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Author Topic: Syria: Disinformation on Sochi Deal obtained by Turkey ?  (Read 3031 times)
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« on: October 24, 2019, 06:06:24 AM »

Facts appear astonishing :

- Instead of 6 Days Cease-Fire, after which, Syrian Kurds would be Obliged to Leave their Land and Homes, abandoning their arms,

on the Contrary, Turkey asks from the Russians and Damas' Army to immediately (from October 23) enter into Syrian Kurdish Region areas, Not Yet Occupied by Turkey's Forces, in order to Take the Arms of the Syrian Kurds and Push them Out !

- The "150 Hours" are Not the Beginning of the Time When the Syrian Kurdish Regional forces are called to Start Abandoning their Land, Homes and Arms,

But, on the Contrary, its End (Conclusion) !

+ Moreover, instead of Joint, Russian-Turkish Patrols in the so-called "Security Zone" that Turkey wants to get inside Syria, as Estalishment's Medias claim, 

on the Contrary, such Joint Patrols will Only be authorized in the Areas where Turkey has Not Yet taken Control by its Military Invasion and Ocupation, (i.e. which are Now still Defended by the Syrian Kurdish Regional forces), Only for a Part of 1/3 of the projected "Zone" (10 km, instead of 32 km Deep), and even Out of the Last remaining Big City : that of Qamishli. Thus, in the areas Already Occupied by Turkey's Forces (i.e., rouphly, Between Tel Abyad and Ras Al Ayn Cities : a Central patch), Akara wants to Keep "the Status Quo" imposed by its Military Invasion and Occupation... So, No Russian, Neither Syrian forces allowed there, at all...

=> What obliged Russia to accept such a tiny and disgraced role ? And why all those False Impressions, Hidding the Truth ?
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