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Tymoshenko Lawyer +ECHR Spokesman to EuroFora: Pardon+ after pre-trial Detention was 100% condemned?

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 30 April 2013
*Strasbourg/ECHR/Angelo Marcopolo/- The jailed Ukranian opposition's leader, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko would accept a possible  "pardon" by Ukranian President Yanukovich, but, in that case, she would also fight up to her full legal rehabilitation, replied the Lawyer of the former Prime Minister, Vlasenko to an "EuroFora"s question just after an ECHR's judgement found unanimously that her pre-trial detention was unlawful for 3 concurring reasons, and that her rights had been excessively restricted, in violation of Articles 5 and 18 of the European Convention of Human Rights.
 -  "As a Lawyer, I would tell you that all the Steps to release Mrs Tymoshenko would be adequate. Afterwards, she will fight for her full political and legal rehabilitation", Sergiy Vlasenko replied to "EuroFora"s question "if" he found that, eventually, "a pardon from President Yanukovich might be adequate" for implemention of ECHR's present judgement.

But the main call of Tymoshenko's lawyer, anounced to all journalists at ECHR in Strasbourg, including "EuroFora", was for the immediate release of the Ukranian opposition leader, without delaying things by an eventual application for a Review to ECHR's Great Chamber, and to "stop using (National Courts) for political motivations", "as the only way to fully implement the (European) Court's judgement", particularly since his client was the main political competitor with a real chance to win at the national elections, as he added.

However, ECHR droped Tymoschenko's additional complaint about inhuman and degrading treatments inside the Ukranian prison, mainly because she had refused a precise Medical Examination, even if it was acknowledged that she apparently had to face some harsh conditions of detention, as it results from an ECHR chamber's decision taken by a Slim Majority of only 3 against 4 EuroJudges, (ECHR's President, Spielman, having voted for the recognition of such a Violation of the European Convention on Human Rights' Article 3).


At any case, ECHR currently prepares also a 2nd Judgement on the substantial aspects of Tymoshenko's 2011 controversial condemnation by the Ukranian Courts, which may be taken and published at any moment in the Future, on the exact Timing on which "I can't give you any indication", because "that's another" issue, even if, according to the average period of Time usually spend in such kind of affairs, "it might take another Year" or so, (i.e. a little bit earlier of later), said to "EuroFora" the experienced ECHR's Spokesman, Director of General Services, Rodderick Liddel. (I.e. welll before the next Presidential Elections in Ukraine, scheduled for 2015).

The move ECHR move comes shortly after President Janukovitch has just "pardoned" 2 other opposition politicians, former Ministers also condemned by national Courts earlier, in a decision officially "welcomed" by the CoE and EU, even if he claimed that something similar wouldn't be possible for Tymoshenko because of additional accusations pending in National Courts, while an important EU - Ukrania Summit is due to make crucial choices on the European orientation of the country during the Autumn of this year (2013).



(Comp., for earlier NewsReport including original/exclusive Statements to "EuroFora" also from Yulia Tymoshenko's daughter, Eygenia, as well as of the Lawyers representing the appliquant or the Government, just after the August 2012 ECHR Hearing: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/echrandeumovesontymoshenko .html )





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