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WHO for Offensive on Virus, as Others Stick at Defense : Different Strategies push Gaps among States

Written by ACM
Montag, 23 März 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Facts: In China (First to be Affected) about 3.300 People Died by the new CoronaVirus in 3 Months, but in Italy (EU) it's Already about 5.500 who Died in 1 Month only (since February's End) !

Meanwhile, in Russia (China's Neighbor) there are Only about 440 People Infected and just 1 Dead, (both Less than Greece or Luxembourg, inside the EU !), in mostly Recent "Imported" cases...

Moreover, in China's "Wuhan" area, (reportedly at the Origin of that Virus), all Inhabitants have just been Authorized to Return Back to their usual Jobs (they can even Travel around their Region), and Transports are Fully Re-established, while, on the Contrary, around the EU, even various Massive Personal Confinements at Home are Currently Spreading (in France, Germany, Spain, even the UK, Greece, etc), and some ask now Even Stricter Measures.


Concerning Strategies, some inside the EU, more or less openly, Claim that Stop the Virus would be an "Utopia", and, in Fact, push to Focus on a Defensive "Flattening of the Epidemic Curve", i.e. merely Delaying its Spread, just in order to let the Health Systems (Hospitals, etc) some Time to cope with the Rapid Accumulation of Infections, which have been practicaly let to Spread all over their National Territory, (f.ex., mutatis-mutandis, in France and Spain, partly Greece and Germany, the UK too, etc). In the meantime, the Augmentation of Infections is still much Higher than that of Recoveries, at least until now.

On the Contrary, the Chinese Strategy appears to call for Rapid attempts to Stop and Reverse the Virus, with Early Diagnosis, Early Confinement, and Early Treatments, as the Drastic Territorial Confinement of the Virus around the Wuhan Area Only, mostly Succeeded. In Addition, the New Infections have almost Stopped in China, (with the Exception of a Small Number of "Imported" cases from Abroad), while the Recoveries still Grow every day, Approaching 7/8 of the cases ! Will they manage to Finaly Overcome some reported Errors Initially committed at the Begining ?

In the USA, Recently, inter alia, efforts to boost Scientific/Technological Research for Treatments and/or Vaccines reportedly have Started Earlier than elsewhere, (even if several Other Countries, including in the EU, Russia, China, etc, appear to try to Catch up, more or less Rapidly), and Borders' Protection apparently Moved Drasticaly, (with the Exception of Mexico, which still has a Surprizingly Tiny Number of Only a Few Infections). But a special Big Federal Budget due to Boost the Health System, SMEs, Citizens' Economy, etc., has just been Delayed and Blocked by the Political Opposition (Center-Left "Dem." Party of "Socialists"/Liberals), which reportedly Exploited the Infection and Confinement of 5 pro-Government Conservative Senators, that practically Swept their Majority at the Senate, adding even an Alternative Plan, full of Provocative Demands on various Other, UnRelated Issues, (concerning, f.ex., Migrants, the Electoral System, more Powers to Trade Unions, even the Post, Aviation's relations to "Global Warming", etc), as the Country approaches a Crucial Presidential Election in a few Months...


In the middle of such Circumstances, WHO's Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, speaking in a Press-point at nearby Geneva, After having, Recently, named the New CoronaVirus a "Pandemic", and while, still, Acknowlding, Nowadays, that the Spread of that Virus is Globally "Accelerating", Nevertheless, for the 1st Time, he clearly Launched a vibrant Call to pass from mere "Defense" into an "Attack" against the Virus !

 - "You can't Win ... Only by Defending. You have to Attack, as well", he stressed.

 - Indeed, f.ex., merely "asking people to Stay at Home and other physical Distancing measures are an important way of Slowing down the spread of the virus and buying Time (Comp. Supra) – But they are Defensive measures", he said.

 - On the Contrary, "to Win, we need to Attack the Virus with Aggressive and Targeted tactics", WHO's Chief stressed.  

- Indeed, "we're Not Helpless Bystanders. We Can Change the Trajectory of this Pandemic", he Boasted.

This comes shortly After WHO's Director General recently Praised China's Latest Reports of "No New Cases" of Infection, "for the First time since the COVID19 outbreak started". Indeed, "Wuhan provides Hope for the rest of the World, that Even the Most Severe situation Can be Turned Around".

- "Of course, we must exercise Caution - the situation can Reverse", he had advised then. "But the Experience of cities and countries that have Pushed Back this CoronaVirus give Hope and Courage to the rest of the World", he had already pointed out.

- In particular, Ghebreyesus pointed, Mainly, at :

* "Testing every Suspected case" ;

* "Isolating and Caring for every Confirmed case" ;

* "Tracing and Quarantining every close Contact" ;

* "Mobilizing Resources internally From Less-Affected Regions ... to Increase Capacity", (f.ex. in France, etc) ;

* "International Solidarity", as, already, "several Countries have sent Emergency Medical Teams to Care for patients and Train health workers in Other Countries that Need support", (f.ex. Russia to Italy, etc, while China sends Material) ;

* "Build a Network of Emergency Medical Teams ... to provide surge capacity of High-Quality health Professionals who can be Deployed to care for patients and save lives" ;

* "Protect Health Workers" ;

* "Address... the global Shortage of ... life-Saving Tools", as "personal Protective Equipment" (f.ex. Gloves, DesInfectants, Masks, Ventilators, etc), of which we must "Rationalize and Rrioritize the Use", by "addressing every part of the Supply Chain, from raw Materials to finished Product" ;

* "Work Together to increase Production, (particularly of "Essential Protective gear", but also Ventilators, etc), Avoid export Bans, and ensure Equity of Distribution, on the basis of Need" ;

* Find "Effective Therapeutics", (for Care + Vaccine, for which "there is a Desperate Need", as he stressed),  with "Treatment that has been Proved to be effective Against COVID-19" : Not "UnTested", but with "the Right Evidence", he also Praised as "Great to see the level of Energy Now being directed to Research Against COVID-19" ;

* Join WHO's "SOLIDARITY Trial", "to generate Robust, high-Quality Evidence as Fast as possible", "that will Help us to move with Speed and Volume", if "More Countries ... sign up to the SOLIDARITY Trial, and Other Large Studies" (NB), so that "we will get Results Faster on which Drugs Work" ;

+ ETC...

Curiously, he didN't Yet Explicitly mention "Vaccines", neither Borders' Closure vis a vis Over-Infected Regions and/or Countries, even this Might be Implied by the General Principles that he stressed. The First, Perhaps, Because he Focused Now on "Fast" Results, (while Some Claim that Vaccines would Delay, but Others Ambition to Move more Rapidly), and the Second, probably for Diplomatic reasons, (Even if, f.ex., Russia and China, etc., are Recently Starting to be Affected by their Reluctance or Delay to Block Travels from some Other, too Infected Countries, of the EU and/or Other Areas in the World : Comp. Supra).

For Comprehensible motives, WHO's Head also Omitted any Explicit Mention (even if it might, eventually, be Implied by his General Call for a large "Offensive" to "Save Human Lives" : Comp. Supra) to the Letters Recently send to the UNO and WHO Chiefs by the Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad, (Surprizingly Backed even by Many USA President Trump's fans : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/ahmadinejadonlabomadevirus1.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/ahmadinejadonlabomadevirus2.html, etc), to Help Find the "Labo" which might have produced such an "Anti-Human Weapon" as the "SARS-CoV-2" Virus, (as some Already call the New CoronaVirus COVID-19, f.ex. also the Prestigious USA Medical Journal "NEJM", See: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2004973, etc, even if, in Fact, it Should be called "SARS-CoV-3", since, Meanwhile, had appeared also MERS, earlier), in order to take Measures against those Responsible for such a "Threat Against Humanity", as he Denounced.

- At any case, as WHO's Head stressed, all these Measures (Comp. Supra) for "Solving this Problem (of the New CoronaVirus' Pandemic) Require Political Commitment and Political Coordination at the Global Level".

=> That's why, inter alia, he also announced his intention to "Address Heads of State and Government from the G20 Countries" Later "this Week" : Indeed, "we Need Unity in the G20 Countries", and "Political Commitment" with "Strong Solidarity", that Can Help us to ... Fight this Pandemic in the Strongest Way possible", Ghebreyesus Urged.

But, while WHO's Chief asks to become "Offensive" against the Virus, Contrary to Others who Stick to mainly "Defensive" methods, with Different Strategies which push Big Gaps among Countries, (Comp. astonishing concrete Facts cited Supra), What could be the Right Path ?....










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Paris - Bruxelles - Strasbourg, 2 septembre 2008


Le spectaculaire succès du Président français, Nicolas Sarkozy, (en tête de l'UE jusqu'a décembre), à obtenir de suite un cessez le feu inattendu entre la Russie et la Georgie, immédiatement après sa visite aux Présidents Medvedev et Saakashvili, au pire moment de tensions et heurts violents meurtieurs, qui avaient tué plusieurs innocents et provoqué le deplacement forcé de réfugiés par milliers, lui donne incontestablement une stature vraiment européenne :

A ses liens personnels bien connus avec l'Hongrie, la Grece, l'Italie ou l'Espagne, en sus de son amitié avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, son souhait d'essayer d'attirer l'Angleterre au jeu européen, etc, s'y ajoute, maintenant, une réussite, fragile certes, mais importante, au combat pour la Paix dans la "grande" Europe du général De Gaulle, "jusqu'a l'Oural", qui inclut naturellement la Géorgie, l'Arménie et d'autres pays, et ne peut exister qu'avec rapports de confiance et partenartiat stratégique avec la Russie.

Apres avoir réussi à debloquer la situation au Liban, (pays avec liens culturels historiques en Europe), lors du Sommet pour la Méditerranée à Paris, juillet dernier, (comme atteste maintenant le prémier accord d'echange d'Ambassadeurs avec la Syrie), Sarkozy activa maintenant une présidence française de l'EU bien entreprenante, à l'autre bout de l'Europe, à Moscou, où, contrairement à Napoléon, il a été reçu avec soulagement par le nouveau président russe, ami de l'experimenté Vladimir Poutine.

Cet homme politique rélativement nouveau au plan politique européen, avec une vision souvent critique ou même critiquée, à tort ou a raison, mais ambitieuse et concrete a la fois, qui aime s'adresser aux "Européens", comme il dit, n'est-il pas bien placé pour stimuler le fameux débat sur l' "Identité de l' Europe", qu'il a proposé au Parlement Européen récemment à Strasbourg, moins d'un an avant les Elections européennes de 2009 ?

En 2007, il a réussi à faire monter spectaculairement la participation citoyenne aux élections présidentielles en France, obtenant des récords historiques :

N'est-ce pas, justement ce que l' Europe a bésoin, apres 2 abstentions majoritaires sans précedent aux Elections de 1999 et 2004, et 3 "Non" aux réferenda pour ses institutions en 2005 et 2008, pendant une décennie trouble 1999-2008, (marquée surtout par la demande controversée de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'UE eclipsant les avancées de la Monnaie unique et de la liberté de circulation à l'espace Shengen, avec consequences mal-ressenties par la majorité des citoyens, bien au-délà des clivages du passé), qui a failli stopper l'integration européenne ?

Et cela, au moment même ou une globalisation galopante met l'Europe devant un choix crucial entre saut qualitatif en avant, apte à valoriser une occasion historique exceptionelle à se développer résolument, après les vaines destructions, querelles et tensions des guerres "chaudes" ou "froides" qui lui ont couté son rang dans le Monde, ou réculer définitivement en décadence...

Alors, que certains de nos amis à la Commission en Bruxelles, lui laissent au moins un peu d'espace de mouvement, et qu'ils l'aident à tenter d'insufler de l' oxygène frais et vivifiant aux rapports entre les citoyens et une Europe qui a manifestement bésoin et mérite de retrouver d'urgence un nouveau dynamisme populaire, avec un souci de réalisme mais aussi une vision passionante pour son avenir !

Après tout, les Etats Unis d' Amérique ne se sont pas faits à coups de bureaucratie, nécessaire et utile, mais manifestement insuffisante : Sans l'impulsion d'hommes politiques originaux, d'intellectuels vraiment engagés, et, surtout, sans l'enorme énergie émanant de la conscience d'enjeux à la fois pratiques et grandioses, bien resentis par des millions de citoyens, stimulant leur adhésion active comme pioniers d'un nouveau avenir commun à construire, ils seraient encore une ex-colonie périphérique, affaiblie par stériles divisions, passif et impuissant spectateur des convulsions tragiques d'un Monde à la dérive...

Que les vrais "européens" ré-lisent au moins les fameux discours historiques sur l' Europe d'un Sarkozy bien inspiré à Strasbourg, aussi bien avant qu'après avoir gagné les élections françaises, le 21 février et le 2 juillet 2007, après son 1er sommet des Bruxelles, qui a adopté le nouveau Traité de l'UE en conclusion de la presidence allémande : Bonnes lectures pour cet été 2008, afin de préparer l' avenir qui s'ouvrira (ou fermera) à partir des élections européennes de 2009.

Peut-etre revelera-t-il plus, en ce sens, lors de ses 2 discours-debats prochains avec les eurodeputés, prévus lors des sessions plenières du Parlement Européen a Strasbourg en octobre et décembre 2008... 


Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had already unveiled President Sarkozy's intentions, during a particularly "hot" Press Conference in Paris, where he faced some's insistance for "sanctions", with a call for "a common EU stance". In the meanwhile, he was consulting "all these days" most of his EU, Russia and Georgia counterparts, (as Sarkozy's Spokesman, P-J. Henin confirmed to "EuroFora"). This allowed him to obtained the desired result, as EU Chairman, at a short, exceptional EU Summit in Brussels, afterwards.


But, Sarkozy's No 1 official, Presidential palace's Secretary General Claude Gueant, active at Elysee during the 2008 Ambassadors' Conference, (together with his Top Diplomat, the experienced David Levitte), is well known for having an overall view : A link with 2009 EU Elections at the horizon ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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