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BREXIT UK Paradox:-"When shall we meet again? In Thunder, Lightning or Rain?" (Macbeth, Shakespeare)

Written by ACM
Friday, 24 June 2016


*Strasbourg/Viewpoint/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Greatest Paradox in Europe's History seems to be the Result of Yesterday's British Referendum to Leave the EU.

Not because there would be Nothing Important to Criticize in anyone of Brussel's main Choices during the last 20 Years or more... Everybody knows that this is simply Not True. But it's also False to Claim that EU would have done almost Everything Wrong, to a point of Non Return.

The Real Paradox is Elsewhere : A Clear Majority of British People, (most of them notoriously standing far away from the Establishment), was, in Fact, Motivated mainly by certain Topical Issues which could be those of Real, and profoundly convinced, Europeans !

Surprisingly, f.ex., even the Biggest Economic and/or Financial Claims or Threats, even Unemployment and Jobs, etc., apparently left, most among those Strange "BREXIT" Voters, almost Indifferent. Or, at least, they obviously considered all that as being, Comparatively, of a Secondary Importance, vis a vis some Other, Different Issues.

Relevant Facts are Hard, but Crystal-clear :

F.ex., Nigel Farage's UKIP Won, for the 1st Time, a Greater Number of MEPs, (even More than the Governing then Socialist Party of "Labour", i.e. becoming the 2nd Party of the UK), on the 2009 European Elections for EU Parliament, just after he decided to Start using a Call -"Against Turkey's Accession to the EU !" as the No 1 Headline Moto for his Campaign then.

Also, Back on 2015, in the run up to the UK's Latest National (and Local) Elections, Many People had already Expressed their Will to Skip their Votes towards the UKIP, (Making it Jump from almost 1% to More than 12%, i.e. Bypassing even the Liberal-Democrats, and becoming, for the First Time in History, the 3rd Party in the UK, at a National Vote), just Because they were Fed up with a Sudden, U-Turn of the Conservative Party on the BioEthical Issue of Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriages", including so-called "Adoptions" of Children by Homosexuals, etc).

None of these 2 "Hot" Issues, (Widely Discussed recently also in France, the USA, etc), had ever been included inside the 2010 and 2015 Projects of David Cameron's "Conservative" Party, when he was Elected by the British People for the first and even second Time.

On the Contrary, it's Sudddenly, after his 1st Visit to USA's Socialist President, the Now Outgoing Barack Hussein Obama, Back on 2010, that Cameron Started, for the First Time, to Speak in Favor of the also Controversial and UnPopular Issue of Turkey's EU Bid.

Similarly, there was Nothing in his Pre-Electoral Manifesto of 2015 in favor of the so-called "Same Sex Marriages" nor even "Adoptions" of Children by Homosexuals, while even his Predecessor, Duncan Smith, was reportedly against.

On the Contrary, several Fans of "Remain", even in the Conservative Governing Majority, have recently admitted that they were practicing "Same Sex" Partnerships among Homosexuals, most of them in Scotland, which Voted "In", (as, f.ex. Secretary for Scotland, David Mundell, Scottish Conservatives' Head Rurh Davidson, etc), but also International Development Secretary Justine Greening, etc, with a Lot More coming, naturaly, from the Socialist "Labour" Party , including House of Commons' Shadow Leader, Chris Bryant, and Shadow Business Secretary, Angela Eagle, etc., as well as Controversial Peter (later "Lord") Mandelson, a close ally of UnPopular former PM Blair, former Northern Ireland Secretary and EU Trade Commissioner in Brussels, etc., who has been already obliged to Resign 2 Times in the Past for alleged Corruption Scandals, suspected to have Boosted an Anti-EU Vote in the 2007 Referendum in Ireland by conceding European Farmers' Rights to Global Trade Interests, and a reportedly frequent Contact to Convicted Child Prostitution RingLeader Epstein (USA), etc., who has just Accused, Now, Labour Leader Corbyn to have Insufficiently Backed the "In".

Again, Now, on 2016, the Notoriously No 1 "Fuel" for Most British People who Voted for BREXIT, was that Unprecedented Massive "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Million of Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, which Suddenly emerged through Turkey, mainly between August 2015 and March 2016, Intruding inside EU's (and Shengen, even €uroZone's) External Borders via Greece, whose New Leftist Government had just Stopped Pushing Back Turkish Smugglers' makeshift Boats at the Aegean Sea Frontline.

+ Moreover, when, Recently, a Controversial EU - Turkey Deal Added a Threat to Give "VISA-FREE" status to 80 Millions of Turks to Enten Inside the EU, Starting from this Summer 2016, Nigel Farage clearly stressed, during relevant EU Parliament's Debates in Strasbourg, that, Even if it wasn't but only for this, it would be Enough in order to Motivate that UK Leaves that EU...

++ In Addition, UKIP's Leader had Warned that the Scandal of Brutal Mob Attacks for Sexual Abuse and Thefts against defenseless European Young Girls and Women, by Many among those Recent Migrants who came through (and, as it was Revealed in EU Circles in Brussels, at least partly Selected by) Turkey, could become a kind of "Nuclear Bomb" for British People's Feelings in that Referendum.

When, more Recently, it was Revealed that such Violent Mob Attacks for Sexual Abuse had even Targeted Minors, as Girls Aged Only 14, (f.ex. by suspected Mass Aggressors from Pakistan, in Darsmstadt at nearby Germany, and from Syria, at UK's Newcastle, etc), things became more Nasty.

Among Other - closely Related but Not 100% Identical - Issues Hotly Debated by potential Supporters of BREXIT, include Access to UK's "National Health Plan" basic services (which were Traditionaly Open immediatelly also for any Individual legally staying in the UK), School Education quality (Heavily Segregated during the Last Decades, as UK Senior Officials even recently Denounced at the CoE in Strasbourg), Socio-Cultural Cohesion in the British Society, partly Unemployment and Migrants' Competition mainly in Low Qualification Jobs, etc. I.e., obviously Issues which may Affect especialy Poor People, living in some Segregated Suburbs and/or devastated former Industrial sites (as f.ex. in England's Midlands), etc.

Security against recently Growing Violent Terrorist Attacks by Extremist Islamic Terrorists of ISIL's atrocious BeHeaders, even of Innocent Civilian People, particularly after the latest Deadly Aggressions even at the Heart of the EU, as, f.ex. in Paris, Brussels, Kopenhagen, Graz, Magnanville, etc., were added to British People's concerns, particularly after it was found that several among them had infiltrated inside the EU by coming Hidden among that Unprecedented Massive Influx of 1,5 Million Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants through Turkey, and via EU (+Schengen) Member Greece.

Interestingly, however, when some Asked or Threatened the British People about merely Financial or Economic matters, (including, f.ex. alleged Pound's DownFall, and/or London City's Capital outflows, etc), most Reactions among "BREXIT" Supporters, surprisingly were, in Substance, that, in Fact, they Didn't Care so much about Money alone, but much More about their Everyday Life, mainly related to Health, Education, Culture, Social Cohestion and Security issues...

Last, but not least, several British People, apparently didn't like at all an attempt by Out-going US President Barack Hussein Obama, to Interfere so Openly in their Internal Affairs by launching Public Calls for them to Vote "Remain", during his Latest Official Visit to Europe :

"Leave" alternative, last-minute co-Leader, former Popular London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, (a former Collegue Journalist in Brussels), as well as Farage, etc., notoriously Denounced this Obama's move in the Strongest Terms, (Followed, later-on, even by US Republican Party's presumptive Candidate for the Forthcoming US Presidential Elections, Donald Trump). And this was also Reflected to many Polls at the UK, which suddenly Started to find that the "Remain" was Falling Down, while "BREXIT" Intentions were Growing...


(1215 "Magna Carta" -Bill of Rights- UK Gift to the CoE, Strasbourg)

Now, considering all those Facts, everybody can Legitimately Wonder :

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to Want for EU's External Borders to be Efficiently Protected ?

- Is it, perhaps "Anti-European" to Support the Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, according to the Judeo-Christian Historic Traditions of Europe, a clear Majority of European Countries and throughout the entire World, and even of Art. 12 of the PanEuropean Convention on Human Rights, (re-Confirmed by a Recent Judgement of Strasbourg's EuroCourt), instead of the so-called, Controversial "Same Sex Marriage", including even UnPopular and Dangerous "Adoption" of Children by Homosexual couples, (against which, Many People recently Struggled, f.ex. in France, Russia and the USA) ?

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to Refuse Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU Bid ?

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to Resist to Recent Controversial and UnPopular (even among a Majority of MEPs in EU Parliament !) Attempts to Give a Total "VISA-FREE" status to 80 Millions of Turks, in order to Start Entering in EU Countries, already from This Year (2016) ?

Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to express Serious Concerns (as also a clear Majority f.ex. in Germany, and elsewhere) vis a vis Various possible Negative Consequences from that Sudden, Unprecedented in History, Massive Influx of 1,5 Million of Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants through (and, as it was recently revealed, also Selected by) Turkey, All Non-Europeans, Almost All Muslims (since Christians, Jews, Yazidi and/or Various Others were reportedly Dissuaded to even Cross the Turkish Camps, allegedly Controlled by some Groups with "Heavy Islamic Agenda", and, therefore, Obliged to Flee in Lebanon, or at Syrian-Kurdish Areas, Jordany, or even .. Armenia), More of 2/3 of whom curiously were Single Males (i.e. with Only a Small Minority of Families), and among whom had been already Found Hidden several Islamic Extremist Terrorists of ISIL's Deadly Aggressors in Paris, Brussels, etc. ?

Even Socialist ("Labour") Leader Corbyn has just acknowledged the Fact that Speaking about Immigration "is Not Racist", and asked for a Debate on that issue.

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to Feel Shocked by the (still mostly UnPunished) Massive Brutal Mob Attacks for Sexual Abuse against defenseless European Young Girls/Women, reportedly Committed mainly by Numerous Recent Immigrants who came through Turkey, at Cologne and Many Other Cities in Germany, as also in Several Other EU Countries, (such as + Sweden, Denmarl, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, etc, including recently inside the UK itself), particularly when the Victims are Even Underage Minors, as Girls aged Only 14 years old (Comp. Facts citted Supre) ?

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for mainly Poor/Low Income EU Citizens to strive to Safeguard their Access to basic Health Care and/or an elementary quality Education for all their Children ?

- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens (and EU Politicians, as f.ex. Boris Johnson, etc) to Find Inappropriate and Displaced for a USA out-going Chief of State to Dictate to European People what they Must Do on Internal European Affairs ?

 - Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to be Worried for their Security after all those Deadly Terrorist Attacks, by Extremist Islamic Terrorists of ISIL's atrocious Be-Headers even of Innocent Civilian People, Recently Committed throughout Continental Europe, even at its Heartland, f.ex. in Paris, Brussels, Kopenhagen, Graz, Magnanville, etc., (in parallel with San Bernandino and Orlando even iside Obama's USA, Russia's Dagestan and Civil Airplane over Egypt, etc), considering also the Fact that at least Several among those Deadly Terrorists had recently Infiltrated inside the EU Hidden at Irregular Migrants' Massive Influx through Turkey and via EU Member Greece ?

-- Is it, perhaps, "Anti-European", for EU Citizens to Feel Concerned by Segregation in Ghettos, Communautarism, Massive (and mainly .. Turkey - "Selected") Big Population Transferts, and other various Risks against European Culture and Civilisation, Historic Traditions, and/or Social Cohesion inside the EU (Comp. Supra) ?


Real Europeans' concerns "Hi-Jacked"
by a Misleading "In" or "Out" of the EU, False Dillema ?



(PHOTO: UK Flag at French SuperMarket in Strasbourg, the Day After BREXIT Referendum) 


>>> Or, Rather, many Real Europeans, among all that Majority of British People who Voted for "BREXIT" (with an Historic Record-High Participation of 72,2%) May have been "Hi-Jacked", in Practice, and Diverted Away from the Main, Burning Issues, by a False Debate about Staying or Leaving the EU, at the very Moment that an Obvious Urgency is, on the Contrary, to Protect it, Awake its Conscience, and Change it for Better ?

=> Even UKIP's Leader Nigel Farage, at a Crucial Moment of his Career, at the Beginning of Last Summer 2015, when his Party had Managed, for the 1st Time in History, to Grow from Only 1% up to More than 12% in National Elections in Great Britain, (i.e. Bypassing even the mainstream Liberal-Democrats, and Becoming the 3rd Party in UK Politcs), had, significantly, Realized the Fact, that, from Now on, his Party should Not be Limited just in the "Out of the EU" initial Call, but, on the Contrary, should Develop Policies also on Various Other "Burning" Issues of Great Topical Interest for Citizens, which "Could Help People get Better Lives", (as he had  reportedly Declared to the Press at his Native Area of Kent - the Nearest to Continental Europe ! -  during a Press-point at Broadstairs, where he had been Candidate).

 And, (Abstraction naturally made of All Other Aspects !), his Anti-Bureaucracy, Anti-Financial Waste, Anti-Establisment and Pro-Citizen, Pro-Democracy stance, which is also Pro-Peace throughout All  De Gaulle's "Greater Europe", (and made possible his Alliance with succesfull Italian Political Leader Bepe Grillo's "5 Stars" Popular Movement, inside EU Parliament), obviously are, Today, among those Qualites badly Needed INside the EU, by all Real Europeans !

    "Eurofora"s co-Founder, who had been in the UK when Edward Heath had Succesfully worked for London's entry into the EU, Back in the 1960/1970ies, but also when Heath Died : close to the 2005 Deadly London Bombings, (when Unknown Individuals, All among those Dead, were Accused for the Killings of mainly Poor People an Early Morning at the Subway, notoriously Exploited by the former Socialist PM Bliar's Government, which Chaired the EU then, in order to Impose an UnPopular and Dangerous Mass Spying on all EU Citizens' Emails, Mobile Phones, and Internet Connections, later Invalidated by EU's Court of Justice on 2014, for "DisProportional" Infringment on Human Rights, while, in Parallel, a Bliar v. Chirac Duel over EU's Financial Perspectives for the Next Decade, was Upseting Both European Agricultural Production and Scientists or Technocrats, etc, only a Few Years after the Controversial Iraq Invasion, under notoriously Fallacious Pretexts pushed mainly by Downing Street 10 then, provoked a big Divide on 2003), had. also, Unexpectedly met with UKIP's Head Farage, as Early as already Back on 2009 at EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

    While Nigel Farage anounced us his Intention for the UKIP to become "the Only Party in the UK which Opposes Turkey's Accession into the EU", (as he Succesfully did in the Following Weeks/Months, Winning an Unprecedented Number of MEPs on May 2009 EU Elections), we spontaneously replied by simply observing the Fact that, If, in Future, he became a Pro-European Politician, instead of staying just an Euro-Sceptic, then, his obvious Qualities and Other Policies, as an Anti-Bureaucracy, Anti-Establishment, Anti-Corruption, and Pro-Citizens, Pro-Transparency, Popular and Pro-Democracy Speaker, could become Very Useful for Europe... (After an initial Clumsy Row with former EU Council President Van Rompuy, a recent Friendly "Peace Treaty" with New EU Commission President Juncker -known for his Flegm and Sense of Humour-changed ambiance, and all could Hear also Farage's "Hot" Remarks at Necessary Public EU Debates).

    - Simply because they are Necessary not only in order to Keep 27 or 28 EU member States still attracted by the EU, but, also (and particularly) in order to have a Chance to Succesfully Launch a much needed Advanced Integration Move inside the EU, for a Higher Level of Cohesion, Coordination, and Joint Decision-Making, at least by Core EU Member Countries, but Open to Accession by any other Member Country, whenever it could and wished to join.

    In fact, the European Integration project has Lost Too Much Time, particularly since 1999/2000, by Diverting and OverLoading EU Agenda with Other, Irrelevant or even Opposed zig-zag Moves, such as Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, Loss of a real Consciousness of European Identity, (that InFamous former Barroso Committee, Headed by ... Joshka Fischer and Socialist former PM Gonzalez, managed by an Administrator Hired at ...Istanbul University, which Wasted Money and Time just in order to Undermine any Real Idea of EU Identity, was an Awful Mess !) , Delay into Completing the Creation of €uroZone by the Establishment also of an Economic and Social Governance, Sacrificing BioEthical Values, Ukraine Conflict with a sterile and Dangerous Quarel with Russia, but No Protection of EU's External Borders, not even vis a vis 1,5 Million Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants comming throughTurkey, Cought UnPrepared and initialy Too "Soft" vis a vis Islamism Extremism and Deadly Terrorism, Lack of Ideologic/Cultural Stimulus with a set of Ideas able to stir Enthousiasm among many People for a "European Dream", (etc).

    The 3 "No" to the Draft EU Constitution on Euro-Referenda in France and the Netherlands Back on 2005, and in Ireland on 2007, as well as the "BREXIT" Referendum in the UK Now (2016), have resulted, during a Decade, in a Big Loss of precious Historic Time, which must be Urgently Reversed.

    So that, Now, while Negotiating a "Modus Vivendi" with the UK, (likewise around the Common Market, in exchange of some EU Citizens' Rights, and a few Policies of Common Interest, as well as Security against Extremist Islamic Terrorism, etc, Strasbourg's PanEuropean CoE remaining, for the rest, an Anchor for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law common Values, etc), EU's Core, i.e. mainly the Franco-German Couple, has to Start, (Together with Other Key EU Nations, such as Italy, Spain, Poland, but also the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Romania, etc), Moving Fast enough towards a Necessary, Landmark Further Integration, in Economic-Social Governance, European Identity and Feeling of Common Belonging, EU's External Borders' Protection and Security vis a vis Islamic Extremism's Deadly Terrorism, Education/Scientific Research and Technologic Innovation, as well as throwing the Bases for an Autonomous European Defence, (etc).

    The Historic former General and long-time French President De Gaulle had Twice Refused UK's initial Attempts to Enter in the EU, (Back on 1963 and 1967), and several subequent Events had abudantly shown that some US and/or other Global Networks were often Attempting to Block or Delay EU Integration mostly through British an open or cover British EuroScepticism.

    So that, Now that the Franco-German Couple will be Free from any, eventual, UK Diversion, it Must Move Fast and Decisively in order to Catch up with Time, and Create at least the Basic, Necessary Conditions for certain Strategic European Integration Targets.

    But this Implies also much More Real Democracy, a ReNovated Parliament with a much more Democratic Functioning and Closer to EU Citizens, Less Bureaucracy and Petty Technocrats or Abusive Officials, and more Transparency, Real Public Debates open to interested People's active participation EU-wide, and the ReNaissance of a Vibrant Ideas-creating European Culture plenty of Popular Dicussions on Flagship Projects on main Topical Issues affecting European People's Lives.

    Without whom, Nothing really Important can be done. But, With whom, much Needed Great Achievements can become Anew Possible.
    As for the British People, (an Historic Integral Part of European History and Culture), a ReNovated and Stronger EU will certainly become anew a Focal point of Attraction, while manifold External, Hard Challenges will incite Union, instead of Division.

    So that, in Fact, there is No Doubt that :  - "We Shall Meet Again", be it "in Thunder, Lightning or Rain", as it's realistically written even in "Macbeth Tragedy" by Shakespeare...





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ECHR's President to "EuroFora" on Journalists Gongadze and Adali murders : Principles must apply to all States, without discrimination.

+ ECHR's Statistics on Freedom of Expression (See below).

 European Court of Human Rights' President, Jean-Paul Costa, questioned by "EuroFora" on Journalists' murders, as in Gongadze and Adali's cases etc., strongly stressed all CoE Member States' obligation to make efficient Investigations to find and punish those responsible, and underlined that ECHR's case-law's principles must apply to all without any discrimination.

His call was clearly supported by various Top MEPs who denounced a risk of "Double Standards" if some Journalists' murders are investigated, while others don't.

To avoid such risks, CoE's Parliamentary Assembly adopted a Resolution, on the occasion of Ukranian Journalist Gongadze's murder, "stressing", as a matter of general Principle, "the importance it attaches to the safety of Journalists and political activists, especially those linked to opposition groups, in ALL member states of the CoE". All "crimes against journalists and political activists must be investigated ... as a matter of priority, without political interference".

Costa was replying to "EuroFora"s question on the fact that, after CoE's Committee of Ministers, also CoE's Assembly had just adopted a Resolution on Gongadze murder case, based on an ECHR's judgement of 2005, asking a full Investigation from Ukraine, who has found and condemned  in 10 years of jail 2 executants, but not yet the instigators.

While nothing similar was yet done for dissident Turkish Cypriot Kutlu Adali's murder, with 5 bullets shot at his head out of his Family's home in the territories of Cyprus occupied by Ankara's army, despite another ECHR's judgement of the same year 2005, and despite Turkey's claim that nobody was found among those responsible for the murder, and that there was nothing more to do..

In order to be credible and efficient, CoE's mechanisms shouldn't find a way to at least ask for full investigations of all Journalists' murders anywhere they might be committed, without exceptions ?


- "On the larger question that you raised, I'd like to say, since we are in a period of stock-taking on ECHR's 50 Years, that the Court's case-law developed certain concepts ....such as the Positive obligations of States, part of which are also the procedural obligations", started to reply ECHR's President.

 - "Whenever Journalists, Lawyers, Defenders of Human Rights, or even simple Citizens are murdered, the States are held responsible, not only if its their own security forces' agents who committed these murders, but also if they didn't make sufficiently substantial and efficient Investigations", he stressed.

- "I want to strongly underline that we (ECHR) have found in many cases numerous violations of Articles 2 and 3 against States, ....(about) murders or torture, ...because they didn't make enough Investigations in order to try to find and punish those responsible".

- "We (ECHR) do that vis-a-vis all 47 (CoE) Member States, without any discrimination".

"Naturally, the circumstances in each particular case may be differend, and we can't ommit to apply the rules of proof, or the rules of criminal procedure".

"But we try, by all means, to apply these principles of our case-law, to all States", he concluded.


      Costa's call was strongly supported by several Top CoE MEPs, from various Political areas

- "To investigate the murder of one Journalist, and not of another, looks like Double Standards", denounced the President of EuroLeft Group in CoE's Assembly, Dutch MEP Tiny Cox.  

- "What is the reason ? Politics or specificity of a case ? Of course, if Cyprus and Turkey are involved, it's always a Political case"..

- "Murders of Journalists should always be fully investigated, because killing Journalists is not only killing persons, but also killing Free Press".  "We (CoE's Assembly) should do our outmost to help People who are working on Free Press and they are under threat or murdered".

Because for Free Politics, Free Press is a pre-requisitive : Parliamentarians  cannot  function without a Free Press. Not investigating, is not protecting ourselves".

So we should investigate all Journalists' murders : We are talking about Gongadze, about the Cypriot man (Adali), about the Journalist murdered in Moscow one week ago, etc", Cox concluded

- "CoE can' look at these cases differently. CoE can't wear Blinckers  !".
- "If the one is investigated, so has to be also the other. Why there wasn't full investigation ? Why's that ?", wondered British  Socialist MEP, Alan Meale.

- "A good idea" would be to "make a Motion for Resolution", and "join all Journalists' murders. Adali and Gongadze etc", said to "EuroFora" EU Parliament Political affairs Committee's President, Goran Lindbland, ChristianDemocrat MEP from Sweden.

(See also earlier News at "EuroFora" on similar issues).

ECHR's Statistics on Freedom of Expression :

    Almost Half of condemnations by ECHR for violations of Freedom of Expression in 2008, concern Turkey : 20 out of a total of 48 for all CoE's Member States.

    Russia, Poland, France and Moldova were condemned only 3 times. Romania, Greece, Portugal, 2 times, and the other CoE Member States only 1 time, or none.
    During the last Decade : 1998 - 2008, Turkey was condemned for violating Freedom of Expression in ..169 cases, while Austria only in 24.

    France and Moldova in 14 and 13, respectively, closely followed by Russia and Poland with 11 and 10, respectively. The rest of CoE Member States had less than ten condemnations.    


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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