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Author Topic: BREXIT: Eurofora confirmed on Agri Talks v. Backstop, +France  (Read 3413 times)
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« on: September 08, 2019, 10:59:28 PM »

(BREXIT being the exact Opposite of EU Enlargement, this belongs here !)...

Developments seem to confirm Eurofora's news (6/9/2019) that the UK may have been discussing an idea about substituting some kind of Agricultural products' Checks, instead of the controvesial "BackStop", concerning Northern Ireland, in order to find a Solution for a BREXIT Agreement with the EU, already since Friday Noon, when French Economy (+former Agriculture and EU) Minister Le Maire unexpectedly held a Long but Not-Scheduled, closed doors Meeting about Agriculture in Strasbourg, where he had officially come in order to Inaugurate its Annual Euro-Fair, but, suddenly, changed his program for undislosed reasons, (See:

Indeed, 1 or 2 Days Later, French Foreign Minister Drian, (who, meanwhile, had met immediately with Le Maire, and even President Macron, as well as German representatives at Evian), made, suddenly, relevant Press Statements on BREXIT, mainly focusing on whether the UK had, or not, any really New and important Proposals to make to the EU, excluding any further Postponement if it wasn't the case. And, at the same time, parallel Press Reports (f.ex. in the "Guardian", etc), confirmed that the UK Government had just proposed, confidentialy, to the EU in Brussels, indeed a kind of "Agri-Food Zone", in principle around "All Ireland", (according to a schema that Irish Prime Minister Varadcar would have been discussing with Boris Johnson's Government in London, amidst various controversies, as a possible way out of the deadlock which still exists since Theresa May's previous Government).
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