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Top MEP Lamassoure to EF : Bratislava EU Summit understood that Citizens want concrete Action

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 04 October 2016
 *Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Experienced, Long-Time MEP, and former EU Affairs Minister, Alain Lamassoure from France, who served also Many Times as President of EU Parliament's Committee for Budgets and/or TAXES (up to last August 2016), speaking Today to "Eurofora", Welcomed the Recent EU Summit's outcome in Bratislava, on Europe's Future after the recent BREXIT Vote by Brittish People :

    - "I see that the 27 Heads of State", at their Conclusions of the 1st EU-27 Heads of State/Government Summit in Bratislava, seem "Interesting" and "quite Reasonable", he Positively Welcomed the latest Official EU response to the serious Challenges that faces recently Europe.

    >>> - In fact, "the 27" EU States' Leaders "understood well that, what EU Citizens ask from us" (EU Politicians), "is, above all, to produce Results", observed Lamassoure.

    - "Not just Anouncements, or only Defense of some positions, but Concrete Results", he stressed.

    - This includes "what they decided there", at Bratislava's Summit (See relevant "Eurofora" NewsReport from the spot at: ....), as, f.ex., the "Migration (Crisis), Terrorism, the Acceleration of Economic Growth, Defense, etc, he pointed out.


      +  Earlier, speaking on Europe's Future, that he wants to be much More Integrated, President Lamassoure clearly agreed with "Eurofora" that it should include also the creation and development of EU-Wide Media, able and Willing to boost Public Debates on the main, "Hot" Issues concerning all our continent.



    However, meanwhile, at least one Important parameter still remains to be Clarified, during the Next Few Months, as far as it concernes the International GeoPolitical Context, in which the EU might find itself in the forseable Future :

    - Questioned on the forthcoming, November 2016 US Presidential Elections, Lamassoure clearly said that he "Refuse(s) to make any Prognostics", as things stand Today, despite the fact that he had recenrtly visited the USA, particularly for Contacts with his counterparts at the US Congress and Senate, etc. "It' was quite a Long Time ago, and, f.ex. even Trump had not been designated then", he carefuly noted, indicating that it seems to be now a still "Open" issue.







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