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CoE Human Rights Director Giakumopoulos to Eurofora: Trump's view on "MedicAid" shows "Civilisation"

Written by ACM
Friday, 20 January 2017

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- While the 47 Member States-strong CoE is Ready to Participate in a Ground-Breaking  International Conference for a "European Pillar of Social Rights", organized by EU Commission (which includes a core of 28 Member States) in Brussels next Monday, the New US President, Don Trump's apparent Support for a Key Provision of CoE's Social Charter about MedicAid to Help Poor People's Access to Health Care, is "very Welcome", and Timely shows that even "Conservative Governments" can, sometimes, Advance Further than some so-called "Progressive" (Leftist) Governments, particularly in Issues which concern Core Human Rights, and are an integral part of Both European and World "Civilisation", at least in the Post-War II current era of the Last 65 Years (1945-2017), Replied, in substance, the Experienced CoE's Human Rights' Director, Christos Giakoumopulos, in one among three Questions raised by "Eurofora", (See Infra), in a Press Conference organized Today in Strasbourg, (by a Timely Coincidence, Just Before Trump's Official Inauguration starts in Washington, full of relevant Symbolic Statements : See also Infra).

    The unusual Move came as the Highest CoE's Official, its Secretary General, Thorbjorn Jagland, an Experienced former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister from Norway, and Long-time f. Chairman of Oslo's "NOBEL" Peace Prize Committee, has just Published a Letter Today, send to EU Commission's President, Jean-Claude Juncker, another Experienced former Long-Time Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and Chairman of €uroGroup, accompagnied by a Fully-Fledged relevant Legal Study of that Serious matter, in the form of an Official "Opinion", Together with an Explicit "Tableau" showing an overall view of all CoE Social Charter's Rights already Recognized by Each one among its 47 Member States, including, for Most of them, its New "Collective Complaints" Mechanism due to Monitor the actual Implementation of the prescribed Rules.

    His interlocutor, Juncker, (who addressed, Earlier this Week,  EU Parliament's Plenary in Strasbourg, on the occasion of EU Member Malta's incoming Presidency of EU Council, Debating with MEPs its Program for the Period of the Next 6 Months : January - July 2017), has gone on Record for a Famous Call to his ChristianDemocrat/EPP (Center-Right) Political Family, to - "Never Abandon Social Issues to the <<Socialists>>!", as he had Strongly Reminded, already, during the Latest, May 2014 European Elections...., (a Move which, Obviouslyn Fits as a Glove the more Recent Don Trump's, above-mentioned Stance in the USA : See also Infra).

    + Juncker is also Well Known for an Historic Report on the "Cooperation between the EU and COE", inside the ReUnified Europe's New Institutional Architecture, published on 2006 in Strasbourg, (Comp. relevant Juncker's Press Conference at the CoE, where he Replied also to "Eurofora" co-Founder's Questions, published then at "TCWeekly", etc), in response to an Official Demand from CoE's PanEuropean Heads of State/Governments Summit in Warsaw, Poland, on 2004, inviting him to do so.

    All this Timely came while, also Experienced CoE's Deputy Secretary General, Gabriela Battaini-Dragoni, was just Introduding, almost in Parallel in Strasbourg, a Special Event on Various Concrete Programmes for EU - CoE Cooperation, together with the Director General of CoE's Programs, Verena Taylor, which Included, f.ex., the "South", "Western Balkans and Turkey", as well as an overall "Framework" for "EU/CoE Programmatic Cooperation", (which is also, by another Good Coincidence, a Priority of the current Cyprus' Presidency of CoE's Highest Political Body : that of its Committee of Ministers, for the Period of November 2016 up to the End of May 2017, as also the Cypriot Foreign Minister, Ioanis Kasulides, a former Top MEP at EU Parliament, and Now Chairman-in-office of CoE's Ministerial Committee, Earlier Highlighted in Statements to "Eurofora" : See, f.ex. .....).

     Jagland urges, in his Letter to Juncker, to "promote Legal Certainty and Coherence, between European Standard-Setting Systems, Protecting Fundamental Social Rights", by "ensuring thet (CoE's) (Pan-) European Social Charter" becomes "Central to (EU's) Pillar", in order to "Make Europe not only More Prosperous, but also More Equitable and United".

    But European and PanEuropean current Efforts to Develop People's Social Rights, despite several Difficulties,  Unexpectedly received, apparently, a Symbolic but Strong Boost from ...New US President's Don Trump's USA !

"Eurofora"'s 3 Questions + CoE Human Rights Director's Replies at the Press Conference :


(A) "Eurofora" initialy observed that CoE's Top Official had stressed, in order to Support the View that an EU/COE Cooperation on Social Rights should currently Advance Further, (Comp. Supra), that : - "the Time is Now !".  

    - In this regard, we Pointed at "the (New) Fact that Even North America, which has (been considered to be), Traditionaly with Less Social Protection, than, at least in Europe, and even from the Right Side of the Political Spectrum, (i.e.) even from Conservatives, as (New US President) Donald Trump, Despite of all those Contradictions alleged by Critics, he Surprized his own Party, by Saying, anew These Days, that he'd like, (as f.ex. Ohio Governor Kasich had already claimed that he's alreadu done in his Federated State, during the GOP's Primaries' Public Debates between 14 Candidates competing for the November 2016 US Presidential Election), (for American People), to have, at least an Elementary, General Access to Health Care", even if it's "Contrary to some Tradtional Fiscalist" Lobbies, as we observed, citting certain "Pubic Declarations of both", in this regard.

=> -"Don't you think that, if he (Trump) succeeds to really make this happen, it would be an Encouraging Sign for Europe, at least for some Governements ?", "Eurofora" asked.



     - That's "very Welcome", observed from the outset the PanEuropean CoE's Human Rights' Director, in Reply to "Eurofora"s Question on this particularly Topical point of New US President Don Trump's, Declared Aims, (which is also Characteristic of his Original Positions Expressed,n in Wide Terms, already at his Historic Concluding Speech at the American Conservative Party's National Convention, last July 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio, when he Ensured to get the Confirmation as Official GOP's Candidate for the Subsequent, November 2016 US Presidential Election, after Winning a particularly "Hot" and Long Race among More than 14 initial Candidates, and, Concisely but Clearly, also in his Landmark "Inauguration" Speech, Today in Washington D.C., when he Officialy Entered in the White House as POTUS").

    - Indeed, "I think that it's Important to Consider Social Rights as an integral Part of Human Rights", CoE's Top Official stressed.

    - "They are Human Rights, (also) because .. it's the Collective History and Experience from the 2nd World War that has Produced these Rights, in the Same Way that it has produced the U.N. Universal Declaration and the (CoE's) European Convention for Human Rights".

    => That's why, "I doN't think that Human Rights are a question of policies from <<Conservative>> or <<Progressist (Leftist)>> Governments", he clearly underlined.

    - "It is an Issue of Common European Values, and of (International) common Civilisation".

    - It's "on this Basis that the Construction of Europe pursued for More than 60 Years now", (1945-2017).

    And, if this has been recognized , it has to be considered as More Important than mere Fiscal Policies. It's as Simple as that".

    - "So, it's not an Issue of Political Parties, has Not to do with (their competing) Policies : It is a Legal Issue, and a Worldwide Civilisation Issue", he Concluded.

    >>> - In consequence, indeed, (as in the above-mentioned case in New US President Don Trump's relevant Statements : Comp. Supra), "a Conservative Government can be very well Interested into Social Rights, in the Same Way as a Non-Conservative (f.ex. Leftist) Government", PanEuropean CoE's Human Rights' Director stressed.

    + Sometimes, it can be that certain so-called "Conservative Governments Advance further in key Social Rights, while, on the Contrary, some so-called "Progressist" (Leftist) Governments might Backtrack", he added.


  + "Eurofora" Further Asked COE's Human Rights' Director, whether the Priority for Cooperation with the EU on Social Rights would be, Now, rather on the Substantial Rules about the Issues, or on the Procedural Mechanism of Monitoring their Application, if not at Both. ++ We also Questioned Giakoumopoulos about the Countries which currently were "at the Forefront" of CoE's moves about its Social Charter.

=> His Replies, were Mainly to Admit, in Fine, that Rules on the Substance of Social Rights appeared quite more Important, even if CoE's Collective Complaints Mechanism was also quite Useful, particularly in certain aspects, (See infra), while, among at least the Obvious "Forefront" CoE Member Countries, currently Committed in developîng further the Social Charter, was, inter alia, f.ex., Italy, Belgium and Cyprus, (etc), the 2 Last of which have either a Big Coalition including the Right, or even a 100% Center-Right Governement, (as that of Cypriot President Anastassiades, a Long-Time and active Member of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party at European level).

>>> I.e., in Brief, 2 Replies which brought Even Closer to New US President Don Trump's Neo-Conservative Policies, (See Infra), with those of at least some among his closer Interlocutors in Europe...


 (B)    + - "You asked of it's 1st for the Substantive Issues (of COE's Social Rights' rules), or for the Procedure (by which their Implementation is Verified and Sanctioned)". "Whether it's the Mechanism, that is more, or the Substance", CoE's Human Rights' Director resumed "Eurofora"s First subsequent Question (Comp. Supra).

    - Once "Again, I don't feel that we can make such a Difference between the two, and we wish that they are Both present".

    - Nevertheless, "what I can say is that, in Some Areas, the Collective Complaints Mechanism has been Able to Alarm, to Warn, our (CoE's) Membe States of the Dysfunctioning of certain Instruments, Both in National and in EU Legislation, at a very Early Stage. And if Measures had been Taken at that Time, they might have Avoided a Subsequent Discussion, which has been <<Toxic>>", the Experienced CoE's Top Official observed.

    - "I'm Talking, for instance, about the <<Posted Workers>> Issue, which has Become a Major Issue in the EU Today", he pointed out, as a concrete Topical Example.  "The Problems of the <<Posted Workers'>> Legislation, and the Way it had been Applied at some stages, was Singled out as a Social Rights' Problem, and as an Issue of Potential <<Social Dumping>>, by the (CoE's) PanEuropean Committee on Social Rights, several Years Ago". "At the time, it had not been considered as such, and had rather Worried, than made (CoE's) Member States to really Commit to React to this. But Now, it has Become an Issue, which is even Divisive of Policies inside the EU" nowadays.

    - "So, I think that the Mechanism is Important", (at least) "as an Early Warning System, and I think that it has also an Impact on the Substance of the Social Rights, and the Way that they are Implemented", he Concluded on this point.

    +"But, there are Main Positions of Substance, which may be Improved, Even withOut a (Control) Mechanism". So that, "I doN't think that the Mechanism is an Absolute, which Should have a Precedence", at all, he Concluded on this point.

    + "AnOther Example is that the (CoE's) European Committee on Social Rights has Received an Important Amount of Collective Complaints against Greece, in the Recent Years, although Greece was Not Bound by the (New) Revised (CoE's) PanEuropean Charter".

    => - "So the Substantive side of accepting more (Social) Rights, is Not Necessarily Linked with the Mechanism, as such", he reiterated.


(C)  - Concerning our 3rd Question, (Comp. Supra), "F.ex. the UK, that you ("Eurofora") mentioned as "Recalcitrant" nowadays, nevertheless was the 1st Country to Ratify the (CoE's Social) Charter !", Giakoumopôulos reminded from the outset, in his Reply to "Eurofora"s 3rd Question (Comp. Supra).

=> - This Fact proves that : - "Things Change !"

So that, some "Countries who were very much Favorable to the (CoE's) Social Charter abandoned their interest, and Countries that were very Reluctant, now they are in favour it, i.e. they have Changed".

    - "But, this is True, that there are some (CoE) Member States which are at the Forefront of the whole Operation", to Boost basic Social Rights in all Europe, he Agreed.

    - F.ex., "It wasn't a Secret that this was moved by the (CoE's) Turin process", (Named after an Important PanEuropean 2015 Ministerial Conference in that City), "very much Supported by the Italian Government". And "it is pursued Further by the (Forthcoming, Next Week, Jan. 2017) Conference in Brussels, which s supported both by the EU and by the Belgian Government". While  it's allso concerned by another "Conference in Cyprus, which means that the (currently CoE's President for the Period of November 2016 to May 2017) Government of Cyprus is very much on he Same  line", etc.

    => - "So, we (COE) really feel that it's the Right Time for a Collective Commitment in favour of Social Rights", "and I think that it's High Time to have it", he Urged, in Conclusion.     

CoE's relevant Social Charter's Rules

    As as it regards Legal Rules, PanEuropean CoE's Social Charter's "Part I, § 13", provides, precisely, and right from the Start, that "Anyone withOut Adequate Resources has the Right to ...Medical Assistance", (while, also, its §11, recognizes at "Everyone" - i.e. even Not Poor People - "the Right to ...the Highest Possible standard of Health attainable", Excluding, in principle, grave "Medical AppartHeid" Discriminations).

    + As for CoE's Social Charter's "Article 13", its §1 Requires from all Member States to "Ensure that Any Person, who is withOut Adequate Resources, and who is Unable to Secure such Resources, either from his Own Efforts or from Other Sources", is "Granted, ... in case of Sickness, the (Health) Care Necessitated by his condition".

    Both these Key Articles have been Officialy Endorsed by Most of CoE's 47 Member States.

The Situation in the USA+: Trump, Kasich, + relevant Debates (also in the EU)

    The New US President has Firmly Evoked several Times his Intention to Maintain and Fix "Medic-Aid" to poor People in Need, at least Twice in his 2015-2016 Pre-Electoral Campaign, and Confirmed that Recently in an 2017 Interview to mainstream Press. Meanwhile, this had been also Reiterated, at least in an elementary but clear form, in principle, by his New White House Chief of Staff, Priebus, a former GOP National Ciommittee Chairman, in Other such Press Statements about MedicAid, etc).

    MedicAid had been Historicaly Strengthened, (particularly on fragile, Elder People), also by the Popular former US President Ronald Reagan, (also a Conservative), in the Past.

    On the Contrary, according to Recent US mainstream sources, Nowadays, More than ...30 Millions of American People are still "UnInsured", Despite several Years of a Controversial, Obama's "Affordable Care" Act !


    An Interesting, Already pre-Existing such Fact, in Nowadays North America, build also by a Conservative US Politician : John Richard Kasich, Twice Elected Governor of Ohio, (where were Born the 2 Greatest American Astronauts : Glenn and Armstrong : The First Men in History to Orbit the Earth and to Walk on the Moon, respectively).

    Governor Kasich, (a 2nd Generation European Migrant from Central-Eastern EU Countries : Check Republic and Croatia), who participated Actively in the 2015-2016 GOP Primaries for the Selection of the Candidate to November 2016 US Presidential Election, almost up to the End, competing side by side with Don Trump, had been considered, in the Past, as "a Fiscal Conservative", but Proved that adequate Financial Austerity and Economic Growth can, sometimes, go Together with elementary Human Rights, such as that of poor or impoverished People to Health Care :

    - Indeed, (as Kasich himself repeatedly Claimed, during several Public Debates in the GOP's Primaries, withOut being Ever Contradicted by Anyone), as Governor of the Federated State of Ohio, he stresed that he was Proud to have Succeeded to Cut Taxes and Diminish Debt, at the Same Time that Employment has risen Higher, and an Economic Growth re-appeared, while also Providing for all People who Faced Money Obstacles to Health Care, a Right to Access MediCare, "in order to keep all our Citizens Standing on their Feet", as he characteristicaly said, (Noting, also, by the way, that Prevention avoided Costly Urgencies provoked by otherwise threatening Illnesses, Limited Epidemics, Helped Productivity and Poor Families to also look after their Children, etc., so that it Spared, in fact, a Lot of Money that Public Authorities risked to have to Spend, Otherwise) !

    However, it's also True that Many Other Right-wing Politicians, Both in the US and in Europe, have Recently Complained about "Excessive Public Spending" around Medic-Aid to all People in Need, (in certain Countries, even to Total Strangers, withOut any Relation, History or Attachment, linked to the Host Country, who just Happen to Pass By, or Cross through it, for a while).

    Nevetheless, this Possible Problem has been Attributed, by at least some among the Most Important such Righ-Wing Politicians, (also Both in the USA and in Europe), either to frequent Abuses of Facturation by some unscrupulous Bureaucrats, (as has Denounced, f.ex., Strasbourg's mainstream Center-Right French MEP, from the former Governing -and now Main Opposition- Party of UMP/The Republicans, as well as Experienced Long-Time CoE's PanEuropean Assembly's Member, Andre Schneider, a former Professor in Civil Society), and/or some too Technocratic Procedures, through which, often Unnecessary Expensive Choices might be Imposed to UnInformed and/or Unable to react, Poor Sick People, at least partly for the Sake of Selfish Interests of a Caste of Uncontrolled Technocrats, Eager f.ex. to Find Public Funds for Sophisticated Machines of Uncertein or DisProportional Usefulness, to Hire Staff subordinate to their Orders and/ro Carreer, etc. (A quite Obvious Risk, which had been, Earlier, Denounced, f.ex., by the Young US GOP Politician, and Former 2008 Candidate for US vice-President,n who became recently the powerful Senate's new President, Paul Ryan - someone who Endorsed Trump Only much Later than others, being often Criticized for that by several People from his Electoral Base).

    One, among Many and Various practical Possibilities able to Help Prevent such kind of eventual Abuses, (in Addition to a Normal Fight against Fraud, here, as also elsewhere), might, perhaps, be also an alleged Proposal Examined by Trump's Nominee for New "Secretary of Health and Human Services", (i.e. Minister for Health and Social Issues), Tom Pricen a Republican Congressman used to serve as US Congress' Budget Committe Chairman since 2015. Tom Price's alleged Draft Plan reportedly includes the Allowance of Positive Tax Benefits to Poor People, Exclusively Destinated to Health Care services, which could Give them a Possibility to knowingly Calculate and Choose the Best possible Cost-Benefit relation between Various shemes of Private Insurance for Care, and/or, quite "Freely" Plan their own Access to Health services, according to what is perceived as their Real Needs among several availale possibilities.

    Another Possibility, (eventually Complementary to the Previous one), could Obviously be the Setting up of Internal Mechanisms for adequate and Independent Monitoring, (in Direct Contact and Dialogue, both with the Patient and the concerned Doctors), aiming to Prevent any serious Abuse, by anyone who might be concerned.

    + Moreover, Don Trump has also Timely Denounced, according to many Recent Reports at the Press, some "Big Pharma" Industry's "Disastrous" Abuses, including, particularly, a Notorious Deplorable Trend to often Blow up its Market Prices for several Medical Drugs, whose Production, in fact, Costs considerably Less :  - "The Drug Industry (is) ... Getting Away with Murder !", has strongly criticized, inter alia, the New US President.

    In such a Context, even a Frontrunner in the Crucial, Forthcoming French Presidential Election of April-May 2017, as Francois Fillon, former Prime Minister of Sarkozy during 5 Years, (2007-2012), and recent UnExpected Winner of his Center-Right "Republican" Party's Primaries on November 2016, after an Initial Attempt to Cut MedicAid, (Widely Criticized, Not Only by Socialists, but also by Politicians of his own Party, as f.ex. Henri Guaino, etc., and even by Rightist "National Front" Leader, Marine Le Pen, etc), Finaly Decided to Review his stance, according to a relevant Public Debate, at the Beginning of this Year, as his Spokesman reportedly stressed recently.

    Last, but Not Least : According to a Recent Article Published in France by Mainstream Newspaper "Le Figaro", and Signed even by its own Proprietor : the Son of Famous Engineer Marcel Dassault, Serge : a Fiscal Conservative, explicitly Aiming at Justifying a Wider Call to Limit unnecessary State Expenses, in order to Eradicate a Growing Public Debt), a generaly Unknown, but Spectacular Fact, reveals that :

    - While the Less important, allegedly Counter-Productive, often Accused to be "Lazy", and Controversial Limitation of Weekly Working Hours down to Only 35 per week, (instead of 40, previously), which obviously Serves mainly Employed People with Not Any Real Problem or Threat of Poverty, even Less about Health and/or Life, etc.), would Cost to the French State Budget, about ... 21 (Twenty one !) Billions € per Year, - while, on the Contrary, the above-mentioned "MedicAid" Programs, (of Vital Importance for the Life of People Deprived of Sufficient Resources to pay Access to Healh Care) would Cost "only" 1 (One) Billion €, i.e., an almost "Negligeable" Quantity, Comparatively, (just 1 instead of 21 Billions €/Year) !

    So that whoever might, eventualy, Claim to Keep that Controversial, Superfluous, almost Insignificant, but Too Costly, 21 Billions € Worth, limitation of just 4 or 5 Work Hours per Week, for a Tiny Pleasure of Healthy, Egoist and fully Employed Cushy Job Holders, while, at the Same Time, he might Ask to Cut the "Only" 1 Billion €/per Year (i.e. X 20 Times Less !) Vital "MedicAid" to Sick and Poor People in Need for ther Health and/or Life at Risk, would Certainly be a Bigoted, InHuman, Stupid and Unecessary Cruel, Irresponsible WrongDoer, that neither History, nor the People, would Never Forget to Punish, in one way or other, for such a Gross Crime.-Smart and Conscious People could certainly be Able to Find much Better, Alternative Solutions...  

    Finally, the New US President's main Aim, in this regard, Obviously is to Help Bring Back to "Good Jobs", as he said, Most or All of those People who had been Obliged, in one way or another, in the Past, to Fall to a "Poverty Trap", for a Short or Longer period of Time, at least as far as Health Care is concerned, so that they would soon Find anew a way to Freely and Independently Access Medical services normaly again, in the foreseable Future, so that any such provoked Problem would more or less "Disappear", sooner of later, at least for its Largest Part, (Comp. Supra).

+ Trump's Inauguration Speech Today (relevant points)


+ By a Timely Coincidence, Just a Few Hours After that COE's Press Conference on EU/CoE possible Cooperation on Social Rights, earlier Today (Comp. Supra),

     the New US President, Don Trump, Symbolicaly was stressing, in his "Inaugural Address", to the Citizens watching the Public Ceremony of his Official Entry into the White House on 20.1.2017, after his Surprize Win at the November 2016 Election :

    - "Today’s ceremony, ...has very Special Meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one Party to another – but we are Transferring Power from Washington, D.C., and Giving it Back to You :  the People !", as he said, "to Everyone Gathered here Today and Everyone Watching", widely Applauded.
 - "For too long, a Small Group in our nation’s Capital has Reaped the Rewards of Government, while the People have borne the Cost".

 - "Washington Flourished – But the People did Not Share in its Wealth"; he Denounced.

 - On the Contrary, "Politicians Prospered – But the Jobs Left, and the Factories Closed"

  - The Establishment protected Itself, but Not the Citizens of our country".
    - "Their victories, have Not been Your (People's) Victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs; and While They Celebrated in our nation’s Capital, there was Little to Celebrate for Struggling Families all across our land".
    - "That all Changes – starting right here, and right Now, because This Moment is Your moment: it Belongs to You", (the People).
    - "This is Your (People's) Day. This is your celebration".

    - "And this, the United States of America, is Your country".

    - "What truly Matters, is Not which Party controls our government, But whether our government is Controlled by the People" :

That's why, "January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the Day the People Became the Rulers of this nation again".

 - "The Forgotten Men and Women of our country will be forgotten no longer".

    - On the Contrary, "Everyone will be Listening to You Now !", he said to the People, Calling them "to Become part of an Historic Movement, the likes of which, the World has Never seen Before !"

    - At the Center of this Movement is a Crucial Conviction: that a Nation exists to Serve its Citizens".

    - F.ex., "Americans want great Schools for their children, Safe Neighborhoods for their families, and Good Jobs for themselves. These are the Just and reasonable demands of a righteous public".     

    - "But for too Many of our Citizens, a Different Reality exists: Mothers and Children Trapped in Poverty, in our Inner Cities; rusted-out Factories scattered like Tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an Education system, flush with cash, but which Leaves our young and beautiful students Deprived of Knowledge; and the Crime and Gangs and Drugs that have Stolen too many Lives and Robbed our country of so much Unrealized Potential", he Denounced.

    - "This American Carnage Stops right here and stops right now". (...)     

    - "One by one, the Factories Shuttered and left our shores, with not even a thought about the millions upon Millions of American Workers Left Behind." (...)

    - "But that is the Past. And now we are looking only to the Future. ... From this day forward, a New Vision will govern our land". (...)

    - "I will Fight For You (the People), with every Breath in my body – and I will Never, ever Let you Down", Don Trump promissed.

    - "We will bring back our Jobs. We will bring back our Borders.  We will bring back our Wealth.  And we will bring back our Dreams. We will build new Roads, and highways, and Bridges, and Airports, and tunnels, and Railways all across our wonderful nation"

    => -" We will Get our People Off of Welfare, and Back to Work – reBuilding our country", he Promissed (in a Relevant Point also to Medic-Aid). (...)

    - "We do Not seek to Impose our way of life on anyone, But rather to let it Shine as an example for everyone to follow"

    -  He also used CoE's Human Rights' Director's reference to the "Civilized World" (Comp. Supra), when he Added the Promisse that - "We will reinforce Old Alliances and Form New ones – and Unite the Civilized World, against Radical Islamic Terrorism, which we will Eradicate completely from the face of the Earth". (...) "There should be No Fear – we are protected, and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, Most Importantly, we are Protected by God".

    - However, "We must Speak our minds Openly, Debate our disagreements Honestly, But Always pursue Solidarity", Don Trump Urged.

       - ..."We must Think Big, and Dream even Bigger", at the same Time that "we understand that a nation is only Living as long as it is Striving".

    - "We (People's Movement : See Above) will No longer Accept Politicians who are all Talk, and No Action – constantly complaining but Never Doing anything about it. The time for Empty Talk is Over. Now arrives the Hour of Action".

    => "Do Not let Anyone Tell you "it CanNot be done.  No Challenge can Match the Heart and Fight and Spirit of America", (...).

    - "We stand at the Birth of a New Mllennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of Space, to Free the Earth from the Miseries of Disease (anOther Reference to a Promisse of Universal Access to Human Health possibilities), and to harness the Energies, Industries and Technologies of tomorrow".

    - While "It is time to remember that old Wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are Black, or Brown, or White, We All Bleed the Same Red Blood", he Warned.

    - And, "whether a Child is born in the Urban sprawl of Detroit, or the Windswept plains of Nebraska, they Look up at the Same night Sky", (an Ancient, 16th Century Chinese Civilisation moto, of a curiously Disappeared Society's Credo, partly Re-Discovered, Soon Afterwards, at Chile/Peru's High Mountains among the Incas...). They fill their heart with the Same Dreams, and they are infused with the Breath of Life by the Same almighty Creator".

    - "So to All Americans, in Every city, Near and far, Small and Large, from Mountain to Mountain, and from Ocean to Ocean, Hear these Words :"

- "You will Never be Ignored Again ! ", (he Stressed in fine, Reminding the Symbolic Promisse that he had made already at the few First Words that he had pronounced immediately After hiw Surprize, UnExpected Electoral Win of 2016 US Presidential Election, at MidNight of November 9)...

    - "Your (People's) Voice, your Hopes, and your Dreams, will Define our American Destiny. And your Courage and Goodness and love will ForEver Guide us along the way", he Concluded.





("DraftNews", as already Send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be published asap).




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    An "Eugenic" loophole Amendment, which might expose to Dangers reminiscent of "3rd Reich's" notorious Genetic Abuses, hidden at the last minute inside an otherwise Good, larger Health policy Package scheduled to be voted on Thursday, was strongly denounced by a coalition of MEPs from various Political Groups and Countries, in a Press Conference held this afternoon at EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

    Mainly calling to "Select Human Embryos", via "Genetic Counselling" and "pre-implantation" Techniques including "Genetic Tests", in order to "Eradicate Hereditary rare Diseases", it might open ways to Dangerous Practices in Future, they denounced in substance.

    But they also made it clear that a much larger Report inside which this Controversial Amendment "No 15" was added in dubious circumstances, officialy destinated to struggle against "Rare Diseases", and drafted by Professor Antonios Trakatellis, was otherwise "an Excellent Report", aiming at a "completely Uncontroversial target" of Health policy on which "all MEPs and Experts are united, believing that Europe should act" to protect People's Health (See "EuroFora"'s earlier News).

    The controversy came at a particularly delicate moment for the EU in relation to Citizens, at the eve of June 2009 EU Elections, and shortly before Ireland re-votes for "Lisbon Treaty"..    

- Denouncing risks of "an Eugenic demand, very similar to what we had during the 3rd Reich in Germany, but now coming from some Scientisists themselves", German ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Dr. Peter Liese stressed that critical MEPs were against "Eugenic" engineering with "Selection of Human Embryos", and anything which might ultimately lead up to to a "Selection of Human Race". It doesn't help to "eradicate" Human Lives, he added.

    Several Experts and NGOs expressed "Deep Concern", as f;ex. DR M.C. Cornel of the "European Society of Human Genetics", which stressed, on this occasion, that "the importance of Non-Directiveness in Reproductive issues is a Central characteristic of Human Genetics, after the Atrocities committed in the name of Genetics in the first half or the 20th Century".

     - "This is completely Unacceptable", stressed Italian Liberal MEP Vittorio Prodi, on the Controversial Amendment, also because pushes to "eliminate early Human Life", as he noted.

     - "This opens a Dangerous Road, rather a Motorway", denounced Danish MEP Mrs Margrette Auken, from the "Greens", observing that various similar attempts were made in the Past "not only in Germany, but also in several other Countries, "even at the 1970ies", "f.ex. on forced Sterilisation of Roma" People, and other criticisable situations f.ex. in the UK, in Sweden, etc. as she said.

    + Other NGOs, as f.ex. "LebenHilfe" from Berlin, added that, among various other Risks, could also be that, by exploiting the pre-implantation Genetic Diagnostics and the Selection of "healthy" Embryos, some may "propagate" several "Eugenic" aims, starting f.ex. by pushing to eradicate Human Livies which might "Cost too much" to preserve, ultimately exposing to dangers reminiscent of the "3rd Reich"'s atrocious abuses.

    In consequence, ChristianDemocrats/EPP and "Green" MEPs "decided by Majority to vote against" this Controversial Amendment, anounced to Journalists the 5 MEPs who participated in the Press Conference, representing a wide spectrum, from Liberals to "Greens" and ChristianDemocrats, and from Hungary, Italy, Germany and Danemark up to Ireland (Gay Mitchell), etc.
    Hungarian ChristianDemocrat MEP Laszlo Surjan said "that it was "Suddenly, at the End of the Procedure" in Committee, that "appeared this (Controversial) Amendment, which has nothing to do" with the main purpose of the Report, on which all agreed.

    He denounced an "Unhonest" move, and called to "avoid this kind of unacceptable situations". Nobody should "Select People", Surjan stressed.

    - "We (MEPs) had No Chance to Discuss" this last-minute Amendment earlier added at a Committee's level, said German MEP Peter Liese

    Speaking to "EuroFora", Dr. Liese, the Spokesman of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group in EU Parliament, said that MEPs didn't oppose other references of the Report f.ex. on "Genetic Tests", because they were "no proposals" to impose them, while, on the contrary, there was "a Problem" if anyone attempted to "impose" f.ex. this or that Genetic Technique and "Genetic Counselling", etc. to the People on human reproduction.
The precise Text :
    Controversial parts of Amendment No 15 ask mainly "to lead finally to the Eradication" of "Hereditary" "rare diseases", "through Genetic Counselling .., and ..pre-Implantation Selection of healthy Embryos".

    But  EU Rapporteur Professor Trakatellis, said to "EuroFora" that fears should be alleviated by Guarantees that all this should be done only "where appropriate", when it's "not contrary to existing National Law", and "always on a Voluntary basis", according to other Parts of the Amendment.

    He stressed that the main aim was to allow "a free and informed choice of persons involved", without imposing them anything :  - "It's not an obligatory, but advisary" text, he said.

    To make that point clear, he was ready, in agreement with many MEPs, to eventually drop at least that part of the controversial Amendment which initially called for "efforts to ..lead finally to the Eradication of those rare diseases" "which are Hereditary".

    But, until late Wednesday evening, reportedly together with many other MEPs, he stood by all the rest of the controversial Amendment, (fex. on the "Genetic Counselling" and the "pre-implantation Selection of healthy Embryos"), so that critical MEPs, going from ChristianDemocrats as Dr. Liese, to "Greens" or "Ind/Dem", observed to "EuroFora" that "this was not enough" to close the dangerous loophole.

    Particularly since, as Professor Trakatellis noted himself, "this is already allowed to the U.K.", and "other National Legislations would probably follow, sooner or later" in a similar direction. As for a general call to "Eradicate Hereditary rare Diseases", this "should happen, at any case, in practice, de facto", to protect public Health.

    On the contrary, "our goal should be to help patients suffering from rare diseases, not to eradicate the patients. In case of genetic disease risk, the decision should not be guided by scenarios" made by politicians. "Perents who may decide to accept a child, even if handicapped or with genetic disease, must be respected and supported with solidarity", critical MEPs stated.

    - "Any Pressure" to "a patient or couple (who "should be able to make an informed choice consistent with their own values"),"from health Professionals, Public Health Policies or Governemental Institutions, or Society at large, should be avoided", stresses the "European Society for Human Genetics".


Each MEP's vote will be registered !


The Socialist Group requested a "Split vote" on the Amendment 15, first without, and afterwards with the words "lead finally to the Eradication" etc.

    But the first "split vote" leaves intact all the other parts of the Controversial Amendment, (i.e. "Genetic Counselling", "Selection of healthy Embryos", etc).

    That's why, 3 Groups of MEPs : ChristianDemocrats/EPP, "Greens/EFA", and "Ind/Dem", have asked for "Roll Call Votes", on everything regarding the Controversial Amendment No 15, and on the final outcome of the resulting Report as amended, which will register all the individual positions to be taken by each MEP.   

Something which will obviously make each MEP think twice before voting for one or another choice, to be sure that he/she will make the right choice in front of EU Citizens, particularly at these pre-Election times...

    Crucial Votes were scheduled between 12 Noon and 1 p.m. local Strasbourg time, in the middle of a long series of various other Reports, and after a long Public Debate on the larger Health policy package, from 9 to 11.50 am.

    The specific Report inside which was hidden the controversial Amendment is due to be debated between 11 and 12 am.

    So that more last-minute Surprises may not be excluded a priori...

    Particularly at the present Historic moment, when even the Institutional Future of the EU depends on the result of a second Referendum on "Lisbon Treaty", later this year, in ...Ireland, a mainly Catholic country, where People are particularly sensitive in such kind of socio-cultural and values issues...

     (Draft due to be updated).


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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