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Italian Elections: Giant Leaps for the Right in 2 key Regions, former Leftist strongholds: +20% +30%

Written by ACM
Monday, 27 January 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Unity of the Right continues to Rock in Italy, after marking Giant Wins of + 20% and + 30% of People's Votes in Elections at 2 Key Regions, Former Long-Time Strongholds of the Left, Both at the North and at the South of the Country, in Emilia Romagna and Calabria.

The Turn-Coat manouver of the "5 Stars" movement Leftwards, desperately hanging at the Government with Only 4 MPs difference, and Vanished at the Polls, after Many Defections Last Year, resulted in its quasi-Disappearance at Regional level on 2020, left withOut Any Representative at all in both Emilia Romagna and in Calabria, while di Mayo Resigned from the Party's leadership at the Eve of these latest Elections.

On the Contrary, Salvini's "League" marks the Biggest Win of People's Votes with +13% More now, followed by "Fratelli d'Italia" of Rightist Meloni with +7% more in Emilia Romagna, Reaching 32% and 9% respectively, at the Head of a Unity of the Right Coalition Totaling 44% for the First Time in History there, where the Left has reportedly been Discredited, inter alia, also by a Scandal of Local Politicians plotting with Medical Doctors and Social Workers in order to Slander Poor Families and Usurpate their Children, placed in "Foster Families" Paid by the State, (where the ECHR has already Sanctioned several Abuses, particularly in the UK and Sweden, etc).

So that the formerly Long-Time PreDominant Leftist "Democratic" Party there Fell only at a Tiny Distance of 2% from "Lega",  (32% - 34%), which could have Won even the Presidency of that Region, if one of its Allies, Berlusconi's "Forza Italia", had not followed the Local Trend of all Establishment Parties in Emilia Romagna to Fall Down - 5,8%...

But, on the Contrary, in Southern Italy, at Calabria, it's this Salvini's Ally, Berlusconi's "Forza Italia", who Wins the Presidency of the Region, as the Coalition of the Unity of the Right Wins +36% of the Votes, (with 12,34% for "Forza Italia", almost Equal to the "League": 12,25%, followed by 10,9% of "Frateli d'Italia"), Added to anOther 25,5% by 3 More Allied Parties of the Right, so that it Totals Higher than ...57% in all !

In Fact, All the Right, taken Together, Advances, collectively, for More than +33% in total of People's Votes at Calabria on 2020, reaching an Outstanding electoral Change...






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     The High-Tech, brand new Crisis' management Center (CMC) inaugurated Wednesday by French Minister Bernard Kouchner, fits well EU's Humanitarian and Security-Defence aims, revealed a gathering of the largest Group of MEPs (EPP) organised in Paris these days, to prepare the debate on French EU Presidency's priorities (July - December 2008), that President Nicolas Sarkozy will present next week in EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

        Due to face a large spectrum of Crises : from Humanitarian (f.ex. Natural Catastrophes, evacuation of Civilians or rapatriation of expats, populations exposed to Hunger and/or risky Sanitary conditions, etc), to various consequencies of Terrorist threats, Armed conflicts, or of Peace-keeping operations, etc, and joining Geopolitics with Diplomacy, CMC is able to deal with urgencies in real time anywhere in the world, by concentrating qualified Experts and impressive High-Tech equipment (i.e. Giant Computer Screens working in parallel, Visio-conferences, Satellite connections, etc).




        Kouchner stressed that "Humanitarian and Political considerations can co-exist in real practice, if each one respects its independence", and, speaking to EuroFora, underlined his intention to have special representatives in "Strategic" locations, creating a "Network", open particularly to European cooperation.


        - "We must fill the gap in Europe's Civilian and Military capacities", declared earlier at Matignon, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, while EU Commissioners met with their counterparts among French Ministers.

        This point was at the focus of European People Party's "'Study Days" in Paris, from 2 to 4 July 2008, entitled  : "For a Safer Europe", with a central Debate on EU's Security and Defence policies, where EU Parliament's President, German MEP Hans Gert Poettering, French Minister of Defence Herve Morin, and the Chairman of EU's Defence Committee, MEP Karl von Vogaw, spoke before meeting with Sarkozy, Wednesday afternoon.

    - "We need specifically European systems, including, f.ex. Satellite networks, etc", stressed the experienced Chairman Karl von Vogaw, speaking after the meeting with President Sarkozy to European Journalists from EuroNews, EuroPolitique and EuroFora.
    - And there where "European forces are already gathered, (f.ex. in Cyprus, Balkans, Lebanon, etc), if new operations started, I'd prefer to see them under European command in Future", he added, in reply to questions on how to overcome problems raised by a 3rd Countries as Turkey.

    Vogaw presented earlier, at EPP's plenary, a comprehensive Report on EU's Security and Defence policy, with a strong High-Tech component (including Satellites, UAV, protected Telecoms, Strategic Air and Sea Transports, Space assets, etc), sharp references to Political will and Historic necessities, while also stressing that EU must overcome the divide between Civilian and Military research and activities, making "a close cooperation between Civilian and Military means" a "specific" mark of Europe.

    The experienced Top MEP, after helping to build the "EuroZone", as a long-time Chairman of EU Parliament's Economic Committee, has recently started to chair a brand new "Security and Defence Committee", aiming to build European Defence, as the 2nd task of his life, as he told earlier to EuroFora.


     The Committee, chaired by Vogaw, will hear, next week in Strasbourg an Experts' view about on the French EU Chairmanship's priorities in ESDP on Wednesday, before President Sarkozy's plenary debate, exceptionally on Thursday.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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