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Schäuble on Mass Migration via Turkey +Murders : Understand the People and Revise Policy !

Written by ACM
Friday, 14 September 2018

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- It's by spontaneously pointing at the Spreading Deadly Attacks by Islamist Terrorists cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People throughout Germany and elsewhere in Europe, including the recent Murder of a Medical Doctor by a Somalian Mass Asylum Seeker/Irregular Migrant at his own Home City : the Nearby Offenbourg, shortly after earlier Popular Demonstrations against other Brutal Killings at Chemnitz, Köthen, etc., that Bundestag's President, Wolfgang Schäuble, suddenly became Thoughtful, and Changed Tone  :

A "Metamorphose" had just occured, Unexpectedly Transforming what had meant to be just a Routine INTW to a usual Economic Review on National and Global Finances' update,

into an Explosive Magma of Strong Emotion and Fast Track Lightnings of Genial Thoughts on Top Political Issues of Burning Actuality for that key Country with 90 Millions Population, right in the Middle of a European Continent Organized in a 350 MIllions Strong Collective EU Body, Navigating like a Ship at High Sea, through a Rocky Area, with the Responsibility of a Captain enTrusted by the People to Find the Right Way among Huge Waves and Threats to be again Attacked by Treacherous and Deadly Pirates, Protect it Bravely, Organise its own Defence, with a Sharp sense of Urgency, when innocent Human Beings, a Civilisation and its core Values are all at Stake, almost at the Same Time, in order to manage to Guide and Help Bring them at Safe Harbour...

For such a purpose, No more Time, nor Space for Long, Diplomatic Subtelties of Global Financial speculations (Comp. Supra) : On the Contrary, it had to be Short and Sharp, Crystal-Clear and Right on the Key Point, Practical and Motivating, Energizing and Reassuring, Able to Bring Efficient Results where it's really Needed :

- "We Must Understand the People !",

A Reference to "the Philosopher Karl Popper", served as Gateway :

- "Popper's Credo - not very original but Effective: The Advantage of Freedom Systems (in a Society) is that They can CORRECT their MISTAKES !", the Experienced Schäuble reminds.

He suddenly points High up to "the Future of Mankind", and Observes the Fact that "Soon, 8 Billions of People wil be Living on this Earth", among whom, "2 Billions in Africa alone".

=> Therefore, "In view of the Enormous (Population) Problems, we must Not Bury our Head in the Sand", i.e., "we (Europe) should Not Dig in Behind our Borders, But (we) Must Try to Answer the Big Questions, Together", he advises.

>>> Thus, "One Major Question of the Present is the Issue of Migration", Shäuble starts to Move that Press Interview as HE believes that it Should be done...

 - "Now, it's Not Only our new Partners in Central-Eastern Europe (f.ex. the Group of "VISEGRAD" Countries, etc), which Complaint that it's too Cumbersome"...

=> Therefore, "We Must take this Seriously !", he Urged.

- Since "Unfortunately, current (Migration) Policies are Not Sufficienty Good, also Nowhere in the West", the German Politician Critically observed, Pointing, f.ex.,, in this regard, to some "Choices of Donald Trump" in the USA, "or take the BREXIT" in the UK, "or (what he called) the Erosion of Democracy in (the Rest of) Europe", (etc).

=> Therefore, "it's Not Just to the East" of Germany (f.ex. in Saxony and/or Bavaria, where Popular Protests are more Lively), or Europe, (f.ex. among "VISEGRAD" Group Countries), because "We have it also Here", (i.e. at the West) : "This is, now, a Feature" of our Society ...    

- When an Establishment's Media's Journalist Criticises what he called "the Riots in Chemnitz", (i.e. the Popular Protests against the Brutal Murder of a Young German in Saxony, stabbed with Knife by 2 or 3 Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants from Iraq or Syria),

    then, Schäuble reminds also the Fact that, even "during the (last) G-20 Summit, held in Hambourg, (North-Western Germany : See "Eurofora"s relevant NewsReports from that G20 Summit, f.ex., at : ...), we experienced, then, Massive Riots" too...

    - "This applies ...Both to the North and to South Germany, also for the Old (Western) and the New (Eastern) Lander (Federated States)", he observed.

    - In general, "We must Stop to speak with Arrogance", (f.ex. towards the Eastern Areas), "Otherwise, those People Feel that they are No longer treated as Equal Partners", Schâuble warned.

    >>> - "Take, for instance, our Neighbours in Poland" : "Even if some developments in Eastern Europe might Bother me, then, I think :"

     - "Who are We, Germans, that we want to Explain to Poland (a.o.) How Freedom and the Rule of Law should be ?",

(he Criticized, using a Famous Expression of Pope Francis, and which could Also be used vis a vis several Displaced and/or Exagerated, Hypocritical Criticism of Victor Orban's Hungary, by some who, in fact, serve some Shady Interests : Comp., f.ex. : ...).    

    Poland and Hungary, as well as Other "Visegrad" Group, Central-Eastern European Countries, have, notoriously, been often Criticized for their Reluctance to Take, inside their National Territories, Islamized Non-European Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants who suddenly arrived massively through Turkey since 2015/2016+.

    >>> -  In fact, "it's very Important that we do Not Sweep the Problems Under the Carpet !", Warned Schäuble.

    - On the Contrary, we should "Take Seriously the People's Feelings : Something that we have Not Sufficiently done" until now, he Advised, (speaking Shortly After a Series of Popular Protests, f.ex. in Chemnitz and Elsewhere,     whenever Innocent Civilian People were Brutally Killed by "Islamist" Terrorists who cowardly targetted them also Recently : See, f.ex. ...).     

    - Currently, "there is no more Topical and Controversial Discussion than on the Issue of <<Refugees>> and Islam !", observed Schäuble.

    - "If" they (claim that they) "do not feel treated Fairly, we must Listen to them", he advised.

    >>> - But, "at the same time, We must Make them Understand the Rules by which, We Want to live in Europe !", he stressed.

    - F.ex., "the Rule of Law, Tolerance and Human Rights", etc. "Most People in the World want to go along with such Principles".

    + Moreover, even if "Migration Policy is not always in the Institutional Framework of (EU's) Lisbon Treaty", nevertheless, We (EU Countries) Need, f.ex., an "African Policy, and to Fight against the Causes for which People are Fleeing" from there. And "'there is a lot of Work to be done"...

    => But, "(as British Economist Paul Collier  shows), it makes No Sense to Include the African Migrants in Europe !", Wolfgang Schäuble Denounced.    

    - Certainly, "We (EU) Must Help those People who are in (Real) Need to come to us", (i.e. Real, Not Fake Refugees). "But, at the same time, We (EU) Must do more to Ensure that they have No Reason To Run away, any longer", he pointed out.

    => In practice, "this ... means that We (EU)May also consider to Help, in the case of one or another Criminal or Terrorist Regime in Africa, withOut using too much Force", the Top German Politician Suggested.

    >>> In fact, "the (African) Continent Needs a Chance !", Schäuble stressed. In order "to Face their Big Challenges by themselves", he urged.

    - Even if, "in the Short Term, it's about Saving the People who are in Life-Threatening situation in the Mediterranean" Sea,

>>> nevertheless, "at the Same Time, we must make it Clear that this is Not the Way to Europe !", Schäuble firmly stressed.      

    => Fustigating "the Cynical Business model" of "Human Traffickers"/"People's Smugglers",

he Clearly underlined that : - "Whoever realizes that he has No Chance to enter Europe, will Not accept a Risk to Die !" (by making a Dangerous attempt to Cross the Mediterranean Sea)...       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - But, "this can only achieved by Europe; all Together : It requires the Force of All" :


    - I.e., "Not just the Mediterranean Countries, Neither Individual Agreements with Neighbouring Countries, such as Turkey", around Europe.

    >>> - Also because those Individual Deals (as f.ex. with Turkey) "Need, by Far, much More Money than what goes, until now, in Development Aid, or Borders Security !", the Experienced, former Long-Time Finance Minister of Germany, Denounced...

    Indeed, Turkey (after a notorious BlackMail on Europe, back on 2015-2016, when Ankara had thrown against Europe more than 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, via its Smugglers and Land), has extorted from the EU more than 3 Billions €uros, in fuill Grants (Not Loanw), each Year !...

    + In fact, "every €uro Invested in Africa brings Much More Advantages, than what we Spend in this country (Germany) for Refugees", Schäuble concluded.

Debates with AfD = "Exciting" ?!...

    - The President of the Bundestag finds also that "its Debates have become quite Exciting", since it has "6 Factions inside", as he said in Reply to a Question on the Recent Entry of the Rightists of the "AfD" Party...

    - Indeed, "the Interest of the Public has Increased", Schäuble underlined. Thus, "this Parliament met one of its Most Important Tasks in the Representative (Democracy) System !".

    - However, "I would Not Speculate on what extent the Parliamentary Rules might have Affected this (AfD) Party" of the Rightists, he carefuly reserved his final assessment on that point...

Schäuble on "Feeling Threatened" after Murder in his Home Town !

On this occasion, Schäuble pointed himself at the Fact that, Shortly After a Long Series of Popular Demonstrations with Strong Protests for the Lack of Protection of Civilian People from Risks of Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks, when another Young German was Stabbed and Killed with a Knife by 2 or 3 Irregular Migrants from Iraq/Syria who had arrived in Europe through Turkey,=> it's also anOthert German, a Medical Doctor (who was even, reportedly ...Helping "Refugees"), that was Murdered with another Knife by another Irregular Migrant from Turkey, just a few Days ago, this time ...in the very Home Town of the President of the Bundestag, at Offenburg, Near Strasbourg !..


    - Indeed, Replying to a Journalists' Question about the previous Incidents at Chemnitz, (which is Located in the far away from here, Federated State of Saxony, (former East Germany), Schäuble pointed himself at the Fact that it's "Also in My Constituency of Offenburg, where the 1st Murder occured, in Recent weeks"...

    + Moreover, Here too, the "alleged Perpetrator was an already Rejected Asylum Seeker...", who had Not been yet Deported, Shäuble Denounced, showing that the Same Problem with the Killing of Chemnitz existed also in that subsequent Murder of Offenburg : I.e. that the Police and/or the Courts had Not yet managed to Deport such Irregular and Dangerous Individuals, with the Result to let them Free to Commit Atrocious and Brurtal Murders against Defenceless, innocent Civilian People, (i.e. the Same Problem as it had already happened even with that Horrible Truck Driving Mass Killer at Berlin's Christmas Market, a Year ago) !

    - "The Ridge is Narrow", commented Schäuble, in this regard : Even if "the vast majority of us are Willing to Help a fellow Human being – no matter what colour, religion or nationality", nevertheless, "When we start FEELING THREATENED, in Our Own Security", then, "it Becomes Hard (Difficult)", he Denounced.

    => Indeed, "the State has the Duty to Guarantee Internal Security !", even the President of the Parliament denounced...

    >>>This was, Indeed, the Number 1 Popular Demand of all those (Rightists and various Other) Demonstrators who have Shaken the Public Opinion and most Medias Debates in Germany during the Recent Weeks

:  - "We Want to be Protected and Safe !", said most of their Placards.

     - And from this point of view, it does Not Matter Whether you Live in Chemnitz (former Eastern Germany, at Saxony's Länder), or in Offenburg, (Western Germany, near Strasbourg...", Schäuble underlined.

    - "Because, ...this a Problem for all Germany, and Not Only for the City of Chemnitz or of the (Federated) State of Saxony" alone, he stressed.

    - And "Noone Disputes the Fact that Every Single Negative Incident (as those Brutal Murders) is Bad !", Schâuble concluded.

    + Moreover, the President of the Bundestag clearly Rejected, as irrelevant, the Claim made by a Journalist (of Establishment's Medias) that the Rightists of the "Alternative" Party (AfD) would be "Exploiting" "'all" those Murders, and even "Rapes" by Radicalized Islamists...   

    >>> - In fact, it's True that "the Mood of the Population is Tense", Nowadays, and this "is Due to the Developments in Recent Years", (i.e. since the 2015/2016 sudden "Tsunami" of 1,5 Million of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants thrown against Europe by Turkey, through its Smugglers, Schäuble acknowledged.

    - "Therefore, you have to Deal Wisely", with such Incidents, "Neither Dramatize, nor Trivialize", he advised.

    => - "Above all, we Need to Understand the People !", the President of the German Parliament Urged in Conclusion.



All this clearly slams an Establishment's Media's reported Claim (used as a Pretext for Censorship) that Deadly Incidents as that, f.ex. of Offenburg (Comp. Supra), would "not have a National/Federal Interest" (sic !)...

+ In Addition, it also clearly shows that the above-mentioned Problems have obviously reached a Level after which it's Not Credible, neither Sufficient at all, to merely Claim, once again, that all those Mass Migration Issues would be efficiently addressed just by another Promise to "Strengthen the Monitoring of EU's External Borders"...

That's obviously a Good Move, but it does Not Address at all the currently "Hot" Issues (illustrated particularly after this New Series of Knife Attacks) about People's Need and Demand, here and now, for "Protection and Safety" inside Europe, (Comp. Supra).

Chancellor Angie Merkel had revealed, a Year ago, that the Number of those Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, among the 1,5 Million who came, already since 2015-2016, to Europe through the Balkans Route after intruding via Turkey, but whose Demands had been checked and found False, so that they were ready to be Deported, was, in fact, quite Limited, almost Tiny, comparatively. And most among the Perpetrators of those Recent Murders had Not been yet Deported, neither detained, until they Killed innocent Civilian People.

Therefore, once again, here too, it's obvious that a Stronger Monitoring of EU's External Borders would be Good, but blatantly Insufficient, Nowadays.

A fortiori when "FRONTEX"'s Interventions are Limited, in real Practice, into merely practicing the role of a ... "TAXI", (as Italy's Beppe Grillo had notoriously Denounced about alleged CoastGuards, whose activities, in fact, are Limited into merely ...Helping Bring inside Europe even More "Refugees", withOut doing practicaly Nothing in order to Stop them. (As also Many relevant Press Releases about the Recent Activities of "FRONTEX" around the Greek Islands of Aegean Sea, Facing the Turkish Coasts, clearly reveal, since they only speak about the "Rescue" or Facilitation of "Refugees"/Mass Migrants to enter Europe through Turkey and via Greece, withOut even mentioning any Attempt at all to Stop Smuggling them !)....    

    These are obviously important critical points to take into account before final Political Decisions, f.ex. at the forthcoming Salzburg EU Summit Next Week in Austria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



(NDLR : Full initial INTW to "Handelsblatt", 13/9/2018, at : https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/bundestagspraesident-im-interview-mein-respekt-nahm-ab-wolfgang-schaeuble-spricht-ueber-sein-verhaeltnis-zur-bankenbranche/23054964.html)



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