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Author Topic: 1st US Virus' Mutation: Near Air-Space Army Central Base's Medical Research+  (Read 2757 times)
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« on: December 31, 2020, 02:59:51 PM »

1st US New Virus' Mutation: Near Air-Space Army Central Base's Medical group, including Immune System Research

While it's Still a Mystery from Where came the 1st New, Faster-Spreading, Virus Mutation's Infections in the USA, (similar to those who Paniked the UK and all Europe), recently found in 2 Persons "without Any Travel History", at Colorado,

it's an interesting Fact that the Location of that Incident stands very Near USA's main Central Air-Force Military Base for "Space control" activities, which include Medical Research on Human Immune System resistance in Space, Often Tested also by Inoculating Cobays with several kinds of Viruses.

That Location is, notoriously, Simla Village, in Elmer County, Near Colorado Springs, where exist 5 out of 6 Military Bases at Colorado State, and is, particularly, Connected by 1 and same Road with the Nearest of them : the Peterson Air-Force Base, less than 70 km from there, Former USA Bombardment Center for Europe during the 2nd World War against Nazism, and Recently upgraded into USA's Air Force's Main Center for Space control, including its Medical group, (See above).

Moreover, these 2 Persons Mysteriously Infected the First throughout all USA by that Dangerous Genetic Mutation of the Virus, were National Guards, i.e. Soldiers, exceptionaly detached there in order to Work at a local Socio-Medical Facility, at the Proximity of that Important Central Air-Space Base.

Colorado, socio-politicaly a Former GOP State related to USA's "Heartland", has Later Become a Dems' area, (probably influenced by a Similar Trend at nearby California), in recent decades dealing with a Growing part of Space High-Tech, including after Obama's controversial Focus, since 2010, on ISS Tests of various Techniques on Plant, Animal and Human Genetics.
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