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EUParliament Election Debate Maimed: Nothing on Islamist Terror, Foreign Policy/Enlargment, BioEthic

Written by ACM
Thursday, 16 May 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Astonishingly, the Number 1 Concern of EU Citizens Nowadays according to Polls : Islamist Terrorism, was Droped, at the Last Minute, from the Unique EU Parliament's Debate on the crucial forthcoming EU Elections, among 6 Top Candidates of European Political Parties !

+ Moreover, UnExpectedly, even the Mainstream, Traditional Key Debate on EU Foreign Policy, Enlargement, etc., was finaly Skiped, for the 1st Time in History !!

In such overall conditions, obviously, no need to wonder if EU Citizens might, at least, discover what are the intentions of those candidates on the Most Topical, and Crucial for Humankind's survival, New BioEthical Issue on Inheritable Gene Editing technology, provoking irreversible mutations even to the GermLine, for Generations, (Abusively Tested on 2 Babies at Hong Kong from November 2018)...

Just 20 Years Earlier, back on 1997-1998, even Heads of State/Government Summits had Condemned and Urged to take Measures to outlaw "Cloning" of Human Beings, (f.ex. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Greek President Stephanopoulos, etc). Something which had started to be done, mainly at CoE's PanEuropean level).

But, on 2018, even if the Risks against Health and all Humanity's foreseable Future, are obviously much Greater, nevertheless, (perhaps partly misled by a pre-existing Interdiction of GermLine Alterations at a PanEuropean CoE's 1998 Convention on BioEthics), nevertheless, most of our EU Leaders have Lost a unique Opportunity to inform EU Citizens about their intensions for, or against a "Global Ban" of new tools for irreversible and InHeritable Genetic Manipulations, which surfaced from 2018 in some China - USA Lobbies' area, (Comp., f.ex., at : ..., etc).


+ The Contradiction is much more Greater in the case of the Number 1 Issue Nowadays : As CoE's Press/Comm. Director and Head Spokesman, Daniel Holtgen has Recently confirmed to Journalists, including "Eurofora", in Strasbourg's Press Club, (Comp.: ..., etc), latest Polls clearly reveal that Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks, (which cowardly Target innocent and defenseless Civilian People), have become the Biggest Concern for European Citizens Today. (They are Followed by Mass Migration, Climate/Environment, etc).

At least 2 Initial Promisses to place that Topical Issue at the Beginning of EU Parliament's Top Debate (Comp. Supra) were Bellied, as, finally, it was almost Completely Skiped, and its Time was Allocated to Other Issues...

However, this unquestionably is the Most Important NEW Development since the last EU Elections of 2014, with a Wide and Dense "Cloud" of Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks to Spread, since 2015 up to 2018/2019, throughout Europe, from Paris to Berlin, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Graz, Nice, Stockholm, Helsinki, Munchen, Brussels, Strasbourg, etc, for the 1st Time in History.

+  And, in fact, the real Problems are much more Wide : F.ex., until these very Days of May 2019, the French Police has enlarged the Number of Suspects arrested and accused for Complicity to the bloody mass-Killer of December 2018, during EU Parliament's Plenary Session in Strasbourg, up to 5 or 6 Persons mixed in providing Deadly Weapons (twice), and/or Hidding that Islamist Terrorist, etc : I.e., a Proportion of 5 Accomplices circulating around each 1 Killer !...                     

++ Moreover, an "ISIS"' Chief Djihadist, reportedly mixed also in an Horrible Massacre of Civilian People at Homs (Syria), was recently arrested by the Hungarian Police while ...strolling around Europe with a "Refugee" Status (sic !) obtained in Greece, a kind of Passport allowing to Flight in EU Countries, Canada, etc, a Bank Credit Card regularly paid by the EU and UNO, a Family Appartment provided at a Cosy area of Athens, etc...(See : ..., etc).  This was followed also by the arrest, at the Netherlands, of an Al-Quaida Chief Djihadist, linked to Armed Terrorist Groups nowadays at Idlib (North-Western Syria, close to the Turkish Borders and backed by Turkey) : He had been Hidding in Europe already since 2014-2015... The obvious Risk for such astonishing Findings to be just the Tip of an Iceberg, canNot be excluded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

+++ In Addition, a Dangerous "Ghettoisation" extends and deepens, Recently, around Areas where Deadly Islamist Terrorists used to live :

F.ex., aside the new Mosque (of Haute-Pierre) which is Nearest to the Home (at Hohberg) of the Islamist Terrorist who Killed 5 and wounded many more in Strasbourg, during EU Parliament's Plenary, on December 2018,  it's also Nowadays, on May 2019, that 2 persons were seriously Wounded by Rifle Shots there (Hugo Street), making it necessary to be taken into a Hospital. The Motivation of this New Attack with GunShots was not yet announced to the Public, but at least one thing is sure : Recently, that area has become a Heavily Islamized spot, full of newcomers all wearing ...Djellabas, Fez, Scarfs, Burkas, etc., and speaking Non-European Languages, while not even one normal Couple, Woman, Child or Family does Not Dare, no more, walk there at the Evening, (contrary to the Past, and to what still happens at all Other Quarters of Strasbourg)... Any visible presence of Police has Disappeared, and those Recent GunShots which Wounded 2 Victims, were Fired ...right in Front of a Useless Police Station, Hugo Street/HP, (with the Criminals still remaining totally UnPunished)...


+++ Even in the UnPrecedented and Non-Elucidated Fire which recently Burned Down France's most Popular Historic and Religious Monument : that of World Famous "Notre Dame de Paris" Christian Cathedral, on April 2019, it's not really so necessary to Wait (even Longer than the EU Election later this May...) in order to find out whether it was a Premeditated Criminal Act, or a Strange, mere "Accident":

- Already, the mere Fact that, Each Week, several Christian Churches are Burning throughout France nowadays, with the Latest Year, 2018 having reportedly broken an Historic Record of such Violent Aggressions against Churches by various Fires, (to the point that, Nowadays, also Strasbourg's Cathedral felt the Need to Test and Boost its Fire Security mechanism !),                                                                                                                                         and even a Statute of Jesus' Mother, Mary, has just been brutally Attacked and BeHeaded,  (sic !), as also the President of French mainstream Opposition (Republican Party: Center-Right), Alain Wauquiez, former Minister, has Recently Denounced at his Twitter account, speak by itselfs for the real dimension of that problem...                   

=> In consequence, normaly, all the Politicians who Claim to Lead Europe for the period of 2019-2024, must Tell to EU Citizens how they aim to Protect them, and eradicate this unprecedented scourge, in a Democratic public Debate, allowing People to Judge and Chose their New Leaders in the May 26, 2019 Election.


++ Concerning Foreign Policy, it's also a Fact that Europe has been Divided, for the 1st Time since the End of the Cold War, in a so seriously Damaging (Politically and Economically, etc), geopoliticaly Dangerous, and Bloody way (more than 13.000 People killed until Nowadays, Most of them Civilians), at the Ukranian conflict (2014-2019), after the Latest EU Elections of 2014. De Gaulle's, and Chirac's - Kohl's "Greater Europe", "from the Atlantic to the Urals", the Dreams and huge Potential of High-Tech/Scientific Cooperations with Russia, (Part of which was f.ex. the use of Soyuz at Kuru's Space launchings, etc), were tattered to pieces, the mechanical extension and deepening of so-called "Sanctions" Limited Growth in Europe, a Negative Mood hambered personal contacts, Tensions and MisTrust often brought the situation dangerously near to a "Hot" Conflict...

=> How will Europe overcome this awful Mess, and by which Way Ahead ? These obviously much Needed Debates, were totally Skipped in this "Ebs"' event for the Choice of the New EU Leadership, and EU Citizens were left withOut a clue about what their Politicians might do in that key area...

+ In the Meantime, at EU's Neighborhood, "ISIS" has come and gone in Syria/Iraq; Turkey started Military Invasions and Occupations inside Syria, recently Threatening even More; EU's Historic Chance to find huge New Oil/Gas Energy Resources in and around its Member State Cyprus, Directly Transportable to Europe's Industrial core, (also in Cooperation with Israel, Egypt, etc), are Hampered and Threatened by Turkey's systematic provocations and threats ; the Situation in Libya was let to Degrade dangerously, and Islamist Terrorism Haunts Tunisia, Egypt or Algeria and others, added to Sub-Saharian Africa, while, Further on, the West is pushed to Negotiate in Afghanistan with the Taliban, as ISIS' El-Baghdadi surfaces at an Horrible Massacre of Christians by Cowards in Sri Lanka on Easter 2019 (etc)...

=> What Strategy should adopt the EU ?

Curiously, EU Citizens will know Nothing, after that Controversial, but Unique Official Debate at EU Parliament, (the Only EU body that they can influence directly by their Electoral Choices...


+++ On further EU Enlargement prospects, Recently, a Big U-turn apparently Surfaced agaist Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid, after Ankara's regime multiplied Massive Violations of Human Rights inside the Country, at an Unprecedented level of oppressive brutality. => Several Top EU Politicians published certain very Critical Statements, mainly promissing to, at last, Free Europe from the Spectre threatening a Turkish entry. But Others were less clear, and some, apparently, didn't clarify their current positions.... In Addition, controversial Loopholes seem to remain on a Claim for a Visa-Free regime to Tens of Millions of Turcs, +3 Billions € each Year in full Grants paid by the EU, obtained by Turkey's notorious Blackmail of Europe, at a Dangerous Moment, when Deadly Islamist Terrorism had started to hit Brussels, while more than a Million of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants were suddenly Invading Europe through Turkey, (etc).

=> What do various 6 EU Top Representatives of MEPs really think about those Recent and even On-Going apparent Changes vis a vis Turkey (whose EU Report was, curiously, left for ...After the May 2019 European Elections...) ?

Somebody Hindered that Unique EU Parliament's Debate to let EU Citizens know, before voting...


++++ At the Same Time, anOther Regrettable Ommission, in this Key Debate, was the Lack and/or No-Participation of Any Representatives from several, currently Important, Political Movements throughout Europe :

- F.ex., Nobody from the new Italian Governing Party of "5 Stars" (Center-Left), despite its MEPs' active presence in the "Freedom and Democracy" Group of EU Parliament.

- Noone, no more, from new French President Macron's "Rennaissance"/"en Marche" movement, (Centrist), even if a "Liberal" was, however, present, (withOut, however, being able to represent All the Width of Macron's outreach aims)...

- Even more regretable (from a Contradiction of Views aspect, Necessary for Pluralistic Democracy) : Nobody represented the various "Rightist" Parties, such as Germany's "AfD", Italy's Governing "Lega", France's 2nd Party of Marine Le Pen's "National Rally", Austria's co-Governing Party "OFP", Poland's Governing "PiS", etc ! Despite the Fact that, already, several among them have notoriously formed at least 1 new Group inside EU Parliament ("ENF") recently.

=> How could EU Citizens eventually "Resist" to alleged "Euro-Sceptics"' Claims, in real life, if they are Hindered even to See how Experienced, Mainstream Top Politicians from the European Establishment are more or less able to credibly Reply to them ?  

Without such a necessary Democratic Experience, to use, sharpen and develop EU Citizens' Experience and Hability to Judge in a real, fully fledged Debate, they obviously Risk to be Lost in the Wilderness...

>>> If you want to have at least the Slightest idea about what a Real, Fully-fledged Debate might look like, in practice,

 just "click", f.ex., among various others, also at this Video, from the Establishment's "Deutsche Welle", in another EU Parliament's TV Studio in Brussels, moderated by an Old, Experienced Journalist : https://www.dw.com/en/which-way-is-europe-heading/a-48663278.

It was Published just 1 Week Before Today's Official Debate, (on May 8, 2019), bringing together 4 Politicians : 2 from the already "Established" MEPs, of Mainstream Parties ("Liberals" and "Socialists"), and 2 from the Rightists of "Alternative/AfD", plus "Law and Justice/PiS" Parties.

The First two were among the Most Experienced and usualy Sympathetic, Kind MEPs of EU Parliament's Establishment : Jo Leinen (German "Socialist") and Sophie in't Veld (Dutch "Liberal"). They faced Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski, vice-President of ECR Group in CoE's Assembly, and Maximilian Krah, Number 3 in AfD's list of MEPs.

- But, what a Surprize : Even the generally Smiling and shoftly speaking Jo Leinen, suddenly Lost his Temper, and shouted ...gros Insults, (such as "Sh*t !", etc) becoming the Only one to be automaticaly Censored by the Audio-transmission, f.ex. when he faced a Criticism by Tarczynski of 2015-2016's over 1 Million Mass Irregular Migrants through Turkey as a seek for "Cheap Labour": However, this notoriously is a Usual Criticism of Mass Irregular Migration, very Often heard f.ex. in the USA by new POTUS Don Trump's fans...

- As for Liberal MEP Sophie in't Veld, she was astonished to be unexpectedly Bypassed at her ...Left side, by Rightist Polish MP Tarczynski, when, replying to an NGO's Question about rising Socio-Economic InEqualities, he pointed at the Polish Government's decisions to pay 500 zlotys each Month for each Child born in a natural Family, to give to Old People a 13th Pension and even Lower the Age threshhold for all Pensioners, as well as to Exclude all Young People from any Taxes up to their 26th Year of Age, (etc), while, at the same time, Warsaw reportedly managed to have "the Lower UnEmployment Rate in Europe", as well as EU's "4rth Better Growth"  !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

- Things became more nasty on Press Freedom, and Freedom of Expression inside the EU, when Tarczynski Denounced the fact that he used to work as Journalist at the National State's RadioTV, but had been immediately "Fired" from his Job when the Establishment's Mainstream Parties had got Government's Power, in the Past, while Maximilian Krah accused the "Socialist" Party of Jo Leinen to have imposed a Law pushing even "Private" entities, such as USA's "Facebook", "Twitter", etc., to Massively Exclude People from the Democratic Freedom to participate in "Public Debates" at the Internet, by Closing Down their Web Accounts recently by Thousands, to the point that "in Germany, now, there are much More Internet Accounts Shut Down, than in Russia !"... => -"You should be Ashamed" by what your Party has done against Freedom of Speech !", he shouted to Leinen.

- The mainstream "Socialist" MEP, did Not Deny those Facts, but Limited himself into trying to Justify such Massive Suppressions of EU Citizens' Access to Public Debates at the Internet, (even by Foreign Private American Big Corporations, even especially during Crucial Pre-Electoral Campaigns, as Nowadays in Europe, just a Few Days before People Vote, as it was Recently Announced by "Facebook", "Google", and/or "Tweeter", etc), by simply Claiming that when People crossed the lines and were Accused either for alleged "Hate Speech" or alleged "Fake News", etc., then, someone Must Stop them anyway.

Apparently, Jo Leinen did Not seem, personally, so Glad by saying that, but, when the Organizer of that Debate Obliged him to explicitly take part on that "Hot" and Topical Issue, he finally murmured, in Low tone, his approval of such unprecedented practices, (often via Procedures of Doubtful Legality, and withOut elementary Safeguards against possible Abuses, as, inter alia, it was notoriously revealed with the Sudden, UnWarned Closure, by a Turkish Immigrant Returning back Home, even of new US President Don Tump's personal "Twitter" Account, often used to inform the People about certain important Measures, Decisions or Policies)...

=> Obviously, it's not for nothing that such Open and Free Debates were, precisely, called by "Deutsche Welle": ...-"Conflict Zone Debates" (sic !), and some, apparenly, did Not Like to have a Similar kind of Sharp Debates, on so "Hot" Topical Issues, between All the "Top Candidates" inside EU Parliament, so that appears to be the Real Cause of the above-mentioned, Last-Minute UnPrecedented Ommission even of Key Topical Issues of Large Popular Concern...


+ Such Problems became even More Nasty at the Internet Version of this Unique EU Parliament's "Top Candidates" Debate : Indeed, at the Web, the Contradiction became much More Blatant :

- From one side, the EU had Organized several Internet Areas for Citizens' Participation around that Unique pre-Electoral Debate, as  "Hashtags", (f.ex. #TellEurope) etc., had hired and paid Dozens of Agents, Equiped with Computers connected to the Web, Secretaries, Press Attachés, etc., promissing to inform the Public about a parallel, on-going, "Debate at the Social Networks".

- But, from the Other Side, when the Time came to Reveal to the People what was really going-on at that World Wide Web's "Debate" on EU Elections, what a Surprise : A "Press Correspondent" hired and paid by EU Parliament specifically in order to "Help" EU Citizens "Surf on the Debate at Social Medias", as promised, on the Contrary, did Nothing else, than ...Merely show 1 (One !) Tweet by somebody who was Angry because Individuals and NGOs, etc. were not allowed to accomodate even More Mass Irregular Migrants (as that 1,5 Millions who tresspassed into the EU via Turkish Smugglers), to arrive and stay inside Europe... Nothing Else !

=> I.e., in Fact, ...NOT ANY real "DEBATE" at all, Shown by Ebs-TV at the Internet !!! If anyone claims that such Astonishing Monologues, might resume the notoriously "Hot" Controversy, currently Spreading throughout all Europe, on the MultiFacet, Complex and delicate Issue of that UnPrecedented, Huge "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, who Suddenly trespassed inside Europe mainly through Turkey, obviously has Not the slightest Idea of what is Really Going on Nowadays, or doesn't want People to Know !.... -


- The 7 Top Candidates presesnt in that EU Parliament's Debate, (Nico Cué of the Left, Ska Keller for the Greens, Margrethe Vestager of the Liberals, Frans Timmermans for the Socialists, Manfred Weber for the ChristianDemocrats/EPP and Jab Zahadil from the Conservatives, apparently tried to do their best, despite the above-mentioned adverse circumstances, (Comp. Supra).

- F.ex., on the "Hot" Issue of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, there was some "Debate",  from Nico Cué, who, apparently, forgot the Cultural Similarities between Europeans, and Historically Neighbouring Countries as France and Spain, focusing only on the fact that his Family of Spanish Refugees fleeing the Civil War had arrived in France "witOut Papers", But Ignoring the Gap vis a vis those heavily Islamized Pakistani, Afghani, Syrian or Iraqi, that Turkey chose to massively send to Europe, without any preparation, mostly Economic Irregular Migrants, often Radicalized and several times even Hidden Djihadists, former Terrorists, etc... Timmermans urged for "More Solidarity", but mainly stayed on the lines of EU Commission's controversial initial "Resettlement" Program, notoriously Failed, implying Pressure and/or Sanctions versus Recalcitrannt Member States. Weber stressed that European States should be able to Control who Arrives at their Borders, and urged to Strengthen the EU Monitoring of Europe's External Borders. But he Added also EU's "Humanitarian Responsibility" vis a vis Real Refugees, as well as the Need to Help Development in Poor Neighbouring Countries, promissing to Name "a Mr. Africa" in order to coordinate visible action. Zahradil stressed that EU Commission must "Stop the Error of Mandatory Resettlement", which recently "Divides the EU", and Better Search anOther Solution, including, f.ex., to Fight against Trafficking and Smugglers, create reception Centers Outside of the EU, etc.

But the Lack of Free Dialogue, with spontaneous exchanges on each important point, (except from a meager possibiliy to raise Only ..."2 Questions" during All the PreElectoral Debate !), and, mainly, that Surprizing, UnExplained, and Damaging, last-minute Ommission of several among the Most "Hot" Topical Issues, (Comp. Supra), seriously Hampered the efficiency of that endeavor,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and regrettably Deprived EU Citizens from a Fully-fledged, Pluralist and Democratic, Crystal-clear Debate on All Topics that matter nowadays...


According to EU Parliament's Press Service, the heavy "Editorial Responsibility" for that Unique EU Debate had been left "to Ebs" (the EU TV Service) alone !

But, even Ebs had, initially, published Press News Announcements, where they had naturally Included most of those, above-mentioned, (finally ommitted), Top Issues :

- F.ex., they included, among the "Main Topics" due to be Discussed, also the Need to Protect EU Citizens' "Security" by a "Fight against "Terrorism"'s Deadly Attacks, (which have notoriously Erupted and Multiplied, Throughout almost all the EU, between 2015-2018), EU's "Foreign Policy", etc, (according to officially Published EU Announcements, shortly Before that Top Debate).

Somewhere, this was marked by a "t.b.c." usual reserve, (probably concerning simply the Order in which Topics would be debated, one after the other), but it isn't enough in order to explain (and even less justify) the Total Extinction of so Important Topical Issues !

In another, related, Discrepancy, on this Same Point, an Ebs Video had been announced about a so-called "Draw on the main Topics" (sic !), as it was just done merely for each Top Candidate's Sitting "Place" on the forum... But, curiously, that Link either does Not Work at all, or it Sends Back to an ...Empty web-page !


>>> Such UnGlorious, petty Censoring Methods, obviously doN't Honor those who are really responsible for them, do Not Deserve the EU Money and other Material Resources given by the EU, (from TaxPayers' Money, including Poor Peuple, who pay VAT on All their meager Revenues), it's a Pitty for all those EU Parliament's Officials, Agents, Technicians, etc, who Worked Hard to prepare a Spectacular High-Tech Public Event, (Comp. f.ex. that Eyes-Catching aerian Video over Brussels' European area, at the Beginning, etc), and are undeniably UnWorthy of the Trust given by the People to those who betrayed them.

=> European Citizens, Parliament, and Democracy_DESERVE much BETTER !







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    The recent paradox of freezing EU Talks with front-runner Croatia, while continuing controversial EU - Turkey talks, despite Zagreb's acceptance of Refugees' Human Rights to return, that Ankara refuses fex. in Cyprus, while both have "Good Neighborhood" problems vis a vis Slovenia, or Greece, Cyprus and Armenia respectively, can it be justified by the non-fullfilment of EU criteria, as Slovenia says, or, is it "Double Standards" ?    

The question became unavoidable after statements by Presidents of Slovenia and Croatia, Tuerk and Mesic, respectively, to "EuroFora", exclusively or among Strasbourg's journalists this week at the CoE, on the sidelines of its 2009 Summer University for Political Schools, which topically brought them together as successive key-note speakers.

    Comming only a few Months before EU checks Turkey's compliance to its commitments on Cyprus, etc., scheduled for December 2009, this obviously has a special importance for the coherence of EU Enlargement's principles.

     Suspension of EU Negotiations is a normal consequence in case of a Candidate Country's failure to fullfil EU Conditions, such as "Good Neighborhood relations", stressed at first Slovenian President Danilo Tuerk, current CoE's chair.

    But, regarding EU's Criteria,  there shouldn't be any "Double Standards",  reacted Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, commenting the fact that Turkey's controversial EU negotiations continue, while they were recently "freezed" in the case of Croatia, an "unquestionably European Country", which oficially accepts to respect Refugees Human Rights, contrary to Ankara's notorious refusals or reluctance.                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - "EU itself has set as a Criterium (for EU Enlargement) the "Good Neighborhood relations",  and their absence justifies the "Suspension" EU Negotiations, (f.ex. with Croatia), because of a Border dispute affecting the territorial integrity of an EU Member Country, stressed Slovenian President, Danilo Tuerk, CoE's Chairman in office (May - November 2009), speaking to Journalists in Strasbourg including "EuroFora".    

Questioned earlier what "consequences on EU's Enlargement policy" can have the "Ban on EU Membership Negotiations", imposed to Croatia, Tuerk replied that "this question comes down to the fulfillement of (EU) Criteria for membership. One has to look at each Candidate Country ., from the point of view whether it fullfils the Criteria that EU has set. One of them are Good Neighborhood Relations, I'd like to remind. And also, there are other factors, such as Justice, Home affairs, Rule of Law, and others".

    - "Now, ..Candidate Countries are at Different Levels of fulfillement of Criteria", he observed.

    - " Croatia is obviously the closest to that. I'm rather optimistic : I think that in the coming Months we'll have an opportunity to look at all these issues constructively and hopefully we'll be able to make progress". "My main concern, at this point, is the situation in Bosnia : We haven't seen enough progres domesticaly. We haven't seen enough during ..political parties within their country.We need a New Energy, a new energetic move towards the Candidature for EU membership. "Other (Western Balkan) Countries (Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Albania) have been making soaring Progress, and I think that they should be ready, in a few Years, for the Candidate status".

    - "As far as the Western Balkans are concerned, .. nobody should be left outside" the EU, Slovenian's President concluded, ommitting to mention Turkey's controversial EU bid.

    - "This process may be seen as Slow, but..  Slovenia has also has also been exposed to various "Booms of Slowness" in our accession period. But now we can say that the process was relatively quick, because changes which occur after becoming EU member, are quite large, and they require proper Preparations before the (EU) membership becomes a new factor, an impacting line for a new (EU) member country".

EU "Solidarity" ?

Slovenian statements made some participants from certain 3rd Countries as FYROM, etc. claim that "the Principle of EU Solidarity" would "produce a.. rising European Union Nationalism (sic !), against Non-EU Countries", as they said, asking unhappy foreign countries to form a "bloc" to exert pressure on the EU...    

But Croatian President Stjepan Mesic dismissed that, supporting "EU Integration", "after the Economy also in Political" issues, as "the achievement" of our times. In EU there is "diversity, but it's United", he stressed, "EU has to be United so that it can become a central factor of Peace" also at the surrounding areas, he replied.


Speaking later exclusively to "EuroFora", the experienced twice President of Croatia, former President of the International "Non-Aligned" movement, denounced "Double Standards" in the way EU treats recently Croatia compared to Turkey :   

 - "I think that there shouldn't be Double Standards", stressed the Croatian President, in reply to a Question comparing the freeze of EU - Croatia talks, with the continuation of EU - Turkey talks, despite the fact that Croatia is an "unquestionably European country", while Turkey's EU bid is notoriously controversial.

    Mesic was reacting to the observation that, even if he confirmed his "respect of Refugees' Human Rights to return, etc. (See infra), nevertheless, EU talks are suspended with Croatia.. While for oher, controversial candidates, who refuse to respect Refugees' Rights to return, etc., as fex. Turkey does in occupied Cyprus and elsewhere, EU negotiations continue".

    - "I believe that Croatia's accession will confirm that all European Countries who fulfill all of the Conditions and achieve European Standards, have to join the EU. There shouldn't be any Double Standards", went on to add in reply President Mesic.

    In this relation, Croatia's President found "of paramount importance", CoE's "mechanisms enforcing ECHR's judgements"
    - "On Refugees and Displaced persons, the process will be completed only after the last person demanding to return will be allowed to do so !", President Mesic Croatia stressed earlier, setting a general standard of obvious importance also for otherr candidates, as f.ex. Turkey, often accused to exclude or heavily restrict Greek Cypriot Displaced persons' return to their Family Homes and ancestral land, provoke difficulties to Turkish-Kurd IDPs return to their home regions at the South-East, etc.

    Some "2.000 People are still reported Missing" in former Yugoslavia, for some Years, (as in Cyprus, modern Europe's oldest case, for 3 Decades. Nagorno-Karabach, Tcecnya in Russia, etc, more recently), and Investigations "will only be completed after establishing the fate of the last one of them", he added.
    Speaking earlier on "War Crimes", President Mesic stressed that "Leaders are responsible for (the) Wars (of the Past), not the People", and called against Impunity :  "Individuals have to be held Responsible for Crimes. International Penal Tribunals have to persecute those individuals", perpetrators of War Crimes, he underlined.

    Such statements naturally made Mesic rather popular at ECHR, whose President, French EuroJudge, Professor Jean-Paul Costa, looked particularly smiling when he welcomed him later on Wednesday afternoon, after Slovenian President Daniko Tuerk earlier this week.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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