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CoE Anti-Corruption watchdog Head Mrcela to EF on French Presidential: ALL Politicians to be Cleaned

Written by ACM
Monday, 20 March 2017

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- Marin Mrcela, from Croatia, President of CoE's Anti-Corruption Watchdog, known as "GRECO", replying to an "Eurofora"'s Question on the forthcoming French Presidential Elections of April/May 2017, stressed, in substance, that, as a matter of Pinciple, "All" Top Candidates have to be Checked and "Cleaned" from any eventualy Pending serious Allegations, and Not Only Some among them, Excluding the Others, particularly according to their Political Color, since that would be Contary to Democracy, Fairness, and Efficient Prevention of Corruption, absolutely opposite to CoE's Legal Standards.

 - "All Politicians Must be Cleaned !", strongly and clearly Replied, immediately, President Mrcela, to "Eurofora"s Topical Question about the Problems recently seen in France, where All main Candidates of the Right are notoriously Harassed by various Judicial Enquiries and Prosecutions, while, on the Contrary, Noone among the Left's Candidates has been yet disturbed, Despite growing suspicions and/or denonciations at least about one among them, (Comp., f.ex. : ....).



+ Invited by "Eurofora" to make it Clear whether he really Meant that, in such cases as that in France nowadays, such Moves should, normaly, affect not only the Top Candidates of the Right, but Also of the Left, GRECO's President was Adamant, reacting categoricaly, with a sharp : - "Absolutely !"...

 Interestingly, he spoke to "Eurofora" just after Launching a New "Evaluation Round" by GRECO, for the Next few Years, which will be Focused on "Prevention of Corruption in Top Governemental Functions, and Law Enforcement", obviously including similar cases.
++ President Mrcela confirmed, indeed, (in Reply to another relevant "Eurofora"s Question), that this New Round of GRECO's Monitoring, which has just officialy Started Today, included also Investigations about France.



Meanwhile, shortly After notoriously Harassing the Head of France's main Opposition Party, that of Center-Right "Republicans", former President of the Country, Nicolas Sarkozy, with Various Judicial Enquiries and Prosecutions, during these Latest Years of the Out-Going Socialist Government, suddenly, in a Surprizing, Last-Minute Move, at the Eve of the Crucial French Presidential Election, certain Judges and Prosecutors, following some Leftist Press Reports, Started to Harass also Francois Fillon, former Prime Minister and currently the official Presidential Candidate of that Same, Center-Right "Republican" Party. To all this, wete Added, also, 2 Different Enquiries and Prosecutions against the Rightist "FN" Party's Candidate to the Presidentials, Marine Le Pen, (See, f.ex. : ....).

Moreover, while the main Accusations against those 2 Top Candidates from the Right side of the Political spectrum concerned more or less Controversial claims about comparatively Lenient matters, (such as, f.ex., the Fact that he always Used to Work Together with his Wife during all his long career, for Fillon, always declaring her legal pay from Funds for Assistants routinely disposed by any MP who can, reportedly, do practicaly what he likes with them, during his mandates, and the even Less serious Fact that Marine Le Pen had simply Replied to a Slander claiming that her Party would be Assimilated to .. Islamist Terrorists of ISIL, with a Tweeter reproducing Photos, already Published by Others in the Web, showing real ISIL's Atrocities, in order to Remind the obviously Huge Differencies between a Controversial but Legal Political Party playing the Democratic Game, and Brutal, Deadly Islamist Terrorism), nevertheless, a Totaly Opposite stance was, curiously, kept by French Judges and/or Prosecutors, even for Serious Accusations against Candidates of the Left :

- Thus, f.ex., Center-Left's Candidate Macron, (a Former Councelor of Socialist President Hollande and former Minister in the Out-Going Socialist Government), has notoriously been, in the Meantime, Accused, by various Medias etc., for at least 5 Cases with Suspicions of more or less serious, eventual Corruption Risks, at least apparent, concerning :



(1) Alleged Favoritism etc. in the way that were Spend Public Funds and/or selected those who Benefited from such Money, in a Collective Trip to Las Vegas (USA) as Minister ; (2) Various Allegations/Suspicions related to his Eventual Sources of Funds supporting his Electoral Campaign, (for which he is the Only Candidate to be Deprived from a pre-existing Political Party) ; (3) Plagiarism to the Detriment of Top MEP, former Minister of Foreign affairs, Defense, and JHA, Michele Alliot-Marie, whose Electoral Campaign Logo, Moto and/or Introduction, have been Spectacularly ...Copied, almost Entirely, Texto, by Macron's Electoral Pamphlets (See : ....) ; (4) Conflict of Interests, via his Medical Counselor -Obliged to Resign- and Brother of a Top Member of his Electoral Campaign Staff, who used to be Paid a lot of Money by a Controversial Private "Big Pharma" Company, known also for the Deadly Drug Scandal of "Mediator" in the recent Past ; (5) Allegations concerning his Wife's private Property and its Real Value ;  (6) a Controversial Fiscal manouvre, Spending Half a Million : 500.000 € for "Repairs" of her Wife's Buildings, in only 1 Year, allegedly abused as a means to Avoid Paying Taxes on his Revenues, (etc).

French Judges and/or Prosecutors, However, apparently Droped, until now, All those Accusations or Suspicions concerning Macron, (only opening, very Lately, a simple Anonymous Investigation on the "Las Vegas" case, But withOut Involving Legaly the former Socialist Minister himself, Not even Mentioning his Name !)...

Nevertheless, Recently, at least 3 Different, Independent NGOs, generaly Well Known for being Dedicated to the Fight against Corruption in general ("Anti-Cor"), Independent Medical Information ("Formindep"), and Public Expenditute ("IREF"), have reportedly Written and/or Officialy Alerted the competent Judges and/or Prosecutors, Asking for various relevant Investigations to be Launched, until now in Vain... [Data Partly UPDATED].

It's true that Governing Socialist Parties, in General, seem to be very Keen, also in Various Other Countries, to Avoid, almost at Any Price, several notable Anti-Corruption Investigations and/or Legal Prosecutions against their Main Political Allies, as, f.ex., it can be seen Recently also in the case of Romania :

- After a Previous Socialist Government had notoriously Attempted even to ... Destitute the Democraticaly Elected, ChristianDemocrat/EPP President of Romania, some Years ago, Troian Basescu, who had supported Anti-Corruption Enquiries particularly on a Former Socialist Prime Minister, (See, f.ex. : ....), Nowadays, it's also anOther Socialist Government, in that Same Country, which Notoriously tried to systematicaly Avoid any Investigations/Legal Prosecutions for various Corruption-related Accusations against several of its Political Allies, provoking an Unprecedented Popular Upheaval, with a lot of persisting Massive Public Demonstrations, etc., which Obliged that controversial Government to Back down, until now...



    >>> - But, as Romania's Chief Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Ms Laura Codruta Kövesi, told "Eurofora" Today, (after her Speech to the relevant CoE's Conference on GRECO's work, earlier this same day : Comp. Supra), rumours Warned that the current Socialist Government of the country, might, eventualy, make anOther, Different Attempt to Prevent Anti-Corruption Enquiries/Prosecutions against several among its Pals, by Drafting a New Legislative Bill to DeCriminalize such Cases, which might be Adopted by the National Parliament, if everything goes as scheduled by the Socialists, "at the Latest on June" 2017, i.e. "just before MPs leave for Summer Recess".



    That's another, still on-going, Issue on the making, that GRECO will probably Follow very closely in the foreseable Future, in the Framework, precisely, of its New "Evaluation Round" on "Preventing Corruption and Promoting Integrity in Central Governments' Top Executive functions", as well as among "Law Enforcement agencies", which Obviously Fits Well too the present French Case, as it emerged from Today's PanEuropean/International CoE's Conference in Strasbourg to Launch this New Monitoring period, in Cooperation and with the Participation, here, also of relevant Senior Officials from CoE's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE's Rapporteur on Corruption, MEP Michelle Nicoletti), the EU (OLAF's Director General, Giovanni Kessler), the OECD, IMF, UNO, etc.

    + But, another Original parameter of this 2017 CoE's Conference, that "Eurofora" attended, was the Fact that it Opened an Interesting area for Efficient Cooperation with relevant Civil Society and Citizens' possible moves, thanks also to the Participation of Representatives from EU Ombudsperson, Emily O'Reilly, NGOs such as "Transparency International", and "International Consortium of Investigative Journalists" (ICIJ), etc.



    For that purpose, Each Time that CoE's Anti-Corruption Watchdog starts Monitoring a given Country, it systematicaly Makes an Appeal to Any Persons which might have Interesting Insights, Tips or Leads, with any useful relevant Facts or Tips, to Contribute in the Forthcoming Investigations at a PanEuropean level.







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Speaking exclusively to "EuroFora", the New EU Parliament's President, former Polish Prime Minister, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Jerzy Busek, welcomed proposals by EuroFora about innovative ways for EU Citizens to attend EU debates before important final decisions which affect people's lives.

- "We (EU Parliament) must be transparent", Buzek stressed from the outset.  "We must have clear answers also for delicate questions. If we don't touch a problem, you must know why, and when shall we decide in the nearest future".. "Because "we (EU) must think about Europeans, first of all : They don't understand well what is going on in the EU. So, it's our duty to inform them, to make discussions here more interesting".

"EuroFora" congratulated President Buzek for the anouncement he made, from the 1st day of his election in Strasbourg (on Tuesday, 14 July 2009), on his intention to make  transparent debates, exchanges of views, etc. before the final adoption of decisions in EU Parliament's Plenary, when issues are evolving inside Committees, (See earlier publication).

And we reminded, in this regard, that "EuroFora" has been advocating a project for EU Citizens' active involvement in pluralist EU debates before important EU decisions, since more than a Decade : 1997-2007+

- "Thank you. We (EU Parliament), indeed, have exciting debates", Buzek replied. But, in practice, "without a possibility for our Citizens to see them, not even by the Press, the Radio or TV, etc., because it is in Committees", he regreted.

- "But, they (i.e. Media, Citizens, etc) might interact with you, with MEPs, etc, May be we can imagine something", "EuroFora" proposed.

- "Yes, (but) it needs, a quite new idea", Buzed observed.

- "Why not through some innovations ?", "EuroFora" suggested.

- "Innovation ? That's it. Fantastic  New Information Technologies !", Buzek realized.

- "Precisely, "EuroFora" has such a project, since more than a Decade (1997-2009), to use new technologies for public debates before major EU decisions are taken", we reminded.

- "If you have such proposals, please come to us, come to us. We must" do something, agreed the new EU Parliamen's President.


    This fits with Buzek's main stance, expressed at EU Parliament's plenary earlier this week in Strasbourg, that the European Union must succeed to overcome a "Crisis of Trust" vis a vis EU Citizens. (See previous EuroFora publication).

    For that purpose, obviously information and debates are valuable, but purely instrumental, procedural means which can help focus on, and highlight a substantial content, attractive to EU Citizens, which needs to be determined by other, political, and not mediatic factors.  

    Buzek spoke about the urgent need to overcome the Global Economic Crisis,  the struggle for Human and Civic Rights, Democracy, etc., the Eastern Partnership, links with Russia, strategic partnership with USA and emerging countries, etc.

    But he also used (while speaking both to "EuroFora" and other Media) the expression : "The Europeans", for EU Citizens. This points right towards what several important EU leaders (including French President Sarkozy, German Chancellor Merkel, etc) have started to highlight particularly during the recent years : That there is a vital need, and an historic opportunity, for the development of a European Conscience, to stimulate e renaissance of a European Identity able to attract Popular support, for the EU to become a strong player in a Multopolar World : In other words, the revitalisation of a project for a "Political Europe".

    By a coincidence, this was indirectly but surely reminded, earlier in Strasbourg, by another ... Busek (this time with a "s") : 


    Speaking to more than 650 participants from CoE's member countries, at the conclusion of the 2009 Summer University of its Political Schools, Erhard Busek, (with an "s"), former vice-Chancellor of Austria and EU Coordinator for South-Eastern Europe, pointed at the current need to revitalize Europe's "Identity", forged by Greek philosophy and Roman Law, Christian values and Enlightment's ideas, etc. through the ages.     

- "We have almost the same name with Jerzy Buzek (EU Parliament's new President, who is a former Polish Prime Minister), because both our Families come ...from  the same village, located at the Heart of Europe, which was often shared between Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. But my family emmigrated a long time ago to Austria, while Jerzy Buzek's family remained in Poland", explained f. vice-Chancellor Erhard Busek to "EuroFora".   

 An astonishingly concrete and simple example of European Integration from the grassroots : Starting by EU Citizens, i.e. those "Europeans", that EU Parliament's new President, Jerzy Buzek (this time with a "z"), wants to bring alongside MEP's decision-making proces, (according to "EuroFora"'s main idea : Comp. supra)...



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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