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CIA: Obama-Hired Staff push his Cold War/Complot claim v. Russia +Expose People to Islamic Terror

Ecrit par ACM
Saturday, 07 January 2017

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-  In an Historic "Double" Record Today, controversial CIA Officials appointed by the Out-going US President Barack Hussein Obama, vainly attempted to Back his own "Cold War"-like "Conspiracy" Theory and Slander against Russia, (notoriously addressed Against New US President-Elect, Don Trump), at the Same Time that it was revealed that CIA + FBI of Mr. Obama's era have practicaly Left the American People UnProtected vis a vis Deadly Islamist Terrorism, inspired by 2011-2016 grown "ISIL"'s atrocious BeHeaders Targetting mainly Innocent Civilians.

With the Difference that, while they proved definitively Unable to provide Evidence for their "Cold War"-like "Complot" Theory with Anti-Russian Hysteria of these last Months, on the Contrary, they - unwillingly - were Proved to have Really Abandoned Defenceless American People, Largely UnProtected in Front of ISIL's Deadly Terrorism, which Brutaly Killed anOther 5 innocent Victims, Wounding Dozens more of Civilians, in a Gun Attack at a US  International Airport this Same Day...

Indeed, even if USA Security Officials had been Informed of the Fact that this Killer, an Hispanic Puerto-Rican born in notoriously Islamized New Jersey before Returning Back to Puerto Rico, who Migrated later into Alaska (USA),  was, among others, often "Watching ISIS' Videos", and admitted that "he was Influenced by ISIS", apparently Converted to Islam, Lived near a controversial Islamist Mosque with Wahabit (Saudi Arabia) links and Focused on Proselytism, made Troubled Statements (which Alarmed even his own Girlfriends, who tried vainly to Warn his Family a.o.), grew Recently a Beard, Published at the Internet Selfies wearing a Kiffayeh, and Pointing his Index Finger as Islamic Extremists use to do ("Sabbabah" sign), etc., nevertheless, they had Left him Free to Circulate Everywhere, even with Bullets and a Gun !

Obama/Hillary's US Administration had even Awarded earlier to that ISIL-influenced Mass Killer a Medal for the "Global War on Terrorism" !...

However, they could Not Back by any Facts,  their Last-Minute and long-Delayed, desperate Attempt to Convince, beyond any reasonable Doubt, on Mr. Obama's, and Failed Candidate in Last Year's (2016) US Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton's notorious Accusations, that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have Manipulated so Hard that Vote in the USA, that he would have made, for the 1st Time in History, the 350 Millions North American People change their minds and Choose the Conservative Candidate Don Trump, instead of Hillary :

Falling so Low as to Become surprisingly Close to ... "Conspiracy" Theorists, Obama's appointees' Claims rely Only to " OUR UNDERSTANDING", their "INSIGHTS", and/or "Our JUDGEMENTS", as that Report Acknowledges.

Without even Evoking any Fact-backed Evidence at all, on the Contrary, those Obama-apointed, US Security Bureaucrats Admit that "an ASSESSMENT ... is a SERIES OF JUDGEMENTS" on "Who was the LIKELY Perpetrator' (etc). Such overall "Judgements Often Include" also Other, more specific  "Judgements of HOW LIKELY (sic !) it is that Something has Happened,  .. and CONFIDENCE LEVELS (re-sic !! ) in those Judgements". It's on such a Shaky makeshift Pseudo-"Basis" that they are Obliged to Limit themselves into Merely Claiming that "(They) ASSES" (sic !) that it was done so. On Some Points, hey even "Assessed" "with High Confidence" (re-sic !!),  Since "(They) Further Assess" (re-re-sic !!!), that, simply, Russians "PREFERED (US) President-elect Trump"...

- Don't Say !...

I.e. Obviously because of Trump's Famous Declared Will to Try to Find a Peaceful "Deal" between USA and Russia on several Issues, (and Focus on Fighting against Deadly Islamist Terrorism, which Multiplies Deadly Hits Targetting Civilian People both in Europe and in the USA). Instead of Perpetuating and/or Aggravating an already Damaging and Dangerous Cold War- Mongering, as his Political Competitors (Hillary/Obama) notoriously did, (even Heavily Pressing EU/CoE Officials to Quarell with Russia, Damage the PanEuropean Economy, Peace and Cooperation by a Never-Endng Spiral of "Sanctions", etc., these Last Years., as Never Before, since the "Detente" era (1975), followed by the "Fall of the Berlin Wall" (1989) and Europe's Historic ReUnification at CoE and EU levels (1996-2007).

But the Only so-called Pseudo -"Evidence" cited by those Obama-Appointed CIA Officials in their Report, partly Unveiled Today, is Limited, First of all, in an Alleged ...Scheduled Attempt by "Bloggers" (sic! ) to Prepare "a Twitter campaign" (re-sic !!) on Election Night, using the Hasgtag "#DemocraryRIP", if Hillary Rigged the Vote, (as Trump had clearly Warned Before)...

In Addition, those Obama-Hired US Government Officials Accuse certain Russian Journalists and 2 Medias (that most Americans usualy Ignore), to have made what they call an "Unfair Coverage" of USA's Election, while, However, they  Totaly Ommit even to Mention the Notoriously Scandalous Biais of Most Western Establishment's (mosty inside USA) mainstream Medias, Exclusively in Favor of Hillary Clinton, (often Grossly Insulting Trump, even Contrary to any elementary Press Deontology, as certain among them Admitted). Which was Massively Followed and Aggravated also by almost All Established Pollsters' (with the Unique Exception of only One !), alleged "Predictions" of a Hillary Win against Trump, which, Finally, Proved to be All Fake !


However, Never did Obama, Hillary, or anyone of their Cronies, f.ex. in Establishment's Media, Dare Claim that the American People should Not Know the Truth, on "Hot" Pubic Policy Issues, which Affected their Lives and/or the Society in which they Live, and were Revealed Just thanks to "Wikileaks" and/or Other's Publications of Leaked Emails and/or other Documents. Claim that the Truth on such "Hot" Issues should, perhaps, be Hidden, both to Citizens and to the whole of Society at large, even just before the crucial November 2016 US Presidential Elections, would Obviously appear to be Unacceptable in a Democracy.

On the Contrary, the Report Published Today clearly Admits the Fact that Hillary and/or Podesta, as well as NDC's emails "Disclosures through Wikileaks did Not contain Any evident Forgeries", in other words, simply Revealed to the People the Truth...


Moreover, Obama's Agents' Claim that 150 Million Population-strong Russia, despite its current Financial Problems due to "Sanctions" Imposed in Recent Years by the Out-Going US Administration, Might have Managed to "Manipulate" the 350 Millions-strong USA, the World's Richest and Most Powerful Country, would Inevitably Result into Diminishing North America's Image thoughout the whole World, since it would Appear as much more Unstable, Fragile, and "Weaker" in the eyes of all.

Trump's Replies Start


In this regard, Trump's Senior Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, criticaly observed that Hillary and Obama had neither said nor did practicaly Nothing noticeable about alleged Russian "Hacking", BEFORE Trump's Win in the US Presidential Election of November 8, Last Year, and hadn't taken any Measures to prevent and/or address such eventual Risks on Time.

Trumps' Press Spokesman, Sean Spicer, contested Obama's New Sanctions against 35 Russian Diplomats as, at least; "Out of Proportion".

- Himself, US President-Elect Don Trump, (who reportedly feels that CIA a.o. Security Agents during Obama's term have gone too "Politicized", while his Councelor Kellyanne Conway stressed that:"We certainly don’t want intelligence interfering with politics", Neither "politics interfering with intelligence"), clearly Tweeted that "there was Absolutely No Evidence" that any alleged "Hacking" might have, eventualy, "Affected the Election Results", and that this Key Point was "Stated very strongly" by US "Intelligence ... there", (i.e. during a White House Briefing.

+ His Top Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, observed thet "Even" pro-Hillary/Obama Establishment's Media, as, f.ex. "New York Times" and/or "Washington Post", are Merely Claiming Alleged "Aspirations" or "Attempts". "There is No Evidence" that "Any Alleged Attempt" by "Russia" might, eventually, have "succeeded" "to Influence the Election". "They did Not", she stressed.

- "When he (Officially) becomes (US) President, after January 20th, and he Meets with His (Not Obama's) Security and Intelligence Team, he, as President Trump, Will Make a Decision on what to Do", she anounced, Opposing a Crystal-Clear "No" to Establishment's Media maniac insistence to ... "Punish Russia" (sic !), as they asked...

=> The "Only reason" that all this "is Discussed (Now), is that the Loss by the Dems was so Big, that they are totally Embarrassed!", Trump pointed out.

Earlier, Trump had Criticized several Discrepancies : F.ex., he slamed the "Delay" of that Obama "<<Intelligence>> Briefing on so-called <<Russian Hacking>>", until 7 January 2017, finding it "very Strange!". Observed that "Wikileaks"' Head, "Julian Assange said", in another new TV Interview, that "Russians did Not give him the Info!", (in fact, more Widely speaking : "Not a State part"), while even "a 14 year old Could have Hacked Podesta" (Hillary Campaign Manager) emails, Denouncing "Media Coverage" to be "very DisHonest". Questioned "why" the "Democratic NC.. did Not have "HackingDefense" like the Republican NC", as well as "why have they Not Responded to the Terrible things" Revealed by their Leaked Emails, (f.ex. about "Giving the Questions" of the US Presidential Debate "to H(illary)", Sabotaging, earlier, her Competitor, Burnie Sanders, etc). He also Denounced the Fact that Establishment's Media as "NBC" got, 2 Days Before him, "an Exclusive Look into the Top Secret Report" that "he (Obama) wes presented" earlier, Wondering : - "Who Gave them this Report, and why ?"...

Therefore, Trump "Ask(ed) the Chairs of the House and Senate Committees to Investigate Top Secret Intelligence Shared with NBC, Prior to Me seeing it". He also slamed "the Democratic (Party) National Committee" Refusal to "allow thhe FBI to Study or see its Computer info, after it was, supposedly, Hacked by  Russia", Asking, then, "How and why are they so Sure about Hacking, if they Never Requested an Examination of the Computer Servers?".  It was a "Gross Negligence by the DNC (which) allowed Hacking to take place", as they claim, while, on the Contrary, "the Republican NC had Strong Defense!", he observed.
=> Concluding that "It is for the People to Make up their own Minds as to the Truth". Because the Establishment's "Media Lies", (as once again he Denounced, using his Famous, and very Popular, mainstream Media Criticism).

+ The Move came as Trump has just Selected Experienced Long-Time Senator Den Coats, (a Jurist, also former Ambassador to Germany, often eyed by Conservative former US President GWBush in relation to various Top Jobs at Key Sectors), to become the New Director of USA's National Intelligence (DNI), which supervises all Security and Intelligence operations.

>>> As far as Foreign Policy is concerned, "Having a Good Relationship with Russia is a Good thing, Not a Bad thing. Only "Stupid" people, or Fools, would think that it's bad!", added, as a matter of General Principle, the New US President-Elect. "We have Enough Problems around the World, withOut yet anOther one", he observed. "When I am President, (from 20 January 2017), Russia will Respect us far More than they do now, and Both Countries will, perhaps, Work Together to Solve some of  the many Great and Pressing Problems and Issues of the WORLD!", Trump urged.

Obama-hired US Security Agents do Not Act, when they Have Proof (f.ex. v. Florida Airport Mass Killer, etc), but Take Action, when they Have Not, (f.ex. v. Russia) !...

However, Out-going US President Obama - Appointed Security Officials, Scandalously appeared, Now, much More Interested into Bashing and Attacking Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, (even these precise Days of Christmas for all Russian - Orthodox People, Armenians, etc., when he Personaly celebrated the Holy Nativity Day at a Christian Church, among the People who Braved a Heavy Snow, as he notoriously uses to do Evey Year, Same as Don Trump, but Unlike Barack Hussein Obama),

than in Protecting at least the Simple Civilian American People, from Various persistent Mob Harassments, Brutal Aggressions, even Sadic Violence, and Islamist Terrorist Mass Killings...

Indeed, Already during the 2016 US Presidential Electoral Campaign, converging Revelations, Backed by considerable Evidence Data, Denounced a series of Systematicaly Organized Attempts to Send, throughout All over USA, various kinds of Individual Perturbators, to Disturb or Manipulate Press and Other Collective Contacts, or Aggressive Mobs due to Provoke and Stage even Violent Clashes, etc., Targetting Public Meetings of Pro-Trump Supporters, with almost Total Impunity.
Even Odious (also Written) Public Calls to "Rape" the US President-Elect's Wife, and/or "Kill" himself, etc., Scandalously Appeared among pro-Hillary/Obama Demonstrators, shortly After Trumps' Electoral Win, as Many Photos, Videos, and other Internet Sources blatantly Showed.

Meawhile, Brutal Aggressions against Supporters of Don Trump are Spectacularly Growing :

+ F.ex., After the above Mentioned Systematicaly Orchestrated Mob Disturbances and Violent Aggressions on Public Meetings for Trump during the Electoral Campaign, also an Individual, Poor Black Woman, (reportedly "Homeless"), who had been Calling to "Vote Trump", (inter alia, also by Denouncing the Fact that "American People are Abandoned at the Street", while "Irregular Immigrants are Sleeping Inside" Homes, etc), was Suddenly surrounded by a Hostile Mob Crowd, and Aggressed by at least 2 Coward Thugs (1 White Brute and 1 Black), who Bullied her and Pushed her to Fall Down to the Ground, while Destroying her Papers and Yelling Anti-Trump Slanders, in Addition to Insulting their Victim, even Fallen in front of their Feet...

++ But it's also anOther, much More Vicious, Mob Brutal Attack, this time against a Working Class Middle-Age White Supporter of Trump, just After the Vote, on November 2016, which went again UnPunished, (as even Left-leaning "Washington Post" Newspaper noted) : The Victim's Car was Hit by the Assaillants' Car and Scratched, pushing him to Stop, but Afterwards he was Violently Assaulted himself by 2 Black Thugs, Repeatedly Hit, Punched and Knocked, even at his Head, and Thrown Down, trampled Underfoot, while the Aggressors were Yelling that he should "Not Vote Trump !", echoed by a Hostile Group Surrounding them all, before One of them Steels his Car and Drives Away, leaving the Owner Desperately Trying to Hang on his Property (Needed also in order to Bring Bacj Home after Work his Wife, as he explained later), his Body being Dragged Behind the Stolen for Kms Among the Street's Traffic, with an Obvious Risk to be Killed, (etc).

Nevertheless, Afterwards, astonishingly the Police did Not Arrest Anyone for such a Sly Violent and obviously also Politicaly Motivated, Life-Threatening Assault, Car Robbery, etc.... And Even the main Video Showing that Vicious Mob Aggression of a Trump Supporter was ... Censored by "YouTube" (notoriously Controlled by Oligo-Monopolistic "Google" Big Corporation, from Obama/Hillary-leaning California), Despite the Fact that it wasn't just the Conservative and Local Media, as well as Many WebNews and other Internet Actors, who Published Articles Denouncing such Brutal Attacks, but even the pro-Hillary/Obama "Washington Post" and "Chicago Sun", (etc), mainstream Medias which published Reports of that Violent Incident.

+++ Moreover, These Last Days of January 2017, USA was Shaken and Revolted by the Horrible Spectacle, Never Seen Before, of a Poor and Defenseless Handicaped Youngster, aged just 18, being Viciously Aggressed, Kidnapped, Brutaly and Sadicaly Tortured by 4 Thugs, all Black (f.ex. Tied, Gagged, Grossly Insulted, Beaten, Threatend with a Knife, Forced to Drink Toilet Water and Kiss the Floor, Twice Cut by a Knife and Wounded with Blood at his Head, etc),  by 4 or 5 Coward Mobsters, who Accused their Victim simply to Agree with Trump !...

>>> The Repetition of such Growing Violent Aggressions against Trump's Supporters, obviously must Now be Taken Seriously : It has Become Today No More just some Isolated Incidents, but rather a Systematic and Spectacle-seeking, Vicious Attempt to Massively Terrorise all People Supporting at least the Main Political Ideas of New US President-Elect, Don Trump, Brutaly Threatening them to Face even More Mob Violence against their Person and Human Dignity, withOut Any Efficient Protection by the Police, (at least, until now). F.ex. the Last Horror Torture was Video-Filmed and initialy Published at the Web by some of the Aggressors themselves !...  

Eventual Attempts to Provoke a Rift between the Black Minority and the New US President Elect, should be Doomed to Fail, not only because f.ex. the 1st Victim was a Black Woman (See Above), but mainly Because Donald Trump already Got + 8% More Votes from Black People in the 2016 Election than his Conservative Predecessor Romney on 2012, (and Much More than McCain, Back on 2008), while an Exceptionaly Great Number of Afro-American Blacks prefered, this Time, to Abstain from Voting, as they Used in the Past, for the "Dems" (i.e. Hillary Clinton on 2016), Receiving a Warm "Thank You" Public Message from Trump himself, who had specialy Focused on Poor or Impoverished People, and mainly Black Americans, Strongly Denouncing the Fact that Obama/Hillary's policies had Thrown them, during the Last 8 Years, in an Even Worse Situation and Poverty than in the Past, as he Stressed in his Landmark, Official Nomination Speech, at the National GOP Convention, last July 2016, in Ohio's Cleveland city, (where Trump had Spectacularly Criticized the "Socialists/Liberals" Dems from their "Left" side... : See relevant "Eurofora"s NewsReport then, at : ...).

While, on the Contrary, Obama's Out-Going Adminstration notoriously Faced the Most Numerous, Wider and Stronger, Massive Demonstrations by Black protesters, towards this End of his 8 Years-Long Presidential Term, (Obliged, f.ex., even to Call the "National Guard" !), than Any Other US President during the Last 50 Years !...

Such an Unprecedented Horror, as the Latest Kidnapping and Torture of a Defenseless Handicaped Youngster, (revealed by Explicit Videos Published at the Web), occured at Obama's stronghold in Chicago, currently governed by a Mayor that he had Earlier Appointed at the White House, and having, meanwhile, become the No 1 City throughout all USA in Killings of Civilian People (even More than New York and Loss Angeles taken Together !) , but also, in great part, for Protests against Police Brutality, etc.

To the point that Obama's nowadays Chicago Risks to become even Worse than what it was during the Oppressive, Controversial and UnPopular former US vice-President, Lyndon Johnson, a "Socialist"/Liberal, who became infamous by the "Chicago Song" (1968) about Brutal Police Attacks on Demonstrators, for the Aggravation of Vietnam War, and for Profiting from 2 Murders of John and Robert Kennedy (1963 + 1968) in order to snatch the POTUS top job, but also for pushing a Legal Bill which practicaly Threatens Christian Churches, Schools and/or Humanitarian NGOs to Withdraw their Tax Reductions, if they don't Obey US Federal Government's desiderata, as Trump recently Reminded, (proposing to Repeal that Controversial Law).

By the way, John Kennedy recently Surfaced anew at the Web nowadays, when several Dissidents published at the Internet some Critical Tweets, which became very Popular, observing the Fact that, while John Kennedy notoriously had "Put a Man to the Moon", by Launching an Historical Boost for Human Space Flight, on the Contrary, Barack Hussein Obama only "Put Men in Girls' Restroom !", (reference to his Controversial Trans-Gender policies)...

Naturally, once again, Obama's "Security" apointed Officials might, perhaps, Accuse all the Authors of such Critical Cartoons (and there are Many !) to be ...Russia's "Paid Trolls" at the Internet, as they've just done with that Last-Minute, curiously Delayed, Jnuary 2017, Caricatural Pseudo-"Report" with UnProven Slander Claiming that Russia would have Manipulated the November 2016 US Presidential Election, making Trump win, mainly by operating "Hacks" and "Leaks" of Hillary's, Podesta's and DNC's emails on "Hot" and Topical Political Issues interesting American People, (even if they didn't Deny that such Leaks Said the Truth). But, certainly, they could Not claim at all that even .. World-Famous American Austronaut and 1st Man to the Moon, Niel Armstrong, who also Launched a Strong Criticism against Obama's decicion to practicaly Stop all NASA's Human Space Flights, (ambitiously prepared during former US President GWBush era's landmark "Space Exploration" Strategy for NASA), and Replace them mainly with various ..Genetic Manipulation "Tests" above the ISS.  Armstrong suddenly Died, shortly After Voicing his Strong Criticism of such Controversial Obama's policies.

By anOther Coincidence, Today it's anOther Obama Critics' Voice which has been Suddenly Muzzled, in a Different Way :

- A Pioneer WebNews Media, (which had Started almost at the Same Time as "Eurofora" co-Founder's 1st Internet News - then called "EIW"- , right from the very Beginning of the World Wide Web, back in the 1990ies), of Famous Conservative Editor Matt Drudge, who used to Publish at the Net his original "Drudge Report" : That prestigious WebNews Site (which had insisted to Always Keep the Original Internet page Out-Look, i.e. simply with Text and Links, etc), Suddenly Faced a series of CyberAttacks these Days, which left its FrontPage Totaly Black, just after Drudge had prepared to Publish a lot of News Criticizing, precisely, that Controversial Obama Security Agent's slanderours and UnProven "Conspiracy" Claims against Russia and Trump's Electoral Win !...

Both Drudge and several Experts or Medias pointed out that such Vicious and Massive "D.O.S."b Brutal Attacks couldn't, normaly, be made but Only by "a Government"'s powerful Technical Means, (without, however, going as far as to Explicitly and Definitively Accuse some from Obama's Out-Going Federal Administration)...

Even if it wasn't found yet, Who were the Hackers that committed this Cyber-Attack against Drudge's critical WebNews site at this Particularly Important moment, nevertheless, Many Conservative and Other Media published and Denounced that e-Aggression against Freedom of Speech and Media Freedom, ("1st Amendment" in US Constitutional Law), while, on the Contrary, most "Socialist"/"Liberal" Establishment's old Media remained quite Silent on that.


+ Meanwhile, ISIL's and/or Other Islamist Terrorists' Calls to attempt to Disrupt, by Any Means, the forthcominfg Official Inauguration of New US President-Elect Don Trump, from January 20, 2017, criss-crossed Various, Parallel but almost Synchronous and Converging, other Calls by several Leftist or "Socialist", "Dem. Party" fans, etc., to Oppose a so-called "Resistance", Bashing, Slander, Boycott, Delays, Obstructions, and/or Manifold Negative Positions and Sabotage Moves, Against at least the 100 First Days of the incoming New US Federal Administration for the period of 2017-2021, (apparently Seeking to Block Trump's Famous Declaration about a Series of Sharp Measures of Change, due to be Taken during "100 Days" After he Takes Over as New US President, according to a Landmark Speech at the Historic Ghettysbourg).

While Victims of Brutal Islamist Terror multiply...


Looking very much as a new Convert to Islam, Both by his Appearance (recent Beard, Islamist Finger-pointing, "Keffiyeh" wear, etc), and his Way of Life, (Watching "ISIS" Websites at the Internet, etc), the Portorican Migrant had chosen a Home Near to the unique Muslim Mosque existing in Alaska :  "LaskaMasjid", reportedly Located Only "6 Minutes Walk" from his Home.

Obviously referring from the outset to Saudi Arabia, (See f.ex. the Huge FrontPage Photo at its Website, etc), whose Suni Salafism has notoriously Inspired various Islamic Extremists, including even" ISIS", etc., that Anchorage Mosque has also a "Catchy" Focus on Proselytism, arboring as its No 1 Webpage a very Comprehensive ..."Invitation to Islam", as it says, Warning its Readers that ..."Life is too Short" (sic !) in order to attempt to live it according to Any Other  Beliefs...

And it's there, in relation with this Anchorage Mosque, that a Convicted Islamic Terrorist, a previous Convert to Islam himself too, Found an Accomplice for the Preparation of a Project to Kill a Number of Targeted People, cited in a Selective List, (See Infra) for which he was Condemned to Prison just afew Years Ago, (See Infra).

    - "Al Jazeera"'s Controversial WebNews Agency interestingly observed, already on 2014, that, during the Out-Going US President Barack Hussein Obama's term, Emerged what it calls "a Mosque-building <<Boom>> in America", (Noted and Documented by "Wikipedia" too), also Driven by a Recent Phenomenon of "Fast Growth of the Muslim Community", which is, at least "Partly Connected to waves of Government Refugee Resettlement",  after 7 Years of Barack Hussein Obama's Administration (2009-2014). In Anchorage (Alaska), Muslims' "Numbers have Risen, MOSTLY DUE to (Federal) Refugee-ReSettlement Programs", (Imposed by Washintgton D.C. to the States, which are Obliged to accept them), as "WSJ" observed, already on 2011, (i.e. just After the 4 First Years of Barack Hussein Obama's term).
So that, f.ex., an "Islamic School" President at California, by a Coincidence Named ..."Jihad Turk" (sic !), was Glad to praise what he called an "Incredible Enthousiasm and Energy around Fund-Raising (even by Foreign Sources ?) and Building" Mosques, as "Wall Streat Journal" noted. Facilitating such things, the Chief of that Muslim Lobby in Anchorage was a ..."Banker from Gambia".

it's, indeed, particularly with the Above-Mentioned Recent, Government-Imposed "ReSettlemets" from some Foreign Countries of mainly Muslim Population, that a U.S. Survey "Found a + 74 % Increase in the Number of Muslim Congregations established Between 2010 and 2011, (i.e., already from the First Years of Barack Hussein Obama's term), "Rising up to 2.106", instead of just 1.209 Back on 2000, "WSJ" noted. This Pushed also for the Numbert of "purpose-Built Mosques" to "More than Double" "by 2011", (Growing up to 632, instead of just 314, Back on 2000).

I.e., something Strikingly Similar to the Reasons that several Central-Eastern European Countries gave for notoriously Refusing to Obey even to Sanctions-Threatening Dictates to Accept Collective Re-Locations of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers thrown into the EU by Turkish Smugglers, after a Leftist Government changed Greece's "Push-Back" Policies at its Long Sea-Borders, Reaching Up to 1,5 Million People (Most Obviously Not Real "Refugees" at all) between 2015-2016.

    Symbolicaly, that Anchorage Mosque's brand New Building, (much Bigger than the Previous : at least "15,000 Square Foot", equiped even with "a Kitchen", and Full of Various Multi-Purpose "Rooms", among which the Religious Space looks as a Minority, Contrary to Christian Churches, Boudhist Temples, and even Classic Mosques in History, f.ex. at Arab Countries), reportedly has a Direct Window View to the Famous "McKinley Mountain" of Alsaska, (the Highest at the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, and the 3rd Highest in the whole World), notoriously Named after an Historic former US President, William McKinley, a Long-Time Conservative Politician, who had become Popular and re-elected mainly for Succeeding to Boost the American Economy, and particularly domestic Industry and Working Class, towards the Beginning of the 20th Century, with certain Policies (f.ex. on Foreign Trade, Currency, etc), which Remind Today at least some among the New, Incoming US President-Elect, Don Trump's well-known pre-Electoral Choices. But even the Name of McKinley, (who had been Brutaly Murdered in New York), was Recently ...Erased by Mr. Obama's Decision (just 1 Year Before the latest US Presidential Election : on 2015) to Re-Name it "Denali", (an allegedly Former Indian indigents' Name, by a Strange Coincidence, especialy during Nowadays rampant and Forced Islamisation, Strongly Reminding Now : ..."Ben Ali" !)...

    Meanwhile, that, at least Twice-related with Islamic Terrorism Cases "Anchorage Mosque", of Saudi Arabia Wahabite lean, and Blatantly committed to Active Proselytism of Converts, (See relevant Data cited Infra and Supra), was reportedly Launched from 2010, (i.e. Shortly After Barack Hussein Obama's term had started), thanks also to some "Generous Donations", as its Website acknowledges. While "Efforts" had Started Since 1990, suddenly, the "WSJ" confirmed that Anchorage's Muslim "Congregation Finally scraped together Enough Money to breack ground on New Mosque in 2010", (Costing at least 3,5 Millions €, according to initial Estimations).

    By a Coincidence, during that Same Year of 2010, a High Profile, Deadly  Airplane Crash occured around Anchorage, Killing Alaska's Longest serving Senator, Ted Stevens, and seriously Wounding and NASA's former Director and then European AirSpace EADS' CEO for North America, Sean O'Keefe (who survived, later-on, but was Obliged to Resign). Aviation-relevant Local Weather data played an Important Role in that abnormal Crash, (since it was just a Routine Flight towards Senator Stevens' Holiday Home, near Anchorage, which, Normaly, shouldn'g raise any Problem at all).

And it's precisely on Weather Forecasts used in Local Aviation around Alaska's Anchorage, (also with an Office Next tp that of Alaska State Aviation Authorities), that was Working, then, that Islamist Terrorist, (linked to the Same Mosque Network at Anchorage, as Nowadays' Florida Airport Mass Killer, Both Converts to Islam), Paul RockWood, who was Condemned on 2010 for Direct Complicit to Attempts to Murder a Number of US Politicians and other People, named in a "List" that he had Drafted himself, Targetted because they were considered to be Opposed to Islamic Extremists' desiderata, (See Infra). Stevens had been already Targetted by Obama and Controversial "Bi-Partizan" Establishment's Senator McCain, just a Year Earlier, (2009), who had reportedly Asked his Resignation, on Pretext of a Banal Affair, on which, as it was Later revealed by a Judge, (Alerted by an FBI "Whistle-Blower"), Federal Security Agents had pushed Unworthy "Witnesses" against him, But Hindered genuine Witnesses in Stevens' favor, etc., resulting in an UnFair Trial.

In Addition, O'Keefe, who Headed GWBush's ambitious "Space Exploration" Plans, Opposed Obama, inter alia, also on the Strategic Issue of Human SpaceFlight, that the Out-Going US President has notoriously Curtailed, and practicaly Stopped, precisely since his 2010 Budget, (preferring to Focus, instead, on Genetic Manipulation and other various "Tests" on board of the ISS : Comp. "Eurofora"'s NewsReports : ...+...., plus : ...), provoking a "Hot" Controversy even by World-Famous US Austronaut, 1st Man in the Moon, Neil Armstrong, etc. (+)

Last, but not least, the Locations of the 2010 Deadly Air Crash, at Aleknagik, and that Islamic Terrorists' Aviation-related Job on Local Weather Info, at King's Salmon, (Both at the South-West of Anchorage, in Alaska), are Strikingly Near, one to another, so Close that they Look, from away, as almost identical ! (Comp. relevant MAPs).

Anchorage Mosque's Muslim Lobby Chiefs had previously Protested versus "Ted Stevens' Airport"'s Security Checks, particularly when they Boarded Flights to Foreign Countries, mainly towards the Middle East, and they had also Complained Against f. Alaska Governor Sarah Pallin, (a Conservative vice-Presidential Candidate in the 2008 Election, and Now Supporter of Don Trump, in 2015-2016), who called Stevens, after his Death, "an Alaskan Hero" who has "Dedicated his Life to his Country".

Shortly After Both were Eliminated from Alaska's Political Life, Between 2009-2010, i.e. from the Beginning of Barack Hussein Obama's term, (Pallin having been notoriously Obliged to Resign after a peristent Harassment with Slander, etc., against herself and All her Family and Friends by Obama/Hillary's Cronies, and Stevens having been Brutaly Killed in that Strange Crash), Suddenly, after about 30 Years of Vain "Efforts" between 1990-2010, suprisingly, Anchorage's Muslim Lobby's Chiefs found enough "Generous Donations" in order to "Finaly" Mark a "Break-Through" for Building that More than 15.000 Square Feet Big, and 3,5 Millions $ Costing brand New Mosque, Despite its 2010 link already with a 1st Convicted Islamic Terrorist, (Comp. Supra).


    The Fact that the recently Bearded Portorican, Kiffayeh-Wearing and Islamic SIgn-Making, "ISIS"-Video Watcher, who has just Committed that Cold-Blood Mass Killing of Civilian People, had reportedly Served in the Past for Less than 1 Year at the National Guard in Iraq , before being able to Migrate to Alaska (U.S.) and Find there a Job in a Private Security Company, is Not InCompatible :

    - F.ex., an Islamic Extremist living also in the U.S., who said that he had Worked for the U.S. Army in Kuweit, including as a Truck Driver, etc., was reportedly found in one of the areas allegedly used by Controversial "Jamaat al-Fuqra" Gang, linked to Pakistan and "Muslims of America", that various Federal Security Reports have considered as Organisers of a Secret Network of potentialy Dangerous "Islamic Compounds" in several States accross the USA, (See, f.ex. : http://www.libertynewsonline.com/article_363_34882.php) which have also added later Members in Alaska, according to a 2016 "FoxNews" TV data, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO2YwweYcGY), i.e. where Today's, 2017 Mass Killer was coming from,  (Comp, Inter Alia, f.ex. also a recent Controversy around relevant Statements by Amy Demboski, Elected Counselor of Anchorage).    

    Alaska was, indeed, Recently Added to a reportedly Foreign-led Network of 100% Islamic Cultural Ghettos linked to a Pakistan-Headquartered "Sheikh", recently Build at least in 22 States throughout all USA, particularly in Hidden Locations at Rural/Forest/Mountain areas, Isolated from Normal Cities, but Often Near Important Infrastructures, where their Muslim Inhabitants were seen to Gather also quite a lot of Weapons, organizing Collective Arms "Trainings", etc, Organized through a more recent "Muslims of America" (MOA) NGO, apparently Covering its Older (and Still Existing) Organisation "Jamaat al-Fuqra", often accused to be Dangerously Extremist, in several Cases Criminal, and even overall "Islamist Terrorist"-like Groups.

    They were Spotted and Examined by several FBI Reports, the Most Critical ones having been Published, already since 2003, and Mainly on 2006-2007, i.e. during the Conservative former US President GWBush's era, (when Warnings about "Terrorism"-related Activities were Explicit and Stronger), while some Recent, 2011 and/or 2014-2015 FBI Reports, made during the Out-Going Barack Hussein Obama's term, appear somewhat more Lenient than before, while still being Cautious, Vigilent and Critical. But, at the End of 2016, an Extensive Interview of Experts published by "FoxNews" TV on those "Islamic Compounds", (as f.ex. ..."IslamBerg" near New York, etc), as well as a Comprehensive Publication at the Web of All "Fuqra"-Gang related Official, FBI and/or Independent Experts' Documents and overall Informations about MOA/JAF such Islamist Networks, (reachable at : www.fuqrafiles./com ), clearly contain much more Serious Warnings.

    Even if those Unusual and generally Unknown by the Large Public, Strange Islamic Communautarist Groups, systematicaly Attempt to get ordinary Jobs for many of their Members at Nearby Cities, and Claim to be "Peaceful", simply "Loving Nature", etc., (as, f.ex., also that Anchorage-related, Alaska Muslim MOA Member, recently Failed Local Candidate for the "Dems" Party of Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama, who Became Furious, asking "Sanctions", etc., when Anchorage's Elected Local Counselor Amy Demboski simply Mentioned at her WebNews site a Blog which Linked to that "FoxNews" TV Video, even if she did Not Mention his Name), nevertheless, the Overall Impression, resulting from All those FBI a.o. Official Reports, several Press Publications, Independent Experts and/or relevant NGOs, etc., as well as Many clearly Worrying Facts cited there, and even More the Surprizing and AbNormal Reality of a Foreign-led Network of 100% Islamic Compounds, Hidden in Remote/Isolated locations, but Systematicaly Spreading Accross the Country, and Massively Equiped with Guns, Arms "Trainings", etc, particularly in the Context of Rapidly Growing Islamist Terrorism, Obviously canNot let Anyone Totaly Indifferent, (unless if he/she was blatantly Irresponsible)...

    Especialy when, according to MOA/JAFuqra issues Experts, inside those Strange Islamic Networks, there is Talk about "Preparing" to Face Trump's New U.S. Presidency Even with Arms, if they deem it necessary for their Islamic Compounds' Spread plans...   In Addition, More Recently, some have Started to speak about "ISIS"-related Suspects for Islamic Terrorism reportedly Attempting to Enter in the USA from its Southern Borders with Mexico from Decembe 2016 - January 2017. What is Sure is, at least, that, Already, Back on 2015-2016, when 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants were Send from Turkey to Europe, via Greece's "Left"-leaning, current Government, several Groups among them were, Later-on, suprisingly Found in ...Latin America, Trying to Travel Northwards, in order to Reach the US Border via Mexico, etc. More of that, Nowadays, canNot be Excluded at all.

 + And on 2016-2017, Astonishingly, even if the Florida Airport Killer, (who flew there from his Hometown of Anchorage, Alaska),  had Taken the Exceptional Initiative to Warn, previously, Himself the FBI that he was "Pushed" to Watch ISIS' Websites and to prepare a Violent Action, in accordance with those Islamist Terrorists' notorious Deadly Aims, Nevertheless the US Authorities in Alasca did Nothing serious, (except from Treating him as a simple Mentaly Disturbed person needing Medical Help)...

However, some Years Earlier, also in Alaska and near Anchorage, anOther "Convert" to Islam, of purely American origin, had been Arrested and Condemned for Terrorism, when it was found that he Prepared a Deadly Attack, after becoming, secretly the adept of an Islamic Extremist Preacher, who Left the US.

 - "Naturaly, we take it very Seriously when somebody starts Talking about ... Killing Citizens because of a Hatred that is fueled by Violent Internet Sites", had said Then, Karen L. Loeffler, U.S. Attorney for Alaska.

And that had happened Back on 2010, i.e. Before ISIS' emergence !... (Rockwood case)...

=> Why Not also on 2016, After Many Islamist Terrorist Attacks throughout the World, including in Europe, and even inside the USA itself ?

Nevertheless, US Authorities already Knew that this Previous Terrorism case, in which another Convert to Islam, Rockwood, had been Condemned for Planning to Help Murder a List of People, Together with an Accomplice, (in fact a cover FBI Agent), had Also involved Direct Personal Links with that precise Anchorage Mosque, which also stands so Close to Esteban Santiago's chosen Home... (See : http://www.clarionproject.org/category/tags/alaska ).

Obama Administration awarded a Medal on "Global War on Terror" earlier to Florida Airport Deadly Terrorist !

But Obama Administration's Security Agents even Awarded a ...Medal for his "Services" to the "Global War on Terrorism" (sic !) earlier (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/esteban-santiago-identified-gunman-fort-lauderdale-shooting-article-1.2937904), to that Terrorist who may have used Jihad Websites with Islamic Extremist content already "since 2007" according to some Claims, (that FBI has reportedly Started to Check), (f.ex.: http://gotnews.com/breaking-records-suggest-fortlauderdale-shooter-estebansantiago-puerto-rican-islamic-terrorist-anime-fan/ + http://gotnews.com/breaking-fortlauderdale-terrorist-estebansantiago-joined-myspace-aashiq-hammad-recorded-islamic-music/ , http://www.ibtimes.com/who-esteban-santiago-fort-lauderdale-airport-shooter-identified-after-killing-5-2471244 ), and, at any case, had clearly Warned FBI himself, on 2016, that he felt Pushed to "Watch <<ISIS>>' Videos" and Take relevant "Action", as Everybody learned Nowadays.  

Couldn't they "Assess" the "Likely" Risks, by "Judging" them at a "Confidence Level", etc., (following the Language they abused in the Hillary a.o. Emails' issue against Russia : Comp. Supra) ?

Not Even when Today's Florida International Airport Killer (and Already even Self-Declared ISIS Adept, "pushed" to take Violent "Action", as he had Warned FBI himself : Comp. Supra) got as Only Declared Luggage (in his 2 succesive AirFlights) just a Gun and Bullets in a Bag ?...

In such a Context, it's not without any reason that even the Brother of the Florida Airport Massacre, reportedly Accused Obama's Federal Security Officers for Not having Done anything to Prevent the Killings, Despite Warnings, (Comp. Supra) :

- "How is it possible that the Federal Government Knows, ... and then Give him his Weapon Back?” Bryan Santiago Questioned? - "They havd Blood in their Hands !", he Concluded.

Indeed, judging at least from these Last Days, their Hands might have been Too Busy, preferably Dealing, as a matter of 1st Priority, with ... Hillary's, Podesta's, and DNC's E-Mails, (after having done Nothing, not even about that, for Months)...




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     La Turquie, test-clé d'Independance de l'Europe face aux USA, les aménant de chercher en commun des nouvelles idées pour se mettre d'accord ?  

 Le débat, amical mais clair, entre les Présidents Américain et Français, Obama et Sarkozy,  la veille des elections européennes du 7 juin 2009, a montré que la question controversée sur la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe est actuellement le point central et le test le plus pertinent de l' indépendance de la France et de l'Europe par rapport aux Etats Unis.   

 Les electeurs européens, aussi bien en France qu'ailleurs en l'UE, auront une seule chance à trancher, ce dimanche 7 juin 2009, en choisisant leurs eurodéputés pour la période 2009 - 2014, car après ca risque d'être trop tard, vu que tous ceux qui suivent les affaires européennes dépuis des décennies savent qu'en réalité, le moment des décisions sur la Turquie viendra au plus tard en 2013, date rétenue dépuis longtemps pour une importante révision des "Perspectives Financières" de l'UE qui reflètent des choix Politiques fondamentaux.

    Le Président français, (récement encore représentant de l'UE, dans laquelle il joue un rôle important, ensemble avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, et autres leaders européens, ayant une influence notable auprès des Citoyens Européens, comme les derniers sondages montrent), réagissant à la repétition, par le nouveau Président Américain de la vieille position traditionelle de l'Washington poushant toujours vers la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe :

     - "Je ne peut pas laisser détruire l'Europe, (qui) est un élément de stabilisation du Monde", réponda Sarkozy. "J'ai dit au Président Obama que pour moi il était très important que l’Europe ait des Frontières", a-t-il souligné, confirmant la position Franco-Allemande commune, récemment rappellée ensemble avec la Chancellière Merkel.

    - "Il y a une différence (entre France/EU et les USA)...  sur les modalités. La position traditionnelle des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, c’est l’intégration" de la Turquie au sein de l'UE. "C’était la position du Président Bush, du Président Clinton, de tous les présidents américains".     

- "La mienne vous la connaissez : Ce n’est pas l’intégration dans l’Union Européenne. Mais j’ai proposé que nous réfléchissions, l’Europe, la Russie, la Turquie à la création d’un Espace Economique et de Sécurité en commun", a ajout Sarkozy rappelant son invitation de créer quelque chose de neuf et mieux adapté.

    Mais, "cela ne veut pas dire qu’il faut repousser la Turquie dans les ténèbres. La Turquie est un allié dans l’OTAN, (et) une Passerelle entre 2 Mondes, voilà quelle est la meilleure modalité. C’est cela dont nous avons parlé", revela-t-il. Si "nous avons une Différence sur les Modalités, nous n’avons pas une différence sur l’Objectif : Faire de la Turquie un élément de Pont entre l’Orient et l’Occident", Sarkozy assura Obama.

    - "Laissez-nous au moins une légère divergence sur un sujet, cela vous permettra de bien réfléchir pour les prochaines échéances", ajouta Sarkozy en réponse à un journaliste de l'opposition Socialiste qui avait soulevé la question de la Turquie, en la melant (comme un lobby turc notoirement essaie de faire pour exploiter la manipulation de quelques Arabes, la Civilisation Historique desquels fût pourtant detruite par l'ex-empire Ottoman-Turc) avec une question tout à fait différente : celle de la voile islamique (!), avec laquelle elle n'a rien à voir.

    - "Sur la Turquie, Monsieur, vous appartenez à un journal ...qui a appelé à voter, au moment de la présidentielle, pour mon adversaire.... Quel était votre argument à ce moment-là ? Vous disiez : « Attention, Nicolas Sarkozy va trop s’aligner sur les Etats-Unis d’Amérique », et je vois que deux ans après vous dites : « Ah, il y a un sujet sur lequel le Président Obama et le Président Sarkozy ne sont pas d’accord » Cela devrait vous rassurer, Monsieur" , réponda-t-il, en faisant sourire même le président américain, (et laissant entendre que trancher définitivemen la controverse sur la Turquie pourrait être au coeur de l' Elections Présidentielle  en France pour 2012 )
    - "Ce que les Etats-Unis peuvent faire, c’est encourager ....TOUT PROCESSUS qui permettra à la Turquie d’être convaincue qu’elle a des amis, que ce soit la France, les Etats-Unis ou l’Europe", réponda Obama, apparamment n'excluant pas, a priori, le point de Sarkozy sur la création d'un espace commun d' économie et sécurité entre l' UE, la Turquie et la Russie (v. supra).

    "Les Etats-Unis ne sont pas membres de l’Union Européenne, nous ne pouvons pas dicter si un pays quelconque adhère ou n’adhère pas à l’UE"; Obama a admis, parlant de la "Turquie, (sur laquelle) le Président Sarkozy et moi nous sommes entretenus sur ce dossier avant".  "Maintenant le Président Sarkozy représente un Etat membre de l’Union Européenne et il a une position différente", opposée à démande turque d' entrée dans l'UE.    

 "La Turquie par contre est un allié de l’OTAN très important. ...La Turquie a fait connaître son intérêt à une intégration croissante avec l’Europe et nous (USA) encourageons cette attitude. J’ai souvent dit que l’adhésion de la Turquie à l’Union européenne serait importante".     

"Mais, (en tout cas) je crois qu’il est important de noter que le Président Sarkozy appuie fortement le travail que la Turquie fait au sein de l’OTAN et je crois qu’il s’intéresse à une intégration économique plus intense avec la Turquie". (Ce qui pourrait se faire, justement, avec un "parténariat privilegié" adéquat et/ou l'idée de créer un espace commun EU - Turquie - Russie  : V. supra).     


Est-ce que l'effort du Président de la France, soutenu par la chancelière Allemande et l'opinion publique de la plupart des Citoyens Européens la-dessus, de trouver un accord entre l' Europe et l' Amérique sur la Turquie, en proposant de sortir des chemins battus et créer du neuf, en etablissant "un Espace Commun d' Economie et Sécurité" (v. supra), suffira de calmer un lobby traditionaliste à quelques bureaucrates de Washington DC, datant dès l'époque de l' ex-"Guerre Froide", beaucoup plus ancien que le nouveau Président vénu de l' oxygen des "grands lacs" près de Quebec du Canada : Chicago, connu comme "la ville du vent" nouveau ?
Le Prémier Ministre Fillon appele à "faire vivre le Rève Européen"


 Seul l'avenir le dira. Mais, entre-temps, l' Europe ne peut plus attendre et perdre encore plus du temps et d'energie vitale sur la démande controversée de la Turquie, qui a notoirement menacé d'arrêter l'édification européenne dépuis 1999-2005 :

    Comme le Premier Ministre François Fillon a clairement dit, un peu plus tôt cette semaine, dans un discours éloquent sur les enjeux de l' Election Européenne de ce juin 2009 (V. résumé envoyé aux adhérents d'"EuroFora"),


    - "S' abstentir, c'est laisser à la Technocratie le pouvoir de dominer" la vie des Citoyens européens, qui devraient prendre l' Europe en branle le corps", et commencer d'agir par toutes les voies politiques démocratiques, prennant conscience que "l' Europe c'est Nous, (i.e. les Citoyens), et "Pas eux !" (i.e. les Technocrates), selon une image symbolique.

    - "Je me souviens de l' Europe obligée de faire Silence, (au Passé), quand "les Grands" décidaient de son sort", rappela Fillon.  "Je me souviens de l'Europe divisée, de l' Europe dominée" par d'autres, '"de l'Europe appauvrie""Je me souviens de Berlin occupé, muré, divisé comme un butin qu'on tire aux dès. Je me souviens du Silence de Varsovie. Je me souviens du Silence de Prague"..   

 - "Nous, les Européens, nous avons bien failli sortir de l' Histoire, et dévenir, pour du bon, les dès d'un jeu joué par d'autres".     

- "C'est pourquoi je ne peux pas concevoir une Europe qui ne serait pas Souveraine, une Europe qui ne serait pas Maitresse d'êlle-même", aujourd'hui et démain, martella-t-il. "Le Monde s'est habitué trop longtemps à une Europe faible, que l'on pouvait traiter avec condescendence".  

 - "Le moment est venu de rélever le défi : Le moment est vénu de montrer que, nous les Européens, avons décidé d'être débout, et d"être nous-mêmes".     

"Dépuis 2 ans (i.e. dès les Elections Présidentielles de 2007), avec Nicolas Sarkozy, nous avons oeuvrer pour relever notre Identité Nationale (de la France), dont nous sommes fiers. Et bien, l'' Identité Européenne mérite tout autant, elle qui prolonge les Génies de nos Nations".


    - "Je crois à la présence d'une Civilisation Européenne", déclara Fillon, largement applaudi par des milliers de personnes ayant entendu une série des Musiques entremelées characteristiques de differents pays européens, et des images lumineuses géantes avec des extraits symboliques de Goethe, de Victor Hugo, de Shakespeare, et d'autres auteurs italiens, espagnols etc celebres à travers l'histoire.

    - "L' Humanisme, la tolerance, la Liberté de la Conscience. La Solidarité. L' Etat de Droit. La confiance placée dans la Science, l' Innovation, le progrès. Toutes ces Valeurs, elles disent clairement où commence et où s'épanuit cette Europe" que nous voulons, observa-t-il.

    En harmonie avec les positions soutenues par le Président du Parlement Européen, eurodéputé allemand, Hans Gert Poettering, et la Chancelière allemande, Angie Merkel, sur la "Dignité Humaine" au coeur des "Valeurs de l' Europe" moderne. Ce qui fait qu'" avec un Elargissement sans fin", même vers la Turquie, c.a.d. "sans Frontières, l' Europe Politique, l' Europe des Valeurs et l' Identité européenne" ne peuvent pas exister, comme a dit aussi le Président francais, Nicolas Sarkozy, recemment à Berlin.

    Fait important : Cette observation de Fillon a été faite le jour-même que le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe à Strasbourg concluait une semaine de réunion semestrielle sur les Droits de l'Homme, qui a examiné un grand nombre d'affaires des pires Violations (pex. Tuéries scandaleusement non elucidées, Persecutions et privations arbitraires de Liberté, personnes portées "Disparues", Tortures et "traitements inhumains et degradants", Usurpations illégales des Maisons et Patrimoines privées de Réfugiés, etc., pour lesquelles la Cour Européenne a condamné la Turquie dans plusieurs jugements, dont on attend toujours l' application)...

    - "C'est pourquoi un Elargissement sans fin de l' Europe ne peu pas être un objectif en soi. Parce qu'il ne peut que diluer l' élan européen, et detruire l' Idéntité Européenne"

    -" Voilà pourquoi nous disons, très sereinement, que nous ne sommes pas favorables à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE", conclua le Premier Ministre de la France; largement applaudi par des gens qui soulevaient le drapeau européen.


       "Ce n'est pas un Slogan de meetings. Ce n'est pas la marque une "Hostilité" au régard de cette grande Nation (i.e. la Turquie), qui doit être étroitement associée à l' UE", pex. par un partenariat priviliegié, ou une autre formule adaptée.

    - "Mais il lui faut des Frontères à l' Europe, il lui faut des Frontières stables, qui lui permettent de renforcer son Unité et son Identité", a-t-il expliqué.

    - "Alors, c'est au nom de cette Europe charnelle, que je m'engage avec vous. Mais, cette Europe-là, ne peut avancer qu' à une seule Condition : celle de l' Europe Politique".

    "Nous avons longtemps douté qu'elle soit possible : Aux années 1970, Henri Kissinger (le notoire ex- Secretaire d'Etat Américain aux affaires etrangères, consideré, à tort ou à raison, comme chef d'orchestre du renversement du Président Allende en Chili, de l' invasion militaire de la Turquie à Chypre, etc), disait, avec une ironie blaissante : - "Ah, l' Europe ? : Quel numero de Télephone ?..." Pendant les 6 mois de la présidence française de l'UE, (7-12/2008), Henri Kissinger n'aurait aucune difficulté de rejoindre l' Europe !", observa-t-il en suscitant des nouveaux applaudissements nourris.


    "J'au vu l' Europe Politique se dresser, et prendre ses responsabilités : L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui agit sans délai, et avant les Etats-Unis, pour stopper des faillites Bancaires qui s'enchaînent, qui nous auraint plongés dans une Depression pire que celles des années 1929. L' Europe Politique est celle qui, maintenant, doit mettre un fin à un Capitalisme Financier, qui a perdu sa boussole. L' Europe Politique est celle qui a réussi d'etablir le règles les plus ambitieuses au Monde dans la lutte contre le rechaufement Climatique. Samedi, nous celebrons l' anniversaire du debarquement de la Normandie, où nos amis Américains ont pris une part décisive à nôtre libération. Mais, en décembre 2009, à la Conference (Mondialle) de Copenhague, c'est nous les Européens, qui allons leur montrer le chemin vers cet avénir commun" pour la sauvegarde de l'Environement naturel. L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui, en août 2008, lorsque la Guerre faisait rase entre la Russie et la Géorgie, s'est interposée pour imposer la Paix. Et c'est elle qui doit, maintenant, se doter des moyens Militaires de se défendre par elle-même, pour elle-même", ajouta-t-il en évoquant clairement la création d'une Défense Européenn Autonome.


    "L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui doit bâtir des grands champions Industriels Européens, comme nous avons fait, auparavant, pour (l'avion) Airbus ou (la fusée) Ariadne. C'est celle qui doit exiger la Reciprocité dans les rlations Commerciale avec nos grands partenaires", sans Dumping Social ou Environmental, ni autre Concurrence Deloyale. "C'est celle qui doit se doter comme objectif d'être "le Continent de l'Esprit", réunissant les plus grandes Universités du Monde, en multipliant les Connexions, entre Scientifiques et étudiants."

    "Nous respecterons nos engagements, jusqu'au dernier", souligna le Premier Ministre de la France, peu après que les candidats-eurodéputés de la coalition Gouvernementale (UMP : Mouvement pour la Majorité Présidentielle) ont signé solennement, devant plusieurs milliers des Citoyens, une spectaculaire pancarte-géante avec "7 engagements" pour les Elections Européennes du 7 juin, auxquels figure aussi l'engagement de "s'opposer à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE".

     - "Parcque ce respet des engagements est une exigence si nous voulons rétablir la Confiance entre les Responsables Politiques et les Citoyens", conclua Fillon, la veille de ces Elections Européennes de juin 2009, après les Abstentions Majoritaires de 1999 et 2004, suivies de 3 "NON" à 3 Euro-Réferenda dépuis 2005, (dates auxquelles, quelques gouvernements du Passé, avaient donné le statut d'un "Candidat" et commencé des "Négotiationa d'adhésion" avec la Turquie, suivies d'un blocage sans précedent de l' édification européenne)..


"Nore Europe n'est pas n' importe quelle Europe : L' UE Technocratique n'est pas la nôtre. ... L' UE sans Frontières n'est pas la notre. L' UE desincarnée n'est pas la notre". "Nous portons une idée de l'Europe" qui "n'est pas celle des Statistiques et des Bureaux(crates). L'Europe ce n'est pas qu'une Monnaie. Ce n'est pas qu'un Marché. économique".

- "L' Europe c'est d'abord une Culture. L'Europe c'est une Histoire", a-t-il dit, largement applaudi.


       "L'Europe c'est une rencontre entre des Nations qui sont Millénaires et qui sont Brillantes. L'Europe c'est Paris. C''est Madrid. C'est Prague. C'est Londres. C'est Rome. C'est Varsovie. C'est Berlin. C'est Vienne. C'est Athènes : Quant on énonce ces Villes, alors on "sent" nos Héritages et nos Cultures entremelées qui circulent dans nos veines".

    - "Je suis Européen, parcque profondément Français, je sais ce que je dois aux influences de l' Atlantique et de la Méditerannée. J'aime ces Traditions qui offrent à chacun des nos Nations leur éclat. .. J'aime ses saveurs, ses paysages divers. Ils sont également miens, ou, plus précisement, je suis également fait d'eux. Je suis Européen, car, Français, j'aime l' Europe ouverte vers l' Amérique, vers l'Orient, vers l' Maghreb. J'aime les quais de Vénise, ceux d'Amsterdam. J'aime les quais de Thamise où sont vénues pendant des siècles s'amasser les richesses et les nouveautés du Monde. J'aime l' Europe curieuse. L'Europe qui rêve des lointains : L' Europe de Vasco de Gama, de Magelan. de Bougainville, de Charcot, de Monot... Cette Europe qui, aujourd'hui, s'élance vers l' Espace. Je suis Européen parce que Français, j'aime l' Europe qui prospère et qui invente. J'aime l' Europe des Trains à Grande Vitesse. J'aime l'Europe des Satellites et des Fusées. L'Europe de la Mode et des Atéliers d' Artistes. L'Europe des Grands Laboratoires, des Ingéniers. des Entrepreneurs, des Grands Architèctes, des Traditions Ouvrières. Comme rançais, j'aime l' Europe qui dit "NON" à la Tyrannie et qui se soulève à l'appel de la Liberté", a-t-il dit en

"Je me sens lié à ces femmes et ces hommes sans nom, qui ont levé la tête, et qui ont sécoué le joug sous lequel .. on les avait fait pliér", dit-il en évoquant pex.. la Révolution Française de 1789, le Siècle des Lumières, l'appel du Général de Gaulle contre l'Occupation NAZI, et les pires heures obscures qu'un  "Fascisme" ou "Communisme" devoyés, suivies de la Guerre Froide avaient plongé l'Europe au Passé.

"Ils sont des millions, ces Héros Anonymes de notre temps, que nous croisons sans le savoir dans nos rues et nos places. Et je ne peux pas concevoir l'Europe sans eux, et sans tous ceux qui poursuivent leur combat contre l'arbitraire et le fanatisme", ajouta Fillon. Faisant pex. rappeler un récent Film allémand, primé au Festival de Vénise, qui décrivait la vie d'un cadre à l'époque d'un régime oppressif, qui avait été chargé d'espioner la vie privée et familiale d'un couple soupçonné d'être dissidents politiques, mais, ému par leur honnêteté humaine et leur sacrifice pour sauver d'autres, a preferé risquer sa place et sa propre liberté pour les sauver, sans même qu'ils le sachent, condamné dépuis à faire un bas boulot d'anonyme perdu dans la foule..

"Quand je vois l'Europe moderne, je vois les résultats de l' Audace de ces hommes qui ont brisé les traditions de conflit et de violence. Je vois des nations soudées autour d'une monnaie unique et protectrice. Je vois 27 jeunesses appelées de grandir ensemble, sans défiance. Je vois 27 peoples unis, qui nous interdisent de jouer les blazés ou les indifférents".

Jettant "un régard lucide sur les errements de la construction européenne", Fillon a observé que "l' Europe n'a pas bésoin d'être idélisée pour être ce qu'elle est ; Cad. une aventure humaine, avec ses faiblesses et ses forces".

"Vous voulez que l' Europe agisse ? Fixez-lui des objectifs clairs. Vous voulez la Démocratie ? Agissez en Citoyens. Vous rédoutez la prétendue Bureaucratie des Bruxelles ? Alors renforcez, par votre Vote, les instances élues au Parlement Européen" qui sont chargés de la contrôler.

- "Si nous voulons faire vivre "le Rêve Européen", .. alors nous avons tous le dévoir de l' engagement", a-t-il conclu, appelant de "engager pour le drapeau tricolore et le drapeau étoilé, car ils symbolisent tous les deux la fierté de nôtre nation et la force de nôtre union".




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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