's Heads of State/Government, as early as already since October 1997 in Strasbourg, (where "EuroFora"s co-founder will never forget to have suddenly met, by Surprise, at a corridor of that Historic CoE's Summit, all "Big Three" : Kohl, Chirac and Yetsin, walking right in front of us, and smiling... Something which isn't so frequent at all after 9/11's hyper-Security measures, which have since provoked unprecedented Obstacles between Top Politicians and Journalists, Worldwide, that certain new Leaders (including, at least partially, incumbent German Chancellor Angie Mekel, a.o.) often try to overcome recently).


And it's also, in fact, with a Trilateral Summit together with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angie Merkel, back on September 2006,  that long-time f. French President Jacques Chirac marked the main GeoPolitical Legacy that he apparently wished to leave for Posterity, as early as since September 2006, at the Historic Castle of Compiegne, where he chose to salute his guests, Symbolically, in front of a Spectacular, almost 1 Km-long, eye-catching Clearing in the middle of a Hill's Wood, that Emperor Napoleon had reportedly created in a grandiose move, pictured also at a landmark Painting inside that same Castle, titled "Napoleon's Dream", i.e. something well-fit for a precocius prelude to what, later-on, Historic French President the General De Gaulle, has notoriously called "the Greater Europe : from the Atlantic (Ocean) to the Urals (Mountains)".


But, Today, the manifold Problems provoked to the detriment mainly of Europe itself have become obvious, including against EU's Economy which notoriously faces a Slow-Down since the Ukranian Conflict turned Bloody and USA-led Economic Sanctions were imposed against Russia which started to "reply", (as even OECD's Head, Angel Gurria, recently told "EuroFora" : See ....),

after those Events which turned a formerly Peaceful until recently Ukraine, able to become an ideal "Bridge" between EU and Russia, on the Contrary, into a Bloody and Deadly War-stricken Country, where even an initial EU-brokered Compromise Agreement between all the former Opposition Leaders and former President Yanukovich, signed in Kiev in the presence of 2 EU Foreign Ministers from Germany, France and Poland, the same Days that an important Franco-German Summit was held in Paris back on February 2014, but Brutaly Topled one Day later, particularly after unidentified yet "Snipers" suddenly started to Shoot and Kill both Policemen and Demonstators, with Bullets reportedly Fired from the Same Direction, provoking a Violent Bloody Clash, which practically resulted in a Politicaly and Geographicaly Divided Country, whose parts are too easily Manipulated from outside, various European or even Non-European actors, while Grave Errors, and particularly the Killings and serious Sufferings brutaly inflicted to many Thousands of innocent, unarmed Civilian People, obviously risk to Alienate the Populations of one part of the Country from the other, unless the recently agreed Cease-Fire and Peace process really succeeds to advance further until a mutually acceptable Political Solution, which is Urgently Needed.

As for persisting attempts to undermine EU's Strategic relations with Russia, from Energy supplies' issues up to G7-G20 Summits' participation, at least part of the reply seems, in fact, to be also Turkey :

- Concerning Energy, it's already an Old Story to attest several - mostly Failed -  attempts of some lobbies to provoke Problems to Gas supplies from Russia towards the EU, (as well as from Cyprus, etc), i.e. inside a great Europe, while, at the same time, those same lobbies push, at any Cost (Political, Financial and even Human Rights') to search to find some oil/gas, even from far away, mainly through controversial Asiatic Turkey..

- As for the G8-G20 Global coordination issues, Timely, the Denonciation by Helmut Kohl of recent attempts to "Isolate Russia", f.ex. already at the latest, June 2014, "G7" Summit in out-going EU Commission President (and former Portuguese PM) Barroso's Brussels, comes at the same moment that Socialist French President Hollande has just pointed towards the take-over of G20's Chair by Turkey, for the 1st time in History, on 2015...

And, to the natural Question :  - "WHY Turkey has been admitted inside the G20, while, on the contrary, this "International" informal gathering hasn't any Member at all from the entire Continent of Africa (the biggest in the World, and notoriously full of Natural Resources), not even fast-developing, Space High-Tech player, and BRICS' member, South Africa ?", an interesting Reply has already been given, recently, by experienced former French President Sarkozy :


 - "For the G20, our American Friends couldn't come without their usual partners, such as Turkey", revealed, as far as the initial, 2009-2011 G20 meetings are concerned, (i.e. mainly under current USPresident Obama, 2008/9-2016), in the wider framework of a larger discussion, during recent years, Sarkozy, (who is topically visiting nearby Nancy, the same Day of Juncker-Kohl's Book encounter at nearby Frankfurt : Comp. Supra).






(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be Published asap).


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Facing a 70% Abstention threat in 2009 Election, EU endorses EuroFora's idea for Citizens' debates on crucial EU decisions !

- Different views on "Europe's Future", should be debated among Citizens at June 2009 EU Elections, thanks to political Parties' "Manifestos", says EU Parliament's Report

A main idea, initiated and promoted by EuroFora's founders since 1997: the vital need to develop European Citizens' democratic right to actively participate in multilingual debates on EU decisions, is formally endorsed by the EU from 2009 !

The move is a key attempt to overcome "catastrophic" Polls which warn that only ...30% of Citizens are ready to vote in the forthcoming June 2009 EU Election !  This was revealed by EU Commission's vice-president, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, during a "hot" meeting of EU Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, during the December 2008 Strasbourg session.

Wallstrom faced criticism, but also suggestions from various MEPs, naturally worried by Abstention threats which herself found even "worse" than in 1999 or 2004...

A Report on "Active Dialogue with Citizens",examined at the same time, presented some useful practical tips, on "facilitating Interviews"; etc., but also a  potentialy important call to "incorporate the conclusions of ...debates...into (EU) policies, and take into consideration the expectations that Citizens have of the EU when deciding". An amendment even implies that Citizens' participation in debates on EU decisions is a democratic "Right".

More importantly, it finds that  a Debate "on the Future of Europe", (as French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked since 2007), would be a good idea " for the 2009 European parliamentary Elections", because "clarifying the political differences between the EU political parties would help citizens to identify themselves with, and choose between various concepts", for which "all parties (should) present their Manifesto".

A "Joint political declaration on Communicating Europe in Partnership", co-signed by "the European Parliament, Council and ... Commission", confirms that they "attach the utmost importance to improving communication on EU issues", by "enabling European citizens to exercise their right to participate in the democratic life of the Union, in which decisions are taken as openly as possible and as closely as possible to the citizens, observing the principles of pluralism, participation, openness and transparency".

This should "enable Citizens to exercise their right to express their views and to participate actively in the public Debate on European Union issues", while also "promoting the respect of multilingualism". In this regard, EU confirms its "wish to develop synergies with national, regional and local authorities as well as with representatives of Civil Society".

    It's since 1997 that a group of EuroFora's founders have officially presented a pioneer Project (then called "EIW", for "Europe in the World"), which aimed to develop Strasbourg's "Polyphonic music", by providing "Interactive information", on "main issues ... during the Decision-making process of European Organizations which engage in Transparent and Public Democratic Debates"

    This should be done, inter alia, by "exploring the potential of New Communication Tools (mainly Internet)", as well as classic-form debates, the 1997 EIW pioneer project's anounced in its "Synopsis". It was formally "accepted for evaluation" by EU Commission in Brussels in order to be examined for a grant in the framework of the "Research/Technology/Development (RTD) Programme in the field of Information Technologies", then called "ESPRIT", as a "Best Practice Pilot Project".


        But the vital, urgent Political need for EU to search new, efficient ways to reach the People and interact with European Citizens, was really felt in Brussels and elsewhere only after the unprecedented in History 1999 and 2004 Majority Abstention in EU Elections, followed by 3 "NO" in Referenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, on 2005 and 2008...
    In this New Political Landscape, we prepared a new, actualised and more developed version of our initial idea, in a simplified and more efficient form, thanks also to a large Experience accumulated during many years of EU/CoE/UNO Press work and Multi-lingual debates, with the New project "EuroFora" :

    On 2006 we presented in Public its main lines during Questions/Replies that we raised at two Press Conferences by EU Commission President, Jose Baroso, and mainly EU Commission's vice-President, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, together with EU Parliament's vice-president, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, in Strasbourg, (Videos available), and we reminded it at various brief contacts with Commissioner Wallstrom in 2007 and 2008.

    Meanwhile, a new Text was also presented for "EuroFora" Project mainly to certain Political and other personalities, at European, National or Regional/Local level, mainly in 2007, but also in 2008..

    Now, after the unexpected 2008 Irish "NO", and before the 2009 EU Elections, which are due to be of exceptionally crucial importance for Europe's Future, the moment has obviously come to launch that project, progressively, but in real practice.

    Whoever really cares for Europe and its Citizens is welcome to join, in one way or another. Only anti-European, anti-democratic, obscure or ignorant groups might oppose or attempt to "steal" and deviate the main idea.

    But European Citizens, incited by enlightened political leaders, are those who will finally write the real History.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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