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Author Topic: ISIS' Victims remains found, But Criminals Not punished Yet...  (Read 4409 times)
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« on: December 25, 2018, 08:13:31 AM »

The remains of the victims of some among the most Atrocious ISIS' Crimes cowardly targetting innocent and poor Civilian People, (as, f.ex., the beheading of poor Foreign Workers from Egypt, Ethiopia, etc., in Libya, only because they were Coptic Christians) ,were recently found, near Syrta (Libya).

BUT, both for these and other Awful ISIS' Crimes, (including, f.ex., those notoriously committed against Yazidi People in Syria, etc), Nobody yet has been found and punished, despite several European/International Organisations' (and Victims') Calls to, at last, do an elementary Justice !

Until now, only one of those ISIS' chiefs who had notoriously launched the 1st call to cowardly target and kill innocent Civilian People inside Europe, the USA, etc., seems to have been killed, later on, at an undetermined clash.

However, even NAZI leading Criminals have been prosecuted, arrested, judged and executed, after the 2nd World War, while, on the contrary, ISIS' Worst Criminals are still running ...

=> For how long ?
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