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Too Many Conservative Politicians Hit by the Virus in Europe and accross the World ?!

Ecrit par ACM
Wednesday, 16 September 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Announcement that even Former Prime Minister of France, Eduard Balladur, of Armenian Origin, from a Family of Refugees of Smyrne, was Hit by the Virus, Together with his Wife and Son, at the Anniversary of the Horrible Massacre of Nowadays Izmir's OverMillenary Christian Population (Armenians, Greeks, etc) by the Turks (13-22 September), and at the Eve of a Crucial EU Summit on Turkey (24-25/9/2020), is the "Drop" which made OverFlow an Already Full Glass, with a Too Long List of Various Conservative Politicians, not only in Europe, but also Accross the World, who have been, Surprisingly, more or less Dangerously Affected personaly by the Virus, in one way or another, (While, on the Contrary, there isN't Anything Equivalent, at Such Level and Quantity, in Any Other Political Group) !

=> To the point that so Numerous Converging Facts, inevitably, raise the obvious Question Whether some Might, Eventually, be Abusively Exploiting this Deadly Virus' Pandemic, inter alia, also in order to Target and Slyly Harm their Political Adversaries, in a Covert but Life-Threatening way...

>>>> Indeed, some among their Declared Political Opponents, have Even Started to Openly and Shamelessly Boast, (f.ex. since mid-August 2020), that what they call "the Illusions of Populists", as "Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Salvini", etc., (see Infra), "were Dissipated in 2020", Because "they were Confronted to the Shock of Covid's Pandemic" (sic !)... "The Year 2020 is Not Favorable" to (so-called) "Populist Leaders", since "the Worldwide Challenge of COVID-19 has clearly Put the Brakes Against the Advance of Forces of Contestation" (Dissidents' Forces), "and Took them by Surprize", Virus-related Issues "Largely Explaining (their) Fall in Polls", since, Suddenly, "They Bumped on a real Wall !", reportedly Boasted the CEO of former "Socialist" French Minister and EU Commission's Chair, "Jacques Delors", (withOut, however, Explaining, at all, How, Neither Why)...


This is Not Necessarily Linked with the Different Controversy about a so-called "Natural" (i.e. From Animals, etc) or "Artificial" (i.e. "Lab-Made") Origin of this Deadly Virus, Because that's a Massive Social Issue, While Here, it's more about Individual Persons, and/or their entourage. And, at any case, Even in the Hypothesis of a so-called "Natural-Origin" Virus, it Could be, Theoretically, Exploited also in order to Attack Certain Key Persons too, and/or Their Surroundings, in a Sly Covert way.

Despite the normal Variety of Persons involved, at Different Countries and/or Situations, as well as the Non-Identical Way that They have been EnDangered by the Virus, (which Extends Widely from Being Personaly Threatened, Up to Being Infected, Gravely Sick, or Dead, Individually and/or Via their Family, close Entourage, and/or Their Country, etc), Nevertheless, it's an UnDeniable Fact that, Suddenly, so Many Conservatives, who have an Important Political Significance, have been Hit by the Virus, Allover the World, withOut Any Equivalent yet Elsewhere...

They Seem to have been More of Less Targeted, Mainly according to their Stronger or Milder Opposition to a Powerfull Establishment, (Not Always inside the State, Many Times in the Society), But Particularly Them, and Not Others !

The precise Term of "Conservative" needs a Precision : The Special Category concerned Here, does Not always mean "Fiscal" Conservatives, (i.e. from a Purely Economic/Financial point of view, etc), But, Mainly, rather "Socio-Cultural" Conservatives, (i.e. from the point of view of Social and/or Cultural, Moral Values, etc), that many Consider as being the "Real Conservatives", (Apparently Or also Effectively).

- So that, f.ex., it Might be Surprizing, But it's Not a Paradox, to Find Here, Even the Official Head of the ...Chinese "Communist Party", President XI Jiping, since His Country was, Notoriously, the 1st to be Viciously Attacked by an UnKnown, Then, Rapidly Spreading and soon Deadly Virus, already Since the End of December 2019, (the Situation becoming Critical From the Middle of January 2020)...

Indeed, Xi, Since his First Election at the Presidency, has Explicitly Focused on Tackling the Issue of a Risk for a kind of Socio-Economic "Appart-Heid", with Growing Contradictions between Poor and Rich in his Country, as well as to Fight Against Poverty, Eradicate Corruption (even among Higher-standing Circles), etc., while Also Preserving "Natural, Traditional Family" (Instead of Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex" so-called "Marriages", too often with "Adoptions" and/or "Artificially" Fabricated Children, Made in Labos, Submited under the Power of Homosexuals, as, f.ex., in Former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama's USA, etc). Moreover, he Arrested and Punished (as well as Strongly Denounced, via Top Human/Social Sciences' Academicians, etc) a Maverick Youngster Chinese "Doctor", (Educated, Funded, Guided, and Pubicized by a USA Technocratic Lobby, Linked to Mr. Obama's circles), who Secretly made Heritable Genetic Manipulations on the Embryos of 3 Children Born on November 2018, in a way Affecting also the Future Generations, with Obvious Risks for Humankind : That would-be "Dr. Frankenstein" Junior had been Arrested, and was Just Condemned, by the Chinese Courts, in 5,5 Years of Jail at the End of December 2019 (See: ...), When, Suddenly, that Deadly Virus Emerged, Targetting China ! Shortly Afterwards, from the Beginning of February 2020 (at the "Peak" of Virus' Crisis there), President Xi was Viciously Attacked by a Group led by a former Professor of University, Calling for a Revolt Against him, Explicitly Based mainly on "Technocrats", and Obviously attempting to Exploit the Harm just Provoked by the Virus, (See Facts cited in : ..., etc).


- Mutatis-Mutandis, in Europe, Center-Right ChristianDemocrat/EPP German Chancellor Angie MERKEL, was, Notoriousy, the First Political Leader to have, apparently, Narrowly Escaped from the Virus Personaly, after Meeting with Infected Persons, so that she was Obliged to make a Series of "Tests", During Many Days, Before her Spokesman could Officialy Announce, a Week Later, that, at last, she had been Definitively "Cleaned" as "Negative".

Merkel, while being herself an Evangelical (Protestant) Christian, nevertheless, Personaly Followed Both Official Visits of former Pope Benedict (nowadays "Emeritus") in Germany, Already on 2005 at Mainz, and on 2011 at Berlin, Leipzig, and Nearby Freiburg, (where He Met Also with Her "Mentor", the Historic former Long-Time Chancellor Helmut Kohl : Comp. "Eurofora" Co-Founder's NewsReports from Both these 2 Events, initially at "TCWeekly", and afterwards at "EF").


- In the USA, Conservative President Don TRUMP, seems to have Also, Very Narrowly Escaped from the Virus, which had Infected even Persons from his Family, and, particularly, 2 Staffers inside the White House, (at least One of them Close to his Personal EveryDay Work).

He Notoriously received, Then, for "Prophylaxis"' purposes, a HCQ + AZ + Zinc Medical Cure, for which he Spoke Both Himself at a Press Conference, and his Personal Doctor, in a Published Statement, while Also Starting to Wear a Protective Mask selectively.

Atypical and Non-Establishment Conservative Trump, is Notoriously in Conflict against the "Deep State", Protects Citizens' Self-Defense with the Traditional US Right to have Arms, Urges for Freedom of Speach Against Censorship at the Internet by "Big Tech", has Challenged "Big Pharma" with "HCQ" Cure, (Even if he Invested Millions $ for Vaccines, etc), Opposes "Planned Parenhood" pro-Avortment and reportedly Selling Human Parts' Policies, has Spoken for "the UnBorn Child" in Christian Meetings, and some Fear that he Might Turn towards Evangelicals on Protecting Human Embryo from Genetic Manipulations for Electoral Gains, and is consistently Fighting Against Globalist Multinationals' trend towards Outsourcing Production Abroad, at Foreign Countries, Prefering National Production. After a Strong Development of USA's Economy and Drastic Reduction of UnEmployment during Trump's Presidency, Suddenly, on 2020, the Country was Hardly Hit by the Deadly Virus, Seriously Affecting also its Economy, (Despite a Big Potential, which Delays to materialize Now), Shortly Before the Crucial forthcoming Presidential Elections of November 3.


- Russian President Vladimir PUTIN, reportedly had Both his Prime Minister, and Even his Personal Press Spokesman, Peskov, (with whom he Works Closely Since the 1990ies), seriously Infected and Sick by the Virus, (to the point that one of his Daughters risked to take Personaly a Not Yet fully Tested Vaccine, which, fortunately, appeared to work for her).

Putin, inter alia, is Also Known for his Close Relations with the Christian Church, as well as for his Support to the Natural, Traditional Family, between a Man and a Woman, for being Opposed to the Adoption of Children by Homosexuals, as well as for the Prohibition of Open Propaganda for Homosexuality in Public Areas, which may Affect also UnderAge Children. On July 2020, his Government put a Constitutional Amendment in favor of Natural Family at a Popular Vote, Succesfully (See : ..., etc). The Russian President has been Accused to Prefer Trump, compared to his Dem. Party Competitors.


- The First Head of State to be Infected by the Virus was Monaco's Prince ALBERT, already on March 2020, Aged 63, who was Obliged to stay Away from his Family (Wife and 2 Children) During a Quarantine about 15 Days Long, until the Beginning of April. (Comp. 2 Replies of Prince Albert to various "Eurofora"s Questions at the CoE, in Strasbourg, and 1 in Paris, at: ... + ... + ...).

When Prince Albert had made an Official Visit at the CoE, during the rotating Presidency of Strasbourg's PanEuropean Organisation by Monaco, he had Impressed by Bringing and Installing a whole ...Boat (sic !) inside the Building's Reception Room, which, in fact, Symbolized the Historic Tragic Sacrifice, even of her own Life, by a Young Woman from Corsica, who became Martyr with her Dead Body Thrown in a Boat reaching Monaco, Back between 304-312 AC, When Christians were Still Persecuted there, (before Becoming Famous as "Sainte Devote" and Celebrated as "Patron" of Monaco until Nowadays). Prince Albert Reminded that Legend by paying Hommage to Sainte Devote in Public, Together with his Wife, when was celebrated their Christian Marriage. In Addition, among others, Monaco has Refused to Impose the Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriage" among Homosexuals, Neither the so-called "Adoption" of Children placed under the ("Parental") Power of Homosexuals, Nor the Artificial Fabrication of Children by Technocrats withOut Health Need, prefering to Protect Natural, Traditional Family and Births, as far as BioEthics are concerned.

Albert of Monaco had Participated, earlier, at the ...Same Meeting as Also UK's Future King, Prince CHARLES, Aged 71, who was Also Infected by the Virus, (See Infra), Organized by Clean Water International Charity "Water Aid", during which they Might have been Infected Both, by an UnKnown yet Cause... [UK HeadQuartered "Water Aid" curiously Claims that ...Turkey and India would be Similar in Human Rights' Violations as "illiberal Democracies (sic!), "Almost Autocratic", with "Patronage at State-level", accused by "Critics" to practice "Divisive Politics", where "Violence Increased", But, nevertheless, "in (its) Analysis", at least some "Civil Servants did Not Neglect their Public Duties, and seemed Driven by ... Development, at least around Sanitation", (sic !), as their Documents say, Citting just 1 Article at ..."Huffington Post", written by a Muslim Professor of College, steming from a "Muslim University" (formerly "Anglo-Oriental College"), at an Indian province near Pakistan. +"Water Aid", at its Latest 2019 Report, Believes that "Turkey" is "likely to face Extremely high Water Stress, by 2040" at the latest, Together with Countries such as "Pakistan, Afghanistan, most of Northern Africa (as Libya, etc), Spain" and some "Middle East" States. Already Since 2011, "Water Aid" found that, concerning "Water and Sanitation Projects" across the World, at the "Top 10", (according to the Money Paid for them), 2 were in Turkey, one fof them Scoring even at the 1st Place ! ++Indeed, Turkey often uses to Boast about some Economico-Political Projects related to "Water", (as also, f.ex., at the COE in Strasbourg, etc), while having Notoriously Usurpated a lot of Ephrates River's flows, provoking Tensions, to the Detriment of Syria and Irak, in Addition to having attempted to abuse of such "Water" Politics Even vis a vis ...EU Member Cyprus' Northern Occupied Territories still controled by Ankara's Military since the 1974 Invasion].


- UK's new Conservative Prime Minister, Boris JOHNSON, was Notoriously Infected and Seriously ill by the Virus, reportedly owing ihis own personal Survival, after a Long Medical Struggle at the Hospital, to Certain Doctors' Idea to Spare him any Harsh Artificial InTubation, by Focusing on More Natural, Traditional Oxygen-providing methods.

Long-Time former Journalist, and Later Mayor of London, Pro-BREXIT Johnson, is an Atypical, Non-Establishment Conservative, initially used in order to Attract former Voters of Rightist Populist BREXIT Leader, and former EU Parliament Group's Chairman, Nigel Farage, as well as a Friend of US President Trump.


- Brazil's Conservative President Jair BOLSONARO was Infected by the Virus (as well as his Wife and 2 Sons), Obliged to Withdraw in "Horrible" Quarantine (as he said) for about Ten Days, But Finaly Survived, Claiming that he took "HCQ" Cure, (that he Generaly Defends), while His Country has Become one of the Biggest Targets for Virus' Infections in the World.

Bolsonaro is a Notorious Ally of current US President Trump, has been Already Brutaly Attacked and Seriously Wounded by a Knife during the Electoral Campaign, has Vocaly Opposed Controversial "Same Sex Marriage" and Homosexuality in general, Continuing to be Particularly Against Propaganda or School Influence vis a vis Children for Homosexuality, Supports Traditional, Natural Family and Births' Values, has Restricted Abortions, and was Obliged to Change Health Minister 3 Times, Resulting into Naming a Trusted General.


- Bolivian Right-Wing President Jeanine ANEZ, was Infected by the Virus, (Together with her Son, and Many of her Ministers), reportedly Recovering After more than 15 Days of Isolation in Quarantine.

Anez is Married with a Colombian "Conservative Party" Politician, has been Slandered by pro-"Socialist" Billionaire Bezos' ("Amazon") owned Newspaper "Washington Post" to be "Fiercely Anti-Socialist", She Fired a Health Minister afterwards Accused for "Corruption", and Dedicated Half (50%) of her Salary to Victims of the Virus (Urging her Government Members to Follow that example), while she Explicitly revendicates her Belief as a "Christian", (and reportedly Chose to Hold "a huge Bible" when she was sworn President).


- Armenian, atypical Center-Right Prime Minister Nikol PASHINYAN, was Infected by the Virus (Together with All his Family : Wife and 3 Children), on June 2020, When his Country was Facing its Highest "Peak" of Infections, Shortly After he had Denounced that Some did Not Observe the Necessary Protection Measures, and Attributing this Incident to an alleged Error Committed by a Civil Servant. Soon, he was Also Explicitly Attacked Politically, by a Former Ally, closely Followed by a Blast of More Tension with Azerbaidjan over the Naborno Karabach Issue, Added to Turkish Negative Interferences, which led him to Slam Ankara's "Destabilizing" Role throughout the Wider Region, including Against Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Armenia, Irak, Egypt, etc.

Very Popular (according to Recent Polls) Pachinyan, holds an Original Geo-Political View on the possibility to Participate Both into EU's Common Market, and pf Russia's Euro-Asiatic Market, Resulting at a Giant PanEuropean Trade Area, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with a Huge Potential, as Also Believes f.ex. Austrian Chancelor Kurz, and had Initially Eyed German Chancelor Merkel, Back on 2013, (See relevant Statements by the Armenian Prime Minister to "Eurofora" and at the CoE in Strasbourg, on 2019 : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/armenianpresidentforeurussiaarea.html, etc). He, reportedly, is, also, in favor of Protecting Natural, Traditional Family and Births, by a Man and a Woman, Instead of Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriage" between Homosexuals, with "Adoptions" of Children submited to the ("parental") Power of Homosexuals, and/or Artificialy Fabricated by Technocrats. He has Congratulated Belarus President Lukachenko for his re-Election, and, Surprisingly, Phoned to him, to Speak Together, (inter alia, also for Current Developments concerning the Virus), immediately after he was Found Infected, on June 2020 (Followed by an apparently Similar Move towards Spain), this being almost the Only Known Public Activity in which he engaged During his (about 15 Days-Long) Quarantine period... But, this Same Year, he Started by Capitalizing a Landmark Official Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, by President Trump's USA's Senate and House of Representatives, Since the End of 2019, Followed by a Succesful Military Defense of Nagorno-Karaback (Artzak for Armenians) in front of an Azeri Offensive this Summer 2020, when he went on to Start Strongly Denouncing Turkey as a "Destabilizing and Destructive" Factor, Both Regionaly and Globaly.



* Perhaps the Most Spectacular Case in which the Virus played a Role of "Game Changer" in EU Politics, (Except from Italy : See Infra), is that of Germany, where, After AKK's Announcement that she Quits the Governing Party CDU's Presidency, last February 2020, Frontrunner Candidate MERZ (Popular Values' Conservative Dissident, Former MEP and CDU/CSU's Head at the Bundestag) Confirmed his Participation, Followed by that of Laschet (NRW Region's Head, and Former MEP too, Mainstream Center-Right), to whom was Added also Roettgen (Bundestag's Foreign affairs Committee's Chair, former Environment Minister, an Outsider), in view of the Election scheduled for the Party's Annual Congress, at the End of April. Since Merkel had Notoriously Decided to Withdraw on 2021, that April 2020 CDU Congress had a Crucial Importance, Because it would Determine Who will be her Successor in order to Challenge the Cancelorship in the forthcoming 2021 Federal Election. Merz, with More than 48,5% of the Party's Votes Last Year, and a Crystal-Clear Plan to Get Back to the CDU the People's Votes it had Lost by "AfD"'s Rightists in the Recent Past, Obviously had a Lead.

- But, Suddenly, After Only 1 Speech in Public, Friedrich Merz is Infected by the Deadly Virus, at the Beginning of March 2020, Obliged to Stay in Quarantine, Away even from his Family, while, in Addition, the Declaration of a "Pandemic"  by the WHO, (even with Europe as its "EpiCenter"), Provoked the Cancellation of that Annual CDU Congress of April, Postponed sine die !  (Curiously, these UnExpected and UnPrecedented Incidents occur ...Immediately Aftar Merz meets with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, and Declares in Public, inter alia, that the Problems provoked by Turkey at the Borders with EU Member State Greece, Must be addressed by "a European Solution")... Then, Merz Struggles against the Virus During More than 15 Days, Suffering by Symptoms which Become soon "Stronger", (Perhaps because it might have been Erronesously Diagnosticated, at the Beginning, as a simple "Flu", Before Realizing that it was Deadly Coronavirus)..., and UnCertainty up to the End of the Month, (while People's Attention has Turned Now on Other Urgent Matters, as the "Lock-Down", the Need to Survive, in front of Many Deaths, the on-going Search of a Cure and/or a Vaccin, Followed by a Hasty "DeConfinement" from May, Leading to a "2nd Wave" of the Virus, from August, etc. So that, when CDU Announced, Later-on, that the Vote for the Selection of CDU's Head would be made, Finaly, ...at the End of the Year, on December, Meanwhile, both the Images and the Debates of those Candidates had Faded Away in People's Minds... (To the point that, Apparently, Merz had Now to Struggle with Mainstream Medias of the Establishment in order to Try to Find any Prime Time and/or Headlne News, really Visible Press Coverage, so that Many People say that they haveN't even Heard Anything new about his Campaign for the Leadership of Germany's Governing Party)... => A Real "U-Turn" !

Merz is a "Wert-Konservative" (Socio-Moral Values' Conservative), and a Christian Catholic, who Believes to the "Christian Roots" of Germany and all Europe. In Addition to a Decade of a Succesful Experience in High-Level Financial-Economic Deals at International Level, is Interested also for the Creation of a "European Army", Able to Offer Independent Protection to EU People and Land. He also, reportedly, Focuses on "Family Policy", including a "Nativist" Agenda, in favor of Natural Births of More European Children, by "Strengthened Families", (almost as that which had been, Earler, Succesfully Used by Chancelor Angie Merkel herself, Since the Beginning of her very Succesful Campaign [at Ludwigshaffen, Near Historic Chancelor Helmut Kohl's Home] for the Federal Elections of 2013, where she Managed to Score Up to almost ...40% of the Votes, Reaching the Threshhold of ...Absolute Majority for CDU/CSU, closely Missed Only for 4 MPs, curiously vanished OverNight, during the Last Counting, After MidNight, which Obliged her to Lead anew a Coalition Government, But from a Much Stronger Position than before)... In Addition, he reportedly considers that the Too Hasty Introduction (Under alleged Threat of a "Red-Red-Green" Hostile Majority Deal from the Opposition) of the Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriage" between Homosexuals, Back on 2018, (which had been, nevertheless, vainly Rejected, then, by More than 75% of the CDU/CSU Party), Should, Normaly, have been Preceded, at least, by a Public Debate, as well as from a Constitutional Reform, (considering that, in fact, as things stand, it was Opposed to the German Constitution, as also Many Others thought). +Moreover, Merz is Well Known for a Strong Position on the Need to Protect EU's External Borders, including, particularly, vis a vis Massive Irregular Migrants who Present Themselves as Asylum Seekers, Insisting to Really Keep Chancelor Merkel's own ulterior Promise to Never Repeat Errors Committed Back on 2015/2016, when Ankara notoriously Threw an UnPrecedented "Tsunami" of More than 1,5 Millions of People from Various Continents, Suddenly Tresspassing into Europe through EU Member Greece's Borders Facing Turkey, Exploited mainly by Turkish Smugglers, and Blackmailed the EU in order to get Paid 3 Billions € per Year in full Grants... Nowadays, he Believes thet the Time for Past, so-called "Gro-Ko", i.e. Formerly "Big Coalitions" with the "Socialists", have passed and Gone, (Prefering, Nowadays, Other Majority Formulas)... Last, but not least, Merz also Defends the Key Idea of a "European Culture", which Deserves to be Protected and Developed.

=> In Such Conditions, inter alia, f.ex., at Merz's Personal Electoral Local Area, at HochSauerLandKreis, the Governing ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party has Just Got, on 13/9/2020 Regional Election, a Big Majority with 48,19% of the Votes, Followed by 6,10% for Center-Right Liberals, 2,97% for Various Right "Free Voters", and Just ... 3,68% for the Rightists of "AfD" (Who, Elsewhere in Germany, on the Contrary, they Notoriously Mark High Scores, allowing them to Revendicate a Key Place in Majority Coalitions), Opposed to Only 21,19% for the "Socialists", 13,59% for "Greens", and 2% for the "Left"...



- In Italy, towards the End of 2019, Popular Rightist Leader of "LEGA" Party, former Deputy Prime Minister and Long-Time MEP, Matteo SALVINI, who had Just provoked the Fall of 2 Coalition Governments, Earlier mainly of "Socialists", and Afterwards, even of a Strange but Initially Interesting Magma between Leftist "5 Stars" and his "Lega", (See: ..., etc), was Notoriously Credited by All Polls with the Biggest Political Party of the Country, (his own), and Even with a Crystal-clear Absolute Majority for a Coalition of All the Right, (Including His "Lega", Berlusconi's ChristianDemocrats/EPP of  "Forca Italia", and Beloni's "Frateli d'Italia"). His Movement, and Allies, Planned a Series of More and More Big Popular Demonstrations at Rome, until that Minority Government would, Finally, Fall down, Opening the Way to New Elections, that would Bring the Right, inevitably, into Power, (according to an obvious Democratic Logic)...

>>> But, Suddenly, at the Beginning of 2020, the Virus' Infections Target and Hit Salvini's HeadQuarters at North-Western Italy, around Milano, (by an UnClear yet Cause), which, Already, as Early as Since Mid-February 2020, are "Cut off" from the Capital of Rome, by a Sanitary Cord, (Hindering Any Popular Mass Movement towards there), ...While, Paradoxicaly, on the Contrary, Northern Italians Can Still Enter even at Foreign Neighbouring Countries, as France, Switzerland, and Germany, and eventualy Spread Infections there, withOut Any Protection for the Local Populations (including that of Strasbourg's Region : See, f.ex., ... + ..., etc) ! The Result is (Together with a "Lock-Down" Added Soon) to Practicaly "Freeze" Political Developments in Italy for several Months, (at the Price of an Awful Lot of Deaths, etc), During which, the Minority "Care-Taking" Government of, Normaly OutGoing, Controversial Prime Minister Conte, Finaly Ensures Hundreds of Billions € in EU Grants and/or Loans, thanks to the After Virus' Crisis "Recovery" EU Plan, Decided by an Exceptional EU Summit in Brussels on July (See: ..., etc), While, on the Contrary, Salvini is Slandered, Accused, and even Prosecuted at the Courts, on Pretext of an Old Issue concerning his Notorious and Popular Opposition, as former Minister, to the Arrival on Italian Ground, of 80 More African Mass Irregular Migrants, and Threatened with Sanctions, After a Tight Majority Vote in the Senate (still Controled, in fact, by Out-Going Representatives of a ...Minority of Citizens : Comp. Supra), Lifted his Parliamentary Immunity...

=> I.e., in Brief, ...Democracy Turned Upside-Down, Thanks to a Political Exploitation of that Deadly Virus' astonishingly Targeted and Synchronized Attacks !

Salvini, inter alia, clearly Opposes Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, and had, Recently, Strongly Denounced a Brutal Bullying, with Threats by Turkish WarShips, Against a Peaceful and Rightful Oil/Gas Exploration, by an Italian "ENI"'s Drilling Ship, at EU Member Cyprus' EEZ, in Agreement with the Cypriot Government, while he has also Named an European Affairs Minister who Declared that the landmark 1571 Victory of Europeans against the Ottoman-Turkish Fleet at Lepante, was, in fact, "the Beginning of Europe's History". He Stands Against "Same Sex Marriage" Between Homosexuals, But Defends Natural Family and Births, having Restored the Traditional Mentions of "Father" and "Mother", Instead of  "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" in Official ID documents, and Opposes Forced Mass Vaccination. He is Notoriously Against Mass Irregular Migration from Other Continents, Prefers to Boost Births of European Children, and Opposes imposed Islamisation, Is Favorable to Friendly Relations with Russia, withOut Sanctions, Neither Embargo, etc., he is considered by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as "a Friend of Israel",  while also being an Ally of Conservative US President Trump, (as well as Brazil's President Bolsonaro : Comp. Supra).


 * Meanwhile, Even Salvini's Long-Time Political Ally, for a Majority of All the Right according to the Polls, Center-Right Party "Forza Italia"'s Chief, former Many Times Prime Minister of Italy, Conservative Politician and Businesman Silvio BERLUSCONI, Aged 83 Years Old, gets Personaly Infected by the Virus... He Finaly Survives, After a Long Struggle with More than 12 Days in a Hospital, that he Described as ..."Hell", and "the Most Dangerous Challenge", (During which, he, obviously, was Hindered to do Anything to Help Salvini)...

The Experienced ChristianDemocrat/EPP Leader, currently a MEP, had Already Faced, in the Past, a lot of Systematic Harassment by Courts, Slandering by Medias, Hate, and even Brutal Violent Attacks, one of which had Left him Wounded with Blood spread around his Face, (See, f.ex.: ... + ..., etc), Having also repeatedly Protected Human Embryos from Genetic Manipulations, He Kept Good Relations Both with the USA and Russia, as well as with Israel, (supporting Better Links of Moscow with the EU), in addition to being the 1st Western Leader to Visit Belarus' President Lukachenko.


* Controversial Belarus' President Alexander LUKACHENKO, Aged 66 Years Old, reportedly said that he had been Affected by the Virus, But Recovered.

He has Avoided Harsh Economic Measures affecting the People, Opposes Homosexuality, and has Visited Christian Catholic former Pope Benedict at the Vatican in 2009, (when he had Published his Encyclic Criticizing Abuses of Genetic Technologies on Humans, and apparently Disagreed with Former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama on "Same Sex Marriage", and Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryons). He has Recently stressed that "Real Science Must Serve the People", Kept Close, but sometimes critical, Relations with Russia, Criticized the Brutal Way that former Libyan President Kaddafi reportedly was killed by a Mob, Supported Syrian President Assad from 2014, Accuses Foreign Interferences in Pushing the Opposition to Mass UnRest inside Belarus, and, on 2020 he was the 1st Leader of a Country to Send Help to China when it was Hardly Hit by the Deadly Virus, (while Both WHO and Most Other Foreign States still Delayed Any Help, then).


- The 1st Head of a Royal House to be Infected by the Deadly Virus, already at the Beginning of March 2020, was ArchDuc Karl von HABSBURG, Aged 60 y.o., Conservative former MEP, Based in Austria and Chief of "PanEuropa" there, as well as President of the International "Blue Shield" NGO for the Protection of Cultural Heritage from Crisis, (that "Eurofora" had Recently Met at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, in a relevant Conference, See: ..., etc), who was reportedly Obliged to Stay Alone in Quarantine during 3 Long Weeks.

Karl, as well as his Well Known Father, late ArchDuc Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen, also former Long-Time MEP, President of "PanEuropa International", and German Citizen, are naturally Conservatives (and, as mainly Austrians, apparently Opposed to Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid), as well as Often related to Bio-Ethics, (on the occasion of which, f.ex. "Eurofora"'s co-Founder first Met Otto von Habsburg in Strasbourg, at a relevant EU Parliament's Working Group of the ChristianDemocrat/PP Political Group). They have played a Key Role at the Start of former Central-Eastern European Countries' Re-Unification with the Rest of Europe, inter alia, Also by a Famous "Pic-Nic" Organized Near the East-West Borderline, Already Before the Fall of the Berlin's Wall, But Even through Various Chevalry, Humanitarian, Cultural, or Other International Networks. F.ex., Karl von Habsburg, via his International Blue Shield NGO, has Recently been Active in such Topical "HotSpots" as, inter alia, also ... Mali, in Africa, (notoriously Threatened by Armed Islamist Terrorists linked to ISIS, etc), and Beirut, in Lebanon, at the Aftermath of the Recent Deadly Explosion, (while, on this occasion, inevitably eyeing also the omni-present there Eastern Mediterranean's Oil/Gas rich Waters Facing Neighbouring Cyprus, Israel and Egypt, as a Press Article on his Visit observs, But notoriously Bullied by Turkey's WarShips and illegal Drillings : See, f.ex.: ..., etc).

+ By a strange Coincidence, almost at the Same Time, it's even the UK's would-be Future King, CHARLES, (Aged 71), who was Infected by the Virus, but Recovered after a Long Quarantine at a Castle in Scotland. He reportedly said, Afterwards, that this Experience was "Strange, Frustrating, and Painfull".

Charles had reportedly Participated, earlier, at the ...Same Meeting (sic !) as Also Monaco's Prince ALBERT (Comp. Supra), Organized by Clean Water International Charity "Water Aid", during which they Might have been Infected Both, by an UnKnown yet Cause... [UK HeadQuartered "Water Aid" curiously Claims that ...Turkey and India would be Similar in Human Rights' Violations as "illiberal Democracies (sic!), "Almost Autocratic", with "Patronage at State-level", accused by "Critics" to practice "Divisive Politics", where "Violence Increased", But, nevertheless, "in (its) Analysis", at least some "Civil Servants did Not Neglect their Public Duties, and seemed Driven by ... Development, at least around Sanitation", (sic !), as their Documents say, Citting just 1 Article at ..."Huffington Post", written by a Muslim Professor of College, steming from a "Muslim University" (formerly "Anglo-Oriental College"), at an Indian province near Pakistan. +"Water Aid", at its Latest 2019 Report, Believes that "Turkey" is "likely to face Extremely high Water Stress, by 2040" at the latest, Together with Countries such as "Pakistan, Afghanistan, most of Northern Africa (as Libya, etc), Spain" and some "Middle East" States. Already Since 2011, "Water Aid" found that, concerning "Water and Sanitation Projects" across the World, at the "Top 10", (according to the Money Paid for them), 2 were in Turkey, one fof them Scoring even at the 1st Place ! ++Indeed, Turkey often uses to Boast about some Economico-Political Projects related to "Water", (as also, f.ex., at the COE in Strasbourg, etc), while having Notoriously Usurpated a lot of Ephrates River's flows, provoking Tensions, to the Detriment of Syria and Irak, in Addition to having attempted to abuse of such "Water" Politics Even vis a vis ...EU Member Cyprus' Northern Occupied Territories still controled by Ankara's Military since the 1974 Invasion].

But Karl von believes that he had been, apparently, Infected (by a Coincidence, around the Same Days) in a Meeting at Nearby Switzerland, in "Geneva", where several "Italians", who had just arrived from abroad, had also Participated, (Comp. f.ex.: ..., etc), as he observed at an INTW in Austrian Media.


- India's Conservative Prime Minister Narendra MODI, has seen his Country, After an Initialy Succesful Border Protection against the Virus, Suddenly Face a Unique in the World, Fast and Permanently Growing Number of Virus' Infections, Since April 2020, with the Number of Deaths also Steadily Advancing, Until Now. In Parallel, Despite an Earlier Bigger Economic Growth during Modi's tenure in office, than in the Past, Suddenly, the Economy Faced a Deeper than expected Slow Down. Even if the Death Rate still is among the Lowest Percentages in the World, and even if India's Low Cost Pharmaceutical Production Capacity Might play an Important Role in the Future for Massive Fabrication of eventual Vaccines and/or Anti-Virus Drugs, Nevertheless, the Risks for a 1,3 Billion Population, notoriously Deprived of Adequate Health Equipments yet, are Obviously very Serious.

Medias hace Documented, inter alia, also a Massive Concentration of Muslim Woshipers from a Traditionalist Islamist Sect, at a Delhi's Suburb, on April 2020, which reportedly Spread the Virus, Later-on, Accross more than 16 Different States of the Indian Federation, After the Return of Participants, Many among whom had Arrived in India from Neighbouring mainly Muslim Countries, such as Malesia, Indonesia, etc. Such Dates strikingly Coincide with WHO's Graphics which clearly Show that, indeed, the overall Steadily Growing Trend of Infections' Numbers until Now, has Started, precisely on April... (Mutatis-Mutandis, a Similar Incident had been, Notoriously, attributed to a Christian Religious Sect in South Korea in the Past, But, in India's case, the Volume of the Numbers is, obviously, Much More Great). In Addition, some have Also Denounced an Alleged "Islamist Virus' Jihad", in certain Other india-related Cases, rightfuly or wrongly, Provoking Accusations by International Islamic Organisations for so-called "IslamoPhobia"...

The very Popular, (according to several Polls), Indu Prime Minister Modi, has, moreover, been Accused for alleged "Right-Wing" Policies, and/or Criticized by some for Opposing Religious Islamization, as well as Keeping a Strong stance vis-à-vis Neighbouring Pakistan, (NDLR : Where even ...Bir Landen, "Al Quaida" Armed Islamist Terrorists' ring-Leader, had been, Notoriously, Found Hosted at a Big Ranch in an ...Islamabad's Rich Quarter on 2012). Modi, who is Both "Vegan" and a Budhist, is Also, reportedly, Trying to "Prevent Slaughters of Cows" in India, where they are, Notoriously, Protected "Sacred" Animals. In Addition, Modi has Good Personal Relations not only with Russian President Putin, but, Partcularly, with Conservative USA President Trump.


- Experienced Many Times Minister, former Head of Governing Party, and in charge of a Succesfull Economic Recovery at the Crisis of 2008-2011, who cooperated wth French Presidents Chirac and particularly Sarkozy, currently Chief of "Upper Seine" Department (at Paris' outskirts), Armenian-origin Center-Right Top Politician Patrick DEVEDJIAN, aged 75 y.o., Suddenly Died by the Virus on March 2020, (being the 1st Top French Official to be Deprived of his Life by an Infection, provoked by an  UnKnown Cause).

Curiously, this happened Just After Entering in Hospital, at "Stable" and relatively Good Shape yet, (to judge also by a Twitter Message he Published Only 1,5 Day Before he Dies, Praising Doctors and Nurses), and, particularly, very Shortly (16 Days : i.e. just the Time for an Infection to Affect Human Health) After Publishing his Last ever Press Article, on a "Hot" European Issue : An Exceptional, but Crystal-clear and Topical Call, explicitly Titled : "Oppose Turkey, in order to Support Europe" !...

Devedjian, who Stems from a Family of Armenian Refugees, (Like Balladur : Comp. Supra), had reportedly tried, in the Past, to Help Recognition and Justice for the 1st Genocide of the 20th Century, (that of about 1,5 Million of civilian Armenians Massacrated by the Turks, including Women and small Children, Elders, etc. while a lot More were DeRacinated, Robbed of their Belongings, and Massively Chassed out by Force). But, Later-on, he had Focused mainly on Helping to Develop France and Build a Strong Europe.

=> Now, among his concrete Proposals is, particularly, for the EU to Stop Wasting Money to Pay a troublesome Turkey, and, Instead, to Protect European People and Land, by Funding the Frontex European Service, i.e. the (InSufficient Yet) Guards of EU's External Borders, and Particularly its CoastGuards, Facing Turkey, Africa, etc., Nowadays Even vis a vis Notoriously Imported Deadly Virus, (See Infra). However, his overall Vision is much Larger and Higher, concerning Europe's Present and Future in the Modern World :

- He Starts by Refering to the Historic General De Gaulle, and stresses from the outset that "a Powerful Europe is, More than Ever, Necessary, in order to Defend and Promote Our Model of Civilisation".

- Particularly When Turkish President "Erdogan Shamefuly Blackmails Europe", as he Denounced, citting, inter alia, also the Turkish Military "Invasion of Syria", for which Ankara was "Allied with Jihadist Gangs".

- Nevertheless, some "Diplomats had argued for Turkey's Entry into the EU, Claiming, at the Public Opinion, that Erdogan would be equivalent to a Christian Democrat :" (sic)... But, on the Contrary, "General De Gaulle, who did Not Want UK's Entry into the EU, certainly did Not Wish that of Turkey". Simply Because "he thought, without any doubt, that either of them would have Killed Europe" !

- "Nowadays, Nobody dares, No More, to plead for Turkey's Entry into the EU, But, No State dares (yet) to Really Close the Door (to Ankara), and (moreover) Brussels Persists, Unfortunately, to Fund with Grants Turkey", (on pretext of "Pre-Accession" or due to the notorious Turkish Blackmail on Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants), "while Erdogan Proclaims Himself Protector of All Muslims in Europe" (sic !).

- "The Europeans seem, also, to have been accustomed with the Military Occupation of a European Territory by the Turkish Army, in Cyprus, where, the Capital, Nicosia, is Divided by anOther "Wall of Shame" (NDRL : as at Berlin, Before 1989), in the Middle of which is located a French Embassy, Abandoned and in Ruins... However, the Island is a Major Strategic Issue for Europe, Facing the East". Meanwhile, "Turkish Settlers have been Installed in the Occupied Zone, from where the Greek Cypriots were Chassed Away".

+ In Addition, concerning "Migratory Flows", Turkey Violates the Commitments that it has taken, as it Violates the Cypriot Territorial Waters by its Navy in order to make there Oil Drillings. It attempts to Intimidate by Military means its Neighbours, Exploits Human Misery by Favoring Smugglers of Migrants, and Asks, Even Nowadays, to be Paid 6 Billions € in order to abstain from Organizing Migratory Flows towards Our (EU) Nations. Turkey Equips itself with Russian material and Asks from NATO to Support it, in its War against Kurds and Syria". But, "Europe, always, Does Nothing, anxious not to upset the Sultan"..

- French "President Macron had the Courage and the Dignity to Date Say, looking at Turkey, that he Will Not Allow "spread in the Land of the Republic, a Separatism, be it Religious, Political or of Identity", Adding that "it's Not Possible to have Turkey's Laws at France's Land". It's true that No Country would ever Allow for a Foreign State to Organize, inside its Territory, a Propaganda for Refusing Integration, and for Negationiste Hate, vis a vis a Part of its Citizens".

- Meanwhile, "FRONTEX, the European Agency of Border Guards and Coast-Guards, Created on 2004, has Not Yet reached 1.000 Persons, While it Proclaims a Target of 10.000 Agents", he critically observed. Therefore, he "Propose(d) that EU Commission attributes to It the Funds still earmarked for Turkey, and to Give it a Federal Status, Not Merely of an Aide. It's more than Time that EU takes control of its Migratory Policy"...

++ Concerning "Protection", "France canNot ensure alone the protection of African Democracies, it Needs the Effective Participation of All Europe. Africa is an Issue of Major Concern for Europe, and Decisive for its Fate. Its Population is largely Growing, its Economy just asks to be Developed, Misery is very Big there, (while) the History and 2 World Wars gave us Responsibilities, (and even) the French Language is widespread there. Finaly, it has a Vocation to Play a Strategic Role for Europe's Future vis a vis Globalisation".

- "Europe Has the Means of a Power Policy :  The €uro is Succesful, since it's the 2nd International Currency, and We (EU) Must Impose it More as Transactions' Currency in Our Exchanges. It represents a Market of 500 Millions of Consumers. It has the Biggest Stock of Private Savings in the World".

- At the same time, "the European Ambition has Become a Vital Issue for Our Nations. The Major Conflict Emerging between USA and China Will Determine the Future of the World. Europe, its Culture, its Values, its Model of Civilisation, Deserve to be More than a mere Spectator".

=> "Let's Start by putting in Order at Our Doorstep !", Patrick Devedjian Concluded, in his Last Publication, shortly Before he was Killed by an Undetermined Infection with the Deadly Virus (Comp. Supra).


>>> Naturaly, the Best Hommage and Justice that we can do to this Real European, who Tragicaly Disappeared, is, at least, to Hear and Think Actively about the Substance of his Last Appeal,

which, in Fact, has Become Even More Topical Nowadays, particularly at the Eve of an Exceptional and Crucial EU Summit on 24-25 September 2020, (Comp. Supra).

+ Moreover, for All good-willing People, certainly in Europe, but Also Worldwide, it's of Elementary Importance to realy Ensure that Nothing and Nobody Might, Eventually, Risk to Brutaly and UnDemocraticaly Deprive them from Human and Political Personalities of Key Importance and/or Exceptional Value for Our Society, by Killing them with that Deadly Virus, (independently of whether it might be due to Pure Hasard, Negligence, Eventual Dolus, or Crime).












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Former "Green-Red" German government's Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's job at the controversial Turkish pipeline "Nabucco" was denounced as "not proper", "very bad", and "incompatible with Democracy", by the new President of EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group, German Lothar Bisky, replying to an "EuroFora" question.

For once, criticism of Joschka Fischer's doings with Turkey affecting Europe, didn't come only from the Center-Right of the political spectrum, but even from his Left side : The experienced Bisky, who has been chairing all over 1993-2009 the PDS - Die Linke party :  

- "Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer got involved in dealings with oil-gaz business in a foreign country, Turkey, and its controversial Nabucco pipeline. This raises questions about Democracy, also because of the well known problems of Human Rights violations in that country. Do you thing that this might be abused in order to cover up and close EU's eyes on Human Rights violations ?", "EuroFora" asked Bisky.


- "Nabucco pipeline is (only) at the planning stage". And "there are some difficulties",  he observed from the start. But "'I don't want to get into the details of Nabucco pipeline, because I don't think that there is any point for it at the moment".
At any case,  "we  (EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group) strongly believe that Politicians should not get involved in the Energy Business, and all these commercial transactions", President Bisky declared on the Joschka Fiischer's affair.

- "We feel that it's something that shouldn't be done. It's not proper !"           

- "We don't think that it's compatible with Democracy either, and it gets politics into a very Bad track", Bisky went on to denounce.
- "EuroLeft  and "Die Linke" always spoke against that, saying that politicians should not get directly into the arms of private enterprises"

- "It is pretty bad if a former Minister takes a job f.ex. in a major Energy producer. So, it's an issue if a Minister who may have seen excellent opportunities, subsequently gets personally grasp of them, in very serious parts of the economy, once he has given up his (Government) job."

- "It doesn't really make politics in general look any better'", Bisky concluded.


Earlier, this week in Strasbourg, other Journalists had also raised critical questions on former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's involvement in the conroversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline to the President of his own EuroParty : Kohn-Bendit of the "Greens", who, contrary to Bisky, tried to find excuses for Fischer, while criticizing his long-time partner, Schroeder for having done a similar move :

- "Shroeder was chancellor", and he "negociated" with "Russians", who gave him a job only "3 Months" after he resigned from the Government. While "Joschka Fischer", on the contrary, got a job with the controversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline only "4 Years after" he left the Government. "He didn't negociate Nabucco", so I have "no objection", Kohn Bendit claimed.

But, many Facts indicate the contrary :

Joschka Fischer was Foreign Minister in Germany from 1999 up to 2005 : I.e. from the year that EU took the controversial decision to give Turkey a "Candidate" status, until he year it started controversial "accession negotiations, (later declared "open-ended" after Sarkozy-Merkel's arrival from 2005-2007).

During that period was prepared the controversial so-called "Annan" Plan (in fact, drafted by others and attributed afterwards to the former UN SG) on Cyprus, which failed after a Popular Referendum said "No" on 2004 with a large Majoriy of 3/4 : 75%. Mainly because it was criticized for making too much concessions to the Turkish side :  Particularly by restricting Greek Cypriot Refugees' Human Right to return to their ancestral Land and/or get restitution of their Familiy Homes and private properties, usurpated by Ankara's Army since the 1974 militay invasion and continuing occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. And by weakening the Central Government, leaving to 2 "constituent States" so much powers and separate interests that more conflicts appeared inevitable, provoking the danger of a break-down in the foreseable future, with more crisis, troubles, perhaps bloodshed, etc., instead of creating an harmoniously integrated, really one federal State.

The controversial Plan was finalized on March-April 2004 at Burgenstock (Switzerland), curiously in the presence of an Envoy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, then governed by Joschka Fischer, but in the absence of a French and not even an European Union's Envoy, contrary to what was usually practiced on similar occasions in Switzerland (fex. in 1997 at Montreux, in 2000 at Geneva, etc).

Turkey notoriously exploited the failure of the "Annan" Plan in order to convince the EU to decide to start accession Negotiations on December 2004. This provoked an unprecedented series of Institutional Crisis inside the EU, shortly afterwards, when French and Dutch People rejected, 2 popular EuroReferenda by a majority "'No" vote to the EU Constitutional Treaty on 2005, aggraveted in 2004 a Majority Abstention to EU Elections, etc., followed by the recent Irish "No", etc.

"Nabucco" Gas pipeline was notoriously planned since ..2002. It follows an even earlier idea, for an Oil pipeline Baku-Ceyhun, which started to be prepared on 1999-2001 and was meanwhile recently completed.  

So, facts indicate that what is now at stake is based on decisions made during Joschka Fischer's term as former Foreign Minister, closely interested in Turkey's controversial EU-bid.

To the point that he now practically ...switched jobs with a poliician from Turkey, (the State which pays today openly Joschka Fischer), Mr. Ozdemir, who came earlier in Germany, got fast the nationality, and became EiuroMP in a few years, continuing now as head of the "Greens" in Germany, i.e. in Joschka's former job !...

Such astonishing facts risk, unfotunately, to give to German politician Lothar Bisky's criticism of  representative Democracy a topical meaning :

 - "We (EuroLeft Group) think that what is really at stake is Democracy. It's not only about Gas Pipelines or Energy sources", President Lothar Bisky went on to add in his reply to "EuroFora"'s question on Joscka Fischer's personal interests in the controversial Turkish "Nabuco" pipeline.

Such facts, "make People get more distance from Politics. ...People had had enough, and they are fed up !".

- "That's why we (EuroParliament's "EuroLeft" Group) want to strengthen Direct Democracy in Europe. Citizens should be involved in the (EU) Decision-making. In the end of the day, it's not going to help anyone if Politicians are always taking decisions, without involving Citizens. We want to give a voice to the People of Europe. They've got to have their say in the decisions that are taken. That's one of our absolutely fixed and steadfast views. We want more Direct Democracy in Europe. That's how it can become more effective and stronger", he concluded.




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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