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Presidential Elections: French People to extend Spring 2017 into Summer-Time ?..

Written by ACM
Sunday, 23 April 2017

*Strasbourg/Prefectoral Palace/Angelo Marcopolo/- The often Unpredictable French People, (as also the American People, recently), may reserve More Surprizes in the forthcoming, 2nd and Final Round of the 2017 Presidential Elections, crucial for all Europe, and even the World (which is eagerly Watching what is going on in France, just before the German Elections of September 2017), and, at any case, has already indicated, Today, indirectly but clealy, that the Main Power Game will be, exceptionaly, played, this Time, around the Next Elections, of June 2017, for the New French Parliament, necessary in order to Give a Legislative and Budget Majority to the President who will be Elected on May.

Despite a Relentless Harassment of all Top Politicians of the Right (initialy the Popular former President Sarkozy of the Center-Right, followed by his former Prime Minister Fillon, as well as the Rightist Marine Le Pen), by various Judges and Prosecutors (See: ....+...), added to Etablishment's Medias, etc, of the Out-Going Socialist regime of President Hollande, (who was obliged to Decide to Withdraw from the race, even before it starts), and Nonobstant a Good Showing by his "Baby", Macron, (a Socialist-Liberal appointed Counselor and afterwards Minister, before Chosing to become Candidate to the Presidency, even without Party), nevertheless, France still remains, with the Results of the 1st Round of the 2017 Presidential Elections Today, a Country almost Equaly Divided between the Right and the Left :



- The Governing Socialist Party practicaly Broke Down, its Representative, former Minister and MEP Hamon, receiving Only about 6% of the Votes, while, on the Center-Left, Macron gathered about 23,5%, and at the Left, Melenchon Surprized by Growing up to 19,5%. Some 1,5% was shared between 2 Small Leftist Groups.

- On the Contrary, the Mainstream Opposition Party of the Center-Right, the ChristianDemocrats/EPP of the "Republicans", (Created by Sarkozy on 2015, as a Successor of the former "UMP" Governing Party during Chirac's and Sarkozy's Presidencies : 1997-2012), Despite being Exceptionaly Excluded from the 2nd Round of these 2017 Presidential Elections just for a Tiny Difference of about 1%, Nevertheless, Succeeded to Keep intact its main Strength, Gathering around 20% of the Votes with Fillon. But it was OutNumbered, (for the 1st Time in History), as Foreseen by Polls, by Marine Le Pen's Rightist "FN" Party, which reached almost 22%, being Qualified for the 2nd Round.
To this was Added a Good Performance also by Independent Right's Neo-Gaullist Candidate Dupond-Aignan, with almost 5%, together with some 2,5% Shared by 3 Small Center-Right Candidates.

So that it all Resulted at another Cut in Half of the Overall Electorate, again in 2 Parts of approximatively 50 - 50 % Each, between the Right and the Left Side of the Political Spectrum, while Macron and Marine Le Pen will Fight, at the Beginning of  May, for the Final and Decisive 2nd Round, which will Determine the New French President for the Next Period of 5 Years (2017-2022).

But the Point, notoriously, is that Le Pen's Family, (already since her Father and Founder of the "FN" Party), has been systematicaly "Diabolized", in the Past, as a so-called "Extreme Right" tendency, from which Marine herself has done a lot Recently, in order to Alleviate, if not Completely Change such an Old Characterisation, which is Systematicaly Abused by the Socialist Party, in order to Divide the Right, and Govern Often even with a Minority against a Majority of People, already since the 1980ies and 1990ies, up to 2012 Presidentials included, (as well as, in the Meantime,  also at a Local, Municipal Council's level, f.ex. Strasbourg City included on 2014, etc).

So that Macron's Qualification to the 2nd Round, Facing Marine Le Pen, was routinely seen as Inevitably triggering an Obligation for All Other, Big and Small, Political Parties of the Left and of the Right, to Vote, Both in the Presidentials and in the subsequent Parliamentary Elections, always in favor Whom has managed to Challenge "FN"s Rightists, almost without any Dicussion on that matter. So that Everything would have been Played, already from that Preliminary Stege, withOut any Other, Alternative Choice allowed for the People in the 2nd and Decisive Round of the Elections.

But, Recently in Europe, such a "Taboo" has been practicaly Broken, and Starts to Look at least Partly OutDated, as the Various Contrary Examples, Nowadays Spreading throughout Countries such as, f.ex., Norway, Denmark and Switzerand, had been Partialy Tested in the Netherlands in the Past, is currently approaching in Finland, and, perhaps, even soon in Sweden and/or Austria, already Now in Bulgaria, etc., where several other Mainstream Center-Right Parties have Started, for the 1st Time, to Make various kinds of Governing Coalitions with former so-called "Rightist" Parties, apparently withOut so serious problems, at least until now, (Comp., f.ex., also the relevant Reply given to "Eurofora"s Question by the President of the Norwegian Parliament, at : ....).

It's True that, anOther Important Controversial Issue, in this regard, is the reported, Traditionaly Critical Stance of the "FN" Rightists against some Key Parts of the current EU Institutions, (such as the Shenghen System, €uroZone, etc), to which is Often Added also a quite Popular Denonciation of "Bureaucracy", some so-called "Anti-Democratis" Slipery slopes' Drifts, etc., (which, in Fact, are, regarding Many among them, also Criticized by certain ...Real Pro-Europeans, precisely in the Name of a more Healthy, more Democratic and Efficient Functioning of Europe in the foreseeable Future)...

However, Marine Le Pen promissed, recently, that she would First Ask the French People with a Referendum, (in case it might become necessary, because of possible Disagreements between Paris and Brussels), whether they want f.ex. to get out of the €uro Currency, and/or Other EU Standards, and, If the Reply "No", then, she will be Obliged to Make one or another Compromise, (which looks very Probable, since a Majority of French People reportedly Prefers to Stay inside the €uroZone, use Shenghen's Freedom of Movement, etc). Moreover, at least Some among "FN"s recent Politicians, (including, f.ex., MEP Schafhauser from Strasbourg, etc), have Declares themselves in Favour of an Alternative Construction of Europe, instead of being 100% "Anti-Europeans", as some Persist to Claim, probably Exagerating the Real Dimension of such Issues.

And, Nowadays, from the Other Side of the Coin, Center-Left's Macron, despite his alleged Charming Public Relations capacities, (notoriously Supported by a Big Part of the Establishement, from Paris to London and/or former US President Obama, etc), nevertheless, canNot Hide the Fact that he Personaly is a pure Creation of the Out-Going Socialist President Hollande, (to whom he owed, until now, all his Political Top Jobs, in which he had Appointed him), to the point that he has, notoriously, been often called by the Press even as his ..."Baby" (given also his Exceptioaly Young Age) ! So that it's, obviously, Difficult for him to be Presented as a kind of really "New" Politician, who would realy "Change" the overall Situation and/or Policy radicaly, or as a real and profound "Alternative" to the Establishment, (even if Macron tried to speak a lot against the Traditional Parties).

Moreover, concerning the Key Issue, Nowadays, of the Fight against Deadly Islamist Terrorism, who Often Targets even Innocent Civilian People, Macron has just Committed, may be unintentionaly, what looks for Many People to be quite an unexpected Blunder : At the Eve of this Presidential Election, he said, at an Important TV Debate for all 11 Candidates, reacting to the Latest Deadly Attack by an ISIS' supporter, that People would have to be prepared to Live "for a Long Time ["durablement"] With that Terrorism" (sic !). This Started to be Immediately Exploited by Critics, First of all Marine Le Pen herself, but Even pro-Trump USA NewsMedia "Breitbart" (whose former Chief Editor, Steve Bannon, is currently the White House's "Strategy" Counselor for the New US President), etc., who, naturaly, Launched Vibrant Calls to Urgently Act in order to put a Full Stop to ISIS and other Deadly Islamisty Terrorism the soonest.

But, the Most Important, probably is Elsewhere : Today, indeed, Various Converging Indications clearly Accumulated towards One and Same Main Direction : In Fact, it seems that Much More French People than previously Expected, mostly from the Right but Also from the Left sides of the Political Forum, do Not realy Want for Macron to be so Easily Imposed, already from this Controversial (Comp. Supra + Infra) 1st Round, with Full and UnShared Powers, over All the Country's Political Life, Extending, in practice, for at least 5 Years, the UnGloriously Ending Mandate of his Mentor, the Out-Going President Hollande and his "Socialist" Party, hastily refurbished and almost disguished into a makeshift "Let's Go" ("en Marche") allegedly Citizens' Movement, at the Last Minute, but still Gathering around it the Vast Majority of Socialist Politicians and Apparatchiks, etc... On the Contrary it seems that More French People than initialy Expected, still Wish for a Real Political Alternative, in Substantial Issues, and not just an, at least Partly, only Verbal one...

This Challenge clearly Started to Emerge ToNight, much More Energeticaly than what had been Expected, in Various Ways, Setting in Motion Dynamics moving from Different Directions :

- F.ex., among several other Concrete Examples, when Fillon Decided to Immediately Call his Supporters to "Vote for Macron" at the 2nd Round, in order to Block the Rightists of Marine Le Pen's "FN" Party, deemed to be opposed to so-called "Republical Values", then, Suddenly, his own Twitter/Facebook Web-Pages, where he had Published that Controversial Speech, were Immediately Submerged by a Fast-Growing, Huge Mass of Individual Persons, mainly Supporters of the Center-Right, ChristianDemocrat/EPP "Republican" Party, 99% out of 100 of whom, (while Most Expressing Sympathy for Fillon), Clearly and Repeatedly REFUSED to "Vote Macron".... Creating an Impressive Giant Flow full of Angry People, willing to Fight a real Political Battle with a real Democratic Debate, and not merely obey to a stiched-in result, largely pushed by Establishment's Medias with the Outgoing Socialist Government's Judges and/or Prosecutors, etc. who had Targetted First Sarkozy and afterwards Fillon himself (See, f.ex. Infra)...

+ Moreover, already, BioEthical NGO "Sens Commun" (Common Sense), which had Worked recently to Help Fillon, clearly Stated that its Supporters would Not Back the former Socialist Minister Macron, and such a move was also Extended by a Small Chrtiandemocrat Party.
Various Other Top Politicians of the Center-Right have Not yet pronounced themselves on that Controversial matter, (remaining curiousyly Silent ToNight), so that More seems Possible to Comme in the Next Few Days...

++ To this was Added, in Parallel, also a kind of a Compromise Call, Launched Now by Top Politician Laurent Wauquiez, an Important former Minister and currently President of Region, (who is also, rightfuly considered to Stand very Close to former President Sarkozy's own positions), Proposing, on the Contrary, WithOut necessarily Voting for Macron himself, at least to just Refuse Voting for Marine Le Pen herself. This practicaly Means that People would preferably Abstain from the 2nd Round, or Vote "Blanc", cast an Invalid Vote (f.ex. many Suggested to put again Fillon's Name, even if he has been Excluded from the 2nd Round, (etc). On the Contrary, Wauquiez Urged to Focus on the Subsequent, Parliamentary Elections of June 2017, and Struggle for a Majority of MPs from the Center-Right.

Indeed, in such a case, Macron (even if he had managed, meanwhile, to get the Presidential Job), would be Obliged to Broker a Political Compromise, to strike a Deal with such MPs from the Center-Right "Republican" Party, because, Otherwise, he would be Unable to Pass New Legislation, and/or to Adopt the Yearly Budget, etc., Not even to Have a fully-fledged Government, since, according to the French Constitution, any Government must be Supported by a Majority of MPs at the National Assembly. Otherwise, New Elections have to be Organized, and this May Result f.ex. to Political Changes, and/or to a "Co-Habitation" of Differend, even Opposed Political Parties, (as it has already happened in the Past, during the 1990ies), i.e.  something which had notoriously Obliged the Experienced, former Long-Time President Chirac, even to ... Shorten his own Presidential Mandate for - 2 Years Less (from 7, initialy, Down to just 5), in an Attempt to Avoid Other such "Co-Habitations" and their problems... One can Easily Guess, Today, what Problems would have any French President who might Try to Govern the Country withOut having a Stable Parliamentary Majority, "a fortiori", when we see all those Obstacles that Faces even the New US President Don Trump, in order Start Implementing the Program for which he was Elected, in several "Hot" Key Issues, while Facing a Harsh Opposition inside the State's Institutional machinery, from Judges up to Senators, etc.,  - even if in USA the President can, at least, Chose, Appoint and Keep all his Top Government Officials, (the Equivalent to European "Ministers", etc), by his own decisions, something that in France and other EU Countries is Not Possible without a Parliamentary Majority.

But, meanwhile, several Other Fillon's Supporters, ostensibly Started either to Insinuate, indirectly but Clearly, or even to Openly Urge to "Vote Marine Le Pen" (alias Nicknamed : "MLP"), i.e. for the Rightist "FN" Party, in the Crucial, forthcoming, 2nd and Final Round of these Exceptional, 2017 French Presidential Elections...

Echoing and Stimulating such Moves among Parts of the People of the Mainstream Right, Marine Le Pen herself Launched a Vibrant Call, stressing that, as she said : -"At Last, the Time has Come, to Let the People Free !" (i.e. to Vote for whoever they might want).

+ In Addition, it's also the Independent Candidate of the Right, Dupont - Aignan, (almost 5% of the Votes), who Refused to Call immediately his Supporters to Vote for Macron, at the forthcoming, 2nd Round of the Presidential Elections, but Prefered, instead, to Consult, previously, his Movement's Instances, Next Week. Meanwhile, he also Revealed a Probable Wish to Get some MPs Elected at the French Parliament on June, for his own Political Movement. And Observers have Not even Excluded the Possibility for Dupond-Aignan to, eventualy, Prefer to Support Marine Le Pen's Rightists, instead of Macron's post-Socialist Center-Left...

- But, perhaps, the Most Dangerous for Macron, might be ... Leftist Melenchon's supporters' stance, (who represent about 19,5%). Instead of being considered, as in the Past, an already Given and pre-Determined Support for the Center-Left, on the Contrary, this Time, Melenchon, Exceptionaly, Decided to Abstain from Calling to Vote Macron, but, instead, to Raise that Issue to his "450.000" Supporters, who should "Vote" First, what they Wish to Do : I.e. Vote Macron, or Vote Marine Le Pen, Abstain, or Vote Each one according to his Conscience, etc. An Interesting, and New Phenomenon was the Fact that, Suddenly, his Supporters became Enthousiastic about that Idea, and Loudly Applauded a Smiling Melenchon for having made  such a Choice ! Here, once again, the Political Leader of a Revived Left, spoke in a way which gave a clear Impression that he may Intend to Present, for the 1st Time, his own Candidate MPs at the French Natonal Assembly, next June : - "Stay Grouped", he Urged his Supporters, Stressing that his Political "Movement has just Started, like a Bright Morning"...

Melenchon Succeeded Today even to Arrive 1st, among All, in several Areas, including, f.ex. the Socio-Politicaly Interesting City area of Grenoble, (where an Original, Leftist, Ecologic and BioEthical Popular Movement has already Started to Emerge during Recent Years, (and about which "Eurofora" had Spoken with Melenchon himself, on the sidelines of EU Parliament's Sessions Earlier in Strasbourg), and was, also, Initialy Arriving 1st at Strasbourg City's "European Capital", according to the First Estimations, before, Finaly getting an Important 2nd Place, i.e. OutNumbering Both Hamon, Fillon, and Marine Le Pen, (but Tackled finaly by Macron, at the Last Minute, with a Small Difference) !

The Risk for Macron, obviously is that Melenchon might, eventualy, be convinced by his Supporters (Comp. Supra), to Refuse to Vote, Neither for Marine le Pen, Nor for Macron... Indeed, he clearly stressed, meanwhile, that "Both" these 2 Competitors from the Left and Right side of the Political Spectrum, equaly Opposed his Views for Institutional Reforms in order to Boost Citizens' Monitoring on their Politician's Work, Ecology and Social Acquis.

Such a "Nor - "Neither" Attitude, vis a vis Macron and Marine Le Pen, was Clearly Adopted, ToNight, by Leftist Politician Poutou, (who's got about 1,2%), calling, repeatedly, Both of them "Corrupted Lackeys of Capitalism" (sic !), and Explicitly Refusing to Support (in the 2nd Round) Anyone among them...

Nobody should Under-Estimate such Critical Moves from Nowadays Leftists in France (and, Maybe, also Elsewhere) : Another Symptom was also the Unprecedented Fact that All the 11 Posters arboring the Candidates' Photo, Name and Short Mention of their Main Political Credo, routinely Placed out of Each Voting Station, were Found Grossly Vandalized, in an Exceptionaly Negative Spectacle, right Out of Strasbourg's Historic City Hall, (near the Prefectoral Palace and the Opera), there where CoE had been Created by Europe's Foreign Ministers, Back on 1949 (See relevant, Original Photo by "Eurofora") :



Macron, Marine Le Pen and Fillon were particularly Targeted, but also Hamon, Dupont-Aignan, and Even Small Candidates' Posters, such as Lassale, Asselinau, Charade, (2,4% all), Even Leftist Nathalie Arthaud, etc.,With the Only, perhaps, Exception of Melenchon himself, (which was, However, also Tagged, even if with a Friendly : - "Good Guy : Don't Forget to Change the Institutions !", while Other Gross Graffitis Urged to "Demonstrate at the Streets !", Put an "End (to) this Comedy of Pseudo-Elections !", etc.

+ Almost at the Same Time, in anOther Socialist-held City of France : Nantes, (Local Political Headquarters of former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Out-Going Socialist Government, Ayraud), quasi-Violent Troubles or Riots broke out, between Various Groups of Often Masked Youngters and the Police, Holding Big Protest Posters with Inscriptios of the kind : - "No Banquers, Neither Racists !", with Huge Photos of Macron and Marine Le Pen, respectively, which Made a Tour All Over the World, since Even North American Medias published them !

In the Middle of such an Exceptional, UnPrecedented Context in France, Marine Le Pen Extended her Calls (comp. Supra) to Join her at the 2nd Round, 2 Weeks Later on May, to "All Patriots, who Love their Fatherland", as she said, Directing her Invitations even towards the Left Side of the Political Spectrum... Including even Melenchon's Leftists (formerly "Communists")... To what, Melenchon appeared to, somehow, indirectly, Echoe the Move, by curiously Adding, at the Conclusion of his Short but Sharp Speech, several Unusual Mentions of the Fact that f.ex. he "Love(s) our beautiful Fatherland", etc., (Bis), which inevitably raised some Eyebrows... To the point that Macron Reacted, almost Immediately, choosing to Launch, even himself, an Opposite Call, for all real "Patriots" to Join HIM, instead, trying to Distinguish and Distance them from the (Supposed Extremist) "Nationalists" of Marine Le Pen's "FN"...

But, "Marine 2017"'s potential to Attract also herself a Greater Number of People than Expected, if not so much in the Presidentials of May, at least in the subsequent Parliamentary Elections of June, should Not be Under-Estimated.

Already, f.ex., throughout the "Great East" Region of Strasbourg, (HeadQuarters of EU Parliament's full weekly Plenary Sessions, EU Ombudman, the CoE, ECHR, EuroCorps, Shengen System's Secretariat, etc), Marine Le Pen succeeded Today to Arrive Widely 1st, Scoring almost 28 % of the Votes, Followed (at a Distance) by Macron with Only about 20,5%. For the rest, at the Right Side of the Political Forum stands Fillon with almost 20%, and Dupont-Aignan with some 6,2%, as well as 3 Smaller Center-Right Candidates with about 2,5%. While, at the Left Side, stands Melenchon with nearly 16,5%, Followed by Hamon with Only 5%, and Two Small Leftist Candidates with a Slightly More than 2%. I.e. a Total which theoreticaly Gives a Big Absolute Majority to the Right, with More than 56 % against Only 44% to the Left ! And this is a Phenomenon also witnessed in Other Key, Big Regions, (as, f.ex., the South-East PACA around Marseille-Cannes-Nice, etc).

It's True that, in the Smaller Area of Strasbourg City itself, it's almost ...the Contrary which happened : Macron, Finaly, managed, at the Last Minute, to OutNumber a Strong Competition by ...Melenchon (initialy 1st in Earlier Estimations), with Nearly 28%, compared to almost 24,5%, completing the Left side of the Political spectrum also with Hamon's 9,5%, and 2 Small Leftist Candidates with almist 1,5%. While on the Right, Fillon Scored 20%, Followed by Marine Le Pen with 12,2% and Dupont-Aignan with just 3%, added to 3 Small Center-Right Candidates with about 2,3%. I.e. Totaling something like about a 60% - 40% Majority for the Left DownTown.

However, in Fact, the Reality may be quite Different : Indeed, well Informed Local Strasbourg Sources and Medias alerted "Eurofora" about a Strange, Recently Massive Phenomenon of Many People  Complaining for having been allegedly "Arbitrarily Stroken Out if the Roll", i.e. Erased from the List of Voters, under various Fallacious or Abusive Pretexts, to the point that they eve Lodged Applications to the Courts : They'd Total "at least 17.000 People", i.e. a Number which represents about 13 % of the Votes : Something which Might Change a Lot of things If it has Reversed... Last, but not least, Strasbourg's main City has Recently experienced a Spectacular, Massive "Pupulation Replacement", in several Key Quarters and/or Suburbs, where almost all its Autochton, French-Origin and/or Socio-Culturaly well Integrated Peuple were Incited and/or pushed to go Away, at the Same Time that these Sale Urban Areas were Rapidly Inundated and almost Taken over by Other Populations, Not Only from Out of France, but even from Outside of Europe, and/or Not Western Civilisations, Massively Parked in what risks to become soon a series of "Ghettos" even Worse than those which were notoriously Linked with Islamist Terrorism even in Brussels... So that, this City has notoriously become Atypical of All the Rest of France, (and a kind of Small "Island" of the Left, lost amidst an "Ocean" of the Right, in almost All the Surrounding Areas...  

+ In Addition, as far as All France is concerned, anOther Important Phenomenon of this 2017 Presidential Election, is that the Number of Registered Voters who did NOT Express themselves at all, (either by Abstention, or by "Blanc" and/or "Non Void" Votes, etc), Grew Today Up to about 24% ! I.e.,  - 3,5% More "Abstention/Blanc Votes" than what had been the case Back on 2012 (about 79,5% of Participation), and, Even More Important : About - 8% More "Abstention/Blanc Votes" than what was the case during the Previous 2007 Presidential Election in the Past (84% of Participation)...

>>> In this regard too, the Historically Exceptional and UnParalleled yet, Record High Popular Participation, Back in those landmark 2007 Presidential Elections, as well as the also Record-High score Marked then by the mainstream Center-Right, ChristianDemocrat/EPP frontrunner Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, right from the 1st Round : More than 31%, still Remain obviously Out of Reach for all Nowadays Competitors !

So that, more Widely, Today Sarkozy's Shadow looms even Deeper inside what really Happened in these 2017 Tricky French Presidential Elections' 1st Round, as Many People have Started to Realize, and even Denounce at the Web (f.ex. in Reaction to Fillon's above mentioned Call to Vote Macron at the 2nd Round : Comp. Supra and See Infra) : Nobody Understood, indeed, why the Experienced and Active former President of France, who had just Created the New "Republican" Party, and even largely Won its Presidency in a 2015 Election, suddenly, was Obliged to submit even to a Second Electoral Test on 2016 among his peers, which was even "Open" to Anyone who paid 2 €uros (sic !), so that, Inevitably, Many , in fact, Leftist or Rightist Fans, who had Nothing to do with the Center-Left, ChristianDemocrat/EPP "Republicans", could Easily Vote, even Massively, in order to Negatively Influence and Seriously Alter the Choice of the Candidate that would represent the France's Main Opposition Party... In the USA, f.ex., both GOP's and Dems' "Primaries" are Generaly Conducted just and Only Among duly attested Members or Supporters of the Party, (any eventual, f.ex. Partial interference, here or there, by a Number of Other, External People, coming from the Outside, withOut being yet Fans and/or Members of the Party inside which they to Interfere, being generaly  Strictly Limited to an Anodynous Minimum, only in some Loal Exceptions, usualy Small and almost Negligeable Tiny Number, in a Few Rare and Exceptional Cases... But, curiously, in France's 2016 case, such a Gross Blunder was openly Committed, with Millions of apparently ill-meaning Individuals Abusing of such a Unique Opportunity to Slyly Undermine the Leading Candidate of France's Main Opposition Party, (as several People have Started to Realize, even more Tonight)...So that, at least a Part of that Bigger Abstention Today, could, most probably, be due also to the Bitterness felt by a Part of Sarkozy's supporters, (despite his Repeated, and crystal-clear Calls to Support Fillon now).

Fillon notoriously thought that he could offer an unquestionable Alternative, Not yet affected then (Back on 2016) by the Socialist Establishment Medias' Relentless slandering and some Controversial Judges/Prosecutors' Eagerness to Harass and/or Pursue Sarkozy, (Comp. f.ex.: ...), but, Finaly, on 2017, he Obviously Fell himself, suddenly, Victim of a Same and even Worse, Last Minute Harassment, (Comp., f.ex.: ...). But things could, very Probably, be quite Differend Today, if Nicolas Sarkozy had been let Free to participate in a Fair Political Competition for the 2017 Presidential Election, many People start to Realize now.

As for Macron, Despite his Qualities, he certainly is Not ... Jacques Chirac, in order to Play so Easily a ReMake of Chirac's 2002 Win versus "FN"' Jean Marie Le Pen (Marine's Father), since de doesn't yet have his Long Political Experience and Authority, and even Less a well Prepared, Rock -Solid Party, like the former "RPR" of Chirac then... (Comp. Supra). And 2017 is Not 2002 in nowadays European and Global Context.

=> The Overall Trend, more or less Common to almost All of these Various but Converging Critical Reactions, Both from the Right and the Left Side of the Political Spectrum, is that a Wide-Spread Popular Rejection of Establishment's notorious Plans to Impose a Macron-led Government in France, fueled also by the Young Politician's personal Talent and Declared Wish to Attract and "Gather", around him, for a Modern "Transformation" of France "towards the Future", a lot of various People, "Independently of their Political Origins", as he Stressed, (Comp. also his Favorite Moto : "A Chance for All !",; which, by a Coincidence, repeats almost Precisely a characteristic Expression that Macron had Chosen to use, Initialy, at his Reply to an absolutely Different Question previously raised by "Eurofora" during a Ministerial Visit in Strasbourg that he had paid in the Recent Past : See f.ex, Mutatis-Mutandis, also : ...), Might Not Work as perfectly as some wish..., or even BackFire, in one way, or another !

At any case, the Ambiant Feeling from Tonights' Events is that, in Fact, Nothing should be Taken as Granded, from Advance, and Nobody should Under-Estimate the possible Reactions of French Peuple, who really seem, at least as things stand Now, to kind of ...Extend an Exceptionaly "Hot" Spring of 2017, towards a, perhaps even "Hotter", Summer-Time, (particularly around June's forthcoming Parliamentary Elections, which risk to become, Nowadays, More Important and Crucial than Ever, inter alia, also because of the notorious Fact that Macron has Not Yet set up any Real and Solid Political Party of his own, Experienced and Able to Take over the National Assembly, and guide it along what seems well to be a Longer and more Bumpy Way that some had initialy planified...




(NDLR : Part of Peuple's Messages at Fillon's Facebook page where he published his Declaration after Presidental Election's 1st Round)
Adélaïde de Bonnefamille
Merci, Monsieur Fillon. Vous avez essayé, mais trop de monde s'est acharné sur vous. Dommage. Mais ils s'en mordront les doigts bientôt.
1,499 · 7 hours ago
170 replies

Véro de Bolto
Je suis de droite et je resterai de droite mais ne me demandais pas de voter Macron cela m'est IMPOSSIBLE !!
1,294 · 7 hours ago
168 replies

Frédérick Condette
Macron, jamais e la vie ! Macron ce n'est pas un pays libre mais la dictature des banques qui continue
836 · 7 hours ago
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Andres Pedro Gonzalez
Sans les médias destructeurs (copain de Macron) il serait au deuxième tour
Edited · 896 · 7 hours ago
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Patricia Bellaiche Lellouche
Hollande est plus fort que Mitterand
Il a trompé les Français en faisant croire que Macron n'était pas de son camp et les français sont tombés dans le panneau...
973 · 7 hours ago
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Benoit de Crevoisier
Je ne voterai pas pour Micron à côté de Cohn Bendit, BHL, Bergé et Bayrou. Jamais !
900 · 7 hours ago
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Silvia De Fos Molina
ces élections sont une énorme tromperie, mais le danger ce n'est pas l'extrémisme de droite ... c'est l'incompétence qu'on a par ailleurs subie pendant 5 ans déjà ... pas d'accord pour voter Macron
753 · 7 hours ago
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Yolande Mellare
Désolé m. FILLON. Je ne voterai pas Macron 5 ans de décadence c'est déjà trop alors encore 5 ans non. En plus je refuse d'entrer dans la magouille qu'à orchestré m. Hollande.
547 · 7 hours ago
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Carole Fozzi
Je suis extrêmement déçue mais je ne voterai pas Macron. Je me mobilise pour les législatives!
640 · 7 hours ago
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Catherine Darrot
Merci M. Fillon. Ce sont les médias qui vous ont assassine et mis la France dans Ce bourbier. Vivement les législatives..
414 · 7 hours ago
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Kate Lynn
Nous sommes écoeurés, nous ne voulons pas de la gauche (Macron est de gauche).
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Sophie Denoulet
On etait avec vous mais on ne votera pas a gauche, jamais!!
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Juliette Tabert
Moi je ne voterai pas pour Macron !!! J'irai voter mais pas pour un parti poubelle de communistes, de verts, de gauchos !
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Noelle Archambault
Quelle déception !!!! J'y croyais tellement. Je ne voterai jamais Macron
(NDLR : There are about 3.000 more, of a similar kind)



Noelle Archambault
Quelle déception !!!! J'y croyais tellement. Je ne voterai jamais Macron



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Speaking exclusively to "EuroFora", the New EU Parliament's President, former Polish Prime Minister, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Jerzy Busek, welcomed proposals by EuroFora about innovative ways for EU Citizens to attend EU debates before important final decisions which affect people's lives.

- "We (EU Parliament) must be transparent", Buzek stressed from the outset.  "We must have clear answers also for delicate questions. If we don't touch a problem, you must know why, and when shall we decide in the nearest future".. "Because "we (EU) must think about Europeans, first of all : They don't understand well what is going on in the EU. So, it's our duty to inform them, to make discussions here more interesting".

"EuroFora" congratulated President Buzek for the anouncement he made, from the 1st day of his election in Strasbourg (on Tuesday, 14 July 2009), on his intention to make  transparent debates, exchanges of views, etc. before the final adoption of decisions in EU Parliament's Plenary, when issues are evolving inside Committees, (See earlier publication).

And we reminded, in this regard, that "EuroFora" has been advocating a project for EU Citizens' active involvement in pluralist EU debates before important EU decisions, since more than a Decade : 1997-2007+

- "Thank you. We (EU Parliament), indeed, have exciting debates", Buzek replied. But, in practice, "without a possibility for our Citizens to see them, not even by the Press, the Radio or TV, etc., because it is in Committees", he regreted.

- "But, they (i.e. Media, Citizens, etc) might interact with you, with MEPs, etc, May be we can imagine something", "EuroFora" proposed.

- "Yes, (but) it needs, a quite new idea", Buzed observed.

- "Why not through some innovations ?", "EuroFora" suggested.

- "Innovation ? That's it. Fantastic  New Information Technologies !", Buzek realized.

- "Precisely, "EuroFora" has such a project, since more than a Decade (1997-2009), to use new technologies for public debates before major EU decisions are taken", we reminded.

- "If you have such proposals, please come to us, come to us. We must" do something, agreed the new EU Parliamen's President.


    This fits with Buzek's main stance, expressed at EU Parliament's plenary earlier this week in Strasbourg, that the European Union must succeed to overcome a "Crisis of Trust" vis a vis EU Citizens. (See previous EuroFora publication).

    For that purpose, obviously information and debates are valuable, but purely instrumental, procedural means which can help focus on, and highlight a substantial content, attractive to EU Citizens, which needs to be determined by other, political, and not mediatic factors.  

    Buzek spoke about the urgent need to overcome the Global Economic Crisis,  the struggle for Human and Civic Rights, Democracy, etc., the Eastern Partnership, links with Russia, strategic partnership with USA and emerging countries, etc.

    But he also used (while speaking both to "EuroFora" and other Media) the expression : "The Europeans", for EU Citizens. This points right towards what several important EU leaders (including French President Sarkozy, German Chancellor Merkel, etc) have started to highlight particularly during the recent years : That there is a vital need, and an historic opportunity, for the development of a European Conscience, to stimulate e renaissance of a European Identity able to attract Popular support, for the EU to become a strong player in a Multopolar World : In other words, the revitalisation of a project for a "Political Europe".

    By a coincidence, this was indirectly but surely reminded, earlier in Strasbourg, by another ... Busek (this time with a "s") : 


    Speaking to more than 650 participants from CoE's member countries, at the conclusion of the 2009 Summer University of its Political Schools, Erhard Busek, (with an "s"), former vice-Chancellor of Austria and EU Coordinator for South-Eastern Europe, pointed at the current need to revitalize Europe's "Identity", forged by Greek philosophy and Roman Law, Christian values and Enlightment's ideas, etc. through the ages.     

- "We have almost the same name with Jerzy Buzek (EU Parliament's new President, who is a former Polish Prime Minister), because both our Families come ...from  the same village, located at the Heart of Europe, which was often shared between Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. But my family emmigrated a long time ago to Austria, while Jerzy Buzek's family remained in Poland", explained f. vice-Chancellor Erhard Busek to "EuroFora".   

 An astonishingly concrete and simple example of European Integration from the grassroots : Starting by EU Citizens, i.e. those "Europeans", that EU Parliament's new President, Jerzy Buzek (this time with a "z"), wants to bring alongside MEP's decision-making proces, (according to "EuroFora"'s main idea : Comp. supra)...



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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