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Author Topic: A Bureacracy of Intermediaries, or Directly EU Citizens ?...  (Read 5974 times)
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« on: April 14, 2018, 07:24:34 PM »


Some obviously seek to push again things, about the "Future of Europe"'s Debates, towards the old anti-democratic slipery slope of a kind of ... Bureaucracy of various Intermediaries, keeping Citizens, in fact, subordinate, dependent, and, inevitably, far Away...

=> Instead, we should all take appropriate care to go Directly towards EU Citizens, incite them to Debate, in a crystal-clear manner, (it doesn't mean naif...), on how they believe that a Europe near to their most important Dreams can start to become True, in the foreseable Future, taking naturally into account also the existent Realities, and how they propose to succeed to build a Strong Common European Home, able to face the main challengeq of nowadays society and world.

Only then, it could really work, this time.

The contrary (see above) is a condemned recipe to failure, (staged by a few ignorants and/or hypocrites, who secretly push towards making a "flop" out of it)...

Emmanuel Macron's (and others') original Ideas look Good.

But they must Not be Betrayed !...
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