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US: Shooting Woman+More Deaths=>GAP among People - Establishment Refusing to Check/Debate Vote Fraud

Автор ACM
Wednesday, 06 January 2021


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(Partly UpDated)
- A More Far-Reaching than Expected, Human and Socio-Political Event, with Profound potential Consequences in People - Government Relations, Both in the USA, But Also World-wide, is the Tragic Brutal and Scandalous Killing of a Young Woman, Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, by Gun Shots Fired at her Neck, during Popular Protests against a persistent Covering Up of Growing Revelations on Fraud/Gross Irregularities in the Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election, DisProportionaly Favoring a Return Back to the Old, Long-Time Former Vice-President and former Senator etc. Biden ("Socialist/Liberal"), against  Advancing ahead with New US President Trump (Atypical Republican), (See, inter alia, f.ex. : ... + ...+ ..., etc).


(Aaron + Ashli Elizabeth Babbit)

The Scandalous Brutal Killing of the Young Married Woman by UnProvoked GunShots, (an USA AirForce Vet, 14 Years Security Officer hershelf), in Strange Circumstances (See Facts Infra) -which is Only a Tip of the Iceberg, since there were Also another 3 or 4 abnormal Deaths of Demonstrators, one reportedly ..."Crashed", 2 Other attributed to  "Heart Attack" and "Stroke", a Pro-Trump Policeman who Curiously "Collapsed in his Office" (after "Injuries" or "Chemical"...), Followed by 2 "Suicides" (the Same Day !) of a Policeman and a Protester - Marked Tragically Also 2 Anti-Democratic, Last-Minute, Obstacles :



(A) It Highlighted a Wider Hindrance, of many Thousands of People, who had, until then, succesfully  Strived to Arrive from All over the Country to Washington DC and Even Reach a Remote and Blocked Congress' Building at the Capitol, patiently and artfully but firmly Bypassing Many Police Barriers, from Entering inside, and/or Meeting or Discussing, in Any Way, with at least some Representatives of the Politicians due to Finalise Crucial Decisions for the Future of their Country, who vere Barricaded inside : Indeed, the quasi-Totality of those People Remained Outside of Capitol's Building, having just escaladated (with Many Efforts, given the Numerous Barriers) its very Long and High Staircase, while it's Only a Tiny Grouplet of just 1 or 2 Dozen Individuals, (Several among them Apparently "AntiFa"-Like, Looking as "Leftists" Barely Disguissed in Fake "Trump" Fans, Often having Provoked several Warnings and Protests by the Real Republicans present there), who managed, withOut Knowing how, to Penetrate Inside that Building, Curiously, WIthOut Any visible Attempt to Help Open the Doors for the rest of the People, Not Even to Try to Make Any Useful Political Work there, (f.ex. Press Announcements, Dialogue with MPs, etc), except from Circulating in Emptied Corridors and/or Rooms, Taking "Touristic"-like Photos, and (for Some, i.e. the Obvious Leftists "AntiFa" Disguised in Fake "Trump's Fans", ...Posing Provocatively, with Caricature-like Clothes and Semi-Naked, or Attempting to "Steel" f.ex. an Obviousy Too Heavy Podium, added to the Notorious Controversial Leftist Sullivan badly Disguised as "Reporter", etc)...






(Senator Cruz and a Representative from Arizona raise a 1st Objection, Opening a Debate, Applauded.. C-SPAN Video + Eurofora Screenshot)

(B) + Moreover, it signaled an Abrupt Interruption of US Congress' Debates, and a Pretext to Obstruct Definitively the slightest Serious Public Dialogue on Facts and Arguments about the alleged Fraud/Gross Irregularities in the Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election, which was the Obvious and Explicit Main Aim of this Exceptional 6 January 2021 Joint Session of All Representatives and Senators, as well as of the Big Popular Demonstrations Today in Washinton DC  : i.e., to, at last, have a real Public Hearing and Dialogue on the Substance of all the available, accumulated, concrete Evidence ! This Notioriously concerned 6 "Swing" or "Battleground" States, and, according to the US Constitution, the Legal Procedure Guaranteed, (with the Help of almost about 15-20 Senators and 120-140 Representatives, declared Ready to Ask for it), at least + 2 Hours of Debates for Each one of those 6 States, Both in the House and in the Senate, Added to relevant Votes, i.e. something about 12 to 15 Hours of serious Collective Work, very Widely Transmitted and Registered by Many Medias and/or the Internet, Both in Video and in Full Transcript Text, remaining for Ever Also in the Official Archives, available to All the Public, throughoutt the Entire USA and even accross the World, (for the 1st Time, since Establishment's Medias grossly Censored Everything, while Most Courts had, until now, Refused to Examine the Substance of several Law-Suits, Rejecting them mainly on Procedural Pretexts, and "Socialists" or RINOS had Hindered even Official Debates with Votes on relevant Resolutions, at least, in the Parliaments of the "Swing" States, Contrary to what Many Regional MPs Wanted). => Indeed, Right from the Start, When the US Congress arrived at the 1st among those 6 "Swing" States : Arizona, Suddenly, its Debates were Cut Short by the Pretext of that, Obviously Orchestrated and too "Selective" so-called "Intrusion" of a Few Demonstrators (including several Fake : Comp. Supra) in a Part of the Building, and a Next one, (about Pennsylvania), Afterwards, was Reduced to a Brief quasi-Monologue by some Republicans, withOut Any real Debate on the Substance, Neither Any serious exchange of Facts and Arguments on the Evidence of Fraud/Gross irregularities, since the "Socialists"/Dems Avoided even Mentioning Anything Else than ...Mere Vague, Provocative Accusations, Slandering them by Fake Accusations to be "Against Democracy", etc. For the Rest, Suddenly, (in Addition to several Representatives, who Asked to Speak), there wasn't, no more, Not Even 1 required Senator (f.ex. some Declined to do so, Pretexting, precisely, of that "intrusion"), to Officialy Ask, him/her too, by Writting such a Debate, for Anyone among the 4 Other "Swing" States, (Georgia, Mitchigan, Nevada, and Wisconcin), so that, in Consequence, according to the Rules, Any such Debate was, Finaly, unexpectedly Excluded !




>>> In Consequence, the Gun-Shots Killing the Young Woman Protestor Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, (a Real Conservative, US President Don Trump's fan, Proud American "Patriot", "Libertarian", and "Freedom"-Loving Citizen, as she Described Hershelf at her own "Twitter" Account), in Addition to the Non-Elucidated yet, Mortal "Crushing" of anOther Woman, the Strange alleged "Heart Attack" Killing a 55 Years old Father of Family, and the UnDisclosed yet, alleged "Medical Urgency" which reportedly Killed Also anOther Demonstrator, even Younger : 50 y.o., by "Stroke", (See Infra, + Added, perhaps, to the Later alleged Death also of a Police Officer, reportedly hit by an "Extinguisher" while Throwing Protestors away from this Mess, or harmed by "Chemicals" provoking a "Stroke" - TBC),

=> All of that, during this Exceptional US Congress' Session at the Capitol, Marked a Wider Hindrance of Any real Chance for the slightest Dialogue between concerned Citizens and Political Deciders, just Before  Important Decisions are taken, on the Official Designation of Who would be the Next US President, with Obvious Consequences Affecting those People's Lives and the American Society at large !



But, that was, Precisely, the Main Reason and Motivation, for which All these Many Hundreds of Thousands/Million of Protestors throughout the Country had Come to Wash. DC, Notoriously feeling that the Most Important Political Election had been "Stolen" from them, whle they Also had been Abandoned withOut Any Remedy, (No MSMedias, No Courts on the Merits, yet : Comp. Supra), and were Even Censored at the Internet by "Big-Tech" Oligo-Monopolies (ibid), so that this Jan. 6 US Congress' Exceptional Session appeared to them as a Last Chance to have their Complains seriously Heard, in a Real, Full and Meaningful Discussion, by a Pluralist Public Authority, with one or another Possible Political or Legal Solution. As a Young Lawyer, (astonishingly ... "Fired" immediately by his Company, when he published at his Private "Twitter" account that he had joined the Protest in Wash. DC Capitol's Gardens, where he was "Tear-Gassed" by the Police), Simply but Clearly put it : -"All we’re doing is Demanding that our Public Officials Audit the Vote" F.ex., “Audit the Dominion Machines, audit the (Mail-in, Absentee, Late, etc) Ballots,” so that,"“IF this was a Legitimate election, they’ll let us Inspect it, and IF Biden won, let’s all go on with out lives", he Logicaly Concluded. While a Great Part of the Popular Demonstration symbolicaly Went in Front of the Federal Supreme Court, Crying :  -"Do Your Job ! Do Your Job !", (i.e., at last, Accept to Examine and Discuss Seriously, on the Merits, the Substance of the Available Evidence about alleged Electoral Fraud/Gross Irregularities). I.e. a Similar Demand to that Officially made by the Leader of Objecting Republicans in the Congress, Senator Ted Cruz, who Signed a Collective Petition to Create a BiPartisan Commission, also with SCOTUS' judges, in order to Seriously and Transparently "Investigate" the Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election, during about 10 Days, (i.e. Before the usual Official "Inauguration", Scheduled for Jan. 20). At any case, the US Congress was Notoriously due to Decide Today or Tomorrow whether its current Majority Accepted or Rejected that Demand to Verify what was the Truth on that "Hot" Issue, and the Concerned American Citizens apparently wanted to be Heard, and Discuss with their Public Representatives, just Before they Make such a Big Choice, of Crucial Importance Both for the Present and the Future of the Country.


(Bothv the Extend and the DENSITY of the People's gathering was High).

That's, Obviously, very much on Line with "Eurofora"s pro-Modern Democracy Project, about Citizens' Public Debates with Political Decision-Makers Before they Decide on Issues Affecting their Lives and Society at large, that several Heads of State/Government, Presidents or Key Rapporteurs of European/PanEuropean/International Organisations, Competent Experts, etc, have, more or less, in one way or another, Found Logical and Useful, Accepting it in pinciple ! (See, f.ex., a Long "Historic List" of relevant "Eurofora"s Encounters and/or Publications on that matter, Resuming various Top, Key Contacts made in that Direction, during almost 30 Years, now : 1981 + 1995-2020)...




And, Nowadays, it's Mainly Seeking a similar possible Way Out of the present Socio-Political Deadlock in the USA, that more than a Million American People, Travelling throughout All the Country, notoriously went to Washington DC to peacefully Demonstrate, precisely the Date that US Congress was due to Decide on that Crucial and "Hot" Matter, (Comp. Supra), Walking on Feet Kilometers of Long Avenues (+ incl. from the "Elipse" to the US Congress) with all Public Transports Blocked, (by the "Socialist"/Dems' Local Municipality), Jumping Over Walls, ByPassing Fences, Crossing Metalic Barriers and Various Other Obstacles, Succeeding to finaly Cross Many Police Blockades, Face a lot of "Tear Gass", Negociate, Try to Convince, and Push to Open Many "Closed" Pathways, Walk Up, one after another among Many Levels, all the way long accross Capitol Building's Spectacularly Big Staircase, Until they managed to Reach the Top, (as well as the Other Side of that very Long Building, more than a Km away), just in order to Find ...Hermetically Closed Doors everywhere, making Some to Desperately Try to Enter Inside, in order to Meet their Public Representatives (Completely ... "Barricaded" and totaly Separated, Away from all those Thousands of Citizens), by Any feasible way, Despite even More Obstacles, "Tear Gasses" thrown (illegaly, Right at the Head) even in Suffocating, Narrow Corridors, Big Clubs brandissed by Heavily Armoured and AntiGas-Masked Policemen, (Resulting in at least 3 Victims who Died during such Clashes : Comp. Supra + See Infra), and, Finally, Even ... Deadly Gun Shots, Fired at point range, withOut Any Previous Warning, Directly at the Head (Not Arm or Leg !), of Unarmed Women (as the Brutaly and Scandaously Killed Ashli Babbitt, a Vet. US AirForce Security Agent herself)...

=> IF, given also those Exceptional Circumstances, the Notorious Popular Bitter Feeling of InJustice, by what They Felt (Rightfuly of Wrongly, but Sincerely) to be the Most Important Political Election "Stolen" from them, withOut being Really "Heard" by practicaly Anyone among the Establishment, (Neither Courts on Merits, Not Even the Federal "Supreme Court", due to SaveGuard the Constitution, Nor the MSMedias, etc., while Not Even Citizens themselves were No More Free to Publish their Views at theif Private Accounts at the Internet, Notoriously under the Absolute Control of a Few Oligo-Monopolist "Big Tech" Companes), etc., and in order to Avoid any Counter-Productive and Dangerous Conflicts, (Otherwise Probable, if not Unavoidable), the US Congress' current Leadership, and/or Former Vice-President Biden, etc, Eventualy had, perhaps, the Good Idea to simply Accept to Hear and Speak to these People, hold a Democratic Dialogue with them, Examining Seriously their Concerns and Giving a Responsible and Convincing Reply, then ... it's Very Probable, if not absolutely Certain, that, at least a Large Majority of those American People, (who Represent about 75 Millions of UnContested Votes, i.e., perhaps The Majority, given, inter alia, Also the Fact that Biden's alleged Higher Score is, Curiously, linked with an UnPrecedented in USA's History Problem of about ...6 Millions of alleged Supplementary Votes, which do Not Seem to Correspond Really to UnQuestionably Existing Voters, as "Eurofora" has Already Found, with Serious, Public Data, f.ex., at : ..., etc), would have, more or less, Feel Respected, perhaps more or less Vindicated, and would Probably Calm Down, (eventualy Continuing Further their Political Dissidence by Other, more Adequate Means, that Real Democracies provide). For such a Purpose, by a fortunate Coincidence, ...the very Large Building of USA's Capitol, provided, by its overall Architectural Design, Sufficient and Well-Articulated Space, (Both Inside its Long Left and Right Sides, around the Central Core, as well as across its Large Parc, etc), making it Possible to Welcome sincerely Concerned American Citizens, for Various Kinds of Contacts, Hearings, Exchanges, Dialogue, Cooperation, etc. Modern Internet Technologies (Video-Conference and/or Other Relevant Web Tools included, as E-Vote, etc), may, Obviously, Nowadays, Extend much Further useful InterActive Links, Nationwide, and Even More...

>>> But, on the Contrary, the Tragic and Counter-Productive Outcomes of the Brutal Clashes abruptly Provoked Today, Obviously Refused and Closed the Door to Any such Positive, New Democratic Solutions, (which, in fact, could Seize a Historic and Popular Opportunity to Renew Links to Classic, Original Democracy of Philosopher Platon/Socrates and Speaker Demosthenes' Ancient Greece)... That Possible Window of Opportunity for a Landmark "Meeting" between the American People and its Political Elite of Publish Policy-Makers, (which, in Fact, was, at least Partly Due to a Naive but Genuine Belief in Modern Democracy's Potential, was Butaly Hindered, and, Opposite to that, Even bluntly Drown down into Blood and Oppression, even Exploited in order to Block the slightest Public Hearing and Debate between US Congress' Members, on how to Solve the alleged Massive Fraud/Gross Irregularities' Controversy about these UnPecedented 2020 US Presidential Elections, by Seriousky and Thoroughly Examining, at last, all the available Evidence, (Comp. Facts cited Supra), Risking to Push the USA (and, by ricochet, perhaps a Great part of the World) into some very Dangerous Rifts...

=> Oppression Already Reached the incredible Comic-Tragical Point to (inter alia) Threaten an Old Elected Regional Representative of the GOP at Oregon State with "Sanctions", for having, allegedly, Opened a Back Door to some Local People who wanted to Meet and Speak with their Representatives just Before they Take Important Decisions on the Public Policy against the Virus, during a ...Past Session of December 2020 ! Video-Proof Shows that those Naive People were Immediately Grasped, Pushed, Bullied and Brutaly Thrown Out by Many Guards, as if they were Petty Criminals...

+ And in Washington DC, the "Socialist"/Dems' Mayor, suddenly Imposed (withOut Any Previous Warning), an UnPrecedented "Curfew", all the way From ...6 p.m. in the Afternoon, Until the Next Morning, Immediately Applicable, (and Even ...Extended for 15 Days, Up to the Scheduled usual Official "Inauguration", Now for Biden, on Jan. 20, Obviously Fearing More Popular Protest Demonstrations !), so that it was, in Real Practice, Exploited as Number 1 Pretext in order to ...Arrest some 50 People, among the Protestors who Simply Walked Back, Exhausted, all the way long from the Capitol (withOut any Public or Private Transport Means available) to their Hotels, Bus or Airport, in order to Return Back Home... (On the Occasion, 4 were reportedly Found and Persecuted for Simply Keeping an Arm under Cover, as the Famous USA Constitutional Amendment 2 Notoriously Allows there, as an Historic Citizens' Right, Even if Wash. DC had Imposed, Now, some Additional Restrictions, Provoking a Different also with a New Elected Representative Young Lady from Colorado, who Explained thay she is Small and Needs some Protection in order Not to be Aggressed by Brutal Thugs, a f.ex., even an Old Woman Vainly Trying to Work in her Small Family Business, Attacked by Violent Aggressors, was Scandalously Assaulted and Brutalized by 3 or 4 Coward Thugs some Months Ago, during "Leftist" Street Demonstrations, withOut Anyone trying to Help her, Except Only of her Elder and UnArmed Husband Risking everything to Strive to Save his Wife, as several Explicit Videos, Published at the Web, Denounced). Perhaps, the Only one who Might, Eventually, have Escaped from such a Petty Oppression Now, would be an ...Handicaped Young Boy, Pushing his Wheel-Chair all the way Long accross Huge and Empty Avenues, Earlier Today, Desperately Trying to Reach the Capitol in order to Join that Popular Protest in its Parc (as a Video showed in the Web) : Indeed, Wash. DC's Controversial Mayor, who had Strictly Prohibited Even to "Walk" in the Streets, or use a Bicycle, Car, Bus, Horse, and Anything else to Move Back Home, had, apparently, Forgotten to explicitly OutLaw also the ...Handicaped People's WheelChair !...








>>> But, Meanwhile, those who are Responsible for that Bad Choice, to Exclude Any Kind of Dialogue with Hundreds of Thousands of Protesting People gathered from all over the Country, and, on the Contrary, totaly Ignore and Exclude them, even unleash a Spiraling Series of various Obstacles Against Citizens, (Prohibitions, Walls, Fences, Metalic Barriers, Closed Doors, Barricades Blocked by Many Policemen with Clubs, Shields and Anti-Gas Masks, frequent Tear-Gas Throwing, Flash-Ball Grenades, even Fire-Arms, etc), which Transformed what Could have become a Landmark Innovation Achieved by Modern American Democracy, of Historic Importance and Wordl-wide Interest (Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, into an Horrible Tragedy, by Provoking a lot of Sufferings, Damages, and, inter alia, Above all, also the Deaths of 4 or 5 Innocent People, in Various Dramatic Circumstances :



- The 1st Victim, was the Young Woman Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, an US AirForce Vet. (14 Years), Long-Time Senior Security Agent, Deployed abroad in Operations f.ex. at Afghanistan or Iraq, etc., in addition to Serving in Alasla AirBase, etc., a sincere Supporter of US President Trump, who Loved her Country and Freedom, (as she stressed at her "Twitter" Account), a Serious Person and Good Wife according to her Husband, Aaaron, and her Mother-in-Law, with a Keen Interest in Political Life :



She was Brutaly Killed by an UnWarned Gun-Shot, Fired at Point Blanc Range, by a Hidden, Armed, Plain-Clothes Security Agent, straight at her Neck, (Not at a Hand or Leg), as she was Trying to Bypass a Closed Door through its Window inside a Capitol's Corridor, provoking Immediately an Hemorragy which Killed her Before she arrived at a Hospital :  Many Videos published at the Internet Pictured that Astonishingly Brutal Murder, Spreading a Growing Emotion accross the USA as well as Abroad, in Many Other Countries accross the World, (See Also Infra for more).

Ashli Babbit, aged 35, had Vowed, just 1 Day Before being Killed, that "Nothing will Stop" People's Protest against  what they Felt as an UnFair, Stolen Election, and she had expressed the Hope that this Exceptionaly Big Washinton DC Popular Demonstration (made on Jan. 6 because Congress was due, precisely to Discuss Objections Based on Evidence of Fraud/Irregularities : Comp. Supra), would Change things "from Dark to Light". When she had got a Leave, around 2008-2009+, a Newspaper Article on Wind-Power citting a Research Team of Wyoming University, (which has Students from all 50 USA States), Concludes by mentioning a "Young Student Ashli Babbitt"'s Statement that "Wind" is a Good "Natural Resource", even if "Some doN't like it",  as she Warns, placing it all under the Heading "Blowing in the Wind", (as the Famous Bod Dylan + Joan Baez Song), while UW's Archive contains 6 Collective Research Works including "Ashli Babbitt" on "Mechanical Engineering", also about AirPlanes' Air Turbines and Energy Wind Turbines, which, (if it's not an Homonimous coincidence) Fit well the Age, Name, Timing, and Interests of this AirForce Security Agent. Meanwhle, one of the Latest "Tweets" by Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt expressed her Hope for Jailed, Freedom of Information Activist, "Wikileaks" co-Founder Julien  Assange's Liberation from a UJ Prison, "on Bail", asap., (given that an Eventual Biden's Presidebncy would Notoriously mean the Worst Consequences against someone who has Already Suffered during a too long Time, (as also Eduard Snowden recently pointed out, Hoping for a "Pardon" by President Trump)...






>>> But, there are Many and Converging ...STRANGE Facts in the concrete CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding her Brutal Murder by GunShot at the Neck, as Various Videos clearly show : Indeed, the unfortunate Woman had been Lifted up to the Door Window through which she tried to Enter in another Capitol's Corridor, by 2 or 3 Youngsters, who didN't Look at all as Trump's Supporters, But rather as "Leftist" ANTIFA Fans, (among those who Notoriously Infiltrated the Conservative's Demonstration in order to Discredit it : Comp. Supra), and All, Suddenly, ...Disappeared Running Fast Away, immediately After that Deadly Shot ! In Addition, at her Left Side, was a Known and Controversial "Leftist" ANTIFA Activist, often Accused of links to Violence etc., (John Sullivan), who ...Filmed her from the Start, Until she Fell Down, with a Deadly Wound. As anOther Video shows, that Same Individual had Earlier Asked from 2 Capitol Police Guards, who were Blocking that Door, to "Go Away", in order "Not to be Harmed", and they Immediately Obeyed !... Soon After that, anOther 2 Youngsters, (who, once Again, Look more like "Leftist/Antifa" fans), Started to Hit and Crash the 3 Windows of that Door, Before Ashli Babbitt arrives. During all that Time-long, they (as well as Sullivan) could Easily See that, at the Other Side of the Door, on the Left, was Waiting a Middle-Age Individual, wearing Costume and Holding a Gun, that he Ostensibly Pointed towards their Right Side, i.e. there where Ashli Babbit was Pushed to Jump through a Broken Window... But, Astonishingly, they Said Nothing, Not Warning at all the Young Woman ! (Only a Girl Seems, at the Last Minute, to, Perhaps, Try to Warn her, But it's Too Little, Too Late). ++ Moreover, as many Observed, Ashli Babbitt was already "Followed" by 2 "Plain Clothes Security Agents", apparently of the Secret Services, standing right Behind her, from the Beginning, until the End, (one Constantly using his Phone). This is Added to the Rapid Venue, Right Before that Deadly Shot, Also of a Group of Heavily Armed Policemen or National Guards, holding Rifles, with Helmets, etc., the First of whom even Nodes (apparently to the Killer) towards someone Behind that Fatal Door, and Shows him that the Victim has Fallen Down to the Floor... => To Resume, in a nutshell, All these Strange Facts, surprizingly indicate that Ashli Babbit, in practice, had Not Even a Few Real US President Trump's Conservative Supporters Around her, at that Crucial Momentz which Costed her Life, But Only ...Infiltrated "Leftist/Antifa" Provocators, Plain Clothes Secret Service Agents, strange Policemen, and even a lot of Rifle-equiped Soldiers, (in Addition to the Gun Killer, and 2 Other, Uniformed Policemen, in the Middle of that Corridor After the Door with the Windows, who were Also Pointing their Weapons towards her) !...

=> All those Surprizing Facts are Obviously very Fishy, and clearly Converging towards a kind of probable "Set Up", a Sly Deadly Trap, prepared for that Young Woman, in order to be Killed, as she was. But, in that case, the Obvious Question is WHY ? What Interest Might, perhaps, Motivate Anyone in order to Attempt against her Life ? We Admit that "Eurofora", at this point, does Not Know Anything Yet, about such an eventual Interest by Anybody to Kill her, personaly. But, We have Already Witnesssed (and Hold Evidence of) at least One Strange Fact, in this regard : Indeed, Ashli Babbitt's "Twitter" Account, Originaly, Just Before the Day she was Killed, (i.e. around 3 and Mainly 4, or 5 Jan.), had an Exceptionaly Long Series of "Re-Tweets", All of which Concerned 1 Topical and very Shady Issue : - Dissident Lawyer Wood's own Tweets Focusing on some Dark Affairs of alleged Hidden Scandals, related Mainly to supposed "Blackmailing" on certain Key Personalities, including Important Actors around the 2020 US Presidential Election Controversy about Fraud/Irregularities, (f.ex., the Supreme Court's President, etc), that he Often Linked also to the Previous, Not Fully Elucidated yet, Notorious "Epstein" Scandal, etc., including an Appeal for US President Trump to "Urgently" send Military and/or Police Forces to Timely Seize some kind of Material Evidence, Before it might be Hidden or Destroyed, as well as a Warning that, Himself, (i.e. Wood), had taken Precautions in order to Automaticaly Trigger 2 or 3 "Alarms" if anything ever happened against his own Life or Freedom, in relation with those Shady Affairs... But, an even More Surprizing Fact, in this regard, is that, Suddenly, soon After Ashli Babbitt was Brutaly Killed, ... ALL those Strange "Re-Tweets" (and Only Them !), ...Disappeared from her "Twitter" Account, (while they had been Published there during the 3, 4, 5, and early 6 Jan.), and, as we Found Later, Even Wood's personal "Twitter" Account had just been "Suspended" After Ashli Babbitt's Killing... + And that Long Szeries of Converging "Strange Facts" (Comp. Supra), still Continues Further : Indeed, shortly After Discovering all that, We Spoke (unfortunately Aloud) with anOther Person about it, and, ...Suddenly, Our own Computer Faced a "Cyber-Attack" which Blocked it and shut it Down Completely, During Many Hours, until someone Helps us to Repair it, a Long Time Later ! That's why Our Article was Hindered to be Prepared, Written and Published Earlier...


Theoretically, it's Not Excluded a priori that Most, or even All of those Numerous "Strange Facts", around Ashli Babbitt's Killing, (Comp^. Supra), Might, Perhaps, be Due to Pure "Hasard" or "Coincidences"... But, Obviously, that List of "Strange Facts" is Too Long, Too Converging, and Too Grave, in order to be Ignored, Unless anyone might seek to Hide the Truth. Otherwise, a serious, relevant Investigation clearly appears Necessary !   And, Given All those Facts, it's Difficult to Understand why the Legal Qualification given by Officials to such a Brutal and Suspicious Crime was Only ...abuse of "Excessive Force", Instead of "Murder", (while that 2nd Qualification was used in a case of an alleged Reckless throwing, by a Demonstrator, of a Fire Extinguisher, against a Group of Policemen at random, ending by Wounding one's Head seriously, who Later Died Elsewhere, Unexpectedly, and Perhaps from anOther Cause : See Infra).                                  



+ But she wasN't Alone to be Killed among Demonstrators at the Capitol Today : F.ex. Kevin Greeson, a Safety Manager from Alabama, aged 55, who Told his Family that this Jan. 6 Washington DC Popuar Gatherings were going to become "a Monumental Event", reportedy Died by a "Heart Attack" at the Capitol, provoked in UnKnown yet circumstances, Even if he was Not Old.



++ Moreover, it's Also Benjamin Philips, a Computer Programmer from Georgia, who Curiously Died from a "Stroke" at the Capitol, Despite being Even Younger : Only 50 y.o. !  He had Helped Poor People Travel to Wash. DC by Hiring a Bus, and reportedly Believed that Jan. 6 was going to be "the 1st Day of the Rest of Our Lives", in a "Year Zero".

Strange sudden Deaths by "Strokes", even among Middle-Age People, might have been Provoked, inter alia, perhaps, also by "Tear Gas" (Too Often thrown by Capitol's Security Force even at Protestors' Face, as Photos prove), particularly if it's Abused by Police inside Confined Spaces, in the Building's Narrow Corridors, (as many Videos reveal : See also relevant Photos of People ...Suffocating in such cases, Attached Herewith),


and/or During that Huge Gas "Flash-Bomb" that Police "Shot" over a Big Crowd, all Accross the Capitol Building's Long Median Terrasse, at its Emblematic, Outer Staircase, with a Blinding Bright "Explosion", towards the Evening, (See relevant Spectacular Photo, Herewith).



+++ Worse : Another Young Woman Protestor, Rosseanne Boyland, from Georgia, aged just 34 y.o., was reportedly ...."Crushed to Death" (sic !) at the Capitol, by an UnKnown yet Cause. According to a reported Anonymous Source, this might have been Provoked during a Brutal Evacuation of the Visitors' Central "Rotunda", But it could, Also, be due to a Massive Panick eventually Provoked to a Big Crowd of Demonstrators at the Huge Outer Staircase of the Congress' Building, Later that Evening, when something as a Series of "Gas-Flash Grenades" Suddenly illuminated, with Blinding Bright Explosions, and a lot of Gas Clouds, All that Area of the Biggest Terrasse, in the Middle of Capitol's Staircase, (as several Photos show : See, f.ex., Above).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


- But, "Trump's Supporters" were Even among the Capitol's ...Police Force, as shows also the Tragic Case of Officer Brian Sicknick, 42 y.o., (according to "Daily Mail", "NYT", and his own Social Medias' Accounts at the Web, etc)n who was reportedly "Proud" to be Policeman : There are Conflicting Versions about What exactly Provoked his Death, about 1,5 Day Afterwards, when he "Collapsed in his Office" : Some Sources claim that he had been Hit with a "Fire Extinguisher" thrown by a Demonstrator, while, according to Other Sources, he Suffered from "Chemicals" (f.ex. Gas) and a "Stroke", (i.e. almost Like the 2 Killed Protesters : Comp. Supra). The Only Official Source until now, (from the Local "Union"), Merely said that he "succombed to his Injuries", Long After having reportedly engaged with demonstrators, But without giving details.


+By an Incredible Coincidence, Brian Sicknick was Former Long-Time "Air" Security Officer, "Team Head" at the 108th "Air Wing"'s 108th Security Force Escadron, "Deployed Aboad", including in "Endure Freedom" + "Southern Watch" Operations, so that he Might, Perhaps, have Met or Known, from the Past, Ashli Elizabeth Babbett, (the Young Lady Protestor, Killed by a GunShot Fired at her Neck : Comp. Supra), who was also Senior Air Security Officer, Many Times Deployed Abroad, (including at Afghanistan, Iraq, etc). A Public Procession at "Constitution Avenue" was Organized at his Honor, Later, by his Collegues, and Flags were Lowered at Mid-Mast, Both at the Capitol and by the White House, Nation-wide, while 1st Lady Melania Trump issued an Official Communiqué citting All Victims of "'Violence" at the Capitol, (See also Infra).




+ Indeed, the Long Series of Tragic Incidents, (Triggered by that Fatal Oppressive Decision, Not to Hear the more than a Million People's protest in any Democratic Dialogue with the Congress, But to Violently Exclude them Totaly : Comp. Supra), Continued Even Further, apparently Making More and More Victims, (and its End is Not Yet Visible, on the Contrary, it seems enclined to Extend !) :


- (UPDATED) Thus, 3.5 Days Later, Suddenly comes a "Suicide" (according to "Daily Mail", "Associated Press", "Huffington Post", etc., citting UnNamed Police sources, inter alia) of Capitol's Poice Officer Howard LiebenGood, 51 y.o., in his Home ! It seems that he was "Off Duty" on Jan. 6, But reportedly "Responded" to the Events. The precise Cause of his Death remains "UnClear", according to several Mainstream Medias, while Police Authorities did Not Claim any Link to the Events. LiebenGood  was "Assigned to the Senate" since 2005, (when his Father Died, who was Top Security Officer there), which includes Vice-President Pence as well as VP-Elect Kamala Harris, who has Not Yet Resigned from Senator, (Both Present at the Capitol the 6 Jan), and might, Perhaps, (according to several Web Commentators) Explain the Heavy presence of Plain Clothes Armed Security Forces at the Place where Protestor Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was Shot at her Neck and Killed, withOut Warning, by a hidden Gunman, with a probably Pakistani or Half-Indian apparent Look, Not Black, (Comp. Supra).


>>> LiebenGood's Astonishing and UnExplained Yet Suicide came on Saturday, i.e. Right in the Middle of a still On-Going, since Thursday, (Day of Sicknick's UnExpected "Collapse in his Office", After 9 p.m. at the Evening : comp. Supra),  Capitol's, FBI's and Others' "Investigation" about "Questions" Raised by Hysteric "Socialist"/Dems' Politicians and Establishment's Medias (CNN, ABC7chicago, etc. included) on alleged "Sympathies" between Policemen and Popular Demonstrators at Wash. DC on Jan. 6, from White House's "Elipse" to the Capitol's Garden and Giant Staircase, (where Even Policemen themselves, from Various States, had reportedly Participated...). Establishment's Medias, like "CNN", noted even by "Figaro" in France, etc, Denounce, furthermore, some "Facilitators", among the Capitol's Police, Accused to have somehow Helped the Protestors' Entry into US Congress' Headquarters, either by Lifting Barriers, or Opening Doors, etc, in addition to Letting take "Selfies", Bearing a "MAGA" Hat, etc, as various Videos or Photos reportedly show, including one, spoted by "Eurofora", where People entering a Higher Floor Corridor from a Secondary Staircase, are Supervised by 2 Young Ladies who Hide their Faces, and Speak with a Person Welcoming them, who has a Strikingly Similar Look to Sicknick, even if it's Not Sure that it's him, and Tries to Hide his Face when he sees that he's Filmed, (See relevant Photos)...


=> Meanwhile (UPDATED), "Three of Congress’ top Security Officials — Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund, House Sergeant at Arms Paul D. Irving and Senate (i.e. Near LiebenGood) Sergeant at Arms Michael C. Stenger — announced their Resignations on  Thursday", (i.e. Followed by Sicknick's "Collapse in his Office", at the Evening), according to "NYT", while CNN Anxiously pointed also to the Fact that the "Fraternal Order of the Police", who had Supported Trump Both on 2016 and 2020 Elections, was "Urging Everyone (sic !) to Reject the use of Violence"..., (i.e. using a Similar Wording to that of USA's 1st Lady Melania Trump's Official White House Statement from the FLOTUS : Comp. Supra). Such a Trend has reportedly led, inter alia, Also into provisionaly Dismissing from their Duties at least ...17 Capitol's Police Officers, for the moment..., (while that "WitchHunt" is Extending even throughout the 50 Member States' Policemen, for Many Suspected to have Participated in the Jan. 6 Washington DC Popular Demonstrations, Nailed by "FBI" and/or Organized Betrayal : See Infra).     

>>> In Fact, "Socialists"/Dems' Hysteric DisTrust vis a vis Policemen (Comp. Supra), Might be Explained Also by a Dangerous for Biden, 2019 Precedent, of anOther allegedly "Stolen" Presidential Election, apparently Usurpated with Fraud by a Politician of the Past, (President Since 2004 !), who Even Won the Case at his Country's "Supreme (Electoral) Court" on the Merits, was Officially "Inaugurated", etc., But, Nevertheless, at the End ... Lost Power, Resigned, and Felt Obliged to Leave the Country, just Because a lot of People Started to Hold Frequent Massive Demonstrations for Protest, accross the whole Country, Repeatedly during Several Weeks, almost 1,5 Month, Fueled also by the "Concerns" expressed by an International Organisation about the Way in which that Controversial Election had been Apparently "Rigged", and which appears Strikingly Similar to the Most Notorious Anomaly in this US 2020 Controversial Presidential Election, Clearly Denounced by Trump right from the Outset, OverNight from the 3 to 4 Nov. 2020, and Repeatedly Afterwards : I.e. a Sudden and Excessive "U-Turn", Marked OverNight, just After the Electoral Day, Between 3 and 5 a.m. etc., in the Early Morning of the Next Day, which Spectacularly Reversed a Crystal-clear Initial Win of his Competitor, with a DisProportional, and Statisticaly Improbable, Sudden Emergence of Very High Percentages of Ballots for Morales.., (as in the USA for Biden). And the Decisive "Key" which Triggered a Political Change, After several Weeks of People's Protests, was a Public Statelent, by the Head of that Country (Bolivia's) Police, that Policemen do Not Intent to Oppress More than that, the Protesting Demonstrators, (while the Army's Chief had Already Warned that his Soldiers are Not Ready to Open Fire against the People)... Soon After that, Morales Resigned and Left the Country : A Recent, and Crystal-Clear Precedent, that Biden's "Socialists"/Dems, apparently, are Now Afraid that it Might be Repeated also in the USA's case, (where the Evidence for Electoral Fraud/Gross Irregularities in the Controversial 2020 Vote, is Even Much Bigger) !

=> That's one Reason More for which the "Socialist"/Dems' side, with the increasingly Unpopular and Shaky, but still strong US Establishment, Afraid to be, Eventualy, OverThrown by a so Dynamic Popular Movement as that which massively surounded peacefuly the Capitol, Succeding to Overcome all Obstacles, (Comp. Supra), has just Launched a very Widely and Scandalously Oppressive "Witch-Hunt" against the Majority of the American People, which is Obviously a very Dangerous Threat against Democracy in general, and Continues to Make Even More and More Innocent Victims :


+ Thus, among others, (UPDATED) it's Also anOther person, who committed Suicide just After those Wash. DC Events, (as Capitol's Police Officer LiebenGood, and even at the Same Day : on Saturday, Comp. Supra) : Christopher Stanton, from Georgia, a 53 y.o., Married Father, "Always Smiling" and "Loving Father", "cutting his own grass", according to Neighbors, Working as a Manager in a Banking Company of North Carolina. He was Found by his Wife, "Dead" and Full of "Blood Everywhere", at the Basement of his Family Home, in the Countryside, about 3,5 Days After those Capitol Incidents, where he had been reportedly "Charged" for allegedly "Attempting" to "Enter certain Property, that is, the US Capitol Grounds, Against the will of the USC Police", (a Wording which Seems to mean that he Stayed Just Outside of the Building, Together with Hundreds of Thousands of People : Comp. Supra), Obeying to US President Trump Call to "Return Home" and to Capitol Police's Order to "Leave around 7.15" p.m., (i.e. After the Controversial "Socialist"/Dems' Mayor of Wash. DC had just Imposed a Totaly UnWarned "Curfew" starting from 6 p.m.)... Just for that, Christopher Stanton Faced a Threat to be Condemned for up to ..."180 Days in Prison (sic !)", "and/or to Pay 1.000 $". But, probably, the greatest Threat might have been to be Slandered vis a vis his Bank, and Lose his Job Immediately, (as it has Just been done, among others, f.ex. Also to a Young Lawyer, a Young Woman Working at a School, etc., and Even at a Recently Elected Representative in a State's Congress, etc), with a whole Family (including an Old Grand-Ma, etc) and a Private Country House, all Depending from his Monthly Salary...

However, Stanton reportedly had also "2 Rifles" with him, and Other People Might, Eventualy, - IF they are UnJustly Pushed into so Desperate Situations, - Prefer to Turn their Rifles (and in USA there are, Notoriously, many Millions, because of the Historic 2nd Amendment to the American Constitution, on Citizen's Right to Self-Defense) Against those who Oppress them, all that could Result into Obviously very Dangerous Conflicts...

FBI has reportedly Warned, Already, that among Trump's more than 75 Millions Voters, there Might be some "Extremists" going for the Moto "Trump or War" (sic !), as their Adversaries put it, particularly if and when All possible and imaginable Legal Remedies that would Allow, at last, a Serious, Transparent and Pluralist Examination of the Available Evidence for Fraud/Irregularities in the Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election, would have been Blocked for Ever...

=> It's True that, for this and other reasons, Biden's Side (as Wash. DC's Mayor, etc) has Asked President Trump to Send the "National Guard" at Washington City, around the Official Inauguration Day of Jan. 20. Trump Immediately made an Official Request of "15.000" Soldiers for that purpose, Until up to Jan. 24. But, regardless of the Obvious Question : - "What could do Only 15.000 National Guards in front of +75 Millions of Trump's Voters ?"..., Biden's Side should Also be Aware of the Fact that, in the Above-Mentioned 2019 Morales-Bolivia Precedent, (Comp. Supra), it was Not Only the Chief of the Police, But Also the Head of the Army, who Announced, in a Press Conference, that they would Not Act Against the Popular Demonstrations of the Right, which Contested the Regularity of that Presidential Election, thus Triggering an Immediate Political Change, 1,5 Month After Morales' "Inauguration"... And Trump has, indeed, Tooted the US Army, from Many Points of view, Including, f.ex., by Boosting its Budgets,  by Buying a lot of High-Tech Weapons, by Creating a "Space Force", by Lifting Any Obligation for the Army to Accept in its rangs ..."Trans-Gender" (sic !) Individuals, (Contrary to what Obama-Biden had Imposed), by becoming the Only US President who did Not Send his Army to Invade and Occupy any Foreign Country, Neither Participated in Any New War Abroad, as well as by Recalling Back Home many US Soldiers from Afghanistan, Germany and Somalia, among others, in Addition to Recent Changes in Pentagon's Leadership, and to Many Nominations of Trump-Frendly Experts/Advisers, (etc).

=> So that, it's certainly Not Against a Police and an Army largely Favorable to Trump, that Biden might Risk to do anything more Against the American People, Only with a "Deep State" FBI, Notoriously InCompetent, (f.ex. vis a vis the Deadly Islamist Terrorism, of Obama-Biden's era, when they practicaly did Nothing to Protect the American People, except from ...even Returning Terrorists' Guns back to them in order to Kill Innocent Civilians : See the Alaska-Florida Scandalous case, etc, +Adde ts ZERO "action", Total InExistence about Tracking and Invstigating Election Fraud/Irregularities since 3/11/2020, Not Even Foreign Interferences' Gaphole via "Dominion" Machines, Nothing !),

The Only thing that such a "Deep State" Failed apparatus as nowadays' FBI migh try to do is to ...slyly Spy and Abusively Oppress Citizens, Divide the People, Spread Nazi-like Witch-Hunts, Provoke a Growing Series of Tragedies, (F.ex., the Recent "Suicides", Both among Protestors and even Policemen, etc ; Comp. Supra + Infra). What that "FBI" is doing Right Now to the American People, inter alia, Also by Massively Publishing Peaceful Citizens' Photographs, Asking to Spy their Private and Professional Lives, Betray, Slander them, Destroy their Jobs, Raid their Family Homes, and Threaten their Liberty,, etc., is a Shame and a NAZI-like Oppression of Basic Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms by a Failed Petty Bureaucracy !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



++ Meanwhile, (UPDATED), just Hours Before the "Suicides" of Capitol's Police Officer LiebenGood and Protestor, Bank Manager, Stanton, in their Family Homes, on Saturday (Comp. Supra), FBI Agents "Raided", on Friday late Evening after 10 p.m., the Home of School Therapist Christine Priola, 48 y.o., at Cleveland, Ohio, Taking Away Many "Boxes" and a "Big Sac" Full of her things, reportedly Suspecting her to have Simply participated to the Popular Protest at the Capitol on Wednesday, because of a Photo published on the Web, picturing a Similar Woman calmly speaking to another Demonstrator at US Congress' Emptied Room, while Holding a Placard for the Protection of Children... That Same Day, Priola had, Already, been Obliged to Resign from her Job, Citting, in a Letter, among the Reasons, also that she did Not Want to be Obliged to take 2 Shots of that Controversial so-called "Vaccine", (in fact a Novel "mRNA" Genetic Manipulation tool, Expected to Stop Virus' Symptoms to the Recipient for a while, But Not sure at all to Avoid Spreading Infections to All Other People : See ... etc), as an Imposed Condition in order to be allowed to "Return to in Person Learning",  (Something which Reveals how some Public Officials still Blatantly ...Ignore the Scientific Facts, with Big Dangers for UnWarned or even MisLeaded Families, Erroneously made to Believe that "Vaccined" Teachers would Not Infect the Children and Their Parents !). She added her Wish "to " Expose the Global Evil of Human Trafficking and Pedofilia, Including in our Government and Children's services Agencies", as well as her DisAgreement with Obligatory Trade "Union Dues, which Help Fund people and groups that support the Killing of UnBorn Children", (i.e. Abortions, Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, etc), as she Denounced, with an obvious "Fighting Back" Spirit... Since then, Many Medias Tried to Contact her, But Nobody among them Ever Succeeded Yet to Speak to her, (while the FBI says that "For the Moment", they have Nothing to Announce Yet about Expected eventual "Charges"). Let's Hope that she's still, and Will Remain Alive, Free and Active !


[A Similar Photo, with a Message of "Justice for Children", crossing Peacefully an Empty Room of the Capitol, was Abused by FBI for Accusing Christina Priola to ..."Attack" the Congress (sic !),b NewsMax + Eurofora]


 + As for the Elected Political Representaties, they should Not run to be Hidden in the "Basement", Downstairs, like fearful guilty Rats, But, on the Contrary, rush UpStairs on the Windows and Balcons, as proud Eagles, to Speak to the People gathered Around Capitol !        

=> There is a very Heavy, Political and Criminal Law Responsibility of Pelosi (House) and McConnel (Senate) for Totaly Refusing Any kind of Encounter or Communication with the Many Thousands of American Citizens seeking to Speak with their Representatives on a "Hot" Topical Political issue just Before Crucial Final Decisions... 6 Tragicaly Killed Victims and Many Wounded, an awful lot of People Humiliated, Slandered, Threatened, Oppressed, a Divided Country, a Blatant Failure and DisTrust of the Political Establishment as Never Before in USA's History, all this UnPrecedented Aufull Mess, could and should have been Easily Avoided, and this Dangerous Spiral Must End and be Rapidly and Decisively Reversed, Before it Provokes aven More Serious Harm to the People, the Country, and the World, even by its Poisonous, Degrading spectacle !         

>>> A Big Historic Chance to Write a New Page in Modern Democracy, between the American People and their Elected Representatives, right in front of Capitol's superb Garden and emblematic White Marbre Staircase, (Comp. relevant OverView Photos and Text Above) was Scandalously Lost,

Brutaly Replaced by a Deadly Tragedy, Division, Oppression of Freedom, and a very Dangerous Spiral of Never Seen Before Regression in Public Trust and Basic Human Rights, with even more Dark Threats pending Heavy on a Troubled Sky withOut any clear Horizon...

=> A Great and Real Change, is, Obviously, Urgently Needed ! America Needs to Find a Fast Way to ReVive those Bright Stars, that this Ocean of Naive, Stuborn, But Real, and mostly Honest People were Brandishing in their Hands !









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     La Turquie, test-clé d'Independance de l'Europe face aux USA, les aménant de chercher en commun des nouvelles idées pour se mettre d'accord ?  

 Le débat, amical mais clair, entre les Présidents Américain et Français, Obama et Sarkozy,  la veille des elections européennes du 7 juin 2009, a montré que la question controversée sur la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe est actuellement le point central et le test le plus pertinent de l' indépendance de la France et de l'Europe par rapport aux Etats Unis.   

 Les electeurs européens, aussi bien en France qu'ailleurs en l'UE, auront une seule chance à trancher, ce dimanche 7 juin 2009, en choisisant leurs eurodéputés pour la période 2009 - 2014, car après ca risque d'être trop tard, vu que tous ceux qui suivent les affaires européennes dépuis des décennies savent qu'en réalité, le moment des décisions sur la Turquie viendra au plus tard en 2013, date rétenue dépuis longtemps pour une importante révision des "Perspectives Financières" de l'UE qui reflètent des choix Politiques fondamentaux.

    Le Président français, (récement encore représentant de l'UE, dans laquelle il joue un rôle important, ensemble avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, et autres leaders européens, ayant une influence notable auprès des Citoyens Européens, comme les derniers sondages montrent), réagissant à la repétition, par le nouveau Président Américain de la vieille position traditionelle de l'Washington poushant toujours vers la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe :

     - "Je ne peut pas laisser détruire l'Europe, (qui) est un élément de stabilisation du Monde", réponda Sarkozy. "J'ai dit au Président Obama que pour moi il était très important que l’Europe ait des Frontières", a-t-il souligné, confirmant la position Franco-Allemande commune, récemment rappellée ensemble avec la Chancellière Merkel.

    - "Il y a une différence (entre France/EU et les USA)...  sur les modalités. La position traditionnelle des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, c’est l’intégration" de la Turquie au sein de l'UE. "C’était la position du Président Bush, du Président Clinton, de tous les présidents américains".     

- "La mienne vous la connaissez : Ce n’est pas l’intégration dans l’Union Européenne. Mais j’ai proposé que nous réfléchissions, l’Europe, la Russie, la Turquie à la création d’un Espace Economique et de Sécurité en commun", a ajout Sarkozy rappelant son invitation de créer quelque chose de neuf et mieux adapté.

    Mais, "cela ne veut pas dire qu’il faut repousser la Turquie dans les ténèbres. La Turquie est un allié dans l’OTAN, (et) une Passerelle entre 2 Mondes, voilà quelle est la meilleure modalité. C’est cela dont nous avons parlé", revela-t-il. Si "nous avons une Différence sur les Modalités, nous n’avons pas une différence sur l’Objectif : Faire de la Turquie un élément de Pont entre l’Orient et l’Occident", Sarkozy assura Obama.

    - "Laissez-nous au moins une légère divergence sur un sujet, cela vous permettra de bien réfléchir pour les prochaines échéances", ajouta Sarkozy en réponse à un journaliste de l'opposition Socialiste qui avait soulevé la question de la Turquie, en la melant (comme un lobby turc notoirement essaie de faire pour exploiter la manipulation de quelques Arabes, la Civilisation Historique desquels fût pourtant detruite par l'ex-empire Ottoman-Turc) avec une question tout à fait différente : celle de la voile islamique (!), avec laquelle elle n'a rien à voir.

    - "Sur la Turquie, Monsieur, vous appartenez à un journal ...qui a appelé à voter, au moment de la présidentielle, pour mon adversaire.... Quel était votre argument à ce moment-là ? Vous disiez : « Attention, Nicolas Sarkozy va trop s’aligner sur les Etats-Unis d’Amérique », et je vois que deux ans après vous dites : « Ah, il y a un sujet sur lequel le Président Obama et le Président Sarkozy ne sont pas d’accord » Cela devrait vous rassurer, Monsieur" , réponda-t-il, en faisant sourire même le président américain, (et laissant entendre que trancher définitivemen la controverse sur la Turquie pourrait être au coeur de l' Elections Présidentielle  en France pour 2012 )
    - "Ce que les Etats-Unis peuvent faire, c’est encourager ....TOUT PROCESSUS qui permettra à la Turquie d’être convaincue qu’elle a des amis, que ce soit la France, les Etats-Unis ou l’Europe", réponda Obama, apparamment n'excluant pas, a priori, le point de Sarkozy sur la création d'un espace commun d' économie et sécurité entre l' UE, la Turquie et la Russie (v. supra).

    "Les Etats-Unis ne sont pas membres de l’Union Européenne, nous ne pouvons pas dicter si un pays quelconque adhère ou n’adhère pas à l’UE"; Obama a admis, parlant de la "Turquie, (sur laquelle) le Président Sarkozy et moi nous sommes entretenus sur ce dossier avant".  "Maintenant le Président Sarkozy représente un Etat membre de l’Union Européenne et il a une position différente", opposée à démande turque d' entrée dans l'UE.    

 "La Turquie par contre est un allié de l’OTAN très important. ...La Turquie a fait connaître son intérêt à une intégration croissante avec l’Europe et nous (USA) encourageons cette attitude. J’ai souvent dit que l’adhésion de la Turquie à l’Union européenne serait importante".     

"Mais, (en tout cas) je crois qu’il est important de noter que le Président Sarkozy appuie fortement le travail que la Turquie fait au sein de l’OTAN et je crois qu’il s’intéresse à une intégration économique plus intense avec la Turquie". (Ce qui pourrait se faire, justement, avec un "parténariat privilegié" adéquat et/ou l'idée de créer un espace commun EU - Turquie - Russie  : V. supra).     


Est-ce que l'effort du Président de la France, soutenu par la chancelière Allemande et l'opinion publique de la plupart des Citoyens Européens la-dessus, de trouver un accord entre l' Europe et l' Amérique sur la Turquie, en proposant de sortir des chemins battus et créer du neuf, en etablissant "un Espace Commun d' Economie et Sécurité" (v. supra), suffira de calmer un lobby traditionaliste à quelques bureaucrates de Washington DC, datant dès l'époque de l' ex-"Guerre Froide", beaucoup plus ancien que le nouveau Président vénu de l' oxygen des "grands lacs" près de Quebec du Canada : Chicago, connu comme "la ville du vent" nouveau ?
Le Prémier Ministre Fillon appele à "faire vivre le Rève Européen"


 Seul l'avenir le dira. Mais, entre-temps, l' Europe ne peut plus attendre et perdre encore plus du temps et d'energie vitale sur la démande controversée de la Turquie, qui a notoirement menacé d'arrêter l'édification européenne dépuis 1999-2005 :

    Comme le Premier Ministre François Fillon a clairement dit, un peu plus tôt cette semaine, dans un discours éloquent sur les enjeux de l' Election Européenne de ce juin 2009 (V. résumé envoyé aux adhérents d'"EuroFora"),


    - "S' abstentir, c'est laisser à la Technocratie le pouvoir de dominer" la vie des Citoyens européens, qui devraient prendre l' Europe en branle le corps", et commencer d'agir par toutes les voies politiques démocratiques, prennant conscience que "l' Europe c'est Nous, (i.e. les Citoyens), et "Pas eux !" (i.e. les Technocrates), selon une image symbolique.

    - "Je me souviens de l' Europe obligée de faire Silence, (au Passé), quand "les Grands" décidaient de son sort", rappela Fillon.  "Je me souviens de l'Europe divisée, de l' Europe dominée" par d'autres, '"de l'Europe appauvrie""Je me souviens de Berlin occupé, muré, divisé comme un butin qu'on tire aux dès. Je me souviens du Silence de Varsovie. Je me souviens du Silence de Prague"..   

 - "Nous, les Européens, nous avons bien failli sortir de l' Histoire, et dévenir, pour du bon, les dès d'un jeu joué par d'autres".     

- "C'est pourquoi je ne peux pas concevoir une Europe qui ne serait pas Souveraine, une Europe qui ne serait pas Maitresse d'êlle-même", aujourd'hui et démain, martella-t-il. "Le Monde s'est habitué trop longtemps à une Europe faible, que l'on pouvait traiter avec condescendence".  

 - "Le moment est venu de rélever le défi : Le moment est vénu de montrer que, nous les Européens, avons décidé d'être débout, et d"être nous-mêmes".     

"Dépuis 2 ans (i.e. dès les Elections Présidentielles de 2007), avec Nicolas Sarkozy, nous avons oeuvrer pour relever notre Identité Nationale (de la France), dont nous sommes fiers. Et bien, l'' Identité Européenne mérite tout autant, elle qui prolonge les Génies de nos Nations".


    - "Je crois à la présence d'une Civilisation Européenne", déclara Fillon, largement applaudi par des milliers de personnes ayant entendu une série des Musiques entremelées characteristiques de differents pays européens, et des images lumineuses géantes avec des extraits symboliques de Goethe, de Victor Hugo, de Shakespeare, et d'autres auteurs italiens, espagnols etc celebres à travers l'histoire.

    - "L' Humanisme, la tolerance, la Liberté de la Conscience. La Solidarité. L' Etat de Droit. La confiance placée dans la Science, l' Innovation, le progrès. Toutes ces Valeurs, elles disent clairement où commence et où s'épanuit cette Europe" que nous voulons, observa-t-il.

    En harmonie avec les positions soutenues par le Président du Parlement Européen, eurodéputé allemand, Hans Gert Poettering, et la Chancelière allemande, Angie Merkel, sur la "Dignité Humaine" au coeur des "Valeurs de l' Europe" moderne. Ce qui fait qu'" avec un Elargissement sans fin", même vers la Turquie, c.a.d. "sans Frontières, l' Europe Politique, l' Europe des Valeurs et l' Identité européenne" ne peuvent pas exister, comme a dit aussi le Président francais, Nicolas Sarkozy, recemment à Berlin.

    Fait important : Cette observation de Fillon a été faite le jour-même que le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe à Strasbourg concluait une semaine de réunion semestrielle sur les Droits de l'Homme, qui a examiné un grand nombre d'affaires des pires Violations (pex. Tuéries scandaleusement non elucidées, Persecutions et privations arbitraires de Liberté, personnes portées "Disparues", Tortures et "traitements inhumains et degradants", Usurpations illégales des Maisons et Patrimoines privées de Réfugiés, etc., pour lesquelles la Cour Européenne a condamné la Turquie dans plusieurs jugements, dont on attend toujours l' application)...

    - "C'est pourquoi un Elargissement sans fin de l' Europe ne peu pas être un objectif en soi. Parce qu'il ne peut que diluer l' élan européen, et detruire l' Idéntité Européenne"

    -" Voilà pourquoi nous disons, très sereinement, que nous ne sommes pas favorables à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE", conclua le Premier Ministre de la France; largement applaudi par des gens qui soulevaient le drapeau européen.


       "Ce n'est pas un Slogan de meetings. Ce n'est pas la marque une "Hostilité" au régard de cette grande Nation (i.e. la Turquie), qui doit être étroitement associée à l' UE", pex. par un partenariat priviliegié, ou une autre formule adaptée.

    - "Mais il lui faut des Frontères à l' Europe, il lui faut des Frontières stables, qui lui permettent de renforcer son Unité et son Identité", a-t-il expliqué.

    - "Alors, c'est au nom de cette Europe charnelle, que je m'engage avec vous. Mais, cette Europe-là, ne peut avancer qu' à une seule Condition : celle de l' Europe Politique".

    "Nous avons longtemps douté qu'elle soit possible : Aux années 1970, Henri Kissinger (le notoire ex- Secretaire d'Etat Américain aux affaires etrangères, consideré, à tort ou à raison, comme chef d'orchestre du renversement du Président Allende en Chili, de l' invasion militaire de la Turquie à Chypre, etc), disait, avec une ironie blaissante : - "Ah, l' Europe ? : Quel numero de Télephone ?..." Pendant les 6 mois de la présidence française de l'UE, (7-12/2008), Henri Kissinger n'aurait aucune difficulté de rejoindre l' Europe !", observa-t-il en suscitant des nouveaux applaudissements nourris.


    "J'au vu l' Europe Politique se dresser, et prendre ses responsabilités : L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui agit sans délai, et avant les Etats-Unis, pour stopper des faillites Bancaires qui s'enchaînent, qui nous auraint plongés dans une Depression pire que celles des années 1929. L' Europe Politique est celle qui, maintenant, doit mettre un fin à un Capitalisme Financier, qui a perdu sa boussole. L' Europe Politique est celle qui a réussi d'etablir le règles les plus ambitieuses au Monde dans la lutte contre le rechaufement Climatique. Samedi, nous celebrons l' anniversaire du debarquement de la Normandie, où nos amis Américains ont pris une part décisive à nôtre libération. Mais, en décembre 2009, à la Conference (Mondialle) de Copenhague, c'est nous les Européens, qui allons leur montrer le chemin vers cet avénir commun" pour la sauvegarde de l'Environement naturel. L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui, en août 2008, lorsque la Guerre faisait rase entre la Russie et la Géorgie, s'est interposée pour imposer la Paix. Et c'est elle qui doit, maintenant, se doter des moyens Militaires de se défendre par elle-même, pour elle-même", ajouta-t-il en évoquant clairement la création d'une Défense Européenn Autonome.


    "L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui doit bâtir des grands champions Industriels Européens, comme nous avons fait, auparavant, pour (l'avion) Airbus ou (la fusée) Ariadne. C'est celle qui doit exiger la Reciprocité dans les rlations Commerciale avec nos grands partenaires", sans Dumping Social ou Environmental, ni autre Concurrence Deloyale. "C'est celle qui doit se doter comme objectif d'être "le Continent de l'Esprit", réunissant les plus grandes Universités du Monde, en multipliant les Connexions, entre Scientifiques et étudiants."

    "Nous respecterons nos engagements, jusqu'au dernier", souligna le Premier Ministre de la France, peu après que les candidats-eurodéputés de la coalition Gouvernementale (UMP : Mouvement pour la Majorité Présidentielle) ont signé solennement, devant plusieurs milliers des Citoyens, une spectaculaire pancarte-géante avec "7 engagements" pour les Elections Européennes du 7 juin, auxquels figure aussi l'engagement de "s'opposer à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE".

     - "Parcque ce respet des engagements est une exigence si nous voulons rétablir la Confiance entre les Responsables Politiques et les Citoyens", conclua Fillon, la veille de ces Elections Européennes de juin 2009, après les Abstentions Majoritaires de 1999 et 2004, suivies de 3 "NON" à 3 Euro-Réferenda dépuis 2005, (dates auxquelles, quelques gouvernements du Passé, avaient donné le statut d'un "Candidat" et commencé des "Négotiationa d'adhésion" avec la Turquie, suivies d'un blocage sans précedent de l' édification européenne)..


"Nore Europe n'est pas n' importe quelle Europe : L' UE Technocratique n'est pas la nôtre. ... L' UE sans Frontières n'est pas la notre. L' UE desincarnée n'est pas la notre". "Nous portons une idée de l'Europe" qui "n'est pas celle des Statistiques et des Bureaux(crates). L'Europe ce n'est pas qu'une Monnaie. Ce n'est pas qu'un Marché. économique".

- "L' Europe c'est d'abord une Culture. L'Europe c'est une Histoire", a-t-il dit, largement applaudi.


       "L'Europe c'est une rencontre entre des Nations qui sont Millénaires et qui sont Brillantes. L'Europe c'est Paris. C''est Madrid. C'est Prague. C'est Londres. C'est Rome. C'est Varsovie. C'est Berlin. C'est Vienne. C'est Athènes : Quant on énonce ces Villes, alors on "sent" nos Héritages et nos Cultures entremelées qui circulent dans nos veines".

    - "Je suis Européen, parcque profondément Français, je sais ce que je dois aux influences de l' Atlantique et de la Méditerannée. J'aime ces Traditions qui offrent à chacun des nos Nations leur éclat. .. J'aime ses saveurs, ses paysages divers. Ils sont également miens, ou, plus précisement, je suis également fait d'eux. Je suis Européen, car, Français, j'aime l' Europe ouverte vers l' Amérique, vers l'Orient, vers l' Maghreb. J'aime les quais de Vénise, ceux d'Amsterdam. J'aime les quais de Thamise où sont vénues pendant des siècles s'amasser les richesses et les nouveautés du Monde. J'aime l' Europe curieuse. L'Europe qui rêve des lointains : L' Europe de Vasco de Gama, de Magelan. de Bougainville, de Charcot, de Monot... Cette Europe qui, aujourd'hui, s'élance vers l' Espace. Je suis Européen parce que Français, j'aime l' Europe qui prospère et qui invente. J'aime l' Europe des Trains à Grande Vitesse. J'aime l'Europe des Satellites et des Fusées. L'Europe de la Mode et des Atéliers d' Artistes. L'Europe des Grands Laboratoires, des Ingéniers. des Entrepreneurs, des Grands Architèctes, des Traditions Ouvrières. Comme rançais, j'aime l' Europe qui dit "NON" à la Tyrannie et qui se soulève à l'appel de la Liberté", a-t-il dit en

"Je me sens lié à ces femmes et ces hommes sans nom, qui ont levé la tête, et qui ont sécoué le joug sous lequel .. on les avait fait pliér", dit-il en évoquant pex.. la Révolution Française de 1789, le Siècle des Lumières, l'appel du Général de Gaulle contre l'Occupation NAZI, et les pires heures obscures qu'un  "Fascisme" ou "Communisme" devoyés, suivies de la Guerre Froide avaient plongé l'Europe au Passé.

"Ils sont des millions, ces Héros Anonymes de notre temps, que nous croisons sans le savoir dans nos rues et nos places. Et je ne peux pas concevoir l'Europe sans eux, et sans tous ceux qui poursuivent leur combat contre l'arbitraire et le fanatisme", ajouta Fillon. Faisant pex. rappeler un récent Film allémand, primé au Festival de Vénise, qui décrivait la vie d'un cadre à l'époque d'un régime oppressif, qui avait été chargé d'espioner la vie privée et familiale d'un couple soupçonné d'être dissidents politiques, mais, ému par leur honnêteté humaine et leur sacrifice pour sauver d'autres, a preferé risquer sa place et sa propre liberté pour les sauver, sans même qu'ils le sachent, condamné dépuis à faire un bas boulot d'anonyme perdu dans la foule..

"Quand je vois l'Europe moderne, je vois les résultats de l' Audace de ces hommes qui ont brisé les traditions de conflit et de violence. Je vois des nations soudées autour d'une monnaie unique et protectrice. Je vois 27 jeunesses appelées de grandir ensemble, sans défiance. Je vois 27 peoples unis, qui nous interdisent de jouer les blazés ou les indifférents".

Jettant "un régard lucide sur les errements de la construction européenne", Fillon a observé que "l' Europe n'a pas bésoin d'être idélisée pour être ce qu'elle est ; Cad. une aventure humaine, avec ses faiblesses et ses forces".

"Vous voulez que l' Europe agisse ? Fixez-lui des objectifs clairs. Vous voulez la Démocratie ? Agissez en Citoyens. Vous rédoutez la prétendue Bureaucratie des Bruxelles ? Alors renforcez, par votre Vote, les instances élues au Parlement Européen" qui sont chargés de la contrôler.

- "Si nous voulons faire vivre "le Rêve Européen", .. alors nous avons tous le dévoir de l' engagement", a-t-il conclu, appelant de "engager pour le drapeau tricolore et le drapeau étoilé, car ils symbolisent tous les deux la fierté de nôtre nation et la force de nôtre union".




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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