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Popular struggles for Natural Family raise Questions on Crucial Christian Bishops' Synod at Vatican

Written by ACM
Monday, 06 October 2014

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- While speculations are growing on what might be the main Issues of the exceptional Addresses that Pope Francis intends to reportedly make to the European People, as well as to the PanEuropean Community of Officials on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, during his forthcoming Double Visit to EU Parliament and Council of Europe, respectively, on November 25 in Strasbourg, (the first since the 1988 Historic trip of late Pope John-Paull II, at the eve of Berlin Wall's fall, 25 Years ago), a parallel series of related recent developments already points towards, if not all, at least some among the unavoidable crucial  and topical points :

    Indeed, just a few Hours after Hundreds of Thousands of People in France actively confirmed,  Sunday in Paris and Bordeaux, their persistent concern for continued Threats against Natural Family, Births and Rights of Children, calling to prolong and develop further an unprecedented Popular Uprising for BioEthical Values in Modern Society, which has already notoriously mobilized Millions of Citizens,  even despite a surprizing Police Violence several times, (²that the CoE officially condemned in a Resolution of June 2013 and is currently Monitoring through 2014 for Report on 2z015),

    while a Majority of only 3 or so - appointed, and never elected- Federal Judges overthrew with a shrug more than 5 States' Constitutional Guarantees² in favor of Natural Marriage between a Man and a Woman, due to give Natural Birth to Children, despite their Adoption by many and Strong Majority Populazr Referenda after various and continuing Popular Struggles accross the USA,

    shortly after a September 2014, mainly Religious World event in Moscow, (where the USA-based "World Families Congress" had initially scheduled its 2014 Annual International Conference, dedicated on "Natural Family", which was Hindered, against its wish, curiously becoming the 1st real Victim of "Sanctions" imposed by President Obama "against Russia"), launched a vibrant "Urgent Appeal to the Nations of the World", denouncing an "unprecedented ... Campaign, ... leading to the ultimate Destruction of Natural Family", Contrary to the fact that "the Preservation of ManKind is Based on ... Marriage between a Male and a Female, and the Children Born to them", as "Foundation of Human Life...and Civilisation",


    at the Vatican, surrounded by an Extraordinary Synod of Bishops fro²m all over the World precisely on Family, (preceded by a moving Popular "Prayer for all" last Night at Saint Peter's Square), Pope Francis invited all concerned to "Speak Clearly", with "courage" and "parrhesia"  :

 - "Because it is necessary to say everything that in the Lord we feel must be said", after "listening with humility, and accepting with an open heart all that our brothers say", according to his words.

    Let it be so, at least on certain key points of particularly crucial substance Today.

    Even if unforseen events made so that now, precious productive Time lacks for this an²d other major urgencies, more than initially expected, while various unfors²een Obstacles hindered "EuroFora" both to Timely open at our MultiLingual Forums a relevant Debate, and even to be actively Present in Rome these Days, (on tzhe occasion also of an exceptionaly important CoE gathering there around the "Venice" Commission on Constitutional Law, Democracy and Human Rights, due to adopt also a crucial Report for Peace in Ukraine through projected Reforms, etc).

    But, as things stand now, because of all that, taken together, it's an elementary Duty, also to our Readers, to at least contribute to thze forthcoming Debates with a series of Observations at least on certain Key "Hot" points, of great Topical Popular Interest, and of even greater potential Im²portance for all Humanity, among the various concrete issues highlighted at the famous "Instrumentum Laboris" , the 1st Official Text presented at the Opening of the 2014 Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on Family : A Text composed of 3 Parts and 159 paragraphs, which is due to determine the Order of Rome's Debates.


    Some among the most Controversial points, notoriously are those about "Part II"'s mentions on certain "Difficult Pastoral Situations", particularly those "concerning Unions of Persons of the Same Sex", including the problem of "Children in Same Sex Unions", as that preliminary "Instrumentum Laboris" says, (See Infra).

    But, in fact, from the point of view of General Principles, it all starts already right from "Part I"'s chapter on "the Natural Law", (See Infra), which is closely interrelated to the rest.



    Indeed, the 2012-2014 unprecedented Popular Protests in France are notoriously against attempts, in fact by a Political Minority, to impose, without any Public Debates, a controversial and unpopular "Same Sex Marriage" and even to submit Children to the Power of Homosexual couples under pretext of "Adoption", which has obviously provoked Threats to impose also a systematic and enlarged atrocious exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers", in addition to various "Artificial Procreation Technologies", such as "In Vitro Fertilisation" and "Artificial Insemination/Transplantation", "Pre-Natal Tests", "Sperm/Eggs Banks", (etc), while, almost simultaneously, Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos for various "Research" purposes we²re authorized for the first time in History in that key European Country.

    Similar Concerns notoriously motivate also the North American Popular Movements against "Same Sex Marriage" and what threatens to follow thzem  vis a vis Children, etc., particularly after a controversial move by current USPresident ²Obama to immediately cancel former USPresident GWBush's prohibition of Federal Funding for Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, as early as since March 2009 already, (the 1st Measure decided by the Obama administration !), despite a previous opposal even by Democratic Party's former President Clinton at the early 1990ies.

    Moreover, recently in Germany Chancellor Angie Merkel brilliantly won the September 2013 Elections on a Program defending Natural Families and excluding Same Sex Marriages, (regardless of later compromises in a controversial cohabitation with the "Socialist" Party), while in Italy, both former long-time Prime Minister Berlusconzi and other Governments (including f.ex. that of President Monti, etc), had kept a tradition for Natural Marriage and exclusion or restrictions against Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, almost at the same time that the Protection of the "Unborn Child" and the Definition of Marriage as a Union between a Man and Woman, was confirmed even at the Constitutions of vzery popular Victor Orban's Hungary, in Lithuania, and other EU Countries, contrary to the obvious despair of many UK Citizens who were obliged to vote UKIP as 1st Party of the Country in the latest, May 2014 EU Parliament's Elections, because they hadn't any other way to express People's opposal to an unforseen extension of Same Sex Marriage-related measures even larger than what had already been introduced by controversial former "Socialist" Prime Minister Blair, but, now, without even having ever been foreseen by current Prime Minister Cameron's initial pre-Electoral Program, (which, surprisingly, didn't say a word about all that !), apparently inciting him to think anew about it, as he promised now...

    At the same time, the "sleeping Giant" of China's 1,3 Billion People was among the Majority of Countries, Worldwide, which remained, solidly, Out of that strange, recent "Same Sex Marriage" frenzy, while Russia was even taking concrete Measures to Protect Children against open Propaganda of Homosexuality, as well as against being given for "Adoption" in Foreign Countries where they Risk to be submited to the "parental" Power of Homosexuals, (a move followed also by several other Countries in the World, including f.ex. Belarus, Uganda, etc, as well as most Central-Eastern EU Member States), at the same moment that Religious and other Civil Society Organisations were becoming more active and conscious of² the Need to Protect Natural Family throughout all EUrope and the World, (comp. Supra). As for African and other Poor Nations from the Pacific and/or Caraibes, etc, recently in Strasbourg, an astonishing "Revolt" of almost ALL Representatives of "ACP" Countries vis a vis cezrtain, sometimes rather Brutal, attempts by some influential but out-going MEPs to Push ²them zcloser towards controversial tactics risking to spread Homosexuality and/or approach recognitizon of Same Sex Marriages, etc, surprized everybody : F.ex. at explicit Threats to impose Financial/Economic "Sanctions" to this or that recalcitrant Country, a wide Majority or even quasi-Unanimity of African Countries preferred Defend its Principles by opposing a Counter-Threat to simply .. "Forget about your ACP" multi-national agreement with the EU, anouncing their intention to go as far as to collectively Step Out of that institutional framework if one or an²other among their Friendly Neighboring Countries were ever "Sanctioned" for refusing to obey to LBTG Lobby's pressure... (An issue which, concerning particularly Poor Countries accross the World, is due to occupy the Synod's work, sooner or later).-


    These points are obviously of Central Importance in relation of both Pope Emeritus Benedict's "Caritas in Veritate"' 2009 Encyclic, (where he denounced, inter alia, also the Fact that "a particularly Crucial Battleground in Today's cultural Struggle between the Supremacy of Technology and Human Moral Responsibility, is the field of BioEthics, where the very possibility of integral Human Development is radically called into Question"), and the forthcoming New Pope Francis' Encyclic reportedly about Environment, Ecology, etc, expected with great interest at about 2014-2015.

As it's also well known, a movement inspired by "Human Ecology" was progressively developed since a landmark Speech at the German Bundestag in Berlin back on 2011 by Pope Emeritus Benedict, who urged up to his Last "Prayer intention for March" 2013 for "respect for Nature [to]grow, with the Awareness that all Creation is God's work entrusted to Human Responsibility". While New Pope Francis decided to highlight that as integral part of the Symbol in his chosen Name : a reference to Saint Francis of Assisi, (who has been declared by late Pope John-Paul II as "patron of Ecology" since 1979, including Environment, Plants, Animals, etc.), and pleaded from the outset for a "profound respect for the entire Creation and the protection of our Environment", as he stressed since the 1st week of his election, both to the zPress and to Ambassadors at the Vatican, (16 - 22 March 2013). This was made even more clear by a landmark call "to pay special attention to the most Important issue of Respect for Human Life from the moment of Conception", in order "to guarantee Embryos' legal Protection, safeguarding everyz Human being from the very first moment of his or her existence", inviting to join Vatican's relevant activities all "those who have at heart the Defence of the Sacred Nature of Human Life", as he said. This notoriously topical and zcrucial issue, emerged, inter alia, spectacularly at the General Public's conscience Worldwide, even more recently, when Videos and Photos emerged almost everywhere in the Web about the Symbolic Visit of Pope Francis to South Korea's "Garden of Unborn Children", on August 2014. Interestingly, this event occured just a few Days after he was handed a "first Draft" about his forthcoming Enzcyclic on Environment : A Text which "is Not an Easy issue", as Pope Francis observed then, preciselzy "Because (of) the Protection of Creation, and the ... Human Ecology", where he intends to "go to the Essence" of things, as he anounced during his Return Trip back from South Korea to the Vatican on August 18.

 By a surprising, Tragic coincidence, this coincided immediately with an Horrible, Deadly Incident, only a few Hours later, overNight towards early Tuesday, August 19, which brutaly Killed the Wife and two Children (a Baby aged just 8 Months and a 2 years old kid) of his deceased Brother's Son, Emanuel Horacio Begognlio, who was seriously injured and operated in a Hospital, after his car was crushed by a Heavy Truck.  Reportedly carrying "Corn", that fatal Truck was coming from "Cordoba", where a Collective of People supported also by the Local Christian Community etc. had notoriously won, recently, the 1st part of a Legal Struggle against notorious USA Giant "Monsanto"'s plans to start producing there certain "Genetically Modified" Corn Seeds, whose GMOs had been accused for Risks to eventually provoke "Cancers" and even "Genetic Mutations", as well as "Abortions", etc. particularly against Pregnant Women and their Embryos, in an affair thought to represent some 5 Billions $.  


By another, unrelated coincidence, notoriously Pro-BioTech. current USPresident Obama had, earlier this year, chosen to give as a "gift" to Pope Francis a set of "Seeds" reportedly implanted at the Wash. DC White House's garden, to which, Francis had reportedly replied by offering to Obama some "Spiritual Seeds", and mainly hzis book "Evangelii Gaudium", which includes a Strong Plaidoyerie for the "Unborn Children" and Human Embryos in general, as well as for all Natural "Creation as a whole",  denouncing "Desertification of the Soil", "Polluted Rivers", or turning "the WonderWorld of the Seas into UnderWater Cemeteries", and concluding with a "Call to watch over and Protect the Fragile World in which we live, and all its Peoples". In particular, Pope Francis stressed there that the "Unborn Children"/Human zEmbryos are "the most defenceless and innocent among us", but, "Nowadays efforts are made to Deny them their Human Dignity and to do with them whatever one pleases, taking their lives and passing Laws Preventing anyone from Standing in the way". "Yet this defence of unborn life is closely Linked to the Defence of each and every other Human Right". Because "it involves the conviction that a Human being is Always Sacred and Inviolable, in Any Situation and at Every stage of Development. Once this conviction Disappears, so do solid and lasting Foundations for the defence of Human Rights, which would ...be Subject to the passing Whims of the Powers That Be", he warned.

Last, but not least, .....

Attacks against "Natural Law", (and even on what is simply "Natural") ...

    => Therefore, it was inevitably a Surprise for many to find, right from the Start of the above-mentioned "Instrumentum Laboris", (Comp. Szupra), a Claim that "Natural Law", instead of being a more precious than ever basis for a Strong stance on Natural Family/Births-related BioEthics, on the Contrary, would present several "Problems" in "Present-Day" situations, turning out to be "Highly Problematic, if not completely Incomprehensible" !... (§21).

    - Either it is perceived only "in a Variety of ways, or simply Not Understood at all" (sic !) : F.ex., "although ...the relationship between Man and Woman might be Generally Accepted", nevertheless, "this.. is Not interpreted according to a Universally given law. (!!!...) Very Few .... demonstrated an adequate, Popular Understanding of the Natural law", (concerning the Man - Woman relation in a Family), that strange "Instrumentum Laboris" goes on to claim... (ibid).

    - Even the simple "Adjective "Natural" would be problematic in the Man-Woman Family Today, according to our strange writer : F.ex., It's "often understood by People as meaning "Spontaneous", or concerning "Personal Feelings and Emotions", due "to be followed according to one's Nature", as he claims. So that, "the Underlying Anthropological Concept .. is Not necessarily tied to an Objective order in theNature of things", but, rather, to "every" one's  "aspiration to Happiness", "Personal Desires", (etc),

    - "Consequently, the Natural Law" would be "perceived as .. Out-Dated" (re-sic !), simply because "Today", a so-called "Scientific Research" would "pose a serious Challenge to the concept of Nature", in  general, as it seems. In particular "Evolution, (i.e. a concept Older than Darwin, already Dated more than 170 Years in the Past : at least since 1.850...), "Biology", (another concept Older than Mendel ...),   and Neuro+Science, when confronted with ...Natural law, conclude that it is Not “Scientific", claims § 22. Why ?  And, from which concrete point of view ? It doesn't explain at all....        

    ++ Moreover, "in some regions, Polygamy", or "Husband’s Divorcing his Wife because she is Unable to bear children"z, (§ 25), "Blended” families, especially because of the presence of Children from Different Partners",  and/or "with separated and divorced parents who might or might not be remarried", "single parenthood ",  and, among "the Poorest areas" : "machismo (sic), polygamy, marriages between teens and preteens, and divorce in cases of sterility or a lack of a male heir, as well as Incest and other Aberrant practices", added to certain "parts of Asia" with "so-called “multi-personal” unions between individuals of different sexual orientations and sexual identities, based simply on personal needs and on individual and subjective" factors, where  "people are “formed” on the basis of their individual desires", (etc), are all cited as "practical Objections to the Natural Law concerning the Union between a Man and a Woman", i.e. against any Ideas of "Natural Law" and even against the simple adjective "Natural", regarding Family, (See also § 25, 27, 28, 29, etc).

    + Worse  : Even "the Notion of "Human Rights" is seen as Highly Subjective", according to that strange "Instrumentum Laboris" (§ 23), citting, "in this regard", recent "Laws on situations ...Contrary to the Traditional ...Natural Law; (f.ex., in Vitro Fertilization, Homosexual Unions, the Manipulation of Human Embryos, Abortion,"... "Gender theory, (according to which the gender of each individual depends on social conditioning"  and Not "to a person’s biological sexuality"), etc.

    => Therefore, the only thing that is proposed is a "Re-reading of the concept of the Natural Law", "in Today's World" (i.e. by adding also an Historic dimension to it), based on "the idea of ..<<order In Creation>>", as, f.ex., "the Law written in the human Heart", (etc), with obvious Risks for slipery slopes towards Relativism (§ 30)...

    It's impossible to believe that such Claims might have been really chosen, freely and independently, just by the well-known and good Cardinal Peter Erdo from Hungary, whose People has just voted repeatedly, both in 2010 and twice in 2014,  an Absolute Majority to the notoriously Popular Government of ChristianDemocrat/EPP Prime Minister Victor Orban, who has recently introduced the Definition of Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, explicitly inside the Constitution of the country !... Probably some other factors should have interfered, at least on these points.

    However, even those controversial claims of that "Instrumentum Laboris" acknowledge the fact that, at least, there is, even Today, "a General Belief that the Distinction between the Sexes has a Natural Foundation within Human existence itself. Therefore, ....exists the desire that the Union between a Man and a Woman endure. The Natural Law is then a Universally Accepted “fact” by the faithful", (§26).

    At any case, one thing is for Sure :  There isn't any room for "misunderstandings" at all in the Crystal-clear Definition of Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, as the oncly Chance to give Natural Births to their own Children !


    >>> And, from this point of view, which is of Crucial Importance for all Humankind (See Infra), it's obvious that "Nature" stands side by side with Traditional, Man-Woman Marriage, as the only Chance for Natural Procreation of their own Children, while, on the Contrary, controversial and unpopular "Same Sex Marriages" threaten to lead towards a regular Massive Flux of Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of Artificial Procreations of Human Beings and/or Child- "Trafficking" in case of massive "Adoptions" by Homosexuals, in all other cases inevitably through the Atrocious Exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers" contrary to Human Dignity, and/or various Interferences of Technology, such as "In Vitro Fertilisations", "Transplantations", "Pre-Natal Tests", "Sperm/Eggs Banks", etc, which open too many occasions for  Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos, with obvious Dangers against all Humankind.

    So that, the real and most serious Problems in controversial and unpopular "Same Sex Marriages", which open ways for "Adoption" of Children by Homosexuals, "Surrogate Mothers", "Artificial Procreation of Human Beings", etc, are Not so much related to Homosexuals themselves, (most of whom didn't ever ask in History to be engaged in such procedures, prefering rather to live in Peace), but mainly to some shady Technocratic Lobbies, which are, in fact, Hidden behind Homosexual groups that they Exploit socio-politically and even financially, which aim to Submit to their Power the Procreation of a Growing Number of Human Beings through Technological tools that they Monopolize.

    On the Contrary, by keeping Births of Humans in the area of "Nature", the Man-Woman "Natural Family" offers obviously the Only Chance to Save the Procreation of Human Persons from being, progressively Submitted to the exlusive Power of an uncontolled Technocracy, (Comp. Supra).


    Such a plan, of even a Total Sumbission of all Births to a Centrally-Organized Artificial Procreation System, monitored by a Cast of Technocrats, has been already described and denounced in the Modern Dictatorship of the "Brave New World", pictured in a famous Book of Brittish Writer Aldous Huxley, who has Warned the Mankind as early as since the Beginning of the 1930ies. Various other, more or less similar variations existed already in the Past, even long before Huxley's warning, inside the "Utopias" of various other Authors, later-on succeeded by the "Eugenists" of the 19th-20th Century, who notoriously had also inspired several "Dr. Mengele" of NAZI Concentration Camps at 1935-1945+, as well as World famous Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman's premonitory Film "the Serpent's Egg" on 1977, (etc).

    But for a Group to eventually take Control over the Human Procreation Today, it's not really necessary to go as far as that : It's enough to find sufficient Funding for relevant Research on Human Embryos, with practically unrestricted Genetic Manipulations, under any hollow or vague Pretext, and, after some time, when things are Ready, (f.ex. once the Identification of the main possible Functions of each Gene is more or less completed), to launch a Massive Series of "Tests" on real Human Beings, (at least many Thousands each Year), until the way to "Trigger" and/or Augment/Diminish, Eliminate or Combine, etc, each one among the most Important Genes' Functions will have been mastered in real practice by those who conduct such Noiseless, "discreet", but dangerous "Experiments". And, for that purpose, the flow of many Tens or even Hundreds of Thousands of "Same Sex Marriages", opening ways for controversial and unpopular "Adoptions" of Children by Homosexuals, and/or for a systematic Exploitation of the atrocity of "Surrogate Mothers", and/or of a long series of various "Artificial Procreation Technologies", such as, f.ex., "In Vitro Fertilisations", "Transplantations", "Pre-Natal Screenings", "Embryos/Sperm/Eggs' Banks", etc. It's, indeed, strange why Homosexuals hadn't been pushed towards "Marriage" etc. with such a sudden Rush (f.ex. in Obama's post-2009 USA, etc), and even Violence (Comp. f.ex. the French 2013-2014 example, etc), never seen before during all Humankind's Multi-Millenary History, unless only when all signs indicate that the Historic Moment for Massive "Testing" of various "Gene Therapies", (including of "ReGenerative" and/or "Enhancing" kind, etc), appear to has come, all relevant Technologies being Ready Today in many key parts of the World, (as, f.ex., the latest relevant, 2014 Report to the Canadian Parliament reveals, among many other concrete examples). The fact that even EU Parliament has just voted in catimini, during an obscure "Mini-Session" in Brussels, just at the eve of the May 2014 EU Elections, when most out-going and/or in-coming MEPs, Journalists, Politicians, etc, were obviously Busy Elsewhere, between the Pre-Electoral Campaign and a dramatically growing then Ukraine Crisis which had just started to threaten Peace in Europe, while only a few MEPs were still present at a quasi-Empty Hemicycle to adopt (almost without any serious Critical Pluralism in view) a Huge Legislative Package on the very Serious and Crucial Issue of "Clinical Tests" on Humans (including Genetic and/or related to Drugs obtained by Genetic Manipulations) throughout all Europe...

    The possible Dangers against Human Dignity and even all Humankind becoming recently more and more obvious and pressing, even in real practice, (particularly if such serious matters are Neglected by the competent National, European and International Organisations, as well as by the Public Opinion at large, Hindering to take adequate Preventive Measures able to guarantee that there will be No major Abuses), it is now even more Urgent and Necessary than in the Past, to Protect Natural Family and Natural Births of Children, at the same time with the Human Values of Inter-Generational Solidarity, able to Help upbringing and Developing Children and Young People in a context of reciprocal Affectivity transmitting the Consciousness of a Common History, (often naturally centered around events leading to, and following their Children's Natural Births : sometimes a more or less Hard Fight against Adversities, as Christ's own Birth symbolizes), another characteristic of Strong Family bonds.

In such conditions, the Defense of Natural Family and Births has become closely inter-linked with that of all Humankind.

At the same time, all those who defend the Traditional Family, between a Man and a Woman, due to give Birth and help develop their own Children, are clearly on the side of "Nature", and not at all of any eventual risk of "Technocratic" Abuses, (be it via "Artificialy assisted Procreations" of Human Beings by  interference of various Technologies which can affect the Human Embryo, and/or Bureaucratic repartitions/authorizations of "Adoptions" by Homosexuals of the Children born by Other People).

As for the Few cases of eventual "Infertility", even among some Heterosexual couples, they obviously are only RARE TRAGEDIES for them : I.e. only a Few, very Rare, Exceptions, and a Tragedy that the Victims had Not expected at all, but stroke them by surprise. On the contrary, for Homosexual couples, Infertiliy is obviously the absolute Rule for all, inevitably provoking a Massive Series of Numerous cases, which were entirely known and foreseen from beforehand. In consequence, both from a Moral and a Socio-Political points of view, concerning both the Individual persons and Humanity at large, the situations are completely Different, as well as the eventual Risks, (f.ex. of Massive "Artificial Procreations", "Adoptions" of Children by Homosexuals, etc, Comp. Supra).

+ Moreover, recent facts and/or trends reveal that manifold Dangers might go even far Beyond what was expected : F.ex., in the Netherlands, the 1st EU Member State to recognize controversial "Same Sex Marriages" as early as since 2001 already, recently the Problem of "Traffic" of Children has apparently  grown too rapidly, while, in addition, the Country is, reportedly, Now seriously affected even by open, public Propaganda of Pederasty (Comp. including InFighting through the Courts, Media, etc).

+ => The Worse : Brutaly ImPoverished People in Greece (and nearby Bulgaria, etc), are reportedly exposed recently to Scandals such as : F.ex. Traffick of Children, sold 3 to 10.000 €,  while the Foreign Press has even started to call that EU Country ..."Eldorado" for the atrocious exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers" selling their belly for Articificialy induced by Tehnological means Births of Children ordered by Others, Strangers, in exchange of a meagre payment. Thereby, introducing  inside Europe, even in EU and in €uroZone, what was previously seen (and strongly Denounced) only in some extremely Poor areas of Asiatic .. India's "outcasts" !...

=> In all such cases (mentioned here and further above), Respect for elementary Human Dignity, protection of Nature, defense of Traditional Families with Natural Births of their own Children, as well as Prevention of Dangers against all Humankind, (Comp. Supra), obviously go hand by hand, United all Together, both in Practical, Moral, Socio-Political and Theoretical terms.

Particularly for People of Christian faith, (who may, notoriously, meet on such points also certain Other Religious Communities, and even certain Non-Religious but Moraly motivated, conscious Persons), whenever something of Crucial Importance is exclusively entrusted to the Nature, to a kind of "Natural Law", and/or particularly to "God" Himself,  this inevitably means, in real practice, that it should, ipso facto, be, in principle, Excluded from any eventual relation of Power of some persons over Other People, (f.ex. via a Technocracy and/or Bureaucracy, etc).  Thus, the traditional Christian Faith which stands, in principle, for the "Sanctity of Human Life, from Conception up to Natural Death", acquires, Today, an even Greater Importance than ever in History, for all Humankind, (Comp. Supra).

That's obviously one more reason, particularly Crucial Today, for which there are many Stakes of Great Importance for Humanity in the Noble Stuggle that late Pope John-Paul II had started, shortly before his Death, particularly at UNO's General Assembly, (etc), against Risks of Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, (then mainly through controversial, so-called "Therapeutic Cloning", etc), already on 2004, (See f.ex. relevant UNGA Resolution, etc), which was very actively continued and even developed further by his long-time Collaborator and Successor, Pope emeritus Benedict, (f.ex. also in his landmark Encyclic "Caritas in Veritate", of 2009 : Comp. abstract cited Supra, etc), as well as, now, the much-awaited New Encyclic on "Ecology" that Pope Francis (who has repeatedly revealed that he often speaks together with his retired predecessor on certain issues of shared interest), has reportedly started to Draft, consider and discuss recently, (Comp. Supra, with his own statements of August 2014).

It's also in an astonishing Triple series of extraordinary  coincidences with exceptionaly Tragic Facts, that John-Paul II suddenly Died, shortly after that landmark UNGA Resolution on the most "Hot" then BioEthical issue, while he had been Invited by EU Parliament and CoE's leadership to return and speak in Strasbourg soon (2004-2005).  While Benedict, (just after his above-mentioned Encyclic and a notorious Criticism of a controversial USPresident Obama's rush to authorize Federal Funding for Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos immediately after his election), suddenly faced un Unprecedented "Fall" which Broke his Right Hand, necessitating an Urgent Operation in Hospital and Immobilisation, closely followed even by another unprecedented Violent Attack during a Mass, which threw him to the Ground and broke the Leg of another Bishop who was at his Side, (respectively 6 and 8/2009), after which, a Massive OutBurst of Mediatic Slanderings stroke the Catholic Church, on Pretext of more or less real scancals old of 20 to 40 Years in the Past, making him Busy into Finding the Truth, imposing due Sanctions and start Epurating the Church, to which were even added insisting Rumours about alledged "Complots" aiming to brutaly eliminate him from the End of 2012, followed by his sudden Retirement, anounced on February 2014, (by a coincidence just a week after anouncing in public his Support to EU Citizens' Initiative aiming to protect Human Embryos from massive Genetic Manipulations and/or abortions). And even recently, Francis, despite his well known "Diplomatic" and Open way to speak softly for all, immediately after having made a very Mediatic Visit to  the "Garden of the Unborn Children" in South Korea, followed by the revelation, (at a Press-point in the Airplane of Return back to Rome), that he had just started to work on the "1st Draft" of his planned New Encyclic on Nature, where he intended to include "Human Ecology", he was, suddenly stroke, only a few Hours later, overNight, by a Deadly Tragedy which Killed the Wife and all the two Children (a Baby aged 8 Months, and a 2 Years old Kid) of his deceased Brother's Son, Horacio Bergoglio, who was seriously Wounded by a Violent Crush with a Heavy Lorry transporting Corn from Cordoba, an area where controversial US Multinational "Monsantos" was facing a succesful Popular Opposition against a 5 Billions $ project about Genetically Modified Corn (GMO) that Critics denounced as Dangerous for Human Health, suspected to provoke Cancers, Abortions/Miscarriages and/or Genetic Mutations, (etc).

But, much more than such, obviously astonishing, Tragic Coincidences, it's mainly an even more Surprising series of notorious recent Socio-Political Attacks against Natural Family and Natural Births, in certain key Countries, from USA up to France, etc., never seen before in the Past, and sometimes even excessively Violent and/or Intolerant, almost Absolutist, (to the point to raise critical Questions on Human Rights and Freedoms, even Democracy), which obviously make many People Hope that Pope Francis will find all his Moral Strength and Inspiration, fully intact, in order to entirely and independently accomplish his Duty.

On "Unions of Persons of the Same Sex"

    After noting the fact that, according to "Church Teaching", "there are absolutely No grounds for considering Homosexual unions to be in any way Similar, or even remotely Analogous to God's plan for Marriage and Family", but, "nonetheless", ...men and women with Homosexual tendencies ‘must be accepted with Respect, Compassion and S"ensitivity", "Avoiding" any "sign of Unjust Discrimination in their regard",  the Official Text observes the existence of 3 cases :

    - Those Countries where "repressive and punitive measures are taken in reaction to the phenomenon of homosexuality in All its aspects", and those where, on the contrary, "Homosexual behavior is ...Tolerated, until it becomes Visible or Public".

    - All this is opposed to "Political Circles, especially in the West, (where) however, the increasing Tendency is to adopt Laws providing for registered Partnerships or so-called “Marriage” between persons of the Same Sex", the text notes.

    It curiously Omitts to observe the Fact that this doesn't represent, still Today, but only a Minority of Countries inside the EU, (the Majority of which, do Not recognize such Unions and even less "so-called "Marriages"" between Homosexuals), even less inside the PanEuropean CoE's 47 Member Countries, and only a Small, Tiny Number of Countries throughout the entire World, where a very Large Majority of States remains Opposed.

    >>> But, nevertheless, Vatican's introductive Text rightfully notes the Fact that this recent "Trend" of some "Western Political circles" to table "Laws" for "so-called "Marriage" between Same Sex persons", is "Perceived (not only) by Believers, (but also) and a Good Part of the Public (in general, particularly) in Central and Eastern Europe, as an IMPOSITION by a .. Foreign Culture", for undetermined "Political" motivations...

    + Moreover, "in some Countries", this has been "imposed" even " withOut any ...constructive Dialogue", despite "the Deeper Anthropological Issues involved, and the centrality of the integral well-being of the Human person, especially ..of ...Children", who might be affected, in certain cases, (See Infra).

    => In consequence, Unanimously, "every Bishops’ conference voiced Opposition to “redefining” Marriage between a Man and a Woman, through the introduction of Legislation permitting a Union between two people of the Same Sex", Vatican's "Instrumentum Laboris" is obliged to observe, after a wide Consultation.

    + In addition, at the same time, another "factor which ... has an impact, .....and ....Complicates the search for a Balanced attitude ...is the promotion of a Gender Ideology", which, "in some places, ...tends to exert its Influence even at the Elementary level (of SchoolChildren !), Spreading a mentality which.... proposes, in fact, to Undermine Sexual Identity", from an early age, as it is Denounced.

    Despite all that, nevertheless, "many" among those who have responded to a Questionaire, "express themselves in favour of a Respectful and (even) Non-Judgmental attitude towards"  Homosexual couples, according to that Text, while, however, "some ... voice Concern" that this "could be construed as Recognition" of Same Sex Unions, and "others admit a certain Unease". In Conclusion, "observations show that there is still No Consensus in the Church on the specific way of Receiving" such Homosexual persons.

    According to that "Instrumentum Laboris", the "conferences" organised until now, would be "Trying to Find a Balance, between the Church's Teaching on the Family", and what it calls "a Respectful", and, moreover, "Non-Judgmental attitude, towards (Same Sex) People living in such unions", as it says, advising "a Slow Process", by simply "gathering information and Distinguishing Criteria", etc, that it (curiously) calls "1st Step", without revealing, clearly enough, towards which Horizon should head such "Steps" (§ 119).

    >>> However, "a Distinction must be made, between those who ....live that choice Discreetly, so as Not to give Scandal to Others, and those whose Behaviour Promotes and actively — often Aggressively — Calls Attention to it", that Official Text stresses, obviously pointing at the "Hot" issue that some other Legislations denounce as public "Propaganda for spreading Homosexuality", (See f.ex. the famous Russian prohibiting "Propaganda of Homosexuality in front of Children", in order to protect Kids from abuse).

    But, this is said by that Text particularly "when considering the possibility of a (Religious) Ministry to these people (Homosexual couples)", as it takes the initiative to add. Something that would apparently be Difficult to understand by Young People, even Children, respectable Family Mothers, or even some Priests, who notoriously faced recently in France an unprecedented Brutal Violence, Arrests, Detentions, etc, in ways which too often Trumpled Human Dignity UnderFeet,  by several Policemen curiously too anxious to Oppress many loud and visible Popular Protests against a Controversial and Unpopular Legislative Bill which imposed Same Sex "Marriage" without any real Public Debate, and even the submission of Children to the Power of Homosexuals under Pretext of "Adoption", almost at the same time that Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos were widely allowed, opening Dangerous Loopholes even towards the Atrocity of "Surrogate Mothers", "Artificial Procreation" of Human Beings, etc, which obviously risk to start Massively flowing by Tens of Thousands if they are progressively opened towards the spontaneous or induced desiderata of any Homosexual couple to get some Children, in one way or another...

    Particularly after the Hard Sacrifices made by all those People of France, who took risks and faced an unprecedented and particularly Humiliating, Brutal Oppression, often against elementary Human Dignity, as many Photographic and Videographic Documents, as well as Eyewitesses' Testimonies attest, (and has been notoriously Condemned by a CoE Resolution on June 2014, while CoE's "Monitoring" mechanism is currently on the process of examining the situation for a Report due on 2015), while even Democratically Elected Mayors were Threatened by Heavy Fines and/or Jail, even Dismissal, if they didn't swallow and drop their Freedom of Conscience and Dignity, obliged to celebrate personaly, themselves, in public, those "Same Sex Marriages" that they sincerely and openly abhorred, given their Religious and other beliefs, as well as the respect due to the Electoral Commitments undertaken vis a vis their Voters, (etc), at least one thing seems certainly at the Heart of all those People : - Children should be Protected !

On CHILDREN who may be submitted to Homosexual couples' power, under any pretext. ("Adoptions", and/or via "Surrogate Mothers", "Artificial Inseminations", etc) : ----------------------------------------------------------

    But, a possibly Misleading expression in the examined Text simply says that "the State often allows the Adoption of Children", even "born through Artificial Fertilization",  without any precision or limitation, particularly whenever "Legal Equality is given to Heterosexual and Homosexual Marriage" (sic !),  (§ 112).

    In fact, the Truth is entirely Different from what one might imagine on the basis of so vague expressions, too often abused, elsewhere, in order to provoke false impressions :

    - Even Today, almost 20 out of 28 EU Member States do NOT  accept "Adoption" of Children of other People by Homosexual couples. This huge Absolute Majority of Opposals is even Greater inside the PanEuropean CoE's 47 Member States, (which include f.ex. Russia, etc). Moreover, the International Opposition is obviously much more Big if one considers all the Countries of the World, (i.e. incuding China, Africa, etc).

    + Moreover, as far as it concerns "Artificial Fertilization", by interference of Technical means, just because some Homosexual couples might have desired to ask to "Artificially" Fabricate some Children in order to satisfy their wishes, (f.ex. what is called in France : "PMA", i.e. "Medically Assisted Procreation"),

     in addition to a large Majority of People Opposed, even Politicians and Legislations hesitate or refuse to admit such a Highly Controversial practice - obviously very Dangerous for all Humankind, (Comp. Supra). Even French "Socialist" President François Hollande, who has imposed controversial and unpopular Same Sex Marriages and even so-called Adoptions of Children by Homosexuals, has notoriously Refused, already since February 2013 at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, to open "Pandora's Box" towards commands of Children by Homosexuals to be massively fabricated by "Artificial" means... A rather Nightmaresque Horror !

    For all the various but converging reasons already described or at least briefly citted, both here and earlier above (Comp. Supra ... ), many sincerely concerned People would certainly Agree with the 1st observation of Vatican's "Instrumentum Laboris" Text, that Popular "Responses are Clearly OPPOSED to legislation which would allow the Adoption of Children by (Homosecual) persons in a Same-Sex Union".

    + Inter alia, also "because they see a Risk to the integral good of the Child, who has the Right to have a Mother and Father, as pointed out recently by Pope Francis (cf. Address to Members of the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE), 11 April 2014 )", as it reminds.

    Most would probaby accept, also, that, as a matter of Principle, any "Child must be Received with the Same Care, Tenderness and Concern, which is given to other Children", as that text adds.

    But, for all those same reasons, most, if not all, among those same People, would, most probably, feel an unavoidable Disarray, or even Schock; by what follows in that Text, afterwards :

    - First of all, many might find Strange that, given the current Urgency to SAVE innocent Childen from falling, during all their lives, to the trap of an imposed, controversial, unpopular and obviously Risky obligation to be submitted to the Power of an Homosexual couple of Strangers to their Biological Family, even before having reached an Age of informed and free Agreement, instead of focusing on how to Prevent or, at least, Rectify such Dangerous Situations (that the large Majority of Countries throughout the whole World still condemns as illegal), at least for the most Fragile, small Children from Poor and/or Oppressed Families, or even deprived of any Biological Family, after being obtained merely through the atrocity of the exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers" and/or "Artificial Procreations" of Human Beings by some Technocrats, (Comp. Supra), nevertheless,

    that Text, curiously, limits itself from the outset, only in the mere concern of how to "Transmit the Faith to Children in Same Sex Unions", as its Heading proclaims, i.e., as if there was nothing else to do for them, but just to try to treat them as if they hadn't any serious, specific and Urgent problem to face at all...

    Indeed, it seems to clearly imply that, as a matter of principle, whenever any Homosexual couples might desire to "Request" (sic !) a so sacred Public Religious Ceremony as that of a "Baptism" to be held in a Church, with them and their pals, for one or another "Child" on which they might have obtained parental power, through a notoriously controversial and unpopular legislation, (that many find also UnEthical and Dangerous), then, Priests would be obliged to organise, indeed, such a Public Religious Ceremony, in front of all the Community of their Church, (all other Children included, naturally), even if this might, probably, risk to be percieved by many innocent People more or less as a kind of indirect "Recognition" and "Endorsement" of Same Sex "Marriages", or even Worse : of the "Adoption" of Children by Homosexuals who are total Strangers to their Biological Family, and/or of any eventually "Artificial Procreation" of Human Beings, whenever ordered by the desires of Homosexual couples, and even, (often inevitably, in real practice), as an Open Door for ... Propaganda of Homosexuality in Public, even inside a Christian Church !

    Thus, it's understandable, and the least of things, that -as even that "Instrumentum Laboris" observes- "Many Responses" already received by the People, ask for "more Concrete Pastoral DIRECTIVES in these situations", where "clearly, the Church has the Duty to ascertain the Actual Elements", because, otherwise, it's obvious that all those poor People wouldn't know what to do....

    Certainly, the "Instrumentum Laboris", at least reminds, in this regard, that, "in the Same manner as for Any Other Couple seeking the Baptism of their Children", also for Homosexual "Persons in a Same Sex Union", "should a reasonable Doubt exist in their Capability .... to instruct the Child in the Christian Faith", then, "Proper Support is to be Secured", f.ex., concerning "Other People in their Family and Social Surroundings, (which) could .. provide Assistance".  And since it's obviously Impossible, in practice, to Ignore Totally, all the specific realities of Children obtained by Homosexual couples, the Text also Warns that "the Pastor" should "Carefully oversee the Preparation" for a "Baptism" requested by a Same Sex couple, "with particular Attention given to the Choice of GodFather and GodMother"...

    Obviously because, in such unprecedented hypothesis of "Same Sex couples" "requesting" and obtaining a public "Baptism" in a Church, there will always be a Risk to see, otherwise, not only 2 Bearded individuals as "Mother" and "Father", of an Adopted and/or "Artificially" procreated, poor Child, but even a ... Skirted person as "GodFather", and another Bearded individual as "GodMother", if one follows the logic of that text ! (Naturally, all this could be easily Multiplied also through the various .. Invitees, chosen by one or another LBGT couple for "its" Religious Ceremony)...

    Does anyone, among the co-writers of such an "Instrumentum Laboris" imagine, just for an instance, the Shock that would Feel a Young Man or a Young Girl of France, among those many Thousands who Risked and Sacrificed recently their Freedom, Human Dignity, even Career, etc., by Struggling desperately to oppose a controversial and unpopular Law which seeks to impose not only "Same Sex Marriages" but even "Adoptions" of Children by Homosexuals, daring to face Police Brutality, Pain, Humiliations, Arrests, Detentions, Jail, Discrimination/Spying perhaps for Life, (etc), at the same time that even very Old Mayors were facing Threats of Heavy Fines, long Imprisonments and/or Dismissals, just because they dared oppose their Freedom of Conscience against a quasi-Totalitarian Imposal of the Excessive and Humiliating Obligation to celebrate even Personaly those "Same Sex Marriages" against which had fought both themselves and the large Majority of the People who had Democraticaly Elected them ? Both these groups of People (and many Hundreds Thousands of other Protestors) have notoriously focused their protests mainly on a widely perceived "Need to Protect Children" from falling victims to such difficult and dangerous situations.

    What would they feel, if they ever saw, even inside a Church, Christian Catholic Priests obliged to participate in such Religious Public Ceremonies of "Baptism", "requested" by "Same Sex "couples, and inevitably risking to transform what many percieve as an exceptional Horror, (more and more small and Defenseless Kids submitted to the Power of Homosexuals, under Pretext of "Adoption" and/or by "Artificial Procreation", etc), into a Commonplace, as if it was an ordinary spectacle, in front of all ?

    Would these People feel, at least Morally Vindicated, at last, for their Sacrifices in an altruistic, Noble Struggle for Childrens' Right to have a Mother and a Father, (as Pope Francis recently reminded himself :  Comp. Supra), or, on the contrary, would they be obliged to fear that they were Betrayed ?

    And nobody could, seriously, claim that, with the Technical Instruments of Modern Everyday Life, such specific "Baptisms", "resquested" by "Same Sex couples", might, eventually, take place .. Discreetly, or even Privately, behind closed doors : Digital Photos and even Videos are notoriously Published everywhere in the Web, at any moment, and  can be seen by Millions of People, Worldwide, sooner or later, thanks to anyone who might have been present, f.ex. as an "Invitee"... Depending on the actual Composition and "look" of all actors, in such a Collective Event, and knowing the often Shameless trend of some LBGT Activists to grossly Expose in Public (f.ex. in Demonstrations, etc) those poor, defenseless Children whose Control they might have obtained, God only knows how, small Kids held, ostensibly shown and paraded as if they were a kind of .. Booty or Spoils, (locacious Photos and/or Videos available at request, f.ex.during the  2013-2014 "Gay Pride" demonstrations in Strasbourg, with those unforgetable Empty looks at those Kids' inexpressive eyes and mouths hanging open...), everybody can easily imagine the "Propaganda" effect that would have something similar, mutatis-mutandis, If it was Filmed/Photographed even inside a Church, with the participation of Priests !

    If it starts, ...then, what about Cathehism, Confirmation, the Choir, the Annual Excursions of all Families participating in the Community of a Church, the special Feasts, etc., etc. ? Concerning not specifically Children, but "Same Sex" couples in general, that same "Instrumentum Laboris", even if it observes a Lack of Consensus "on the specific way of receiving" Homosexual couples, nevertheless, it goes on by proposing to consider various "Criteria of discernment, for not only Ministers and Pastoral workers, but also Groups and ecclesial Movements", i.e. implying a Widespread LGBT infiltration throughout all unwarned Christian Communities...  

    Once again, to put it in a nutshell : The main problem are not so much the Homosexual People themselves, not even the Same Sex couples. (After all, they are Human Beings, as everybody else, and have must be Respected as such, and not unjustly Discriminated against, particularly as long as they respect also the beliefs of the Majority of People, by abstaining from eventual attempts to Impose, by Gross Propaganda, etc, their controversial views, mainly not in front of Minors).

    >>> The most serious Risks focus, Today, obviously, on the Children, and particularly on a Shady Lobby's attempt to Hide behind some groups of Homosexuals, in order to Exploit them for the purpose of establishing  a Power of Technocrats/Bureaucrats over the Distribution (if not Traffic) of Children for "Adoptions", and mainly on the "Artificial Procreation" of Human Beings, by abusing the atrocity of "Surrogate Mothers", and/or controlling "In Vitro Fertilizations", "Transplantations", "Pre-Natal Tests", "Embryos/Sperm/Eggs' Banks", Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos, etc., (Comp. Supra), based on the Generation of a new "Captive" group of Clients who are 100% Infertile and, therefore, unable to have any  Natural Births, as are the Homosexual Couples, (whose number may grow by an accelerated public Propaganda, various material advantages, etc), with grave Dangers against the Present and/or the Future of all Humankind.



    Last, but not least : Concerning "Instrumentum Laboris" earlier, quite pessimistic reference to "Human Rights", (comp. Supra, on "Natural Law", etc), it must be said that, despite some false appearances, in fact, the real situation, and potential, of Stasbourg's European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), is not so Negative to BioEthics as some sly "submarines" would like People to think, (obviously in order to convince them to lay down their Legal Arms, without even Fighting...). Contrary to such false impressions, the real Potential of Human Rights in BioEthics, in fact, has not even really Started to be Explored...

    To take only an (important) Example, Contrary to what is routinely professed, Today, even the Legal Definition of "Marriage" is not a "lost" affair :

    Independently of any subjective Case-Law eventualy formed by a few decisions in certain cases by one or another among ECHR's various Chambers, or even, at one moment or another, perhaps inside its Grand Chamber, with one or another Composition, (since the Plenary ceased to exist since a 1998 Reform), by the current or Future EuroJudges, in the Past, Now or Later-on, (etc), it still remains always an undisputable Fact that the Article 12 of CoE's PanEuropean Convention on Human Rights, explicitly and clearly reserves "the Right to Marry, and to found a Family", only to "Men and Women", ("of marriage age").

    This landmark PanEuropean Text, which obviously recognizes the Natural Family, canNot Legaly Change or Modify its Explicit Content, but only through the Due Procedure for any such Reform, which requires prior Negotiations between all the 47 CoE Member States, followed by a Double process of Signatures from their Permanent Representatives in Strasbourg, holding a specific Mandate for this purpos, to be confirmed later-on by the due Ratifications from the competent National bodies (such as Parliaments, Heads of State, etc).

    Otherwise, it stays Legaly as it was adopted and entered into force, back on 1953, (i.e., by an interesting and Timely "Coincidence", the same Year that the "DNA"'s discovery was anounced in Public, opening in Theory an era of Technically possible Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryo, whose seriouls Risks had been already Denounced also by the World famous Brittish Writer Aldous Huxley, in his Book "Brave New World", as early as since 1932, (strongly Criticizing a Society where Natural Births and Natural Family had been even totaly Banished, by a covert but absolute Technocratic Dictatorship : ....)

    Even if certain lobbies might, eventually, attempt to exert pressure on Resisting States (in fact : the Majority of CoE's 47 Member States, which maintaint the Natural Family principles), arguying of some recent controversial rulings of this or that ECHR's Chamber on this or that particular case, more or less related to Same Sex Couples, and/or Homosexuals' claims over Children of other People, etc., nevertheless, at least, the only CoE's body officially entrusted with the task to "Supervise the Execution" of ECHR's Judgements, i.e. the Committee of Ministers : the politicaly Highest body of the PanEuropean CoE (which includes, f.ex., also Russia, etc), could always remind to the ECHR that, according to the European Convention on Human Rights itself, Strasbourg's Court was established only in order "to ensure the observance of the Engagements  undertaken by the High Contracting Parties, in the Convention", (Article 19), and Nothing Else.Thus, ECHR couldn't legally oblige any State to obey to a Rule which is even Explicitly Contrary to the PanEuropean Convention's own letter, non amended yet, (f.ex. by eventually adding "Same Sex Marriages" and/or subsequent Childrens' "Adoptions" by Homosexuals who are total strangers to their Natural Families,  contrary to Article 12 of the Convention, whose crystal-clear text still recognizes a "Right to Marry" just to "Men and Women", (Comp. Supra).

    + Moreover, if need be, Citizens and/or their Democratically Elected Political Representatives, have always the Power to Choose Differend EuroJudges, more respectful of the PanEuropean Convention's explicit text, both during all Future proposals of 3 Candidates for the ReNewal of the Mandate of each EuroJudge by his/her Country's Government, and/or during the subsequent Final Votes of CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, which is competent in order to choose each person (among those Candidates) to whom will be entrusted the Responsibility to become a new ECHR's member, so that Democracy can - even if slowly- always have the last word, if there is a real Political Will to do so, (i.e., mutatis-mutandis, in a process partly similar to that of USA's nomination of Federal Court's new members by the elected USPresident).

+ ECHR's rulings of 26 June 2014 :  False/Exagerated Alert on "Surrogate Mothers" ?

Similarly, the Catastrophic impression that some gave to ECHR's rulings of June 26, 2014, about some cases of "Surrogate Mothers", seems, in fact, if not entirely False, at least a grossly Exagerated Alert :

No, unless ECHR goes even much further, later-on, at least, until now, Homosexual couples couldn't simply abuse of Surrogate Mothers in Foreign Countries, just because of those controversial rulings, contrary to what some have claimed, or, at least, implied..

Because, in fact :

- Both cases concerned Natural Families, and not Homosexual couples, including the Biological Fathers of those Children.

- The applicants faced Problems of their Wife's "Infertility" : I.e. something which, exceptionaly, allows f.ex., some Medically Assisted Procreations, even in France, in rare cases.

Such Differences are of particular Importance, here :

 Infertility in Natural Families is Hidden and Rare, so that People may get Unwillingly trapped in a Tragic Situation, exceptionaly Hindering them to give Natural Birth to a Child of their own, without any previous Warning, nor any Fault or the slghtest Responsibility from themselves.

On the contrary, all Homosexual couples are always Infertile, and everybody knows that from the start. In consequence, they inevitably threaten to provoke a series of Numerous "Adoptions" (with the equivalent Risk of massive "Traffick", etc), "Surrogate Mothers" and/or other "Medically Assisted" procedures in order to Artificially get Children for them.

=> Therefore, the situation is clearly, very Differend, (if not Incompatible), in this regard, between the Natural Families and Homosexual couples, both from the point of view of Morals, and from that of possible Threats against Humankind.

+ Moreover, ECHR - who clearly Rejected any Right of the applicants to have those Children, via "Surrogate Mothers"  - accepted, finally, those applications only because there wasn't any other possible Legal link between those Children and the Men and Women who took care of them, not even with their respective Biological Father, as it explicitly regrets.

In other words, if it was possible, (perhaps in a few and exceptional, well motivated  cases), to use any kind of Other appropriate Legal Link, (f.ex., may be that of : - "Care-Taker"/"Foster Family", or simply a Couple to whom those Children are to be enTrusted, under a specialized Judge's control, in order to Help Raise them, in a context quite Similar to a Natural Family : I.e. by a Man and a Woman, including their own Biological Father), then, probably, ECHR might have not condemned the respondent State at all, if we judge by what it actually said in the motivation of those decisions...

- Last, but not least, those Controversial Rulings were taken only by simple individual "Chambers" of the ECHR, and not at all by its Grand Chamber, as well as only in one (1) case, (which gave grounds for two individual applications de facto). Thus, nothing hinders the ECHR to eventualy Change, partly or even entirely, this case-law in the Future, nor its Grand Chamber to judge, perhaps, in a Different way than its simple Chambers.




(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version might be published asap).




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Pierre Pflimlin's visionary line : Honouring the Memory of the man who wanted to build Europe on the Mountains, based on Spirit !



One of EuroFora's best inspirators is naturally Pierre Pflimlin :

We had a chance to personally meet the dynamic and experienced former President of both EU Parliament and CoE's Assembly, France's Prime Minister and Strasbourg's Mayor, only at his 90th anniversary, during an Historic speech at the Council of Europe, exceptionally full of people.

But his energetic figure looked more like a youngster of 19 years old, eager to win the Olympic games !..

Visionary, 2P was, from many points of view :

His daughter, Antoinette, Artist-decorator, and Senator Jung, President of a group of friends, confirmed us an Historian's revelation, that Pflimlin had initially the idea to build all European institutions (EU Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, etc) at the spectacular heights of Oberhausbergen hills, with an eye-catching view of both French Vosges and German Black Forest Mountains, in the midst of a Forest : A real vision to create a brand New European Headquarters with a big ambition !

But, it seems, that "someone in Brussels" found that picture, precisely, too big for his taste, and threw a spanner on the works...

Pflimlin stroke back a Decade ago, at his Historic 1997 farewell speech :

He urged Europeans to find another, more substantial way, to lift Europe to more important Heights in Future :

- "On which basis can we imagine the birth of a great Europe ?", he asked.

"Certainly an Economic basis ! A solid market economy, meeting also the needs of social justice. A Political basis : Europe must become a strong Political Power, able to influence World's changes, naturally for Peace."

"But I believe that the essential foundation of a greater Europe should be of Spiritual nature : .... The great pacific Revolutions were Spiritual Victories" : They expressed "People's main motivation to live in a society with our Values of Liberty, Democracy, respect for Human Dignity".

"Then, the roadmap is ready : Yes, the foundation of the unity for a large Europe is the spiritual heritage, inspired by Christian Humanism and the Humanism of Renaissance, of Enlightenment, from which emerged a Civilisation focused on the Human person".

"Here is the task to be accomplished. It's very difficult".

"The Time approaches when I'll have to pass over the torchlight. God willing, this torch should enlighten the path of those who are going to build, tomorrow, the great Europe, marked by this Spirit".


(Extract from the Book "Pierre Pfilmin : Alsacian and European", 2007. Texts by Senator Louis Jung, by the long-time f. Director of Strasbourg's Newspaper DNA, Alain Howiller, and by f. EU Parliament's Press Director, Paul Collowald : See dedications, hand-written by the authors, the day the book for Pflimlin's 100th Aniversary was launched at Strasbourg's Press Club and European Parliamentary Association's headquarters, 13 April 2007).




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