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Author Topic: Ozil Anti-Black Racism reveals his Anti-German Hypocrisy...  (Read 10801 times)
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« on: August 16, 2018, 05:43:35 PM »


An obvious Anti-Black People Racism by controversial Turkish football player Mesut Osil, in a Tweet that he initially published just after France's win at the Mundial in Russia (July 2018), proves the blatant Hypocrisy of his Anti-German claims (including Insults against Officials of Germany that he accused of "Racism", etc) in front of a justified Criticism that he faced for his Failures in FIFA's Global Competition this time :

> Immediately after France won the Final round against Croatia, Ozil published (including at FIFA's own Website !) a Tweet ironically "congratulating" Paris, and calling French People to "Enjoy" a Photograph that he chose to picture Only ... Black Players (at least 8 ) !...

+ Moreover, this provoked also a series of Replies, by various individuals (mainly Turkish), who added several Aggressive Publications (at Ozil's Twitter Account), obviously claiming that Paris' National FootBall Team was Not really "French", and slyly Demeaning Black People in general, (See f.ex. attached PHOTOS + Links).

Afterwards, becoming apparently aware of what he had done, and afraid to be denounced and/or prosecuted, Mesut Ozil ...Erased his own controversial Initial Photo (See above), but kept that Thread in his Twitter Account.  

Thus, another Proof of his Initial wrongdoings, is found, indirectly but surely, at several Replies to his Initial Tweet by various Other Individuals, who, Inspired by Mesut Odil's provocation (See above), also imitated him by attempting to Ridicule and/or Demean Black People in general, as certain of their Publications in Odil's Account, clearly show, (a Fact which, Otherwise, would be Unexplained).

Fanatic Turkish Nationalists have been accustomed to use, already in the Past, such controversial claims in comparison with Black People, whenever they seek to Criticize Europe for refusing to admit undemocratic Turkey's unpopular EU Accession claims.

Significantly, at least 2 (apparently Turkish) Participants Replying to that Mesut Ozil's "Twitter" Thread, attempt to Ridicule even the European Union by calling it ... "African Union" (sic !), on this occasion.  
Apparently, those Turks ignore the fact that the most spoken Language throughout the African Continent  is French, and that many African Countries have much Longer and Closer Historic Relations to France than Turkey (which exists Less than 1 Century only : 1923 - 2018), and this includes also French Culture, Socio-Political Ideas, often Christan Religion, etc., (some of them have even Risked their Lives in order to Fight for France in the 1st and/or 2nd World War, as well as in various other Conflicts accross the World), facilitating socio-cultural Integration of several Black People (some having already even become French Ministers, etc), much more than in Ankara's different geopolitical, cultural and historic situation, notoriously steming from faraway Deep Asia.

At any case, all those Converging Facts clearly Prove Mesut Ozil's blatant Hypocrisy when he slanders German Officials for a so-called "Racism", that has just practiced himself (and still continues to Host at his Personal Twitter Account : See above) against Black People ...


Screenshots :

Initial Publication by Mesut Ozil :

+ Links to relevant REPLIES at that Mesut Ozil's "Twitter" Account's thread :  (NB)

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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 07:16:13 PM »

He "Failed" badly not only at the Mundial, but also, more recently, in the UK, where his current team, Arsenal, has just lost 0 - 2 in front of Manchester United :

- "Mesut Ozil ...Ambled his way through the game. No quality. No work-ethic. Nothing.", comments severely, "Daily Mail",
at :

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« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2018, 07:42:40 PM »

He "Failed" badly not only at the Mundial, but also, more recently, in the UK, where his current team, Arsenal, has just lost 0 - 2 in front of Manchester United :

- "Mesut Ozil ...Ambled his way through the game. No quality. No work-ethic. Nothing.", comments severely, "Daily Mail", ...

Richly paid Ozil had been already Warned by an Arsenal fan, with a Tweet recently published at his own personal Twitter Account, in comments to his above-mentioned controversial post on France/Black People :

"@DhulQrnayn  - Replying to @MesutOzil1088

Listen mate I've had enough of your bs.. This year you put in work! None of this moaning walking around like your shit don't stink thinking you're better than the next man. You're on 300k a week! EARN IT or else gtfo my club. You've got 2 top strikers & now a solid DM. No excuses"

12:34 am - 16 Jul 2018

Does anyone know what "gtfo" means ?...

At any case, "300k a week" looks too much, for "nothing" !
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