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Author Topic: Sarkozy's 2009-2010 foreign policy focuses on Global Governance  (Read 3302 times)
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« on: August 28, 2009, 10:18:00 PM »

For the 1st time, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2009 annual speech to diplomats is almost entirely dedicated to Europe's role in the World, and mainly on the need to renovate Global Governance,

From Economy up to Environment or Politics (UNO), he stresses the need for change, particularly after the Crisis, in order to establish a more Moral and more Democratic International world order, without unilateral dictats and exclusion, financial abuses, social or environmental dumping, etc.

He calls for an ambitious program of public debates, open and transparent to the international opinion, and a vital renovation of the most important International Organisations, (UNO, IMF, WB, WTO, G-14, the creation of an international environment organisation, etc).

It seems that after June 2009 EU Elections, it's no more Internal EU issues that matter more, but EU's action on Global issues, at the horizon 2010-2011.

That's logical, but attention needs obviously to be paid, at least in the short term, also on the forthcoming German elections, end of September 2009. since all this plan depends also on the Sarkozy - Merkel personal and political links. If this goes well enough, he won't have to really deal with internal matters until the preparations for the 2012 French presidential elections.
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