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Author Topic: USA: Save Proof on Fraud Urgently ! (says Lawyer on Georgia Lawsuit to Court)  (Read 938 times)
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« on: November 29, 2020, 11:50:42 PM »

USA: Save Proof on Fraud Urgently ! (says Lawyer on Georgia Legal Complaint to Court)

An Urgent Appeal to Secure Factual Evidence on Election Fraude indications in Georgia,  from imminent Threat to be Destroyed on Nov. 30, was launched by Lawyer Powell to the Court where a relevant, Wider Lawsuit has been recently lodged.

It concerns more than 3 Hours of Registered activities with the Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Voting Machines at a County where all independent Observers were Suddenly Expulsed OverNight, under a Fake Pretext of an alleged "Water Pipe" problem, while, During all that Period of Time, local Staffers were still Working with the Machines inside those Vote Offices... Enough to eventualy Manipulate many Thousands of Votes in that Key "Swing" State !

Local Officials have reportedly Admitted that they Intend to "Reset" those Computers, and Erase their Data, on November 30. In Consequence, if the Court (or FBI, etc) does Not Take Immediate Action to Timely Prevent the Destruction of Key Evidence about probable Fraud, irremplaceable Material Proof is obviously Threatened to be Erased for ever, already Tomorrow...

It's Not Clear at all Why the Local Authorities would Insist to "Reset" those Highly Controversial "Dominion" Machines as Early as, already, since Nov. 30, since there is Not Any Obvious Big Need to do so immediately.

A quasi-Systematic Obstruction by Lower Courts in the States suspected for Fraud (Added to Censorship by Establishment's Medias) has been a Notorious Obstacle into Finding the Truth about the 2020 Controversial US Presidential Election, still facing manifold Challenges in various, State and/or Federal Courts, Legislatures, etc...
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