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French Government Spokeswoman Ndiaye to EF: Pension Reform + Able Elder Workers in Modern Society

Written by ACM
Thursday, 07 November 2019

*Strasbourg/BNU/Angelo Marcopolo/- Invent New Formulas for Able and Willing Elder Workers will be a Key Issue in the foreseable Future, agreed with "Eurofora" the French Government's Spokeswoman, Sibeth Ndiaye, on the occasion of a Public Debate on Pensions' Reform in Strasbourg's National University Library (BNU), where Strasbourg Journalists had been Invited, in the framework of a Wider, Exceptional Visit for CoE related and other Topical European Issues.


The Young Ndiaye has just arrived in Strasbourg this Evening, at the eve of a Long Series of Various Meetings, Tomorrow, including at the CoE, for a Session of the 2019 "World Forum of Democracy", dedicated to "Press Freedom".

Embattled French President Macron and Prime Minister Philippe, are, currently, entagled in Tight Manouvers over a Controversial but apparently necessary, even if partly unpopular, Reform of Pensions' System, taking into account Both the European Population's Aging process, as well as Financial Balances, but also most Young Citizens' alleged UnWillingness to concede some Social Advantages existing, particularly in certain Corporations' areas, since Long, while others denounce long-standing inequalities.


However, an "Eurofora"'s Question to Ndiaye, after a collective Press Invitation by the competent French Public Authorities to registered Strasbourg Journalists, prefered to Focus on a, usually Neglected, but, nevertheless, Topical and Novel Question, concerning on how to Harvest the Otherwise Lost Productive Potential of Able and Willing Elder Workers in France and Europe Nowadays, who, Otherwise, would be massively and automaticaly Pushed Out of the Productive System, Only Because of quasi-Automatic, "Blind", Aging Factors, withOut taking into account a Nowadays Growing Potential's Loss for the Contemporary Society.


- "Often, Nowadays, we are all Losing Many Able, well known and Experienced, Productive Senior Officers and/or Other such Elder Workers at Key Posts, including at the CoE, in the EU, National Universities, Political Life, etc, (who are also Good and Trustworthy Press Contacts) just because of some Automatic, Massive Pension schemes of anOther Period of Time, which mechanically pull them Out of the Production's process, cutting valuable Relations, built with Trust accumulated over Time, and Losing precious Gray Matter Assets for our Society, "Eurofora" Critically observed.

=> Isn't it Preferable to Try to Find some Innovative Formulas, (including, f.ex., Part-Time and/or Flexibly Adapted Work, etc), Able, on the Contrary, to adequately Harvest their Otherwise Lost, but still Big Productive Potential, (at least for some among them : Even Bigger than Before, given their Aquired Experience, Relations, Trust, etc), even if it might be done withOut Forcing them to unwillingly do so, either Exhausting them, but, rather, by Inciting, Facilitating, and, First of all : Allowing them to act accordingly, particularly whenever they are Able and Wiling to continue to Actively participate in operations Usefull for Nowadays Society ?, "Eurofora" asked Ndiaye.


- The French Government's Spokeswoman reaction, (after having Also heard, earlier Today, some Citizen's spontaneous complaints about the "Drama" that, sometimes, represents, at least for certain Elder Workers, the Fact that, Suddenly they are automatically and mechanically Obliged to be Definitively Cut Out of the Productive Process, only because of Natural Aging), appeared even More Positive than initially expected :

- "I am enclined to Agree very much with You !", the Young Minister Replied, right from the outset, to "Eurofora"s above mentioned Question.

- Moreover, "I think that this would be One of the Leads to be Explored in the foreseable Future", the Government's Spokeswoman highlighted.

- "And that we should Expect some interesting developments in that direction", Sibeth Ndiaye Concluded, pointing at the currently foreseable Horizon.

+ Earlier, she had also Stressed, Today in Strasbourg, the alleged French Government's Willingness and Commitment to thoroughly and decisively "Negociate" any forthcoming Pensions' Reform, even at the eve, during and after possible "Strikes", Together with all Social and/or Political Stakeholders, including Trade Unions, Political Parties, relevant NGOs, Competent Experts, and/or various other People's Representatives, etc.


++ Forthcoming Reform Moves on Pensions, are due to be, asap, Followed, almost immediately, by relevant Additional Reforms also about how to treat Physical a.o. "Dependency" of at least certain, particularly Elder and/or various Handicaped People, Sibeth Ndiaye announced, further, Today in Strasbourg, pointing at the French Government's declared wish to Boost, in parallel, all Workers' basic Well Being, Health, and Productive Fitness.




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An appeal to make the "World more Human", by defending basic Human Values, helping those in need, and paying hommage to Nature, figured high in Pope Benedict's long-awaited speech at his "First Angelus" in the symbolic, beautiful historic small town of Brixen/Bressalone at the Alpes.


- "No Dictature, nor any destructive force can rob us of the most important goods wich are God's gift", stressed Pope Benedict, referring to elementary Human Values, in a last-minute improvisation of his draft speech, before launching also a call to "help those in need", in order to "make the World more human".

- "Jesus is the focus .. In him is Justice and Freedom", said earlier Brixen's Bishop Wilhelm Egger, after prayers including calls to "Truth, Justice and Freedom", read at a Mass of thousands in the town of Archangel Michael, known as defender of christians against the devil.


In what looks as a reference to BioEthics' dillemas of crucial impportance, raised at Strasbourg's unique in the World legally binding International Treaty on BioMedicine and Human Rights (1998, with the "hottest" issues added later through additional protocols, some of whom are imminent), he spoke also of the splendid "Nature" at this Alpen's ressort : This fits well Vatican's earlier anouncement that Pope Benedict's "prayer intentions for August" are mainly to "respect God's design for the world", and "become ever more aware of the great gift of God which Creation represents for us".

- "The most important things in our lives cannot be bought, but are only given as holy gifts : The Sun and its Light, the Air that we breath, the Water, the beauty of Earth, Love, Friendship, Life itself", Pope Benedict added, extending also to Natural Environment, another topical issue after recent Climatic upheavals at several parts of the World.



The "preparation of Pope Benedict's visit to France", which currently heads the EU, at mid-September, among exceptionaly important Council of Europe meetings on Human Rights in Paris and Strasbourg, is part of his work, together with his "book on Jesus", during brief Summer Holidays in Brixen, said his Spokesman, Federico Lombardi.

- The Pope's message is mainly religious, theological. But we are living in a concrete world, and ideas may be taken by readers as references to the actuality. However, it's better to wait to se what the Pope will say in Paris and at Lourdes, added to EuroFora Lombardi, who is also Director of Vatican's Press Office.


Brizen/Bressanone is similar to Strasbourg by succeeding to make a fertile synthesis of Germanic and Latin sources of Europe, like the two local rivers who meet at the historical center of the town, among spectacular ressorts at mountains' hights.

Headquarters for an Historic Religious Seminar, it attracted recently also a Free University's Educational studies. Well-known as a long-time preferred rest place for former cardinal Radzinger and his brother Georg, it includes areas named "St Benedeto" and "St George"...


But Pope Benedict's first speech gave also another symbolic rendez-vous :

- "Next Wednesday, August 6, we shall commemorate the 30st anniversary from the death of late Pope Paul VI", who "concluded Vatican II", and "the Transfiguration of Jesus, mystery of the divine light, which exerced a unique fascination to his soul", he said to some 12.000 applauding People, among the happy few who succeeded to have a rare place for an open-air Mass inside the Domplatz a particularly sunny day at the Alpes.



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