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Vatican Press Director Lombardi to EuroFora on Pope Emeritus Benedict's Future contacts possibility

Written by ACM
Thursday, 28 February 2013

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
Speaking to "EuroFora" by phone while he still remained, for a few Hours more, the Spokesman of Pope Benedict XVI, who has anounced an unprecedented Resignation starting later Tonight from 8 pm., the experienced Press Director of the Vatican, father Federico Lombardi, clearly confirmed the new "Pope Emeritus"' wish to be able to "Communicate normaly" with the outer World from his retreat (initialy at Castel Gandolfo and afterwards at a renovated Covent inside Vatican's gardens).



Shortly after the Helicopter transporting for the last time, from now on Pope "Emeritus" Benedict, to Castel Gandolfo, arrived at destination, where the doors closed behind him after a brief but moving salute to the local People waiting to see him, (Comp. Infra), Lombardi, exceptionaly joined by Phone from Strasbourg, ensured, indeed, that, in his opinion, there will soon be fair possibilities for Contacts with other People, and that Benedict won't be obliged to stay in total isolation in the future.


However, meanwhile, it's also true that, Young and strong Archbishop Georg Ganswein, from nearby Germany, Benedict's faithful long-time collaborator, spontaneously Weeping, and vainly trying to Hide his Tears behind others and a Door inside Castel Gandolfo, just before everybody goes, leaving Benedict alone, was a Human, but Hard moment to see Today...

Castel Gandolfo is considered as a good place to be during Hot Summers, but not during Cold Winters. However, given the unwarned, sudden U-turn of the unprecedented events, the rooms destinated to host Benedict permanently in a Monastery, had not yet been restored, and workers were still busy to prepare things on the spot.

Despite some opposite claims, it seems that Resignation of a Pope (contrary to what  happens often for Old Bishops) is a rather Unprecedented Event, occuring for the 1st time in History, since the only cases presented as similar, in fact, either don't concern real and universaly recognized Popes, or only captive, imprisoned persons, without real Freedom to decide, and the only case which, apparently might have been a precedent, (that of Celestinus : the man who didn't want to become, nor stay Pope, but accepted a persisting proposal by the Cardinals, just to help keep the Unity of the Church), wasn't a good one, since, even that reportedly Good Man, died soon, probably murdered, according to Historians, at a particularly hard period for the Catholic Chruch, a very long time ago...


    At the beginning of our Phone encounter in such exceptional circumstances, "EuroFora" reminded to Lombardi our Name, and the Fact that we've been working for a long time in the on CoE and EU Parliament, being based in France, but close to Germany, etc, (where we had met at several occasions, both in Italy, France and Germany, as well as at Lourdes, and even at the CoE in Strasbourg, after Koeln, etc), and wished him to be well, and moraly strong.

     - "At your knowledge, do you think that the Holy Father, Pope Emeritus Benedict, will be able to Communicate with the external world, f.ex.  thanks to you and others of your friends, from now on, in the foreseable Future, or will he stay in Total Retirement (retreat) ?", "EuroFora" asked Father Lombardi.

    After carefuly asking us to "clearly and slowly repeat what (we) think" that should be raised as a Question at this particular moment, Lombardi went on to answer, in his usual crystal-clear, rational but also emotional, way :

    - "No, the Pope can do what he wishes", was his first reaction to the above-mentioned question by "EuroFora", in front of a basically Unprecedented situation.

 - "But, he said that he wants to live, from now on, in Retirement", he observed.

- "That is to say, by Praying, by Studying", etc. "I.e. without Big Public Events"

 - "But he is a (Human person and) a Man, who will certainly have the possibility to Communicate", added, smiling, Father Lombardi, who knows personally well the Pope Emeritus Benedict.

  - "During the forthcoming  Days, however, I think that, given also the Cardinals'  Meeting,  the Conclave,  etc. (for the Electiion of the New Pope, as sheduled) , he will be very much Reserved...", he supposed.

 - "But, in the Future, I think that, while Praying and staying in Retirement, nevertheless, he will be able to have a quite Normal Life", Lombardi hoped.


[NDLR : Followed another Question/Reply, which is ommitted in the present Version, but might be published, later-on, together with other relevant facts, and according to subsequent developments]



     - "In the "Prayer for March", (that the Pope advises through the official Vatican's Press), you've just Published earlier Today, the Holy Father refers to Nature, created by God, in its integrality", (i.e., apparently, both Climate and Landscapes, Plants and Animals, Born and Unborn Human beings, including Human Embryo, etc). Do you think that it would be right too interpret it as meaning that BioEthical issues, (which are, indeed, very Topical, were among his main Concerns ?"

    Indeed, in his last publication of his "Prayer Intentions" for "March", distributed Today, Benedict focuses, precisely, on the need of  "Respect for Nature" to "grow", stressing that "All Creation is God's work", and Warning that it was "EnTrusted to Human Responsibility", something of which we should be all well "Aware".

    - "Well, It's better for me not to make now any Statements, or Conversations on that" issue, he estimated. - "If you have something about that, you can write to me, if you wish", prefered to conclude, after an exceptional and intense day,  given also the obviously deep and manifold importance of that matter, Father Lombardi...

Meanwhile, ..

  - "I'm no more the Pontiff", but "simply a Pilgrim, starting the last journey of his life , Benedict reacted, with a Tragic Modesty, to the loud Welcome (including with a placard "Pontifex !" held by an Old Woman in front of all), by the numerous simple People gathered at the village of Castel Gandolfo, despite the cold Winter time.



    => - But, nevertheless, " I still wish, .. Heartfully, with all by Love, with my Prayers, with my Thoughts, with all my inner forces, to Work for the Common Good, for the Good of the Church, and of Humanity". "And I feel very much encouraged by your Sympathy", he said to the People gathered to salute him warmly. - "Let's go ahead, with the Lord, for the Good of the Church and of the World", Pope Emeritus Benedict, said later Today, in his last words in public.


-"The strength of the Church, its Life, are Words of Truth", which "Purify and reNew, bear Fruit, wherever the Community of Faithful hears and receives the Grace of God, in Truth and Charity, (Love : Reference to Benedict's famous 2009 Encyclic "Caritas in Veritate", a Profoundly Human text, but also full of Fighting Spirit). - "This is my Belief",  he concluded for the Church's collective Leadership of 144 Cardinals gathered now in the Vatican, at Rome,  and for his forthcoming Successor, due to be elected on March.


=>   - The "Holy Spirit" guides in the "Knowledge of Truth", topicaly concluded, later Tonight in Strasbourg, his Speech at the Huge Cathedral of the City, ArchiBishop Mgr Grallet, in a special Mass a the honour of the Retiring Pope Benedict, reminding "his beloved notions of <<Faith (Peace) and Love (Caritas)>>".


    Soon, most possible developments will depend from the Choice that the College of Cardinals will finaly make on his Successor, the New Pope.

    Naturally, Benedict said nothing about that, at least not in public. On the contrary, Today, his latest "Mission Intention" is for Religious People to "be Tireless Messengers of the Gospel, to the Ends of the Earth", as he characteristicaly said, apparently pointing at the Huge, World-wide Dimension and Duty of Christianity, while also, by a timely coincidence, concluding his last Vatican Information Daily Newsletter by 2 apointments at two Other "Ends of the Earth", at Different Sides of the Oceans : Argentina and Vietnam... A hint to the Large Choice possible, and, therefore, to the huge Responsibility to choose Well ?




(NDLR:  - Fast Translation from the Original in French. + "DraftNews", as already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accuratee, full Final Version, might be published asap).




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