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USA's Trump +China's Xi top Talks important not only for World Trade but also for BioEthics/Humanity

Written by ACM
Thursday, 28 February 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
The currently on-going USA - China Top Contacts and Negotiations, due to culminate sometime during March 2019, have, in fact, a much More Important potential on "Hot" Topical Issues, than it might seem at first sight, with Europe and all the World being included in what is really at stake, but even all Humankind.

- Obviously, that big "Trade" Issue, (which includes also Monetary matters, Intellectual property, State's role vis a vis big Businesses, etc), is exceptionaly crucial for International Trade, Stock Markets and Growth, also at a World-wide level.

Apparently, according to the latest official News, it seems to be Advancing fairly well, to the point to postpone sine die earlier scheduled sanctions/heavy taxes, and even foresee a possible concluding Summit with a Deal asap.

However, inter alia, the latest developments at another topical issue : that of Korea peninsula DeNuclearisation, at the Trump - Kim Summit in Hanoi, show that Final Results depend on succesful political negotiations and other factors up to the last minute.

- But, what is, comparatively, less well known, and doesn't surface yet on headline news of mainstream Medias, is, in fact, an even More Important, Topical Issue, concerning particularly USA and China, but for which Europe has already started to show a keen interest, and which risks to affect very seriously all Humankind, with Crucial and Irreversible consequences :

>>> Indeed, Recent Developments have shown that, f.ex., a Chinese Doctor, educated and pushed by some USA Networks since the era of Former US President Barack Hussein Obama (Dems/"Socialist"/"Liberal"), has reportedly started to Violate Important Legal and Moral Norms on BioEthics, by imposing an artificial but Heritable Manipulation of the Human Genome, affecting even the Germline of Future Generations, with obvious Threats against Humanity itself, (See, f.ex. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/heritablegenemaniptrumpxihumanity.html, etc).

In addition to serious Healh Risks (due to DNA disruption), in case of "CRISPR-Cas9" Gene Edditing Technology use on Embryos, at least as things stand Nowadays, what is certain is mainly that Heritable Genetic Manipulations of Germline obviously Threaten to impose, sooner or later, an abhorred "Eugenism" proned by NAZIs in the Past, and an Artificial Fabrication of various "Races", inevitably Dividing the Humankind into various Different and soon Opposed Categories of beings, some of which will obviously seek to Dominate the others, as if they were Slaves, or even "Animals" or Plants, etc., exploiting and/or mistreating them accordingly, as "inferior" beings.

Many and various, conscious Intellectuals, Activists, and other People have already Denounced such Threats against Human Dignity, which, in fact, risks to bring the End of Humanity, Warned against their Consequences, and Urged to Prevent them, already as early as since, particularly, the beginning of the 20th Century, until Nowadays.

That's why CoE's PanEuropean Treaty on Human Rights and Bio-Medicine, (known as "Oviedo" Convention : 1998), explicitly Prohibited that in more than 40 Countries around the World, including China's Legislation from 2004, and USA's Food and Drug Administration, which OutLaws any Federal Funding of such Research on those controversial and dangerous matters, (etc).

+ Moreover, Recently, EU Parliament hold a Public Debate, during its latest Plenary Session in Strasbourg on February 2019, where MEPs Urged EU Commission to push towards a "Global Ban" of such practices, while also Preparing a Resolution Against them, (See, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eppvpresidentandmepsongermlinemanipban.html, etc), in addition to a parallel Condamnation also by official statements of a Chinese Minister, etc., (See, f.ex. the previously mentioned, Nov. 2018 Article, etc).

=> So that, Now, USA's new President Don Trump and China's President Xi Jiping, as Heads of the 2 more involved big Countries, particularly during the above-mentioned Top Political Talks and a probable Summit of March 2019, (Comp. Supra), have a Unique Opportunity, as well as a Crystal-clear Duty to act efficiently in order to Protect Humanity by Excluding any such awfull Risks the soonest. 

This may even be no only their 1st, but also their Last Chance to do so, since, if in the forthcoming, 2020
US Presidential and Congress Elections, eventually, Dems ("Socialists"/"Liberals") return back in power, then, it's certain that they will Push, on the Contrary, towards a Dangerous Slipery Slope inevitably leading towards the above-mentioned Dangers against Humanity : That's what the premonitory example of Former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama, (a Dems' "Socialist"/"Liberal" himself) has already proved, among others, also by a Scandalously Dangerous Report, by a team of Technocrats appointed by Obama, which had been prepared during his term in office, and was pubished soon afterwards, on Early 2017, which specifically seeks to Allow Heritable Genetic Manipulations of Human Germline under certain "conditions", (as it claims), which, in fact, do Not provide any real Guarantee to Prevent the above mentioned Horrors (Comp. Supra).

That's why Presidents Trump and Xi practicall have to start Acting efficiently Now (on Early 2019, i.e. before the US Primaries, and during their on-going USA - China Top Contacts), or never...

Technically, in Legal terms, this could be done quite Easily and Rapidly : F.ex., it would be enough, for them, to simply Sign and Ratify CoE's BioEthical Treaty, which outlaws any attempt to Manipulate the Heritable Human Genome's germline, (Comp. Supra), in a Text which is the Only one to be Legaly Binding, and Open to All Countries in the World.

USA has already a Special Observer Status inside the CoE, here in Strasbourg, and China has, apparently, been seeking, recently, some adequate Ways in order to approach CoE, which has also certain Legal Mechanisms destinated for a Global use, (as, f.ex., on CyberCrime, Money Laundering, Democratic Constitutions, Human Rights' Standards, Personal Data, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Ethics, etc).

But in case that might, eventually, make some Hesitate, perhaps because of that CoE's Treaty's various Other Provisions, all on several Different points, (which are notoriously judged by Different Groups of CoE's Member Countries as either Too Strict, or, on the Contrary, Too Lose, etc), then, a Simple and New, Specific Treaty, targetting Only those controversial Manipulations of Human Germline, could do the job, (as it was done, f.ex., for the Prohibition of Human Cloning, etc).

Meanwhile, at least a Crystal-clear Political Statement by the Leaders of USA and China against Heritable Genetic Manipulations of Human Germline, urging all the Countries in the World to act accordingly asap, would naturally be an important "Plus", (particularly if it was Backed by an adequate Strengthening of the Legal Prohibition inside those 2 Big Countries).

From a Political point of view, there are valid reasons to think that such Measures would be quite Popular in China, while, moreover, New US President Don Trump, could certainly Find, there, a Serious and Topical way to Harvest an untapped but Big Potential of Popular Support, among various Conscious, and particularly Christian People, keen on BioEthics :

- F.ex., a Key relevant Point, in Trumps' Recent Speech to the traditional BiPartisan, American "National Prayer Breakfast" annual 2019 event, about "All Children, Born and UnBorn, (which) are made at the Image of God", linked to "the Miracle of Life and to the Majesty of Creation", as he said for the Human Embryos, was the most Widely and Lively Applauded by Thousands of People.

And we have personaly witnessed the Fact that several among his Socio-Political Opponents are, indeed, Afraid that the American President might be, sooner or later, enclined to Trigger and Stimulate also Christian and other such People's support on certain Key BioEthical Issues, (inter alia, perhaps inspired also by his predecessor, GWBush's similar succesful move at his brillant Re-Election of 2004, which had suddenly become UnExpectedly Popûlar), against the narrow-minded, petty interests of some selfish Lobbies which had copiously Paid Barack Hussin Obama's pre-Electoral Campaigns on 2009 and 2012.

After all, it's Also those Other People who are traditionaly opposed to "Racist" propaganda and/or practices, as they claim, that should, normally, be among the First to Fear, even More, any Risk to Artificially Create real "Races", by Heritable Alterations of Human Genome also in Future Generations, which Threatens to put an End to the History of Humanity, (Comp. Supra) !...


 Presidents Trump and Xi have Now, during those Top-Level Contacts, a rare, if not unique, Chance to make an Historic move in order to Settle, or, at least, Prepare and ensure the settlement of such a Crucial Issue, well Before the 2020 US Election.





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Former "Green-Red" German government's Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's job at the controversial Turkish pipeline "Nabucco" was denounced as "not proper", "very bad", and "incompatible with Democracy", by the new President of EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group, German Lothar Bisky, replying to an "EuroFora" question.

For once, criticism of Joschka Fischer's doings with Turkey affecting Europe, didn't come only from the Center-Right of the political spectrum, but even from his Left side : The experienced Bisky, who has been chairing all over 1993-2009 the PDS - Die Linke party :  

- "Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer got involved in dealings with oil-gaz business in a foreign country, Turkey, and its controversial Nabucco pipeline. This raises questions about Democracy, also because of the well known problems of Human Rights violations in that country. Do you thing that this might be abused in order to cover up and close EU's eyes on Human Rights violations ?", "EuroFora" asked Bisky.


- "Nabucco pipeline is (only) at the planning stage". And "there are some difficulties",  he observed from the start. But "'I don't want to get into the details of Nabucco pipeline, because I don't think that there is any point for it at the moment".
At any case,  "we  (EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group) strongly believe that Politicians should not get involved in the Energy Business, and all these commercial transactions", President Bisky declared on the Joschka Fiischer's affair.

- "We feel that it's something that shouldn't be done. It's not proper !"           

- "We don't think that it's compatible with Democracy either, and it gets politics into a very Bad track", Bisky went on to denounce.
- "EuroLeft  and "Die Linke" always spoke against that, saying that politicians should not get directly into the arms of private enterprises"

- "It is pretty bad if a former Minister takes a job f.ex. in a major Energy producer. So, it's an issue if a Minister who may have seen excellent opportunities, subsequently gets personally grasp of them, in very serious parts of the economy, once he has given up his (Government) job."

- "It doesn't really make politics in general look any better'", Bisky concluded.


Earlier, this week in Strasbourg, other Journalists had also raised critical questions on former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's involvement in the conroversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline to the President of his own EuroParty : Kohn-Bendit of the "Greens", who, contrary to Bisky, tried to find excuses for Fischer, while criticizing his long-time partner, Schroeder for having done a similar move :

- "Shroeder was chancellor", and he "negociated" with "Russians", who gave him a job only "3 Months" after he resigned from the Government. While "Joschka Fischer", on the contrary, got a job with the controversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline only "4 Years after" he left the Government. "He didn't negociate Nabucco", so I have "no objection", Kohn Bendit claimed.

But, many Facts indicate the contrary :

Joschka Fischer was Foreign Minister in Germany from 1999 up to 2005 : I.e. from the year that EU took the controversial decision to give Turkey a "Candidate" status, until he year it started controversial "accession negotiations, (later declared "open-ended" after Sarkozy-Merkel's arrival from 2005-2007).

During that period was prepared the controversial so-called "Annan" Plan (in fact, drafted by others and attributed afterwards to the former UN SG) on Cyprus, which failed after a Popular Referendum said "No" on 2004 with a large Majoriy of 3/4 : 75%. Mainly because it was criticized for making too much concessions to the Turkish side :  Particularly by restricting Greek Cypriot Refugees' Human Right to return to their ancestral Land and/or get restitution of their Familiy Homes and private properties, usurpated by Ankara's Army since the 1974 militay invasion and continuing occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. And by weakening the Central Government, leaving to 2 "constituent States" so much powers and separate interests that more conflicts appeared inevitable, provoking the danger of a break-down in the foreseable future, with more crisis, troubles, perhaps bloodshed, etc., instead of creating an harmoniously integrated, really one federal State.

The controversial Plan was finalized on March-April 2004 at Burgenstock (Switzerland), curiously in the presence of an Envoy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, then governed by Joschka Fischer, but in the absence of a French and not even an European Union's Envoy, contrary to what was usually practiced on similar occasions in Switzerland (fex. in 1997 at Montreux, in 2000 at Geneva, etc).

Turkey notoriously exploited the failure of the "Annan" Plan in order to convince the EU to decide to start accession Negotiations on December 2004. This provoked an unprecedented series of Institutional Crisis inside the EU, shortly afterwards, when French and Dutch People rejected, 2 popular EuroReferenda by a majority "'No" vote to the EU Constitutional Treaty on 2005, aggraveted in 2004 a Majority Abstention to EU Elections, etc., followed by the recent Irish "No", etc.

"Nabucco" Gas pipeline was notoriously planned since ..2002. It follows an even earlier idea, for an Oil pipeline Baku-Ceyhun, which started to be prepared on 1999-2001 and was meanwhile recently completed.  

So, facts indicate that what is now at stake is based on decisions made during Joschka Fischer's term as former Foreign Minister, closely interested in Turkey's controversial EU-bid.

To the point that he now practically ...switched jobs with a poliician from Turkey, (the State which pays today openly Joschka Fischer), Mr. Ozdemir, who came earlier in Germany, got fast the nationality, and became EiuroMP in a few years, continuing now as head of the "Greens" in Germany, i.e. in Joschka's former job !...

Such astonishing facts risk, unfotunately, to give to German politician Lothar Bisky's criticism of  representative Democracy a topical meaning :

 - "We (EuroLeft Group) think that what is really at stake is Democracy. It's not only about Gas Pipelines or Energy sources", President Lothar Bisky went on to add in his reply to "EuroFora"'s question on Joscka Fischer's personal interests in the controversial Turkish "Nabuco" pipeline.

Such facts, "make People get more distance from Politics. ...People had had enough, and they are fed up !".

- "That's why we (EuroParliament's "EuroLeft" Group) want to strengthen Direct Democracy in Europe. Citizens should be involved in the (EU) Decision-making. In the end of the day, it's not going to help anyone if Politicians are always taking decisions, without involving Citizens. We want to give a voice to the People of Europe. They've got to have their say in the decisions that are taken. That's one of our absolutely fixed and steadfast views. We want more Direct Democracy in Europe. That's how it can become more effective and stronger", he concluded.




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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