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Sarkozy on ISIL Terror +SocioCultural Integration: Authority+Humanism. Calls People for Clear Change

Written by ACM
Friday, 04 November 2016

*Belfort/People's Home - Resistance Square/Angelo Marcopolo/- From the Beginning to the End, the Alfa and Omega of embattled Nicolas Sarkozy's message, this Evening, to the French People, at the Eve of Crucial Primary Votes for the forthcoming Presidential/Legislative Elections of April/May+ 2017 in France, was a Call for the People to Raise up in in order to Defend French a.o. European Values and their own Historic/Cultural Identity, i.e. an Existential Stake, currently Threatened, First of all from ISIL's Terrorist Attacks Killing even Civilians inside the EU, and other Islamic Extremist "Barbarians" currently Harassing the Society, but also from what he denounced to be a Laxism +... from Political Opponents, both in Mass Migration and Economic/Social affairs, avoidable only if 2017 brings "a Clear Change", (based Both on "Safety and Humanism", as he stressed), i.e. without any kind of "Gro-Ko" compromises and intra-Parties' Deals behind the back or the Citizens, as those which were Recently Droped by Voters f.ex. in Germany (particularly at Berlin), Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Iceland, and various other European Countries, (as he had observed earlier, at a landmark Speech in Reichstett/Strasbourg : Comp. ... + ....).



Significantly, the Experienced former President of France, recently Elected Head of Main Opposition Party "the Republicans" and currently Frontrunner Candidate for the 2017 Presidential Election, Chose to Launch Today's Call,  at a Symbolic area near Strasbourg :  in Belfort's ("Nice Castle") Historic big "People's Home", located in front of a huge "Resistance Square" : A spectacular overall Urbanistic Architectural Plan, (Popular Households included), Designed and Build at this Historic French Stronghold (former Long-Time External Borderline of the French Republic in the Past, with its Famous "Belfort's Lion" Monument), almost at the Same Era as Paris' 1901 "International Exhibition" and "Eifel Tower", as well as New York Manhattan's "Empire State Building", and Moscow's "Lomonosov" International University, etc, concluding at the Aftermath of the Victory on WW1, obviously Meant to Inspire an Exalting, Popular, Inclusive, High and Grandiose Feeling, opposite to the quite Morose, or Superficialy "Flat" Mood of many nowadays.




In fact, the embattled President of French "Republicans", is currently trying, (almost as USA's Republican Party's Candidate for the Top Job of New US Federal President in the period of 2017-2022, Don Trump, is, mutatis-mutandis, also striving to do, almost in Parallel, at Nortern America, since his Official Endorsement by the GOP last July 2016 at Cleveland, Ohio, up to the Final Vote, due in just 4 Days Later from Today : on November 4), to ensure a Crystal-Clear Political Change, a Full "Alternance", vis a vis the Out-going "Socialist" Government's policies, as he has already stressed, in his Recent Speech in Reichstett, near Strasbourg, and written in his Latest Book : "Everything for France", that he symbolicaly Started to Personaly sign and dedicate in Public meetings with the People, for the 1st time in down-town Strasbourg : Comp. relevant "Eurofora" NewsReports from Both these subsequent Events, at : ... + ...).


(President Sarkozy meets "Eurofora", Strasbourg, 10/2016)


On these two occasions, Sarkozy had, particularly, pointed, "a Contrario", to the Opposite, Counter-Examples, of the Astonishing and Unprecedented, Strong Popular Rejections of any kind of Direct or Indirect, Total or Partial, "Gro-Ko" formula, with various Counter-Nature, "Left"-"Right", "ChristianDemocrats"-"Socialists" Coalitions, in a Federal and/or Regional levels, mainly during Recent Elections in Austria and Germany, where everal Other, even More Crucial Votes are Imminent, during the Next 12 Months or so, (after also, Earlier in Greece, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithouania, etc). Berlin Federated State's (Region's) recent Electoral Results are Spectacularly Significant, in this regard, particularly in a Graphic published by mainsteam Newspaper "Die Welt", which clearly shows that the 2 initialy Biggset German Political Parties, which Historically Dominated the Country's Political Life during many Decades, were, Suddenly, Both Crashed, at the Latest, 2016, Lânder Election, where CDU and SPD became so Small, for the 1st Time in History, that ... almost All Other, Old and New, Differend Parties have now become ...Bigger than them, because Berlin People's Votes Now Transformed the formerly "Big Coalition" of the Past, into a ... Tiny Minority at Present, (almost as in Austria) !..




In an Historic, Unprecedented Move, (which was Proved Nowadays to have been really Premonitory), the experienced, Twice-Elected President of France, Jacques Chirac, had preferred to Cut Short his own Mandate by Sacrificing 2 Years Less, (i.e. serving 5, instead of 7 years), just in order to Avoid another "Co-Habitation" between the Center-Right and the Socialists, sharing the Prime Ministerial and Presidential jobs, as in the Past (1997-2002), by pushing, for that purpose, a relevant Constitutional Reform, for the period of 2002-2007, (instead of 2009).




But Now, the Situation has, in Fact, Become much more Serious than ever in the Past, since, what is Really at Stake, is the very Existence of a People as such, because nowadays France, (as well as most of the rest of Europe, mutatis-mutandis), is currently Threatened even by Physical Extinction, as it is Revealed by the Rapidly Growing Number of Many Victims atrociously Killed or Wounded, and the Terror provoked by Brutal ISIL Attacks, coupled with an Unprecedented Mass Migration recently, of  Differend kind than in the Past, while the Historicaly Famous "Integration mechanism" of France, Today, has rather Stopped Working, (at least Not at all as Efficiently as it used to be in a Glorious Past), and even Basic Education is in Crisis, provoking wide Unrest and violent incidents, at the Same Time that Aggravating InEqualities and the overall Economic Situation threaten the Middle Classes, Central Part of a Traditional "Glue" for a much Needed  Social Cohesion, for which, Basic Moral and Cultural Values, as well as a Common Language, (both Metaphoricaly and even ...Litteraly !), Together with an Indispensable, at least Minimum Public Ordern, have Now to be Urgently ReBuild anew.

=> Therefore, Sarkozy, Focuses, from the Start to the End, primarily, on Raising the Awareness of the People on the Fact that, nowadays, it is its own Existence which is really at Stake, in France, as well as in All Europe, (as also Pope Emeritus Benedict's latest Book warns, almost at the Same Time : See Infra) ; leaving for another, more adequat moment, the otherwise also necessary Quest for some Far-Reaching and Sophisticated Strategies, Prefering for now, a set of Hard but Simple Measures to be Urgently set up and Implemented, hic and nunc, in real Practice, asap., (Some already, right from the Start, i.e. Immediately after the Forthcoming May - June 2017 Elections in France : See Infra) ; Highlights the Horizon of certain Fundamental Moral, Ethical, Cultural and Legal Values and Principles ; Concluding, he stresses that his main "Message" is that, Today, what is Urgently Needed is "Both Authority and Humanism", (See Infra).


 - 'It's an Honor to be in <<the Home of the People>>", Nikolas Sarkozy stressed from he outset, as he Begun "Speaking to those Populations that I Love, I Respect, and whose Values I Share", while "I can Read Your History in your Faces : That of Hard Working Families". who never asked anything. 'Faced Challenges, but always found a way to overcome", as he characteristicaly said to an Enthousiastic Audience, that he Praised for its "Trust", because, "In order To Be Faithful, you need Courage, and Strength of character",


- "Very Frankly speaking, Everything Depends on the View that one has for the Situation in which France is Now".  


In fact,  >>> The Present Situation is Very Grave (Serious)" he Warned, with "Lucidity". And it's "Only if we look at the Present Situation with Lucidity, (that) we can agree on the Remedy".  => Thus, "the Moment for Diagnostics has Arrived, and Nobody can Skip it :

= >>> 238 Victims Murdered by Barbarians, in the Territory of France, during Less than 2 Years !", Sarkozy Denounced, as Number 1 Issue, right from the Start.  "... 238 Broken Lives.  Because, from Now on, throughout the Territory of the Republic, f.ex. :  (1) a Businessman may have his Throat Cut !   (2) - A Young Girl aged just 2,5 years old, may be Thrown Down, at a Sea-side Walkway by a Barbarian with a Lorry !  (3) - An Old Priest, a Brave Man aged 84 Years old, who Donated his Life to the People, may have his Throat Cut inside a Christian Church !  (etc). "If that's not Serious, then, what is it ?"

 - "If France is Attacked, it'is that some Think that we'd be Weak..."   But, "I do Not Accept such a Weakness for us !", "These Barbarians Must be Punished .... !",  Sarkozy Firmly Declared, Strongly Applauded by the People.  => - "It will be Us, or Them ! And, since it canNot be us, then, it will be Them... "





PARADOX of the Times :  No INTEGRATION ?

>>> But, "I see that Children Born here, in this Land, Educated here, given (French) Citizenship", are Less Integrarted, than their Parents, who were not even born (here) in France, Neither Educated here...", Sarkozy rightfuly pointed out at this Tragically aggravated Cultural "AppartHeid".. 

=> -" What Happened ?", he Questioned, (among Many People, spontaneously nodding that this Paradox of the Times, - Contrary to the Historic Reputation of France as "Land of Integration", for Centuries, in the Past, Now, it  became, unfortunatelty, very True, indeed...) - How could we Accept that ?", - "Here, in France !?...", he Wondered.



+ In these Conditions, "Speak about a so-called "Happy Identity", (as Alain Juppé, his main Competitor in the Primaries, former Prime + Foreign Minister, and currenly Mayor of Bordeau),         

"for 6 Millions of UnEmployed,  who See (comparatively Better situations of almost Full Employment in Germany, in the  UK, in the USA , etc..... ?", he Critically Wondered.   

-- "Such an Identity is Not "Happy", f.ex. for those (Industry) Workers of "ALSTHOM" who have been Betrayed by a Government, which Lied in the Morning, Lied in the Afternoon, and Lied at the Evening", (applause).


++ Sarkozy was Firm also on "Women's Rights" : They "Waited until 1945 and the General De Gaule, in order to get Voting Rights" in France, but also until the 1960ies, to get the Right to Open a Bank Account (withOut which, there is No Indêpendency), as well as up to the 1970ies and Simone Weil for the (Contrceptive) Pill, (etc).

>>> Addressing himself to "all the Parents of Young Girls", and "Thinking to My Own Small Girl", as he reminded, Sarkozy vowed to "Never Accept that the Equality between Men and Women Retreats even for 1 cm, just because there are some Medieval Barbarians there, who want to Close Women Behind "Burkinis", (Islamic) "Scarfs", "Burka", etc (Widely Applauded). As for the French Council of State's recent Controversial rulings, he advised for the Apointed Judges,  - "Less Studies, more Common Sense"....

- "Where are we Living ?" Accordig to some views, "Women's Body would be Diabolic". However, "I won't accept that, at the Seaside, while Men wear slips, Women should be Disguissed behind Burkinis. I won't accept for City's Swimming Pools, to have Separate Hours for Men and Women. I Refuse, for French Muslim Young Girls to be Obliged to Cover their Heads; I Refuse Imposed Marriages, Every French Young Girl should be Free to Choose her Friend, or her Husband, to Wear a Mini-Skirt or Pants, wheneve she wants. The Freedom to go to the Hospital without someone else imposing even the Sex of the Medical Doctor who will treat her ilness, (etc).  + But also in the (Schools') Restaurants, there should Not be 1 Table for Muslim Kids, anOther Table for Jewish Kis, and a 3rd Table for Christian Kids"...

=> "Here, we are Living in a Country called France. Not Elsewhere...", he concluded.

- "The point is Not to Accuse a Religion.  Everybody should have the Right to live with his Religion : That's a Secular Society : It's a Right. Don't Forget tha InFights of the Past, between Catholics and Secularists", he warned. "F.ex. De Gaule had to leave in a ¨Pension at Belgium, becaise some  had Closed the Private Catholic Schools in France !.. ", he Reminded.  - "Simply, we don't want an Islam IN France, but an OF France. (..)  Everybody must make an Effort"


>>> In general, "Since we are in a Serious (Grave) Situation, I will Not Accept to Prohibit certain Debates", Sarkozy reiterated, on a General Principle, initially anounced recently at Reichstett, near Strasbourg, (Comp. : ...).  

(1) F.ex. to Speak about Islam, withOut being automaticaly callzed "Islamophobe" ;  (2) to be free to Observe that (Mass) Migration has reached a point which provokes Problems, withOut being Called "Racist" ; (3) We have the Right to say that we don't want, No more Gangs, Hooligans, Rascals, Thugs, say it as you like : We can't Stand it No More !";  (4) => So that, "without being a <<Nationalist>>, we have the Right to say that France can't be the Only Country in the World which does Not Monitor its Borders"... Without being called "Reactionary", France should be free to decide who Enters and Who gets Out of our Country. (...) (5) + And, then, "as you know, I Believe into the Christian Roots of France (+Europe).. those "Christian Roots which are Deep inside the History of France (+Europe), he added.  (6) + => "National Sovereignity, National Independence, (and/or) what Americans are in the process of doing to Defend the Interests of their Country (USA), We, also, here in France, we whould be Able to Do the Same !" That last point, obviously pointed at Don Trump's currently Concluding US Presidential Electoral Campaign, which, despite a recent U-Turn towards Steadilly Growing up, nevertheless, it doesN't show yet to have reached a Decisive Breakthrough level, 4 Crucial Days before the Final Vote of November 8, Next Tuesday.

=> Indeed, "I Want to be the Spokesman of Deep France, of the People of France, who can't stand no more what they hear at the Radios, all Day long, and what they See, all Day long, on TV Screens"...

>>> Because, in Fact, - "What is at Stake, is about You ! => You should Speak out !", Sarkozy incited the French People, (who applauded)

=>  That's why, Nowadays, - "Change must be Strong, and Immediate". And "It either will be on 2017, or it will be Too Late", he Warned.

For that purpose, "We Need a Strong Parliamentary Majority,  able to clearly support the (New) President of the Republic", because "There are Huge Challenges and Many Difficulties".

 On the Contrary, the Outgoing "Socialist" PR, Francois "Hollande, was often undermined, because he remaned Hostage of some Small Groups, as f.ex., the Greens, Leftist, etc

=> But, "Tomorrow, I Need a Real Majority", Sarkozy stressed.

+ Here is also something that has Less to do with Politics, but more with Humanity : - I was often Betrayed in my life.  But, yet, I am Eager to TRUST (the) People ! To Attract People, to Gather People all Together, to make Openings, and to Enlarge their numbers, in order to Lead this Country", he pointed out, Applauded.

-   However, What can we do with idividuals such as Bayrou, who didn't even Vote key Reforms" for Change, "Not even the Prohibition of islamic Scarf inside Schools ?", (Sarkozy wondered, about a Flip-Flop Centrist Opportunist, whose Name provoked, in Reaction, an outburst of "BOO !" Cries by the People)...

>>>  Because, "We must Not Decieve on 2017", he warned.

-=> So, let's talk about "Hard Isssues" :    
Generaly, "many speak about "Participative Democracy", But, when it comes to a Popular Referendum, there, they (the Establishment) are  Afraid !", he Denounced.

>>> But, "on June 2017, I will ask you (French People) to Decide on the issue of Suspending Family Reunification" for more Non-European Migrants, he Anounced.

- Because, f.ex. "Africa will be Growing Fast", at least until 2030, and, already, the "Average Birth Rate = 6 up to 8 Children per Family" there..., he Warned, provoking a lot of Astonishment to the Audience.

- "I'm still Waiting for Alternative Proposals, from some "Friends", who are Opposed", (i.e. some Centrist Competitors in the current Primaries), but they haven't yet given any  Other idea in Reply...

- However, "IF we stay to a Status Quo => then, we going right towards a Catastrophe !, he Warned.  "That's the Situation".

- As for the "Jungle of Calais", ( a makeshift Shanty Town with mainly Irregular, Non-European Immigrants, particulary from Africa, but also Asia, etc. who Insisted to attempt to Reach the UK at any price, waiting near Manche Sea's Coasts for an opportunity), "it was Closed, afterwards ReOpened, Elsewhere, and so on", he observed, (amidst Bitter Laughters from the Audience)...

- "There were about 11.000 irregulars when they (the Out-going "Socialist" Govenment) Promissed to Empty it", he reminded. - "We should see what the UK could take, (f.ex. via so-called "Childrens" reunion with some Parents, who had arrived already in the UK; etc). "Then,  we should Check the rest, and either Regularize those who have a Right to do so, or Accompagny Back Home alll those who have No Right to be here" (in France)...

-  "But, on the Contrary, f.ex. only Last Night in Paris, at "Stalingrad" Subway Station, there were More than .. 3.000 Irregulars !", he Denounced, (pointing at a Scandal that Most mainstream Media had just Revealed Yesterday). + And "The rest is currently Disseminated (Dispersed) throughout all France"... => So that, "Soon, the Same Causes producing Similar Consequences, then we'll soon Find also Other such "Jungles" !", Sarkozy Warned.

- However, "Just Try to Send Your own (French/European) Children f.ex. to Canada or the USA, withOut a Job, Nor Money, neither a Flat or a Visa, and you shall see"....; he Joked with that Contrast, attractin a lot of Applause.

=> Voila, about Migration : >>>  We shal Re-Establish Border Controls", and more Widely speaking, "I Won't Accept such a General Loss of (State) Authority",  Sarkozy promissed.


+ Concerning SCHOOL Education, "Life is full of Challenges, But I Prefer to Tackle Challenges that we'll strive to Overcome, than just Skip them...", he pointed out.  

=>  "The 1st Decision that I Shall take, of Great Importance, will be that Any Student Preparing for College, who has Not yet become able to use not even the Fundamentals in Elementary Reading and Writting, will Not be able to Enter College", he Anounced.
This attracted quite a strong Applause, reminding, mutatis-mutandis, a Similar Issue which had been put, a few Years ago, to Referendum in Hambourg region, in Germany, when even Poor and Disadvantaged Families Voted in Majority for the Re-Establishment of Quality Controls, in a Desperate Attempt to Save  their Children from the Risk to fall in some ShoolRooms full of UnPrepared, Neglected and very Differend (in Culture, Language, etc), mainly Non-European Migrants, with such a Huge Gap, that this notoriously Blocked the entire Class, and Hindered All the Other Children to Advance normaly, Resulting in such a Waste, that it Threatened to provoke Serious and Irreversible, Negative Repercussions, that No Child could ever overcome in its whole Life, (or, perhaps, only when it would have become .. Too Late)..

-"Otherwise, Delays can be made Irreversible. It's better to Take the necessary Time, so that All Students arriving at College, at least can Master the Fundamentals of Readin"g (+ Writting), Sarkozy argued.

+ "The 2nd Thing : - I can't understand the Situation of Today, when just 4 Individuals may Block the Functioning of a whole Lyceum..

- Currently, the School Authorities can Only, either Exclude them, (at any case, they don't even participate to the Lecons : They just come whenever they like to Empoison the Life of those who Want to Work.. ), or they ask anOther College to do them "a Service", and they Pass them Elsewhere, (so that they now have 2 Colleges' places, for the Price of 1...)

=>  (a)  So, it's Better to do Otherwise :  "in each Department, we shall Build "Internships" with ReinForced AUthority, and we shall send there each Individua who commits Too Grave Mistakes in order to Stay inside the General Education course, and IF their Parents Refuse, then, all Family Allowances will be immediately Suspended" he anounced, (anew Finding a Positive Echo among the Audience).

+  (b)  But, at the Same Time, "since Women, even Family Mothers, are more and more Obliged to Work recently", Sarkozy promissed, for "All Children, to become able to Stay, Every Day, After School Hours, in a place where they can Study, do their Homework, and/or Prepare their Next Agenda, for several Hours, under the Care of SchoolTeachers", as he said, Attracting a very Loud Applause from the People.

- "It's not only a Social Measure, because there are Even several Middle-Class Families who Need some Help with their Children, and We (the State) must take Care also of them", he Explained.

This Double Move, was Typical of Sarkozy's current Approach, willing to systematicaly associate "Authority" and "Humanism" in order to succsfuly Tackle various Urgent and Hard Issues, as he stressed later-on (See Infra).

+ After that, "there are also those who are called "Drop Outs" ("Decrocheurs"), i.e. a Scandalous Reality of Youngsters (Teenagers) who suddenly "Disappear" from their Schools, particularly since the "3rd Class" (Bachelor Degree,  -3 Years), and we (the State) don't find them inside our Statistics, but Only when the Time comes for them to  Ask for the RSA (Minimum Revenue for Insertion : a Basic Subsidized Social Allowance)"...

=> He "Proposed", for any Youngster "between 18 - 25 Years who is Not Studying, Neither Training, nor even Working, without being Medicaly Unable to do so for Health reasons", >>> to "immediately depart for a kind of Military Service". (i.e. practicaly to Restore an Obligatory National Military Service, for all those Youngsters Aged Between 18 - 25 Years old, who Dont' Study, Neither Train, nor Work, without any Medicaly attested Health Problem). An Idea which was Very  much Applauded...

- "Then, they will Enjoy the Pleasure to Wake Up at 5 o'clock each Morning, the Military Discipline, with a great Capacity of Listening by Army Officers, (etc), he Joked, "as well as to Learn French and get a Driving Licence, if they wish, (etc)", he added seriously.

>> Today, "the Army is the Only Institution Able to put certain Youngsters on the road towards Social Integration, that they had Abandoned", observed Sarkozy,  widely Applauded, on an issue that inevitably reminds the Award Winner Italian Film "Padre Padrone" which descriobes the story of a Young Peasant who Learned to Write and Read only during his Military Service, and liked that so much, that he became, afterwards, a Professional Writer)... )




+ But, speaking always about Socio-Cultural Integration of Youngsters Nowadays, Sarkozy even went on to Link the very Acquisition of National Citizenship with a both Practical and Cultural Event of great Importance, Linking an Individual Person with the National Community, Basis of a Feeling of Common Belonging :

- "independently of the Color of skin, of Family's History, etc, => "Right from the 1st Moment that a Youngster becomes French, he/she immediately inherits the National Story (Novel), and becomes a Heir of (Ancient) Gauls". Indeed, "There are Not Differend Kinds of French People : "French History is like Belonging to 1 National Novel Story", he Highlighted, "Addressing" himself "to Gauls", as he joked with an amused audience...

 => - "But, from the Moment that someone Becomes French, he/she must Love France, Speak French, Respect France, and Live as a French , he stressed, Applauded.




 - F.ex. : >>> "My Father was of Hungarian origin. My Maternal Grand-Father was of Greek origin", reminded Nicolas Sarkozy, (a Personal Example of European Integration, his Wife notoriously comming also from Italy). If they wanted to teach me the Hungarian or Greek Language, that would have been a Family Choice.  But, I Leaned the French Language. Because it's the Language of the Republic".

=>  "And I Refuse, Today, for some to push, even inside our Schools, to teach (as Basic Language) anythibng Else than the French Language ! I don't want for our Schools to teach Other, Foreign Languages, instead of the French.  If some Parents want to teach to their Children a Different Language, f.ex. that of their own origins, that's a Private, Family choice.  But, in the Schools of the French Republic, at the Territory of the Republic, there is Only 1 Language : the French, and 1 National Community !", Sarkozy strongly underlined, triggering a prolonged applause).


+ Crossing over to Economic Issues, Sarkozy started by Tackling the Challenge of Socio-Economic DownGrading, by which are recently Threatened the Middle Classes :

- "Here, in this Room, you are Many to think that you live in Less Good (Worse) Conditions than your Father and Mother, and Fear that Your Children might Live in even Less Good (Worse) Conditions than you did. : That's called ; "DownGrading", he warned.  "F.ex., the Idea that our Parents were Proprietors of a Flat, but our Children won't be allowed to do so. And/or that, Each Child more, that gets a Flat, it will be f.ex. Longer than 30 Minutes or 1 Hour by Car, Further Away, Towards the Country-side", (etc)..

=> In order to Face that Challenge, inter alia, - "Taxes must be Lowered. Otherwise, our Middle-Classes risk to be Gowngraded or Lost, and this would be the End of French Economy !", Warned Sarkozy. Therefore, he Proposed to Boost Family Aid Jobs, (such as Care for Children and/or Elders), by Exempting them from the obligation to pay Social Contributions, and to Support Family Inheritance, by Excempting Families from Inheritance Taxes.

- (a) I propose for any Family who would like to Hire a Person in a Family Job, to be able to do so, withOut Having to pay not even 1 € in Taxes for Social Contributions : F.ex., Women who work, might need also to Take Care of their Children and Raise them ; several Families might need to Care for their Elders, who may have become Too Old to live Alone"
-  "And I'm among those who Believe that in really Civilized Societies (Civilisation means for..) the Parents (to) care for their Young Children, and (for) the Children, when they become Adults, (to) Care for their Old Parents", Sarkozy Highlighted. "I think also about Famiies with Handicaped members, etc".

=> "I don't want them to Pay Social Contibutions for these kind of Jobs, - which would, also, provide Jobs for People who are currently UnEmployed", he concluded.  


+°(b) Moreover, "I want for the Center-Right to Dare revalorize the word : "Property", i.e., for (private) Property to be Respected", he added.

 - "Be a Proprietor, is Not commit a Robery ! It's benefit from the Fruit of one's Work. Inheritance, mainly means that one had the Chance to live in a Family which Worked Hard. Many People create a Small Property because they aim for their Children to Start their Lives somewhat Better than we did, That's all !", he Highlighted, (obviously speaking here for Private/Family Consumption Goods, and Not for Big Capital MultiNational Corporations, etc).

Then, "Why shouldn't we be able to Tranfert to Our Children the fruit of our Life's work, withOut having to Pay heavy Taxes, in Addition to all thoses Taxes already Paid, for those Goods, during Years ?", he questioned.

- "Certainly, it won't be so easy to Fund such measures, and we might have, eventualy, to Work a little bit Longer, (f.ex. 37 or 38 Hrs/Week, instead of 35, etc)".

+ "I want also to Re-Establish the possiility, for those who wish so, to accomplish an OverWork, without paying more Taxes", he added, (as Sarkozy's Government had done in the recent Past, in a quite Popular move, Applauded also Today).

- "I would also like for the Pensions of the private and Public sector to be Calculated in the Same Conditions, because otherwise it's unjust", he went on to say, (apparently interesting a lot of People among those present, who reacted positively).

 - While also "Refusing a "Trade Union's Monopole" (alias known as "Closed Shop" principle) from the 1st Roud of Elections in a Compagny, so that "Freedom" could be respected". Instead, he added a Series of Converging References to various practical possibilities to incite People to "Work More and Better, by Valorizing that, instead of a Nivelling" it down, something that he found "Contrary to French Values".




+ Passing to "Security" Issues,

Sarkozy (an Experienced former JHA Minister too), observed that, "even if we augmented substantialy the Number of Policemen, Guards, etc, this would be Inefficient, at the End of the Day, if the Judges did Not Condemn those respobsible of Crimes to Jail", (a Complaint quite often heard Nowadays, not only in France, but also at Nearby Germany, and elsewhere, f.ex. as far as it concerns some Aggressions committed by certain Irregular Mass Migrants recently arrived through Turkey, etc., as if some didn't want even to speak or hear about it : F.ex. the apparently Scandalous initial Behavior of the North Westfalia-Rhine Top Bureaucracy vis a vis the infamous Cologne Massive Attacks by Mobs of Thugs against Isolated Young Girls and/or Women during the New Years' Eve, between a suddenly Blocked Central Railway Station and the Cathedral, overnight, Comp., f.ex., also : ...).

 - Starting by those who are Repeatedly Further Offenders, he reminded that he had, Previously, established a kind of "Top Ceiling Punishments", which were Abolished by the following, Socialist Government. "But, Now, I've found Better"  -From the 4rth Crime, Punishments would augment +25% more, automaticaly. For the 5th time : +50%. At the 6th = +100%", he Anouncd. Because "the Time has come to Realize the Fact that about 50% of Crimes (i.e. almost the Absolute Majority), are commited by just (a Tiny Minority of) 5% among Offenders : It's always the same !", Sarkozy observed.

=> As things stand Today, (i.e. after a recently growing number of recurring Violent Aggressions against Police Officers in France, even Women, in parallel with Teachers, etc), there is a Need to "Send the Message that Authority will Come Back in the Territory of the French Republic", Sarkozy firmly stressed.

- As far as some "Minors" are concerned, Many among those of 2016 have Nothing to do with those of 1945, (from when Date the existing Regulations on this point in France).
F.ex., in the case of those 2 "Minors", Aged more than 17 years, who Brutaly Crushed a Woman Police Officer recently, and, already had a very Long Police Record for their Past,  when a Big Guy of 1.85 m. High, was simply "referred to a Judge for Children", ... obviously, that will Not Change Nothing !", he Denounced, (lively Applauded by a lot of People full of Indignation). At another such case, soeone allegedly "Aged 15, who had been send into a Center of Reinforced Education for Children, after "Welcoming" me, (then President of France), with an abrupt; - "I don't dig your look, man !", we learned that he had already been Judged and Condemned for Theft with Violence, and even for Rape with Violence, as well as that it wasn't the 1st time : Earlier, he had alrzeady committed anOther Rape, ...when he was Aged 13 !...

If we let such Grave Incidents Continue, as if nothing was, this would inevitably mean that the Rule of Law gave up itself, it doesn't really work, and Abandoned the Victims ! Because a real Rule of Law has, First of All, to Protect the Victilms" of Crimes". Sarkozy Denounced.

=> A recent Multiplication of such Examples, show that, Today, a Reform is Needed on such Regulations (of anOther Era in a Past), he concluded.


On the Topical, Deadly Islamic Terrorism front, he proposed another Popular Referendum, for June 2017, which would "Authorize the JHA Minister to place into Administrative Detention any Individual for whom, the Intelligence Services would have Concluded that he is Dangerous", for Terror Attacks.

I'd prefer for the "Precaution Principle" to play for Your Protection (i.e. that of the People), instead for theirs, he resumed.

In this regard I'll never forget that Young Mother aged 23 at Nice, whose small Daughter had been Killed, in the Hands of her Father, by a Heavy Lorry of a Barbarian : - "It's preferable to Risk to put a Suspect in Administrative Detention for 8 Days, than let such Barbarians run in the Streets !, By the way, if having issued an "S" Card for some, does Not serve to Do Something, then, Why do these Card "S" exist ?  ", she had told me.


+ Concluding with "a matter which is very dear to my Heart, and linked to very Meaning of  a  Human Society and our Civilisation" :

- For me, it's Clear : Human Life must Always be Respected. It's Unique. It's a Divine Mystery, if you are Believers, or simply a Mystery, if you are not".

>>> "But the Most Precious Life, is that which Approaches its End", he stressed. Indeed, Human "Life must be even More Respected, then, than ever" :

- "An Elder, is a former Youngster. Someone who Loved, who Worked, who was Strong, and Served our Country. I don't want, for any Old Man or Woman, towards the End of his Life, to be Afraid and Die Alone, wondering if he will be Respected, when he would become Unable to get out of his Bed by himself", Sarkozy stressed. On the Contrary, "I'd like for the principle of Solidarity to serve for those who Need it more : Not just for those Drivers of Modern High Speed Trains (working by Electricity), who can get a Pension, as Early as from 52 Years of Age (sic !), as used to do, in a Remote Past, the Drivers of Old Trains, which worked with Coal and Steam.

=> "Palliative Care must be Developed, in our Society Nowadays". "I'll always Remember, f.ex. a Couple which told me that they were Living the Most Intense Months in heir Lives, when the Wife, affected by Cancer, and welcomed in a Center for Palliative Care, had been able to Die in Dignity, surrounded by the Human Love of her Family"

 - "A Society which doesn't know to Respect Elders and Suffering People, not even towards the End of their Lives ; As, also, the very Young Child, at the Beginning of its Life, (i.e. already as Human Embryo, since the Conception, at its Mother's Womb) ; or where Youngsters doN't  give spontaneously their Seat to Elder People, ... is Not a Civilized Society : That's what real Humanism tells us !", Sarkozy concluded.

A Society which does not Respect the Child, right from the Beginning of his Life (i.e. from its Conception at Mother's womb), and  the Old People, until the Natural End of their Life, is Not Civilized.


>>> "I want Both Authority, from one side, and Humanism, from another side, in our Society : That's the Message that I want to give", he stressed, (applauded).

In a Society, someone Must Take Decisions, and assume his Responsibilities, being Held Accountable to the People

=> "I Want Both  : Firmness and Authority, from one side, and Humanism, from another,  in the Society of the Future.

"That's the Message, that I want to give Today !"

=> What is at Stake is PEOPLE + their IDENTITY
In France, as also in All EUROPE...

>>> In Fact, my Friends : What is Really at Stake, it's all about You ! : (i.e. the People), Sarkozy concluded.

=> - "Let's Show them all, what it means to be the People of France, who does Not want to let  France (+ all Europe) Disappear !", he urged.

 - "You, who have Received from Your Parents an Historic Heritage, ... that you Want to Transmit to Your Children"' for the Future !

In Belfort, Now, it's obviously "called France", as Sarkozy stressed, just before Singing the National anthem song of "Marseilleuse", (that, Paradoxicaly, ISIL's Islamic Terrorism has made nowadays more Topical than ever... See : ...)


+  But, at the Same Time, almost entirely for the Same Reasons, while Returning Back Home to Strasbourg, crossing all along the Swiss and Franco-German Borderline Region of Alsace, as Sarkozy had Invited us to do Today, Nobody can Forget that, in Fact, this goes, in extension, for All Europeans :




Indeed, this has become almost a real Existential Issue Today, for French as All European People, and, mutatis-mutandis, inevitably Reminds somehow, at a much Greater Dimension and Importance for all, also what the Experienced, former Long-Time University Professor and Writer on Theology, Pope Emeritus Benedict, characteristicaly Replied, in a Both Deep and Emotional Way, to a critical Question raised by a collegue Journalist from Germany, about whether his Earlier Appeal for "a New Evangelisation" of Europe, Nowadays, wasn't, a little bit, "an Illusion", since (as he thought himself) "it would take Centuries to Re-Christianize the European Continent, ... supposing that this Might be Possible", as he speculated :

Benedict, in his Latest Book, (written around Spring 2016, and just Published on Autumn 2O16, placed under the Heading : - "Most Recent Conversations" ["Lätzte GeSprache", in the Original, in Deutsch, i.e. "the Latest Spoken Words", literally - that some, curiously, insisted to Alter into : .... "Last Testament" (sic !)]), Replied, mainly, the Following :

 - "We must never renounce, to announce the New Testament... "

F.ex., Already "in the Greco-Roman World, it appeared to be entirely Absurd, that a Handfull of Jews, leave their homeland in order to try to Win over to Christianism the wide Greco-Roman World", already "educated and intelligent".

And "there will always be some serious setbacks".

In particular, Today, "we don't know how Europe will evolve, nor in what measure it will always remain "European", if other Population waves restructure it", Benedict Warned,/

[ Significantly, he said that just after Europe was cought Unprepared by an Unprecedented in History, "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Million of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants through Turkey, predominantly Muslims from Asian and/or African Countries : Even their own Christian Minorities were largely Excluded, partly since they prefered to go to Lebanon, Jordany or Armenia, instead of Turkey, which also systematicaly Hindered Educated People to reach Europe, as EU Officials discovered too late. Even New Pope Francis, when he visited Mytileni also in order to Help 3 Families to find Refuge in the Vatican, was Obliged to take with him Only 100% Muslims, because the current Government in Greece, proved Unable to Find Timely at least 1 Christian Family, among 1,5 Million People who had been brought there by Turkish Smugglers !.. ]

- "But, independently of all forecasts of success,  it's absolutely indispensable to announce those Words, which bear inside them the Force to Build the Future, and give a Meaning to People's Lives", Pope Emeritus Benedict underlined.

- F.ex., "the Apostles could not make any sociological enquiry, (as ...pre-Electoral "Polls" ?!..) to find out whether this would work, or not. They couldn't but enTrust the Internal Power of those Words", he pointed out.

(...) "The New Testament's words may, naturaly, Disappear from certain Continents. We've really seen that the initial Christian Continents, Asia Minor and Northern Africa, abandoned Christianism". (In fact : Christianism was Violently Persecuted and Eradicated there, by Bloody Swords, as, f.ex., the Military Invasions and Occupations by the former Ottoman-Turc Empire have shown - but Not precisely "abandoned").

=> Thus, "It might also disappear from areas where it has been important". (I.e., nothing must be taken for given, not even in Europe, Benedict warns).

>>> "But, we could Never Stop from Proclaiming it !" And, moreover, "it could Never become InsSignificant", he Firmly Concluded.


In Other Works, and to put it in a nutshell, as even the embattled Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, had Earlier Replied to a relevant "Eurofora"s Question, on the sidelines of EU Parliament's Plenary session in Strasbourg :  

- "I don't know how Christanism might evolve in the Future in Europe. However, one thing is for sure :

- It's certainly Not our Job, as Heads of State/Government of EU Member States to ... Kill Christianism !", Orban had Strongly Denounced, (already as early as since July 2013. See :  ....)...






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    EU-educated charming young Chinese presence started to be felt in Council of Europe's corridors in Strasbourg at the aftermath of an Historic Resolution adopted by its Parliamentary Assembly in favor of opening the possibility to give China a special "Status" in the PanEuropean Organization.

    - "My proposal to offer to China an official status as "Observer", in short term, under conditions, was welcomed" by the CoE : "The road to Dialogue between China and the CoE has now been opened", declared after Strasbourg's debates and votes the Head of France's delegation, MEP Jean-Claude Mignon.


    "Neither complacency, nor a mere condamnation of China", but a "wise approach of a political issue of great importance", advised Mignon to all those who'd either overload claims on Democracy, Human Rights or Minorities, or close their eyes to anything, there as elsewhere... A balance which was not exactly followed during debates, contrary to Mignon's personal stance, which appeared rather even-handed.

    China is the only UNO Security Council permanent member which has not yet any status at the CoE, being still obliged to be represented in Strasbourg by a General Consul : USA and Canada, even Japan and .. Mexico, have already got a special Status at the CoE, following Strasbourg's decision, back in 1995, to counter-balance the accession of Russia (1996) by creating special links to traditional "Western-world" allies.


    All former "Socialist" Eastern European countries started to have relations whith the CoE through its former sector on Culture and Education, before becoming full Members of Strasbourg's paneuropean organization. Speculations were unfolding recently about establishing a probable concrete link with China through the topical issue of anti-doping in Sport, on the occasion of the 2008 Olympic games.

    More spectacular, a meeting co-organized a few years ago in Strasbourg, by EuroFora and the International Space University between EU Parliament's long-time Rapporteur for EU's Satellite Navigation system "GALILEO", German MEP Brigitte Langenhagen, and a group of postgraduate students, attracted special interest from Chinese experts, and was followed, in less than a month, by the anouncement of China's intention to support EU's GALILEO project with a participation of 200 million €.

    Compared to that, revendications of .. "Turkish" Minorities, by Turkish MEPs, this week in Strasbourg, spreading through a wide area extended ...from Greece up to China, appeared less worrying, than pittoresque...

    Meanwhile, France's political will to start involving China and other important countries in European and Global affairs was due to be raised also at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Japan by President Nicolas SARKOZY, (NDLR  : confirmed on July 5)


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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