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Sakharov Prize Sentsov to EF on 2014 Kiev shots: Investigation ended : No Snipers. +CoE Reaction.

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 26 November 2019

*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- In a Press Conference with EU Parliament's President David Sassoli, the Sakharov Prize Winner, Ukranian Film-maker and former Prisoner Oleg Sentsov, who was Freed in an Exchange of Inmates with Russia, Replying to an "Eurofora"s Question, claimed that, at last, the Long-Awaited Investigation on those infamous Deadly "Snipers" notoriously suspected to have Killed both Demonstators and Policemen at Kiev on 2014, in order to Drop an EU-sponsored Deal for Peacefull Change, would have practically Finished, Nowadays, while also, allegedly, proving that, in fact, there were No Snipers at all Behind those First Killings, but only some Security Agents of the Previous Regime, according to his sources, (See Infra).

- Reacting, almost Immediately, the Experienced CoE's Director General for Legal and Human Rights issues, Christos Giakoumopoulos, (who has Also a unique Experience on these matters, as former Envoy of CoE's Secretary General to Ukraine), told "Eurofora" that, apparently, the CoE has Not yet been officially Informed about such an eventual development, at least not at his knowledge, as things stand at this moment.

- But, even before he makes a relevant Enquiry Now, to be sure, he did not exclude, eventualy, that Sentsov might, Perhaps, have some Faster Input from Kiev Nowadays, as sometimes it happens, in practice, f.ex. through involved Lawyers, (as, indeed, the Ukranian Film-Maker told "Eurofora" Today : See Infra).

 - As far as it concerns CoE's expectations from any such Investigation, and How it should be conducted according to ECHR's Standards, the PanEuropean Organisation of Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law sticks to the relevant Concrete Observations and practical Suggestions, already made, in a Crystal-clear way, by former ECHR President, and Chair of CoE's High-Level Group on Ukraine, Sir Nicolas Bratza, the competent COE's Director General Giakoumopoulos also told us now.



- "Eurofora" asked, from the outset, to be Excused for Raising "a Hard Question, both Human and Political" :


- "At the Beginning of Ukraine's Tragedy, there were Killings of Many Ukranian People, from Both Sides", we Reminded. "It seems that, according to a CoE Report supervised by former ECHR President Sir Nicolas Bratza from the UK, an Investigation to Find out Who was Behind those Mysterious "Snipers", as they are called, who Killed, behind their back, (NDLR: Symbolic Expression on Betrayal of Trust : In Fact, the Suspected Hotel Building was Aside the Victims, but apparently from their Political side), both Demonstrators and some Policemen, in order to Provoke a Blody Conflict, has Not been done, Until Recently"."At that moment (2/2014), there was a Peace Plan, under EU Auspices, signed by Everybody, (even by someone who became Prime Minister after the Uprising and Change of Regime), about Amnesty, National Unity Govenment, Elections, etc. to Prepare a Peaceful Change", "Eurofora" observed.


=> - "What's Your Position, about that,  from the Overall Ukranian point of View, European, and Human, also ?", we Asked Sentsov.



- "Our Position regarding Exactly What ?" "What Exactly ?", he Wondered, Concretely speaking.




- "About whether the Investigation on Snipers, which has not yet been fully done, according also to the CoE (Comp. Facts cited Supra), should go on, and Find all those who Killed these People, and Why", "Eurofora" simply Replied.


- The First Reaction of the 2018 Sacharov Prize on "Freedom of Thought" winner, Sentsov, astonishingly was to immediately Claim that "I think I Understand": Such (frequent) Press "Questions Seem to be formulated by using Slogans of Russian Propaganda" (sic !). "And I don't know ...about Snipers Killing behind the Back of the People" (etc: Comp. Supra). "Russia has been getting on about that for 4 Years !", he found.


- "Eurofora"s main Sources are the Official Strasbourg Report and subsequent Kiev Press Conference, by the Head of CoE's High-Level Group on Ukraine, and former ECHR President, Sir Nicolas Bratza. A notoriously Leaked Phone Conversation of Estonian former Foreign Minister and Liberal MEP, Urmas Paet, with former EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, whose "Accuracy" was Confirmed, according to Mainstream Press, as UK's "Guardian", etc. As well as eventually added also to some relevant Mainstream German Big Medias' Press Enquiries on the spot in Kiev.

+ Recently, it's even the Famous, (Unique to have been Jailed Both in Russia and in Ukaine !), former Ukraine's "National Heroe", Nadeza Savchenko, who has Claimed that she Knew a pro-Kiev Politician to have pushed "Snipers" to Shoot Demonstrators and/or Policemen, back that Crucial Night of February 2014, after what, she was Suddenly Striped of her MP Immunity, Arrested and Jailed, under obviously Fallacious and/or Exagerated Accusations, until she was Freed when New Ukranian President Zelensky brillantly Won the 1st, decicive, Round in the Latest Elections, (See, inter alia, also : ..., etc).

Last, but not least, the above-mentioned Question by "Eurofora", (about the Need to Complete the Investigation on Kiev's Deadly "Snipers", at a Crucial Historic Moment : Comp. Supra), was Voiced after EU Parliament's President, David Sassoli, (a former Journalist himself) had Insisted Twice to let as Speak, clearly pointing towards "Eurofora", as Ebs' Video clearly shows.

- President Sassoli, (who had Also Strongly backed Ukraine's Territorial Integrity and Sentsov's Fredom), had, earlier, found that "it would be Nice", "if We (EU) improved Dialogue with Russia", "if  there were Available People for that", as he said as a matter of Principle.



 - In fact : That "INVESTIGATION IS OVER !" Sentsov suddenly Claimed in Reply to "Eurofora"s Question, surprisingly

- Indeed, "Trials are under Way, for those who have been Convicted", he added.

- "This is the so-called "Special Forces" Compagny, called "Berkut", included", according to Sentsov, pointing Only at the Previous Regime (of Yakushenko).


 - Moreover : "This is NOT "SNIPERS", but Machine Guns, Kalashnikofs, Operating from Short Distance", Sentsov Claimed, on a Crucial Factual Point.

+ "It Includes B, + S, [NDLR: Names pending Clarification], who came to Our Side and Helped us set Free our Activists", he added.  

- "She ("S": Comp. Supra) was my Defense Lawyer, when I was held in Custody in Ukraine", he reminded.

 - "Now she is Lawyer for all those People who Fell Victims", Sentsov claimed, (but withOout Certainty, yet, that this might really include Also many Former Policemen suddenly Killed then : Comp. Supra).

 - "I Saw her, and she Explained me all things, in Detail. all the Experts' Opinions". And "I Trust her, Fully", he stressed. :

=> There were No Shots in the Back of Protestors. All People Killed were Murdered with Shots from the Front ; From Machine Guns of the Spccial Forces, from Kalashnikofs, you see those People with Black Clothes and Yellow  bands. The Distance wasn't very far, and all Experts have s.. [NDLR: Point to Complete asap].

 - For the Time being, "We have some Internal Procedures : That's why the Investigation has Not been Finalized", he Tried to Explain for the 2014-2019 Delay.

 -  "But, as far as I am Concerned, I am Convinced that it will be done Appropriately !", Sentsov Hoped, in Conclusion, of his Reply to the above-Mentioned Question by "Eurofora", (Comp. Supra).



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