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Merkel Plays "Together MEGA" Magic Flute: EU ReVival via Human Rights/Cohesion/Ecology/Digital/World

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Τετάρτη, 08 Ιούλιος 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Both Profound and Future-Oriented, Urgent Action to ReVitalize Europe, with the Slogan: "Together, Make Europe Great Anew !"  (i.e.: MEGA !), Based on Human Rights and Cohesion, developed through Ecology, Digitalisation, and a Strong EU Foreign Policy in the World, play a Key role at the Incoming German EU Presidency in the 2nd Half of 2020, as it was presented by Experienced German Chancellor Angie Merkel, at EU Parliament in Brussels, Today.


- "The Tasks Ahead of us are Enormous, and require Tremendous Efforts", she Warned from the outset.

- Indeed, "we Need to Change Europe, in a Sustainabe way, if we really want to Protect and preserve" it, Merkel volutaristicaly stressed. - "In this Historic Phase, ... this Task fills be with Respect, but Also with great Passion. Because I Believe in Europe. I am Convinced of Europe, Not only as a legacy of the Past, but as a Hope and Vision for the Future". Indeed, "Europe is Not just something that has been Handed over to us, something of a Destiny that is committed to us. But Europe is a Living Thing, that We can Shape and Change".

- For that purpose, we "Need ... Debate, ...Political Mediation", and "Cultural Translations into the different Countries", and "this Leads ... Consciously and with full Conviction ...at the Heart of European Democracy", she observed.



>>> Artfully, in fact, Angie Merkel, who confessed that she "Loves Music", (See Infra), Charmed most MEPs with a kind of "Magic Flute", by stressing, mainly that : -"If we really Want Europe", "then, Basic Human Rights and Cohesion are Needed", as well as "Answers to Climate Change and Digitization", with "Europe's Responsibility in the World", Because Europe should stand Internationally for an order of Law, Innovation and Sustainability. That is the Vision for Europe !", she Resumed, before Concluding with a Timely Reference to Beethoven's World Famous 9th Symphony's Final Movement, on United Human Brotherhood, (See Infra).

- Since it's "Only With Europe that we Can keep Our Convictions and Freedoms". And, "more than ever, that's What we Need : ...Fundamental Rights, at the same time" with "Mutual Support and Cohesion", so that "Europe will only remain Europe if, on this basis, it gives Innovative Answers to ...Climate change, and Digitization, and is committed to its Responsibility in the World" : "These are the (5) Big Tasks", Merkel put it in a nutshell, (See Infra).




- "Today" we are Facing "the Greatest Test in EU's History", since "the Worldwide CoronaVirus" Pandemic "has also Hit People in Europe, Hard and Relentssly", with "More than 100.000 Dead" here, while "many Citizens could Not even Salute in the last hour their Beloved people, due to the Strict Quarantine rules" : Something which "must Not be Forgotten :  ...the Grief for the Dead, the Pain over the Farewell made Impossible, that will Accompany us for a Long Time", Angie Merkel Deplored, First of all.

- But, Even if she noted that this German 2020 "Presidency will Shape the Management of the Pandemic" in Europe, Nevertheless, Curiously, she did Not Expand here on the Crucial Medical Issues about Cures, Vaccines, Protective Gear, Diagnostics, Confinement/DeConfinement, etc., except from Pointing at the Fact that "Europe should draw Lessons from the CoronaVirus Crisis, f.ex., on how to Strengthen European Sovereignity in the Health sector" : ... a Debate that we should have Also in the contect of (the forthcoming) Conference on the Future of Europe", where "I Advocate ... Concrete Results", as she Highlighted at the Horizon.

However, that Same Day that she was Speaking at EU Parliament, + 605 more Human Lives were Lost in Europe, according to the WHO, and a Total of 5.575 People were Killed by the Virus accross the World...

+ It's true that EU Parliament had scheduled, Later this Same Day, also a Specific Debate on EU's New Health Program, with the competent EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, and German Minister for European affairs, Michael Roth, accompagnied by a long and comprehensive Draft Resolution, with many Amendments, due to be Voted Tomorrow.

However, it's not obvious that a ...30 Minutes Only Debate with MEPs could be really Sufficient, for such an Important and Topical Issue, particularly withOut the Number 1 President of the EU Council (Chancellor Merkel), and Even of the German Specialist Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, (who is Also from the Main Governing Party of ChristianDemocrats/EPP, while Roth is among its SocialDemocrat Partners)...

- Is it, Perhaps, Because, as Minister Roth stressed Afterwards, "this Crisis is Far from Over", since "we Still have to do with a very Volatille Situation", where, "even in Europe ... Nothing is Safe" with certainty, so that "We Must ... Be Vigilent", and "this" is "subject of Intensive Debate" on the "Measures we Need to take to Overcome the current Pandemic and to Prevent Future Health Risks" ? Meanwhile, the Recent DeConfinement "Openings... come ...with Considerable Risk", indeed, observed later Commissioner Kyriakides. In Fact, "No one Knows with certainty How the coming Weeks and Months Will Develop, and ...it is still Too Early to speak about life ‘Post-COVID’", But we "Need to Reflect on what EU's Role in Health Policy Should be", she warned.

- So that, Most of MEPs' Debate focused on Strengthening EU's Capabilities in Health, for EU Parliament's Majority, with Rightists and others Claiming that, Already, EU Treaty would give Enough Possibilities to Act there... At any case, it's true that, as Kyriakides had observed since February 2020, "Legally, it's up to Member States" to take some Key Measures, f.ex. about Borders, AirFlights, Confinement, etc. But it's Also true that Even if WHO too is Deprived of any Power to Impose Confinement and/or Close Borders, nevertheless, on March 2020, it was Enough for WHO to simply Declare, in Press Statements, a "Pandemic", and, Soon After, "Europe" as "its EpiCenter", in order to Immediately see a lot of European Countries' Leaders and EU itself Suddenly Rush to TV+Web Medias in order to Announce, at last, some Rigorous Measures, (Unfortunately Too Late : See f.ex.... , etc)...

At least, Most or almost All MEPs appeared to Support the Idea of Threatening to, eventualy, use "Compulsory Licences", IF it became necessary to Face some Compagnies' too Greedy Price Policies, which Might, Perhaps, Hinder all People's Access to Efficient Medicine against the Virus. Nevertheless, in General, while a Lot was Heard about Future "Vaccines", Curiously, Little was said about Urgently Needed good Cure...


=> So that Merkel, at any case, Focused More, this time, on EU Countries' "Economy", which "has been, and wil be,  Badly Shaken accross Europe", where "Millions of Workers have Lost their Jobs, in Addition to the Concerns about their Health, and that of their Families", resulting even in "Many Citizens" being "still Afraid of their Economic Existence", "Needing all our (EU's) Support Now", as she Warned,

Advancing through her "5 Points" Program on Human Rights and Cohesion, with Ecology, Digitalisation, and Europe's Role in the World, (See Infra).




+ This came soon after, already, "In order to Break through the Chains of (that Deadly Virus') Infection, the most Basic fundamental Rights had to be Temporarily Restricted", she reminded.


- "That was a very High Price, because ... Human and civil Rights are the Most Valuable asset that we have in Europe", for which "Generations" of European People "have Wrestled hard". "Each Country of Europe Remembers its own ...Upheavals, the various Struggles for Freedom and the rule of Law. ...Precisely, the achievement of such fundamental Rights is in Europe". F.ex., "for Me, who have lived for 35 Years of my life in a system with Lack of Freedom, the Restriction of these Rights in the Pandemic was ...infinitely Cumbersome", she Acknowledged.

=> - "They may Only be restricted with very important Reasons, and at very Short Notice. A Pandemic must Never be a Pretext for the purpose of Lifting Democratic principles", Merkel Warned, (Comp. also CoE Leaders' relevant Debate recently, organized by its 2020 Greek Presidency, which prepares a PanEuropean Resolution on this matter, for November 2020 : ..., etc).

 >>> "Europe has Survived" to many ""Crises", (f.ex., "Failed Constitution... 15 Years Ago [2005], or the Economic [2008+] and Financial [2010+] Crisis, ...the Refugee Movements 5 Years Ago" [2015/2016], etc.),  

- "Because ...everyone was Aware of what is  Essential : fundamental Rights and Cohesion. Human and civil rights, the inviolability of Human Dignity, Freedom to individual Personal, Political and Social Development, Protection from Discrimination and DisRespect, not least Equal rights - they form the Ethical-Political Foundation on which Europe rests !", stressed on 2020 Angie Merkel, (Faithfull in what she had called : - "Europe's Soul", in her previous Presidency, back on 2009 at EU Parliament in Strasbourg. See: .., etc).

- "These Rights Apply to Everyone". ... "This is the Promise of Europe, that we must Guarantee: that Citizens must be truly Free to live their Religious..., Cultural or Political Beliefs, ...their respective Ideas of Happiness or Good Life".

+ Moreover, "Democracy .. lives from the Public Critical Debate. A democracy in which Opposition Voices are Undesirable, a "democracy" in which Social, Cultural or Religious Diversity is Undesirable, is None", she added.

=> "The Pandemic has made it ./.. clear ... how Precious (Human) Rights are, how Fundamental the Freedoms they guarantee are. The European Commission, the European Court of Justice, and the European Parliament have Strong mechanisms in the E.U. in order to Protect these .. Rights".  So that, "Fundamental Rights, are the First thing that is Dear to my Heart in this Presidency of the (EU) Council", she concluded on this point. - "They are ...an Absolute Priority", she added later-on.




+ "This must be supported and Supplemented by the 2nd Principle, that makes Europe, : Our Cohesion", Angie Merkel advanced further.

>>> -"Because Europe will Only emerge Stronger from this Crisis, IF we are ready - for all Differences - to Find Common Solutions", she Stressed.  

- "Europe will become Stronger After the Crisis, than before, if we strengthen the Common Feeling" : "If we are willing to Look at the world with the Eyes of the Other, and to show Understanding for an Other Perspective". "Even the bitterest Crises have helped to better Understand the needs of Each Other", she reminded, (Comp. Supra). - In fact, "No one comes through this Crisis Alone. We All are Vulnerable", she Warned.


- Indeed, "European Solidarity is not just a Humane gesture, it is a sustainable Investment", the German Chancellor soberly explained. - "European Cohesion is not just something that is Politically Necessary, but something that will be Worthwhile" Economicaly too.

=> That's Why "the Leitmotif (Moto) of Our 2020 (Germany's EU) Presidency, also is : - "TOGETHER. MAKE EUROPE STRONG AGAIN !" (i.e.: "Together, MEGA !"), Angie Merkel revealed.

- Because "the Highest Priority of the German Presidency of the (EU 2020) Counil is that EUROPE is UNITED, and Strengthened from the Crisis". So, "together with the Federal Government, I will Dedicate myself to this Task with Full Passion", she vowed.

+ 'But we do Not want to Stabilise Europe only in the Short term, that would be too Little. We Also want a Europe that gives Hope. We want a Europe that is self-Confident and Courageous to the tasks of the present. We want a Europe that is fit for the Future, which asserts its place in the World Innovatively and sustainably. We want a Break-through for Europe !" Angie Merkel urged ambitiously.

=> -"This conviction is also followed by the Franco-German Initiative of mid-May. Together with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, I proposed a ... European revival Fund". Already, "EU Commission is taking into Account Many aspects of this Franco-German initiative, in its proposal on the Multiannual Financial Framework, and the ReConstruction (alias Recovery) programme". And, "on this Basis, Discussion is currently being held at the European Council, under the guidance of Charles Michel", she observed.

- The situation is Exceptional, and indeed Unique in the History of the EU. That's why Germany is also in favour of this Exceptional and One-off strong effort great Magnitude".

- "Now it will be Important for us to Agree on a European level" too. "Our common goal is to reach an Agreement, as Quickly as possible (ASAP), because the Depth of the Economic Slump incites us to Rush. >>> We caN't Lose Time !", Merkel Warned. So, "I very much Hope that we will be able to reach an Agreement later this Summer".

=> This should make possible "a New Beginning, with Full Commitment to the Economic Recovery", Angie Merkel ambitiously stressed.

- But "it will require a lot of Compromise from All sides" the Experienced German Chancellor underlined. On that point, she asked for MEPs' "Support, in this Difficult time", "as Mediators and Facilitators of Cohesion" : - "Help us to strenghen Europe's Cohesion !", she urged.

- Because there is also "a Need ... to Explain to the European People !". And "I Need You for That", she told MEPs. Indeed, EU "Parliament is "Needed in order to Protect this Common Feeling inside the EU", the "Mutual Understanding, necessary to reach Compromises". MEPs "represent about 450 Millions of Citizens in 27 States", and "are the Translators of the European Principles", "not only Communicating in 24 Languages", "but also living with this variety of Perspectives and Experiences", while "Explaining to the People of Europe, and, thus, Mediating between Brussels, Strasbourg, and ...Home Regions", Merkel observed.

=> -"Who, then, if not You (MEPs), could Explain to the People of Europe the attitude of Other Member States ?", she wondered.


- Indeed, "there are very Different Ideas about What is ... to be achieved", the incoming EU President regretted, Later, in Reply to EU Parliament's Political Groups' Leaders. So that "we will all Have to Come Together, IF we are to achieve something", she Warned. "We Must ...create a Working Basis", "including on the Medium-Term Financial Framework", and the ReConstruction (alias: Recovery) Fund". "Because", there, "the Ideas are still Far Apart among the Member States today".

>>> But, "what is Not Acceptable, ...is ...the Claim to Absoluteness of certain opinions which declare the Rest of the World Absurd !" Because "this is Incompatible with Democracy and Tolerance, and", in that case, "we will Not" have "Any Solutions...", she "very Clearly" Denounced, (Applauded by MEPs).  


 - In fact, "we are Not Just going to make a Franco-German proposal", Merkel "reassured" some recalcitrant MEPs, Afterwards, during the subsequent Debate. -"We Know that Europe is made up of 27 Member States". "Yet, if Germany and France are of very Different Opinions, usually, it's Not the Right Way Forward in Europe, either...", she observed. In fact, "we Must Work" on "a Franco-German Proposal", in order to Become, "Now, a European one", "and we Will Do So, in the Next Week", (leading to the forthcoming EU Summit in Brussels, on 17-18 July 2020).

+ At any case, "it's absolutely Legitimate", "that we seek for the Money to Arrive Where it's Due to go : I.e. on the Spot", and, "of course, we Will Monitor this Together (EU Parliament and German EU Council's Presidency), because we "attach Great Importance to it", she reassured MEPs, Replying Later to their observations.

- Meanwhile, "We (EU) Can now be Temporarily in Debt, and ... set up a Support Fund", if "we ...Organize the RePayment" well, Merkel went on to add. In this regard, "It's Better, yet, ...that the Credibility of the RePayment is underscored by the fact that We (EU) are Beginning to RePay withIN the Next 7 Years (regardless if it's Only in the Next Period, or not)" : "That's Important, because Permanent Indebtedness canNot be Europe's Reponse to Global Competition", she pointed out, as a matter of principle.

=> In Practice, "this means that ... We (EU) have to Rely on New Technologies" also, and "I was Pleased thet the Issue of Technology played a Role here", Merkel observed, (See Also Infra). - "I Hope that we will succeed to do so, in some extent, in the MultiAnnual Financial Framework (MFF)", even if "there is a Danger IF ...Structural Funds" were opposed to "Expenditure on Innovation", she Warned. (Even if, for "Eurofora", however, the Appropriate Ideal, here, would be Not to "Oppose", But, on the Contrary, to "Integrate" RESTRUCTURING THROUGH Intelligently Inclusive INNOVATION !). Anyway, "Germany will be in Favour of Strong Funding for Technology", she vowed, "Welcoming" f.ex. the "Adoption, by EU Commision, Today", of the European "Hydrogen Strategy".

+ And, pointing at the "European Projects of Strategic Interest", Angie Merkel also added, f.ex., the "Battery Cell Production", "which is Now well UnderWay", and the "Quantum Technologies", where "We (EU) will Certainly have to do something", as she said.

=> In fact, "We (EU) Need to Invest More on the Future", "and, Also try to Use the resources of the (projected: Comp. Supra) ReConstruction (alias: Recovery) Fund for this purpose", the German Chancellor urged.

- So that, "to those (MEPs) who ask whether we want to "renew" Europe: Naturally, we need to reNew Europe Every Day !", she Replied.  Because "the World is Changing, and IF we Stand, we will Fall back, so Better be Safe...", she joked.


+ More Widely, "Social dimension is as Crucial as the Economic one. A socially and economically Just Europe is crucial to Democratic Cohesion !", Merkel stressed in addition.

- "It's the Best recipe Against all those who want to Weaken our Democracies", and "we must Not be Naive, ...Europe's Opponents are just waiting to Exploit the (Virus') Crisis for their purposes", Warned the Experienced German Chancellor.  

=> Thus,  "We must Now Show ...where the added Value of Cooperation lies in the EU", and "that the return to Nationalism is no more, but Less control, that ...Together We Protect and Strengthen our Common Action, as Europe", she urged.

- F.ex., Germany's 2020 EU "Presidency will pay particular attention to Young people and Children", Because "they are Europe's Future and ...particularly Affected by the Crisis" So, inter alia, they will benefit from  "a European Youth Work Agenda", and "a strengthened Youth Guarantee, on the way to their Professional lives", she announced.

- Moreover, "it's Right and Important that the Regions ... particularly Affected by the Crisis and, above all, the People who live there, can Count on Our (EU) Solidarity. It's in Our very own Interest".

- "However, ...the effort ... must Not Unilaterally Burden the Economically Strong Member States above a threshhold", she pragmatically advised. In fact, "Each one of us must put himself  in the position of the Others, in order to "also consider what the individual Member States Can do, and what is Not feasible -economically, Socially and/or Politically", she Warned. Indeed, f.ex., German Opposition's "AFD" Top MEP Jorg Meuthen, sharply Criticized Merkel, later Today, by Claiming that "the Average German is Less Wealthy than the French, Spaniards and Italians" [sic !], or that "the Rate of Housing Ownership in Germany is Lower than in those Countries" [perhaps a consequence of Less Social Housing], and that "Germany has a ...Higher Retirement Age than all Mediterranean Countries" [regardless of Salaries], etc.

- Concluding, on this 2nd Point (EU Cohesion), Merkel said to "Believe that Everyone, in front of this Crisis, is Ready for Extraordinary Solidarity", and promised that "Germany is !".


+ "One Last point", she added, Later-on, in her Replies to the Leaders of EU Parliament's Political Groups : - "We must make a very Clear Distinction between the €uro-Crisis, or the Financial Crisis, that we (EU) had experienced at some individual Member Countries" in the Past, "as a result of the Global Financial Crisis", and Today's Pandemic" :

- On the 1st point, "we are All in International Competition, every Member State, and can only live our Social Model IF we do Not become Vulnerable". But, "if we ...have excessively High levels of Debt, then we know how vulnerable we become" "That's why it was Right that there were Reforms in ..Member States, but in Return, ...there was also a great deal of Solidarity". F.ex. in "the structure of ESM", etc., she reminded.

>>> However, concerning the 2nd point, "Today's Crisis ...is Not the Fault of (any) Countries, (...) But a Virus that has come upon us, for which No One Can do anything, and which has Affected the countries in very Different ways", In that case, "then, we need completely Different instruments and ...Answers, and that's why I am promoting this ReConstruction (alias: Recovery) Fund !" ("AufBauFonds"), she explained.




+ "Simultaneously, ...the First of 3 Other Major Challenges of our times", is "CLIMATE Change", the German Chancellor went on to add.

- "A Global Solution to Climate Change is Only possible IF Europe is at the Forefront of Climate protection", she stressed from the outset, pointing to "EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen's" relevant "Programme", "presented" to EU Parliament "about 1/2 a Year Ago (2019)", with "Urgent words", and "Stressing that Europe Must Act Now, if our Planet is to Remain Viable".

=> - "Therefore", Advancing "according to EU Commission's important Guideline with its Strategy for a Green Deal", "during our (Germany's 2020) EU Presidency, we want to boost the Transition to a Carbon-Neutral Economy and Society, to a Green Economy, with Strong and Innovative Businesses"  : I.e. "an Economy that Protects and Strengthens Europe's Natural Livelihoods and Competitiveness, for Future Generations", Merkel underlined.

- For that purpose, "it's Important to Legally Commit to Europe's Climate Neutrality by 2050", and, "therefore", "Reduce Emissions to 50-55% by 2030 (Compared to 1990"), as EU "Commission considered". A "Perspective" in which "we will also accompany the work on the European Climate Protection Act".



- In this regard, the German Chancellor was "Pleased to see", during the Subsequent Debate with MEPs, "that the issue of Agriculture was adressed". Indeed, "if we Want to be an Ecological Continent, we Also Need to have Organic Food Production, ...Near to us", she stressed, as a matter of principle.

=> Therefore, "we must also accept and Recognise Farmers in what they are doing", while,  "at the same time, insisting on Animal Welfare" and "the Sustainable use of Soil". "But, the Economic and Market Conditions for this, must also be realized, so that this ... can be Managed in a really Economic way", she warned.




+  "The 4th Major Challenge, ...particularly Important ...during (Germany's EU) Presidency", in the 2nd Half of 2020, "is the DIGITAL Transformation", Angie Merkel added,

(re-Launching anew another of her Favorite Issues, since her landmark Electoral Victory of 2013 : See "Eurofora"s NewsReport from October 2013 EU Summit in Brussels, at: ... etc).

- "It requires - as well as Climate protection (Comp. Supra) - that we Change our way of life", but "in a Sustainable way", she pointed out.

- This Last Point, "Dissolves (Otherwise "Understandable") Fear among several People", since "Digitisation and ...Climate protection does Not mean ...that the Jobs of Millions of Europeans are at Risk", Merkel reassured. - "On the Contrary, it's... a necessary Change ..., which will offer More Protection and ...Sustainability, in the Long term", she promised.


>>> "Recently", during the (2020) Confinement, "Europe's Digital Dependence on 3rd Countries" (as USA, S.Korea/Taiwan/Japan, China, etc) "has, once Again, become Clear" to "Many of us" at "daily digital Communications - in Technology or in Services", the German Chancellor Denounced.

=> In consequence, "it's Important for Europe to be Digitally Sovereign ! Especially in key areas such as Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing, but also in building a trustworthy and secure Digital Infrastructure", she urged.

>>> "What is Crucial, ...is the effective Protection of our Democracies against Cyber-Threats and DisInformation campaigns. Because a Democracy Needs a public in which Knowledge ...can be Shared, where Citizens can exchange". And, "Currently ... the Pandemic canNot be Combated with Lies, DisInformation", and "Hatred" ... "that Denies the Facts", she Accused, (applauded by several MEPs).


+ However, speaking Later on "Digital Taxation", in her Replies to EU Parliament Political Groups' Leaders, Merkel, while making it clear that she was "Not explicitly Opposed" to that, nevertheless, EU Politicians should be Careful to Avoid giving "False Signs, as if we (EU) would have ...General Tax Increases", which risked to make things "Difficult", "in a(n already) Difficult Economic Situation", as she Denunced.

- Precisely, on "the Digital Tax", "of course, it's always Better if a Tax can be Agreed Internationally, on a Global Basis", f.ex. by "Waiting for the work of the OECD", (as US and French Presidents Trump and Macron had reportedly Discussed at the Latest "G7" Summit in Biarritz, on August 2019), "Because anything Else could ...lead us into Difficult Trade Conflicts", Merkel Warned.

>>> "However, IF No Solution becomes visible there (at the OECD), then, We (EU) must ... find a Solution for Europe here", the German Chancellor admitted.  -"Because it canNot be" acceptable "that a ... Value Creation, which is now Increasing through  Digitalisation, ... comes through the (EU) area almost Tax-Free !", she Denounced. "And ...We (EU) ...already had good Successes, at International Financial Market Rules, in terms (f.ex.) ..of Tax Havens", Merkel reminded.

- But, ". Unfortunately, ...a Digital Tax Seems (NB) to be a little bit more Difficult", she regretted, at least for the time being...




+  - "5thly", the German Chancellor spoke about "Europe's Responsibility in a Globalized World".

- "We are living at times of Global Upheaval, where Fields of Power are Shifting, and Europe is more On Its Own", despite NATO, she warned.

- However, Curiously, "looking at a Map", she felt Nowadays that, "in addition to the UK and Western Balkans, Europe is Surrounded, at its External Borders", Not Only "by ...Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco", But Also ..."by Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine (sic !), among Others (probably Georgia, Armenia, etc)", as she claimed.

Nevetheless, one doesn't need to live at the 1986 Entry of Russia in the PanEuropean CoE in Strasbourg at Gorbatchev's era, or at De Gaule's/Adenauer's era of the "Great Europe" from "Lisbon to Vladivostok", Neither at that of Sputnik and Gagarin's Space Pioneers during the 1960ies, nor at the 1945 "Liberation" era, at the Historic 1827 "Navarino" Victory of Europeans United against the Turkish Military Invasion/Occupation, or the 18th "Century of the Enlightenment"'s Philosophers, Writers, Architects and Artists, long after the 8th-9th Century's Christianisation, by Cyril and Method Byzantine Monks (who Created the "Cyrilic Alphabet"), of "the Road from the Greeks to the Swedish", (etc), in order to Find that Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc., figure well Inside all Europe's Natural Maps, Notoriously Linked to Europe by Geography, History, Religion, Civilisation, Science/Technology, Culture and Art, etc...

+ And Angie Merkel hershelf (who Speaks Russian) had well Continued the "Trilateral" Summits saga between Germany, France and Russia, inaugurated by her Mentor, the Historic Chancellor of Germany's and Europe's ReUnification, Helmut Kohl, at CoE's 1997 Summit in Strasbourg, (with Jacques Chirac and Yeltsin), Followed also by former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, up to October 2013, when She had Declared, at an EU Summit in Brussels, her Intention to Visit Russia and Explore the Prospects for the eventual Creation of a "PanEuropean Trade Area" from Lisbon to Vladivostok, (etc). + All through the ESA - Russia Planning and Deals on "Exo-MARS" Space Exploration Project for Planet Mars, prepared between 2005, 2009 and 2013, Before being Repeatedly "Postponed" Later-on....  Until, Suddenly, the Deadly Disruption of Mysterious "Snipers", astonishingly Shooting and Killing Both Rioters and Policemen at Kiev on February 2014, thus Provoking a Bloody Conflict which Droped a Peace Agreement just Signed by Ukranian President Yanukovitch and All the Opposition Leaders, under the Auspices of German, French and Polish Foreign Ministers, (shortly After US Under Secretary of State Miss Nuland's notorious ..."Fuck the EU !" comment on Ukraine developments), which, unfortunately, Divided anew Europe, (at least until Russia's full re-Integration at the CoE, Recently, on 2019, under French rotating Chairmanship, while USA President Don Trump has left Open the question of an Eventual Return of Russia also at a 2020 "G8" Summit, as Helmut Kohl had Always advised)...



 + At any case, Wisely, Merkel stressed at EU Parliament Today, that "We (EU) Can and Must Decide, for Ourselves, WHO Europe Wants to Be, in this Rapidly Changing World order".

>>> - "More than Ever, it DEPENDS on Whether we are Serious about Europe, Whether we Want a EUROPE whose FREEDOM and IDENTITY are Preserved, in times of Globalisation", she Warned.

=> - "In that case, there is a Need for a Strong European Foreign and Security Policy", the German Chancellor clearly reiterated.


     + Moreover, speaking on 5 Concrete Issues, Merkel pointed at the UK, Western Balkans, Africa, Migration, and China :

- "The UK is and Remains an Important (EU) Partner", and there will be "a strong Focus on Shaping Our (EU's) Future Relationship, during the Next  Months" (i.e. July - December 2020), she observed. But, "So Far, Progress in Negotiations has been ...<<Cautious>>" Merkel criticized. So that, "We Agreed with the UK to Speed the up, in order to Conclude an Agreement in Autumn" 2020, due "to be Ratified by the End of this Year", (i.e. towards December 2020). "However, We (EU) should be Ready Also for an Eventual Lack of any Deal", she Warned, Carefully.

- Meanwhile, "We (EU) should do Everything possible to make Progress ...on an Important Step towards the (EU) Accession of Western Balkans' Countries", with, "at least Northern Macedonia, at the Accession Conference, and, IF appropriate, Albania".

+ As well as "for Our (EU's) Relations with our Neighbouring Continent : Africa", including "the African Union", that we intend to "Deepen at a Future EU - Africa Summit", as she Announced.

- Obviously, "this Includes a Part of Our (EU's) Migration Cooperation" policy, Merkel added, Stressing that EU has "a special Responsibility to Move Forward on an Issue as Central for Europe as Asylum and Migration Policy", because "there are so Many People on the Run, as Never Before !" "This Issue requires a great deal of Political Sensitivity, But We (EU) must Not Look Away, and, instead, work Together on this Humanitarian and Political matter", as she said, (Applauded by several MEPs).

- "Last, but not least, Our (EU's) Relations wth China, ... characterized by Close Trade Links, But also very Different Socio-Political Ideas, as well as in the Protection of Human Rights, and the rule of Law", as she said. Even if, "Unfortunately, an EU - China Summit canNot take place on September", (after a Recent Brussels-Beijing Video-Conference, with von der Leyen and Michel), nevertheless, this relation "Concerns us" (the German 2020 EU Presidency), and "We Want to continue Open Dialogue with China", Merkel stressed.


    + Moreover, "During the German Presidency of (EU) Council, (July - December 2020), We also want to continue reflecting on Whether We (EU Coucil) will Stick to UNANIMITY in matters of Foreign and Security Policy, OR Not", (i.e. Eventually Start MAJORITY Decision-Making on CFSP), she Announced.

    => "This Debate should Also be held in the (forthcoming) <<Conference on the Future of Europe>>, the German Chancellor added, while "Advocating to Focus" there "on a Few Issues", but "with Concrete Results".

    >>> At the same time, that Exceptional EU Conference, should Also "Bring Together" European "CITIZENS, from Various Member States, to ENGAGE IN DISCUSSIONS", Angie Merkel added,

    revealing that she had "Spoken  with EU Parliament's President, David SASSOLI", earlier "Today", (on a Point of Obvious Relevance to "Eurofora"'s Project, on which See President Sassoli's Reply to our Question, during a Recent EU Summit in Brussels, at: ...., etc)...





    => Concluding, in fine, "on a Personal Thought", the very Sober and "matter of Fact" Angie Merkel, Exceptionaly Smiled a while, with a Brief but Clear Light at her Eyes, when she Revealed that she was "a Music Lover", and, therefore, had "a Great Pleasure" to point at "a very Special Anniversary", During this German 2020 EU Presidency :

    - Indeed, "on December 2020, the Composer of the European Anthem, (Hymne), Ludwig van Beethoven, would have become 250 Years Old", since his Birth, she pointed out...

    >>> 2,5 Centuries Later on, "I still meet his (World Famous) 9th Symphony, Again and Again", while, "at Each Hearing, I Discover something Else, in this Music, which Strikes and Impresses me, ...just Like Europe :" Indeed, "it can be ReDiscovered; over and over Again, and it Still Impresses me", "Particularly with the Desire that its Message : the Idea of Botherhood and Concord, would Inspire and Lead us in Europe !", Angie Merkel wished.

    => Naturally, "this is a most Appropriate Message (also) for Europe's Capacity to be Great, IF We (Europeans) Stand By Each Other, and stick Together, United !", she Concluded, Largely Applauded by Most MEPs...

(Pointing obviously at the "TOGETHER, MEGA !" of 2020 EU German Presidency's Moto : Comp. Supra).



    Merkel, certainly referred to the Final, 4rth Movement, of Beethoven's World Famous 9th Symphony, where he used Schiller's Poem, at his "Ode to Joy", adding some Personal Words.

    Many and Various People, Movements, Institutions adopted this Superb Music accross the World's History, until, First the CoE (withOut the Words) on 1972, and Afterwards the EU on 1985, Officialy adopted it as the European Anthem. (Meanwhile, however, it had, reportedly, been used Even by China's "Cultural Revolution", Back in the 1960ies)...

    "Eurofora" offers to its Readers a Landmark Version of that Masteriece, played in the Original Deutsch Language, fully Translated in English,

    at London's prestigious "Royal Albert Hall", (Between Hyde Park and Historic Monuments, several Foreign Embassies, the Imperial College and Science Museum),

    >>> Shortly After the 9/11 Barbaric Mass Killings of Thousands of Innocent, Civilian People, back on 2001, by UnKnown, Then, Perpetrators and Methods,     

    as a Sign of European People's Solidarity and Resistance to massively Deadly Anti-Human Barbary.












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Recent developments proved that Europe can suceed to overcome challenges by aiming at great objectives, and this is needed also in 2009, said EU chairman, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

    - "It's in the name of Great Ideas, Projects, Ambition and Ideals, that EU can overcome" challenges, stressed Sarkozy at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, in conclusion of a dense 7 months EU Chairmanship. "It's even easier for Europe to have Great projects, able to overcome national egoism, instead of limiting itself only to small projects" (unable to do alike), he observed.     

- "Europe must remain Ambitious and understand that the World needs her to take Decisions". "The World needs a Strong Europe", which "thinks on its own, has convictions, its own responses, its imagination" : "A Europe which does not limit itself into following" others, (as it did in the Past, when it followed USA, f.ex. on Bosnia). On the contrary, "Europe should undertake its own responsibilities", he said, after a series of succes in stopping the War between Russia and Georgia, and organizing the 1st EuroZone's Summit in Paris, which incited the Washington DC G-20 Summit to extend similar decisions World-wide.  

    - "When you sweep it all under the carpet, prepare yourself for hard tomorrows", he warned. "What hinders decisions is the lack of Courage and Will, the fading away of Ideals", he stressed before EU Parliament's 2008 debate on Human Rights and Sakharov prize on Freedom of thought attributed by MEPs to Chinese cyber-dissident Hu Jia, followed by an EU - Turkey meeting on Friday.

    - "I don't abandon my convictions" and "I will take initiatives" on EU level also in 2009, Sarkozy announced later. "France will not stop having convictions and taking initiatives" on Europe. + "It's an Error to wish to pass over the Heads of those who are elected in their Countries" : "It's an integrism I always fought against"', he warned.
French EU Presidency faced 4 unexpected Crisis :

- An institutional crisis, with the Irish "No" to EU Lisbon Treaty, just before it started. A geopolitical crisis, wth the threat of War between Russia and Georgia risking to throw Europe back to Cold-war divisions, on August. A World-wide Financial and Economic crisis, arriving at a bad moment before crucial 2009 EU elections. And even a Strasbourg's mini-crisis, with EU Parliament's roof curiously falling down, from unknown reasons, in a brand new building on August, provoking an unprecedented transfert of the 2 September Plenary Sessions...

But it wasn't enough to stop Sarkozy ! On the contrary, it stimulated him...

- "The better way to deal with the recent problems of EU institutions (as the "3 NO" by France, the Netherlands and Ireland) is to take them as a "Test" in order to find solutions closer to Citizens' concerns", said later in Strasbourg Sarkozy's new choice as Ministe for EU affairs, Bruno Le Maire.

- On the Institutional front, Sarkozy gave Time to the Irish to think about it, and stroke on December a deal including a New Referendum after the June 2009 EU Elections, in exchange of a promise to keep the rule of "one EU Commissioner for each EU Member Country", and some opt-outs on Defence and Fiscal EU policies, Abortion, etc. If the Irish get a "Yes" Majority, then the institutional package could be completed in 2010 or 2011 on the occasion of Croatia's probable EU accession.

He was accused in Strasbourg to upgrade EU Council and downgrade EU Commision, but he replied that "strong Political initiatives by EU Council reinforce also the more technical role of EU Commission, under the political-technical leadership of its President", all 3 "working together with EU Parliament".

- But, meanwhile, Sarkozy energetically spearheaded an Historic 1st Summit of EuroZone's 15 Heads of State and Government at EU's core, exceptionally enlarged to a partial participation of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on October 12 in Paris' Elysee palace, which started to tackle succesfully the growing world Financial crisis.

    It also paved the way for its endorsement by a subsequent Brussels' 27 EU Member States' gathering, before it all come to Washington's G-20 Summit. And "Europe was united, it asked for the 1st G-20 Summit, and it will also organise the next G-20 Summit on April in London", he observed.   

 But a Conference with EU, Russia, African and other Developing Countries, hosted in Strasbourg shortly after Washington G-20 Summit by the French EU Presidency, took a Resolution asking to enlarge participation to Global Economic Governance. Many found, indeed, illogic and unacceptable that f.ex. states as Turkey were given a seat at G-20 level, while all African Countries, and even the African Union itself, representing the greatest Continent on Earth, were excluded...

    Meanwhile, even USA''s "Paulson No 3" Plan, was, in fact, inspired by Europe's No 1 Plan", Sarkozy observed, largelly applauded by MEPs.

    And "Europe showed Solidarity" by mobilizing some 22 Billion credit for Hungary, 1,7 billion for Ukraine, as we do nowadays for Baltic States, etc., he added.

    The move on Economy was extended on December by an EU stimulus' plan totalling some 200 billion Euros, including 5 Billions released by EU Commission for big Projects, as well as various parallel National plans for Economic revival, (fex. 26 billions in France alone). They might appear limited, compared to USA President-elect Obama's reported plan to boost the American economy with 800 billion $, but at least succeded to overcome Europe's divisions for the first time on Economic governance, opening new horizons.

- The French President stressed even harder the unique role of an active EU Council's chairmanship, when he moved swiftly and efficiently, at the beginning of August, to succesfully stop War between Russia and Georgia, at the last minute, which threatened to bring Europe back to Cold War division.

"We (EU) also wanted to avoid a situation like in Bosnia, in the Past, when EU was absent, so that our American friends took their responsibilitues, and EU only followed", despite the fact that the conflict took place in Europe. Now, it was the EU who took its responsibilities".

A roadmap towards a new PanEuropean Security policy, before which all unilateral moves to place new Missiles (from USA or Russia) would be freezed, was proposed by Sarkozy after a meeting with Russian president Medvedev, at the eve of Washington DC's G-20 Summit.

Ukraine's "European" character was stressed at a Sarkozy - Jushenko Summit, September in Paris, while EU adopted on December an "Eastern policy", in which, "I'm convinced that our (EU's) future is to find with our Neighbours the conditions for Economic Development. Peace and Security, by explaining them that.. they must respect (Human Rights') Values, and adopt behaviors different from the Past", explained Sarkozy in Strasbourg.

Meanwhile, the "Union for the Mediterranean" was created, since July's Summit if 45 Heads of State and Government in Paris, as "an organisation for a permanent Dialogue, that we need", mainly in order to tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by bringing together, for the 1st time, Israelis and Arabs, where "Europe must be present, in order to avoid a frontal clash".

- "If Europe doesn't take its part for Peace in the Middle-East, nobody else will do that in our place", Sarkozy stressed.
    Meanwhile, other EU Agreements were brokered during the French EU Presidency on Immigration, (fex. common Asylum rules, etc), and Climat- Energy :

    - On Climat-Energy, the 2007 German EU Presidency had fixed a triple 20% aim for 2020 (20% renewable Energies, 20% reduction of CO2 emmission, 20% energy efficience/economies), and the 2008 French EU Presidecny realized that, making the necessary compromises in order to modernize EU's industry, but without throwing some former Central-Eastern European Countries into abrupt Economic break down risking "social explosion".

    - Defence-Security EU policy was mainly postponed for April 2009, since both German chancellor Merkel and French president Sarkozy want to strike a deal with the new American president Obama in Strasbourg's NATO Summit.

    However, with all these 4 unexpected Crisis diverting attention to other urgencies, People wil wonder now, what happened to the famous deal proposed by freshly-elected French President Sarkozy on Turkey's controversial EU bid, back on August 2007, to continue EU - Turkey negotiations, but on the double condition that core chapters, intrinsequally linked with EU Membership, will be excluded, and that a collective Reflexion and Debate on Europe's future would start before the end of 2008.

    It was meant to reply to the crucial question : What kind of Europe do we want in 10 or 20 Years from now : A large Market, or a Political Europe, with a popular identity ? In Sarkozy's thinking, presented in his 2 landmark speeches on Europe in Strasbourg, shortly before and after the 2007 Elections, (on February and July 2007), Turkey's controversial EU bid would be incompatible with the second choice.

    It's true that EU Commision's Chairman, Jose Barroso, (who had notoriously declared, as former Portuguese Prime Minister, that he found "nonsense" the idea that Europe might become equal to the US), had repeatedly tried to avoid that Sarkozy's criticism on Turkey might start winning a larger audience in Europe, preferring a discrete "wismens' committee" work. And that most of the personalities later chosen in order to participate in a Committee on Europe's Future, are too much linked with Socialist parties and/or American policies, to be really critical of USA's notorious wish to impose Turkey to the EU, as Sarkozy had noted himself since March 2007..

     - "It's on EU Council's presidency to take political initiatives. EU Commission has other competences", stressed Sarkozy. The "European Ideal" is to "build Europe with the States, not against them". "Ask Europeans to chose between their countries and Europe won't work. You don't choose between your two parents : We must add them together".

    "France and Germany have an Historic Duty to work together, precisely because of what happened to the Past. We have to work hand by hand. We cannot be separated.It goes beyond me and Mrs Merkel today, Mr Schroeder and Mr. Chirac yesterday. It's not a choice, it's a duty to Europe and to the World".  "We need Germany, as Germany needs Europe". Compromise is inevitable, here as everywhere, and each one made some steps towards eachother's positions.

    But "it's true that Mrs Merkel didn't chose her Socialist partners, while I chose mine", Sarkozy said, in an indirect hint that the Socialist Minister of Finance in Germany might be a cause of minor past disagreements in Economy, which were overcome in recent negotiations.

    "We (France and Germany) have particular duties in Europe", but "in a Europe of 27 Member States, it's not enough for France and Germany to agree between them.

    "I always thought that Great Britain has a special role to play in Europe. ... Now, everybody "saw what it cost payed the UK for having been too exclusively open towards the US (and) Financial services. Europe needs the UK, but also the UK needs Europe" :- "We were able to face the hardest moment of the Financial crisis because the UK clearly chose Europe", stressed Sarkozy, reminding Gordon Brown's exceptional participation to the Historic 1st Heads of State/Government Summit of EuroZone, October 12 in Paris (See EuroFora's Reportage from Elysee Palace then).

     - "Some look at Europe with old glasses aged 30 years ago. While we must look at her in relation to what it will be in 30 years" in the Future, Sarkozy concluded.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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