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Author Topic: EU-Citizens Debate: FREE, or Not ? A RIGHT, or Not ?  (Read 5029 times)
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« on: May 08, 2018, 07:06:47 AM »



Let's Resume the FACTS :

- Some Bureaucrats have Chosen ..."96" (sic !) among 350 Millions of EU Citizens, to serve as even more Intermediaries.

- They have Invited them (not you !), inevitably to Brussels, (Expenses Paid by EU Taxpayers' Money, including Poor People obliged to pay VAT on All their meagre revenues).

- They shall determine the Questions, on which 350 Millions EU Citizens will be asked to Reply. (I.e. Noone else is allowed to Choose any other Question)...

- All that EU Citizens have to do is : ... Passively "Stay" (sic !), until those Shady Intermediaries, at last, "Unveil" their "Questions", at a moment that they have chosen.

 - What might happen to eventual, Passive "Replies" of some among 350 Millions EU Citizens, obviously will Depend exclusively from those UnElected, UnKnown, UnControled and UnAccountable Intermediaries....

- This is an "One-Off" event, made Only at the Eve of the forthcoming, May 2019 EU Election : Not Before, and (most Probably) Neither Afterwards (unless some other such Bureaucrats, might, perhaps, Choose to do so, at an UnPredictable moment, on an UnPredictable and Imposed Issue, withOut any Freedom of Choice for EU Citizens)...              

+ Total Financial COST (in EU Taxpayers Money) :  Several Hundreds of Thousands €, or even Millions € !          

 Instead of that, "Eurofora"'s Project proposes :

- Full FREEDOM for ALL 350 Millions of EU Citizens to eventually take the Initiative to Speak out Whenever they might want, on Whatever Issue they like, and be Sure that their Views will be fully Published, (and Remain Published, for as Long as necessary), in addition to being dully Sumarized and Grouped Together in Easily Accessible relevant Public Files.

+ The Elementary RIGHT, for any EU Citizens, to :

* be Timely Informed of any planned Decision by Public Authorities, which may Affect their Lives and/or Society at large ;

* Express their Views, on such Projects, (which, naturally, Includes also the Right to Propose Alternative Choices );

* Receive a Timely and Sufficient Reply, based on True Facts and Sufficient Logical Arguments, relevant to what is really at Stake.

* be Free to Engage in an elementary Dialogue, between EU Citizens and/or with the competent Public Authority, in order to Exchange on those Facts and Arguments.

* have all that Published, Clearly Classified according to the Issues at stake, and Remaining easily Accessible to all, as Long as necessary in the foreseable Future, (f.ex., at least until the Next EU Elections, and, if possible, well Beyond).

* Financial COST (in EU Tawpayers' Money) : Practically, almost ZERO !

=> Isn't that, really DIFFERENT ?....

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