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CoE Chair's Harvard+Einstein-educated Prof. Tsiodras (Greece/Australia): HCQ+ is Safe Cure v. Virus

Pisac ACM
01. 06. 2020.


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- KickStarting the 1st ever PanEuropean CoE Series of High Level Public Debates on the Pandemic Virus and Human Rights, which aims to "Examine All the Angles" in order to Prepare, at the End, the "GuideLines" on Pandemics, for 47 Member Countries (including Russia, etc), due to be adopted by CoE's  Top Political Body, its Committee of Ministers, at their Summit of November 2020 in Athens, as said Today the New CoE's Chairmann-in-office, Greek Minister for European affairs, Miltiades Varvitsiotis, (a Young but Experienced Long-Time former MEP at CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, where he was Recently Elected vice-President of its Biggest Group, that of Christian-Democrats/EPP),




the "Harvard" and "Einstein"-educated Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, PhD, Head of the "National Team of Experts" on the Virus in Greece (which Chairs the CoE from May to November 2020), Specialized on Infections, including HIV, and Leading-Author of a Recent Study on "COVID-19" Published at the USA,  

Surprized Positively by stressing that "HCQ+AZ" Cure is "Safely" still "Used" to Help "Cure" People against that Deadly Virus,  

Despite Recent Controversies "in Some Countries", notoriously Provoked Only by a (as "Eurofora" found, See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html, etc) "Bogus Study" (with more than 11 Big Flaws : See ibid), Earlier published by an Indo-Pakistani Cardiologist (sic !) at a UK Review, currently with an Anti-Trump Manager, (which served as Pretext for some "Temporary" Doubts, Falsely Attibuted to the "WHO" itself, as "Eurofora" observed, Based on Facts : See Infra, and at: ..., etc).


Even if he spoke, as a matter of Principle, at least for the 850 Millions of COE's Total Population at the PanEuropean Area, (including Russia, etc), nevertheless, even the particular Experience of Greece, appears Interesting, Because of its Moderate/"Good" Results, with Comparatively Less Infections and Deaths than Many Other Countries in Europe. However, Tsiodras' Overall View on the Pandemic, naturally Includes also China and the USA, etc., as we shall see, (Comp. Infra).



Australia-Born (Sydney) Tsiodras, after Graduating as a Dr. of Pathology from Athens' University, Worked at "Albert EINSTEIN HealthCare (and Research) Network", HeadQuartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), and Specialized in Infectious Diseases at "Beth Israel Deaconess" Medical Center and "HARVARD" Medical School, (USA), where he Became a "Research Fellow", and Obtained a "MASTER of Arts" on Medical Science, before his "PhD" Thesis on "HIV Infection", at Athens University, "Cum Laude".

+ Recently(April 2020), Professor Tsiodras became the Leading Author of a New Collective Study on COVID-19's Origins, Published by USA's "National Center for Biotechnology Information" (NCBI), part of the NIH Network, i.e. "the Largest BioMedical Research facility in the World".

++ In Addition, he has Nowadays become very Popular, according to several Polls in Greece, (as Head of the National Team of Experts in the Fight against the Virus), according to several Polls, as well as many Medias, including the French mainstream Newspaper "Figaro", and "RFI", the "New York Times", etc.



- "Therapy was a Big Issue", Because, "as it's well-Known, there was No Proven Therapy When all this Started", (around December 2019 in China, and February 2020 in the EU), Professor Tsiordas Carefully stressed from the outset.

=> - That's why "we are talking", more Precisely, "about <<Potentialy Effective Therapies>> against the Virus", until Now, he observed.

>>> This includes, First of all, "ChloroQuine" (HCQ+), "and the Combination between (Hydroxy)ChloroQuine and Azithromycine, from a French Group, against the CoronoVirus, and Some Other Combinations", he Characteristicaly Resumed.

    + "Including Anti-<<HIV>> Medication (i.e. "Lopinavir", etc. : See Infra), and Other Medications, like One which had been Tried, in the Past, against <<Ebola>> (in Africa, But notoriously Failed there, i.e. "Remdesivir" : See Infra), that we found (but, until now, Only) in the Lab, to be effective also against this Virus", he added.

    - Another, but Related (See Infra), "Big Thing, was : - <<Who to Treat ?>>. And there was (Initially) a Consensus, accross (most) Countries, and Decisions by Scientific Councils, to Focus" (at First) "on Therapy for <<Moderate to Severe>> Diseases' Patients" mainly, Tsiodras Observed.

    - "Some Countries elected to Treat those Patients by Including them Only into Clinical Trials. Certain Other Countries, prefered to give them WhatEver was supposedly Effective, at this Point, and, then, Add, any New Therapy, as an <<Add-On>> Therapy", he continued with Flexibility.

     - But, this "was Not Allowed for Some Protocols, like for the <<Ebola>> Drug, <<Remdesivir>>, so they Had to give them Just that (Only). And, we Moved accross a very, very <<Thin Line>>, in order to Decide what to Give to our Patients", intialy mainly "Moderate and Severe Patients", (Comp. Supra), he Warned.   

    + "And, especially, gain ACCESS : Give Access to Everybody who Needed it, Not Only to the High-Risk Patients", (But Also to those who, at least Initially, appeared to have, comparatively, Moderate Symptoms, up to a certain point : See Infra).

    - In Fact, ..."Nobody Knows" Yet, if something is Only a so-called "Confort" Drug, but, perhaps, "Not an Actual" Drug, which can Cure, as some say. "Until you have the Results of what we call <<Randomized>> Clinical Trials". I.e. there, "where you give to (about) Half of the People a <<Placebo>>, essentialy a Non-Drug, But a Pill which (Only) Looks like the Drug to receive, or a Vial, for the Intra-Veinus Injection (in the case of "Remdesivir"), and the Other Half gets the (Real) Therapy", Tsiodras reminded Carefully.         

    + "And", there, "People have what we call <<Adapted Design>>, that could Give you 4 or 5 Different Regiments" : F.ex., "A Man has taken the So and So ("HCQ+AZ") Regiment, anOther has taken the "Ebola" Drug ("Remdesivir" : Comp. Supra), Others have taken the "Combination" Drug (... : Ibid), and anOther was given the "Placebo". In order to Ensure that the vast Majority of Patients would be Receiving something Potentialy Efficient". "But", perhaps, "Potentialy Toxic, as well", he Admited..., (at least as long as there is Not Yet a sufficient Scientific Knowledge of a Virus).

    * => - "This is part of our List", showed to the Audience, Professor Tsiodras, pointing Today at a Board where ..."HCQ" (with or withOut "AZ") Figured at ...the FIRST RANK, of 3 Main Groups of potential Cures against the Deadly Virus, (even Marked with a Mention to an Official "GUIDANCE", apparently concerning the Way to Use it efficiently)...

    * On the Contrary, "Remdesivir" figured Only at the 2nd Rank, and accompagnied by a Mention of the Fact that it aWaited, still, for the Results of "Clinical Trials" to come. (Particularly after 2 Trials in China were Notoriously ... Abandoned, while a 3rd one, Resulted in very Negative Conclusions, Revealing Dangerous "Side-Effects", No real Cure, and Even a Risk for slightly More Deaths ! See : ..., etc).

    * At a 3rd Group, figured at least Three "Other" Potential Cures, considered in a "Dynamic (i.e. currently Evolving) Process", for which another "Guidance" was also mentioned (Comp. Supra) :

- (a) -  "Lopinavir" etc., ("Anti-HIV" Drug) in "Combination" with "Interferon" (Comp. Supra) ;

- (b) - "Immune...=> Anti-Corps, Convalescent Plasma", (an initialy Practiced in China Idea, Backed in the West, particularly by the Director of USA's powerful "Food and Drug Administration" : FDA, with some Reserves, however, on the Quantity or Quality of Various possible Versions) ;

- (c) - Vaguely, a Diverse Group of "Other Trials", including, f.ex., with "Colchicine", different Anti-Corps, and/or "Solidarity", (Series of Collective Projects, currently by 17 Countries, inside the WHO, [the Two Thirds of which is, however, Composed, once again, by "HCQ+" and "Remdesivir" ... Comp. Supra]), "etc"...

    => Indeed, according to "Our List", "we Gave <<ChloroQuine or HydroxyChloroquine, (HCQ)>>, with or withOut <<AZ>>, which was Included in our Scientific Guidance", Professor Tsiordas confirmed, from the outset.

    + But, "Remdesivir we gave as a Part, Initially, of what we called "Expanded Access" Program, then a "Clinical Trial" Program, and Now an "Early Access" Program, where several Hosts Participate", he analytically highlighted. "And, Now, (i.e. Just After the Slandering of "HCQ+" via a Bogus "Study", full of Big Flaws: See .., etc), I Hear that the EU's Medicine Agency (Earlier Based in the UK) is going to Fast-Track this Drug, in order for People to have it", he noted.

    - However, even if "this Drug has shown to be, Approximatively 60% Effective in Severely ill Patients" Only, Nevertheless, "we do Not Know (yet) what its Effect might (eventualy) be in Mild to Modestly severe Diseases", he pointed out.  And this is Part of the Problem", he Regretted : I.e., "When you face a New Virus, a New Pandemic, there is No Established Therapy !"

    + "At the Same Time (Comp. Supra), there was a New Protocol Published for the (initialy) Anti-HIV Drug "Lopinovar" (?) with "Ribavirin", a well Known Anti-Virus Agent, But with some Toxicity"..., he Warned.

    - Together "with Inteferon, (See in relevant overall Schema), which is a Normal Reply to Viruses. This <<Combined>> Regiment, (L + R + I) is, Now, part of a New Guidance, which was Issued Last Week (f.ex.) in Greece, and Can be Given to Patients, Alone, or With the "Remdesivir", IF they have it", he Announced.


    >>> However, "We Continue (to Use) the Guidance for "HCQ" (i.e., initially the 1st, and Most Popular Candidate Cure, as even an International Poll among Doctors, recently Published at "Washington Times" clearly revealed : Comp. Supra), Professor Tsiodras Firmly stressed.

    - Even if there has been, Recently, "a Big Debate, about it, and Some Countries actually Banned the Use of "HCQ" among the Patients and Populations", he Observed. (Curiously, f.ex., France, which has, paradoxically, Both some among its Best Supporters, and the Most Dogmatic Opponents of it...).

    - Tsiodras attributed that Sudden Negative Move, Mainly "Because they said we Want to See the <<Randomized>> Trials", i.e. "<<Placebo>> Versus Drug", (Comp. Supra).

    But he certainly Knows that this InSufficiency of Trials with "Placebo" Groups in such Trials (i.e. Patients who do Not Take Any Drug against this Deadly Virus) Pre-Existed, Already, since a Long Time ago... It's, moreover, an Obvious HYPOCRISY to Ask for More Trials' Data, at the Same Time that some, notoriously, look Eager to Hinder not only the simple Use, but also the Trials of HCQ+ (sic !), Undermining even Science !



    + And, as he, Also, Observed Himshelf, Later Today (See Infra), there is, indeed, "an Ethical Problem" about Not Giving, to some Patients, Any Drug for Cure at all, against a "Deadly" Virus, But "Only a Placebo" which canNot Protect their "Lives", when they are at Stake, as it's Obviously the case Nowadays vis-a-vis "COVID-19", which, Already, has Notoriously made a Record-High Number of Deaths in Europe, transforming it in ...the Most Deadly Continent, by that Virus, in the World ! (This was, by the way, also the Main Argument of the Strongest Supporter of "HCQ+" in France, Professor Didier Raoult, evoking, at this point, Every Medical Doctor's Main Duty to Heal and Save Human Lives, (according to the Elementary "Oath of HIppocrates" !).

    ++ In fact, he shouldn't ignore, no more, that the Main Pretext for such a Sudden "U-Turn", (and/or a Serious Aggravation of the Obstacles Curiously Put by some Against "HCQ"'s use in the Fight versus "COVID-19"), was, just a Few Days Ago, the Publication, in a UK Review, (currently Managed by an Openly "Anti-Trump" CEO !), of an Excessively Negative and mainly ...Bogus "Study", led by an Indo-Pakistani ...Cardiologist (sic !), Not a Virus/Infections' Specialist, and Stained by at least ...11 Big Flaws (as "Eurofora" found : See ... + ..., etc),  made by a Team who ..."Never Saw, Not even One, Patient" affected by that Virus, (as Professor Raoult Denounced), But Merely ...Copied Remotely Collected Data, Registered by Other People, Elsewhere in the World, and, therefore, Practically very Difficult, if not Impossible, to Check and Verify, Automatically Harvested Only via Internet Computer Networks set up by a Commercial Company, (Founded and Controlled by one of those Controversial co-Authors) !    

    +++ - Moreover, even Nowadays, "We saw some (real, Direct Trials') Data, from the initial Group (pro-HCQ) of (French) Professor RAOULT, that went (Recently) Up to MANY THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS", (More than 2.600 Now, and about 6.700 in Total, "Retrospectively", i.e. Since the Beginning of his Many, Successive Trials on HCQ+AZ), "with VERY GOOD RESULTS", (Nowadays Concluded on a ...99,5% Survival of People Affected by that Virus, i.e. "the Highest Survival Rate in the World !"), "and, thus, We DECIDED TO KEEP IT !", (the HCQ+ Cure), at least "For the Moment", Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, carefuly but clearly Announced.

    ++++ In Addition, - "We did NOT HAVE ANY Signal of TOXICITY IN OUR PATIENTS' Population !", by the Use of HCQ, Also Revealed Tsiodras Today, Contrary to what that Bogus "Study", Full of Big Flaws, (Comp. Supra), Obviously, had Excessively Claimed. - "But, I remind that Our Patients' Population (which uses HCQ+ Cure) is received at the Hospitals, it's ver, very Close to (Medical) Observers' Environment", he noted, (as Also that of Professor Raoult, whose Studies' Conclusions -particularly, f.ex., that of 1.061 Patients, Published Earlier- clearly show an Important "Attention" on eventual Counter-Indications of any kind).

    +++++ "And", (at any case), "We Shall Analyse Our Data (on HCQ+), as well, for some MORE EVIDENCE...", Finaly Announced the Key Medical Representative of CoE's Greek Presidency, (speaking, Timely, at a Moment when the WHO, at Nearby Geneva, is reportedly Seeking Urgently more relevant Informations on that "Hot" Issue).


    - Meanwhile, "Colchicine" (Comp. relevant "List" Supra), was Also Part of a Big Trial inn Greece, the very Interesting "GRECO" Trial, by Cardiologists, Because Colchicine has a Cardio-Protective Effect. It's a very Cheap Drug, (as, notoriously, also the HCQ), its' only Side Effect is Diarroia. Friends from the University have Used it, in More than 100 Patients, and we had some Good, but Preliminary, Data". So, "we'll see how this, very Cheap, and very Easy to use Drug, May Help in the Future Management fof this Disease", he, Optimistcally, observed.

    + "AnOther Big Thing was "Immune Modulations" (Comp. relevant "List", Supra), "Because, as it's well known, part of what was Important, for this Virus, were the Severe Manifestations, that, Usually, were seen a Few Days after the Initial Attack by that Virus", he added. Thus, "5 or 7 Days Afterwards, People would Develop that Huge Inflammatory Reaction".

    - But, in some cases, "we could be Talking, as we Talk Now, and, in a Couple of Hours, I would be InTubated !", he Warned. "That would be Part of he fact that the Virus was Attacking my Lungs, and giving me No Reserve, But would Follow in a Precipitacy"... Thus "it's very Important". "People speak about a Pulse ... to Monitor Oxygen, (and) we Face it (even) in the Hospital !", he Warned.

    - "So, in This Part of the Inflamatory Reaction, No Anti-Virus would be Succesful". On the Contrary, "the Only thing that Could be Succesful, would be Anti-Inflamatory Medication, like <<Anti-IL6>>, (Comp. relevant List, Supra), which was one of the Anti-Inflamatory Anti-Corps, that the Human Organism was Producing". But, initialy, "we were Beiieving that it was Part of a Reaction, which was Harmful"...  Also "anOther Big Greek Group, which was a Pioneer, from my Hospital, did Similar Studies", he confirmed.

    - However, "this one Can Have some Other Harmful Side-Effects :" F.ex. "it  Can Increase what we call "the Potential to be Attacked by Other Bacteria !", he Warned...

    => "So, it Supresses the Inflammatory Reaction, which is Part of your Body's Response to the Virus, But, at the Same Time, it Can Give you Susceptibility to Other Bacteria". I.e., "It's sort of <<Walking at the Edge>>, as we say"...


    + "And, of course, you have Heard about <<Convalescent Plasma>> (Comp. relevant "List", Supra), which is Plasma that comes from Donors, who had Suffered by this Disease" (COVID-19), But managed to Survive, "that we Take with a Special Procedure", he added.

    - F.ex., "a big Study from the University of Athens, is Coordinated for giving Plasma, and it's, I Think, 6 or 7 People who have Got it, so far, and we had, also, some Encouraging Results from Abroad, Last Week", he Optimisticaly observed.

    + "And we are Following the Convalescent Plasma, by (Angio)Therapy : It's a Cheap Therapy, where we use the People who passed the Disease, and they Give you the Plasma in 3 succesful Donations, every Other Day. Some Data to become Hopeful may come from Abroad, since, at least for the Time being, it's Too Early yet, for Countries like Greece, etc. since Only (comparatively) a Few People have already got that convalescent Plasma from Donors in Greee.


    Meawhile, "it's very Important to have Stock-Piles of Medicine, when you deal with such kind of things", "in Times of UnCertainty".  So, there was, f.ex. Procurement of "HCQ", etc., he observed.


    + And, as "whenever you Face something which is potentialy Lethal", there are "very Important" "Ethical Dilemmas with Placebo Trials", Professor Tsiodras added, saying that he's publishing on such BioEthical Issues mainly "with French and German collegues".

    Thus, f.ex., concerning, in particular, HCQ+ Trials, the "PLACEBO" Issue raises Key "Ethical Problems", as Also Professor Raoult has observed, (Comp. Supra), on the occasion of "Control Group" discussions, in relation to Trials, and the Need to Save Human Lives.


    For the rest, Professor Tsiodras Highlighted the current Importance of efficient Cures agaist the Virus, since a Vaccine (among the Many which are being prepared and Tested currently) might not arrive before the End of the Year, approximatively, at best..

    In fact, we do Not want to Hastily fabricate something which might Not be well "Accepted" by the People, he stressed, in substance,  in order to Avoid a Similar "Big Failure" as that which notoriously occured Back on 2009, (against the H1N1 Virus), when Most People had "Refused", then, the proposed Vaccines...


From this point o view, Obviously, the issues of a Vaccine and/or a Cure against the Virus, appear somehow interrelated :

- An Efficient and Well-Accepted Vaccine would, probably, Need a little bit More Time to prepare, so that, Meanwhile, (and as long as the Number of Deaths remains as High as it is now), Everything would practicaly depend from the Timely Existence of a Life-Saving Cure, of the Largest possible use...

On the Contrary, if there is Not Any Cure able to, at least, alleviate the current Gravity of that Virus' Threat against Human Lives, then, inevitably, the Pressure for an Urgently Needed Vaccine would Augment considerably, with the Risk to Push towards some too Hasty, precipitated, and/or Incomplete moves for a Vaccine, with the obvious Risk to make something too Hasty resulting in a Failure, as back on 2009 (Comp. Supra).

The WHO had, apparently, well understood that InterRelation, so that, Since March 2020 it had Not Launched, nor funded Other Research Programs and Trials, but just for Urgently Needed Cures, (such as HCQ+, Remdesivir, Lopinavir, etc. Comp. Supra), also because Vaccines would take a Too Long Time to Safely Develop...  

=> But, when, Recently, a Bogus "Study" appeared to Threaten and/or Delay the HCQ+ Cure Solution, (Comp. Supra), then, Suddenly, the WHO Announced its Decision to Start Launching also ...Vaccine Research Programs and Trials, for the 1st Time, just Last Week, from May 27 !


Now, Back on the Obviously Crucial Issue of Cures, Already since March 2020, in an Extensive Analysis Published at the Review "Science", the Authors clearly Leaned towards Not Predicting Any serious Chance to WHO's Cure Research Program's 3rd Branch, that which was related mainly with "Lopinavir", etc. The Following Developments, and even Professor Tsiodras' analysis Today, (Comp. Supra), Basically do Not Refute that prediction...        

Meanwhile, if not the Only, at least One of the Few Fully Published and Credible Studies, until now, on Trials with "Remdesivir", that of a Chinese Team, (even cooperating with "Gilead" Company which pushes that Drug), notoriously gave Negative Results : I.e., Not Any perceptible Amelioration of Patients' situation, (on the Contrary, even a slight trend towards More Deaths !), and, in Addition, much More Patients ...Abandoning the Remdesivir Group (Not the Others), because of Negative Side-Effects !

And, Notoriously, Remdesivir is much More Expensive, and Patent-Controlled by Big Pharma's "Gilead" Company, even More Cumbersome : Indeed, it needs an ...IntraVeinous Injection, every time, (Instead of a Simple Pil).

Last, but not least, "HCQ+" and "Remdesivir" (the 2 main Branches of WHO's Cure Research Program, until now), appear Based on clearly Opposed Strategies and even Philosophies :

- "HCQ+AZ" reportedly Aim to, basically, Help Strengthen the Natural Human Immune System, (particularly when Associated, more and more Often, also with "Zinc"), by Fighting against the Infection of Cells by the Virus, through the Protection of their DNA.

- On the Contrary, "Remdesivir"'s reported Aim is to Penetrate inside Human Cells' DNA, (already Infected by the Virus), and make some Genetic Manipulations which would Block the Virus' Replication (ReProduction) inside that.  

+ In Addition, "HCQ" is, notoriously, a Well Known and Succesfull Drug, largely Used, Already since the ...2nd World War, so that all its Contre-Indications, eventual Side-Effects, etc., are perfectly Known, making Easy for Medical Doctors to be able to do what is necessary in order to ensure the Protection of their Patients. That's one reason more, for which, if Patients are treated Carefully, it's generaly considered as a "Safe" Drug.

On the Contrary, the (initially) "Ebola"-designed "Remdesivir", notoriously is a Novel Drug whose Eventual Side-Effects and/or Counter-Indications, do Not yet Seem Entirely Controlled, (Comp. Supra), while, its Possible ...Long-Term Effects (f.ex. Years Later), Obviously still stay Completely UnKnown ! (F.ex., particularly by Manipulating Genes, it's like Jumping inside UnChartered Waters)...                                            


=> In these Conditions, it appears Both Astonishing and InComprehensible, for which Real Motives, some Lobbies, Suddenly, Rushed, even with a lot of Balderdash, Obviously Excessive and/or UnFounded Accusations and ill-Documented Claims, Abusing of Misleading and/or "Fake News", Caricatural Methods, Avoiding any Serious Public and/or Scientific Debate, constantly Multiplying blatantly Narrow Ultimatums, (f.ex.: "in 2 Days", "in 24 Hours", "in 1 Day", etc), adding Censorship (See Infra), and, in general, UnWarned Attacks, full of Relentless Hostility, etc., in order to rapidly and at any price, totaly Undermine, Restrict, and Exclude that "HCQ+AZ+Zinc" Cure against the Virus !

- However, it's notoriously Becoming the Most Popular Anti-Virus Drug in the World, (See, f.ex., recent International Poll, recently published by Washington Times, etc).

- However, in the Current Circumstances, as well as they were Today Resumed by Professor Tsiodras, in the above-mentioned CoE's Video-Conference, (Comp. Supra), "HCQ+"'s Potential Use, Also for "PROPHYLAXIS", (like, f.ex., even US President Don Trump just revealed that he did with his Medical Doctor, as well as Others in the USA, etc), appears, a priori, very Interesting and badly Needed, at least to Explore.

- However, it's probably the 1st Time in History that such a Bogus "Study", Abusing of an Exagerated Compilation of Remote Data automatically gathered by Others, and full of, at least, 11 Big Flaws, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html, etc), Serves as unique Pretext in order to "Kill" a Medical Cure, which has, apparently, Helped Save several Lives, and is Used, with Positive Results, as it seems, throughout a Growing Number of Many Countries in the World.

- However, it's Curious and Ridiculous to see some Erroneously Claim that an almost 200-Member States-strong, international Organisation as the "WHO" would have "Decided" a Temporary Suspension of HCQ Tests, While, in Fact, this was a move, Behind Closed Doors, by Only ...Ten (10) States, (the Biggest of whom is ...the SAME State whose Ministry notoriously Harasses pro-HCQ Professor Raoult to Stop his, apparetly Succesful Trials and Cures, neverheless Adopted by Many Other States in the World)...

+ As well as to watch, a so-called "High Scientific Council" Restrict a whole People's and Medical Doctors' Right to Try to Save (even their own) Human Lives, withOut Even Citting ...Any Scientific Argument, and WithOut Any Public Debate on the Scientific Issues at Stake !

++ As well as to see a so-called "Medical Drugs' Agency"  Suddenly Prohibit  ...Sixteen (16) Authorized Medical Trials, (seeking to Test, Check and Verify the Efficiency and Safety of a Life-Saving Drug), by Blocking Science in Only 1 Day Time and withOut Publishing Any Scientiic Argument !

*** As well as to see the Current Manager of a formerly respectable "Scientific Review" (LANCET), who has Openly Declared his personal Hostility against the Elected US President Don Trump, suddenly Publish a Bogus "Fake-Study", with more than 11 Big Flaws, grossly Slandering the HCQ+ Life-Saving Drug that Trump just used to Protect his Health against recent Virus' Infections in the White House, - while, on the Contrary, at the Same Time, that Manager Refused to Publish and Censored ... 2 Other Scientific Medical Studies, by the Specialist Professor Raoult and anOther Team of Medical Researchers, (as they have just Denounced), i.e. practically ...Muzzling any Scientific Debate, on such a "Hot" Issue Affecting the Lives of Millions of People Worldwide, traped in a Deadly Pandemic.      

(On All those Points, for more Concrete Details, See Facts cited also at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html + ..., etc)    


    For all those reasons, Today's CoE's Conference/Debate with Professor Tsiodras, Medical Expert of the current Greek Presidency of the PanEuropean Organisation, is really Timely, and Honours its Organizers.








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Recent developments proved that Europe can suceed to overcome challenges by aiming at great objectives, and this is needed also in 2009, said EU chairman, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

    - "It's in the name of Great Ideas, Projects, Ambition and Ideals, that EU can overcome" challenges, stressed Sarkozy at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, in conclusion of a dense 7 months EU Chairmanship. "It's even easier for Europe to have Great projects, able to overcome national egoism, instead of limiting itself only to small projects" (unable to do alike), he observed.     

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French EU Presidency faced 4 unexpected Crisis :

- An institutional crisis, with the Irish "No" to EU Lisbon Treaty, just before it started. A geopolitical crisis, wth the threat of War between Russia and Georgia risking to throw Europe back to Cold-war divisions, on August. A World-wide Financial and Economic crisis, arriving at a bad moment before crucial 2009 EU elections. And even a Strasbourg's mini-crisis, with EU Parliament's roof curiously falling down, from unknown reasons, in a brand new building on August, provoking an unprecedented transfert of the 2 September Plenary Sessions...

But it wasn't enough to stop Sarkozy ! On the contrary, it stimulated him...

- "The better way to deal with the recent problems of EU institutions (as the "3 NO" by France, the Netherlands and Ireland) is to take them as a "Test" in order to find solutions closer to Citizens' concerns", said later in Strasbourg Sarkozy's new choice as Ministe for EU affairs, Bruno Le Maire.

- On the Institutional front, Sarkozy gave Time to the Irish to think about it, and stroke on December a deal including a New Referendum after the June 2009 EU Elections, in exchange of a promise to keep the rule of "one EU Commissioner for each EU Member Country", and some opt-outs on Defence and Fiscal EU policies, Abortion, etc. If the Irish get a "Yes" Majority, then the institutional package could be completed in 2010 or 2011 on the occasion of Croatia's probable EU accession.

He was accused in Strasbourg to upgrade EU Council and downgrade EU Commision, but he replied that "strong Political initiatives by EU Council reinforce also the more technical role of EU Commission, under the political-technical leadership of its President", all 3 "working together with EU Parliament".

- But, meanwhile, Sarkozy energetically spearheaded an Historic 1st Summit of EuroZone's 15 Heads of State and Government at EU's core, exceptionally enlarged to a partial participation of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on October 12 in Paris' Elysee palace, which started to tackle succesfully the growing world Financial crisis.

    It also paved the way for its endorsement by a subsequent Brussels' 27 EU Member States' gathering, before it all come to Washington's G-20 Summit. And "Europe was united, it asked for the 1st G-20 Summit, and it will also organise the next G-20 Summit on April in London", he observed.   

 But a Conference with EU, Russia, African and other Developing Countries, hosted in Strasbourg shortly after Washington G-20 Summit by the French EU Presidency, took a Resolution asking to enlarge participation to Global Economic Governance. Many found, indeed, illogic and unacceptable that f.ex. states as Turkey were given a seat at G-20 level, while all African Countries, and even the African Union itself, representing the greatest Continent on Earth, were excluded...

    Meanwhile, even USA''s "Paulson No 3" Plan, was, in fact, inspired by Europe's No 1 Plan", Sarkozy observed, largelly applauded by MEPs.

    And "Europe showed Solidarity" by mobilizing some 22 Billion credit for Hungary, 1,7 billion for Ukraine, as we do nowadays for Baltic States, etc., he added.

    The move on Economy was extended on December by an EU stimulus' plan totalling some 200 billion Euros, including 5 Billions released by EU Commission for big Projects, as well as various parallel National plans for Economic revival, (fex. 26 billions in France alone). They might appear limited, compared to USA President-elect Obama's reported plan to boost the American economy with 800 billion $, but at least succeded to overcome Europe's divisions for the first time on Economic governance, opening new horizons.

- The French President stressed even harder the unique role of an active EU Council's chairmanship, when he moved swiftly and efficiently, at the beginning of August, to succesfully stop War between Russia and Georgia, at the last minute, which threatened to bring Europe back to Cold War division.

"We (EU) also wanted to avoid a situation like in Bosnia, in the Past, when EU was absent, so that our American friends took their responsibilitues, and EU only followed", despite the fact that the conflict took place in Europe. Now, it was the EU who took its responsibilities".

A roadmap towards a new PanEuropean Security policy, before which all unilateral moves to place new Missiles (from USA or Russia) would be freezed, was proposed by Sarkozy after a meeting with Russian president Medvedev, at the eve of Washington DC's G-20 Summit.

Ukraine's "European" character was stressed at a Sarkozy - Jushenko Summit, September in Paris, while EU adopted on December an "Eastern policy", in which, "I'm convinced that our (EU's) future is to find with our Neighbours the conditions for Economic Development. Peace and Security, by explaining them that.. they must respect (Human Rights') Values, and adopt behaviors different from the Past", explained Sarkozy in Strasbourg.

Meanwhile, the "Union for the Mediterranean" was created, since July's Summit if 45 Heads of State and Government in Paris, as "an organisation for a permanent Dialogue, that we need", mainly in order to tackle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by bringing together, for the 1st time, Israelis and Arabs, where "Europe must be present, in order to avoid a frontal clash".

- "If Europe doesn't take its part for Peace in the Middle-East, nobody else will do that in our place", Sarkozy stressed.
    Meanwhile, other EU Agreements were brokered during the French EU Presidency on Immigration, (fex. common Asylum rules, etc), and Climat- Energy :

    - On Climat-Energy, the 2007 German EU Presidency had fixed a triple 20% aim for 2020 (20% renewable Energies, 20% reduction of CO2 emmission, 20% energy efficience/economies), and the 2008 French EU Presidecny realized that, making the necessary compromises in order to modernize EU's industry, but without throwing some former Central-Eastern European Countries into abrupt Economic break down risking "social explosion".

    - Defence-Security EU policy was mainly postponed for April 2009, since both German chancellor Merkel and French president Sarkozy want to strike a deal with the new American president Obama in Strasbourg's NATO Summit.

    However, with all these 4 unexpected Crisis diverting attention to other urgencies, People wil wonder now, what happened to the famous deal proposed by freshly-elected French President Sarkozy on Turkey's controversial EU bid, back on August 2007, to continue EU - Turkey negotiations, but on the double condition that core chapters, intrinsequally linked with EU Membership, will be excluded, and that a collective Reflexion and Debate on Europe's future would start before the end of 2008.

    It was meant to reply to the crucial question : What kind of Europe do we want in 10 or 20 Years from now : A large Market, or a Political Europe, with a popular identity ? In Sarkozy's thinking, presented in his 2 landmark speeches on Europe in Strasbourg, shortly before and after the 2007 Elections, (on February and July 2007), Turkey's controversial EU bid would be incompatible with the second choice.

    It's true that EU Commision's Chairman, Jose Barroso, (who had notoriously declared, as former Portuguese Prime Minister, that he found "nonsense" the idea that Europe might become equal to the US), had repeatedly tried to avoid that Sarkozy's criticism on Turkey might start winning a larger audience in Europe, preferring a discrete "wismens' committee" work. And that most of the personalities later chosen in order to participate in a Committee on Europe's Future, are too much linked with Socialist parties and/or American policies, to be really critical of USA's notorious wish to impose Turkey to the EU, as Sarkozy had noted himself since March 2007..

     - "It's on EU Council's presidency to take political initiatives. EU Commission has other competences", stressed Sarkozy. The "European Ideal" is to "build Europe with the States, not against them". "Ask Europeans to chose between their countries and Europe won't work. You don't choose between your two parents : We must add them together".

    "France and Germany have an Historic Duty to work together, precisely because of what happened to the Past. We have to work hand by hand. We cannot be separated.It goes beyond me and Mrs Merkel today, Mr Schroeder and Mr. Chirac yesterday. It's not a choice, it's a duty to Europe and to the World".  "We need Germany, as Germany needs Europe". Compromise is inevitable, here as everywhere, and each one made some steps towards eachother's positions.

    But "it's true that Mrs Merkel didn't chose her Socialist partners, while I chose mine", Sarkozy said, in an indirect hint that the Socialist Minister of Finance in Germany might be a cause of minor past disagreements in Economy, which were overcome in recent negotiations.

    "We (France and Germany) have particular duties in Europe", but "in a Europe of 27 Member States, it's not enough for France and Germany to agree between them.

    "I always thought that Great Britain has a special role to play in Europe. ... Now, everybody "saw what it cost payed the UK for having been too exclusively open towards the US (and) Financial services. Europe needs the UK, but also the UK needs Europe" :- "We were able to face the hardest moment of the Financial crisis because the UK clearly chose Europe", stressed Sarkozy, reminding Gordon Brown's exceptional participation to the Historic 1st Heads of State/Government Summit of EuroZone, October 12 in Paris (See EuroFora's Reportage from Elysee Palace then).

     - "Some look at Europe with old glasses aged 30 years ago. While we must look at her in relation to what it will be in 30 years" in the Future, Sarkozy concluded.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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