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Press Freedom Guru Greenwald (Left) backs Conservative US President Trump v. Deep State. Why ?

Written by ACM
Monday, 07 August 2017

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Global Press Freedom NGO "Intercept"s co-Founder, Award-Winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald, from the Left side of the Political Spectrum, launched an UnExpected but Stern and Crystal-Clear Warning on the Need to Support New US President Don Trump (an atypical Popular Conservative) against currently growing Threats from an UnDemocratic, War-Mongering and UnElected "Deep State" around Washington D.C., stressing that an eventual PreDominance of the Latter would be much "Worse" and Dangerous for Democracy, Human Rights and Freedoms, than the Implementation of most of the Political Program for which he was Elected on 2016 by the American People.

This incredible but true and Topical, Exceptional "Mix" of Rightist and Leftist Policies or Values, is Not a pure Coincidence : It was, indeed, already embodied at a Landmark Speech given by Trump in Cleveland, Ohio, precisely 1 Year ago, Back on July 2016, at his Inauguration at GOP's Conference, as the Conservative Party's Official Candidate to the US Presidential Election, (See: ..., and Infra), and is Characteristic of Don Trump's "Atypical" or Original nature.

A Reality which is due to come at the Forefront particularly during the Crucial, forthcoming "Mid-Term" Elections for US Congress/Senate Next Year, on 2018, from which will Depend, in Fact, Trump's capacity or hindrance to really apply the Policies for which the People Elected him.

The Recent Decision by a Majority in the Out-Going US Congress and Senate to Impose even More and Controversial "Sanctions" on Russia, added to China, Iran and North Korea, including even some which have Extra-Territorial Repercussions, Threatening to Affect EU Countries'  Economic relations with Moscow, particularly on Strategic Energy Links Projects, (f.ex. a Northern Pipeline between Russia and Germany, or a South-Eastern Pipeline between Russia and Balkan Countries towards EU's Industrial Heartland, etc), immediately Provoking the First Negative Reactions from traditionaly Friendly European Countries as not only Germany, but also France, etc., at the Highest level.

US President Don Trump felt practicaly Obliged to Sign such a Controversial US Congress/Senate Bill, (imposed even in the Absence of any New Doubtful Move from Russia), by concern to American "National Unity", as he said. But he also found, there, a Timely Opportunity to openly and Strongly Criticize the Current Composition of the Out-Going US Congress and Senate (a Mix of Socialists/Democrats and Establishment's GOP Conservatives, routinely nick-named "RINOS" and quite UnPopular among the American People who Voted for Trump on 2016), Both for EnDangering the International Relations of the USA, and for Having just Failed also to Adopt any Decision on Changing the former US President Obama's Plan in HealthCare issues, Despite of More than "7 Years" of Promisses to their Voters that they would Replace or, at least, Repeal that UnPopular "ObamaCare", in order to offer to Citizens an Alternative Plan, able to Help Poor People in real Need, but also to Free Market Competition, Reduce State Bureaucracy and Imposed terms, in order to Cut curiously Growing Costs for all involved (i.e. Both for the State and "Middle-Class" Citizens, except from some Technocrats who are the only to really Exploit that for their Benefits).



In Fact, this Strange and Exceptional overall Situation appears to have Reached, Nowadays, a real Peak, as Warns "Intercept"'s co-Founder Glenn Geenwald, a "New York Times"'s Journalist of the American Left, earlier Publishing also at "The Guardian" and "Salon", Winner of the "Pulitzer" Prize for "Public Service" on 2014, as well as for "Investigative Journalism" and "Watchdog Journalism" (Gannett Foundation Awards), "Electronic Frontier" Foundation's "Pioneer" Award, 2013 "National Security Reporting" George Polk Award, 2010 "OnLine Journalism" Award, and for "Independent Journalism" since 2008, (etc) :

- Already, "the 2016 election saw Elite circles..., with very few exceptions, lining up with remarkable fervor behind (Don Trump's) Opponent (Hillary). "Top CIA officials openly declared War on Trump, ... while ... <<the Banking Industry has supported Clinton with buckets of Cash>>, according to "Time" Magazine, Because "Elites Fear that (Trump) could Not be relied upon to Safeguard Their (selfish) Lucrative, Power-Vesting Agenda", Greenwald reminds from the outset.

- So, "from the Start of Trump's Presidency (21 January 2017), it was Clear that the Permanent National Security Power in Washington was deeply Hostile.... and would Do what it could to Undermine it", he noted. "Now", "Elites have ..coalesced in Opposition around .. Trump's ... desire for Better Relations with Moscow".

- Whoever might "Believe" that "CIA", GOP's Establishment "and assorted DC Imperialists, along with ... NeoCons", etc., "woke up one day and developed some sorte of earnest .. conscience about Democracy, Ethics, Constitutional Limits and ... Decency", is "Free to Believe that", as "a Film from the (Naive) <<Mr. Smith goes to Washington>> genre", Greenwald criticizes with Irony.

- In Fact, f.ex., "Many among the most Damaging Anti-Trump Leaks were Emanating From anonymous CIA and other Deep State operatives", "Because" they "Despised Trump (for) the Policies he vowed to enact - the ones American Voters Ratified - were so Contrary to Their Agenda and ... System". "They were, even, anonymously Boasting that they were WitHolding Secrets from Trump's (Security) Briefings, because They ("Deep State operatives") Decided the Elected President should Not have Access to them" (sic !), the US Top Journalist Denounced.

- And Socialists/Liberals of the Dermocratic Party Exploited that: F.ex., - "After Trump Questioned the Reliability of the CIA in light of its Iraq War Failures", (given former UK P.M. Tony "Bliar"'s notorious Lies about so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction" allegedly detained by Saddam, etc), the Head of DP's Senators, "Chuck Schumer ... Warn(ed) Trump - explicitly - that he would be Destroyed if he continued to Oppose the Intelligence Community" (on January 2017, i.e. After he Won the US Presidential Election), Greenwald notes, inter alia.

=> Indeed, "the Reality is that the U.S. <<Deep State>> has been reported on and openly discussed in numerous circles Long Before Trump", he Reminds, citting a Series of Papers or Books published by various mainstream Journalists, already in the Recent Past: - F.ex. Peter Dale Scott (on 1972 + 2008), "Washington Post"s "Pulitzer" Prize-winning Dana Priest with Bill Arkin (2010), Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady (2013), Mike Lofgren (2016), etc.

-  Priest and Arkin have Denounced a "Top Secret America : A Hidden World, growing Beyond Control", "Hidden from Public View", while Ambinder and Grady Warned against "the Growing ranks of Secret-Keepers given Charge Over" the apparent "Government", and Scott and Lofgren showed thet "the US" is Not "Immune from such Malevolent Forces", as Greenwald calls them.



+ He could have, Obviously, Added, here, also the Historic former US President, and 5 Stars General during WW II, Dwight Eisenhower's World-Famous Warning of 1961 about what he had Named as "Military-Industrial Complex", (that various Witnesses claimed that, Initialy, it included also the Word: +"Congressional" or "Scientific"/"Academic", etc) : "Ike" called to "Guard Against ...Unwarranted Influence ... by the Military–Industrial Complex", because of a "potential for the Disastrous rise of Misplaced Power", and "Never let the weight of this combination EnDanger our Liberties or Democratic processes". "Only" an active "Citizenship", which would be "Alert and Knowledgeable" (i.e. well Informed by Independent, Investigative and Critical Press Publishers), "Can" Avoid such a Danger, "so that Security annd Liberty may prosper Together", President Eisenhower had concluded.

++ This was Preceded by Sociologist C. Wright Mills' 1956 work on "Power Elite", and Followed by the "Invisible Government" Book of 1964, as well as, more Recently, Tom Engelhardt's (2014) and David Talbot's (2015) relevant Books, (etc).





Even World Famous British Rock Group "MUSE"'s Latest Album "Drones" (2015) starts their "Defector" Song with a Timely Reminder of 1963 Murdered former US President John Kennedy ("JFK")'s Warning against "a ...Ruthless Conspiracy, that relies primarily on Covert Means for expanding its Influence : on Infiltration, instead of Invasion : on Subversion, instead of Elections ; on Intimidation, instead of Free Choice", (etc) : "A Tightly-knit, highly Efficient Machine, that Combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political" Lobbies and "Operations", which are "Concealed, Not Published. Its Mistakes are Burried, Not Headlined. Its Dissenters are Silenced, not praised", as JFK had described.

=> Thus, Nobody "would seek to Deny ... that the US has a Shadowy, Secretive world of Intelligence and Military operatives, who exercice great Power, Outside of Elections and Democratic Accountability", Greenwald concludes.

>>> And, Nowadays, it's Interesting to note that he observes that even a "Mainstream Liberal, in good standing, such as "the New Republic"'s Jeet Heer, repeatedly and Explicitly speculated about ... and ... Warned of ... the possibility of Deep State subversion of the White House" during the Current US Presidency of Trump :

- Indeed, in a Series of at least 6 Tweets, Published between January and May 2017, Heer Warns against the Risk of a "Terrifying thing" (BIS), concerning "the denizens of the Deep State", which "is in Open Conflict with (the) Incoming (US) President", including "Intervention(s) ... Against ... Trump", also by "NatSec Elite", which is "very Mulish and committed to Status Quo" : "Call it ... National Security Elite, ...Deep State, ...Blob" (etc). "It's very Pig-Headed and Knows how to Sabotage Change". In fact, "there's a lot Deep State can do, short of a Coup:", as "Leaking and Investigation", (f.ex. on Russia-related Slander, etc), Heer had foreseen. .


 - In Consequence, "the Last several Weeks" revealed "a Subversion of Trumps' Agenda, by UnElected Military and Intelligence Officials", Greenwald Denounces Today.

- "The Current Storyline is that" some "aligned with Trump's Security Adviser ..General ..McMaster", "are Systematically Weakening and Eliminating many of the White House Officials who are true Adherents to the domestic and foreign Policy worldview on which Trump’s (Electoral) Campaign was based", Greenwald claims, (Adding in a Controversy that pro-Trump On-line Media "Breitbart" Focuses only on McMaster).

- Indeed, "McMaster has (Recently) .. Fired several National Security Officials aligned with Steve Bannon" (Trump's Strategy Advisor and LongTime Supporter), as well as with "the Nationalistic, purportedly Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy, and Anti-Muslim (sic !) Worldview (that) Trump advocated hroughout the Election", according to Greenwald, (citting also Other Journalists).

=> "This has Provoked Anger among Trump Supporters, who view" it "as an UnDemocratic Attack against the Policies for which the Electorate Voted", (as several pro-Trump Medias clearly show Nowadays : F.ex. "Breibart", "Conservative Review", "Gatewaypundit", etc). Because People were Concerned by alleged attempts to Push towards "Militarist Policies", f.ex. in "the War in Afghanistan and Intervention in Syria", and Other "Globalist" trends, he observed.

- But, a "Bizarre" Fact is that "Democratic Party think tanks and Other Groups" of the Left, "have Rallied Behind" such Controversial Moves, (attributed particlarly to McMaster, etc), Even if they push fo "War" to "Escalate ... in Syria", etc, and "are in lockstep with ...NeoCon(s)", (such as, f.ex. GOP Establishment's "BilKristol", who finds that this is "a Key Moment"), "Prefer(ing)" such an "UnElected Agenda... to the one that Trump used to get Elected", Greenwalt Criticizes.

- In this regard, he finds that "Trump is Deluged by ...the ...Punishments that (DP's/Left's Chief in the Senate) Schumer Warned Trump would be Imposed on him, if he contrinued to Defy the Intelligence community", and Other "Trump's ...Haters", who Boast, Nowadays, that "the Threat of Prosecution" (by some Opponents' Claims about Impeachment), "and ... Harmful Leaks", might "have Forced Trump into Submission" (sic !), as the NYT's Journalist speculates. So that a "Combination of <<Goldman (Sachs) Boys>> and (Army) Generals" might have "Taken Over ... and is Destroying the (White House Srategy Advisor, former Journalist) Bannon-led Agenda on which Trump Campaigned".

- At any case, "Now ....there is Open Warfare between ... the WorldView Trump advocated in order to Win (the US Presidential Election), and the Permanent national Security Power Faction in Washington that — ....sometimes for Evil — Despises that", Greenwald warns.

=> If it's not "a Soft Coup", at least, it shows that "Real Presidential Powers have been Diluted or Usurped", revealing "Serious, enduring Dangers to Democracy", he Denounces.
- Indeed, this comes "from Relying on Military officials and Intelligence operatives to serve as Supreme Guardians of ...Norms", and from calling "the US Military to Save (sic !) the Republic from the Elected Government", which is "the Attribute of all Deep States", Criticized Greenwald.

- But Only a "Minority" of some "Solitary ...Voices" from the "Democratic Party" of the Left "Expressed Concern about such developments", risking to "Militarize the White House". While, on the Contrary, "it's Ironic" to see that "Many ...People who had ...Ridiculed the notion" of "Deep State", "are Now trumpeting the (alleged) Need for the US Mlitary" to take over, "Against those who were actualy Elected to Lead the Government"...

>>> So that, (whatever one might thinh about Trump), in Fact, Today, "there are other Major Threats to U.S. Democracy and Important political Values", Greenwald Denounces.

- And he points f.ex. to some "Groups" which "have done .. Harm, and ushered Evil", have "Brought ... Death, and Suffering, and Tyranny to the World, over the last 6 Decades", as "the US national Security (Deep) State" :

=> The "Greater Threat to all" is "EmPowering the National Security State" (i.e. "the Deep State" : Comp. Supra) "to exert ...the Power ...Reserved exclusively for Elected Officials", he warns.

In this regard, "Trump's Opponents should be Careful", "as it Might come True", the Experienced, Multi-Award Winning Journalist concludes.

* WHY ?

What might be the Real Reason for all that Mess ?

- Greenwald holds a Tip : Unexpectedly, Don "Trump ...repeatedly affirmed Policy Positions that were directly Contrary" to the "Elites" and to the "Deep State"'s Interests.

- Indeed, at least "some of Trump's advocated Assaults on (Washington) D.C. Orthodoxy aligned with long-standing Views of at least some Left-wing factions", he surprisingly observes :

"E.g." :
- "his professed Opposition to Regime-Change in Syria",
- and to "Iraq/Libya style (Military) Interventions",
- to "Greater Conflict wih Russia",
- to "Global Free Trade deals",
- to "EnTitlement Cuts" and to "MedicAid" Cuts ;
- "His ... UnMasking of the Truth of US Hegemony", (etc).

I.e. concerning not only strategic Foreign Policy issues, but also key Domestic affairs questions.

 - Thus, f.ex., a "former Goldman-Sachs CEO" had already Complained, in "Washington Post in mid-2016", that, "what he Hated most about Trump was his Refusal to consider Cuts in Entitlement Spending", finding "particularly Appalling that Trump ...tells us he won't touch Social Security MediCare, and MedicAid", Greenwald reminds, (Praising the New US President for that).

=> In other words, Don Trump's Differend, Original "Policy Positions, that were Directly Contrary to" some '"Long Standing" "Deep State" and "Wall Street (selfish) Interests he railed Against", Extended, in "Many Ways", throughout a Wide Spectrum of several Big Issues.

Not Only to his "Desire for Better Relations with Moscow", "around which Elites have Now coalesced in Opposition", presenting that as if it was "Trump's Principal policy Deviation"...
Such a Largely "Atypical" character of Don Trump's declared Policies, (particularly when it comes from the Right side of Conservatives), is a surprisingly Real Fact, even Despite some "Other Trump Positions", that Leftist Greenwald finds ..."Horrifying" to "Leftism" :

 - F.ex. what he (more or less Rightfully of Wrongly) Believes to relate to  "Fixation on increasing Hostility with Tehran, further Unleashing Federal and Local Police Forces", "Torture (sic !), Expanding GITMO, Killing Terrorists' Families" (?), and what he Claims to be "Islamophobic crusades" (sic !), etc.


>>> What is really Important to note is the Fact that, - as a quite Premonitory "Washington Post" Article, by Marc Thiessen, "former Chief SpeechWriter for President George W. Bush", (to which Greenwald refers) had foreseen from mid-2016 - surprisingly, often "Trump Neutralizes Democrats' (Socialists') Attacks, by Adopting their Positions", as he provocatively resumed that...

I.e., among many and various other cases, f.ex. :

- "Trump ... Supports Raising" a "Minimum Wage" ; (“I’m looking at [a minimum wage increase],” Trump told CNN. “I’m very different from most Republicans.” In an interview on “Meet the Press,” he said, “I would like to see an increase of some magnitude . . . I don’t know how people make it on $7.25 an hour. . . . I think people should get more").

- While, "usually", "Remocrats (Socialists) ... attack Republicans (Conservatives) for wanting to Privatise MediCare and Social Security", on the Contrary, "Trump says he wants to make No Changes to EnTitlement Programs" : - "We CaNt' do that. And it’s Not Fair to the People that have been paying in for years.” Trump promised: “I’m Not a Cutter. I’ll probably be the only Republican that does Not want to Cut Social Security.” (Comp. also Supra).

- Instead of "Cutting Taxes on Hedge-Fund Billionaires", on the Contrary, "Trump promised to Raise their Taxes" ! - “The Hedge Fund guys are getting away with Murder. They’re making a Tremendous amount of Money,” Trump said . ...under his administration, the Rich will have to Pay More. “I am Willing to Pay more,” he said. “And ... Wealthy are Willing to pay more. We’ve had a very Good Run.”

- Also "Trump Opposes" those "Trade Deals that send US Jobs Abroad", and "Promises to Bring the Jobs Back", that Experienced Journalist observed. F.ex., during the 2016 Electoral Campaign, Trump always Criticized the fact that "Hilary Clinton's Husband negotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA) : - "When Clinton announced ...that she would put her Husband in charge of ... the Economy, Trump tweeted, “How can Crooked Hillary put her Husband in charge of the Economy, when he was Responsible for NAFTA, the Worst economic deal in U.S. History ?”...  And Trump "also Attack(ed) Clinton for her Support of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP)", a Failed and Controversial Attempt by former US President Obama, (that even China had strongly Criticized).

 - Even when "Democrats (Socialists) ...Tried to Deflect from ...Obama's Failings in the battle against the Islamic State, by Focusing on Gun Control" (sic !), f.ex. "in the wake of the Orlando Terror Attack", suddenly, in an "UnExpected" move, "Donald Trump tweeted ... about <<Not Allowing People on the Terrorist List, or the No Fly list, to Buy Guns>>". Even Despite the fact that "the No-Fly list was “Arbitrary and Capricious”", as "a Federal Judge ruled in 2014",  because the (Obama) Government Refused to even Confirm someone has been placed on it, much Less provide any Way to Challenge a No-Fly designation, which Violates the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of Due Process" of Law. Thus, f.ex., "Many, like conservative Journalist Stephen F. Hayes, have been placed on the list withOut cause".

>>> So, Also on several Key Domestic Affairs, by "adopting" such "Positions" (usually thought to be exclusively for the Left), Trump has Closed off, virtually, All the Major lines of Attack", since, f.ex., Socialists as "Clinton caN't hit Trump on Guns, ... the Minimum Wage, ... Cutting Social Security, ..., or Tax Cuts for the Rich, ... or (Foreign) Trade", (etc), that Journalsit had rightfully guessed.

=> In Consequence,  - "How will (Socialists as) Clinton go after Trump ?", he wondered. Inevitably, they are Obliged, in practice, to Limit themselves Only into "Say(ing) that Trump is <<Temperamentally UnFit>> (sic !) for the Presidency" ; They "will Accuse Trump of Bigorty and MisoGyny", "part of the GOP <<War on Women>> (sic !) : - “This is a man who has called Women ‘pigs,’ ‘dogs’ and ‘disgusting animals,’ ” Clinton told" her fans, indeed...  etc. (Or, f.ex., they will Claim that the American Billionaire might have ..sold everything to the Russians, etc).  With the Result, for the 2016-2017 U.S. Political Competition to "be the Ugliest, Least Substantive campaign in Memory" !

At least as far as it concerns New US President Don Trump's "Positions on most of the Major Issues", both "at Home and Abroad", that Journalist had rightfully foreseen...

Cleveland (Ohio) Music revisited :
- Trump's Landmark GOP Nomination Speech (July 2016)



Indeed, much More, and Better, has been Revealed in an Historic, Landmark, widely Atypical and Original, but Deeply Authentic and apparently Genuine Don Trump's Speech at his Nomination as the Final GOP's Candidate for US Presidency, back at the Conclusion of the July 2016 National Convention of the American Conservative Party in Ohio's Cleveland city, (See relevant "Eurofora"s NewsReport, published then, at : ...).

Conservative and so-called "Left"'s (Comp. Supra) Issues are, Surprisingly inter-Mixed, linked closely Together, in an Impressive Overview, at this unusual Adress, including several UnExpected Crucial Points
- For a way "back to safety, prosperity, and peace", Don Trump promised, from the outset, then, that his administration would seek for USA to "be a country of Generosity and Warmth", as well as "of Law and 0rder".

- Promising to "present the Facts plainly and honestly", since "we canNot afford to be so <<Politically Correct>> anymore", but obliged to tell "No Lies", Only "the Truth, and nothing else", he went straight on to "the Facts", (starting by the latter) :

- "Homicides last year (2015) Increased by +17 % in America's 50 largest Cities. That's the Largest increase in 25 Years ! In our nation's capital, (Washigton DC) killings have risen by + 50 %.They are up nearly +60 % in nearby Baltimore. In (Obama's) hometown of Chicago more than 2,000 People have been the Victims of Shootings this year alone. And almost 4,000 have been Killed in the Chicago area since he took office. The number of police Officers Killed in the line of duty has risen by almost +50 % compared to this point last year".

Obviously, it's mainly the Poorest People, and/or at the Poorest City Suburbs, who usualy fall Victims of such widespread and growing Criminal Deadly Violence.

 - In Parallel, at the Same Time, "nearly 180,000 illegal Immigrants with Criminal records, (even) Ordered Deported from our country, are (nevertheless) tonight roaming Free to threaten peaceful citizens". In Addition, "the number of new illegal immigrant families who have crossed the border so far this year already (on July) Exceeds the entire Total from (the whole Year of) 2015. They are being released by the Tens of Thousands into our communities (obviously, mainly the Poorest), with No Regard for the impact on public Safety or Resources", (f.ex. Social Aid to Poor People, MedicAid, Housing, Schools, etc).

=> F.ex., "one such Border-Crosser was Released and made his way to Nebraska. There, he Ended the Life of an innocent Young Girl named Sarah Root. She was 21 years-old, and was Killed the day after graduating from college with a 4.0 Grade Point Average, number 1 in her Class. ... Her Killer was then Released a 2nd time, and he is now a Fugitive" !, he denounced.


 On "Economy", as reported by those Days' Newspapers :

 - "Nearly 4 in 10 African-American (Black) Children are living in Poverty, while 58 %  of African-American (Black) Youth are Not Employed", even after 8 Years of Obama's (Socialist) Presidency : the 1st Black in the White House's History...

+ In Addition, "+2 Millions More Latinos are in Poverty Today, than when the President Obama took his oath of office, less than 8 Years ago" (1/2009-7/2016).

++ "Another +14 Millions People have Left the Workforce entirely".

+++ "Household Incomes are Down more than - $4,000, since the year 2000, that's 16 Years ago",... (etc).

++++ " 43 Millions Americans are on Food Stamps" (Aid for Food to Poorest People), he Denounced.

- In Addition, USA's "Trade Deficit in Goods reached nearly ....$ 800 Billions, ... Last Year (2015) alone" !

- Concerning USA's "Budget", "Obama has almost Doubled (the) National Debt, to More than $ 19 Trillions $, and Growing".

- "And yet, ... our Roads and Bridges are Falling apart, and our Airports are 3rd World condition", Criticized Trump, (who has notoriously presented a Big Plan to Fund Public Infrastructures' ReBuilding/renovation, Now waiting for endorsement by the Senate/Congress).


Concerning "the state of affairs Abroad" :

- Back "in 2009, pre-Hillary, ISIS was Not even on the map. Libya was Stable. Egypt was Peaceful. Iraq was seeing a Reduction in Violence. Iran was being choked by Sanctions. Syria was under Control", he reminded.

- But, "after 4 Years of Hillary Clinton" (2009-2013) and the overall Obama's Arministration (2009-2016), on the Contrary, "ISIS has Spread across the region, and the entire World. Libya is in Ruins, and (USA's) Ambassador and his staff were Left Helpless to Die at the hands of Savage Killers" at Benghazi. "Egypt was turned over to the Radical Muslim Brotherhood, Forcing the Military to retake control. Iraq is in Chaos. Iran is on the path to Nuclear Weapons. Syria is engulfed in a Civil War, and a Refugee Crisis now Threatens the West", (Starting by Europe, through Turkey).

 - And "after 15 Years of Wars in the Middle East, after Trillions $ spent, and Thousands of Lives lost, the situation is Worse than it has ever been before", he Criticized.


=> In overall, Trump strongly Denounced a "Legacy" of "Hillary Clinton" and Obama, made of "Death, Destruction, Terrorism and Weakness", (Comp. Supra), urging for "a Change" in order to Settle "the Problems that we (USA) Face Now : Poverty and Violence at Home, War and Destruction Abroad", as  he resumed.


=> Against that, Don Trump promised to put "the American People ... First", and "Not Globalism".

 - "Things have to Change, ...right Now", he stressed, declaring "Determined to deliver a Better Life for People, all accross this Nation, that have been Neglected, Ignored and Abandoned".

  - F.ex. "the Laid-off Factory Workers, ...the Communities Crushed by ...Horrible and UnFair Trade Deals". I.e. "the Forgotten Men and Women" who "are Not going to be Forgotten long", he stressed, (in a Famous point, which he Made anew immediately after his Electoral Win of November 2016 : See, f.ex. ...).

 - "These are People who Work Hard, but No longer have a Voice", he Denounced, offering to become "Your ("Forgotten/Ignored/Abandoned People"'s) Voice".  

>>> That's why, "a number of Reforms" that he proposes, "will be Opposed by some of (the) ... most Powerful special Interests !", Don Trump Warned, (evoking the "Deep State" and more : Comp. Supra).

- "Because these Interests have Rigged our Political and Economic System, for Their Exclusive Benefit. ... Big Business, Elite Media and Major Donors are lining up behind ... my Opponent(s)because they know (they) will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing Money at (them) because they have total control over everything (they do, as) their puppet(s), (while) they pull the Strings", he Denounced, (on a point related to Hillary, then, but obviously of a Wider meaning also Nowadays).

 - On the Contrary, "I have Embraced (f.ex.) crying Mothers who have Lost their Children because our Politicians put their personal agendas Before the National Good. I have No patience for Injustice, No tolerance for government Incompetence, No sympathy for Leaders who Fail their Citizens !", he stressed.

 - "Corruption has reached a Level like never ever before". But, "when Innocent People Suffer, because our political System Lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws - or still Worse, has Sold out to some Corporate Lobbyist for cash - I am Not able to Look the Other way. And I woN't !" On the Contrary, "I have joined the Political Arena so that the Powerful can No longer Beat up on People that cannot Defend themselves". "The System is Rigged Against our Citizens", but "I ... can Fix it". "We are going to Fix the System,  so it works Fairly and Justly for each and every American", he vowed.


- Thus, Don Trump presented at Cleveland (Ohio) an overall "Plan" which "will Begin with Safety at Home - which means safe Neighborhoods, secure Borders, and Protection from Terrorism", because "there can be no prosperity without Law and Order". (A)

 - While, "on the Economy", he outlined "Reforms to add Millions of New Jobs, and Trillions in new Wealth, that can be used to ReBuild America", as he highlighted.(B)


=> "The 1st Task ... will be to Liberate our Citizens from the Crime and Terrorism and Lawlessness, that Threatens their Communities", he stressed.

 - In this regard, Trump Started by denouncing the Killing or Wounds inflicted; "after Dallas, ...in Recent Days, in Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan and Tennessee", as well as "Baton Rouge (Louisiana)" against "Law Officers (who) have been Shot or Killed".

 + He also accused the Out-going Barack Hussein Obama's US "Administration to have "Divided us by Race and Color, (and to) have made America a More Dangerous environment ... ever seen" :

>>> In particular, Obama's "Administration has Failed ... Inner Cities: ....It's Failed them on Education. ...on Jobs. ...on Crime. It's Failed them in Every way, and on every single level", he Denounced, speaking of Poor Neighborhoods, (too often risking to be also Transformed to "Ghettos", from Denmark to the UK and/or France, etc.)

=> On the Contrary, "I will work to Ensure that All of our Kids are Treated Equally, and Protected Equally", he promised. "Every action I take, I will ask myself: does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, in Chicago, in Detroit, in Ferguson who have really in every way ..., the same right to live out their dreams as any other child America ?".

- For that purpose, "we must also Address the growing Threats we face from outside the country. We are going to Defeat the Barbarians of ISIS and we are going to defeat them Fast", Don Trump vowed.

- Since, "once again, France is the Victim of Brutal Islamic Terrorism", he  Denounced, speaking, then, shortly after the Mass Murder of Innocent Civilian People by Heavy Lorry thrown on them by an ISIS' Coward at Nice, Earlier that July 2016. "Men, Women and Children, Viciously mowed down. Lives Ruined. Families Ripped apart. A nation in Mourning", he denounced, Fustigating "the Damage and Devastation that can be inflicted by Islamic Radicals".

- As also "at the World Trade Center (New York), at an office party in San Bernadino, at the Boston Marathon, at a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And many, Many other Locations", including, "only weeks ago, , in Orlando, Florida, (where) 49  (Civilian People) were Savagely Murdered by an Islamic Terrorist".

 => In order "to Protectus from Terrorism we Need to Focus on 3 things" :

(1) "We must have ... absolutely the best gathering of Intelligence, anywhere in the world".

(2) "We must Abandon the Failed Policy of ... Regime Change that Hillary Clinton (mainly under Barack Hussein Obama, but already from Tony Bliar's era) pushed in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria", Trump Denounced.

 - "Instead, we must Work with ...Allies who Share our Goal of ...Stamping Out Islamic Terrorism, ...Now and ...Quickly. We are going to ...Win Fast", he vowed.

(3) "Lastly, and very Importantly, we must immediately Suspend Immigration from any Nation that has been Compromised by Terrorism, Until such Time as proven Vetting Mechanisms have been put in place", he stressed, (Clearly speaking of a Measure which is Not at all a ...so-called "Muslim Ban", Contrary to False Claims by shady Opponents' abusive Exagerations/Slandering).

- On the Contrary, Hillary Clinton "has Called for a radical + 550 % Increase ...(f.ex.) in Syrian Refugees", and that, "on Top of (already) Existing Massive Refugee Flows, coming into our Country, under ...Obama". Even "Despite the fact that there's No Way to Screen these Refugees, in order to Find out Who they are, or Where they come from", he Denounced. (I.e., as, f.ex., the recent Deadly Islamist Terror Attacks targetting innocent Civilian People in Paris' "Bataclan" on 2015 in France, including by 2 Islamist Terrorists who penetrated in Europe with Fake ID's from Greece through Turkey, as well as at Nearby Freiburg on 2016, and Hamburg on 2017 in Germany, have clearly shown).

- On the Contrary, "I Only want to Admit Individuals into our country, who will Support our Values and Love our People", Don Trump urged, (apparently Focusing mainly on Cultural-Moral Personal key points). But, "Anyone who Endorses Violence, Hatred or Oppression is Not welcome in our country, and Never will be", he promised.

+ In Addition, evoking also Mass Irregular Economic Migrants, he observed the Fact that "Decades of Record (Mass) Immigration have produced Lower Wages and Higher UnEmployment for Our Citizens", (i.e. mainly Poor People), provoking Negative Consequences "especially for African-American and Latino workers" of already Fragile Social Minorities, Don Trump Denounced. (A point that, Recently, on 2017, even British Socialist "Labour" Leader Corbyn, reportedly Acknowledged)...

=> That's why, he promised a New "Immigration System that works ... for the American People", a she said.

 - A fortiori, when there is even Deadly "Violence Spilling accross our Borders", making "Many Thousands" of Victims, "who have Suffered ..gravely" : F.ex. "Mothers and Fathers who have Lost their Children to (such) Violence".     


-  I.e., as those "3 Parents, whose Children were Killed by illegal Immigrants : Mary Ann Mendoza, (Mother of Young "Latino" origin Policeman Sgt. B. Mendoza, Killed on 2014 by a Drunk Car Driver, illegal Alien, already Condemned for Crimes, but Not Deported) , Sabine Durden, (German-orign Immigrant Mother of a Young, Mixed-Race, Sherif Aide, awarded several Prizes for Helping People, who was Killed on 2012 by the Car of an Irregular Alien driving withOut License in California, already Condemned 3 Times without being Deported), and my Friend Jamiel Shaw" (Father of a Black Youngster, Shot and Killed by 2 illegal Immigrants, controversially Released from Jail in California, instead of being Deported after previous Condemnations), from whom "we heard" earlier here, at Cleveland, Trump reminded to the participants.


Significantly he pointed particularly at Poor or Lower/Middle Class People, more Dangerously Exposed than Others to such kind of Criminal Violence in Poor Suburbs, often scandalosuly Abandoned and Transformed in Socio-Cultural "Ghettos", etc.

 - "These Families have No <<Special Interests>> to Represent them. There are No Demonstrators to protect them, and certainly None to Protest on their behalf", he noted.

- "Instead, my Opponent(s) want.. Sanctuary Cities", (where Irregular Migrants can stay), Trump Denounced, (while Killed Dominic Durdan's Mother had just, notoriously, send a Letter of Protest to Obama on 2015 for having ...Invited to the White House even a "Trans-Gender" Irregular Alien, in a Reception during the LBGT "Gay Pride" Month)...

 - "But, where was the Sanctuary for Kate Steinle ?", Trump asked, pointing at anOther Tragedy, of a Young Woman, Shot and Killed on 2015 by an Illegal Alien, who had been Condemned 7 Times, mainly for Drug Traffick, and even ...Deported 5 Times, but Always managed to illegaly Return Back into the U.S., until San Francisco's (Socialist/DP) Municipality Let them Free, argying of its self-imposed "Sanctuary" status, instead of giving him to the Feferal Authorities for another Deportation : Vainly, the Victim's Family, tried to bring the Socialist/DP Authorities of San Fransisco to the Courts, with a Legal Complaint, rejected recently by a judge, on early January 2017, (i.e.  just Before Obama leaves office). But a Legislative Bill inspired from Kate's case was adopted recently by the US Congress and send to the Senate on June 2017.


 - "These Wounded American Families have been Alone. But they are Not alone any longer :" We shall "Support them", and "Pledge ... that we'll Save more Families from ... the Same Awful Fate", he promised.

=> That's why "We are going to Build a great Border Wall to Stop illegal immigration, to stop the Gangs and the Violence, and to stop the Drugs from pouring into our communities. ... Illegal border Crossings will go Down we will Stop it, it woN't be happening very much anymore", Trump vowed to realize.


- "Yet", my Opponents "propose Mass Amnesty, Mass Immigration, and Mass Lawlessness", which "will Overwhelm your (Citizens') Schools and Hospitals, further Reduce your Jobs and Wages, and (even) make it Harder for recent Immigrants to Escape ... Poverty ... and make it Impossible for them to join the Middle-Class'", he Denounced.

- "My Opponent(s) ... has supported virtualy Every Trade Agreement that has been Destroying our Middle Class" : F.ex. "NAFTA" (Comp. Supra), "China's entrance into the WTO", "the Job-Killing Trade Deal with South Korea", "the TTP which would ... Destroy our Manufacturing" and "make America Subject to the Rulings of Foreign Governments", (etc), Trump Criticized.

=>  - But, "I have a Different Vision for our Workers", stressed Trump, starting to present his Economic Plan : "A New, Fair Trade Policy, that Protects our Jobs, and Stands up to Countries thet Cheat, of which there are Many", he announced.

 - Thus, ". I am going to Turn our Bad Trade Agreements into Great ones", Trump promised. Because "America has Lost nearly 1/3 of its Manufactoring Jobs, since 1997", particulary "Following following ...Disastrous Trade Deals supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton", as, f.ex., "NAFTA. Remember it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA, one of the Worst economic deals every made", he Denounced.

 - "I pledge to Never sign any Trade Agreement that Hurts our Workers or that Diminishes our Freedom and our Independence. We will Never ever sing Bad Trade Deals". "Instead, I will make Individual deals, with individual countries". "We are going to Enforce all Trade Violations against any country that Cheats". "Horrible Trade Agreements ... will be totally ReNegotiated.... to get a much Better Deal", or, Otherwise, "we'll Walk Away if we do'Nt get that kind of deal", he promised.

=> So, "We are going to Start Building and Making things again. ... To Bring back our Jobs to Ohio and Pennsylvania and New York and Michigan and all of America", but  "I am Not going to let Companies Move to Other countries, Firing their Employees along the way withOut Consequence", Trump vowed.


 - With a "Reform of Tax Laws", "Middle-Income Americans will experience profound Relief", from "the Largest Tax Reduction of any candidate" to the 2016 US Presidential Election, he added. "Reducing taxes will cause New Companies and new Jobs to come roaring back into our country".

 + "Then, we are going to deal with ...Regulation : one of the greatest Job-Killers": "Excessive Regulation is Costing our country as much as $2 Trillion a year, and we will End it" :

>>> F.ex., "we We are going to Lift the Restrictions on the Production of American Energy. This will produce more than 20 Trillion $ in Job-Creating economic Activity over the Next Four Decades ... Our Steel Workers and our Miners are going back to Work again", he promised.


=> Thus, "Trillions $ will start Flowing into our Country", and "this ...will Improve the Quality of Life for All Americans". F.ex. :

- "We will Build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, and the railways of tomorrow".

- "This ...will Create Millions of more Jobs".

- "We will Rescue Kids from failing Schools, by Helping their parents send them to a Safe School of their Choice". Instead, my Opponent(s) would rather Protect Bureaucrats, than serve ... Children", he Denounced.

 - "We will repeal and Replace Disastrous <<ObamaCare>>", so that "You wil be able to Choose your own Doctor, again", according to Trump's Plan, (which Needs, However, to find also a like-Minded Absolute Majority in the Senate).

 - "And we will fix TSA at the Airports, which is a total Disaster", he added, largely Applauded by the People.

 -  Also, Denouncing the Fact that "our Students ... are Drowning in Debt", Trump urged "to Take the Pressure Off these Young People", solving a currently "Tremendous Problem".

 + He also promised to "completely ReBuild our depleted Military", while "the Countries that We are Protecting at a massive Cost to us, will be asked to Pay their fair Share!"

++ Thus, "we'll also  Take Care of our ... Veterans" : F.ex., "we'll Guarantee those who served this Country will be Able to visit a Hospital or Doctor of their Choice, withOut Waiting 5 Days on a line, and then Dying : ... the V.A.Scandal !", he Criticized.

 - Meanwhile, "we are going to ask every department head in Government to provide a List of Wasteful Spending, on projects that we can Eliminate", he urged.

- Last, but not least, pointing at "the Evangelical and Religious Community", who "have much to Contribute (also) to our Politics", while, on the Contrary, "our Laws Prevent" them "from Speaking (their) Minds", Don Trump Criticized "an Amendment pushed by Lyndon Johnson (controversial Socialist Prsident, after the Murder of JFK, etc), many years ago, (which) Threatens Religious Institutions with a Loss of their Tax Exempt Status, If they openly Advocate their Political Views."; So that "their Voice has been Taken away. I am going to work very hard to Repeal that ...and to Protect Free Speech for all",  he promised.


>>> But, for all that, "No Longer can we Rely on those people, in the (Mainstream) Media and Politics, who will say Anything to Keep our Rigged <<System>> in place", Don Trump Warned, anew, against the "Deep State" (Comp. Supra).

 -  On the Contrary, "my Pledge reads : << I'm with You : the ... People !>>, he Concluded

    + 1 Year Later, after that Landmark Speech at Cleveland, Ohio, on July 2016, the New US President Donn Trump obviously Faces (as expected) Strong Challenges, Pressure and even Threats from a "Deep State" of the kind that Award-Winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald has just Denounced, on this August 2017(Comp. Supra).

    => But, this Atypical, Original Conservative, who is one of the rare Family Businessmen, apparently able and willing to at least partialy Ally himself even with Poor and Middle-Class People on certain Key points, against Technocrats and Bureaucrats of a "System" that he Strongly Denounces as "Rigged", obviously has still a Chance to Win this Challenge, particularly if the American People give him a really Motivated Majority of Representatives in the Forthcoming "Mid-Term" Elections for the US Congress and Senate on 2018.

    For that purpose, the Crucial "Primaries" have already almost Started to be intensively Prepared, Nowadays, from Autumn 2017, (and with a 1st concrete example at Alabama, since August 15), and are due to be a Decisive Moment.

    - Indeed, "We don't have much Time. But History is Watching", as Don Trump had Warned, since Cleveland....







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Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, speaking  to "EuroFora", denied rumors on Turkey's attempts to avoid an EU check of its obligations on Cyprus on December 2009 by blackmailing Nicosia to either accept any deal with intransigeant Turkish claims contrary to EU values on the island's political issue, or face threats against the territorial integriy of the EU island, semi-occupied by Ankara's army.

On the contrary, the incoming EU President-in-office, speaking exclusively to "EuroFora", promissed that he will act for EU Council's decisions on December 2009 assessment of Turkey's commitments on Cyprus to be kept.

    Bildt was asked to react to Cyprus' President Christofias' denunciation, earlier this week, that some want to exert "pressure" on Cyprus in order for Turkey to escape from its obligations.

    Avoiding to mention any precise Deadline, Bildt, however, warned about "Consequences" in case of "failure" to reunite Cyprus, but without saying whose responsibility an eventual deadlock might be.  

 Asked by "EuroFora" if there is a risk for "Turkey's commitments to "be forgotten or downgraded", "despite crystal-clear EU Council decisions and EU Parliament's latest Resolution on the assessment to make at the end of this year on Turkey's obligations", according to rumours that, instead of pressing Turkey, on the contrary, there might be "pressure on Cyprus", even "blackmail", as Media reported and President Christofias denounced this week, Bildt denied :

- "No ! ", he clearly replied.

- On the contrary, invited by "EuroFora", to "reassure that the Swedish EU Presidency (7-12/2009) will keep a fair stance, based on principles",  Bildt promised that "we (Swedish EU Presidency) will be very clear on all of the decisions taken by the (EU) Council".

He added, however, that "we have very numerous decisions that have been taken" by EU Council, as if he warned, also, on something else.

- "'I am not aware of any sort of statements coming out today''", Bildt started to say, on our reference to Cyprus' President Christofias" denunciation of Turkish lobby's manoeuvers this week, replying earlier to 'another"EuroFora"'s question during a Press Conference at EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

 - '"I know the issues that you' are concerned with'", he added, remembering  the statements he gave us when Sweden was chairing the PanEuropean CoE on 2008.

- "But, obviously, .. I think that Cyprus' Peace negotiations are extremenly important".

- And "'I think that we are at a unique moment in History, in the sens that both (Cyprus') President Christofias and Mr. Talat (the Turkish Cypriot leader), are personally convinced of the need to overcome the division".

 - "It's 20 Years since the fall of Berlin Wal, but we still have a Capital in Europe (Nicosia) that's divided". ,

- 'I don't that we should loose any time in overcoming that"..

 - ''We should be aware of the fact that success will bring great benefits, but failure, will also have major consequences. There will not be Status Quo' " It's a question of seeking a solution, or entering another situation, which is somewhat difficult to see exactly how that could evolve", he warned.

- "That being said, this is a negotiation for Cyprus itself", Bildt admitted.

 - ''We (EU) can support, the (EU) Commission primarily, be technically helpful, and then, of course, there is a specific role for the UN, when it comes to the Cyprus' situation".  

- "At least so far. It might not be for ever'. Certainly not for ever, but for this period of time", Bildt added, skiping now any reference to concrete threats on UNO's Peace keeping force in face of more than 40.000 Ankara's soldiers, contrary to some Press claims, (See previous NewsReports).

     Replying to another "EuroFora"'s Question,  if anyone might attempt to "impose a Deadline for the conclusion" of Cyprus' Talks on December 2009, Bildt avoided to speak of any precise Time-frame, and indirectly evoked the fact that  35 Years of Turkish Invasion/Occupation obviously durated too long :

'- "If I was from Cyprus, I would say that the Deadline was Yesterday ! '",
Bildt concluded.

Cyprus' Government Spokesman, Stephanou, reportedly pointed out that "a settlement is possible on December if Turkey changes its stance", accepting a solution for the reunification of the island based on UNO resolutiona and EU principles.


Earlier, EU Chair, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeld, highlighted an "historic opportunity" to "re-Unite" Cyprus according to EU's "basic Values"' (i.e. Human Rights) and 'Rules'", in a last-minute change of his draft speech to EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

    The initial Draft spoke only about "healing" the island.

    Significantly, Reinfeldt linked Cyprus' reunification with Turkey's obligations to respect EU's "Values" and "follow" EU's "common Rules" :

    - What is "called Membership Negotiations" should lead, "at- the end of the day", into "sharing a set of common Basic Values (i.e. Human Rights, Democracy, etc), and following common Rules", stressed Reinfeld from the outset.
    - "This is something that those on the Outside (of the EU), are now  contemplating", up "to Ankara", for "a solution" on "Cyprus", observed the EU Chairman, immediately afterwards..  

    - "Both sides of Cyprus have been granted a historic opportunity to together reach an agreement on a solution to re-Unite the island, that has been divided for far too long", said Reinfeldt, modifying his draft text.

-  "The Swedish Presidency will act ...in accordance with Commitments EU has made, on the basis of Criteria that apply", "as a Honest Broker", he promised.    

- "To those on the inside (of the EU), allowing the membership process to become an opportunity to solve protracted disputes, can be tempting", he added.

    "In such cases, we must find solutions that can benefit both sides, and open up a way forward. Otherwise, it would jeopardize the progress we have made towards EU integration", Reinfeldt said.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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