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Author Topic: NO von der Leyen on EU Top! =Frankenstein BioTechnocrat Lobby. Away from People  (Read 6488 times)
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« on: July 02, 2019, 07:47:18 PM »

NO von der Leyen on EU Top ! =Frankenstein BioTechnocrats +Cut far away from the People !

Rumours to push ...Von Der Leyen, (currently at the Defense Ministry in Germany), to the Top EU Job at EU Commission's Presidency are very Worrying :

- Von der Leyen is linked to BioTech. Lobbies which are becoming Dangerous for Humanity, particularly since recent Technologies of Heritabe Genetic Manipulations, irreversible for Generations to come.
Among others, she had attempted to impose Systematic and Massive PreNatal Genetic Tests to all Human Embryos, bringing the Risk of Racist Eugenism one Step Closer, at an Annual Gathering of the Governing CDU Party in Germany, where the Majority of People clearly Rejected that, after a Strong Debate, Voting an Opposed Resolution.

 + Nobody among the European People ever saw Von Der Leyen make any Democratic Public Campaigns for General European Issues affecting their Lives. At least, EU Parliament's Leading Candidate, Manfred Weber, did !
And Everything indicates that if some imposed Von Der Leyen at the Head of EU's Executive in Brussels, this would Inevitably Aggravate the Gap Dangerously Separating a Ruling Oligarchy from a Growing Number of EU Citizens.

If Europe was really searching to find some Trustworthy, Experienced and Efficient ChristianDemocrat/EPP Top Politician, with a Real European Legacy and stature, currently Available, it is not at all impossible to make some very Good Findings....

But, Elsewhere !
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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 06:22:56 PM »

When Mrs Von der Leyen spoke to MEPs in Public, earlier Today,

she did Not say practically Nothing Substantial on the "Hot" Problem of recent Mass Irregular, Non-European Migration, Massive Asylum Claims, Neither on persisting Deadly Risks of Islamist Terrorism, etc.,

except from Repeating a wording such as : "creation of Humanitarian Corridors", "Save Lives at Sea", "Human Borders" (sic !), "How to Learn German by living 5 Years free of charge in Von der Leyen's House" (that's "New" !), etc.

For the rest, it's Only about "Reducing" (not Stopping, Neither reversing) that Massive Influx of 2015-2016+ via Turkey etc, and, eventually, a promise to have that tragically insufficient and anodyne Small Group of EU "Coast-Guards" not on 2028, but on 2025 ("Revolutionary" !...).

That's all Folks !
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