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Author Topic: Belarus: Pensioners+Students = strange Flop of failing General Strike Ultimatum  (Read 667 times)
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« on: October 27, 2020, 10:07:02 AM »

Belarus : Pensioners + Students = strange Flop of failing General Strike Ultimatum.

What a Strange Mixture of ...Pensioners and Students only, reportedly Demonstrating at Minsk this Monday, Beginning of a so-called "Workers' General Strike", according to Tikhanovskaya's "Ultimatum" with "Order" to Belarusian President Lukashenko to resign immediately...

Was it, perhaps, because those Students dreamed to ...Become Pensioners immediately, withOut ever Working, or simply because No Workers participated at that Strike ?

Yet, while it's true that "Dozens" of Students had been reportedly seen out of some Universities earlier, nevertheless, those Pensioners had Nothing to do with that Strike, since they were Routinely Demonstrating regularly, "Each Monday"...

But, concerning Workers, "No walkouts at Belarus’s state-owned Factories"  were spoted by USA's "New York Times" Today, Contrary to what had reportedly happened in the Past, at the Beginning of Opposition's Protest, last August... Only "Some" Workers did walk Off the job", f.ex. "at the Minsk Tractor Works",  and "several Dozen" people who were scheduled to work on Monday had not taken up their tools" at a "state-owned "Fertilizer factory", "according to an independent trade unionist", "NYT" reported.

Already, on Sunday, instead of the "many Hundreds of Thousands" routine Demonstrators Usualy Claimed by Opposition-Backing Foreign Medias, Yesterday "BBC" spoke just about "Tens of thousands", and showed Only a Photo picturing, rather, some ...Hundreds of People, (Facing almost a ...Similar Number of Policemen)...

And, this Monday, "No massive Strikes were spoted", (Contrary to the Past), witnessed "AFP" Press Agency, while Belarusian Government Officials ensured that Enterprises were "Working Normaly".

Was it, perhaps, Because Lukashenko has Recently Launched a Constitutional Reform process including Public Consultations on All People's proposals, as well as a relevant "Dialogue", Even with Jailed Opposition Figures, as those that he Personaly Met some Days Ago, in Addition Freeing certain among them, who reportedly Accepted to Participate in a National Dialogue, (some already speaking at TV Stations) ?

This certainly Contrasted with Tikhanofskaya's Harsh unilateral "Ultimatum" and "Order" to the Belarusian President to Immediately "Resign", Threatening, Otherwise, with a "General Strike" that would Paralyse the Country...

Meawhile, the Risk, for her, to Eventualy be, in Fact, Less Popular than Even ...Pinochet, could Not be theoreticaly Excluded, since, according to Official Results, Tikhanovskaya got Only about 10% in the August 2020 Elections in Belarus, while, in Chile, this October 2020, at a Constitutional Reform Vote, the Old Text Drafted by the former Dictator has just reached 22% (i.e., comparatively, more than the Double than her votes) !

However, Tikhanovskaya has just Countr-Attacked, with a New Weapon : When she learned how the Situation was evolving Today, (Comp. Supra), she Suddenly Announced that some UnNamed "Donors" (probably Soros and some States, etc) had Given "7 Millions $" to her pro-General Strike Grouplet !

=> In Consequence, Tomorrow, (Tuesday), Tikhanovskaya might Hope to, at last, Attract some (Paid) Agents to Serve her aims...

Already "595 Foreigners", most of them “Tough young men with an Athletic build” from Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania", (notoriously still Traped by that "Anti-Russian" Virus made by Globalist Lobbies to Divide and Weaken Europe), were "Refused Entry" at Belarusia's Borders these Days, notes "NYT"....

>>> But, what about those Real Europeans, who doN't want a "New Ukraine" Tragic Problem here, with all its Boody Killings of a lot of Civilian People, Divisions, Destructions, "Sanctions"/Counter-Sanctions, Wastes, Debts, Corruption, etc. ?
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