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Strasbourg:The Only New Christian Church =Under Construction, but 5th Mosque (Qatar-funded) Ended

Written by ACM
Friday, 19 May 2017


*Strasbourg/Christian Orthodox Russian Cultural Center/- Several French and other People, speaking inside EU Parliament to "Eurofora", Earlier this Week, had Criticaly commented a Paradox, which proved to be, in Fact, even much More Astonishing, in Real Practice, as we personaly saw Today, on the spot :

In the "PanEuropean Capital", as Strasbourg City notoriously Likes to be called, where 150 Millions of Russians, (added also to Serbians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukranians, Georgians, Moldavians, Armenians, etc, Not to mention the Greeks and several Others), are Full Members of the CoE, HeadQuartered here, in addition to their various EU Links, at the Middle of the European Continent's more than 2 Thousand Years' History of Christianism, but also Judaism, etc, Paradoxicaly, until now, there is Not even one (1) real Christian Orthodox Church, while, on the Contrary, in Addition to the already, recently Built 3 or 4 Islamic Mosques, it seems that there are even 5 or 6 More such Mosques' Projects prepared on the pipeline for the foreseable Future, according to French Médias...
Today, "Eurofora" witnessed a Rare, if not Exceptional spectacle, in this regard, (that, naively, we did not expect) :

- While the Only One (1) New Christian Church awaited in Strasbourg's Fast-Growing Population area during several Recent Years,  Remains, in fact, a mere Building Site, still "Under Construction",

on the Contrary, a Fourth (4) New Islamic Mosque has just been Completed and fully Opened this Morning, (in Addition to 5 More Mosques reportedly planned here for the Next Few Years) !

The Original "Eurofora" PHOTOS attached herewith, are Crystal-clear and very locacious, in this regard :

- Indeed, Today, the 1st Christian Orthodox Russian Church ever built in Strasbourg, (not far away from the CoE), is still a Closed and Empty Building with only its Grey Walls, but withOut even its main Cross, (expected, it was said, Later this year), surrounded by heavy Scaffoldings, where it's strictly Prohibited for Anyone  to Enter inside !

- On the Contrary, that 4rth Islamic Mosque's spacious Internal Rooms appeared Full of People inside, and All the Building looks perfectly Finished and Completed, at least since Early Today Morning, (as we Saw with our own eyes, after Visiting Both Sites).

Concerning the Christian Orthodox Russian community, (recently Growing also throughout several Surrounding French and German Villages, etc), at least for the moment, it's Only a Separate Part of the planned, Future Buildings' complex, a clean but rather ordinary 2 stores building, (Not yet furnished, nor equiped), due to serve as "Cultural Centre", which welcomed all Visitors and Officials Today, with a brief Ceremony and Tea.

- But, for fully Religious purposes, still remains Only an old ...Car Garage (sic !), DownTown, which has already served, for too Many Years, as a so-called "Church" for the Christian Russian Orthodox People, in Strasbourg's "PanEuropean Capital" !

On the Contrary, all the Huge, 3 Stores-High, Building Complex of that Brand New Islamic Mosque, appeared fully Open to several People, from Earlier Today Noon, including a Gigantic Religious Room with a Dome, whose Photo, (taken from the Interior, full of Light-bulbs, Designs, Colors, etc), pictures now at Strasbourg's unique local Newspaper "DNA".

According to Ms Ait-Sidhoum, hired by the Monopolistic Local Establishment's Left-leaning Newpaper "DNA" (now with the Same Proprietor as also "l'Alsace", etc) to cover Today's events, ..."an Incredible Buffet Lunch" awaited those "Happy Few" who had been Invited at that supplementary Brand New Mosque.

That Oligo-Monopolistic regional Newspaper of the Local Establishment obviously Tried to Hide all that, apparently in a deal with the Mayor's office, by abusing of Big and Misleading Headlines erroneously Claiming that the "Socialist" Mayor would have "Inaugurated 3 Differend Religious' Buildings in 1 Day : A Christian, an Islamic and a ...Boudhist" shrine (sic !).

But, in Fact, the bare Truth is that he Inaugurated only 1 Religious Building, ready for use : another new Islamic Mosque, entirely Fibished, while, on the Contrary, Both that Christian Orthodox Russian Church project and a small Budhist Shrine project, far away in a Forest, were Not yet Ready to serve at all Today (Comp. Supra)...

Moreover, by the way, while the Only New Christian Church on the process of being built in Strasbourg, looks Totaly Deprived of Any easily Accessible Public Transport visible on the spot, and is Surrounded only by a River Channel, a Public Garden, and various Offices, with Only a Few, Rare Family Homes,

on the Contrary, that 4rth New Islamic Mosque stands in the Middle of no less than ...Three (3) Stops for the City's Tram Network, (all served by 2 Differend Tramways, in Addition to Busses, etc), and is also Surrounded by a Large Concentration of Social Housing Big Collective Buildings, full of People, and is even adjacent to its Suburb's "Maison de l' Enfance", ("Childrens' Home").


However, it's by Playing the Music of the ...European Anthem, (from Bethoven's 9th Symphony), that the Christian Orthodox Russians welcomed Strasbourg's "Socialist" Mayor Ries, Today, for an "Inauguration" of, at least, their "Cultural Centre"s empty rooms, (some of which had Not even finished the installations of Electricity : See f.ex. relevant original Photo)...

It's not sure, however, that Mayor Ries might have heard a Similar "European" Music, earlier Today, wen he had Inaugurted, First of all, that Brand New, and Complete Islamic Mosque...

What is Sure, is that the Local Inhabitants, in that area of the City, don't seem Satisfied at all, for what was, in fact, Imposed upon them by the Socialist Municipality, without even Consulting them, or, rather, even Worse : - Against the Consultive Opinion that they had given, according to the Legal Procedures for such kind of things :

- Indeed, Both the competent, Independent "Citizens' Council" of that Suburb, (where "Eurofora"'s co-Founder was an active Member), and the whole Local Population at large, when Consulted by the Municipality, (as it was Legaly Needed), had clearly Concluded in favour of a Different, Initial Urbanistic Proposal, which had scheduled, instead of an Islamic Mosque, to build there a ...brand New Tramway Stop, serving a Great Number of surrounding Family Homes, and symbolicaly named after the World Famous French Writer  "Victor Hugo" !

On the Contrary, a Mosque had been Initialy Scheduled at anOther Location, far Away from most Family Homes, situated near a Socio-Cultural Centre, at a Different Block.
But, Afterwards, suddenly the "Socialist" Municipality Changed its stance, and, withOut ever Consulting this time, Neither the Citizens' Council, nor the overall Population of that Suburb, now it Changes everything, and the above-mentioned Mosque is, now, "Transfered" to another, absolutely Different Location : Right in the Middle of many Family Homes, side by side with the "Childrens' Home", and ...at the exact place which had been, initialy scheduled for the ..."Victor Hugo" Tramway stop (which is Cancelled and Suppressed) !

=> I.e., instead of having a New Tramway Stop ("Victor Hugo"), Near their Family Homes, on the Contrary, that poor Local Population is now Condemned to be Obliged, each Time, to Run Far Away, (among the Rain, Snow, or Heatwave, Cars' Dangerous and Polluting Traffick, etc), in order to Try to reach some Other Tramway Stops, located Too Far Ahead, or at the Rear, becoming Exhausted and Losing Too Much of precious Time everyday... But they would have, moreover, from now on, an Islamic Mosque right in Front of the Windows of their own Family Homes....

>>> Therefore, another obvious Question arises :

- What will happen Now with the Kids and Youngsters raised and/or living in such a Suburb ? Are they, perhaps, going to be "better" Integrated into France's and all Europe' s Socio-Cultural space by ... Losing "Victor Hugo", and finding only an Islamic Mosque, in front of their nose, everyday ?...

+ Speaking, some Months ago, to Strasbourg's Press Club, "Socialist" Mayor Ries, in Reply to a relevant "Eurofora" Question, boasted that, the main Reason for which, Compared to Brussels, Strasbourg had Not so Many Islamist Terrorist Attacks at its area, Neither so Many Islamist Terrorists, as thet were found to live There, was due to the fact that it was Only Brussels which notoriously had several Suburbs "affected by a Deep and Long Islamization" in Cultural Ghettos, while, on the Contrary, Strasbourg would be "Free" of such kind of Problems, since People living here would always find a much more "Pluralistic" and Balanced Socio-Cultural ambiance in all quarters of the City... Only some Socio-Economic Factors push, here too, towards a Similar Direction, but the Policy of the Municipality would be to Resist in such risky trends, Ries had concluded, i substance.
But, this too ...Idyllic Claim has now been notoriously Slamed by Hard Facts in Recent Developments as, f.ex. those which took place at the above-mentioned Suburb :

- Already Before the Completion of that Brand New Big Mosque, a Turkish Group had almost ..."Bought a Part of Strasourg City" there, as a Local Média denounced, (Speaking of Turkish "Schools for Imams", who, notoriously, are Not Independent Religious persons freely chosen by a Community, as it generaly happens in all Other Religious Groups, But only ...Civil Servants, chosen, Trained and Appointed by the Turkish Government itself, to the point that this inevitably provoked even that "Foreign Spying" ring, recently unveiled in Germany, where Turkish Imams were found, in addition to Turkish Consuls, to systematicaly Spy over, and try to intergere in the Lives of what they tbelieved to be "Dissident" or Politicaly Opposed Citizens or Critics of the Ankara Government, provoking an unprecedented Scandal).

As for 2 Small, pre-existing Christian Churches there, inter alia, they were repeatedly and in various ways "Aggressed", according to manifold converging denonciations, to the point that the Tiny Protestant Temple diminished recently its activities, comparatively to the Past, while even a Catholic Church there, had to ...hermeticaly Close its Door, and Build a gros Metalic Fence around its Building, in order to try to Protect it, but inevitably also Keeping more and more further Away from the Local People, almost Isolated...

Meanwhile, most of the Population which used, Traditionaly, tpo live in such Strasbourg's Suburbs, was, there, Pushed to ...Emigrate elsewhere, systematicaly being Replaced by another kind of Immigrants, more and more "Parked" in a kind of a Growing "Gheto"-like situation, to the point that, f.ex., in some Collective Buildings, the Last real French Couple of People, (that of an Old former Street Cleener, who Pointed Silently but clearly towards that New Mosque, when asked why he was Leaving), has already Abandoned its former Long-Time Home, in order to Escape somewhere in the surrounding Countryside...

Political Reactions among the few still remaining "Last of the Mohicans", were very Harsh, as it can be seen also by the Voting Results at the recent 2nd Round of the French Presidential Elections, back on May 2017, in Strasbourg City : F.ex., the French Citizens still remaining at those 2 Quarters which were the Most Affected by 2 more or less New Islamic Mosques, - those in the Southern, and the Western Suburbs, had, by Far, the Worst Electoral Results : Comparatively to all other constituencies, they got, indeed, the Most Abstentions, "Blank" or "Void" Votes, and/or Leftist or Drightist Voters... As for that Quarter which has now got even a Big, Brand New Islamic Mosque just opened, at Haute-Pierre's popular area, its Latest Electoral Results are probably the ...Worst ever seen, as long as Voting exists in Strasbourg City : I.e. an UnPrecedented Degree of "Exploding" Numbers in Abstention, "Blank/Void" and/or Extreme Left - Extreme Right (particularly that) Votes, to a Level never seen before...

To the point that, even the Long-Time local "Socialist" Politician, well known here also by his Father, in a 2 Generations-long and, until now, uninterumpted Tradition, was, Sudenly pushed to ... Escape by going Away, for the 1st Time in 2 Generations, to anOther Constituency, at the Other Side of Strasbourg City, (where Nobody knows in which Shape he has left his Former Constituency, there where another Brand New Islamic Mosque was Build, Completed, and just Inaugurated)...


But one may, legitimately, ask : - Where do all this Money comes in order to Recently Build so Many Islamic Mosques, and reportedly Plan even More (Comp. Supra) ?

- It's true that the Initial Project, at the above-mentioned Suburb, had been presented and promoted by a quite ...Sympathetic Morocco-origin Head of a Local Association, Together with whom, "Eurofora"s co-founder had Cooperated for Various Other Topical Issues of Interest to the People, inside the competent "Citizens' Council" in the Past, who had managed to get even our (and others') Support in order to Build a Mosque, according to the Original Plans (Comp. Supra).

However, after some Time, it had become obvious that this Association, composed mainly of Local People, had Not been able yet to Find here enough Money in order to Complete that Building.

A rather Similar Problem had been Faced, in the Past, even for the Creation of a 1st Christian Catholic Church at Strasbourg's "Haute-Pierre" suburb, the Majority of its Inhabitants having always been quite Poor People, and/or Students, various immigrants, (Europeans and Non-Europeans), etc.

But, that Problem had been, finaly, overcome in a succesful way, as a couple of 2 Eyewitnesses had earlier described to "Eurofora"s co-Founder : The Group of People who suppported that Project, more than 50 Years ago, had, indeed, Organized a systematic Fund-Raising Campain, whose Geographical Scope had been Enlarged also to the Surrounding Villages and Countryside around Strasbourg, until .. up to the Mountains, as they had told us. Indeed, given the Fact that Europe's Christian Roots are notoriously even Longer than 2 Thousand Years, it was Not so Difficult to Find quite a lot of People in a European Land, who would accept to Help Build a Church even for those who wanted, but couldn't yet afford to do that alone... So that, by Enlarging ths scope and Targetting well enough, a Solidarity among the People living around this Land easily raised a sufficient amount of Money in order to succeed to Build that Church, already more than Half a Century ago...

But, since the overall Situation was, naturaly, Different, in this regard, for a Minority of Muslim mainly Immigrants in Europe, soon, Despite a considerable Material and other Help already provided by Strasbourg's Municipality, (which gave Land and 1o to 20% of the Building's costs, etc), after some Years, it became obvious that the Association which had initiated the Project of that Mosque, could Not Find on time enough Money in order to Complete its Plans, so that a Semi-Build Construction had been, meanwhile, Stopped and Abandoned to the Rain, Snow, etc, without any known Ready Solution visible at the Horizon...

>>> Surprisingly, it's precisely, immediately After the January 2015 Horrible bloody Massacres of "Charlie Hebdo"'s Journalists, and several Other Civilians at a Jewish Shop in Paris, targetted and killed by a few Cowards claiming to serve the Deadly Islamist Terrorists of ISIL's atrocious BeHeaders even of innocent Civilian People, that, suddenly, Local People were Astonished to See, in that Strasbourg's suburb, a Strange Individual, apparently coming from the Arab Peninsula, and Wearing a long White "Djelaba", (Never seen Before, here, for Thousands of Years), to Rapidly have a Look at the remnants of that UnFinished Construction site, exchange just a Few Words with a small Team apparetly of that Local Association which had intiated the Mosque project, (all the Members of which were still Wearing normal European Clothes, without any Distincrive sign ever betraying in public their specific religious beliefs), and, Shortly afterwards, Run away, without losing a minute to discuss....

Later, we learned, by several well informed sources, that, in fact, it was a Representative of a Foreign, Non-European State, located Far Away from Europe in the Map of the World : that of ...Qatar !

Et, indeed, Qatar's Government would have Decided to intervene, inside Strasbourg, in order to Fund what became, Afterwards, a Brand New Mosque in one among the City's most delicate situation facing, Suburbs, as it was clearly Confirmed, later-on.

The Problem is not only that, in this case, Strasbourg Mayor Ries' declared Wish to see there a kind of "emerging, Modern European Islam", (as he had said to the Initial Team which had proposed that Mosque, -Comp. Supra-, speaking earlier, just after a short Press Conference on the spot, to Journalists, including "Eurofora"), appeared, from now on, rather Doomed, considering Qatar's reputation in favour of Islamic Fundamentalism.



The Worse, obviously is the Fact that Qatar is also, Widely Considered to have become, at least during Recent Years, a main Funder of Islamist Propaganda in the Médias, and even of Dangerous "Islamic Radicalism", as also USA's New President, Don Trump, has just Denounced in one of his Famous "Tweets"...

Moreover, it's well known that, according to several Specialized Experts' recent Reports, including many at Washington DC, it' from Qatar that come Many Foreign Funds even for various ...Violent Islamist Terrorists' armed Groups, including those of Al Queda, ISIL, Al Nusra, etc.

>>> And, Nowadays (NDLR : - Partly UPDATED), all those most Worrying segments : I.e., Qatar-Funded Mediatic Propaganda, support for Islamic Radicalism, and even for manifold Deadly Islamist Terrorists, (etc. : Comp. Supra), are Strongly Denounced even Openly, also by a Group of ...Muslim Countries, (such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, joined by Maldives, etc. who Decided to take a series of Strict Measures, such as Foreign Propaganda Media closing down ("al Jazeera"), Borders closed vis a vis Qatar, Airplanes prohibited, Ambassadors ousted, Trade with Qatar stopped, etc.

    When things have Reaches such a point, is it realy Justified, or Preposterous and Irresponsibly Dangerous, to Both provide Material Support and Legitimation or at least Cover-up, to Qatar's interference even in Europe's Heartland and crucial Funding of another brand New Islamic Mosque, in Strasbourg's too sensitive Suburbs ?  

    + Particularly when, already, a Growing Series of Recent Islamist Terrorists' brutal Attacks have cowardly Targetted and and killed a fast Growing Numbe of innocent Civilian People, Both Before, and shortly After that Controversial "Inauguration" of another again Islamic Mosque,

    including, f.ex., back on March 2017 in London's Westminster, on April 2017 at Saint Petersburg, in Stockholm, Dortmunt and Paris, and now on May and June 2017 in Manchester and anew (and worse) in London, etc....
    To put in a nutshell, it at least a Double Paradox, if not even a Dangerous Scandal, to Drop ...even the vivid Symbol of "Victor Hugo", (Comp. Supra),  for the sake of just another Islamic Mosque funded by Qatar !





(NDLR : Partly UPDATED).
("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be published asap).




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  Ten Years of ECHR : 1998 - 2008 show need of Revival in 2009-2010 coinciding with 2009 EU Election

A threefold, coordinated move by new Top French Political actors in the 2009 EU Parliament Elections, expressed in Strasbourg a will to boost Europe's Political dimension close to Citizens' concerns, going from protection of Economy to defence of Human Rights.    

The move met an exceptional ECHR's call for a "revival" of Human Rights' protection mechanism', in a Mega-Conference, early 2010.   

Obviously focusing on June 2009 Elections to EU Parliament, it involved from the outset the recently nominated "dual" Head of French Governing Party (UMP)  Michel BARNIER and Rachida DATI :


     - "As President Sarkozy has clearly said, we (France) are in favor of a Strong, Sovereign and Independent, Political Europe, which protects its Citizens, and not for a large Super-Market, nor for a Europe under influence",

    "This goes for everything, including Energy", added to "EuroFora" the experienced former EU Commissioner, Minister of Foreign affairs, currently of Agriculture and Sarkozy's new pick as Leader of the Governing party UMP to EU 2009 Election, Michel BARNIER                                              .                             

  - Human Rights are important because they are at the Heart of the Political Europe that we aspire for : I.e. a Europe able to act and protect its Citizens, stressed also the New French Minister for European affairs, Bruno LE MAIRE, while meeting Strasbourg's Journalists at his first visit to the CoE.   


This is one of the main interests for CoE, which is also a natural place for cooperation between EU countries and Russia or Turkey, which was recently helpful at the Middle East crisis, he added.

The move gained momentum with French Minister of Justice, Rachida Dati's main observations at ECHR's 5Oth Anniversary :   

- "While we are seeking Europe's Borders and Identity, you (ECHR) remind us also of its Values", Human Rights, Dati noted.   

Citizens seek more and more often ECHR's help, and the tempo accelerates, Europa awaits a symbol, while national legal orders are not freezed   

And she expressed "support" to ECHR President Jean-Paul Costa's call to satisfy the vital need to revigorate the PanEuropean Court by deciding big changes at a High-Level Conference open to a large audience, a kind of "Etats Generaux" of Human Rights, at the beginning of 2010.       


It's not so much the recently growing number of applications for Russia or Ukraine etc, which seems to be Costa's main concern : In fact, the cases declared "admissible" are much fewer...    

But rather the persistent violations of Human Rights, sometimes very grave (ie. murders, torture, abritrary deprivation of liberty, oppression of freedom of speech, destructions of homes/properties, etc), despite numerous, repeated condemnations by ECHR. So that CoE's Ministers, due to "supervise execution" of ECHR's judgements, are overloaded.   

F.ex. most Media noted that Turkey still remains, even in 2008, the 1st among 47 CoE member States in the number of condemnations by ECHR :  257, compared to 233 for Russia, with a population more than the double..    

The problem is that it's not the 1st time at all : During all the last Decade 1998-2008, Turkey was condemned by ECHR much more than any other State, and for particularly grave violations :   

- 1.652 condemnations, compared to 605 for Russia, 548 for Poland, 494 for France, 476 for Ukraine, etc.   

Italy's second place with 1.394 condemnations is a misleading false appearance : In fact, most of them (999) concern mere "procedural delays" in national courts. Same for France.   

On the contrary, Turkey was condemned 180 times for Killings, 192 times for Torture or Inhuman/Degrading treatments, 340 times for arbitrary deprivation of Liberty, 528 times for "Unfair trial", and 169 times for oppression of Freedom of speech, (etc). And the latest, 2008 numbers, indicate no change in this trend, (See supra).   

The current Spanish CoE Presidency (November 2008 - May 2009) has made of the implementation of ECHR's judgements its 1st Priority.   

ECHR's President, Jean-Paul Costa, stressed in its 2009 Annual Press Conference, CoE Member States' obligation to implement the judgements, according to Article 46 of the European Convention on Human Rights.   

Moreover, if CoE's Committee of Ministers delays to ensure implementation, then, the repetition of violations in similar cases provokes a multiplication of complaints tabled to the Court, which overload the mecanism for the protection of Human Rights, denounced Costa.          

A series of Debates on "the situation of Human Rights in Europe", focusing on the "need to fight against Impunity" of perpetrators of grave crimes, is  currently prepared by CoE's Parliamentary Assembly for the session of June 2009.  

The final Timing comes shortly AFTER the EU Elections, but the main Reports should have been adopted before.

Meanwhile, French President Sarkozy and German Chancelor Merkel's recent call "for a Political Europe" in 2009 EU Elections (See earlier "correspondence from Paris, Elysee Palace), seems more and more endorsed also by other EU Countries' Top MEPs :

Thus, f.ex., EU Parliament's 1st vice-President, Greek MEP Mrs Rodi KRATSA, speaking to "EuroFora", agreed that 2009 EU Election would be a "naturally good" opportunity to debate what really interests EU Citizens : "The Future of a Political Europe, able to face the Economic Crisis, with a Culture and identity which attracts the People"

(Photo taken earlier during Sarkozy's 1st visit at EU Parliament, in 2007 : Sarkozy and Merkel's Ideas for a Political Europe inspire also other EU politicians accross the continent)..


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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