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New Big East Region Prefect Fratacci to Eurofora: Strasbourg as Geneva, St Petersburg, NY, Shanghai?

Written by ACM
Thursday, 28 January 2016

 *Strasbourg/Press Club/Angelo Marcopolo/-  "Eurofora" asked Prefect Stephan Fratacci, (who represents the French State throughout all Alsace, Lorraine, and Champagne-Ardenne, alias : ACAL), whether France wished, or not, for Strasbourg's "Euro-Metropole", sooner or later, a similar Development, mutatis mutandis, to that of Geneva, Saint Petersburg, Sudney, New York, and/or Shanghai, etc., i.e. of International, Non-Capital, Cities.

After a throughtful moment, Fratacci carefuly started to give a Positive Answer to the main thrust of "Eurofora"s Query, with Concrete Specifics :

    - 'This is, in fact, a quite Large Question", and the issues concerning Strasbourg's "EuroMetropole" are very Important, particularly when it comes to its Promotion and Notoriety, dominated mainly by matters related to the European Institutons, but also Transports, Economy, etc, he stressed from the outset.



    >>> - "Indeed, there are Several Elements of What You Say (i.e. a Geneva/St. Petersburg/Sudney/N.Y./Shanghai logic of development) inside the 3 Years-Plan Contract regularly concluded between the French State and Strasbourg's "Euro-Metropole"", particularly concerning the European/PanEuropean Institutions, Transport links, Culture, Economy, etc., the Prefect of the New Great East Region replied in substance to "Eurofora"'s question.

    In fact, the main thrust of that Promotion depends on the "EuroMetropole" itself, (i.e, practicaly its current President, Robert Herrmann, who has already expressed to "Eurofora" his Interest for the suggested orienttion, towards a comparative study and creation of network links between INCC, Comp., f.ex. : .....), but the French State, indeed, helps and facilitates that, he concluded.

    Fratacci was speaking at a Meeting with Journalists organized by Strasbourg's Press Club on the Prospects opened afte the entry into force of the New, Greater East Region, (which Extends to former Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne -Ardennes, Linking Together the Borders of 5 Europen Countries at EU's core: France, 2 German Federated States (Laender), Luxembourg and Belgium). Strasbourg was officialy chosen to Host the Administrative and Political Headquarters of  that New Super Region, whose Presidency was recently won, in a Politically Hard-Fought Election by ChrisianDemocrat/EPP former Minister, Philippe Richert, aware of, and interested in such a Potential, (Comp. relevant Richert's Replies to "Eurofora" recently, f.ex. at: ...)






("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, may be published asap).


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    Strategically located between Paris and Prague, Strasbourg offered a natural location for the French and Czech EU 2008 and 2009 Presidencies to tune their agendas for a resolute European move towards Renewable Energies, during an exceptional Joint Parliamentary meeting on "Energy and Sustainable Development", co-organized here by the Presidents of EU Parliament, Hans Gert Poettering, French National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, and Senate, Gerard Larcher, on November 20 and 21.

    Concluded by a busy-looking French super-Minister of Energy, Environment and Regional planning, Jean-Louis Borloo, the exceptional gathering of Top MPs from all 27 EU States' Parliaments hoped that a Ministerial meeting prepared by Borloo, will pave the way to an overall agreement at the level of EU Heads of State and Government Summit chaired on December 2008 by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, allowing the next EU chair, the Czech Republic, to start working from the beginning of 2009 on concrete measures.   

Speaking to "EuroFora" President Accoyer resumed the general feeling by stressing that "Europe has no Oil-Gas resources, but an important Scientific-Technologic potential. Therefore, we must develop Renewable Energy sources". "Since the Sun is the most abundant and free RES,  we must do the outmost to boost Solar Energy" solutions, he added, at the eve of a special meeting on Solar energy and the Mediterranean organised by Borloo on Saturday.     

Oil-gas supplies' security and diversification were also examined by the EU gathering, after which, President Accoyer replied  to our question on risks of long, expensive and fragile pipe-lines' projects, crossing through foreign countries out of the EU, compared to new possibilities for Sea and River Ship direct EU transport even of Gas, thanks to New Liquification technologies : - "We have just écreated the Union for the Mediterranean for concrete projects like these", Accoyer stressed, speaking of Sea-River Ship Highways, fundeable under EU's TENS programs.     

 Rapporteur on "Energy innovation and sustainable development", Dr. Bedrich Moldan, vice-President of Czech Senate's Environment and Regional Development Committee, added that Climat issues, price uncertainties and diminution of accessible Fossil energies, played together with EU's RST potential in order to make RES both a need and "an opportunity". However, in cases as "Solar Energy, even if the main Scientific ideas are already here, we have to make some technologic breakthroughs in order to find how to produce it on a large scale, store and transport it", Dr. Moldan added to "EuroFora".     

Czech interest for RES was also expressed, earlier in Strasbourg, by Jan Kohout, the deputy Minister pf Foreign Affairs who participated to a workshop on "Renewable Energies" organized by the French EU 2008 Presidency : - "The focus is on Development", he told us.    

On this and other RES issues, Dr. Moldan anounced the Czech EU 2009 chair's intention to organize an important 2-days Conference on Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development late January 2009 at nearby Prague.                


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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