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Author Topic: Eurofora 3 WhistleBlows on Virus Pandemic (2 Confirmed + 1 New)  (Read 194 times)
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« on: July 06, 2020, 11:40:53 PM »

Eurofora 2X WhistleBlowed on Virus to Call for Early Protection +Slam Bogus Fake-Study v. HCQ+ cure (Confirmed: 1st Negatively, 2nd Positively)

Facts Proved that "Eurofora", already, Rightfully Whistle-Blowed Twice (X2) against certain Grave Errors about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics :

- (A) First, by Calling for Urgent Early Protection against Risks of Europe's Infection +, Already since January 27/28, February 22, and February 24. (See:,936.0.html, +,+, etc).

- (B) Second, by clearlly Denouncing 1st of all the main "Bogus" Fake-Study Slandering "HCQ+" Cure, at a Moment when there were Many unjust Attacks, with Oppressive Measures against that Cheap and Simple Medicine, (See Our Publication Dated 23/5/2020:, etc).

=> Afterwards, Many subsequent Facts and Events notoriously Proved that "Eurofora" was Right :

- (A) On the First Point, see, among others, also WHO's Statements on Europe Becoming the Pandemic's "EpiCenter", Mid-March 2020, EU's Too Late Measures, EU Infecting Russia, USA, and Other Key Parts of the World, etc., (f.ex.:, +, etc).

- (B) On the Second Point, see, among others, also French Professor Didier Rault's Subsequent Reactions, from 25/5/2020, "Open Letter" by almost 400 Medical Doctors from 5 Continents, about 27-28-29/5/2020, Professor Tsiodras' Support at CoE's Debates on 1st June 2020, "LANCET"'s Enquiry, and, finally, the Retraction of the Authors of that "Bogus" Fake-Study, (which Provoked an UnPrecedented Scandal), as well as WHO's Restoration of "HCQ+" at International Trial Studies, Announced on 3 June 2020, etc. (F.ex.:, +, +, etc).

>>> This is Published Nowadays, When a ... 3rd Important "Eurofora" Whistle-Blowing about the Deadly Virus' Pandemics has Just Started, on Recent and still Evolving Events...
=> Stay Tuned !

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