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Pope Francis slams Risks for Technocratic Production of Children+Abuse of Human Lives as Guinea Pigs

Written by ACM
Saturday, 15 November 2014

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- In a couple of interesting, sharp and lively Statements, at a Crucial period for Humankind, Pope Francis slamed various attempts to artificially create Children, considered as objects on which some might have "Rights", as well as recently growing Risks to abuse of Human persons for Controversial "Experiments" and other "Tests", under pretext to exploit them for the benefit of Others. "Euthanasia" and Abortion were also criticized in the same thrust :

- " Is it a Religious problem?” No, no. It is Not a Religious problem. “Is it a philosophical problem?” No, it is not a philosophical problem. It’s a Scientific Problem, because there is a Human Life there, and it is Not Lawful to Take out a Human Life to solve a problem", he explained.  Because, "in Ancient thought and Modern thought, the word “kill” means the same thing"

 - "The Dominant thinking sometimes suggests a "False compassion", that which retains that it"  would be "Scientific Breakthrough to "Produce" a Child,  and to consider it to be a Right, rather than a Gift to Welcome; or to Use Human Lives as Guinea Pigs presumably to save others", Pope Francis reportedly denounced, according to official Vatican's sources, speaking to a gathering of Christian Catholic Doctors.

+ At the same time, while "due to scientific and technical advancements, the possibilities for physical healing have significantly increased", nevertheless, ; and yet, "in some respects it seems the ability to "take Care" of the Person has Decreased, especially when he is sick, frail and helpless", he criticized.

 - In particular, "we are living in a time of Experimentation with Llife. But a Bad experiment : Making Children, rather than Accepting them as a Gift", i.e., in short : , - "Playing with Life", Pope Francis Timely denounced.

=> "Be Careful, because this is a Sin against the Creator: against God the Creator, who created things this way", he urged, using the typical Christian metaphore which considers especialy the essentials of Human Nature as Sacred.


Already, the masterpieces of World Famous Brittish Writers Aldus Huxley ("Brave New World"), and Wells, (both inspired by the Russian dissident Eugeni Zamiatin's pioneer story "We"), had described the "Hell" that could become some UnDemocratic Societies if Centarly Plannesd, Artificial Procreations of Human Beings supplanted the Natural Births of Children by Natural Families, composed by a Man and a Woman. 



+ Many mainstream American Media, (from the CSM to the AP, etc), interpreted Pope Francis' key sayings also as a Plaidoyerie against Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryo, obviously Dangerous for all Humankind : - "He also condemned ..., in vitro fertilization (or "the scientific production of a child") and Embryonic Stem Cell Research (or "using human beings as Laboratory Experiments to presumably save others)", they wrote.


In recent years, similar Problems were raised by the Risks to submit a regular flow of Hundreds of Thousands of Artificial Procreations of Human Beings to the Power of a Technocratic Lobby, with obvious Dangers for all Humankind, if the Controversial and Unpopular "Same Sex Marriage" is spread further, sometimes even with "Adoption" of Children submitted to the Power of Homosexuals, and theatening also to Massively allow the Atrocious Exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers", added to Massive Artificial Procreations of Human Beings, via "Pre-Natal Tests", "In Vitro Fertilisations","Embryos/Sperms Banks", etc., given the Impossibility for all Homosexual couples to have Natural Births, which can only be obtained by Natural Families, composed by a Man and a Woman, (as is the case for many Thousands of Years, as long as the Human Race exists in History).

- However, "the achievements of Science and of Medicine can contribute to the improvement of human life to the extent that they are not distanced from the Ethical root of these disciplines", he warned, calling  conscious Doctors to be "Committed to live your profession as a human and spiritual Mission, as a real lay Apostolate", as he said.

Thus, Pope Francis praised, instead, those Doctors who "Love ... Life and seek to Serve it in its Dignity, Sanctity and Inviolability".

- "the Compassion of the Gospel is that which accompanies in times of Need", as "the Good Samaritan, who "provides concrete help . Your Mission as Doctors puts you in daily Contact with many forms of Suffering". I encourage you to take them on as "Good Samaritans", Caring in a special way for the Elderly, the Infirm and the Disabled. Fidelity to the Gospel of life and "Respect for Life as a Gift from God, sometimes require Choices that are Courageous and go Against the Current, which ...may become points of Conscientious objection. And this fidelity entails many social consequences.

=> In fact, "the most Effective method in Caring for the sick, would simply say: "Put more Heart into those hands." Put more Heart in these Hands! This is also my Hope", he concluded.

By doing so, Pope Francis obviously strengthens a Bridge (already launnched since Spring 2013, Comp. : ....),   towards his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict's struggle, (crystal-clear mainly at his 2009 Encyclic "Caritas in Veritate" and at  a landmark Speech at the Bundestag in Berlin, September 2011, which practicaly launched a"Human Ecology" movement, but even at its Last Official "Prayer" the Day of his Retirement,  Comp. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/lombardibundestagpopespeech.html   + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/lombardionbenedictcontacts.html , etc), with whom he doesn't hesitate to examine together certain issues, as he recently revealed to the Press, at a Timely moment, when he has just started to review a Draft on his forethcoming New Encyclic on Ecological values, (including about Human beings).

+ Meanwile, in a last minute change, the incoming Presidency of the CoE by Belgium has just anounced, during vice-Prime Minister Didier Reynders' trip in Strasbourg (Comp., his Statements to "EuroFora" at the occasion of CoE's Ministeriak Session at : ......), its intention to organize in Brussels an important PanEuropean Conference on the Ethical issues raised by a several Emerging new Bio-Technologies, from Genetics up to the Brain, etc, (See earlier INTW of CoE's BioEthical Experts Committee's - CDBI's- Chairwoman to "EuroFora").





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