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PanEuropa WG Head Mandl to EF: Feelings of a New MEP (as Top MEP Rubig leaves a big job for Europe)

Written by ACM
Thursday, 18 April 2019


*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Invited by "Eurofora" to describe briefly his main Impressions and Feelings just after a 1st Mandate in EU Parliament, brand new Young Austrian MEP Lukas Mandl, already President of the prestigious ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group's "PaEuropa" Working Group, while aged just 39, speaking in Strasbourg right between an Old and a New Period, bridged by Crucial EU Elections : that of 2014-2019 and 2019-2024), chose to Highlight two main Points :

 - "On the European Parliament itself" : - It's a Wonderful Tool, where you can Meet Interesting People from all over Europe, Exchange Views, and Prepare Together some Ambitious Projects, to make People's Lives Better and boost EU Integration, he enthousiastically praised.

 - But, Nowadays' Europe faces big Challenges, with various factors of instability at Neighbouring areas, almost everywhere, even if Different, from North to the South, and from East to West, he also Warned. That's why we Need a United, Careful and Efficient Action, he Urged, in substance.

Mandl had been introduced to PanEuropea Working Group's chairmanship by his compatriot, Paul Rübig, one of the Most Experienced, Multi-Active and Productive MEPs in EU Parliament's History during 23 Years, (Known, inter alia, for his Work on EU Citizens' Phone "Roaming", Bethleem's "Peace" Flame Tradition on Christmas, Debates about MEPs' Options in Scientic Issues, SMEs' promotion and EU Budget strategy, etc), who, unfortunately, decided to Retire now, and to whom he consecrated the Last PEWB's Meeting of the present Mandature (2014-2019), Earlier Today in Strasbourg.



"Eurofora", who has positively Cooperated with Rübig during Many Years (Since 1996 !), rushed also to anOther Key Meeting, Today, in EU Parliament, on "STOA" Committee, (means : "Science and Technology Options Assessment"), where the Experienced Austrian MEP had been playing a Leading role, (as President or vice-President, etc, cooperating there also with former Greek Top ChristianDeocratMEP Antonis Trakatellis, from the Beginnings), during a Long Period of Time, marking various Issues with his Kind, Profound and Efficient Contributions.






- One of the Latest is the Recent Creation of a "News-Hub" for Science's relation with the Press and all Medias, which is expected to "Go On" and "Develop" its activities decisively in the foreseable Future, as Rübig told us Today with Conviction.


This is Part of a Wider Idea on InerAction between Press/Medias and STOA in EU Parliament, that "Eurofora" had Highlighted in an important Press Conference, Earlier in Strasbourg, where one of his Successors at STOA's Presidency, former Minister from Portugal, had Proposed us to Start Actively Contributing in a Regular Way during STOA's Meetings also in Brussels : See, f.ex., ..., etc).

Ona among the forthcoming events of that "News-Hub" on Science is due to be a 2-Days long Conference on "Artificial Intelligence", organised in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, at the Beginning of June 2019.

Meanwhile, Mandl might, eventually, have, perhaps, some News about his Collegue and Friend, Rübig's Decisions on where to Focus his Hyper-Active character from now on, after careful Thinking, Later this Summer, as he told us...









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    The recent paradox of freezing EU Talks with front-runner Croatia, while continuing controversial EU - Turkey talks, despite Zagreb's acceptance of Refugees' Human Rights to return, that Ankara refuses fex. in Cyprus, while both have "Good Neighborhood" problems vis a vis Slovenia, or Greece, Cyprus and Armenia respectively, can it be justified by the non-fullfilment of EU criteria, as Slovenia says, or, is it "Double Standards" ?    

The question became unavoidable after statements by Presidents of Slovenia and Croatia, Tuerk and Mesic, respectively, to "EuroFora", exclusively or among Strasbourg's journalists this week at the CoE, on the sidelines of its 2009 Summer University for Political Schools, which topically brought them together as successive key-note speakers.

    Comming only a few Months before EU checks Turkey's compliance to its commitments on Cyprus, etc., scheduled for December 2009, this obviously has a special importance for the coherence of EU Enlargement's principles.

     Suspension of EU Negotiations is a normal consequence in case of a Candidate Country's failure to fullfil EU Conditions, such as "Good Neighborhood relations", stressed at first Slovenian President Danilo Tuerk, current CoE's chair.

    But, regarding EU's Criteria,  there shouldn't be any "Double Standards",  reacted Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, commenting the fact that Turkey's controversial EU negotiations continue, while they were recently "freezed" in the case of Croatia, an "unquestionably European Country", which oficially accepts to respect Refugees Human Rights, contrary to Ankara's notorious refusals or reluctance.                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - "EU itself has set as a Criterium (for EU Enlargement) the "Good Neighborhood relations",  and their absence justifies the "Suspension" EU Negotiations, (f.ex. with Croatia), because of a Border dispute affecting the territorial integrity of an EU Member Country, stressed Slovenian President, Danilo Tuerk, CoE's Chairman in office (May - November 2009), speaking to Journalists in Strasbourg including "EuroFora".    

Questioned earlier what "consequences on EU's Enlargement policy" can have the "Ban on EU Membership Negotiations", imposed to Croatia, Tuerk replied that "this question comes down to the fulfillement of (EU) Criteria for membership. One has to look at each Candidate Country ., from the point of view whether it fullfils the Criteria that EU has set. One of them are Good Neighborhood Relations, I'd like to remind. And also, there are other factors, such as Justice, Home affairs, Rule of Law, and others".

    - "Now, ..Candidate Countries are at Different Levels of fulfillement of Criteria", he observed.

    - " Croatia is obviously the closest to that. I'm rather optimistic : I think that in the coming Months we'll have an opportunity to look at all these issues constructively and hopefully we'll be able to make progress". "My main concern, at this point, is the situation in Bosnia : We haven't seen enough progres domesticaly. We haven't seen enough during ..political parties within their country.We need a New Energy, a new energetic move towards the Candidature for EU membership. "Other (Western Balkan) Countries (Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Albania) have been making soaring Progress, and I think that they should be ready, in a few Years, for the Candidate status".

    - "As far as the Western Balkans are concerned, .. nobody should be left outside" the EU, Slovenian's President concluded, ommitting to mention Turkey's controversial EU bid.

    - "This process may be seen as Slow, but..  Slovenia has also has also been exposed to various "Booms of Slowness" in our accession period. But now we can say that the process was relatively quick, because changes which occur after becoming EU member, are quite large, and they require proper Preparations before the (EU) membership becomes a new factor, an impacting line for a new (EU) member country".

EU "Solidarity" ?

Slovenian statements made some participants from certain 3rd Countries as FYROM, etc. claim that "the Principle of EU Solidarity" would "produce a.. rising European Union Nationalism (sic !), against Non-EU Countries", as they said, asking unhappy foreign countries to form a "bloc" to exert pressure on the EU...    

But Croatian President Stjepan Mesic dismissed that, supporting "EU Integration", "after the Economy also in Political" issues, as "the achievement" of our times. In EU there is "diversity, but it's United", he stressed, "EU has to be United so that it can become a central factor of Peace" also at the surrounding areas, he replied.


Speaking later exclusively to "EuroFora", the experienced twice President of Croatia, former President of the International "Non-Aligned" movement, denounced "Double Standards" in the way EU treats recently Croatia compared to Turkey :   

 - "I think that there shouldn't be Double Standards", stressed the Croatian President, in reply to a Question comparing the freeze of EU - Croatia talks, with the continuation of EU - Turkey talks, despite the fact that Croatia is an "unquestionably European country", while Turkey's EU bid is notoriously controversial.

    Mesic was reacting to the observation that, even if he confirmed his "respect of Refugees' Human Rights to return, etc. (See infra), nevertheless, EU talks are suspended with Croatia.. While for oher, controversial candidates, who refuse to respect Refugees' Rights to return, etc., as fex. Turkey does in occupied Cyprus and elsewhere, EU negotiations continue".

    - "I believe that Croatia's accession will confirm that all European Countries who fulfill all of the Conditions and achieve European Standards, have to join the EU. There shouldn't be any Double Standards", went on to add in reply President Mesic.

    In this relation, Croatia's President found "of paramount importance", CoE's "mechanisms enforcing ECHR's judgements"
    - "On Refugees and Displaced persons, the process will be completed only after the last person demanding to return will be allowed to do so !", President Mesic Croatia stressed earlier, setting a general standard of obvious importance also for otherr candidates, as f.ex. Turkey, often accused to exclude or heavily restrict Greek Cypriot Displaced persons' return to their Family Homes and ancestral land, provoke difficulties to Turkish-Kurd IDPs return to their home regions at the South-East, etc.

    Some "2.000 People are still reported Missing" in former Yugoslavia, for some Years, (as in Cyprus, modern Europe's oldest case, for 3 Decades. Nagorno-Karabach, Tcecnya in Russia, etc, more recently), and Investigations "will only be completed after establishing the fate of the last one of them", he added.
    Speaking earlier on "War Crimes", President Mesic stressed that "Leaders are responsible for (the) Wars (of the Past), not the People", and called against Impunity :  "Individuals have to be held Responsible for Crimes. International Penal Tribunals have to persecute those individuals", perpetrators of War Crimes, he underlined.

    Such statements naturally made Mesic rather popular at ECHR, whose President, French EuroJudge, Professor Jean-Paul Costa, looked particularly smiling when he welcomed him later on Wednesday afternoon, after Slovenian President Daniko Tuerk earlier this week.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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