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USA: Surprise Win of a "European" President + People's Voice on the Web versus Establishment's Media

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 09 November 2016

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- From the nevralgic Viewpoint of the PanEuropean CoE (47 Member States, Russia included) Headquarters City of Strasbourg, (a Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law Organization, based at the Franco-German border, and wished by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchil), the Most Important development in the Crucial US Presidential Election of 2016, was that, as it emerged clearly from its Final Results, for the 1st Time in History, it's a quite pro-European, in fact, President who was Elected now in North America, thanks mainly to a Surprising Win of the Voice of the People, particularly at the Internet, against almost All the Establishment and its Traditional Medias, Contrary to what had Claimed almost All mainstream Polling "Experts" Companies, (with Only 1 Exception) !





The Center-Right part of the American Political Spectrum, won, indeed, a Quadruple (X4) Absolute Majority at the Crucial Elections of Yesterday Evening (EU Time) : I.e. More than 51% of the Popular Votes, against Only a Minority of 48,5 % for the Center-Left, (47,5% the Republicans + 3,2% the Liberals +0,3% an Independent, versus 47,6% the Democrats + 1% the Greens). But also a clear Majority of 306 decisive Electors for the Frontrunner Republican Candidate, Don Trump, throughout all the Federated States, against Only 232 for the Candidate of the Dems, Hillary Clinton. Center-Right's Republicans also Kept a Majority both at the Senate and at the Congress, while they Dominated the Election of Governors for the 50 Federated States of USA's Federation : 33 Governors, against Only 15 for the Center-Left's Dems, (i.e. + 3 More than Before, for the Center-Right).

A New USA President with Many Links to Europe

The main Political Leader of this Unexpected Brillant Winning Movement, (that 99% of Polls, astonishingly, had NOT Predicted at all, giving Hillary as Winning, until the Eve of the Vote, included, and even at the Morning of the Election's Day, with the Unique clear Exception of Only 1 Poll, that of "Los Angeles Times", which was generaly considered as Pro-Republican, and, therefore, did Not gather attention), is, Now, a Brand New American President, Donald Trump, who clearly seems to be, in Fact, much more "pro-European", than what is known :




- Indeed, Trump, is, First of all, Son of a Father whose Origins are located ...at the Proximity of the PanEuropean Capital of Strasbourg, in the Nearby German, small but Historic City of KallStadt, (Northwards from here, but also close to the Rhine River, at Southern Germany, in an Area from which several German People had Emigrated to the USA in the Past, as "Eurofora" Co-Founder was told, f.ex., by an American Lady of German origin from that Same Area, Back on 2005 at Chicago's International Airport, where we had gone to Visit close Family Members, just After UNO's Heads of State/Government Summit, and General Assembly, at New York : Comp. 2 FrontPage Articles that we Pubiihed then at "TCWeekly" from UNO('s Headquarters at N.Y.).





By another, Highly Symbolic GeoPolitical Coincidence, KallStadt had been Founded by, and took its Name from,  a "Frank" King, (i.e. from those who Created and Headed, later-on, France itself !). It was even Occupied, later-on, by the French, who went as far as to even "Annexate" that area, for a moment, but it Returned, later-on, Back to Germany. So that it really has, Both by its own History, as well as by its Location, a pronounced  Franco-German dimension, while being also situated almost at the Center of the EU...
+ In Addition, it's also by his Mother, that Don Trump, notoriously has even a 2nd European link personaly, since her Family originated from Scotland (UK), that he has Visited recently, inaugurating a Gulf play area, while still Campaigning as a Candidate for the US Presidency on June 2016.

++ Moreover, it's also his Wife, Melania, who comes from Europe, since she has been Born in EU Member Country Slovenia. (Even his 1st Wife, Ivana, with whom he had been maried 40 Years ago : 1977, also came from Europe : the Czech Republic).
But the Most Important point, concerning the New USA President-elect's relations to Europe, is naturaly "Hot" and Topical Politics :  

- Trump is notoriously in favor of Good Relations ith Russia, almost as De Gaulle, the Historic long-time former President of France, had notoriously supported the Idea of "a Great Europen, from the Atlantic Ocean, up to the Urals Mountains", i.e. in close Cooperation also with a peaceful Russia. A Strategy also followed by Jacques Chirac, a Gaullist French President, f.ex. at the 1997 COE's Summit in Strasbourg, with Yeltsin, at the eve of Iraq War of 2003, with Putin, as well as at the Compiegne Castle on 2006, etc. His successor, Sarkozy, also pursued a Good Relations Policy with Russia, both in the Past, and Recently, with Medvedev and Putin, in Paris or Moscow, etc.

On the Contrary, the Clintons, Both Bill and Hillary, as well as US Presiident Obama now, have always faced Hard Tensions vis a vis Russia and its Allies, during Events which Inflicted Long-Term Wounds even Inside Europe, such as, f. ex., the Yugoslavia War, in the Past, and the Ukraine Conflict, Recently, while also, even the Syrian Conflict, nowadays, affect Europe mainly through Terrorist activities, (etc).

In such a Context, Donald Trump's notorious Claims that he Prefers, and Finds Possible, to Settle such Issues, via Diplomatic Negotiations with Russia, etc., instead of Bloody Conflicts, as well as, alleged fears that Moscow might, eventually, be incited, by that, to "Interfere" in the Electoral Process inside the US. There were, even, Acccusations against Trump, that he woud be, in fact, a ...Russian Agent, himself and/or Other Critics, to the point that World Famous Whistle-Blower Assange, (of "Wikileaks"), Denounced, these last Days, mainly Hillary for what he called as "Neo-Mccarthystic Hysteria" (sic !).

However, Trump's position on Russia was practicaly Endorsed also by anOther Center-Right Candidate, Johnson of the Liberal Party, who had notoriously been supported even by several Republicans, from Trump's own Party, (f.ex. its 2012 Failed Candidate, the controversial, pro-Establishment Millionaire, Romney, nicknamed : "Mr. Flip-Flop", for his Changing, Inconsistent and Opportunistic stance). Therefore, given the Fact that Johnson managed on 2016 to Triple his Votes, compared to what he had Before, (i.e. Instead of just 1% on 2012, now up to 3,2% for 2016), his Score, even if Small per se, nevertheless, Taken Together with that of Trump, represents a crystal-clear Absolute Majority of American Voters : i.e. 3,2% + 47,5% = almost 51%, (opposed to a Minority of Only around 48,4% for the Center-Left).

But, the Liberal Candidate (a former Governor of a US Federated State), had basically stressed that, in the Syrian Conflict, Western Countries should Join Forces, Together with Russia, in order to Bring Peace back in the Country, and Liberate it from ISIS' Islamic Terrorists. This Obviously stands very Close to the almost identical, in substance, Wider Stance of the Frontrunner Candidate of the Center-Right,  Donald Trump himself.

In consequence, it's clear that this pro-Russia Peace Deal stance, is, in fact, Supported by a Net Majority of American People nowadays. This New Fact, flies in the face of the Opposite, almost Cold-War like stance, for which the Clintons and Obama have been recenty Criticized by a lot of People concerned by their War-Mongering stance, which was Felt as Dangerous, by a lot of US Voters, but also European People.

=> On the Contrary, Don Trump Anounced, in his 1st Post-Election Speech, at a special Address to "the World Comunity", that, "while we shall put our Country's Interest First", neverthless, the New US Administration "Will Deal Fairly with Everyone, All Peoples, All Other Nations", as he promissed.

>>> In particular, - "We'll Seek Common Ground, Not Hostility". And "Partnership, No Conflict !", significantly stressed earlier Today the New US President-elect.

Astonishingly, but, perhaps, very significantly, this Important point made now by Trump, was ...totaly Ommitted in the "full" Transcript of his Speech, made by the Official, Public Service TV Website of "C-Span.org", (usualy a quite Reliable Source for All Public Interest Anouncements concerning the Federal Administration, and the Political Life of the USA) ! It's also true, that this outlet is still Controlled by the Out-going Obama team...


People's Voice, via the Internent, OutPlayed Establishment's Traditional Media ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

But it's Not the 1st Time that Don Trump's 2016 US Presidential Electoral Campaign is Censored by the Establishment's, traditional Medias.

Assange, the co-Founder of "Wikileaks", a World-Famous Modern Whistle-Blower, who pays with his own Liberty, for almost 5 Years now, the Manifold Revelations that his NGO Team is making about the Ruling Elite's real way of Thinking and Speaking, had made a Stern Warning, right at the Eve of this Election :





- In an Exceptional, long Interview, he had Strongly Denounced the Fact that "All Parts of the Establishment" were "Against Trump", and, therefore, he did Not See how he might, eventually, "Win that Election", since that was made "Impossible", particularly by the Fact that it's also "All the Medias, both their Owners and their Journalists", who are, astonishingly, Opposed, as he found.

- "Except", perhaps, "the Evangelicals", "IF" you consider them as "an Establishment", Assange had ironically added...

Indeed, the Real Situation, concernig particularly the Traditional Medias and/or Journalists of the Establishment, already quite Bad before, became More and More Scandalous, Revolting, and even Unacceptable, as the Moment of these American Elections was Approaching, (particularly After the Beginning of this Autumn) :

In Addition to the Ommissions, gross Distorsions, outrageously UnBalanced Pseudo-"Debates", Partial or even Total Censorship, (See f.ex. a "Small" but Concrete Example, even After Don Trump Won that Election, cited Supra, and concerning even a Public Service Media, supported by the Federal Administration !),

>>> at the End, arrived Even several Astonishing Gross INSULTS, Personal Attacks "ad Hominem" full of blatant HATE, Totally UnBalanced Discriminations, Dogmatically and Arbitrarily Attacking designated Persons even without Any Proof, but Only Unsubstantiated Negative and/or Pejorative Claims, Full Only of Brutal Arbitrariness, Censorship, Vulgarity, Insults and Hate, Blatant Attempts to commit a quasi-Sadic and Shameless "Assassination of Personality"...





But the Most Surprising Fact, was all this didn't came just from InExperienced Journalists, but also and mainly, from some Very "Experienced" ones... Neither by some Poor, Weak, Discriminated, Censored, and/or Oppressed, Journalists, Frustrated by an InJustice, But mainly from Those who, on the Contrary, had Every Means at their Disposal, (Money, Offices, Hi-Tech Computers/SmartPhones, Collaborators, Transports, Accreditations, Invitations, Publicity, Promotion, Recognition, Fame, etc)... Not only by some, Free-Lance, more or less "Lone Wolfs", Independent, UnKnown, Isolated Writers, without Responsibilities, But mainly by well Established, Permanently Employed, Sociable, Well Acompagnied, Heads of Teams and/or Responsible of some Important Mission and/or Organisation that had been enTusted to them...

And that was, perhaps, the Worse : Suddenly, they astonishingly Droped the Masks, grossly Abused of the Trust that People used to give them until then, and Brutaly Attacked the Persons who Dared Resist to the Establishment, during that US Presidential Election, in such a Dirty, Stupid and UnEthical Way, that they Trampled underFeet all Elementary Press Deontology Rules : They Behaved No More as Real Journalists, but as Petty Slanderers...



It was a Sad and Revolting Spectacle, a fortiori when We Knew Personaly Some of them, and had Never Thought that they would Slyly Fall as Low as that, in the Mud...
But, "Scripta Manent", and now, the American People who, Despite all that, resolutely Voted for the New President of the United States, should seize an Historic Opportunity to, at last, Really Change our Society for the Better, and Free Citizens' Information and Public Debates from such Poisonous Mud :

 - "Drain the Swamp !" It's Both a Popular Demand, and a Social Necessity, in line with the Wider, General Appeal recently (October 2016) Launched by Don Trump himself, in order to Wipe Out Corruption, War-Mongering, Slandering and Lies of a grossly Biaised Mediatic Establishment, Cronyism, etc., which Created a Big Echo among the People, Became a huge Internet and Press Attraction, and even a Public Meeting's Song...

>>> Significantly, at least in one among his most Recent and more Motivated Speeches, Trump took the Initiative to Promise that, If he were Elected, he would Start by "Changing our Broken Political System", as he had said, But, "First of all, Change our Media !"

=> If that Necessary -and also Possible, as a Majority of genuine American People has just Proved, by Winning that 2016 US Presidential race even Against almost all Establishment's Media - Change has Better to come Really "First", as Don Trump Stressed himself (Comp. Supra), then, it Could also be, eventualy, Associated, on the Occasion, also with an Imaginative, Decisive and Creative Idea, for the Developent of New, really Popular and more Democratic, Reliable, and Modern Media, for the foreseable Future.

Both as a Real Democracy, and as an Economic Growth and New Technologies' Development move, f.ex. in the Context of those "Big Programs", that the New US President-elect has just Anounced, and, for which, he Launched a Vibrant Call to the People, to : -"Dream Big, Bold, and Daring !"


Indeed, Many People Knew that, since almost All the Establishment's Traditional Media, (Radio-TV, Printed Newspapers, together with their simple Web Extensions, etc), were already committed, in an open or, most of the times, covert way, for Hillary Clinton, etc., and most among them, had really Targeted Don Trump, in an awful series of Systematic Attempts of Personality Assassination, (similar, but much Worse than that which had been abused, f.ex., back on September/October 2008, by Obama's fans and cronies against former Governor of Alaska, and then GOP Candidate for Vice-President, Sarah Pallin, etc), then,

>>> the Only immediately available, and practical Alternative was the Stuggle that Trumps' Supporters among the People, could Develop at the Internet, (through various "Social Media", the "Twitter" and Forums, Photos and Videos, Emails and SMS/Textos, etc, occasionaly Printed and Distributed also on Paper, Hand by Hand, f.ex. in various Meetings, et)...

Already, several Press Publications had clearly Observed the Fact that, while Hillary Clinton was Backed by almost all the Establishment's "Classic" Medias, on the Contrary, Don Trump had with him a Vibrant Internet Community, particularly at "the Social Media", as they said, in the World Wide Web.

But, there where, all those Commentators, were Finaly Proven to be Wrong, in these 2016 US Presidential Elections, was when they had Speculated about the Respective Force, Impact, and Efficiency of Each one among those 2, largely Different Ways of Communicating, Interacting, Announcing and Debating with the People :

- Indeed, they Believed that Web's Impact at the Society at large, would be Inferior to that of the Traditional Medias of the Establishment, and had already Prognosticated, that, for all those reasons, Trump's campaign would have been, already Undermined and compromised, almost Doomed, (as they were also, always Ready not to lose any opportunity to make more Intox)...  

>>> But, all those "mainstream" Commentators, (obviously comming from the Establishment's Medias themselves), had Ommitted to Examine, and had Completely Missed, what Proved to be, almost the Most Essential point, in this 2016 Pre-Electoral Fight for the Vote of the New US President of the period 2017-2022, and the Potential Energy of its Impact :

=> I.e. the Original Socio-Political Strategy, that Don Trump, surprisingly but Spectacularly, adopted and Anounced, particularly at his Landmark, Historic Speech in Ohio, Cleveland, at the Conclusion of the GOP's National Convention, as Early as, already since July 2016, when he was Officialy Selected as the Republican Party's Candidate in order to become a New POTUS.

- Briefly speaking, to put it in a nutshell, (for a more Extensive Presentation, See "Eurofora"s original "DraftNews", as it had been send to Subscribers/Donors, then. A full, Final Version might be Published asap), Trump suddenly Chose to Focus, since Last Summer (i.e. when, most of the above mentioned "Commentators" would probably be lost somewhere near a Seaside, enjoying some Lazy Summer Holidays...), at an Earlier Unexpected main Target :

- He, "a Fortunate Son" (as a Famous, Classic Song of "Creedence ClearwaterRevival"'s Folk Group says), had, nevertheless, enough Conscience and/or Perspicacity in order to Focus, at this Exceptional event at Ohio, mainly, on those Poor People, Neglected by the Obama Administration pendant 8 to 9 Years, who Face a sharp Augmentation of InEqualities, UnEmployment, Factories closing down after Outsourcing overseas due to Dumping and inadequate Global Free Trade Deals, Degradation of their Neighborhood, Expensive and/or Inefficient Health Care, Bad Quality of Education, sky-rocketing Debts (including of Young Students), Discriminations, Cultural Ghettoes, Irregular Mass Migration, InSecurity, Riots, etc., in addition to Corruption, Arbitrariness, Cronyism, a Cold War ambiance, Spreading Conflicts, pushing Deadly Terrorism and Threatening Peace.  
The Fact that it wasn't just a Superficial, Spontaneous Move, but, on the Contrary, a Well Thought and Prepared Decision, is revealed also by an Impressive Series of relevant Statistical Data, which accompagnies, clarifies and stresses almost all these Problems evoked then.

Today, it has become Obvious that this kind of Criticism, (naturaly Added to the well known, Most Favourite Issues of Don Trump's 2016 Campaign), did achieve to at least Start Reaching its Targets, in terms of Interested Social Groups, since, Surprisingly, the Conservative, White New Yorker Businessman, succeeded, according to the Results of the Vote, to Attract substantialy More Citizens than his predecessors of 2012 and/or 2008, even among ...Black People, Hispanos, Low Income and/or Education People, Workers, both Young and Elders, etc., (in Addition to an Intensified Mobilisation of White Americans, Middle-Age Working People, of the various "Middle-Classes", etc).

The Point, obviously, is, (as even the Wording used, and/or the Images evoked, also clearly indicate), that, in fact, Trump chose to Mark an U-Turn, already since July 2016, mainly towards those Categories of the Population, who had been, initially Attracted (with a quite impressive Enthousiasm) by Bernie Sanders, the main, but unfortunate, "Leftist" Competitor of Hillary Clinton, during the Primaries inside the "Democratic" Party, (whose Final Eviction provoked a Scandal, pushing also Top DP Officials to Resign, after "Wikileaks" revealed that, in fact, there was a Complot to slyly Undermine his Campaign, and get rid of him, to the Benefit of Hillaery Clinton)...

=> This Unexpected, by a Conservative and succesful New York Billionaire private Businessman of the GOP, but Highly Energizing "Cleveland Music", that Don Trump had the Good Idea to Start Playing at an Exceptionaly Important moment in Ohio, certainly Contributed a lot in an Immediate Slash of a Previously Big Difference at the Polls vis a vis Hillary, right since July 2016, and Continued Evolving further, all the way up to the Final Push for the Conclusion of the US Presidential Election, this November.

By Building that Image of a Real Conservative (f.ex. in Fiscal, Migration, National Identity, Family and other BioEthical, Security, etc., Issues), who has also a larger Social "Heart" (Comp. Supra), and Wants to Fight for Peace, but against InJustice, Oppression, Arbitrariness, Corruption, and versus the Domination by an omni-present "Establishment", full of various serious "Scandals", which seriously Undermines Democracy, (among the most Favorite Issues of Don Trump), succeeded to Bring Together and Concentrate in a Big and Growing River, the various Energies stemming from several Different Sources, Deep inside the Majority of the People of America (as also in some Other Countries, mutatis-mutandis) nowadays, Resulting in the progressive Emergence of a Strongly Motivated, Popular Base of Active Supporters.

>>> So that, When the Decisive Moment came to Face, at a Final Battle, all that Establishment's Media a.o. outrageous Hostility (Comp. Supra), around October-November 2016, Trump already had, Together with him, a Strongly Motivated Citizens' "Army", already constituted, well Aware and Conscious of the Last-Minute Obstacles, "Dirty-Tricks", "Rigged Elections", etc. of which a "Corrupted Establishment" might, eventualy, Abuse, in order to Desperately Attempt to Hide its Biggest "Scandals", and/or Hinder or Block the People's real Political Will to be Freely and Democraticaly formed and Expressed.

=> In Consequence, particularly After the 3rd and Final Public Debate between the 2 Front-runner Candidates, on October 19, when People saw, f.ex., Hillary ostensibly Avoid even to Reply to several "Hot" Critical Questions by the Press, (f.ex. about the alleged Payments to the "Clinton Foundation", including by several Foreign Governments, even those who Notoriously Funded and/or Armed illegaly various Islamic Terrorists, for "Pay to Play" contacts with the Secretary of State, etc); while, almost at the Same Time, a Series of Revelations (quite Well Documented, even by relevant and explicit Videos, Witnesses, etc) about several, quasi-Systematicaly operating Networks with Links between Hillary's Campaign Teams, and those who Paid and Send Thugs to Harass or even Violently Aggress Peaceful People gathering to Hear and See Don Trumps' Speeches in several Pre-Electoral Public Meetings accross many States ; Added to the 21 October 2016 Astonishing and Revolting Anouncement, that Dems' US Foreign Minister Kerry had Pressed the small Ecuador to even ...Cut any Access to the Internet, by Assange, the "Wikileaks" WhistleBlower and "Truth"-Seeker, notoriously involved in the Revelation of Many, even irregularly "Hidden" Emails, (in parallel due to be "Investigated" by the "FBI", in search of anOther probable Scandal, about State Department's Secrets Mishandling by a Clintons' private rooter), then, a Growing Number of various Polls clearly indicated an Evolving "U-Turn" of more and more Voters towards Don Trump., which arrived until the appearance of a more or less "Tie" between the 2 Candidates, making Any Final Result Possible.

Meanwhile, also the Fact that, Contrary to Trump's Focus on Real Issues affecting People's Lives and Society at large, especialy with his Anouncement, (Symbolicly made at the Historic Location of "Gettysbourg"'s Battle Speech by Abraham Lincoln), of a concrete and substantial "List of Measures" that will be Taken "during the 100 First Days" of his Presidency for the Benefit of the People and of the Country, IF he's elected, a Totaly Differend approach was adopted by Hillary, who practicaly didn't then do anything else really notable, except from Persisting to Slander her Competitor, by a Never-Ending Series of Repeated Gross Personal Attacks, (particularly about alleged ridiculous "Affairs", or Attempts reportedly made ...20, 30 or even 40 Years ago, at a remote Past, in his Pivate Life, one more grossly Unbelievable from the other), inevitably didn't settle things for Clinton...

=> Thus, when, at the Last Minute : Only 2 Days Before the Final Vote, an FBI Official aappointed by Obama, Suddenly Claimed that he would have thoroughly Investigated More than ...65.000 supplementary Hillary's Emails, which had been Discovered Just a Week or so Before (sic !), in a Computer shared by her Top AIde, Humma Mahmud Abdin, and her estranged Husband, Wiener, currently Jailed and separately Investigated for a "Sexting" Scandal with an Under Age Minor Girl, (and/or even Worse, according to some rumours), and that FBI's Conclusion would be to Simply Drop anew that Hillary affair, Definitively Stoping any Further Investigation Now, (Despite eventual Links even to the infamous "Benghazi" Terrorist Attacks scandal of 2012, probably related to illegal Arms Trafficking for ISIS+ through Turkey, etc., which Needed a Careful Examination),

>>> a Fast Growing Number of People became ... Furious ! They all Rushed, in a Hurry, to Seek any possible and legitimate way to React Efficiently against such a Last-Minute, Un-Explained, sudden Manoeuver, that they Felt as, Apparently Motivated mainly by an Attempt of some Bureaucrats to Hide the Tuth from the People, in order to, most probably, Cover up the wrong-doings of a Notoriously "Elite" Top Member, as Hillary Clinton, (instead of Playing Honestly, with all Cards on the Table, and full Transparency).

*** In such an Exceptionaly "Hot" Context, the various Accesible Internet Modern Tools, Naturally offered the Only, immediately Available and Democratic Means for all those, Strongly Motivated People, to Express in Public their Views and/or their Anger/Revolt, Urgently Alert and Inform All Other Interested Voters about the Main Points of Substance and what is Really at Stake; Freely Seek Yourself to Learn (in a Fast-enough and Simple way) about Various Other relevant Facts and/or Views, eventualy Presented by any Other People w<ith Differend and/or Similar Views to yours' ; Face, Criticize, Rectify, and Hopefuly Convince about what they Believed to be the Truth, in reaction to certain Attempts to Lie or Distord the Real Facts, as well as in order to Openly Discuss, organize and/or Participate in relevant Public Debates, from which could Emerge a Collective Intelligence on that Imminent, Crucial Final Vote, as well as, eventualy, Prepare, Together with Other Interested Web Users some Joint Initatives, (etc).

Obviously, Compared to All those Practical Possibilities, easily offered by the World Wide Web,  just to ...Run to Find and Buy a Local, Regional, or National Newspaper, and afterwards seek a place to Simply Read it, or to ...Merely "click" a Radio-TV button, in order to Passively Hear//Look at what a Presentator would Claim to be the overall situation, according to his/her own view (or, rather, according to the Unique viewpoint of the Establishment which Owns or Controls one or another such Traditional Media, that 2nd Categorie of Moves, does NOT offer Anything more Interesting, But Only LESS...

=> The overall Energy and real Collective Strength of such an Amazing Popular Movement at the World Wide Web, (as that which occured, in the above mentioned, Exceptional Circumstances, at the Eve and During the Day of Voting for the 2016 US Presidential Election), iFast Evolving in Parallel Series of Steps, Exchanges, InterActions, etc., which Aim to Create one or another OverAll Result, would Need to Prepare and Write an entire Book, in order to Seek and Find, Analyse and Describe them All, or even, at least, the Most Important among them, without, naturaly, losing Sight on the Main Thrust...

>>> At any case, 1 thing is Sure : OverNight, and Advancing Further during even that Long Day of the Votes, (i.e. practicaly Extended for about + 6 Hours Longer than a Simple 24/24 Day, because of the Difference between the Various "Poll Closing Times", from New York up to Los Angeles, corresponding to almost from MidNight in EU's core, Strasbourg Time, until 5 o'clock in Early Morning, Next Day here), a HUGE CHANGE Appeared, Between All those Numerous POLLS which had been Made and Published during the Last Few Days until and Including the Eve of the Vote, (i.e. + November 7 included), and the Real, FINAL RESULTS, obtained at the End of that Voting Day of November 8 :

I.e., instead of a quasi-Total Dominance by Hillary's Center-Left, as Claimed almost ALL among the very Numerous those POLLS of November 7 (Eve of the Election Day), on the Contrary, Finally, at the End of the Date of the Vote, (November 8), we had an Absolute Majority of Votes for the Center-Right (Republicans, Liberals, Independent), and a Minority for the Center-Left (Democrats - Green), at about : 51% - 48,6%,  and a clear Win for Don Trump, with 306 Electors throughout all the Federated States, against only 228 for Hillary Clinton.

- Therefore, all those Polls proved to be Either UNABLE TO FORESEE the Dynamics of that Popular Movement Evolving OveNight, OR were All FAKE - FALSIFIED, Right from the Start !

The Simplest (and, probably, what is Closer to the Reality), among those 2 Hypothesis, obviously is to consider that the Big Change occured essentialy OverNight, between the 7 and 8 November, (f.ex. between the Afternoons of these Days), so that almost all Polls could Not Register it on Time.

Indeed, During the very Day of the Vote, there are, at least 1,5 Polls showing Trump Winnining, out of 3,5, (the O,5 being Part of a Double Poll, with a Version including also the Small Candidates, and anOther Version withOut them, which Differ on the overall Result). While, on the Contrary, at the Eve of the Vote, ...almost ALL of the very Numerous Polls showed Hillary Winning, with the Only Exception of 1. So, it's Obvious that SOMETHING HAPPENED BETWEEN the 7 and the 8 November !

This seems Confirmed even by our Personal, subjective but real, Experience : While the 6 November appeared as a rather "Normal" Busy Day in relevant Publications at the Web, on the Contrary, (as it was, anyway, Foreseable), it's on the 7 November (Eve of that Vote) that we Started to be Impressed by the Number of such Web Publications, (and this, almost Continued through the Biggest Part of the very Day of that Vote, i.e. during November 8.

A Similar, and even More Clear-cut Phenomenon, again on US Presidential Elections, occured with anOther such Surprising, Last Minute U-Turn of Many Voters, Not Foreseen at all by Polls, already Back on 2004, "Eurofora"s co-Founder had Witnessed :

Almost All Polls, until the Day of the Vote, had givenn a "Tie", with 50% = 50%. But, according to converging sources and observation data, the Web was seriously used, at least 1,5 Days before the Poll Stations close. The Result was a Crystal-clear Difference of +3%, and about 3 Millions Votes more, with a clear Victory for one among the 2 Candidates !

>>> Such Results, so Astohishing Phenomena, a so "BIG CHANGE" as that which occured, f.ex., between the 7 and 8 November 2016, as we saw above, obviously couldNot be, and were not obtained, at all, by just ... buying a Paper Copy of "New York Times" out of a Coffee Shop, Neither by vainly trying to "Click" at NYT's Extension at the Web, where you ate Obliged to Stop, and Lose Precious Time into Searching in what way you could Pay some Money in order to become, at last able to simply Open and Passively read a Text prepared by an Agent of the Establishment which Owns thar Newspaper... (And : - "That's all Folks ! THE END")...

No ! What Really Happened was, in Brief : Free Research, Investigation, Analysis, Reasoning, Invention, Proof, Conclusion, at First. And, then, Writting, Editing, Publishing. Afterwards : Distibuting, Alerting, Warning. But Also : Participating to Public Discussions, Hearing, Responding, Holding a Dialogue, Making a Speech, Launcing a Call, Motivating People, Urging them, Pointing at the main Issue at Stake, Guiding, Organizing, and if Need be, even Playing one of the Leading roles in a Team or a Group of People. When Necessary, even Sacrificing your Health, by Deprivation of Sleep, in order to Find Precious Time... And, then, almost All the Way along : Exchanging, Explaining, Criticizing, Finding the Right Arguments, Denouncing, Fighting, and anew Fighting, and Fighting, until its Done !

- From the point of view of Technology, all this caN't be done withOut Modern Web Tools. (Which, in fact, are Not Costly : Less than a subscription in a Traditional Newspaper, or  a "pay per view" at a Radio-TV of the Establishment)...

- But, from the point of view of Human Energy, you Do realy Need several  Strongly Motivated People, Ready and Eager to Advance Forwards Resolutely to Fight for the Main Issues: And that belongs to the Essentials !

Don Trump succeeded to Find the Right Source for that, mainly Thanks to his landmark, Historic Ohio Speech (Comp. Supra) : His "Cleveland Music"...

For a Real "Conservative" Politician, to try to take with him, together with those "Middle Classes" who are threatened to be Impoverished, also the Poor and/or Oppressed People, Inviting them all to a Noble Fight against Corruption, Arbitrariness and the Establishment, but for Traditional Human Values and the Historic and Cultural Identity of their Country, proved to be the Right Move, and, probably, the Best thing he ever did, until now.

+ And, Naturaly, this is Timely Added, also, to All those Other Links that Trump has Now to Europe (Comp. Supra), where, in Addition to an already perceptible Popular Appeal, it's also, one after the other, several Key EU Political Leaders, who have just Started to Enthousiasticaly  Welcome his Unexpected Victory, - such as, f.ex., the Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, and/or the Experienced former President of France, and Recently Elected Head of the main Opposition Party "the Republicans" (i.e., by a Timely "Coincidence", with the Same Name as Don Trump's "GOP" Party !), Nicolas Sarkozy, frontrunner Candidate in the Forthcoming, Crucial April/May 2017 Presidential Election, (etc).


Controversial but Efficient British Politician Nigel Farage, co-President of EU Parliament's EFD Group of MEPs,

to whom "Eurofora"s co-Founder had already observed, as Early as Back on 2009, before the European Elections, in Strasbourg, (i.e. Long before our Latest Meeting, on the sidelines of the June 2016 EU Heads of State/Government Summit in Brussels -See, f.ex.: ...), that,

Despite our clear Disagreement as far as the real European Dream is concerned, nevertheless, it's also true that, IF he was, or Became later-on, a Genuine Pro-European, (i.e. on Substantial matters), he might be very Useful for a Citizen-Friendly European Integration, mainly thanks to his Strong Criticism against  Anti-Democratic and Costly Bureaucracy, Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU - bid, to which was Added recently even a Threat to give a "VISA FREE" Status to 80 Millions of Turks to Enter and Stay inside the EU for 6 Month Each Year, (Something still Refused, however, to BieloRussians, Armenians, Ukranians, Russians, and Other Europeans !), the Unprecedented Mass influx of 1,5 Million of Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants through Turkish Smugglers, at the same time that he Supported also Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, (against Recent, mainly Obama-inspired Attempts to Impose, Worldwide, the controversial "Same Sex Marriage" and the UnPopular abandon of Children under the Power of Homosexual Couples, under Pretext of "Adoption"), - (i.e. the main real Reasons for which Brittish People gave him 19 MEPs since 2009 and Voted a "BREXIT" Referendum on 2016, since they had No Other Means to Express their Disagreement on These Issues, which, IF they had been Adressed, then, they Would NOT Feel Obliged to "Leave" that kind of EU, at all, but would have Voted "Remain" or Abstained) -

said, recently, something Interesting on Trump: - "He may win, IF he gets his message to GENUINE PEOPLE", Nigel had prognosticated, during an Earlier Visit to the US, in a Conditionaly but Premonitary way...


The New US President-elect, clearly Revealed, immediately after his Unexpected Victory, that he is, Today, Well Aware of that very Important, Decisive point :




- "The Forgotten Man and Woman, will Never be Forgotten again !", Don Trump significantly wrote at his Personal "Twitter" account, in his 1st Public Announcement.

- Because, "I'll Never Let You Down !", as he Promissed, speaking in front of an Enthousiastic Popular Audience, but also Transmitted by Cable Networks almost everywhere, in his 1st Oral Statements


At any case, at least one main point has become absolutely Certain Today :

=> At this Exceptional and Symbolic November 9, the New Internet Tools for Direct Participation of Citizens in the Public Decision-Making process, succeeded to Spectacularly Bypass the Traditional Medias and Polls of an unpopular/undemocratic Establishment, (Comp. Supra),

and, at least for that, the present Historic Moment deserves to remain as a concrete Landmark Reference, Worldwide, for the Future.



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3 EU Parliament votes to boost EuroGroup !


After EuroZone Paris Summit's succes, Sarkozy calls to "think anew how to re-construct Europe !

"EuroZone and EU Institutional debates pave the way to 2009 discussions on EU Future, including Enlargment, Turkey etc. ?

23 October 2008

After EU Parliament strongly suppported in 3 successive Votes this week in Strasbourg French EU Chairmanship's move to boost Euro-Group at EU's core, while ideas on EU Institutional problems are awaited on December, "it's an open Question now" if this may lead to a debate on EU's Future, or not, told us French President, Nicolas Sarkozy''s Spokesman, Pierre-Jerome Henin.

MEPs voted on Thursday fresh Funds to support EuroGroup, after adopting on Wednesday a Resolution asking a "further Evolution" to "the 1st ever meeting of Heads of State and of Government of the Euro-Zone, taking decisions in that capacity", while earlier this week a Report asked "a stronger Institutional setting" for "EuroGroup", extended from "competitiveness/industry" to "environment, employment and education", with "increased powers for Political decision-making", according to a text drafted by French MEP Francoise Beres and German MEP Werner Langen, "10 Years after the creation of Euro" (1999 - 2009).

- Brussels' subsequent "EU Council ..(simply)..ratified the measures decided by EuroGroup on October 12" in Paris, which "were necessary to contain the current Financial Crisis", Resolution observes, expressing also support to the new process succesfully initiated by Sarkozy and due to be completed by agreements with USA and other countries at a Global level.

From now on, it's between two differend but parallel moves : EU's delay, and EuroZone's acceleration, that Enlargement and particularly Turkey's controversial EU bid, will have to search its way :

Indeed, EU's 27 expect a "Roadmap on how to deal with the Irish problem" on Lisbon Treaty ratification after December, risking to pass even 2009 Elections and next Commission with the old Nice Treaty of 2000, out-dated and unfit even for 2004's Enlargement...

On the contrary, EU's core launches a real "Economic Governance for EuroZone at the highest level of Heads of State/Government" of the 15, which started in Paris on October 12 and was strongly supported this week in Strasbourg by Sarkozy and EU Parliament.
- "It's a good idea, to launch such a debate ("on EU's Future") in EU Parliament in view of 2009 Euro-Election : Perhaps some MEPs will seize an opportunity", told us mainstream French MEP Alain Lamassoure, former EU Minister and EU Spokesman for France's governing party UMP.

- "All MEPs' debates on such EU Councils are also part of the larger debate on Europe's future : Now with EuroZone, and even more when, on December, Irish Prime Minister is due to table proposals in Strasbourg on how to deal with EU Treaty's ratification", replied earlier to our question EU Parliament's Press Director and Spokesman, Jaume Duch.
Sarkozy has formally anounced his intention to open EU Debates on Economy, Identity/Enlargement (i.e. mainly Turkey), etc. both linked to a popular Political view of Europe, since his Historic speeches on EU in Strasbourg, on February and July 2007, when he stressed that "Europe needs a New Renaissance". At the beginning of the French EU Presidency, on July 2008, replying to a MEP, he suggested that EU Parliament takes an active part in Debates on EU's Future.

- Now, in 2008, "Crisis are an opportunity to re-think how to re-construct Europe", Sarkozy stressed. At any case, the Historic 1st EuroZone Summit of Heads of State/Government, which started replying to the Financial crisis,"is a Turning Point : After that, Europe cannot be governed as before, but differently" : People "like a Europe with Strong Will".

- "We must make the System move !", "Europe needs Innovation" and free political debates. EU "Elections are in a few Months", Sarkozy warned.

He invited EU Parliament to fully play its role as "the Democratic Heart of the Europe we want : United, Independent and Voluntarist, because the World needs Europe's voice".

- "It's no more possible for Euro-Zone to continue without an Economic Government" at the Highest Level of Heads of State/Government, who provide "Democratic Legitimity" and can take important decisions, he announced, strongly supported by EU Parliament's Economic Committee which just voted to boost the "Institutional" aspects of "EuroGroup".

Plasticity offered by the current absence of a special Treaty on EuroZone's Institutions "made it easy to adapt the organization of the 1st Summit with imagination, to efficiently meet urgent needs", he observed, on the occasion of Brittish Prime Minister's exceptionnal presence at the greatest part of EuroGroup's Paris Summit.

- "In EuroZone we have the same Bank, the same Money, and, thus, a same duty for Unity" : "By bringing together EuroGroup's 15 members States we suceeded to find a solution and prepare a Giant Plan of 1.800 Billion euros", Sarkozy reminded of Paris' 1st Historic EuroZone's Summit.

Afterwards, Brussels' EU Council followed the move, and USA's Paulson II Plan was inspired from that. "Europe must promote the idea of Global Economy's Refoundation", he stressed.


- "I was frankly astonished when I found, at the EU, a rigid system, where any New Idea was seen from the outset as a sacrilege, while, on the contrary, Europe needs Innovation !", he described.

F.ex. ,"'When we first spoke about the "Union for the Mediterranean", it was misunderstood as something extraordinary.. When later we had the Russia -Georgia crisis, it seemed against EU's custom to act "in the middle of August", instead of staying a passive spectator ! And when, in front of the Financial ciris, we gathered the 1st EuroZone Summit of the "15", some thought of it as a lese-majesté", he denounced.
On Geo-Political Principles :
- But, by moving resolutely, "EU obtained the ...withdrawal of Occupation Troops in 2 Months !", reminded Sarkozy, observing that Russia "fulfilled its commitments", in the Georgian crisis, where a "disroportionate reaction" from Moscow followed a "totally inappropriate action" from Tbilisi's troops. "It would be crazy to reply by military means : EU should not become accomplice of another Cold War, imposed by lack of cool heads".. as he said.

In future, "the creation of a common European Economic Area with EU and Russia, would also obtain a raprochment on our Human Rights and Democratic Values", added Sarkozy, in a statement which should logically be applied, a fortiori, to controversial EU "candidate" Turkey..

Particularly when, the same week that EU Parliament voted 2009 EU Funds for Turkey's controversial EU bid, ECHR took a series of judgements condemning Turkey for grave Violations of Human Rights, such as : Torture, death of a political prisoner in unclear circumstances followed by failure to conduct a proper Investigation, "enforced Disappearance" of a youngster aged 17, Killing of a sepherd with Tank Shells, persecuting Journalists for articles on "Missing" People, even a former President of Human Rights' Association, (etc)

- "We (EU) can defend our ideas on respect of Sovereignity and territorial Integrity, on Human Rights and other differences ... without confrontation", Sarkozy stressed, on the occasion of Russian/Georgian conflict, reminding that : "we were only 2 steps from catastroph", when a Peace agreement brokered in Moscow prevented, at the last minute, Russian troops' advance towards Tbilisi.

An EU Parliament Resolution adopted Wednesday in Strasbourg on the occasion of Russia - Georgia conflict, outlines a set of Principle which apply elsewhere too, (particularly when EU Rapporteur for Russia and Turkey is one and same person ; Dutch MEP Ria Oomen-Ruijtanen !)

Clearly rejecting any "military solution to the conflicts", MEPs "condemn ..all those who resorted to force and violence". They denounce a "disproportionate military action", "as well as (an) unilateral decision to recognise the independence" of brekaway regions, "calling.. to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of the concerned country, "and the inviolability of its borders recognised by all EU Member States". They warn that "EU must review its policy towards" a 3rd Country, "should .(it)...not comply with its commitments", and "stress that the withdrawal of.... troops from the areas ....is an essential additional step".

EU Parliament "calls for the safe and quick return of refugees, (accepted by Russian President Medvedev) accompanied by the deployment of EU observers on the ground", and "regrets ...that ..EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) is not allowed to enter the ...breakaway regions". Moreover, "It's important to ensure that persons and NGOs ..engaged in defending human and civil rights can operate". "Until ...all remaining issues (are) resolved..., and notably the continuing ...Military presence", "relations with the EU ..cannot be fully normalised", MEPS warned.

As nobody likes to be accused to practice "Double Standards", this should be regarded as "Principles" applicable to any Third Country at EU's Neighborhood.. No ?


On Economy :

- "When Financial crisis shook US and EU's Banks, without result from the 1st (American) Paulsen plan, it was the common reply of the 1st EuroZone's Summit, involving some 1800 Billion euros, which started a positive move in the markets, soon strengthened by the follow-up of the US Paulson 2 Plan, noted Sarkozy.

- "Europe should not be only on the defensive, but, if necessary, know also how to take an offensive", he said, brushing away hesitationsto act on Economy: - "I'm for a refondation of Capitaliism, but against Speculators, who betray its values" : "Lack of Rules was profitable to speculators, Not to businessmen !" We must make sure to prevent any such crisis in future". "We, the rest of the World, cannot continue to bear the deficits of the 1st World power without saying anything !", the French President said, applauded by EU Parliament. All this needs "a New Global Governance", on which EU Parliament must debate. That's why "we proposed together with USA, several Summits from mid-November", to which G-8, enlarged to China, India a.o. countries, should participate. UNO's SG; Ban Ki Moon, the IMF, etc.

Financial crisis lowered shares' prices even for healthy companies, sometimes to 1/3 of their initial price, so that strangers might buy EU industries for only a portion of their real value, and Europeans may wake up one day with their main industries sold out to foreigners !

That's one of the reasons for which EU should debate about creating "Golden Shares" for States to jointly take Strategic participations to help European Industries until the end of the Crisis, particularly against distording competition, he suggested, pointing at USA's 35 billion $ plan for American Car Industry."We shall struggle for Europe to be able to build Airplanes, Ships, Trains, Cars, because we need a strong Industry", he concluded.

"F.ex. as we did back in 2004, when as Finance Minister, we bought Alsthom's shares for 800.000 euros, and, after restructuring, we sold them for 2 Millions : Help a company and make money is not so bad"...

As for the UK, "when Ireland announced that it would guarantee only Irish Banks, London City emptied from liquidities in 24 hours : It's the EU which helped to restore the situation, Not the UK alone !", reminded Sarkozy to nationalist British MEP Nigel Farage.


On the contrary, in a last-minute attempt for the EU to catch-up with its Institutional delay "before the European Elections" of June 2009, MEPs simply voted a call for a "set of proposals" to be made for the "Irish public opinion" at the end of the year...

- "As long as Lisbon Treaty is not ratified by all 27 EU Member States, there is an unanimous decision to stop Enlargement, reminded Wednesday in Strasbourg the French Minister for EU affairs, Jean-Pierre Jouyet..

Added to an indirect but clear warning that, without Lisbon Treaty, all 27 EU Member Countries may not have a Commissioner in the 2009 resuffle, MEPS in the Constitutional/Foreign affairs Committees applauded hoping that this might motivate their Irish friends..



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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