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EU moves on UN Climate Change Conference : After Brussels' EU Summit, to .."Hopenhagen" ?

Written by ACM
Friday, 11 December 2009


*Brussels/- Can forthcoming Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC), "be named ..Hopenhagen", as OECD's Secretary General, Angel Guria, advised "EuroFora" earlier in Strasbourg, after the successful outcome of Brussels' EU Summit ?

It seems too early to tell : EU Parliament's session, next week in Strasbourg, will provide a last opportunity for Public Debates and Transparent, Pluralist Votes in Europe on this evolving issue, of obvious importance for all Humankind, as UNO's Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, just stressed, while various critics and opponents still challenge the move.


Europe succeeded in Brussels to agree on the most ambitious offer in the World for UNO's Climate change Conference, accepting a 30% cut of its CO2 emissions by 2020, (compared to 1990 levels), and giving 2,4 Billions € annually to help mainly the most vulnerable Developing Countries to meet the targets, out of a Global amount of 7 Billions needed for the "fast start" funds for 2010-2012, to be followed by "innovative funding" sources, etc. in the long run.

This should ensure the target of keeping Global Warming under +2% from pre-industrial period, for which purpose, CO2 emmissions should be reduced by 25 to 49% until 2020, from 1990 levels, in order to avoid the worst threats against Natural Environment, according to Experts of the InterGovernemental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The main Condition put on EU's offer, is that of reciprocity : Ie. that "other Developed Countries commit themselves to comparable CO2 emission reductions, and that developing countres contribute adequately, according to their responsibilities and... capabilities".


    - "The most Worrying" is that the Question whether other developed countries will respond as the EU to poor countries' financial needs to cope with UNO's CCC targets, remains still open, warned German Chancellor Angie Merkel. "Doubts exist when we see, fex. that our American friends are, for the moment, reasoning on a base of only 4% reductions, (which is already a progress, compared to the Past), while Europe speaks about 30%, Sarkozy also observed.


    To guarantee such a Deal at Copenhagen's Global Summit, an agreement with "transparent international Standards" has to be reached, "for Measurement, Reporting and Verification", to "ensure Transparency and Compliance of Commitments", "in the context" of "efforts towards enhancing International Environmental Governance", according to EU's Official Conclusions. Something which would need, sooner of later, also to create a kind of International Organization for the Environment, in one way or another, starting by the practical needs for Monitoring rules' respect, as French President Sarkozy highlghted. Because "we need a Binding Obligation", and, therefore, to "negociate in what extend this will be supervised by an International Institution, able to secure comparable" results, added later German Chancellor Merkel.

    Until now, UNO's various steps towards Global Governance on Environment were made in a separately : F.ex. UNEP (UNO's Environment Program) headquarted at Nairobi, ENMOD (UNO's Treaty against Hostile Modification of the Natural Environment), signed at Geneva since 1978, UNFCCC (UNO's Framework Conference on Climate Change), headquartered at Bonn since 1996, etc. But, now, after the Giant Killer Heatwave which killed more tahn 15.000 innocent People in France and other EU Countries in 2003, the massive catastrophes provoked in South Asia by a giant "Tsunami" in 2004, and the "Katrina" giant hurricane on 2005 in the US, as well as various other Extreme Weather Phenomena, together with the apparently progressing Global Climate Changes, obviously plead in favor of a coordination and unification of all UNO's Past and Future activities on Human Environment allowing rational use of resources and an overall view.

    Many EU and other Heads of State and Government already had a 1st opportunity to discuss UNO CCC's Copenhagen Conference, earlier this week in Bonn, during a special session of ChristianDemocrat/European People Party's Congress which exceptionally convened at UNFCCC's Headquarters. (Comp. other "EuroFora"'s NewsReports on the spot).


    Dismissing Thursday night's rumours claiming that EU might be divided on how to share the sums needed to support developing Countries' participation to CO2 reduction, at an early Friday joint Press Conference with French President Sarkozy, Brittish Prime Minister Gordon Brown anounced an "agreement" for "fast start" Funds of some 1,2 to 1,5 Billion € each among the biggest EU Countries, and moves to support Africa's and other developing areas' Forests.

    Both rejected criticism about the "Cost" of such aid, pointing at the stimulus for "a New Economy", able to "create Green Growth" jobs. - Only in the UK, "we estimate that we could create 5000 jobs during the next few years thanks to "Green" services and industries", observed Brown. This fits with OECD's Secretary General, Angel Guria from Mexico, remarks to "EuroFora" earlier in Strasbourg, that the International Economic Organization had just got a new mandate to focus on "Green Growth" during the "next 3 Years" (2010-1012).

    - And "Africa is only 12 km away from Europe : We can't just abandon them without any help", on the contrary, "Africa and Europe must advance together", in a kind of "Alliance" towards the Future, stressed Sarkozy.


    But, "the most important is that Europe is United" on UNO's CCC, stressed later French President Sarkozy, speaking after his final Press Conference to Journalists in Brussels, including "EuroFora". (PHOTO)

    - In particular, "for EU's efficiency, it's necessary that France and Germany work together, but not enough : If we want for European Values to prevail in the World, the UK must be actively present with all EU. Gordon Brown recently invited me to a Commonwealth's summit, and I'll invite him to a summit with 10 African countries".. Meanwhile, "I met also with Brazilian President Lule, and this was helpful .. Earlier this morning, we were together all 3 of us (i.e. Merkel, Sarkozy and Brown). And for inviting US President Obama to be with us in Copenhagen on December 18, both Mrs Merkel and myself used the same words, explained Sarkozy, who also observed that the German Chancellor was, at the same time, in parallel contacts in the same direction.

    During the next few days leading up to Copenhagen Conference's conclusion, scheduled for December 18, European leaders will be engaged in parallel Talks and various contacts with their counterparts mainly of Developing Countries : Fex. French President Sarkozy will host meetings with African leaders, together with British Prime Minister Brown, followed by the Indonesian President, and Ethopia's Prime Minister, Meles, Africa's Coordinator, at the same time that German Chancellor Merkel will meet with India's leaders, and incoming 2010 EU Chair, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero with Latin American a.o. countries, etc. - "We decided to work all together, for the most ambitious possible deal" at UNO's CCC, stressed Sarkozy. This could be extended further at Copenhagen, where they plan to travel at the eve of US President Obama's arrival, due next Friday. When all 27 EU Leaders are really united, the group members' capacity to make in parallel many coordinated moves, can obviously augment the speed of EU's diplomacy in the World.
    EU Leaders apparently gave such a Priority in Brussels to the Global Climate issue that they practically postponed for 2010 debates and decisions on EU's New Economic Strategy : An issue of obvious and topical importance, when everyone has to think how to shape the after-Crisis period and the new era at the "2020" Horizon.

    They only agreed from December 2009 Brussels that EU will need "more Coordination in Economic Policy", and fine-tuned practical details on the way EU Council will function during the next years, after the recent entry into force of Lisbon Treaty, which highly concentrates EU's Decision-making power, by bringing "Reinforced Cooperations" between willing EU Countries, extending Majority instead of Unanimity decision-making, and by the appointment, for the 1st time, of an EU President until 2012, starting with former Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy.

    Logical moves, since the results of UNO's Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change will influence worldwide, in one way or another, the role of "Green Growth" and related Technology and Innovation, which is expected to play an important role in the post-Crisis' Economy, where, defining a long-term Strategy will need a more unified leadership.



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It's at a splendid Natural landscape, inside a Forest plateau with superbe view over Paris, at Saint Cloud, that the incoming French EU Presidency had the good idea to join together all EU Member Countries' Ministers of Environment and Energy, in two overlaping EU Councils in a series, from 3 to 5 July 2008.

Fresh rain happily dissipated July's heatwave, before a bright Sun shined at the conclusion of the EU gathering around a huge statue of Earth (See Photo).

French super-Minister of State for Energy, Transport and Environment, Jean-Louis Borloo, and Minister for Environment, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet chaired the first EU Ministerial meeting at Paris' area, together with EU Commissioners Demas and Pielbags, surprising Journalists with improvised Press-points, at key-moments of the discussions.



Environment and Energy are key to the development of New Technologies to boost Europe's role in the World, while also responding to Citizens' concerns, stressed Borloo, speaking to Journalists earlier in Strasbourg.

According to well-infomed sources from the French EU Presidency, the aim is to stimulate a growing trend inside EU Parliament, via various on-going Reports developping in parallel, towards achieving the necessary targets before December.

For this purpose, Top-level representatives from Borloo's super-Ministry are expected to come in Strasbourg during EU Parliament's plenary, next Wednesday, a key official told "EuroFora".


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