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Terror hits London, Mali/Burkina Faso, Hague/New Orleans +? Eve of NATO Summit on Turkey-Syria/Libya

Written by ACM
Saturday, 30 November 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- An astonishingly Long Series of mainly Islamist Bloody Terrorist Attacks, suddenly hit London, and various Other Hotspots in Europe and the World, at the Eve of an exceptionally Crucial NATO Summit, scheduled this Week there, where trouble-maker Turkey's latest Controversial Moves are notoriously due to be Discussed, from the Military Invasion/Occupation of the Syrian Kurdish Region at the North-Eastern Borders of the Country, to an Ankara - Tripoli Deal on Mediterranean Sea EEZ Sharing, which pretents to ignore Greece's biggest island Creta, etc, (just after Athens announced prospects of Oil/Gas Energy off shore Resources' Findings at the vicinity), up to the latest Developments on Turkish Threats to send more Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants into the EU through Greece, Adding Now even the Dangerous Export of detained ISIS' Islamist Terrorists Back to Europe, (that Syrian Kurds had Previously Arrested and Guarded, there where Most ISIS' Crimes had been Committed).

To make things Worse, Turkey reportedly Blocks nowadays a NATO Program to Help Poland and Other European Countries Bordering Russia, by attempts to Blackmail the Organisation into putting at a "Terrorist" List the Syrian Kurdish "JPG" militants who notoriously Helped the International Coalition against ISIS' Deadly Terrorists, Reach its main Targets in Syria !... In this Context, French President Macron's recent Statement that NATO's Ennemy number 1 is Not Russia, but Islamist Extremists' Terrorism, hits the head of the nail...

+Meanwhile, in Addition, Turkey persists, Recently, in its Threats and Acts to Send Back into European Countries more and more from those ISIS Deadly Islamist Terrorists who remain nowadays in Turkish Territory, or Escaped from Syrian Kurdish Camps after Ankara's Military Invasion/Occupation there :

To put it Bluntly, After having (during Many Years) notoriously Facilitated the Recruitment, Transit, further Radicalisation, Arms' Smuggling, execution of Horrible Crimes by ISIS Jihadists' Gangs, and even Exploited Economically the Looting of Syria's and iraq's Natural and Cultural (f.ex. Antiquities, etc) Resources, (as even the Russian Defense Ministry has largely Denounced to the Press, with a lot of relevant Documents), etc., Ankara now practically Threatens Europe to be Submerged with too Many of such UnControlable "Social-Ideological Bombs", and, probably, also "Real Bombs", against Social Integration, Peace and Safety. Among the First such "Jihadist" Forced Returns, operated by Turkey, was an American Citizen... Has NATO any Plans to SafeGuard Peace and Security inside its Member Countries dangerously targetted by Turkey's New, "Augmented", (In)"Human Bombs", or Not at all ?


LONDON BRIDGE "Fishmongers' Hall" Bloody Islamist Terrorist Attack (ISIS) :



2 Victims Killed, and Several Wounded, (2 Hospitalized in a Serious/Critical situation), at London's Bridge, in full Day Light, by an Islamist Terrorist from Pakistan, Usman Khan, brandishing a Fake Explosive Belt and 2 Real Knives at his wrists, shortly afterwards Revendicated by ISIS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists cowardly reminding their "Calls to Target the Inhabitants of the Countries of the International Coalition" against their Armed Gang, is already something Disruptive at the eve of NATO's 70th Summit prepared, there, for December 3 and 4.

But, the Most important Fact is that this Brutal Incident Stroke Deep at the Core of UK's "De-Radikalisation" and "ReHabilitation" System, including Early Release, Parole, etc., as the Culprit had been Condemned, on 2012, initially to an "Indeterminate" Detention, (for a Collective, Armed Gang Attempt to Bomb London), until he would not be considered "Dangerous", Later Modified to an Sixteen (16) Years Term, so that he was "Automatically" (sic !) Released after Only Six (6) Years, according to "Early Release" Routine Methods, on 2018, and even reportedly considered as a ..."Success story" (sic !) for a Rehabilitation Programme run by Cambridge University, whose "Institute of Criminology" had Organized this Fatal Conference at London's Bridge, on Facilitating "Offenders' Reintegrate into Society, following their release from prison", "in Inclusive and transformative learning communities", to enable Students and Prisoners to work Together", (as the 2 Killed Victims : Both from Cambridge University, Including the "Course Coordinator for the <<Learning Together>> ReHabilitation Programme" himself, Member of this Conference's Organizers from Cambridge Criminology Institute !), where the Murderer (simply bearing an "Electronic Tag", but Also a Hidden "Suicide Belt" Immitation, added to 2 Knives) had been Officially "Invited" (sic !), shortly After having Promised to become "a Good Muslim", "learn about Islam" from a ...UK "Homme Office" Facility, and "a Citizen of Britain", as he was given a UK Passport despite his Pakistani Origins, Pals, and Years of Living in Pakistan after Droping Out of a UK School, where he had been Planning to Establish a "Camp" for an Islamist Terrorist Gang, (whose "Charter" was found in his Flat), at Land Owned by his Parents in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir...



While the UK Electoral Campaign was shortly Suspended, UK Prime Minister, Conservative MP and former Journalist, Boris Johnson immediately Denounced such heavy "Early Release" practices even for Dangerous Criminals, including Terrorists, Reminding that he had Already Asked, in the Past to Abolish or Overhaul such Controversial Systems. But the current "Socialist" Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (an Homonym and Compatriot to that Islamist Killer: Usman Khan), accused in the Past to have Defended as former-Lawyer Various Islamist Extremists, Claimed that it would be due to some "Resources' Cuts", f.ex. on "Probation", "Judges", etc, alone to Blame, ...even if the Head of Counter-Terrorism at Metropolitan Police, Anil Kanti Basu (nick-named : "Neil"), with Calcutta (India) Origins, insisted that Usman Khan had been Released Independently of any "Parole" or "Probation" procedure, simply on "Early Release" Regulations, (where he had been Submitted after a Judge's ruling : Comp. Supra).

Basu Claimed, however, that the Murderer "had Met a Long List of Conditions" for his Early Release, "at my Knowledge", as he pointed out. Anil Kanti Basu's latest Promotion, had been "Welcomed" by Controversial Metropolitan Police's Current Chief, Cressida Dick, notorious for the 2005 Blunder which had Brutally Killed a Christian White Latino-American Electricity Worker (Jean Charles de Menezes, from Brazil), after London Policemen under her Orders, scandalously Confused him with a Wanted Arab Islamist Terrorist ! (A case which arrived up to the ECHR in Strasbourg : See, f.ex., the Victim's Family's Statements to "Eurofora": ..., etc). Similarly, mutatis-mutandis,  Basu, after Persecuting Conservative "News of the World" Published and f. Prime Minister David Cameron's Press Spokesman, he was himself reportedly Criticized also for Wasting 15 Millions £ to erroneously Accuse more than 34 British Journalists for various alleged Mispractices, while, However, Later-on, All of them were Found Innocent, by the competent Judges...

Both Cressida Dick and Anil Kanti Basu saw their Personal Careers, suddenly greatly Boosted during former "Socialist"/Labour Prime Minister Tony Bliar's era, (nicknamed "Bliar" by the Families of Killed Young Conscrits at the Controversial Iraq Invasion/Occupation, for Pretexts Later Found False), and recenty Continued also under a Short-Lived Establishment's "RINO" JHA Minister, who later Opposed even openly the New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, so that she was obliged to Resign, being almost Banned, at the Margins of her former Conservative Party.... However, Despite Many Warnings from Various Sides, (including Tragic Appeals from the Family of the UnJusttly Killed Young Worker Menezes : Comp. Supra), at least for the Time Being, it's Still from these 3 Controversial Figures (Sadiq Khan, Cressida Dick, Anil Kanti Basu), that People's Safety (or Not) in London largely depends, even nowadays...

Even if Not Directly Related, inevitably, such an Obviously Scandalous Abuse of some Blatantly Failed, and/or "Naive" State Mechanisms, vis a vis Deadly Islamist Terrorism still Haunting Europe and its Citizens, reminds, Mutatis-Mutandis, the Recent Bloody Attack which Killed and Wounded several People, even ...Inside Paris' Police Headquarters due to Monitor and Prevent, precisely, such Brutal Aggressions : French President Macron had Surprized, or even Shocked, when he Denounced, then, that, such Facts clearly indicate that the National State's action is Not Enough, and that All People must take their Part in a Necessary Collective Struggle "against the Hydra of Islamism", as he characteristically stressed, pointing at the notorious Ancient Mythical Monster with Many Heads, that heroe Heracles had efficiently faced by Hitting Right at its Core, (WithOut Losing precious Time to Search among its Various, MisLeading Heads)...



=> So that, Nowadays, in London, it's, indeed, anonymous EU Citizens themselves, who had to Take Over the Direct and Hardest Fight against ISIS' Twice Knived Bloody Killer, and Manage to Catch him, while he was Running Away, Out to the Streets, reportedly Persisting to Hit Bypassers at Random, Stop him, and make him Fall Down to the Ground, where armed UK Policemen Found him lying, Later-on, (and Opened Fire, Killing him, reportedly Because of Fears that he might really have an Explosive Belt)... EU Citizens Succeeded to do so, self-equiped Only with a ...Fire Extinction Cylinder, and, mainly, with a ...Whale Tusk, firmly held by a Brave European Migrant Worker from Poland, known as "Luckasz", who was at the Fore-Front, as Videos prove, and, even Wounded, managed to Stop and Push the Islamist Terrorist Killer towards being Surrounded, etc, (Comp. Supra), rapidly becaming Famous at the Web !


But, when such Bloody Islamist Terrrist Attacks Re-Start, the overall Ambiance makes it a Problem to Clearly Distinguish from Various Other, apparently Similar Bloody Aggressions, which emerge almost at the Same Time, (including, naturally, those Attacks where, too Often, several National Authorities, notoriously Attempt to Hide or Mask any Terrorist Motivation, Pretexting anything else, except that...), particularly when they are Suspected to have a Similar Migration/Cultural Profile :

- Indeed, How could People not even Think to another probable Islamist Terrorist Attack, when, f.ex., Only a few Hours After the above-mentioned London Bridge Deadly ISIS' Knife Attack, there is also anOther Bloody Knife Attack in Europe, committed in Hague, the Netherlands, where a "North African" or "Middle Eastern" looking Man suddenly Run and Stabbed with a Knife several Civilian People at Random, Wounding at least 3 Teenagers, (withOut any Relation between them) : 2 Girls and a Boy aged just 14 y.o., who were Hospitalized, provoking a Mass "Panic" at a Busy Shopping Center, the very Day of Exceptional Price Discounts ? Thus, even after Arresting, Later-on, a Homeless Man at a Refuge, the Dutch Police did Not yet Exclude now any Terrorist Motivation...

+ As already since "March" 2019, when, f.ex., "4 People were Killed" by "a Turkish-born man" who "opened Fire on a Tram in the City of Utrecht", also at the Netherlands, as the "Times of Israel" Remind Nowadays, at this occasion.

++ Mutatis-Mutandis, almost at the Same Time, French Police announced also the Arrest of a Suspect for the Murder of a Man Hit more than 40 Times with a Knife Near his Family Home during the Week-end, earlier at Chambery, as well as that of another Youngster Multi-Recidivist from a Family having Changed 3 Fathers, linked to Drugs, become Homeless, Placed in various Foster Families, etc., who Attacked with a Knife an Adult at the Railroad Station of Limoges, leaving him with a 19 cm. Wound, (etc)... But, if an eventual Terrrist motivation did Not yet Surface in these Cases, what can be said about the Mass Shooting, just 1 Day Later, at USA's New Orleans' "French Quarter" (sic !), which reportedly Wounded about a Dozen of Civilian People, hit at random, during a Traditional Popular Gathering for a Sport Competition between 2 Universities' Teams ? Unfortunately, the Local Mayor's (a "Socialist"/Liberal from the Party of Dems) promise to "Find and Punish the Perpetrators" of such a Mass Crime, curiously Committed at a Spot Full of Policemen (sic !), does Not look very Credible, given the Fact that a Similar Mass Shooting, just 3 Years ago, when a Man had been Killed, and anOther 10 Wounded, doesn't seem to have resulted into bringing those responsible to Justice yet, i.e. something obviously Scandalous !   

+++ The Situation is much More Clear, with an almost Synchronous Deadly Attack against a Christian Protestant Church, at Burkina Faso, (Subsaharian Africa, South of Algeria, just Between Mali and Nigeria), where at least 10 Worshipers were reportedly Killed by "ISIS" Islamist Terrorists nowadays...

++++ A more Direct Relevance with NATO obviously appeared, meanwhile, at the Brutal Deaths of about 14 French Soldiers when 2 Military Helicopters reportedly Crashed during a Manoeuver at Mali, where ISIS-related Jihadists are notoriously active, while European Solidarity is Present, but Not Yet Important enough in real practice, (and even Less that of NATO)...


+++++ In Fact, direct or indirect Links with the Rest of the Overall relevant Situation around Syria and Europe (Comp. Supra), are Recently Becoming More Real than some may think, since Even the Latest Row between EU and NATO Member Greece and Turkey, about the Mediterranean Sea's EEZ around Creta Island's alleged off shore Energy Resources (Comp. Supra), is Not withOut Any Relation to Islamist Terrorist Risks :


- Indeed, Tripoli's Tiny Minority Regime, reportedly backed by Turkey and Qatar, is Flanked, on one Side, by most Smugglers repeatedly sending to Europe, through Italy, Massive Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, as Turkey itself does through EU Member Greece, and at anOther Side, by an ISIS' Compount, while also being Linked even to most Extremist Islamist Groups and Gangs.

On the Contrary, Neither Morocco, Westwards, Nor Egypt, Eastwards, as well as other Arab Countries, (Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, etc), and even the large Majority Libyan Regime of Field Marshal Belqasim Haftar (HQ at Benghazi), which Nowadays controls by far the Major Part of the Country, (See MAP), apparently do Not play this kind of Dirty Games with Blackmails against Europe.



=> Will this NATO's Summit take really into Account all those (and even much more emerging and Evolving) New Factors, of Natural Relevance also to Regional and Global Security Nowadays, or Not ?

In its landmark 60th Anniversary Summit, back on 2009 in Strasbourg, NATO notoriously saw France Re-Integrate its Military Mechanisms, and many spoke, then, about a Strong European Dimension inside NATO, (Comp. "Eurofora"s NewsReports from that Summit, then, f.ex.: ... + ..., etc).

 Just a Decade Later, on its 70th Anniversary of 2019 in London, will NATO live up to such a.o. Expectations, which have Obviously become Necessary Nowdays in order to really Protect its European Component, facing Crucial New Challenges, but, in fact, Also its USA a.o. Overall components and Global Cohesion ?  

Or, on the Contrary, it Risks to Fall Back to a "Cold War" Past of the 1940ies-1950ies, when, in fact, an Opportunistic but Calculated "Real-Politik" Move by former USSR's Trotskists and Stalinists since 1922, to suddenly Stop the Falling former Ottoman-Turk Empire's Transformation into New Democratic National States, (as Everywhere else, in Europe and the World, then, since the American and French Revolutions up to China's independence and the Non-Aligned Movement World-wide, etc), in order to Leave an Anachronic and Retrograde Entity of anOther Age, as a Permanent "Trouble-Maker" at the Asian Side of Europe, by Blocking the landmark International Treaty of Sevres (1920) and letting a Capricious "Turkey" constantly Provoke More and More Problems all around it, (and, Nowadays, even far Beyond) ?                

May be, ISIS' a.o. Deadly Islamist Terrorisms of Nowadays, heaviily Affecting and widely Threatening Euro-American Citizens' Lives, added also to several Other Parallel Recent Developments (such as Mass Migration, Energy Resources, etc: Comp. Supra), will, perhaps, Succeed to Make some Intelligent Political Leaders to Realize, at last, that NATO's Epi-Center is simply the Huge Atlantic Ocean, (Known since the Greco-Roman Ancient European Civilisations), and Not at all ... the Small "Lake Van" around which were played too many Tragedies, including that of Turkey's Armenian Genocide...       






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They voted to "freeze" UK Government's draft to put People in jail for 42 Days on "anti-terrorist" suspicion without charge, or they abstained. Don't they look suspect ?

CoE's debate on UK controversy stirs PanEuropean check of anti-terror suspects' imprisonment

Former Leftists of the Sixties would boil in hot water if they heard PACE's debate on the controversial 42 days detention without charge, currently drafted by the British Government :

A "Socialist" Government, a Socialist PACE Rapporteur and a Socialist Chair of PACE's Legal Committee, opposed a .. "Conservative" amendment (supported by .. Liberals, Democrats, etc), to freeze the measure, in order to protect Citizens' Freedom, by "waiting" until CoE's Venice Committee checks its conformity with Human Rights' principles.

"Left"'s support to Conservative-Lib.Dem's criticism, wasn't enough to obtain a majority, nor to make things as they were back in the good old days, when "Left" and "Right" had a clear meaning, as "liberty" and "restrictions"...

Conservatives and most Democrats were joined by the Left in voting for the "freeze", as well as Liberal Paul Rowen, while Socialist MEP Ivan Popescu, an experienced MEP from Ukraine (PACE Member since 1996-2008) abstained. But most Socialists, added to a few Liberals and EPP's Right, voted against.

Fortunately, someone inside PACE had the wise idea to shorten the Debate for less than 1 Hour, and put it on the Agenda only at the end of an exceptionally busy day, towards the end of the Evening, when most MEPs had already gone to taste wins and foods at various Receptions all around Strasbourg's "European" area : As a result, not even 42 MEPs weren't present..

Socialist Lord Tomlinson accused the leaders of the PanEuropean Assembly, in its highest body : the "Bureau", to "lack wisdom" by deciding to hold a Debate on an issue that neither the Socialist Chair of the Legal Committee, nor its Socialist "reluctant Rapporteur", did "not want to do", ...


Finally, everybody (critics and supporters alike) was happy to agree, in substance, that the controversial measure "may" gravely violate Human Rights, and therefore, PACE asked Legal Experts of Venice Commission to check UK Government''s plans.

But this might take more than .. 42 Days to do, since PACE's Rapporteur asked the Experts to enlarge their study in a PanEuropean comparison of all that is happening on "anti-terrorism" legislation in 47 CoE Member Countries, including Russia, Turkey and Azerbaidjan..

Bad lack : "The existing 28 days’ detention without charge in the UK is, in comparison with other CoE member countries, one of the most extreme : In Turkey, the period is 7,5 days, in France 6 days, in Russia 5 days, and in .. the U.S. and Canada just 2 and 1 days respectively", denounced Democrat MEP Ms WOLDSETH from Norway..


"Numerous respected human rights organisations, including Liberty and Human Rights Watch, have expressed serious concern" "The proposed legislation ...could easily lead to extensive abuses. ...Detention for 42 days means six weeks in which one is taken away from one’s family, friends, home and livelihood only to be let off without being charged. That will destroy lives and isolate communities", she added.

- "3 years ago, the UK Government sought to increase the period of pre-charge detention from 14 days to 90 days. Not long before that, it had been only 7 days. There was a vigorous debate ...and a ...compromise was reached of 28 days. We have to ask whether there are proper safeguards in place to extend the period to 42 days. I suggest that there are fatal flaws", reminded British Conservative Clappison.

- "What sort of society holds someone in detention for 42 days and does not have to tell the person who is in prison why they are there, or explain the suspicions that arose and led to their detention? What sort of society believes that that is the way to treat its citizens? That is an appalling injustice, ...A 42-day detention period will not make the UK safer. Instead, it will be the first step to giving in to terrorists; it is saying that we are prepared to sacrifice our democratic rights and the principles for which we have stood for centuries", criticized British Liberal Michael Hanckock


"Comments made ...by Norwegian delegates are unfortunate", replied British Socialist MEP Ms.Curtis-Thomas, accusing them to "besmirch the reputation of our police force, which is one of the Best in the World", as she said, believing that "there are significant safeguards ...to ensure that individuals are not subjected to unlawful detention"


PACE "has serious doubts whether ...the draft legislation are in conformity with the ...case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. A lack of ..safeguards may lead to arbitrariness, resulting in breaches of ... liberty and ...right to a fair trial". PACE "is particularly concerned that: ..the judge ..may not be in a position to examine whether there exist reasonable grounds for suspecting that the arrested person has committed an offence;"; that "... representation by a lawyer may be inappropriately restricted or delayed;" that "information on the grounds for suspicion of a person ...may be unduly withheld.. ;" that this "may give rise to arrests without the intention to charge;", and; in general, that "prolonged detention without proper information on the grounds for arrest may constitute inhuman treatment", says Klaus De Vries' Report, adopted with 29 votes against zero.


Records don't say if it took him 42 Days to draft his Report, but, at least, he knew why...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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