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Accueil arrow newsitems arrow MSMedias go GA-GA v. HCQ cure ! FDA OKs HCQ Prescription v. Virus +Asks Remdesivir Side-Effects Note

MSMedias go GA-GA v. HCQ cure ! FDA OKs HCQ Prescription v. Virus +Asks Remdesivir Side-Effects Note

Ecrit par ACM
Monday, 15 June 2020




*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Revelation of the 1st Big Scandal of a "Bogus" Fake-Study Against HCQ+ Medicine versus the Deadly Virus, Alias Known also as "LANCET-GATE", (See: ..., etc), Even if Acknowledged also by the WHO itself, which Notoriously Restored that Drug, did Not Disarm its Opponents...

On the Contrary, Most of them, Multiplied sly and/or Open Attacks, Abusing of various Similar, or slightly Different "Bogus" Fake and/or, in fact, Irrelevant "Reports", Sometimes even ...Older than the 1st one, in Relentless Attempts to provoke Negative False Impressions, Trigger one or anOther Erroneous and/or Excessive, UnJustified Reaction against HCQ+, at Any Price, even by EnDangering or Sacrificing their own Credibility.

To the point that, sometimes, even Positive Official Confirmations of the Fact that HCQ+ could be freely Prescribed by Doctors to their Patients, during the Fight Against the Virus, if they found that appropriate, (See Infra), were, in fact, Presented, on the Contrary, as a kind of..."Sanction", Focusing f.ex. on the controversial Suppression of a possibility to administer that Drug in Serious Cases of Advanced Infections, while, it's well Known that it's Only towards the Beginning that it's more Efficient...

While People are still Dying, Every Day, by that Virus, for which not any other satisfactory Cure or Vaccine has been Found yet until Nowadays, such a Behavior, by some, inevitably leaves Big Question Marks about what they might be really searching to provoke or impose, those who don't hesitate to try to Block the Only Glimpse of Hope currently available, even withOut any Serious Argument at their disposal, but, on the Contrary, Most of the times, Scandalously Manipulating and/or MisRepresenting the real Facts !

Here, we shall see a Series of Critical, Factual Analysis of such Controversial and Negative Claims, which are Proven to be more or less Arbitrary, Irrelevant, and/or Excessively Exagerated, sometimes unbelievably Flawn, totaly "Bogus" and/or UnReliable...

Something which, curiously, does not hinder, nevertheless, those who Attempt to Exploit one after another "Bogus" Fake-Study, to Persist, Again and Again, in a Tragi-Comic "Rain" of Balderdash, as if several Establishment's Medias have gone "Ga-Ga" against HCQ+ at Any Price (See Infra) !


=> Among Others, f.ex. :

- The Same Days (June 3) that a 1st "Bogus" Fake-Study (of 22.5.2020), Against HCQ+, was notoriously "Retracted" by its Authors, (Mandip Mehra, e.a.) for blatant InCapacity to Verify its alleged "Data", ("Eurofora"'s 2nd Point of Criticism among 11 "Big Flaws" in that Controversial Text: See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html, etc),

+ while WHO, at nearby Geneva, Immediately Decided to Restore HCQ+ international Trials and Continue as normal, (After having Earlier Suspendeded them, because of Slandering by that "Bogus" Fake-Study : Comp. Supra),

>>> On the Contrary, "LANCET"'s CEO reportedly Refused to Publish French Professor Didier Raoult's Team's Recent Findings in favor of "HCQ+"'s Efficiency against the Virus, (See, f.ex., partly, at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/hcqazrtopsurvivalcontravirus.html, etc), including Even those of Many Specialists Angiologists, etc. on the capacity to Avoid or Control any eventual Side-Effect on Heart Issues, (which, practicaly, Replied to the Main Slandering by that "Bogus" Fake-Study)...

=> + Suddenly, Moreover, the "NEJM" Publishes anOther so-called "Study" Claiming that HCQ would be InEfficient (i.e. Not Better than Placebo), and even have more "Side Effects" than Placebo... (Boulware a.o. : See Infra).

+ In Addition, "NEJM"'s New Editor in Chief, Mr. Rubin, (See Infra), Hurries up to Hastily Add (in ...an Audio podcast !) a Front-Page "EDITORIAL", making Further Publicity to that New so-called "Study" Against HCQ+...

++ Meanwhile, the Scandal of the Previous, 1st "Bogus" Fake-Study Against HCQ+, Announced with its "Retraction" by its Authors Today, is practically ...HIDDEN Down Below, towards the End of the Page, and, Even, ...Deprived of Any Mention of "HCQ+" at its Heading (sic !), as if it might concern Anything Else... (What "Journalistic Ethics" !)

+++ As for WHO's Decision to Restore HCQ+ (Comp. Supra), our Eyes, Honestly, did Not manage to Catch it, Neither at that edition of "NEJM", Nor at its Equivalent of "LANCET", ...But, Perhaps, we May Need Glasses able to read Small Letters, and/or more Patience, to Search Down, or Back, at Internal Pages, or even at some Later Day...

++++ Moreover, it's Difficult or Impossible to Notice any Visible Mention by Neither "LANCET", Nor ""NEJM", of "Eurofora"s Pioneer, thorough Denunciation of that 1st "Bogus" Fake-Study slandering "HCQ+" Cure, Dated also from 22/5/2020 (See at: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html), and Not Even of anOther Critical Collective "Open Letter", Afterwards signed by Almost 400 Medical Doctors from 5 Continents accross the World, published at the Internet around 28-29/5/2020) !


>>> But, in Fact, that "New" so-called "Study" Against HCQ+, is Only anOther "Bogus" Fake-"Study" :

- Indeed, inter alia, it concerns Only HCQ Alone, and Not at all its Combination with "Azithromycine", which, Notoriously is the Formula of which were speaking its main Supporters, including French Dr. Didier Raoult, USA President Don Trump, etc. !

+ Even Despite that, nevertheless, the HCQ Group of Patients reportedly had +3% Better Results against the Virus, than the Placebo Group. These Results have been Accused by the authors to "Not Differ Significantly", But, in real Practice, they might, perhaps, Save Human Lives...

++ In Addition, the "Dose" of HCQ used there was, Excessively ...1.400 mg (sic !) from the First Day (and afterwards 600), Instead of the 500 mg Maximum Limit fixed f.ex. by the Medical Authorities in France, (around which is located also Dr. Raoult's formula) : In such Conditions, it's obviously too Easy to make Claims about some Alleged "Side Effects" (artificially Provoked)... And, at any case, Most Drugs may have one or another Side-Effect, while, Obviously "Placebo" always has none !

+++ Moreover, its Authors Curiously note that they were Obliged to Stop Earlier than scheduled, their Trial, for UnClear reasons. They Even Admit that a "Majority" of their Patients ...had Not yet been Diagnosticated with the Virus (sic !), Claiming that this would be due to Alleged InSuficiencies because "Testing was Mostly UnAvailable" (sic !), while US President Trump's Administration has Notoriously Boosted Test Diagnostics, First of all, and, apparently, More than at any other Country in the World !

++++ Last, but not least, those Authors had particular Links to Canada, and Especialy Quebec, with the Only "PhD" among them having a French Name, while many were Financialy Supported by various French-Language/Culture Organisations. However, at the Same Time, a Controversial French Ministry of Health has Notoriously ...Attacked HCQ+ Nowadays, in a Long Series of at least ...5 Attempts to Stop it :  First by Prohibiting Medical Prescriptions against the Virus, (not even for Medical Doctors themselves !), Afterwards by Limiting it Only to Terminal, Grave Cases, by Collective Decisions in Hospitals, (i.e. When it's well Known that HCQ+ is No More Efficient, Contrary to the Beginning of the Infection), Followed by a Move to, Later, Drop even that, as well as to Stop ...16 Trials Studies currently organized by various Public-Private Medical Research Actors with HCQ+, and apparently Intervened inside a 10 States' Committee of the about 200 Member States-strong WHO in order to Initially Suspend International Trials Research on HCQ+, (which was, However, Later-on ...Restored by the WHO's Leadership, When it was Proved that the Above-Mentioned "Bogus" Fake-"Study" slandering the CHQ+ was, in Fact, a Ridiculous Hoax, as "Eurofora" had Denounced the First : Comp. Supra, + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html)


 * Now, What about that New Editor in Chief of Establishment's Media "NEMJ", who has, Surprizingly, just Multiplied, at least Five (5 !) Aggressive Moves Against HCQ+ in almost One Day (See Facts cited Supra) ?

It's a "Pleasure" to Introduce "Immunology and Infectious Diseases"' specialist, (i.e. Aware of Virus' issues), Dr. Eric Rubin..., inter alia, at least with an Astonishing Series of relevant "Stunning" Facts :

- Already when he was a Kid, his "Father : a Salesman who Never attended College", reportedly "told him that he Had to go to Medical School", even if "he did NOT Have to PRACTICE Medicine", (i.e. Not to Heal Suffering People), as "his father explained", "BUT he Had to at least ATTEND medical school", Because it was Perceived as ..."the BenchMark of SUCCESS (sic !) IN THE EYES of his" acquaintances...

=> In Consequence, Later-on, when Asked : - "Why do I work on TuBerculosis ?", he Acknowledged that, Normaly, "the Answer that I Should (...) give, is that I’m a Doctor, I’ve seen patients who are Sick, it’s a Horrible Disease, and I really want to Help People". But, in Fact, "it’s Not what has Motivated me in the past or now", he Admits. On the Contrary, "What Motivates me, is that doing Science is really FUN (sic !). It’s a Blast"..., he bluntly confessed.

>>> Nevertheless, Rubin Also, Bitterly aknowledged that : - “I’ve been in the [Harvard Chan Public Health] School for 20 YEARS, and we Still do NOT have Anything that even looks like a DRUG (that would Heal People) from My Lab (sic !). And I’m Disappointed in that.”

- Despite that Fact, several of his Pals look ...Enthousiast : - "Tuberculosis (TB) is certain to Remain one of the Leading Infectious Killers. Millions Will Perish in the coming Decades, and Many Millions More will become Sick. But, ...Scientists now Know More than ever about the Bacterium, and the discoveries made in Rubin’s Lab (See Infra) have given new Momentum to TB Research", they Cynicaly Boast !  

=> In Other Words : Still Many Millions of Sick People and even Dead, during Decades to come, ... But, Also, a lot of ...BS, MD, MS, PhD, Post-Docs, Professors, Labs, Medical Schools, $ Millions or $ Billions of Funds for RST Projects, NEJM + LANCET MSMedias, etc., and so-called (passive ?) "Knowledge" of the "Bacterium" which Kills... In Brief : "the Paradise !" (Literally)...

- But, in Fact, the Real Interests of Dr. Rubin don't always seem to be Limited Only to such "Trivial" Matters of Funds, Posts, etc.

F.ex, Already, "among (his) First Big Ideas" was "a Technique ...(nicknamed "TraSH") which Disrupted ...4,000 or so Genes, ...to Reveal those that are Essential to ...Survival", so that they could become "Potential ...Targets", on the occasion of the Fight Against the TB "Bacterium".

But, afterwards, Rubin Focused on "Zika Virus" since "2016", when USA and WHO "Confirmed a Link" with "the severe Birth Defect Micro-Cephaly" (means "Small Head") : "It was Surprizing, that Zika Virus .. would have These Consequences", he stressed. Asked "What are Your Biggest Scientific Questions about Zika ?", he Replied : "the Brain AbNormalities, such as MicroCephaly, and Other conditions in the Fetus","more Subtle, ...such as Development Delays". Anew asked "What can You Learn from an OutBreak like this ?", he Answered: - "Differences between THE DEVELOPING BRAIN OF THE FETUS, and the fully Formed Brain" : -"Why does Zika virus Infect the Brain of the Fetus ?" (in the Womb). -"If it doesN’t infect the Adult Brain, Why not ?" Also the "Brain of ...Children doesN't seem to be Affected in the Same way". And, "If Women get infected Early in Pregnancy, is that Better or Worse than Late in Pregnancy ?", he wondered.

 -  Indeed, "from ... Virus, we also Learn a lot about Fundamental Human Biology", Rubin stressed. "Because they’re Probes of Our own Physiology. Microbes Exploit ... the Normal Processes that occur in us and Subvert them". Often, "we didN’t Know that Those normal Processes even Existed, Until they got Subverted". So that, Emerging Infections like Zika Virus Help us better Understand Ourselves (sic !)", he Explained, (Again ...Far away from Any explicit Healing aim : Comp. Supra)...

+ An Interesting Point is also his View about the astonishing Emergence and Spread of "New" kinds of Virus, (Radical Changes in Old Virus, or Appearance of Entirely New), Recently :

(a) F.ex. "Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, West Nile virus, Japanese Encephalitis (stems from "Brain"): ALL of these Infections Jumped to the Western Hemisphere in Recent Years, (f.ex. on 2015 Zika, a Bacterium Known Since ...1947, i.e. almost ...70 Years Later !),  !) from Far-flung parts of the World, and are now permanently established. What does that tell you ?", he was asked.

(b) In Parallel, f.ex., "the Latest human-transmitted Bird Flu (H1N1), in 2009, came out of Mexico (in fact, California). No one Predicted SARS (2003). No one predicted Zika (2015), (as Also MERS on 2013, and COVID on 2019-2020). Why are Emerging Infections so Hard to Forecast?

- On the 1st Point, Rubin Simply Replied that "Mosquitoes are a GREAT WAY (sic !) TO SPREAD Disease. WHEN YOU TRANSPLANT a Disease into a New Area (re-sic !!), with the Right mosquito VECTOR, it can Spread like Wild-Fire. In the case of both chikungunya and Zika, it’s, probably, (Also) that People have NO NATURAL IMMUNITY".

- On the 2nd Point, he bluntly claimed that All such New, "Emerging Infections" (Comp. Supra), "are Inherently UNPREDICTABLE, Because of HUMAN BEHAVIOR" (sic !). "There is also a set of GENETIC MUTATIONS and ReCombinations", he continued here. Paradoxically, he found "completely predictable", at least, that this "WILL PRODUCE (sic !) A VIRUS that’s highly Virulent and EFFICIENTLY (re-sic !!) SPREAD from human to human.... BUT you have NO Idea WHEN, Because there are so Many random EVENTS that have to happen", as he said, withOut Explaining...

>>> Last, but not least, Rubin, during Recent Years (2018-2019+), was (and, may-be, Still is) Notoriously "Keen to ...GENETICALLY ENGINEER a Strain of" a VIRUS... (sic !).  This would, reportedly, be a kind of "M. TUBERCULOSIS BACTERIUM". He Claims that he would search "to Answer" "the Question ...Whether it's Possible to...Use" that in order "to TEST Drugs and Vaccines". This would be done "in Animals", (naturally including Mamals), but Obviously Destinated, Afterwards, to serve Humans.

- In particular, he had Focused on the (very Topical Nowadays) Fact that "TB is a LUNG INFECTION, and LUNGS CONSTANTLY INTERACT with the Environment VIA RESPIRATION", while "OUR (Humans') BREATH —and the Breath of Animals—carries all sorts of Volatile MARKERS on it, some of which Smell". Thus, he has had "GENETICALLY ENGINEERED these ("TB"-like) BACTERIA to PRODUCE a Volatile Molecule that Smells.... The BACTERIA then can be AEROSOLIZED and administered TO INFECT ... LUNGS" (sic !).

=> "As the INFECTION DEVELOPS and the BACTERIA MULTIPLY, the ...Smelling “Reporter Molecule” can be DETECTED and Quantified", (using a Method known as "Gas Chromatography-mass spectrometry"). “You MEASURE the Amount ... that you Smell on the BREATH, and that should correlate with the NUMBER OF BACTERIA in" whoever serves as Guinea Pig. He Claims that "this will tell us whether a ...Vaccine or Drug is ...Reducing the BACTERIAL LOAD IN THE ...LUNGS", or not. "We’re Calling the [Artificially Engineered Virus] Organism : <<Myco-Bacterium Tubercu [from "Tuberculosis"...]-Mint>>, Rubin "Jokes"...

- "This is the Type of ..."FUN—RESEARCH" that gets Rubin Excited", (Comp. Supra), according to the Orders Executed by a "Post-Doc" acting "Under his co-Guidance", "in a Lab directly across the Hall from Rubin’s Office", observes an Article Published at Harvard's SPH Review...

=> But, Many People, Nowadays (June 2020), amidst the Crisis of a Deadly Virus Never Seen Before, which Infects and Targets Humans' Lungs, certainly wouldN't find that "Funny" at all !..


- Change of Theater :

15 June. Suddenly, in the Middle of Riots fuelled by "Black Lives Matter", "AntiFa", and Various Other Grouplets, while Even the "White House" is Attacked, an Obama-Appointed, Black FDA Official with a French Name, withdraws a Facility Earlier given to HCQ+ Drug, that President Trump recently Revealed he's taking for Prophylaxis, (after 2 WH Staff were found Infected). FDA Chief, Appointed by Trump, isn't seen Nowhere...

- Despite Many, Repeated Claims to be "Based Only on Science" and "Facts" (sic !), Nevertheless, ...Neither Any "Facts", Nor any "Science" isN't Found, in order to Explain that move, Neither at its Press Release, Nor at the Signed Decision, Obliging to Search at an "Attached" "Memorandum", and Download an Anonymous Paper, in order to Find the Slightest Reference to a concrete "Fact"...  


Denise Hinton was First Appointed to a FDA Direction Job during Former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama, since 2014. Previously, that Black American with a French Name, had Worked at FDA's "Training" a.o. Various Sections, and holds, basicaly, a BD on "Nursing" (sic !), followed by a MS at Boston, (a notorious Social/Liberal Hotspot). The Additional Fact that this, eventualy Anti-Trump move, came in the middle of the Minneapolis' Row, which is Notoriously abused in Attempts to Oppose Black People to President Trump, while, on the Contrary, he has Strived (and widely Succeeded) to Attract Black Voters already as Early as since his landmark "Inauguration" Speech at Cleveland, Ohio, on Summer 2016, as well as at several Other Occasions more Recently, (f.ex. on Economy, Schools, etc), obviously indicating that a possible Political Biais might have, more or less, abused of inadequate, incomplete, and/or Uncertain yet Data.


FACTS : FDA admits that Most of the "Published Studies" on which would be Based its June 15 Controversial Move Against "HCQ+", would be Mere "Observational Comparisons", and even "an Extremely Small ...Trial" !

So that the Only Trial that FDA considers Today to have "High Quality Data" (sic !), is that of "Tang et al"., which has been Published since ... May ! (See Infra).


=> But, from the Few "Studies" Citted by that FDA's paper of June 15 :

- Three (3) do Not even use "HCQ+", (But Only the Old "CQ" Alone);

- Four (4) use Only "HCQ" Alone, (some Even in Surprisingly Excessive Doses, which might Provoke "Side-Effects"), withOut "AZ" at all, (Nor Zinck);

- Only 2 use "HCQ" and, at least, Some "AZ", But One in UnCertain Numbers of Cases, and Both with a Too Small Number of Patients, (about 40 or 17, respectively, While, f.ex., Dr. Raoult's pro-HCQ+AZ+ Latest Studies concerned 1.061 [Published May 2020] or about 3.700 Patients [Retrospective, Published on June 2020 : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/hcqazrtopsurvivalcontravirus.html] );  Moreover, the Second was Focused on "Intensive Care" cases, which Notoriously doN't Fit with "HCQ+AZ+", that should be administered Early, while the First, made in Saudi Arabia, is Only "Retrospective" ;

+ (ETC+)...


>>> Now, What happens with FDA's "Hard Nut to Crack", i.e., the Above-Mentioned "Tang et al" Study, which would have "the Highest Quality Data", (sic !), as it Claims ?

- (1) - First of all, it does Not Concern the Famous Formula, notoriously supported by US President Don Trump, French Professor Didier Raoult, and others, which is Composed mainly by "HCQ" and "AZ", normaly added to "Zinc", But ...Only by "HCQ" Alone !

- (2) - Curiously, it Abuses of a Too Big Dose of "HCQ", ... More than the Double (sic !) of what is the upper Limit Prescribed f.ex. by the French State (500 mg) and Professor Raoult himself (600 mg) per Day : Indeed, it went Up to ... 1.200 mg (during Each One of the First Three Days, 800 mg per Day Afterwards) !!!

No Wonder, then, Why Some Patients Complained of "Side-Effects", such as, Mainly "Diarrhea" (10%), as that "Study" criticizes...

- (3) - However, Despite all that, Nevertheless, that "HCQ" Group of Patients Succeeded to get clearly ...Better Health Results, than the "Standard of Care" Group, Ameliorating their Performance for at least + 4,1% More !

But the Organizers of that Trial Claimed that this would be ..."Non Significant"...

- (4) - Various Doubts, Controversies, and UnClear or even Scandalous aspects concerning the DATA of this Study, Raise Serious Questions :

a) FDA's Decision was taken on JUNE, But that Study was Published on MAY, and contains a Mention about having being Written on APRIL, while the Actual Trial took place on ...FEBRUARY ! I.e. it looks Too OLD : FDA's Claims about "New Data" are False...  

b) That Trial was "EARLY Terminated", its Authors admit, because of Problems of "Recruitment of ...Patients". Nevertheless, an Obscure "Committee"s Members, "ALL" (sic !) Found that those "Data" were "Important" in order ...."TO AVOID ...USE OF HCQ" (sic !), that they Qualify "InAppropriate". I.e., its Data seem INSUFFICIENT, and Moved by BIAIS.

c) The Trial was DISPERSED throughout "3 Provinces" and "SixTeen (16) Health Centers" !... I.e., it appears Difficult, if not ImPossible, to Verify their Existence, Accuracy, Equality of Conditions, etc.

d) The Authors did Not Handle the Trial's Data themselves, Directly, and Independently. On the Contrary they "HIRED" an INTERMEDIARY, i.e. "a CONTRACT RESEARCH Organisation", (Named : "R&G Pharma-Studies"), who "ASSISTED" them "in the Study Design, Data Collection and Cleaning", and Statistical Analyses", as well as in "Recording Data", etc.

This is a very Important Role, But the chosen Company looks ...Too Much UnReliable and FISHY !... Among Many Strange Facts, which indicate a "Bogus" Fake-Study, here are some :

- The WebSite of that Company does Not Work at all !... (See relevant Screenshot + Web Address).

- It Claims to have a "Globalized Team" for Management, But All Names cited at its "Bloomberg" Registry are Only Chinese.

- Elsewhere, it Claims to have More than ... "700 Staff". But in its "Blooberg" Registry is Noted ...Only One (1) "Controller", and Nothing else... in this regard, (its "Number of Employees" entry remaining Empty !)

- By some apparently "Bogus" Internet Pseudo-"Publications", it's Linked, (on so-called "Medi-Data" Technology) with a very Shady, and apparently Bogus, Individual, of ...Turkish Origin, "Hulus Alpay", (reportedly Graduate of "Monmouth" University since 1996), who seems to have Changed More Various alleged Jobs, than Shirts...



=> It's Obviously Scandalous, for the Most Powerful Country in the World, (USA), to let practically Depend Citizens' Health from such Trash !...


=> After Establishment's Medias etc. notoriously went "Ga-Ga" against HCQ+, Raining "Bogus" Fake-Studies, since 22/5/2020, By a Coincidence, ..."Lady GA-GA"'s Latest Song : "Rain on me", Published exactly that Same Day : 22/5/2020, Fits them well...:


















+ However, in Fact, even this FDA's Decision is Not so Negative, vis a vis HCQ+, as it seems at First Sight, But has Also some POSITIVE aspects :

- Indeed, FDA's Official Press Release goes on to Add also that : Succesfull Traditional Drug HCQ+ is, Already, "FDA-Approved to Treat or Prevent Malaria", and  it's "Also approved to treat AutoImmune conditions", "such as ...Lupus", including "rheumatoid Arthritis". Such "Drugs have been Prescribed for Years to Help Patients with ...Debilitating, or even Deadly, Diseases, and FDA has Determined that these Drugs are Safe and Effective, when Used, for these diseases, in Accordance with their FDA-approved Labeling", i.e. Carefully.  

=> In Addition, "Of note, FDA Approved Products (as HCQ+) May be Prescribed by Physicians (Also) for Off-Label Uses","including during COVID" Virus,  "IF they (Physicians) determine it is Appropriate for Treating their patients", FDA Today suggested in Addition.



>>> On the Contrary, Failed "Ebola-Drug" "REMDESIVIR", (initially) Scheduled for 2015-2017, Not yet FDA Approved, got just "an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in May 2020, allowing for Remdesivir ... to be administered IntraVenously, By health care Providers, as Appropriate, to treat ...COVID-19 in ...patients Hospitalized, with Severe Disease" Only. On the Contrary, Eventual "Safety and Efficacy of Remdesivir for ...COVID-19" in general,  Still "Continue to Be Evaluated".

=> In Consequence, (and given Recent Critical Studies, f.ex. from China, etc), "the EUA Requires that Fact-Sheets about using <<Remdesivir>> in treating COVID-19 be made available to Health care Providers and to Patients and Caregivers". "Including information on possible Side-Effects, such as: increased levels of Liver enzymes, which may be a sign of Inflammation or Damage to cells in the liver; and Allergic reactions, which may include low Blood Pressure, high" or "low Heart Rate, Shortness of Breath, Wheezing, angio-Edema (f.ex, lip or tongue Swelling), Difficulty Swallowing, Rash, Nausea, Vomiting, Sweating, Shivering, and Respiratory Distress."

- What a Long List...

=> Enjoy !


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People in Europe and the World expect from CoE to make a succes of its "Monitoring" for Human Rights and Democracy, despite difficulties, said Finland's President Tarja Halonen to "EuroFora" at a crucial moment for the mecanism built 15 years ago by the paneuropean organization which celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2009.

Halonen, known as "Mother" of CoE's "Monitoring" mecanism, a long-time MEP and former Foreign Minister before becoming Finland's President, holds a long experience in the mattter, after also serving twice as CoE and EU Chairwoman in the past. That's why she is well placed to judge how CoE's "monitoring" should deal today with some crucial issues of importance both to CoE and to the EU.

The move came just a Month before a crucial, last visit to Turkey, scheduled for June, by the President of CoE''s "Monitoring" Committee, Ukranian MEP Serge Holovaty, to finalize his Report on Ankara, the CoE Member State with the longest Monitoring procedure. From its results depends its overall credibility.

This is a Test-case, because, in fact, it's in order to avoid Sanctions threatened against Turkey by a CoE's Assembly's April 1995 Resolution for grave Human Rights violations, Democracy gaps, the continuing Military Occupation in Cyprus, the unresolved Kurdish problem, Aegean differend with Greece, etc., that MEPs decided to create, for the 1st time on April 1996, a "Monitoring" proces, allegedly destinated to check, without excluding Countries who did not fulfill all CoE's standards.

In the Past, the obliged withdrawal of Greece's Military regime and of its "Civil" cover-up out of the CoE had helped bring back Democracy in 1974. But, on the contrary, since April 1996, the idea was to "monitor" Human Rights' respect while keeping most concerned Countries inside the CoE. After Turkey's oldest example, this was extended also to several former "Eastern" European Countries, even if CoE's Assembly has imposed to some of them (fex. Ukraine, Russia, etc., after Belarus, Serbia, etc) various "Sanctions", that Ankara always avoided. Curiously more succesful even than .. USA itself, (a CoE "Observer" since 1995), which has been at least threatened with sanctions some years ago..

EU-effects of CoE's Monitoring process became obvious between 2001-2008, since the "closure" of this procedure, when CoE felt that a Country had met most of its Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law obligations, (i.e. the "Copenhagen Criteria" for the EU), helped trigger Negotiations with the EU for "Accession" or other closer relations : This occured already before the 2004 and 2007 EU Enlargements to former "Eastern" European Countries, as well as for the commencement of "accession" negotiations with Croatia, and of "open-ended" negotiations with Turkey in 2005.

    But a stricking new development are Holovaty's recent findings that on core Human Rights issues as Torture and Freedom of Expression, Turkey, even "5 Years after" CoE closed its "Monitoring", back in 2004, inciting EU to start accession Negotiations in 2005, still presents grave problems.

    His findings are of crucial importance after a 2008 CoE Resolution called, "if need be", to "seriously consider the possibility of Re-Opening the Monitoring procedure for Turkey" : A move which might affect Ankara's controversial EU bid, since EU Accession Negotiations are based on the Hypothesis that the Candidate fullfils the "Copenhagen Criteria" (See above)..
    Holovaty expressed his will to check  "Matters still Outstanding" and  those that he "didn't have an opportunity to discuss" at an earlier visit this year, "in order to discuss the more complex issues in greater depth", at his forthcoming New Visit to Ankara, before the December 2009 EU Summit.  This is all based on the 2004 CoE Resolution which stresses that, CoE "will continue.. post-monitoring Dialogue with the Turkish authorities,...in addition to a 12-points list,..and on any Other Matter that might arise in connection with Turkey’s Obligations as a CoE member state".

    CoE's Resolution also asks  from Turkey "to secure the proper Implementation of Judgements, particularly in the Cyprus v. Turkey InterState case", of 2001, which concerns also the plight of many Hundreds of MISSING People. It adds Turkey's obligations to "execute" ECHR's Judgements in the Loizidou case,..and in particular adopt General Measures to avoid repetition or continuation of Violations found by the Court" to the detriment of Refugees.

    Nevertheless, Holovaty said to "EuroFora" that "MISSING" persons,"might be included" and cannot be excluded, but he has yet to examine the situation "to find out  which issues will be raised" to the Turkish Government.

    Therefore, "EuroFora" asked Halonen, as the Historic "Mother" of CoE's Monitoring mecanism, if she thought that, "whenever there are grave Human Rights Violations, as fex. "MISSING" persons, attested even by ECHR's judgements, they should be always checked by a Monitoring process. Or could they be forgotten ?"
     - "We (CoE) must be, at the same time, Fair, Realistic, but not in the mind that "now we have Forgotten", etc., replied to "EuroFora"'s question Halonen, speaking as a matter of general principle.

    - "When we think of those People that are suffering from the lack of Democracy, of Human Rights, and of the Rule of Law", "we should find a base on how to deal with the (Monitoring) system more rapidly"', she stressed.

    - "Sometimes it's very difficult to combine Transparency and Effectivenes together, particularly in this specific case", she went on to say. But, "I have not found a (CoE Member) Country who could be insensitive in this sens", Halonen answered concerning grave Human Rights violations attested by the ECHR.

    - "I have no ready-made answer. I have the expectations that you, in the CoE, will, step by step, find the different types of the monitoring systems."

    Also "because this is a part of the UN's Post-Conflict system, (fex. when it comes to Cyprus' MISSING persons), and it's a more Global system". So that, "If we make a succes in Europe, the others will follow", throughout the World.  "But they expect that we (Europe) are this opportunity, this Opportunity to make a Succes", Halonen concluded.

    In addition, she advised to extend CoE's Monitoring to all its 47 Member States, "because, as long as we hear that, all these monitoring systems are "OK for the neighbor, but not for me", "it's very difficult" to understand. Something which could make easier to Compare...

    Finnish MEP Jaako Laakso, former CoE Rapporteur on the Occupied Territories of Cyprus and one of the 5 Signatories of the Historic CoE's call to create the "MONITORING" mecanism since 1996, was more specific :  - "We (CoE Assembly) have to find a way for the issue of Cyprus' MISSING People to be better followed", he stressed, anouncing his intention to "speak to Mr. Holovaty" about that. "There might be also other ways", added Laakso.

    - The 2008 "Year had been a very Bad one for Turkey with regard to Human Rights in general, and Freedom of Expression in particular", denounced, meanwhile, Holovaty's preliminary Post-Monitoringh Draft Report by Holovaty, published by the CoE on April 2009.

    "Amnesty International believes that freedom of expression is not guaranteed given the various articles of the Criminal Code that restrict it. .. "For example, 1,300 Websites are said to have been closed down by the (Turkish) authorities in 2008" ! While "the new Turkish Criminal Code was used to bring a total of 1,072 proceedings between June 2005 and April 2008, and led to the conviction of 192 people", for expressing views. "Representatives of the Özgür Gündem newspaper, which specialises in Kurdish affairs, ..complained about Numerous Attacks on their Freedom of Expression ...as was everyone who advocated a settlement to the question by means other than the intervention of the army" "According to their figures, 19 Newspapers had been suspended 43 times between 4 August 2006 and 4 November 2008" !...

    Moreover, on 2008,  CoE's "Ministers adopted its 4rth Resolution on the execution of the judgments of the ECHR, ...and outstanding issues regarding 175 Judgements and decisions relating to Turkey delivered between 1996 and 2008...  concerning Deaths resulting from the excessive use of force by members of the Security forces, the failure to protect the right to life, the DIisappearance and/or death of individuals, Ill-Treatment and the Destruction of property". CoE's " Ministers urged the Turkish authorities ...to ensure that members of Security forces of all ranks can be prosecuted without administrative
authorisation" for "serious crimes". Holovaty reminded.

"Nonetheless", Holovaty heard anew of "Several cases of Violence committed last year (2008) by the (Turkish) security forces". Amnesty International speaks of Many Cases of ill-treatment and Torture in the prisons and by the police". "Including, fex."'the death of Engin Ceber, a young man of 29 who died on October 2008 as a result of the TORTURE allegedly inflicted on him by police officers, prison staff and members of the gendarmerie. He was part of a group of people arrested on September 2008 during a demonstration and Press Conference in Istanbul'. Proceedings against suspects are "on-going" in this case.

- " I therefore noted an Obvious Contradiction between the Government’s stated “zero tolerance” policy.... of Torture and other forms of ill-treatment, and the different testimonies given", denounced CoE's Rapporteur.  Turkish "authorities must make considerable efforts to guarantee that proper investigations are carried out into allegations of abuses by members of the security forces and that perpetrators are effectively punished" "In this respect, I have requested detailed Statistics on the number of Investigations, acquittals and convictions in cases involving allegations of abuse in order to show the positive impact of the measures taken to date", Holovaty said, repeating a permanently unsatisfied CoE's demand to Turkey since a Decade...

    - "The Political Crisis that shook the country in the spring of 2008 highlighted the Weaknesses of the (Turkish) Constitution", which comes from the Military regime of 1982, "and the Urgent Need of Reforms", stressed from the outset CoE's Rapporteur in 2009. In particular, "the ...Democratic functioning of state institutions, including the independence of the judicial system, are crucial", he observes.

    But, "the Electoral  system and the ways in which it is circumvented do not appear to give those elected complete Legitimacy, and tend to pervert the course of direct universal suffrage", denounces Holovaty, observing that, even 5 Years later, Turkey did not yet change the 10% nationwide Threshold for a party to take any seat, which is "far higher" than the "3%" maximum in Europe and already condemned as contrary to European Standards by the CoE.

    + Moreover, EU Parliament's 2009 Report on Turkey, drafted by Dutch MEP Ria Oomen-Ruijten and adopted in Strasbourg on March, expresses "Concern over the Failure of the (Turkish) Judiciary to prosecute cases of Torture and Ill-treatment, the Number of which is Growing". EU also "is concerned about continuing Hostility and Violence against Minorities" in Turkey. It also "calls on the Turkish Government to launch, as a matter of Priority, a Political Initiatve favouring a lasting Settlement of the Kurdish issue, (while "condemning violence.. and terrorist groups"). EU "regrets that No progress has been made on establishing full, systematic Civilian suprevisory functions over the (Turkish) Military".

    The final results of Holovaty's 2nd and last visit to Turkley will be known later this year, and, at any case, before EU's December 2009 Summit.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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