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EUParliament: Syrian Kurdish Leader killed by Turkey's proxy Gang=Political Motive=>Sakharov Prize ?

Written by ACM
Monday, 21 October 2019


*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- 34 Years Young Syrian Kurdish Hevrin Khalef, Leader of "Future Syria" new Party, who was Brutaly Killed by a Gang controlled by Turkey during the current Military Invasion of North-East Syria, has been apparently murdered for Political Motives, and she has just been proposed as a Candidate for EU Parliament's prestigious "Sakharov" Prize, for Freedom of thought and Peace.



This was announced, on Monday Evening in Strasbourg, by Italian MEP Alessandro Panza, of the "ID" Group, close to Salvini's "Lega", the Biggest Party in the Country, which holds a Majority in the Polls, Together with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Center Right, and Meloni's Rightist Party "Frateli d'Italia", in a reconstitution of a Popular Unity of the Right.


The move comes while EU Parliament's Plenary Session, for this October 2019 in Strasbourg, has scheduled to hold its Main Public Debate, precisely on the Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation of the Syrian Kurdish Region, on Wednesday Morning, i.e. precisely when Expires a Time Deadline of 5 Days that Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan has notoriously given to the Kurds in order to Evacuate a 440 km Long and 32 Km Large "Security Zone" all Along the Borders between Syria and Turkey, Drop their Heavy Arms, and Massively Retreat towards Syria's Southern Areas, in what EU Council's President Donald Tusk has recently Denounced in Brussels as a Demand for "Capitulation".

On the Contrary, the Latest EU Heads of State/Government's Summit, last Week in Brussels, has just Officialy "Condemned" the Turkish Military Attack and Urged Ankara to "Withdraw" its forces from Syria, as well as to Respect Humanitarian Law for Civilian People, (Following Similar Calls also by the Arab League and others). The Syria Kurds' leadership has just Announced that it accepted a "Cease Fire", but will "Resist" to Turkey's Military Invasion and Occupation, as long as Foreign Troops illegaly remain inside Syrian Territory : A Similar Stance to Damas' National Government by President Bashar Assad, with whom they've just brokered a Deal for National Unity to Face the Turkish Aggression which Violates International Law and an Independen Country's Sovereignity, having also, reportedly, made almost 275 Civilian Victims, including 22 Children and already Displaced about 300.000 Refugees/IDPs according to Syrian Kurdish Regional Administration's latest announcement.


Significantly, the Photo of the Murdered Syrian Kurd Politician, Together with those of various Other Tragic Civilian Victims of Turkey's Military Invasion (including Children, etc), is at the Center of that Collective Press Announcement's Photo by All the Leadership of the Syrian Kurd Region, (Arrached herewith).

Hevrin Khalef's "Future Syria" party, (founded just on 2018), is "promoting Human Rights and Peace-Building", reminded the Italian MEP in an oral Intervention to EU Parliament's Debates and Votes for its Agenda, Monday Afternoon in Strasbourg, while her Brutal Murder, on October 12, 2019, at the Syrian Kurdish Region's Central Highway Motoroad, "has Great Political Aspects", as he Denounced Today in Strasbourg.

Indeed, "the unarmed 35 Years old Woman was Working to Unite Arabs, Christians, and Kurds", reminded earlier also the Experienced, former Long-Time US Presidential Envoy (under GWBush, Obama and Trump) to the Global Coalition against ISIS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists, Brett McGurk, (See :http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeyinsyriasanctionsanddamasarmy.html , etc).

+ While German Chancellor Angie Merkel has just revealed, in conclusion of her Press Conference last Friday in Brussels, that she had Recenty Deployed a lot of Efforts, Together also with UNO's Secretary General Antonio Gutierres and others, in order to Prepare a "Political Solution" for all Syria, Focusing on Constitutional Reforms due to be Drafted by a Constitutional Committee which had been just constituted, that would also allow for Large Numbers of War Refugees to Peacefully and Massiverly Return Back to their Country, and Bitterly Regretted the Fact that, Now, that illegal Turkish Military Invasion had, on the Contrary, Shifted the World's attention towards a Different kind of Issues, Disrupting that Peace-Building International effort, (that also Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently Asked Turkey to Avoid doing it any Harm).

- It's also a Fact that the above-mentioned Murder took place, Exceptionaly (as also some Other Civilian People's Killings on this Same Occasion), Away from the "Zone" revendicated by Ankara, when, apparently, Turkey-Controlled Armed Gangs  Suddenly Intruded More Towards the South of Syria, arriving up to the Highway "M4", (See relevant MAP), while the Turkish Aviation reportedly Bombed even a Camp detaining Dangerous ISIS Deadly Terrorists' Relatives at the Southern part of that Highway, letting More than 750 Detainees to Massively Escape. The Syrian Kurdish Region's Forces, allied with Damas' National Government Army, reportedly Fought and Recuperated the Control of this Central Higwhay, a few Days Afterwards.

- The Suspected Killers of Hevrin Khalef are an Armed Gang of Islamists, affiliated to a Terrorist Organisation "Controlled by Turkey", Denounced, meanwhile, Today Afternoon in Strasbourg MEP Alessandro Panza, speaking in EU Parliament's Plenary, almost Echoing also French President Macron's earlier Warning, in Concllusion of his Press Conference on Brussels' latest EU Summit last Friday, for "Turkey to bear the Heavy Responsibility of being Accomplice to a Possible Revival of ISIS"' deadly Islamist Terrorists, (See, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eucriticalonturkey.html , etc).

- The EU has Spared Turkey for a Long Time, keeping a too "Soft" attitude vis a vis Ankara, until recently, while, on the Contrary, Other "People are Sacrificing even their own Lives", for Human Rights, Freedom and Peace, the Italian MEP Denounced, (Largely Applauded on this occasion by Many Other MEPs too).

- EU Parliament's President Sassoli, also from Italy, Replying to that MEP's public intervention, officially promised that the European Organisation's competent services will, indeed, Examine the matter that he raised asap.








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    - "My proposal to offer to China an official status as "Observer", in short term, under conditions, was welcomed" by the CoE : "The road to Dialogue between China and the CoE has now been opened", declared after Strasbourg's debates and votes the Head of France's delegation, MEP Jean-Claude Mignon.


    "Neither complacency, nor a mere condamnation of China", but a "wise approach of a political issue of great importance", advised Mignon to all those who'd either overload claims on Democracy, Human Rights or Minorities, or close their eyes to anything, there as elsewhere... A balance which was not exactly followed during debates, contrary to Mignon's personal stance, which appeared rather even-handed.

    China is the only UNO Security Council permanent member which has not yet any status at the CoE, being still obliged to be represented in Strasbourg by a General Consul : USA and Canada, even Japan and .. Mexico, have already got a special Status at the CoE, following Strasbourg's decision, back in 1995, to counter-balance the accession of Russia (1996) by creating special links to traditional "Western-world" allies.


    All former "Socialist" Eastern European countries started to have relations whith the CoE through its former sector on Culture and Education, before becoming full Members of Strasbourg's paneuropean organization. Speculations were unfolding recently about establishing a probable concrete link with China through the topical issue of anti-doping in Sport, on the occasion of the 2008 Olympic games.

    More spectacular, a meeting co-organized a few years ago in Strasbourg, by EuroFora and the International Space University between EU Parliament's long-time Rapporteur for EU's Satellite Navigation system "GALILEO", German MEP Brigitte Langenhagen, and a group of postgraduate students, attracted special interest from Chinese experts, and was followed, in less than a month, by the anouncement of China's intention to support EU's GALILEO project with a participation of 200 million €.

    Compared to that, revendications of .. "Turkish" Minorities, by Turkish MEPs, this week in Strasbourg, spreading through a wide area extended ...from Greece up to China, appeared less worrying, than pittoresque...

    Meanwhile, France's political will to start involving China and other important countries in European and Global affairs was due to be raised also at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Japan by President Nicolas SARKOZY, (NDLR  : confirmed on July 5)


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