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Strasbourg Region President Rottner to EF: High-Tech TransBorder EU Coop. on Education/Research

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 24 September 2019

*Strasbourg/Press Club/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Only Region's President in Europe who has just decided to Leave his Office during several Months, Each Day for 50% of the Time, in order to return Back Working as a Simple Dr. of Medicin in "Urgent" Local Hospital Services, to Help Alleviate a Serious Lack of Medical Workers particularly in neighboring Rural Areas, which has Already Costed some Human Lives Recently, by provoked Delays of Life-Saving Timely Health Care, Jean Rottner, New President of Strasbourg's "Great East" Region, Replying to "Eurofora"s Questions at a Press Conference organized by Strasbourg/Europe Press Club, also Stressed his Interest to Develop a "Fluid Network" between "High-Schools/Colleges and Universities", including "Trans-Border" Cooperations, Bringing Together 5 EU Countries at the Heart of Europe, particularly on Artificial Intelligence.


- "Eurofora" asked Rottner about the Role of the Region concerning Education in Lyceums (High Schools/Colleges) up to University level Research, particularly considering the Exceptional Cooperation Potential of the "Great East" Region with its Swiss, German (3 Landers), and Belgian TransBorder links with France, at the Heart of Europe, (while also Neighboring with Paris' Region "Ile de France", as he had just mentioned himself earlier). Would it be interesting to eventually create f.ex. some kind of "European Lyceums", from the point of view of Facilitating Employment, University Studies, Scientific Research, etc ?



 - "There are Many things" in that point : - On Lyceums, (High Schools or Colleges) we are, Now, at a Phase of last Validations, and what is called "Employment and Qualification Cites", which can Bring Together the (Education) Academy, the Universitarians, Lyceums, Professionals, Consulars, etc., so that we can have the Competences able to Develop a Link from College up to Higher, University circles, around Issues of Fluid Networks for Jobs, which is Important."

 - "Something on which we can Dream is, f.ex., around Nancy (City), about the "Industry of the Future" and "Materials", on which there is a Project, we are also Thinking, around Reims (City), its Agricultural producers and the University of Champagne-Ardennes, on Wine-related, Qualified Jobs, and other, various Interesting concrete leads.

+ Most Important : - "Yes", he Positively Replied to  "Eurofora"s above-mentioned Key Question : - "Nowadays, we (Strasbourg's "Great East" Region) are currently Searching to Create may be TransBorder Establishments (NB), around some very Specific Themes", he Announced.

=> - F.ex., to "have a Lyceum (High-School/College) Specialized around <<Artificial Intelligence>>, that's really something that Interests me !", President Rottner Highlighted, ambitiously.

- Because "also (France's) National Education is Interested in that, Our Partners are also Interested. Now, what matters is to find how to realize that, even if it might, perhaps, seem complicated. Future TransBorder Cooperations should Facilitate such kind of Projects", he urged.

+ Now, "as far as University Research is concerned, we Already have the <<European University>> links around Strasbourg and Mulhouse, as well as the <<Superior Rhine>> (OberRhein), (i.e. France, Germany and Switzerland). I know that the City of Reims tries to Develop something Similar, and we are going to Encourage and Support them", since "these are important projects".


- Recently, we narrowly Missed 1 such Project, so "I Gathered Together all Our People, and Asked What we were going to do Now : Shall we just Let that be, or Shall We reAct ?"

>>> - "We Decided to reAct, and, in a Few Months, a Plan Emerged, which Includes Luxembourg, includes Manheim (Germany), includes Karslruhe, includes Freiburg, and a UN Expert" (etc), "and which Interests also Xavier Bertrand (President of Neighboring "Haut de France" Region in North-Western France) : We try to be extremely Concret, to use Existing Cooperations, as well as WorkShops which will be Created : The 1st in Luxembourg, around "Health", a 2nd one in Germany, anywhere our German Friends prefer, around the "Industry of the Future", and a 3rd one in France, at the Western side of Our Region, around "Bio-Economy", he announced. "All this provides a Structure, and Rapproaches".

=> - 'Indeed, concerning Universities Nowadays, instead of Searching some Projects located too Far Away, it's Better to Respond to what Our Businesses are Asking for, to Reply to Big Groups' Demands : F.ex., when you have such a Plan that is able to Gather Together "TOTAL", "SIEMENS", and "IBM", etc., who Declare their Participation, then, this Raproachment between the Scientific, Economic, and Political aspects and actors, when it's Intelligently made, then, it's Able to Offer Large Areas for Movement, compared to some National Plans", he concluded.


+ President Rottner expressed his "Satisfaction", for the fact that "our (French) Regional Universities are Able to Build such a Big Joint Project on "Enhanced Intelligence" and "Artificial Intelligence", that I Find Interesting, reaching about 350 Millions €, with the Quality and Competence of 5 Strong Universities United Together, including f.ex. the (nearby German) Universities of Karlsruhe, Luxembourg, Sarrebruck, etc". To that is also  Added Strasbourg's University Projects on Health, elsewhere in Bio-Economy, Nancy's University with "Materials and Industry of the Future", etc, so that, Step by Step, somewhere at the Heart of Europe, until Basel (at Nearby Switzerland) appears a Growing Point, amidst the World, which could Become f.ex. a "Valley of Artificial Intelligence", Rottner Highlighted at the foreseable Horizon.

+ Meanwhile, anOther, Parallel, Important Advantage of Strasbourg's Region in this regard, are also the Recently Fast Growing Developments, in the PanEuropean COE's Organisation, HeadQuartered in Strasbourg, which has notoriously Boosted various Converging Meetings, Conferences, Debates, Studies, and Pioneer Legal Standard-Making Decisions, precisely on "Artificial Intelligence" and Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law Safeguards, among its 47 Member States and well Beyond in the World.



Boosted particularly by CoE's Director for Information Society and against Crime, Jan Kleijssen, a very Experienced Senior Officer from Austria, Recent and Forthcoming Moves on Artificial Intelligence were also the 1st concrete Issue on which the New COE's Secretary General, Marija Buric from Croatia (2019-2024), a former vice-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, chose to Start Working Personaly, (Almost at the Same Time as for Freedom of Expression, in the case of Murdered Web Journslist Daphne Caruana-Galicia), by Acively Participating at the 1st Meeting of a Brand New CoE's Body of Experts specialized in preparing Legal Standard-setting for Human Rights and Democracy in that Key Modern Domain, which has also attracted EU Parliament's recent attention in other relevant events organized here.


Naturally, this is Not the Only Potential of this TransBorder Area at the Heart of Europe, with the Meaning that President Rottner just described :

- F.ex., among others, Already since 2010, at an Exceptionaly Important Meeting of the "Superior Rhine" ("OberRhein") Inter-Regional Cooperation between France, Germany and Switzerland, an Experienced University Professor from Germany, had proposed to Build a United Education/Reseach Network on Top "Judicial" Issues, Based on the Proximity of the PanEuropean "ECHR" in Strasbourg, with the very important German "Constitutional Court" at nearby Karlsruhe (BVG), which, notoriously, Deals a lot with EU/CoE Legal Rules. + Meanwhile, After the Creation of Strasbourg's Bigger Region of the "Great East", since 2015/2016, was Added there also "EU's Court of Justice" (ECJ) at Luxembourg, as well as the progressive Development, until 2019, of UNO's "World Council on Human Rights", at nearby Geneva (Switzerland).

=> Thus, there are, Nowadays, at least Four (4) Big Judicial Bodies, of European/PanEuropean/International interest, which are Located in or Near Strasbourg's "Great East" Region, Following more or less Similar Procedures, and Applying Moral, Economic and/or Political Rules into the Concrete SItuations of Each Case, of European/Paneuropean/International Interest. To those could be Also added the Paris-located French Constitutional Court, and/or Highest Administrative or Civil Law Courts ("Conseil d'Etat" + "Cour de Cassation"), since "Ile de France" Region of Paris is Adjacent to the "Great East" Region of Strasbourg, and the systematic Comparison of France and Germany's Highest Courts would Certainly be of Great Technical and Scientific Interest.

So that Strasbourg's New Big Region of "Great East" has, Nowadays, an outreach into ... Seven (7) Similar Kind of prestigious Institutions, from National (Franco-German) to European/PanEuropean/International Levels : A Unique Concentration, withOut Any Other Equivalent, in the whole World !

+ A Similar over-Concentration of EU, COE and UNO (etc) Civil Servants, from Geneva to Brussels, (Both in Adjacent Regions), through Stasbourg (CoE, SCHENGEN, EUROCORPS) and Luxembourg (ECJ), etc., as well as Frankfurt (ECB), and why not Paris (OECD, UNESCO, etc - another Adjacent Region), and/or Bonn (UNFCCC), could Justify the Creation of a Similar "Fluid Network" for Training, various relevant Jobs, Studies and Research on European/PanEuropean/International Civil Servants and other related Staff, Specialized Press/Medias, Consultants/Lobbyists/Secretariat/Experts in EU/CoE/International Relations, "from College up to University", as President Rottner highlighted Earler (Comp. Supra), in a Larger Extension of the pionier "ITIRI" Project, at Strasbourg's University, that Professor Bouzar had Succesfully initiated, attracting many Motivated and Efficient Young People, - particularly if French President Macron really Decides, as he Recently Planned, to Stop the Historic, Landmark "ENA" School for Top Administration Officers, Based in Strasbourg, (also with its 2 Years Masters/DEA Franco-German Course, International Sections, etc).

On the Obvious Condition that all this is Forged in a Way Aiming to Create and Develop really Motivated, Active an Efficient Staffers/Civil Servants, Dedicated to the General Interest, and well Conscious of their Mission and Responsibilities. Not at all just another Bureaucracy, But, Hopefully and Resolutely aiming to Inspire and Reach an Opposite Result...

+ The Region's largely Bi-Lingual or even Multi-Lingual, Traditional and New Characteristics, are Naturally a "Plus", which could be Cultivated Further - at Least into a Tri-Lingual : French + German + English Format, (which, in Fact, has much More Coherence and Historic Roots, at least in Vocabulary, and is much More Easy and Practical, than it seems at First Sight).


+ Around and in Addition to all that, "Great East" Region's President, Jean Rottner, also Pleads in Favour of a Resolute, Selective but Voluntarist Development of Trains' collective public transport Lines, Whenever Necessary, by Opening them to European a.o. "Competition"), particularly towards Luxembourg, (i.e., practicaly Facilitating even Train trips Heading to/Coming from Brussels), But also Towards the Superb Rural Areas of the "Vosges" Mountains and Forests, f.ex. by Reviving the Train link between Strasbourg and Epinal, called "Macron Line", as he Reminded, pointing at the French President's 2018 Visit to EU Parliament in Strasbourg, after which he immediately Headed to Epinal, in order to Inaugurate a PanEuropean Series of "EU Citizens' "Debates on the Future of Europe", (See "Eurofora"s NewsReports from Strasbourg, Epinal and Saint Dié, then, at: ... + ... +..., etc).

There, "Eurofora" Realized, Later-on, this Year, the Value of those Natural Rural Areas, during a Torrid Summer 2019, when we Met with a Young Swiss Couple, from Geneva, who claimed that they had come there, All the Way from ...Switzerland, in order "to BREATH" Fresh Air at a Mountain's Forest !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

However, for "Hyper-Local" Areas, where Train Links are Often practically Impossible or counter-productive, (even by Focusing Just on Main Destinations), and Sometimes also Regular Bus lines, perhaps Even "Bus by Demand", (f.ex. concerning Tiny Villages of Less than "51 Houses", etc.), then, anOther Practical Possibility, Personaly Witnessed by "Eurofora"s co-Founder in Switzerland in the Past, while we were trying to Reach a Remote Mountainous Area, Near Burgenstock, where UNO's Secretary General had Organized a Top Political Meeting on 2004, in a Super Lux Hotel ...isolated, on a Mountain's Top, surounded by a Lake, withOut any known Access to a Few Houses rending Rooms, Nearby...

=> The Only Way to go there with Public Transport, (during a Hard Winter Time period), was ...to Jump into the Swiss POST Yellow Car, which was Distributing Letters to the Few Inhabitants (reachable by Internet) : Indeed, it Worked just Fine ! A very Practical way to Simplify Hyper-Local, "On Demand" Public Transports in Isolated Remote Rural Areas, even withOut Any Cumbersome Addition : You just Jumb in a Postman's Car, (with, usually, at least 1 to 3 Places Free), at a Main Rail-Road Station's Post-Office, and/or Elsewhere during his Usual Daily Trip, and Simply Follow his Normal, Regular Round Travel, Stopping and Getting Out at Your Desired Destination in one among the Many Stops that the Postman's Yellow Car has, at any case, Scheduled to Stop Every Day ... It Only takes to have Organized a Web Page at the Internet, showing clearly the Post's Regular Trajectories, Stops, and approximate Time-tables, (which, normaly, are Already Ready, at any case).

It's, precisely, this "Swiss" Way of Postal Networks Organisation throughout even Huge Areas of Land, that, already, ...Marco Polo had notoriously WItnessed and Admired, for the 1st Time in History, at Kubilai Han's China, almost 1 Thousand Years Ago, Afterwards "Importing" and Spreading the Idea into Europe, with his Famous Book on the "Wonders of the World" !

Nowadays, that we Already dispose of such Practical Post Networks, we don't have but Only to Start Using them adequately, in order to Help ReVive Rural Areas in the Most Simple way.


+ AnOther Main Point for "Great East" Region's President Rottner was, this Time, to Plead for his Decision to Resolutely Start Developing a Wide-Spread Movement of what was Called as "Lyceum" (High School/College) "4.0" :

- I.e. a largely Popular and High-Tech, Massive Investment, in order to Equip ALL Students with ...Personal Computers, thoughout all Areas of the "Great East" Region, soon to be equiped Also with a "4G" Wireless Internet Network !

- F.ex., the Total Number of concerned "Young People" in this Strasbourg's "Great East" Region being calculated at about "217.000" People, Already, Between 110.000 and 180.00 Computers have reportedly Started to be Distributed to that Population, throughout all the area ! Strasbourg's Region was, reportedly, the 1st in France to make such a Pioneer Choice, but this Started Soon to be Followed also in several Other Regions of the Country...

+ This is Backed by an adequate Pedagogical Overhaul, to prepare Teachers and Students to a Digital Enviroment in School, and Reinforced even by a Free Access to All Audio-Visual Archives and News of the European, basically Franco-German Cultura TV Channel "ARTE", (Headquartered in Strasbourg, Near EU Parliament's Tower), President Rottner added.  Meanwhile, "Orange" is expected to progressively Boost its Internet Networks also a Rural Areas, Extending Further the First 4G Networks which has Started Previously in Alsace, (See relevant "Eurofora"s NewsReport, when Emanuem Macron was stll Economy Minister, together with Former "Great East" Region President Philippe Richert, of the Same Political Party of Mainstream Center Right "Repubicans", who, Later, resigned, leaving his place to Jean Rottner, elected Next President by the Regional Representatives, for a Timely Preparation of the forthcoming, 2021 Regional Elections, at: ..., etc).










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Significantly, the French President was repeatedly and largely applauded by EU citizens, 3 times, when he made the Turkey point, (strategically placed between Europe's "Political Will" and its cultural heritage, historically open to mutually enriching dialogue with all the World, but never diluted).

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    Sarkozy's move was anounced at the eve of a Franco-German Top meeting with Chancellor Angie Merkel in Berlin on Sunday, to jointly launch the EU Elections campain, after an EU Summit at nearby Prague, to launch a new kind of relations, called "Eastern Partnership", with neighboring countries such as Urkaine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, etc, (to which Russia, reportedly, is not - and does not want to be - included).

    As for Ukraine, which has already expressed her wish to join the EU in future, "Kiev will have a special place, and a very important role to play", replied earlier this week in Strasbourg, to an "EuroFora" question EU Chairman in office , Czech vice-Prime Minister Alexander Vodra.

    - "This direction is more Realistic for Turkey than Accession negotiations", reacted immediately EU Parliament's Rapporteur for Enlargment Strategy, mainstream German MEP Elmar Brok, commenting Sarkozy's idea for "EuroFora"

     Particularly "as far as it concerns the respect of EU Rules by both sides", he added, hinting at Turkey's now obvious inability and/or unwillingness to abide with EU Acquis, EU Commitments (fex. on Cyprus, etc), and European Democracy/Human Rights rules. (Comp. infra).

    Brok added that, in his view, a similar proposal might be made also to Ukraine and other neighbouring Countries, regardless if they have, or not, a "European vocation". This would not necessarily mean that there couldn't be any accession prospects at all." for all the countries that might be included in this area, according to Brok.  But it's preferable, particularly for Turkey, "because it's a more Realistic approach than full Membership".

    On this point, Sarkozy's proposal, (which he'll share with German Chancellor Merkel), seems more crystal-clear.


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      - "After winning a big victory in the latest Local Elections, the pro-Kurdish party DTP almost doubled its Elected Mayors from 52 to 98", but afterwards "more than 400 politicians were thrown to Prison and prosecuted" by the Turkish Authorities, denounced on behalf of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group, Belgian MEP Frieda Brepoels.

     At the same time, "more than 1.500 Children are closed in Turkish Prisons", she added. "What will the EU Commission do" against these facts ?

- "Turkey appears to be at greater Distance away from Copenhagen Criteria after 4 Years of accession Negotiations, than when they started !", denounced on behalf of the Liberal Group, German MEP Alexander Lambsdorf.    

"On the central issue of Press Freedom, Critical Journalists face obstacles for their accreditation, others are prosecuted, condemned, fined and/or jailed, Media blocked or closed", he denounced.   

 - "EU Made 2 grave Mistakes with Turkey : To start accession negotiations, and to continue them", despite everything, criticized Dutch MEP Bastian Belder, on behalf of the Ind/Dem group.



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