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French Defense D.Minister to EF on New Media +Resistance Values as Anti-NAZI Leader JPLevy from 1940

Written by ACM
Friday, 18 October 2019


*Strasbourg/European Management College/Angelo Marcopolo/- Speaking to "Eurofora" here on "Resistance Values", in the Middle of Crucial Developments in EU Summit in Brussels, on Turkey's Military Invasion/Occupation of the Syrian Kurdish Region, and Turkish WarShips Bullying/Illegal Drilling in Cyprus' EEZ to Block new Energy Supplies Directly to the EU, French Deputy Minister of Defense, Genevieve Darrieussecq, agreed that, what a landmark Anti-NAZI Resistance Leader, Jean-Pierre Levy, had done, Back since 1940, by Starting a New, Critical Media as a 1st Step towards a finally Succesfull Collective Fight for the Liberation of France from Foreign Military Invasion and Occupation, with Local Accomplices, mutatis-mutandis, could and should be usefully done Also Nowadays, in order to Defend and Develop Similar Values throughout Our Era's various Hard Conflicts and Challenges.



 Organized on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Strasbourg University's Faculty for Economic Sciences, but also on the ...100th Anniversary of the even More Historic "European Management School" of Strasbourg, where that French Anti-NAZI Resistance Leader JPLevy (1911-1996) was a Student on 1927, (acquiring, in addition to valuable Knowledge, also an ...Alibi for Travels as a Business' Representative, useful as Cover-up in GESTAPO's Times), the Ceremony Honored Today by the French Minister, paid Hommage to the f. Leader of "Franc-Tireurs" Movement, who played a key role in the ReUnification of Resistants under Jean Moulin, Chief of the National Council of Resistance, backed by General de Gaulle, with whom JPLevy crossed the Arch of Triumph at Champs Elysées Avenue on Paris' Liberation, before dedicating himself to the Economic Revival of the Country, with an International View, as a "New York Times" Article reminded at his death, 50 Years Later.




  - "As you know, the 1st Major Action of Jean-Pierre Levy for Resistance to NAZI Invasion/Occupaton of France was the Creation of a New, Special Media, ("Franc-Tireur"), for which he didn't even know, then, whether it could reach a 2nd Edition ! Do you think that Nowadays, Despite an Abundace of Ordinary Medias (which didn't lack also then),  Pioneer Media projects, aiming to serve similar Values, could be Useful to Safeguard and Develop such Resistance's Principles ?", "Eurofora" asked Minister Darrieussecq.


 - "I Believe, Yes !", the French D. Defense Minister Positively Replied from the outset, to the above-mentioned "Eurofora"s Question. "Even if in another way" nowadays.

 - Indeed, such "Medias have Already Played such an Important Role, During that Difficult Period", she reminded. In fact, Initially Distributed in "a Few Copies" of "Taped" Text on 1940, JPLevy's Media, Named "Franc-Tireur", (a Reference to Historic Fighters, struggling to Protect the French Republic, withOut any Official Grade, but by their own Free Will), is reportedly reproduced in 6.000 Copies, of 4 Pages each, at its 1st Edition thanks to a Roneo Machine that he Brought from Strasbourg on 1941, (Concluding that "Only One Task has become necessary : - "Resist, ...Organize !", as it stressed). It Jumbs up to 15.000 or 30.000 Printed Monthly Copies on April to November 1942, then 100.000 on 1943, and 150.000 on 1944, Growing, after the Liberation, to 370.000 on 1948, before Falling back to Only 70.000 on 1957, when it was Sold to anOther Publisher, who ReNamed it. + In Parallel, during the Occupation, JPLevy Organized also a Movement of Resistants, with Targeted Sabotages, Rescue for Political Refugees, Intelligence, etc., which was Later United Together with 2 Other such Movements, and placed under the Direction of Jean Moulin, Head of the National Resistance (before being Tortured and Killed by the NAZI), faithfull to General De Gaulle. But, at the Beginning, Back on 1940-1941, "when there weren't many Resistants yet", "it was Essential to Break the Silence" with a Pioneer Media, stressed EMS' CEO Herbert Casteran Today.


- "And, sometimes, their Authors had to, more or less, Hide themselves, in order Not to be  Cought by the Ennemy", Geneviève Darrieussecq reminded, (as, f.ex., JPLevy had been reportedly Twice Saved, at the last minute, from Gestapo's Arrests, 1st thanks to the Solidarity of certain Friends, and a 2nd Time by a Resistants' Attack which allowed him to Escape, during a Transfert into another Prison, Back on the 1940ies).

Something which, unfortunately, might, indeed, be (at least Partialy, and from Times to Times), really Useful, or even Necessery, even Nowadays, on certain "Hard" Cases, including, f.ex., that of Murdered Web Journalist Daphne Caruana-Galicia, killed on 2017 by a Bomb Explosion near her Family Home, in EU Member Country Malta, scandalously, withOut yet any Instingator and/or Mastermind having yet been Found, nor Punished, by the National Public Authorities, not Even more than 2 Years After : A Dangeours for Democracy and Press Free Speech blatanty Scandal, for which CoE, OSCE and UNO Top Senior Officers on Human Rights/Freedom of Expression, have just Published a Crystal-clear Joint Communiqué, earlier this Week, (See, inter alia, f.ex., also : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/coeosceunondaphnemurder.html, etc).

+ Such an Issue, about Critical Authors' and Publishers' Identity Protection from undue interferences (as Attacks and/or Oppression), is, obviously, a very Topical Question Nowadays, particularly for Publications at the Internet.

- In general, "I think that the Role of such (Critical/Investigative) Press Medias in Our Countries, can Remain Very Important", even Nowadays, Darrieussecq stressed.

- "Particularly during Periods of Crises, f.ex. at our Neighborhood, as, unfortunately, we witness Currently", the Key French Minister pointed out, in Conclusion to her Reply to "Eurofora"s Question,         

    Timely Speaking, inter alia, also while Turkey's Warships and/or "Pirate" Drillings inside EU Member Cyprus' EEZ is notoriously Bullying against the Development of Strategic Sources of Energy, able to be Directly transfered to the European mainland, and pending the Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation of the nearby Syrian Kurdish Region, where it notoriously Killed or Wounded a Growing Number even of Civilian People, Throwing also to the Streets Hundreds of Thousands of New Refugees/Displaced Persons : Issues Both addressed, this Same Day, also by EU Heads of State/Government's Summit in Brussels,  (See : ... + ..., etc).


 - Indeed, Nowadays, "Resistance's Spirit" (way of thinking : that JPLevy's Media strived to Stimulate), "is More than ever Topical", she stressed earlier.



     - However, it might take also Various Other concrete Forms, as also JPLevy's Biography showed : Thus, Surprisingly, the Founder of such an Historic, radically Critical Media, with Fighting Spirit, as well as Leader of an homonumous Poli-Mili "Movement" of Resistants, organized in an Active Network, during the Foreign Invasion and Occupation of France, Suddenly, seems to have abandoned any stricto sensu "Political" Career, "After the Liberation" of 1945, and Dedicated himself, much more "for the Economic Restoration" of the Country, Darrieussecq observed.


    A move which Fits well also with EMS' traditional "International Dimension", that its Director of International Relations, Kevin MacGabhann, claims to trace back since ...the 16th Century, even if the Number of Foreign Students has "Tripled" Recently, "between 2007 and 2019", as EMS' CEO, Herbert Casteran stressed, pointing also at a Strong "Allumni" Former Students' Network, (Gathered for 3 Days in Strasbourg for its 100th Anniversary's Festivities), Nowadays "Present in More than 102 Countries accross the World", among which China and Canada come First, and Based on Strasbourg University's 72th place in World Ranking, but also itself among the "Top 150" of Shanghai, according to the "Financial Times", as he told "Eurofora".



    In that framework, it's Interesting to note the Fact that JPLevy, inter alia, Worked also as President of France's "National Center for the Exploitation of the Oceans",  from 1971 to 1976, (as even a "New York Times" Article of 1996 pointed out). Those Years coincide with the Most Important Modern Developments on the International Law of the Sea, which resulted, mainly, after 1982, also to the Establishment of "Exclusive Economic Zones" for Each Independent and Sovereign State, of particular Interest for Natural Mineral/Energy Resources at the Seabed. 


+Moreover, his Son, Gilles-Pierre Levy, (actively Present Today in the Ceremony), vice-President of the pestigious Court of Account's inter-chamber, (while Also serving as Head of the "Resistance's Foundation"),  practically evolved as a Top Expert on Topical "Energy" policies, having Drafted, inter alia, at least 2 Key Reports on "Nuclear Energy" and on other "Renewable Energies", etc. It results, in particular, that Both those Categories of Energy, in fact, may have a Higher Cost than expected, (Despite France's capacities in Electricity Production through Nuclear Technologies, while Germany is more enclin towards Other ReNewables), and, that, at any case, Strategic Decisions have to be taken on the Overall Energy Policy, Nuclear and/or Other, for Action Before 2022. But, since France and others canNot count on "North Sea"s Fossile Energy Sources at the SeaBed, (which, at any case, have Recently started to seriously Decline), Various Other Solutions should be Explored. And here comes, Nowadays, the Growing Importance of Gas a.o. Energy Resources, notoriously Discovered in EU Member Cyprus', and Neighboring Israel's and Egypt's, plus Lebanon's Exclusive Economic Zones, able to be Transported DIRECTLY towards the European mainland, (by Ships/NLG, Pipelines, Electricity Cables UnderSea, etc), withOut Depending on any 3rd, Foreign Country at all. ++ To all this is, also, Added, the Fact that, just by another Striking "Coicidence", an Homonymous "JPLevy", also from Strasbourg's Alsace area (Mulhouse City), and Expert on International Law of the University of Strasbourg, apparently part of that Same Family, has evolved as an Eminent Specialist of the International Law of the Sea, not only in France, but also at UNO's Global Level, where he worked from the 1960ies up to the 1990ies, when he became UNO's Director on Maritime and Sea Law, as well as, Afterwards, Member of the International SeaBed Authority, during the 2000'ies, (etc).

    => All this, Obviously points also to the Topical, "Hot" Issue of tiny EU Member State Cyprus "Resistance" to notorious Bullying by Turkey's WarShips and/or illegal Drilling inside Cyprus' EEZ, threatening to Hinder the Island's Sovereign Right to Freely Explore and Develop its Natural Energy Resources at its Seabed, (most probably in close Cooperation with its Neighboring Israel, Egypt, etc., who have also made Important Recent Findings), Opening New Perspectives for Big Energy Sources, Climate-Friendly (Gas has No CO2), Directly transportable to EU's mainland, and even Partly European, (via Cyprus) : It's precisely on that Topical, Key Matter, that the Latest EU Summit in Brussels has just officially Endorsed, Yesterday, a Decision "on Turkey's illegal Drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean", where it Confirms "Full Solidarity with Cyprus"' "Sovereignity", "in accordance with International Law", and Prepares "Restrictive Measures Targetting Natural and Legal Persons responsible for -or involved in- the illegal Drilling activity of Hydrocarbons" there.

    In Parallel, various Defense Cooperation moves are planned and realized by EU Member Cyprus, also with France and Other European Partners, while, recently, it's even the Neighbouring Lebanese Minister of Defense, (in Addition of those of Israel, Egypt and Greece), who reportedly Acknowledged Cyprus' Right to take Measures in order to Defend its EEZ.

    + By anOther Timely Coincidence, it's Also ..."Resistance for Dignity", that the Syrian Kurds have Named their current Defense Response to Turkey's Military Invasion and Occupation of their North-Eastern Syrian Kurdish Region, which has Already Killed More about 235 Civilian People, (including 22 Children, etc), and Wounded some 667 of them, Destroyed Health and Drinking Water Infrastructures, added to 300.000 Refugees/Displaced People, according to Official Syrian Kurdish sources.

    => So that Today's EU Summit in Brussels, Endorsed an "immediate" "Halt" in "Arms Exports to Turkey", clearly "Condemned" its Military Invasion "in North-East Syria", for Causing "UnAcceptable Human Sufferings", "Undermining the Fight against ISIS" Deadly Islamist Terrorists, and "Threatening Heavily the European Security", and "Urged Turkey to End its Military Action", and "Withdraw its Forces", as well as to "Respect International Humanitarian Law", according to the Official EU Conclusions.


      + Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, meeting Today with Russia President Vladimir Putin's Envoy, Alexander Lavrentiyev, and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin, stressed that "the Syrian People have a Right to Resist ... by All available Means", until "Stopping the Offensive and the Withdrawal of all Turkish and other illegal Forces from all Syrian Territories, since they are Occupation Forces".


    In this regard, EU, Today, is Not Dupe of the so-called "Cease Fire" Deal that InExperienced US Vice-President Pence was served, by some Obscure Staffers, when he Hastily Arrived to Ankara, to meet Turkish President Erdogan, about the Turkish Invasion/Ocupation of Syria's Kurdish Region Nowadays :


     - "This so-called <<Cease-Fire>>, is Not what We (EU) Expected. In Fact, it's Not a Cease-Fire : It's a Demand of CAPITULATION of the Kurds !", strongly Denounced EU Coucncil's President, Donald Tusk, at EU Summit's Concluding Press Conference in Brussels :

 - "I think that we (EU) have to be very Conscious" of what is really going on there, Tusk Urged : =>  In fact, - "We (EU) have to Raise our Call to Turkey to put a Permanent End to its Military Action, Immediately, and to Withdraw its Forces", as well as to "Respect International Humanitarian Law", he Stressed.

 - "And that's, for Sure, Not the Result of (US) Vice-President Pence and (Turkish) President Erdogan (Bilateral) Agreement...", he Critically Regreted.

Indeed, that Controversial almost Provocative Move, (Prepared by some US Diplomatic Staff 1 Day Before UnExperienced US Vice-President Pence's Arrival to Turkey), Obviously, consists into Merely Asking from the Syrian Kurds to Accept ...Everything that Turkey notoriously Wanted from the Start, by Invading their Region, : I.e. to Abandon their Land and Homes, Drop their Arms, and Get Out of Erdogan's Planned 440 Km Long and more than 32 km Deep Zone, all Along the Borders of Syria and Turkey, whose Control, (added also to several ISIS'  Deadly Islamist Terrorists' Detention Camps there), should be left to Ankara's Forces, in a Few Days, for an UnDetermined Period of Time ...

    => So that EU appears, Today, Willing to ...Resist vis a vis Outside Pressure to Accept that so-called Pence - Erdogan controversial Pseudo-"Cease-Fire", in fact a call to Surrender (Comp. Supra) :



     - "I Share your Indignation !", sharply Replied French President Emmanuel Macron to a relevant Critical Question of a Journalist, during his own Press Conference in Brussels.

    - In fact, "what happened there (in the Syrian Kurdish Region), during these last Days, is a Heavy BLUNDER by the West and NATO !", Macron strongly Denounced.

    - Because, inter alia, "it Weakens our Credibility to Find Partners (against ISIS' Islamist Terrorists, etc) on the spot, and Raises also Questions on the Internal Functioning of NATO : We canNot Pretend that it's Otherwise !", he stressed.

    - In fact, "Turkey" will bear also a "Great Responsibility for its Complicity to  a Possible Revival of  ISIS'" Deadly Islamist Terrorists, Macron Warned.

    => For all those reasons, "Europe Needs a Real Autonomy, of a real European Defense Policy !", the French President firmly underlined.        

    >>> "Otherwise, we (EU) are just Subordinate forces, we are Affected by Changes, SetBacks", he Denounced. "In other wards, Sooner or Later, we (EU) will Not even Exist, No more !"...     

    - But, "I'm Not for Europe being Erased" from the Map of the World, "Neither for France Fading Away", he Refused.                          

    - On the Contrary, "it's anOther Policy that we have Chosen, f.ex. in Africa, and we (EU) Must raise Questions on our Defense and Neighborhood Policies", Macron Urged.

    => Because "that Region and the Middle East have a Strategic Interest for Europe", and "We (EU) have to Build there an Autonomous Capability for Europe to take Action", he Urged.

    + This was also Obvious for an Experienced Collegue from Strasbourg's Local Newspaper "the Latest News of Alsace/DNA", who, initially, Wondered : - "Given all that which is happenning now in Syria, with Turkey, etc., Where is Our (EU's) Defense Policy ?"...



As for German Chancellor Angie Merkel, in more Diplomatic terms, she Stressed that "it was Good" that EU Leaders "Unanimously Condemned the (Turkish)Military Attack in North Syria, and Urged Turkey to Withdraw its Troops".  

Concerning the controversial "CeaseFire" Bilateraly brokered, just "yesterday", between Turkey and the "US Administration", she appeared Reserved :

- At first, "it Remains to be Seen Whether it might lead to a Settlement of the conflict", or not, Merkel Carefuly pointed out.

+ Moreover, the German Chancellor also pointed at "the (Kurdish) People who (according to that Controversial Deal) are Obliged to Leave their Homes, with their Families and Many Children", as she obviously Regretted, (concerning Turkey's Demand to Evacuate that 450 km Long - 32 km Large "Zone" inside Syria, claimed by Erdogan)       

 + However, (as Also Macron : Comp. Supra), Merkel had also to Face various Critical Press Questions for "Not giving a More Robust Response", "F.ex., at least, by threatening with Economic Sanctions", (while, on the Contrary, Turkish President "Erdogan keeps Threateing the EU to Send even More [Mass] Asylum Seekers, to Enter" Europe, via EU Member Greece, as a Journalist, Critically Pointed Out.  -"Is this the Reason for which (EU's) Hands seem Tied ?", suspected anOther. Because "there is an Impression" that "there is Not so much of EU Action, at this moment". "Perhaps we (EU) Need to ReThink a Common Foreign Policy, and be More Active on this issue ?", he Critically suggested.

 - Chancellor Merkel's Reply was Softly Worded, But, in Fact, more Substantial than expected :

- First of all, EU Leaders' "Position to the Issue of Turkey was Crystal-Clear", she stressed, obviously Pointing at the "Condemnation" of Turkey's Military Attack, and the Call to "End" it immediately, as well as to "Withdraw" its Troops, etc (Comp. Supra).

+ However, ..."an "Active" Foreign Policy is Not Only about "Condemning" something, .. But Also whether it ... "Influences", or not, and "Each of us (28 EU Heads of State/Government) Wlll Do that as well", "trough Direct (Bilateral) Talks", she Added.

=> But, the most Important was that Merkel revealed and pointed towards Recent, Top Level, Political Efforts to Seek a Political Solution for All Syria, which could convince Refugees to Return Back Home, at a "Large Scale" : A New Perspective, that the Current Turkish Militar Invasion and Occupation, has Just Interrupted, as she Denounced :

>>> Indeed, "it's a Pitty, that the current (Turkish) Military Operation, has Brought Back the Political Efforts", pushing them "into the Backroom again", particularly for "a Constitutional Reform in Syria", whee "We have spent very, Very Many Hours, Together with ohers, in particualr the UN Secretary General", Guterres, to Set up a Constitutional Committee for (all) Syria", Merkel Denounced.

  - "This was, Nowadays, basicaly Staffed, and Could Start Working", she revealed, Stressing its Potential Importance : - "For me, this Political Process, is, of course, the Central Process", also "in order to Create the Conditions for All the (Syrian) People (i.e. basically Refugees in Europe) to become able to ReConsider, on a Large Scale, to Return Back to Syria. Because We (EU) want a Political Change there", she revealed.

=>  Normaly, "the Focus should be on this, Nowadays. But this has been Kicked Off (Sidelined/Marginalized), at the Moment, by the Other things !", Merkel Denounced,

obviously pointing, indirectly but surely, at the Turkish Military Invasion, including, particularly, at the Murder of New Party "Future Syria"'s SG, Hevrin Khalef, a Dreamer for a Peaceful ReUnification of the Country, reportedly "Trying to Unite Together Arabs, Christians, Kurds", etc..

Her Brutal Killing was, practically, the 1st Incident, immediately after Turkey's Armed Forces Invaded the Syrian Kurdish Region, surprisingly Intruding Even much More Towards the South than officially announced and expected, Reaching the "M4" Highway, More than +32 km, Away from the Turkish Borders, where an "Ambush" had been apparently set up Against that Young Political Leader's Car Convoy, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeyinsyriasanctionsanddamasarmy.html, etc).



    - "Some things get a Special Dimension when they are Said here, in Strasbourg, as De Gaulle used to say", Symbolically but also Topically reminded the President of Strasbourg University, Michel Deneken, in his Speech in Hommage to JPLevy. While, pointing, to the "Humanism of Rhein river's area", and to a "European Civilisation" centerpiece, he also declared "Proud" to be able (thanks also to famous Marc Bloch, and other Historic personalities) to call this "a University of Resistance", honored also by a "Mission to Transmit the Memory, for the Future".


     - Indeed, a main reason for which I was Motivated to take over a key Responsibility in this European Business School is also that it has some Deep, Humanist and other Historic Values to Transmit, while actively participating into Building the Innovations of a Future Horizon, stressed to "Eurofora" the EMS' President, Patrick Hetzel, an experienced MP, University Professor, and former Senior Officer at the French Ministry for Scientific and Technological Research, (who is also personaly Fascinated, Both by Science, and crucial, Topical, Bio-Ethical Issues of Nowadays), as all Real Intellectuals normaly are, (contrary to petty technocrats)...




    -  A "Believer" among those who strive to "Deserve Freedom", even if some from their Family have been "Murdered", f.ex. in NAZI Concentration Camps,  Bernard Roth, (IECS), Friend of JPLevy and honorary Commander of the National Order of Merit, a key co-Organizer of Today's Event, (who also Helped practicaly a lot "Eurofora", with simplicity and efficiency), gave, Symbolicaly, as a Gift, a Prize Awarded to him by JPLevy, to a Young Representative of "LICRA" NGO, citting aside "Eurofora", i.e. a French Organisation against Racisme and Anti-Semitism, (which, unfortunately, still seems to have a lot of work to do, given the various incidents of Vandalism, Hate-speech, Threats, etc., that Medias still report Nowadays)... Followed 2 Young French EMS students, Reading Original Texts related to JPLevy, as well as a Young German Girl, evoking a "Heimat" feeling about Strasbourg's "European" area, under the Historic Historic 1984 Picture of f. French and German Leaders Mitterand and Kohl, holding Hands at Verdun Military Cemetery, followed by the Beautiful Modern Bicycle and Walking Bridge "Mirmar" accross Rhein river's "2 Shores Garden", which Unites Germany and France Nowadays, (by a Coincidence, the Same Day that a Deal on UK's "BREXIT" at the EU Summit in Brussels, practicaly Left Now mainly upon the Franco-German couple the Greatest Responsibility to Safeguard and Guide Europe's further Development in the foreseable Future)...


Meanwhile, Something made you really Feel that those 3 Young Students, would have Many things to say in Common, with the also Young Hevrin, (Comp. Supra), if she was still Alive...










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    EU-educated charming young Chinese presence started to be felt in Council of Europe's corridors in Strasbourg at the aftermath of an Historic Resolution adopted by its Parliamentary Assembly in favor of opening the possibility to give China a special "Status" in the PanEuropean Organization.

    - "My proposal to offer to China an official status as "Observer", in short term, under conditions, was welcomed" by the CoE : "The road to Dialogue between China and the CoE has now been opened", declared after Strasbourg's debates and votes the Head of France's delegation, MEP Jean-Claude Mignon.


    "Neither complacency, nor a mere condamnation of China", but a "wise approach of a political issue of great importance", advised Mignon to all those who'd either overload claims on Democracy, Human Rights or Minorities, or close their eyes to anything, there as elsewhere... A balance which was not exactly followed during debates, contrary to Mignon's personal stance, which appeared rather even-handed.

    China is the only UNO Security Council permanent member which has not yet any status at the CoE, being still obliged to be represented in Strasbourg by a General Consul : USA and Canada, even Japan and .. Mexico, have already got a special Status at the CoE, following Strasbourg's decision, back in 1995, to counter-balance the accession of Russia (1996) by creating special links to traditional "Western-world" allies.


    All former "Socialist" Eastern European countries started to have relations whith the CoE through its former sector on Culture and Education, before becoming full Members of Strasbourg's paneuropean organization. Speculations were unfolding recently about establishing a probable concrete link with China through the topical issue of anti-doping in Sport, on the occasion of the 2008 Olympic games.

    More spectacular, a meeting co-organized a few years ago in Strasbourg, by EuroFora and the International Space University between EU Parliament's long-time Rapporteur for EU's Satellite Navigation system "GALILEO", German MEP Brigitte Langenhagen, and a group of postgraduate students, attracted special interest from Chinese experts, and was followed, in less than a month, by the anouncement of China's intention to support EU's GALILEO project with a participation of 200 million €.

    Compared to that, revendications of .. "Turkish" Minorities, by Turkish MEPs, this week in Strasbourg, spreading through a wide area extended ...from Greece up to China, appeared less worrying, than pittoresque...

    Meanwhile, France's political will to start involving China and other important countries in European and Global affairs was due to be raised also at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Japan by President Nicolas SARKOZY, (NDLR  : confirmed on July 5)


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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