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After Islamic Terror in France, Turks crash Secular Coup, Lynch/Oppress Rebels,Judges,Teachers,Press

Written by ACM
Saturday, 16 July 2016

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(UpDated)/- Immediately after French President Hollande denounced "Islamic Terrorism"'s "Threats", facing the Massacre of 84 Civilian People at Nice by a migrant Truck Driver responding to ISIL's Call to Kill "Americans, Europeans (and)... Citizens of Countries engaged in International Coalition against the Islamic State", controversial Turkish President Erdogan's fans, acting upon Minarets' calls, with cries "Allah Akbar", notoriously Lynched and/or ill-treated Disarmed Young Soldiers POWs (some even "Raped" in Jail, according to Human Rights NGOs), and Launched a Massive Oppression against many Thousands of Political Dissidents throughout all the State sector, Universities, Media and even Private Businesses, due to last during a 3 Months' long period, pretexting of a Strange, Atypical and Failed (Manipulated or Fake ?) "Coup" Attempt of Only "6 Hours", which had Claimed to "Restore ...Human Rights and Freedoms", by a "Peace Movement" (which Immediately ordered Turkish Military Invasion Troops to Withdraw from Iraq, etc), for a "Secular Democracy".

The already almost 18.000 Mass Arrests in Turkey, particularly among Judges (sic !), (reportedly due to be Further Extended also to Many Thousands More later-on), and 50.000 Passports revoked, Hindering Dissidents to Flee Abroad, almost Immediately after a lot of Photos and Videos started to be Published, even at mainstream Media in the EU and accross the World, revealing Horrible Lynching or Grave Ill-Treatments by Brutal Mobs against Young Conscripts Soldiers who had Surrendered, and were either Disarmed, or Abstaining from using their Weapons not even against those who Violently Aggressed them (as a much-sought by Western a.o. Media -including "Skynews", "BBC", "AFP", etc Video clearly proves), obviously Raised several Legitimate Questions.



Strasbourg's PanEuropean CoE Secretary General, Thornbjorn Jagland, a former Prime Minister from Norway and NOBEL Peace Prize Committee chair, slamed as "Unacceptable", "any Attempt to overthrow  Democratically elected Leaders", but also Reminded the Fact that "Turkey" is "a Member State of the CoE, which defends Democracy, Human rights and the rule of Law". His long-time Spokesman, and CoE's Communication Director, Daniel Holtgen from Germany, subsequently Published a Tweet, after Turkish President Erdogan reportedly promissed to Think about Calls for official Death Penalty to be reestablished by Ankara, Stressing that, as a matter of General Principle, "No CoE Member State can Execute (a) Death Penalty".

Current + Former Turkish Presidents Erdogan + Giul. (British Media "Independent.co.uk"). Ankara said to Consider Resetablishing Death Penalty.

Turkey had notoriously been Obliged to formally Abolish the Official "Death Penalty" Judicial Sanction as part of its attempts Not to be seriously Condemned by the CoE, and particularly its ECHR Judges, about the ill-elucidated Kidnaping of Kurdish Rebels' Leader Ocalan at Nairobi (Kenya), back on early 1999, where he had been pushed to go after his Earlier, Autumn 1998 Attempt to Call from Rome (Italy) for a Cease-Fire and Peace-process to Settle the kurdish issue had backfired, resulting in various Threats of Prosecution, which Obliged him to Try to Flee also through various Other European Countries, including Russia and Greece, etc., before reaching Nairobi, full then of US security services after a recent Terrorist Attack attributed to Extremist Islamic Groupleader Bin Laden. The move had been Closely Followed by CoE, both through its Secretary General and its Committee of Ministers, as well as ECHR, (See several NewsReports published then by "Eurofora"s co-Founder mainly at "MPA" Press Agency).

But Holtgen's tweet was immediately submeged by Comments Urging CoE to act also against "Mass Arrests of Judges" in Turkey, alleged "Street Executions" at Kurdish Areas, and Erdogan's "Islamic Agenda". CoE's Head Spokesman had already anounced, Earlier, that Strasbourg's PanEuropean Organisation for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law Asked Turkey to Explain why 3 Journalists, including even the President of its Human Rights Association, had been Arrested recently, as the European Association of Journalists (HQ in Brussels) Strongly Denounced. He also Noted the Fact that CoE's SG Jagland just met with German Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Berlin to discuss various such Topical Human Rights Pending problems, including about Turkey.


(+3 recently Arrested Journalists, including the President of Human Rights' Association -"EFJ" Photo)

Also CoE's Committee of Ministers' Chair, Estonian Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand, after "firmly Condemn(ing) the Coup Attempt", just "Call(ed) for the Resumption of the Normal Functioning of Public Institutions", while Mobs were reportedly still at the Streets, (allegedly Provoking, f.ex., Fears by the Alewi Community to be Attacked at Instabul, given the fact that one alleged Rebel Officer was from the Alevi Religious Minority). The current Head of CoE's Highest Political Body also expressed her will for Strasbourg's Organisation to work on Turkey "on the basis of the Principles of Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law".  She was resuming another Call, by German Chancelor Angie Merkel, to "Solve Turkey's Problems inside the Constitutional order", but also to "Stop the Bloodshed" and "Respect Human Rights" at the aftermath of that 6 Hours-long "Coup". This was Echoed also by French President Hollande who "Expect(s) to see" whether the way Turkey would arrest and judge those involved in the Coup will be "in accordance with the Law".

Incirlik Airtrikes against ISIL's Terrorists Interrupted


Turkish President Erdogan's Controversial policy on Extreme Islamic Terrorism (+ISIS) fuels various Web Critics... (Satirical Cartoon found spread at the Internet)

Moreover, just 1 day after French President Hollande announced an Intensification of AirStrikes against ISIL's Terrorists following the Massacre of 84 Civilians at Nice, the Erdogan regime in Turkey Cut even Electric Power to Incirlik AirBase, used by the International Coalition against ISIL, after Blocking any entrance and Prohibiting AirFlights there.


(Turkey after crashing a "Secular" Coup attempt = Democracy, AutoCracy, or TheoCracy ?)

According to French Newspaper "Le Figaro", Turkey would practicaly insist for Gulen's Extradition from the USA, until Incirlik AirBase re-opens, while, according to Greek Media "Naftemporiki", Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglou said that some Putchists had come from Incirlik, and, therefore, that AirBase would remain Closed as long as Ankara felt Necessary for "Operations " to "Eradicate" such remnants there, i.e. apparently sine die.

A pretext seems to be the Fact that the Governor of that Strategic AirBase, General Van, was just Arrested for allegedly Participating at a Strange, Atypical and Short-lived "Coup" Attempt, which Durated, in substance, just a Few ...Hours, between 15 and 16 July, from approximately 11 p.m. until 2.30 a.m., followed by a few local Clashes.

Atypical, 6 Hours Attempt to Oust Erdogan

Unlike any other "Coup" of the Past, this time, Naming their Group "Movement for Peace in the Fatherland", those Army Officers, reportedly claimed to act for "Democracy, Human Rights and Liberty", as well as in order to "Restore the Constitutional order", and called their Supreme Body "Peace Council", promissing to Guarantee People's Safety and Freedoms "Independently of Religion, Race or Language".

The First 14 Army Officers arrested + accused to be Members of "Movement for Peace in Fatherland" coup attempt to "Restore Secular Democracy, Human Rights + Liberties"

Among the most Important Senior Officers who participated is reportedly included also the Head of the "2nd Army", which deals mainly with the Kurdish and ISIL Challenges in Eastern Turkey, at the Borders with Syria, Iran and Iraq. I.e. some among the "Hottest" Issues, since Erdogan's Governments have been notoriously Accused to Excessively Oppress Kurds, but to have, on the Contrary, some Complicities with ISIL's Extreme Islamic Terrorists.

The First  Arrested Army Officers, (the No 1 with Torture traces) - British Newspaper "Telegraph.co.uk"

In parallel, the National TV, seized by the Rebels, Anounced also the "Withdrawal of the Turkish Military from Iraq", Austin (Texas, US) based "Stratfor" GeoPolitical Firm reported.

(Turkish Islamists rush to support Erdogan regime)
(Mass Street Muslim Prayers to celebrate the crash of a Secular Coup Attempt by Erdogan's fans)

(Extremist Islamistic fans of Erdogan celebrate Securlar Coup Attempt's Crash - UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")

They also claimed to seek to "Restore a Secular and Democratic State", while, on the Contrary, Violent Mobs unleashed by Erdogan's calls against Young Soldiers who rapidly Gave Up, abstaining from using their Weapons, despite Threats of being Lynched, (as many Photos and Videos revealing Mobs' Brutal Violence, published by mainstream European and International Press, but also several Social Media at the Internet, as well as Turkish Newspapers, clearly attest : See Infra), were often Incited, Led or even replaced by various Islamic Imams (f.ex. using Mosques' Minarets to launch Loud Calls in favour of Erdogan), ostensibly traditionaly dressed Islamists, etc. "At least four Disarmed Soldiers were Lynched" by such Erdogan's Mobsters, who Boast that "the Whole Country Belongs to Us", Shouting "Allahu Akbar !", denounced German Newspaper "Die Welt".


Islamistic Groups at the Turkish Army HQ, celebrate the Crash of Seculrar Coup Attempt  (Video in several Turkish Social Media the Day After: 16 July, Censored Afterwards)

Erdogan's fans = "Allahu Akbar" for crashing "Secular" Coup attempt (German Newspaper "Welt")


Turkish President Erdogan at Ankara's Mosque after "Securlar" Coup attempt crash (Greek Media "Naftemporiki")

In a latest development in this regard, Egypt has just "Vetoed" a Draft Paper on Turkey at UNO's Security Council in New York, by arguying that it was Unclear whether Erdogan's Government was really "Democratic", or not.

On the Contrary, Extremist Islamic Organisation "Muslim Brotherhood"'s Chief Haniyev appeared to Celebrate Erdogan's "Counter-Coup" (which has Jailed more than 6.000 People already) also with a Big Fat Chocolate and Cream Pie arbouring a "Shelfie" Photo with Erdogan inside... (See PHOTO).

(Extremist Islamist Egyptian "Muslim Brothers"'Chief celebrates with a Big Pie the crash by Erdogan of a "Secular" Coup Attempt)

Meanwhile, Curiously, more than 2.745 ...Judges (sic !) were reportedly targeted by Arrest Warrants and have Started to be Detained, immediately after that Strange Military "Coup", in relation to which, more than 6.000 People have already been Arrested, according to Turkish Authorities. In Addition, about 1.600 University Rectors and More than 15.000 Teachers are Ousted. Many Dozens of Journalists started to be reportedly Prosecuted, some 50 more Arrested, about 100 Medias were Blocked and/or Prohibited,  a lot of Press Workers were Striped of their Professional Card, (etc), even without any direct link to that strange "Coup" attempt.


(Helicopter of 8 Turkish Army Officers who asked Political Asylum in Neibouring Greece)

But 8 Officers asked Asylum in neighbouring Greece, while some Groups reportedly still Resisted Arrest around Istanbul and at some Central Mainland Hotspots, added to certain Senior Officers who have Escaped Arrest until now, possibly by fleeing abroad. Meanwhile, Tensions were observed at the Parliament as well as elsewhere, while  Erdogan reportedly Blocked all State Agents' trips Abroad unless they might be authorized.  

London "Times" reports that "14 Army Ships" would have gone "Missing", are Denied by Ankara, But it's Not yet clear where Admiral Veysel Kosele, the Commander of the Turkish Navy, might be Today. According to British Media "Independent.co.uk", those Ships are "Suspected" to be "Heading towards Greece", but another, perhaps even More Interesting Destination in real practice, may be Egypt, (Comp. Supra).

"Fake" ?

It's a Fact that this entirely Atypical "Coup", or "Attempt", or "Movement", astonishingly Durated, in substance, Less than  ..."6 Hours", as many observers pointed out, Between Friday Evening and Saturday Early Morning (15 to 16 July), too Rapidly "Melting" away OverNight.


(Erdogan staged "Coup" -By famous Brazilian Cartoonist Carlos Latuff)

So that various European and International Commentators started to Suspect a kind of Tricky Smokescreen, or "Theater", Cinema "Film", etc., for a "Fake" Coup, which might have been Staged, in Fact, by the Turkish Government's Secret Services, probably Manipulating a few, already known, Dissidents, (f.ex. as several former Tsarist regimes in Russia of the Past notoriously used to do, mainly via some "Provocators" with whom they Systematicaly Infiltrated most Opposition Movements).

(Erdogan "Oscar" Fiction Film award...)

To this widely ambiant Impression was also Added an Unprecedented and too Spectacular move by Erdogan himself, (who had just met with "Facebook"s USA Businessman Zuckenberg a Few Days ago !), to suddenly use, for the First Time, a..."FaceLine" tool via Apple's "I-Phone", in order to Launch a First Call to his Supporters, (when the National Radio-TV had been Seized by the Rebels, while Istanbul Airport initialy Refused his Plane's demand to Land), spread Furher also through USA-sponsored "CNN - Turk" TV... (See relevant PHOTOs).

(Erdogan speaking by I-Phone + "FaceLine" to CNN-Turk TV, during "Secular" Coup)

The Accumulation of various such obviously Strange, Unusual and Theater-like Events, incited also Press ..."Cartoon" Designers, not only from Europe, but also Overseas, even from Brazil, etc., to Picture the Controversial Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan f.ex. as an ..."OSCAR" Film Prize Winner, or a "FICTION" "FILM ACTOR" in a "FAKE COUP" Play serving to Boost his Popularity, etc, (See PHOTOs)...

Meanwhile, the Stern Warning Revealed by a Long Series of other Photos and/or Videos about reported Lynching and/or Grave ill-treatments Cowardly inflicted by Brutal pro-Erdogan Mobsters against Defenseless, Disarmed Young Conscript Soldiers (usualy Aged 18-22), Added to Growing NewsReports about a still Evolving "Tsunami" of Massive Oppression (Officialy nick-named "Cleansing") against Many Thousands of Political Dissidents, (Comp. Supra), are also often Horrible Facts which canNot be dealt just by Humourists at all (Not even of "Black Humour"), Neither be Hidden from European and International Society, which obviously has to Find adequate Responses, Before it becomes Too Late for its Values.

Already, a Controversial and Unpopular attempt to give a "Visa-Free" status for 80 Millions of Turks to enter into the EU 6 Months Each Year seems Stopped, particularly after that Massive Erdogan's move to Dismiss Thousands of Judges, since among EU Conditions is also an "Independent Judiciary" requirement, observes "Politico" mainstream Media, which finds more likely for the EU to give some More Money to Turkey in exchange of Ankara's acceptance to Drop its Failed EU-bid.

But Facts reveal that the real situation might be even much Worse than than, Now, inside Turkey, and Risking even to be Exported to Europe, since Ankara's Authorities reportedly Ask from their Diaspora to Spy and Denounce various Political Dissidents and/or Critics in EU Countries, (even European Journalists : See f.ex. a Recent Scandal in the Netherlands, etc), while, in addition, various pro- and/or counter-Erdogan Demonstrations are being Scheduled...



DISCRIMINATION EVEN AFTER DEATH ? A pro-Government Victim is Mourned by 4 Women with Islamic Scurfs at a TV-covered Ceremony with Turkish Top Officials, while a Killed pro-Rebels Young Conscript Soldier lies Abandoned alone and Anonymous under Rubble... (Daily Mail/Eurofora).







Turkish Extremist (Gray Wolf) poses on Lynched Young Conscript's body



 Young Concsript POWs ill-treated by Turkish Mobsters (German Newspaper "Die Welt")




(POWs Terrorized by Turkish Mobsters - German Newspaper "Die Welt")


(Young Conscripts POWs ill-treated by Turkish Mobsters - "Die Welt")



Many Young Conscript POWs Jailed like Animals by Erdogan's Turkish regime (UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")




Turkish Mobsters ill-treat Young Conscript POWs (Video screenshot by Eurofora)



(Young Conscript POW Lynched by Turkish Mobsters)



(Turkish Mobsters' Brutalities - UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")



Young Conscript POWs ill-treated by Turkish Mobsters (German Newspaper "Die Welt")








(Lynching of Young Conscript POW by Turkish Mobsters)



(Human Rights NGOs slamed Reports of "Rape" and/oer Starving of Young Coscripts POWs Jailed in Turkey - "Daily Mail" Screenshot from Twiter)



(Young Conscript POWs Brutalized by Turkish Thugs - German Newspaper Welt)



(Young Conscripts POWs Brutalized by Turkish Mobsters - UK Newspaper "Daily Mail") 



Turkish Mobsters Brutalize Dissident Journalists, the Day After "Secular" Coup attempt (Russian Media "Sputnik-News")



(Turkish Mobsters Attack + Brutalize Dissident Journalists after the crash of "Secular" Coup attempr - UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")



(A Civilian Dissident is Brutalized by pro-Erdogan Turkish Thugs - German Newspapzer "Die Welt")



(UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")



(Lynched Young Conscript POW underneath Rubble after Attack of Turkish Mobsters -UK Newspaper "Daily Mail")






(NDLR : Partly UpDated)






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It's with "profound anxiety" that we read "the news, more and more dramatic", on "these tragic events ..which have caused many innocent victims and obliged a great number of civilians to leave their homes". All involved must "avoid to cause more, and worse sufferings to the population", he said.



He warned against "more violent confrontations and retaliations, which may degenerate in a conflict of even larger scope".


To avoid this risk, "the International Community and the most inffuent countries" should "make every effort to support and promote .. initiatives" for a stable Peace, he stressed, shortly before his visit to France, where President Nicolas Sarkozy is the current EU chair.

"Together with our Orthodox brothers, we pray for these aims, and we entrust them to the intercession of her sanctity, virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and of all Christians", he concluded.


Pope Benedict XVI spoke in front of more than 12.000 People during the Angelus of an Open-air Mass at Brixen-Bressalone (north of Italy), at the end of his short stay at the Alpes, close to German chancelor Angie Merkel's restplace, where he received the visits of two f.Italian Presidents, Ciampi and Cossiga, together with Minister Tremonti.


Pope's spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said ttesterday that he highlighted Brixen-Bressanone's synthesis, a peaceful and mutually enriching meeting point of many cultures, as "a model for Europe".






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