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French President Hollande to EF+: Yes on Franco-German Move After BREXIT

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 28 June 2016


*Brussels/EU Summit/Angelo Marcopolo/- Questioned by "Eurofora" at the Conclusion of a Press Conference in Brussels, if he Believed that the Time had come for the Franco-German engin of Europe to resolutely Boost further EU Integration after the BREXIT Referendum in the UK, French President Francois Hollande kindly saluted us and Positively Replied with a Crystal-clear Yes.

He subsequently confirmed, also, in Reply to a Related Question by anOther, German Journalist, that the Franco-German Plan, recentlly Drafted by the Foreign Ministers of the 2 Biggest EU Countries, Steinmeyer and Ayrault.

At any case, EU, and particularly €uroZone Countries must (1) "Protect" their common External Borders, their Security/Defence, and their Economy, especialy Investments, as well as their Decision-Making Capacity, (2) while also Keeping a "Solidarity" principle, and (3) Strengthen €uroZone's Governance, Hollande stressed in substance.


And the UK should Soon Stop "Uncertainties" about the "Time" of their Demands, the "Status" that they wish, and the "Conditions" under which this would be done. British People's Decision must be Respected, but, also, EU Countries must Not be Affected by UK's moves, (f.ex. on Investors' Tust, etc).



F.ex., it's out of question for the UK to Participate into EU's Internal Common Market, without Respecting Freedom of Movement of EU Citizens. You can't have only Free Movement of Capital and Merchandises, but Not of EU Citizens, because all Basic "4 Freedoms" go Together in EU Law, the French President Firmly pointed out.

It's, However, True that, Both in the Past, and in the Future, France and the UK already used to have, and will keep Special Relations, f.ex. in Security and Defence matters, as well as in relation to eventual Joint Interventions at our >>Neighborhood or elsewhere in the World, he soberly confirmed.

Meanwhile, We (particularly through Franco-German Initiatives) shall Change and Defend the EU, also by taking Measures, which must be Fast enough, because Next Year  (2017) there are Elections (in France, Germany, etc), Hollande observed.




("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora's Subsribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be published asap).




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*Paris/ACM/12 October 2008/-

When Europeans really feel a vital need to urgently launch common replies to challenging World Crisis, as the present Financial turmoil of Global Markets, they forge new decision-making tools and new dynamics :

The 1st in History EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, organized in Paris at the invitation of French President, and current EU chair, Nicolas Sarkozy, with the participation of 15 national leaders and EU institutions' chairmen, partly enlarged to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after a highly symbolic duo with German Chancelor Angie Merkel, at General De Gaulle's birth-village, 50 Years after he welcomed there former German chancellor Adenauer (1958-2008), may have not one, but two results :

- The first, and more urgent, was to launch an "ambitious", "coherent", and "efficient" common European movement, able to stimulate "solutions" to the World Economic Crisis, as Sarkozy anounced from the outset : State Garantees (to new Bank debts up to 5 years), fresh Capital input (f.ex. by buying shares), support to distressed banks, (while also restructuring them), incite the European Central Bank to facilitate commerial bills europe-wide, etc.

"Acting swiftly", from tomorrow, national measures will quantify all these targets, with coordinated actions from all EuroZone's Governments : France, Germany, Italy and others, decided to anounce, at the same time, such concrete measures, according to agreements that we have already made all together, revealed Sarkozy at the final Press Conference, flanked by EuroZone's chairmen : EuroGroup's Jean-Claude Juncker, and Central European Bank's Jean-Claude Truchet, as well as EU Commission's Jose Baroso, to solemnly stress the will to find common European solutions.

- "United and Determined, all EuroZone's Countries will act to prove that Citizens can Trust" the Economy, Sarkozy concluded. If we attract also all EU's 27 countries, Wednesday in Brussels, then we can coordinate action with our American Friends at a Global level, he anounced.


- "With this new Toolbox, we do not want to serve Bankers, but to work for Europe and its Citizens' interests", added Juncker.

- "For the moment, we want to act urgently to regulate the Crisis. But the time will come when those responsible for this, will have to account for their actions. Yes to real Capitalism, No to Speculators. Those who abused, will face sanctions, Sarkozy warned.

Need stimulates activities which create new organs, say biologists, and Gordon Brown, compatriot of Spencer, the famous bio-Historian, would certainly not deny that, after his surprise visit to EuroZone's Summit in Paris, which attracted him one hour more than scheduled...


Decisions include also the creation of a Crisis-management European mechanism, which "requires constant Monitoring", as well as strengthening Economic policy cooperation between EuroZone's countries.

Sarkozy will be judged by History not just by the immediate Economic results, expected at the end of this week's decision-making proces at National and EU level, but also by the more far-reaching consequences at the aftermath of this Historic EuroZone 1st Summit : Will it succeed to become a precursor forging a New era in European institution's revitalization ?

Significantly, the French President sat, during discussions, between German Chancelor Merkel, and British Prime Minister Brown, facing the chairmen of EuroGroup, Juncker, ECB : Truchet, and EU Commission, Baroso, with Prime Ministers of Spain, Zapatero (a hot partisan of EuroZone's Summit) at his right side, and Italy's Berlusconi, at his left, surrounded by Austrian, Belgian, Cyprus', Finland's, Greece's, and Ireland's leaders, as well as Slovakia's, Slovenia's, Portugal's, Netherlands', Malta's and Luxembourg's leaders.


Meanwhile, those who tabled for a rift between French and German positions were faced with a smiling Merkel at De Gaulle-Adenauer's meeting place, a sunny Saturday morning, and a particularly active-looking Merkel inside the French Presidential Palace at Elysee's gardens on Sunday, (as happy few photographers discovered)..

- "De Gaulle's hilltop, at Colombey-les-2-Eglises, gave an astonishing overview to a huge landscape, entirely surrounded by splendid Nature, as far as eyes could see", said to EuroFora an obviously charmed German Journalist.


She was describing Saturday's inauguration of a High-Tech Memorial close to the Historic Giant Double Lorraine's Cross, built by famous Novelist Andre Malraux, to perpetuate the Memory of his famous call for "Resistance" to NAZI, and his vision for the creation of New Institutions and Franco-German reconciliation, to foster Europe's role in the World, also for the Future.


Children playing at Elysee's gardens before the Historic 1st EuroZone's Summit : What Europe's Future will look like ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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