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Supreme Court 2020 Trump v. Biden = 2000 Bush v. Gore? Brecht Mahagony Chaos or Judge Scalia Values?

Written by ACM
Monday, 23 November 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Fact that Biden is Afraid of USA Supreme Court on 2020 Election Discrepancies' issues, became Obvious When, Suddenly, already on November 7, Establishment's Medias, notoriously Biaised against Trump, Surprizingly Chose (among Many Other Possibilities, Before and/or After) the Same Day and Even the Same Hour and Minutes (sic !) of the 1st Press Conference with Witnesses of Fraud and/or Other Vote Discrepancies, Denounced by Trump's Legal Team, (which was organized at Pennsylvania), in order to Call Biden as alleged "Winner" of the Controversial Vote, so that those Witnesses' Revelations would be, practicaly, Covered up by the Noise thus provoked...

When Even Russian President Vladimir Putin just felt Exceptionaly Justified by Recent Facts to make an Ironic Remark on the Latest, particularly Controversial, US Elections, inter alia, also by inviting People to ..."Try to Observe the Elections there : They doN’t let Observers closer than Seven Meters, and even Further" (sic !),  as mainstream Press Agency "Tass" published Today at a Front-Page Article translated in English and Other Languages accross the World, it has become Obvious that "something Stinks in the Kingdom of Denmark" (Shakespeare), as we'll all probably see
Soon at the Next News Headlines, by an apparently forthcoming "Trump v. Biden" Case in USA's Federal Supreme Court... (See Infra).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Indeed, Biden himself Astonishingly felt, precisely during the 1st Day After that November 3 US Presidential Election, that "Democracy, sometimes, Becomes MESSY" (sic !), in one of his 3 "Tweets" in a row which All, Curiously, Asked More ...Money, for UnDisclosed Urgent Needs, at the Same Moment that, Suddenly, too Many Fishy "Mail-in" Ballots were notoriously Appearing at "Swing" States' Polling Stations, shortly After Strange, almost Synchronous Delays in Votes-Counting, which systematically Followed Trump's Initially Winning Advance, Noted at the Electoral Night, When he had Bellied all Establishment's Polls, Before being, Later, OutNumbered by a Surprizingly Massive influx of pro-Biden Votes (up to about 80%, as he Curiously Predicted himself) Hidden inside the above-mentioned, Late "Mail-in" a.o. Controversial Batches,...(See : ..., etc).

- As for Many Converging Facts Pointing at Fraud, even ...Mexican President Andrés Lopez-Obrador (2018-2025), an atypical "Center-Left" Politician, notoriously Denounced that Establishment's Medias in the USA blatantly "Censor" any Statements, Revelations, Scandals, Presumptions, Irregularities, Harassment, Oppression, etc, relevant to that "Hot" Issue, as never before : - "How can it happen in USA, Country of <<Free Speech ?>> he Wonders...

President Lopez-Obrador himself had, Previously, faced an apparently Rigged Election, that he had Lively Challenged, with massive Marches, Protests, acts of civil Resistance, and a ReCount, his Competitor snatching the job with Only O,36% on 2006. But, while All Other Former Presidents had been Elected with Just 36% to 50%, on the Contrary, he was the 1st (and until now, the Only one), Modern President of the Country to be Afterwards Elected with a Clear Absolute Majority of more than 53%...

+ Naturaly, Vladimir Putin further added that it's up to the American People to deal with and settle such Issues, concerning their Country's Internal Affairs, But, at least at a Foreign Policy - International Level, after such gross Incidents, USA's Authorities are Not Credible to Dictate to Other, Foreign and Independent Countries across the World, how a real Democracy should be working...

>>> After Biden's Massive Fraud Denonciations, it's Difficult to Claim the Contrary, particularly when an Obama-Appointed Judge just Dismissed Hastily a Trump-team's Legal Complaint in Pennsylvania, which Denounced mainly that Independent Observers were systematicaly Obstructed to accomplish their Duty, particularly by Pushing them More than +7 Feet Away from Staffers Counting Ballots, with the hollow Claim that the local Legislation did Not Explicitly Fix a Certain Distance for Observing their doings (sic !), as if the US didN't give a damn for Elections' Transparency...

- However, it's a Fact that Obstacles to Independent Observers of Votes' Counting Notoriously is one of the Most Important and Widespread Complaints, on these 2020 Elections, by Trump's Republican Supporters, who have Often been, reportedly, Forced to Stay Too Far Away, to the point that, sometimes, they were Obliged to use...Binoculars, or were Restricted at anOther Room Looking those who Counted the Votes, Elsewhere, Only ...through TV Sets, as several were Expulsed Out of the Vote Counting Room, added, several times, to ...Cardboard and/or other Obstacles put in order to Hinder People to See what's really going on inside. Elsewhere, (in a Georgia County), "Fake News" alleging a (Non-Existent) Water Pipeline Damage, (while it was Only 1 WC partly Out of Use), Emptied a big Polling Station, Obliging all Observers to Leave for Many Hours, while, on the Contrary,  a number of Staff secretly Remained Inside and Counted Ballots/used Voting Machines in Secrecy, (etc)... To the point that even the above-mentioned, Surprizing Attempt, by Establishment's Medias to slyly Cover up the 1st Press Conference of Trump's Legal Team with Many Eye-Witnesses of Discrepancies in these 2020 Elections concerned, precisely, People Ready to give Testimonies on such Incidents against the due Transparency, at the Key "Swing" State of Pennsylvania, (Comp. Supra)...



+ Moreover, it's Also the prestigious Trans-Atlantic "Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe" (OSCE), where USA are a Fully-fledged and Prominent Member, that has just Criticized the Total Exclusion of even any "International Observers" of 2020 Elections in several USA's Polling Stations including at Key "Swing" States as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, etc.  -"Such Restrictions on election Observers are Not in Line with OSCE Commitments", Denounced the Latest "Preliminary" Report of the International Organisation, Published soon after the Nov. 3 Votes.

++ In Addition, both OSCE Mission's Head, Ambassador Urszula Gacek (from Poland), and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's Leader Georg Link, (from Germany), Confirmed that, as a Journalist had Observed in their Press Conference at Washington DC, in Fact, the Trans-Atlantic Organisation had Initially Requested, as Usual, that the US Authorities competent for the 2020 Presidential Election, (i.e. the 50 States), provide them a Total of about 500 Assistants' Staff to Help Observing the Votes accross all the Country, But, Exceptionaly, this time, They Gave them Only around ...30 (Thirty) !

>>> Why All these Obstacles against Independent Observers, (while, it's well known, in General, that "Democracy Dies in Secrecy", as a GOP Senator from Pennsylvania reminded Nowadays) ?

=> Facts show that such Incidents are Timely Combined with a Spectaculary Similar "Pattern" of a Series of Exceptional Events which unfolded in this 2020 Elections in the most Crucial "Swing" States : Initially, almost Everywhere Trump was UnExpectedly (i.e. Despite apparently "Fake Polls") Winning the race, all the way up to the Electoral Night (3/11/2020). But, Suddenly, OverNight towards Nov. 4, various Pretexts started to Delay, "Freeze", Interrupt, or even Postpone the Continuation of Votes' Counting. Shortly Afterwards, UnExpectedly Emerged Many Controversial Ballots, ("Mail-in", Late, and/or Other "Absentees" Votes, etc), apparently often Added to several, easily Hackable, Electronic Voting Machines' Hidden Manipulations, (See Infra), which Rapidly Boosted Biden's Votes, Soon OutNumbering those of Trump, and Turning the Elections' Results Upside Down ! I.e. a Typical Pattern looking as Last-Minute, Hasty moves for a Massive Fraud by Dems, Surprized by an Initialy Huge Popular Vote for Trump, which had Bypassed by Far what they Expected (Comp. Supra)...

*** So, it's Only OverNight, at Next Day's (Nov. 4) Early Morning, and Even Later, largely withOut independent Observers (Neither Americans, Nor International : Comp. Supra), almost Exclusively with Controversial, too Late "Mail-in" or Other "Absentees" Ballots, (much More Easy to Falsify, than Normal On-Time, Signed Votes in Person), and easily Hackable (even Remotely !) Electronic Voting Machine's probable Manipulations, (not only Possible, but even Actually Effective, as various Recently revealed Data show), that a Hasty Move to Nullify and Overrun an Initialy Crystal-Clear, Unexpected Win of President Trump, according to the UnQuestionable Official Results up to the Electoral Night included, (Comp. Supra), Suddenly appeared, Based Only on DeLayed, Controversial, and Easy to Falsify Ballots, in AbNormal Circumstances, (No Observers, etc)....

+ Moreover, a Lot of Facts, clearly Indicated that Such Abrupt and Shaky "U-Turns", were so Improbable, if not normaly Impossible, that they CouldN't be Explained Otherwise than Only by a Massive Fraud : Inter alia, f.ex.,

- Why So Many "Late" Votes, Despite an Exceptionaly Long Period for "Early Voting" on 2020, which Had Given to the People More Time than ever to Vote Before Nov. 3 ?

 -Why Most Biden's Votes (Not Trum    p's) Surfaced Only After the Electoral Day ?

-Why the Number of Biden's Ballots was Lower than that of Obama's in Most Other States, with the Exception of the "Swing" States, Crucial for this Election's Outcome, where it, Surprizingly, Appeared to Bypass a much More Popular than himself "Socialist" ?

- How come that Biden's Late surplus Ballots, AFTER the Election Day, Always Bypass those he got Before that Date, with a Unique and Same Percentage, Everywhere Identical in All Counties (almost a ...Hundred in Pennsylvania, with the Only Exception of its Capital : Philadelphia), f.ex. about +41% More in Each one of All its numerous Areas ? Such an Astonishing Phenomenon is "Statistically Impossible", as, Already, many Pointed out, and looks so ImProbable that it Could Not be Natural, Neither Explained Otherwise than Only through a Massive, Systematic Fraud !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Last, but Not Least, How was it Possible for Biden himself, (at his 1st Video-Announcement After the Election Day, on Nov. 4), to practicaly ... Predict the Content of a Lot of Controversial, Late "Mail-in" Ballots in Pennsylvania, (even Before they are All Counted), by Boasting that They contained about ...80% (sic !) of Votes for him, and Only 20% for Trump, so that they Would OutNumber the latter's Initial Lead, at the End ?  

+ And Why did he Add, during those same After-Election Days, a Series of 3 or 4 "Tweets" Suddenly Asking more Money Urgently, While the Campaign had Finished, and his Lawyers were fully "Pepared", "Ready to Go", according to his Team. What did he have to Buy, so Important and UnExpectedly, - while Also, curiously, Complaining that, Sometimes, "Democracy becomes ...Messy" ? (sic !)...



>>> What Makes all those (pro-Dems) Controversial Late "Mail-in" and Other UnCertain Ballots, Hackable Electronic Voting Machines (like "Dominion"), etc, look more Fishy and Suspicious Nowadays, particularly When there are No More Independent Observers nearby, (Comp. Supra), is also the Fact that ...it's the 1st Time in USA's History that such, Obviously Dangerous for Fraud, Controversial Measures had been Imposed to the People, Shortly Before these Crucial 2020 Elections :

=> Indeed, Already, OSCE's US Electoral Observation Mission, in its Preliminary Report (Comp. Supra), Denounced the Fact that, During several Months in 2020, More than ...400 Legal Cases, throughout 44 States, had been Hotly Disputed in various Courts, (including the Federal Supreme Court), about various Controversial, Exceptional Reforms of the Electoral System, which had been Imposed (Mainly by Dems, but also some RINOS) at the Eve of these Crucial, November 2020 Elections !

    - Almost ALL of them Introduced manifold Controversial Measures Strikingly Diminishing the Security of Voting and Augmenting the Dangers of Fraud : F.ex., by Multiplying "Mail-in" Ballots, Even "Late" ones, (sometimes Many Days AFTER the Election Day, f.ex. in Pennsylvania, etc), "Drive-Through" Voting, "Drop-Box" for Ballots (Out of Polling Stations, often at a Road !), and Various Other "Absentee" Voters Laxist Facilities (on Signature, ID, Address, etc), Against which Fought most Conservatives, (including President Trump, who had Warned about Risks of Fraud), but largely in Vain, since in Both States' and Federal Courts Judges decided according to "Partisan lines", (and Not Legal Principles), as OSCE's Report (Comp. Supra) Denounces, while, then, even the Federal Supreme Court had a Majority of the "Left"... (5 to 4).

     In fact, most of those Controversial Changes are also UnConstitutional, (as Many have Admitted, including Part of Mainsteam Medias), because they were Not introduced by the States' Legislative Assemblies, which are alone Competent for the Presidential Election, but mostly by the Executive or local Courts, which have Not such Legal Competence...

    + Even the Controversial, Hackable "Dominion" System of Electronic Voting Machines, was Imposed, at that Same Period, of End 2019 - Beginning of 2020, f.ex. in the Key "Swing" State of Georgia, with the Complicity of some RINOS..., (currently Sued at the Courts by Conservative Lawyer Powell : UPDATED), Extending much Further an Overall Push towards an Exceptionaly Lesser Protection from Risks of possible Fraud in the Forthcoming, then, crucial November 2020 US Elections...

    => Indeed, it's Precisely this kind of massively Imposed New Controversial Measures' Risks for Fraud, which were, Later-on, Spoted and Denounced by the Conservatives and Other People in Many Areas of the "Swing" States, ...when, Curiously, in Addition, their users Focused Mainly on the above-mentioned Crucial Late Hours AFTER the November 3 Election Night, i.e. while Trump had Already Won an Initial Lead in almost Everywhere accross the USA, But this was Followed, After Strange Delays, by Massive Late "Mail-in" and Other Controversial Votes, Astonishingly Boosting Biden at Too High Levels at the Last Minutes, (Comp. Supra), ... i.e. precisely When it had become Obvious What Percentage of Surplus Votes he Needed in order to Catch up and OutNumber Trump at the End, Making Fraud Easier in Practice, - Including even by Exceptional Obstacles against Independent Observers, during that Same Late Period of Time, (Comp. Supra)...

    + So that, Even After Recently Fast-Growing Revelations, by Many Witnesses, Experts, etc., of Manifold Concrete Incidents of Fraud, augmented Hacking Risks, and various other Dangerously Laxist Irregularities, Discrepancies, etc, (Comp. Supra and/or Infra), Nobody could, Now, Seriously Ignore All those Astonishingly Converging Facts, which Obviously Point towards an UnPrecedented Level of InSecurity and Legitimate Suspicions of Massive Fraud, inevitably Marking for Ever these Excessively Troublesome 2020 Elections, Unless something is done to Rectify.

    *** F.ex., mutatis-mutandis, in a Similar case of the Controversial 2006 Presidential Elections in Mexico, (Comp. Supra), Both a Partial (9%) ReCount was, indeed, immediately Made, then, and a "2nd", "Run-Off Election" afterwards Advised by EU Parliament's Rapporteur, Spanish Christian-Democrat/EPP MEP Jose Ignacio Salafranca, in order to Guarantee the "Legitimacy" of the Country's Institutions vis a vis the People, (Comp. Various Other Salafranca's Replies to "Eurofora" Questions on Other Topical Issues, f.ex., inter alia,, also at : ... + ... + ..., etc).

    + And Nowadays, OSCE's Mission for the Observation of USA's 2020 Elections (Comp. Supra), Warned, earlier at a Press Conference in Wash. DC, that it will "Exceptionaly" EXTEND its Stay, Continue to "MONITOR" (even Remotely) the still on-going "Process", and May Even RETURN Back to the US Later-on, IF "EVENTS" REQUIRE so :

(f.ex. Legal Complaints to the Federal Supreme Court, etc)

    - Indeed, "in This Case, we (OSCE) are Prepared to STAY LONGER in Certain ("Swing") States, which Need Additional Scrutiny", particularly "with Specifc Experts, f.ex. Legal Experts, etc", OSCE Mission's Head, Ambassador Gacek (from Poland), Noted, apparently speaking about Re-Count, "Legal Complaints", and/or various Other Measures due to the Most Controversial aspects of this Vote.., (Comp. Supra too). And, "Even if we Depart, we (OSCE) Will be Still Monitoring this process Remotely", she Vowed, Because "we Want to see this Process be Fully Played out to its Conclusion", (probably at USA's Federal Supreme Court, or, Perhaps, in the Congress, according to the US Constitution, etc), even if OSCE's "Final Report" might be "Delayed" somehow, in "this Exceptional year", because "it's Interesting" for all those who Care for these US 2020 Elections.

    + Moreover, "Depending on the Further Process of Events", "f.ex. on the Way that Legal Complaints are Handled", "we (OSCE) Will be Ready to be (anew) Present, here (in the US), IF really Needed", Announced Georg Link (from Germany), Chief of OSCE's Parliamentary Assembly Delegation, and Experienced former ODHIR Director, who Stressed that OSCE's "Final Report" (expected on January 2021) is due to be "Extremely Important".

    Meanwhile, on the Road towards an Obviously Needed Proper Handling of Legal Complaints on such a Controversial Election, inter alia, Still Persists to Stand, as a Practical Obstacle, a Notorious and Scandalous Biais of practicaly, Now, All the Etablishment's mainstream Medias Against President Trump, Systematicaly Favoring his Competitor of the "Left", former Vice-President Biden, as Even OSCE's International Observation Mission Denounced at its Preliminary Report : - "On the 3 National TV networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) President Trump received ...news coverage ... most of which was Critical, while former Vice President Biden received  (it)...  mainly in a Neutral tone", OSCE distinguished. +Even in "Public PBS and NPR (which) provided extensive coverage to presidential candidates", concerning  "President Trump" they were "largely Critical", the International Organisation found.

    +Things Obviously become More Nasty, when such Discriminations by Establishment's Medias extend as Far as to Systematicaly "Censor" even All Informations about alleged "Fraud" in this 2020 Election, Not Only by President Trump's Lawyers or Supporters, But Even by Hindering simple Citizens to Publish or Communicate and Debate their Views and/or Factual Observations about various Fraud Risks in their Private WebSites and/or Social Medias, (Web Links to which are Often "Blocked", etc), as Many (including even ...Mexico's President ; Comp. Supra) have Denounced... + In Addition, Most Medias of the Establishment, Curiously Forgetting any Press Deontology, Routinely Dismiss All Claims about Electoral Fraud, (including, mainly, Trump's Legal Complaints to the Courts), Briefly Claiming that they would be Totaly "Unsubstantiated" or "Deprived of Any Proof", and withOut Ever engaging Any Discussion or Dialogue, Not Even Mentioning the concrete Facts and Arguments that they Present - While, Recently, the pro-Trump Legal and Other Complaints have Notoriously Started to Present a ..."Niagara" of such Facts ! (UPDATED).

    =>  Moreover, precisely, on "the Way that Legal Complaints are Handled", against Fraud and other Discrepancies in this Controversial Election, (Comp. Supra), Scandalously, it's Not Only several, Obviously Too Brief "Swing" States' Court's Rejections of Most Complaints, Often withOut Even making Any substantial Debate nor Concrete Exchange on Arguments and Facts presented by the Parties,

    + But Also a Scandalously Growing Series of UnPrecedented, Vulgar and Brutal Incidents of Massive Harassment, Insults and Threats against various Lawyers or Key Politicians working with President Trump to Legaly Challenge such Controversial Votes (Comp. Supra), including US Federal Aministration's GSA Head, (competent for declaring and preparing the Future Presidency, who Denounced "1000 Threats"), not only against their Career, but Even against their Family, Wife and/or Children, Private Home, etc., Obliging several among them to Withdraw, (f.ex. an important Legal Office), and/or Ask ...Police Protection, (as, f.ex., a Young Lady, Lawyer in Pennsylvania, etc), or Abstain from a Crucial collective Decisions on the Eventual Ratification, or not, of Controversial alleged Outcomes of Votes in certain Key "Swing" States, (f.ex. in Georgia, etc), the reported Incidents going, Recently, as far as to Brutaly Threaten with "Rape" and Grossly Insult Even the Last Remaining Young Lady Lawyer of USA's President, who Dared Continue to work for what she believes to be "the Truth"... But sly Harassments apparently Extended much Further, reportedly Affecting even the Head of USA's GSA ("General Services' Administration"), which holds the Key Responsibility of Preparing an Eventual Transition of Power, (due at the End of January 2021), and Supervising particularly the Declaration of the Winner of US Presidential Election (due on December 14) herself, her Family and Children too !

    >>> Obviously, once Again (Comp. Supra), it's apparently the Natural and Imminent Possibility for Legal Complaints against manifold Incidents in this highly Controversial Election, to Arrive in front of USA's Federal Supreme Court, at Washington DC, which seems to be Targetted by Various such Sly Attempts to Undermine and/or Hinder any normal Access to the Court in real Practice.



    + However, the Court itself has Just Chosen the Judges who will Supervise such Legal Complaints in Each one among the Crucial "Swing" States, attributing to Experienced Conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, respectively, Pennsylvania and Georgia, while New, Recently Elected Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, have got Michigan and Wiscosin, each. As for Liberal/"Socialist" Justice Elena Kagan, she's due to deal with Arizona and Nevada.


    => But, Will the Supreme Court realy Dare to Seriously and Properly Examine, Discuss in Public, and take the appropriate Decisions on All the main Facts and Arguments presented by the pro-Trump Critics who Denounce Fraud and Other Irregularities in these Controversial 2020 Elections, or Not ?

    It's true that World-Famous Political Analyst, Alexis de Toqueville, in his Historic Masterpiece "On Democracy in America", published as early as since the 1830ies, (i.e., by a Logical "Coincidence", When USA's Federal "Supreme Court", at last, acquired its Superb Washington D.C. Building, made mainly of White Marble -See Infra- and with a Design steming from Ancient Greece's "Corinthian" style), has Notoriously pointed at the Supreme Court as one of the Most Ilmportant and Original CornerStones on which the Overall American Political and Constitutional system was Founded... But, will it still Merit such a Reputation even After the Big Challenge raised, more than 2 Centuries Later, by the present, 2020 US Presidential Election ?

    Because Litterature on America has also several Other relevant Historic Masterpieces, one of which comes from ...Neighbouring Mexico, whose current President has Just Denounced a Scandalous Complicity of the US Establishment's Medias with those who Seek to Muzzle Critics and Censor the Growing Revelations about Massive Electoral Fraud (Comp. Supra) :


    - It's a comparatively recent, landmark Film, nicknamed ..."The PERFECT DICTATORSHIP" (sic !), (in Spanish : "La Dictadura Perfecta"), a very Popular and even Commercialy Succesful, Black Humour "Hollywood"-style Masterpiece of 2014, Inspired from the Controversial 2006 and 2012 Mexican Controversial Elections, largely Denounced for alleged Massive Fraud, (particularly the 1st one : Comp. Supra), which Pictures a Corrupted would-be Presidential Candidate (in fact a Puppet of some Obcure "Powers to be", Soros/Gates-like, Hidden from the LimeLight), making a Deal with an even More Corrupted Big Establishment's Group of "TV" Medias, in order to Grossly Manipulate the People Systematicaly, Both on his fraudulous Election and Many Other "Hot" Topical Issues : They Hide the Truth about Big Scandals, and Slander his Political Opponents, while he Seizes Power (Despite his InCompetence) and Rules, Hypocriticaly but Ruthlessly... It strongly Reminds, mutatis-mutandis, Anglosaxon Philosopher Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World Re-Visited", and his Warnings about New Risks for Massive Manipulation through various Modern "Propaganda" Techniques, as he said at a landmark Interview, (referring, already to Hitler's and Stalin's relevant Tactics, while the Stalinist Motto : - "What Matters moST is Not so much what the People Voted, But WHO COUNTS THE VOTES !", has just gone "Viral" in USA's Web these days)...


    => So that, if Nothing really Serious and Decisive is Not done Nowadays by USA's Federal Supreme Court about the "Hot" Problem of these Highly Controversial Presidential Elections, then, ...such kinds of "Dictadura Perfecta" (Comp. Supra), Risk to rapidly Cross the Rio Grande, and Even, Inevitably Spread Also towards Europe and elsewhere in the World, rather sooner than later...

    >>> In this regard, the Supreme Court Naturally has a Key, Historic Role to play Nowadays, particularly by Ensuring the North American People, and All those Countries accross the World which are Looking at what's Happening, at this Important Juncture, at the Heart of USA's Constitutional System, that its Legal and Moral Standards stand High enough in order to Exclude any Risk to, Eventualy, Fall Back to some Errors of the Past, Long Before its impressive White Marble "Greek Renaissance" style Building at "One First Street", Wash. DC was built, with obvious Great Ambition for the Country's Public Institutions, since the 1930ies.

    Otherwise, there is an Obvious Big Threat to Return to a blatant Corruption of a Remote Past, as that which was Notoriously Denounced, among others, also by Famous American and Other Writers, such as Doss Passos, Already since the 1920ies, and/or Bertolt Brecht, together with Kurt Weil, at the Eve of the 1930ies, f.ex. in their World-famous Opera : "Rise and Fall of Mahagony City", (which includes their "Alabama Song", etc)...

    Indeed, in that landmark Tragi-Comedy, (initialy Drafted near Strasbourg, at Neighbouring Germany's Baden-Baden, while NAZIsm was Spreading around the Country), it's Mainly the big Corruption of a Court of Justice, pictured in a Forgotten USA of the Past, at Southern Alabama, which Plays the Key Role... Brecht and Weil, Both German Europeans, notoriously Left for the USA during NAZIsm and Fascism's spread in Europe, lived and produced there, Weil becoming US Citizen ans staying for the Rest of hi Life, while Brecht Returned Later in Berlin, during Maccarthysm. They were very Critical of a Corrupted Part of a US of the Past, as "Mahagony"'s Tragi-Comedy clearly shows : F.ex., that City is Build by 3 Fugitifs of Justice, near the Sea-Links coming from Far away Alaska, where Hard-Working People face Adventures in order to gather some Money, f.ex. in Gold Mines, (by a Coincidence, as also Trump's Grand-Father, also from Germany, did himself), before Returning towards Warmer Areas to Settle, Rest, and ...Spend their Money. In such a Place, the 3 ordinary Fugitifs establish a "Parasite" City, which Produces Nothing, but Consumes the Money earned Elsewhere (f.ex. in Alaska, etc), with a "Whisky Bar" at its Center, added to a Bordel with a Team of Whores... I.e. Production is Outsourced at Far Away Lands (by another Timely Coincidence ; a notorious Anti-Trump Policy !). As a Consequence, sooner or later, Most Inhabitants become also Bored, since Nothing realy Important doesN't happen there, to the point of being, somehow, "Amused" even by some periodic, mysterious "Hurricanes" (sic !), while Money Rules Everything, added to endemic Corruption, with Cheating Everywhere (even in Sport, sometimes Costing Human Lives), but withOut Fearing even God himself, (who is pictured Vainly Trying to Punish them to "Hell")...





    >>> But the Main point, with a Decisive Influence, is "Mahagony" City's COURT of Justice ! An archi-Corrupted Place, where Visitors Buy ...Tickets in order to Watch the Spectacle of "Judgements", during which ...Gross InJustice Rules : Killers are Acquitted (even with their Weapons returned to them), if they Pay a lot of Money to that "Court"'s Clerks, while basicaly Innocent People, are, on the Contrary, ...Condemned to Heavy Penalties, if they become Poor and have No more Money to give, Even to Death, if they Commit the "Worst Crime" in that City : f.ex. to be Unable to Pay for some Glasses of Whisky... No Friendship, No Love, No Arguments, No Pity, can ever Save ImPoverished People there. But, when Even the Most Sympathetic and Honest Person (a former Hard Working Citizen) is so Harshly and UnJustly Condemned to Death by such a Corrupted "Court", his Human Dignity trampled underfeet, Grossly Insulted and Humiliated in Public, before being Soon Brutaly Killed, then, ...the "END" of the Story of "Mahagony" City comes : Deprived of Any Values, Dirty by its Crimes, Divided in an amorphous Chaos, the Parasite City of "Mahagony" inevitably ...Disappears from Earth, its former Inhabitants being Dispersed in a Night !





    => It's precisely the Contrary, that USA's Federal Supreme Court must notoriously Fight in order to Succeed : I.e. provide Trust in Justice for the People, promote Strong Common Values and Moral Principles, Find Efficient ways to Solve Problems, Unite Citizens, instead of Dividing them, Seek Truth and Repare InJustice, Bridge Conflicts by a Fair Democratic Stability, etc. Its Superb Post-1930 White Marble Building, "Greek Renaissance" style (Comp. Supra), well Beyond its "Alabama" (sic !) Marble-mede External Walls, and Even its "Georgia" Marble Rooms, should Better be Inspired by the Symbol of its ..."Vermont" Marble Internal Corridors and Halls, coming from that Nearby, Tiny but Historic State, (one of the Few to have been also Sovereign), the 1st to Abolish Slavery, equiped with "Direct Democracy" for Citizens throughout its Towns, as well as Universal Health Care/Security, full of Splendid "Green Mountains", plenty of Healthy and ReVitalizing Oxygen with its landmark Network of "Homes at Mountains' Tops", and Even Base of Popular, Atypical, Old but Energetic, Politician Bearny Sanders, (from whom Even Trump was notoriously, selectively Inspired, at his landmark August 2016 Nomination Speech in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as at his Inauguration Speech in Washington DC on January 2017, but Even, Briefly, when he Succeeded to Win the Fight against an Infection by the Deadly Virus, last October 2020, Marking that by a Meeting with Disadvantaged, Black and Hispanic Minorities' Young People at the White House's lawn), etc...


    *** How can this be done, concretely, in the Present Case of that 2020 "Hot" Controversy about alleged Electoral Fraude ?

    USA Supreme Court, in fact, Holds the Key, deep inside among Its Core Issues, and well known, Recent History :  


- Indeed, SCOTUS has Notoriously Judged, already, recently, anOther US Presidential Election Dispute, of Lower Magnitude, (since it concerned Only 1 State, and withOut Wide-Spread Allegations and Troubling Facts about probable Massive Fraud, as Nowadays), but Also Opposing a Conservative and a Liberal/"Socialist" Candidates, which was Won by the 1st : The Famous "Bush v. Gore" (anOther former Vice-President, like Biden now) affair.

- Obviously, Biden seems Anxious Today, on 2020 (Comp. Supra), that a Similar Outcome is Not Repeated Twice, now Against him, (as against Gore, 20 Years Ago : on 2000)... But, anOther Similarity is Also the Fact that, in Both these "Hot" Affairs, the Supreme Court had a Majority of Conservative Judges, and Even More Today : 5 to 4 then, but ...6 to 3 Now !

- However, these 2 Affairs are quite Different (Comp. Supra + Infra), and our Main Point is Elsewhere : It's on the "Red Thread", Both Legal, Substantial, Emotional, and even Practical, (See Infra), which Links those 2 Important Affairs particularly through the Exceptional Personality of late Justice Antonin SCALIA :


Scalia, a More than +30 Years-Long Serving SCOTUS Justice, since US President Reagan, (1986-2016), a well Known, Strong Conservative, (Even on BioEthical Issues), Suddenly, (at an Age Similar to Biden's Today : 79 yo), was Found Dead Alone, Far Away from his Family Home, during "Socialist" Barack Hussein Obama's term in office, and was, Curiously, Burried withOut Any Autopsy, Neither a Medical Check on the spot, the Real Cause of his passing out remaining a Hotly Disputed Enigma... As his Sudden Loss, in Addition, Risked to give the Majority inside the Supreme Court to the "Left", USA's Senate (Controled by the Republicans) Postponed Any Decision on his Replacement, Until the Next Elected US President, Don Trump, Nominates a New Judge, (Niel Gorshus, 2017), to succeed him. +In Addition, These Days, anOther Conservative Judge, who Knew Personaly well Scalia, and had Worked with him, Ann Coney Barret, just Started her service on Late 2020.

>>> The Point is that Judge Scalia had made a very Interesting Observation, Published as "Concurring Opinion" on Supreme Court's Judgement in the affair "Bush v. Gore" about the Elections of 2000 (Comp. Supra), which, as a matter of General Principle in such cases, is also Applicable and Fits Well on a very probable New Affair of "Trump v. Biden", Expected Nowadays, on the Present Controversy about 2020 Electoral Fraud :  

=> Indeed, -"one of the Principal Issues" in such cases, "is, precisely, Whether the Votes ... To be Counted, are ...<<Legally Cast Votes>>", Justice Scalia observed.

*** Otherwise, "the Counting of Votes that are of Questionable (NB) Legality, does, in my view, Threaten irreparable Harm to (the) petitioner ...and to the Country, by casting a Cloud upon ...the Legitimacy of (the) Election", he Warned.

- Because, "Count First, and Rule upon Legality Afterwards, is Not a recipe for producing Election Results that have the Public Acceptance (that) Democratic Stability Requires", Scalia Concluded, then, Joining the Majority of the Supreme Court in such affairs.

In other words, Judge Scalia Felt that "Questionable Legality Votes", Must be put Aside, in case of a Re-Count in an US Presidential Election, for Highly Important Reasons of "Legitimacy of (the) Election" and of "Public Acceptance", by the People, of such Controversial "Election Results", as it's "Required" for "Democratic Stability".


(Popular Demonstration against Fraud in 2020 Presidential Election, Wash. DC, 16 Nov)


=> This, Obviously, Fits quite Well a Main Problem also of the Present, 2020 US Presidential Elections, which has, Notoriously (Comp. Supra) been largely Raised, and very "Hotly" Discussed, about, Precisely, the "Questionable Legality" (or, rather, even more : Blatant Illegality) of those "Votes" which were Massively "Mail-in", (even in "Drive Trough", "Drop Boxes", withOut due Verifications of "Absebtees"' "Signatures/Photos/Addresses", etc), too often "Late" even Days After the Electoral Date Deadline, and/or withOut proper "independent Observers" when they were Counted, or processed through Hackable "Dominion" Electronic Machines, mostly After strange Delays or Interruptions in the Counting OverNight, Suddenly OutNumbering the Initial Lead of President Trump until the Electoral Night, with Astonishingly Numerous Biden Votes, Massively Added at the Last Minute, in Proportions and various Other Abnormal Conditions, which, taken All Together, Obviously Provoke legitimate Suspicions, Testimonies, and Denonciations for many Irregularities and Massive Fraud, (Comp. Supra)...

>>> In Consequence, most or all of Those "Questionable Legality Votes" (according to Judge Scalia's original term), should, Normaly, be Put Aside, (in one way or another), in case of a serious Re-Count effort, in such Contested Elections, which would Not be Limited Only to the Number, But Also to the Legality of Votes.



+ Remains, Nowadays, also a Question of Time Deadlines, and Practical feasibility. President Trump recently Warned that, even if there are, indeed, Now, Many Facts and Arguments to Denounce and Prove the Fraud, Nevetheless, Time for Efficient Action has also become Short.

But, Obviously, it would be a Dangerously Damaging Scandal, If elementary Justice wasN't done, Abandoning Democracy, the Constitution, and People's Rights to a kind of Corrupted "Perfect Dictatorship" by some Establishment's Politicians and Medias, that Even Mexico has Denounced and partly Overcome, (Comp. Supra), and/or to a Chaos similar to Brecht's "Rise and Fall of Mahagony" throwing Back to a remote Past, (ibid)...

=>  In fact, the Gravity of such Fraud and Irregularities' Incidents, Dialecticaly, Shows also a Possible Way to Simplify how to Ovecome such Problems, in this case :

>>> Indeed, it's the very Pattern, Characteristic of this 2020 Electoral Fraud attempt, which Shows a possible Practical Way out :

In fact, in order to Redress the Situation, it might Not be necessary to make a Full, Classical Re-Count : As it's well known that the Main Threat of Fraud came AFTER the End of the Nov. 3 Electoral Evening, when Trump Notoriously succeeded to Belie all mainstream Polls and Surprized his Adversaries by Leading in Votes at Most of the Crucial "Swing" States, (Comp. Supra), when, Suddenly, OverNight, from Next Day's Early Morning, various Incidents Started to Emerge, from Observers' Obstruction up to the Sudden Appearane of Many Batches of Ballots, particularly Late "Mail-in" Votes, added to "Dominion" Electronic Machines'  Manipulations, Abnormaly Boosting Biden at Caricatural Levels (ibid), then, a Practical Way to Simplify things is obviously the following :

*** It would be practicaly enough to Simply ...Leave Aside all those "Questionable Legality Votes" (according to Judge Scalia's wording : Comp. Supra), which Mostly Appeared AFTER the Normal Time Deadline of the Electoral Evening,  and through "Mail-in" Ballots, Computer "Glitches", etc, withOut Counting them inside the Total of Unquestionably Legal and Timely Votes !


=> Already, the Supreme Court has Pointed towards such a Direction, with an Interesting Decision taken by Justice Samuel Alito (another Conservative, from the time of late Justice Scalia) about Pennsylvania, on a Lawsuit by the GOP :  Alito Ordered All Counties, pending further decisions, to Segregate, and Keep "in a Secure, Safe, and Sealed Container, Separate from Other Voted Ballots", All those "Mail-in" Late Ballots received After the Electoral Evening of November 3, 8:00 p.m., and, If Counted, to be Counted Separately, so that They would Not be Included in Any Official Total Count...

Such Moves might, indeed, Practicaly Help Redress the Situation in a Simple and Rapid way, Closer to Most American People's Wish, and withOut "Questionable Legality" Ballots, while also, ipso facto, Punishing Fraud by the very Way it was Committed, either as an Interim, or even, Partialy or Totaly, Definitive Measure, given the circumstances.



    At any case, one Main point is Certain :  Nowadays, USA's Federal Supreme Court obviously has to accomplish its Duty by clearly Protecting the Integrity of this crucial 2020 Voting process from any serious Risk of Fraud, Ensuring the Citizens that their Genuine Voice will be Heard, withOut any Shady Manouvers Hidden Behind the Back ! In this regard, the frivolous, bluntly UnPrincipled Behavior of some "Swing" States too Partisan Judges, practicaly Refusing to seriously Examine and Discuss Facts and Arguments of Lawsuits,  is obviously Scandalous. So that, a Decisive and Crystal-clear US Federal Supreme Court's Guidance for such Important US Presidential Elections' integrity, has obviously become more Needed than ever.

 First of all for the sake of the American People and the Country's foreseable Future, But Also for USA's Image and Credibility Nowadays accross the World.










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Pierre Pflimlin's visionary line : Honouring the Memory of the man who wanted to build Europe on the Mountains, based on Spirit !



One of EuroFora's best inspirators is naturally Pierre Pflimlin :

We had a chance to personally meet the dynamic and experienced former President of both EU Parliament and CoE's Assembly, France's Prime Minister and Strasbourg's Mayor, only at his 90th anniversary, during an Historic speech at the Council of Europe, exceptionally full of people.

But his energetic figure looked more like a youngster of 19 years old, eager to win the Olympic games !..

Visionary, 2P was, from many points of view :

His daughter, Antoinette, Artist-decorator, and Senator Jung, President of a group of friends, confirmed us an Historian's revelation, that Pflimlin had initially the idea to build all European institutions (EU Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, etc) at the spectacular heights of Oberhausbergen hills, with an eye-catching view of both French Vosges and German Black Forest Mountains, in the midst of a Forest : A real vision to create a brand New European Headquarters with a big ambition !

But, it seems, that "someone in Brussels" found that picture, precisely, too big for his taste, and threw a spanner on the works...

Pflimlin stroke back a Decade ago, at his Historic 1997 farewell speech :

He urged Europeans to find another, more substantial way, to lift Europe to more important Heights in Future :

- "On which basis can we imagine the birth of a great Europe ?", he asked.

"Certainly an Economic basis ! A solid market economy, meeting also the needs of social justice. A Political basis : Europe must become a strong Political Power, able to influence World's changes, naturally for Peace."

"But I believe that the essential foundation of a greater Europe should be of Spiritual nature : .... The great pacific Revolutions were Spiritual Victories" : They expressed "People's main motivation to live in a society with our Values of Liberty, Democracy, respect for Human Dignity".

"Then, the roadmap is ready : Yes, the foundation of the unity for a large Europe is the spiritual heritage, inspired by Christian Humanism and the Humanism of Renaissance, of Enlightenment, from which emerged a Civilisation focused on the Human person".

"Here is the task to be accomplished. It's very difficult".

"The Time approaches when I'll have to pass over the torchlight. God willing, this torch should enlighten the path of those who are going to build, tomorrow, the great Europe, marked by this Spirit".


(Extract from the Book "Pierre Pfilmin : Alsacian and European", 2007. Texts by Senator Louis Jung, by the long-time f. Director of Strasbourg's Newspaper DNA, Alain Howiller, and by f. EU Parliament's Press Director, Paul Collowald : See dedications, hand-written by the authors, the day the book for Pflimlin's 100th Aniversary was launched at Strasbourg's Press Club and European Parliamentary Association's headquarters, 13 April 2007).




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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