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Author Topic: Turkey spreads Islamist Terrorists from Invaded + Occupied Syria to Libya ?!...  (Read 3075 times)
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« on: December 29, 2019, 03:10:21 AM »

Various Medias, (including "Bloomberg", "Deutsche Welle", London-based "Syrian Observatory on Human Rights", "Libya.liveuamap", etc), reported these days that Turkey wants to send into Libya not only its own Foreign Military, but even Extremist Foreign Islamist Armed Gangs/Terrorists from ...Invaded and Occupied Syria, as from Idlib, (fleeing the advancing Syrian Government National Army, helped by Russia, which progressively liberates its country from years of foreign invasion/occupation by islamist armed gangs, pushed by Turkey), as also from Afrin and/or Other Syrian Kurdish areas Invaded, Occupied and Looted by Turkey-backed Armed Islamist Thugs.

If such a threat is confirmed, obviously, the dangers for Europe would radically multiply...

Idlib a.o. areas are mainly controlled by "Al-Queda"'s offspring, while "ISIS" is not far away...

Libya's South connects with" ISIS"-affiliated Islamist Terrorists around Sahel, up to Nigeria, etc., while its Tripoli-related area is notoriously linked to Smugglers sending many Thousands of irregular Mass Migrants to Europe.
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